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Jack: This is getting us nowhere. When you get back to Genoa City, let me know. We'll figure out what to do with your things. It's been swell.

Phyllis: Wait! Wait, please. Please wait.

Jack: You sure?

Phyllis: I'm not sure of anything right now.

Jack: I'd say that's progress.

Phyllis: It is?

Jack: Yeah. A minute ago you were dead sure you wanted me out of here.

Victoria: You got a minute?

Nicholas: Hey, sis, what's up?

Victoria: You're not going to believe this.

Nicholas: Actually, I bet I can guess.

Victoria: Sharon tell you?

Nicholas: Nope, got it right from the source.

Victoria: Tricia?

Nicholas: No, Larry. He told me Mom's keeping him on at Jabot.

Victoria: Oh, right, that.

Nicholas: We're talking about two different things, aren't we?

Victoria: Yeah, really different.

Nicholas: What happened with Tricia?

Victoria: She's out of the hospital she's at home with her dad.

Nicholas: How did that happen?

Victoria: Medical miracle, at least that's what they're saying.

Nicholas: Who's saying?

Victoria: Keith, doctor, Ryan. I don't think popping pills for a couple of weeks can result in a dramatic change. Dad doesn't buy it either.

Nicholas: Is Dad doing anything?

Victoria: Getting Keith to commit her.

Nicholas: And?

Victoria: Keith isn't biting so Dad took another approach. He feels if he doesn't placate the man, he will keep closer tabs on his daughter.

Nicholas: But you don't buy it.

Victoria: No, I don't. Do you?

Tricia: Dad, I'm ready to go.

Keith: Just a minute, hon.

Tricia: What's that little box?

Keith: Mouse paint.

Tricia: We have mice?

Keith: Probably, because the house was vacant for so many months.

Tricia: Is there poison in there?

Keith: Mm-hmm. It's a matter of putting it in the right place.

Tricia: We can't have mice no matter how cute they are.

Keith: That should do the trick. If it doesn't, I'll call the exterminator. Tricia? Hon? Did Victor Newman's visit upset you? I know the man can be intimidating.

Tricia: He did come on strong.

Keith: He's being protective of his family. Fathers can be like that.

Tricia: You mentioned earlier he was going to do something to me.

Keith: Fortunately, I talked him out of it.

Tricia: He was going to try to send me back to the hospital or maybe even to jail, wasn't he?

Alex: Am I interrupting?

Gina: No, not at all.

Malcolm: No, no.

Alex: Why did you clam up when I approached?

Malcolm: We didn't clam up.

Alex: What were you talking about?

Malcolm: I don't remember. Gina?

Gina: No, no, I don't.

Alex: I have never seen two guiltier faces.

Malcolm: Guilty? I think your imagination is working overtime, Alex.

Alex: Does this have anything to do with these top secret plans you were talking about?

Malcolm: I have some things to do. Just don't make any plans for tonight.

Alex: I can't make any promises.

Malcolm: You can't work every night.

Alex: We'll see how it goes. [Cell phone ringing]

Malcolm: Gina, I need a little more time to make this happen. Stall her. Don't let her leave.

Gina: How am I supposed to do that?

Malcolm: You are smart and beautiful so improvise.

Gina: All right.

Alex: Gina, are you going to tell me what's going on? You know what? Then I'm out of here.

Gina: Wait a minute. Okay. I'm sorry but I need to ask you a favor. Since you're the gourmet I need an honest opinion. I have a roasted red pepper sauce that I really want to you taste. So stay put. I'll be right back. It'll only take me a second. Just wait.

Paul: You sure it's not a virus?

Lynne: They ran an antivirus program.

Paul: And they're sure?

Lynne: They suspect a hacker. They have to shut down until they can find out.

Paul: We have to see if we can get any information on her husband.

Lynne: I'll go back to the apartment and work with Isabella and her papers.

Paul: I don't want you working with Isabella.

Nikki: Detective Williams, do you have time for an old friend?

Paul: Nikki, hi.

Lynne: I'll call Fred.

Nikki: Is it my imagination or did it suddenly get chilly in here?

Isabella: Thank you for bringing those back, Mary.

Mary: My pleasure. Where's Paul?

Isabella: Emergency at the office. He'll be back though.

Mary: Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Can I help?

Isabella: Keep me company if you have the time.

Mary: I'd love to. Any luck so far?

Isabella: It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Mary: You don't know what you're looking for?

Isabella: Paul thinks there's something very significant in these papers. I don't know what it could be. But if he thinks it's here I'll keep looking. You know, it means so much to me, Mary, how determined your son is to help me.

Victoria: I'm trying not to let the situation with Tricia get to me.

Nicholas: But you couldn't let it go.

Victoria: No. If it were up to me, she'd be in a straight jacket under lock and key somewhere.

Nicholas: How does Ryan feel?

Victoria: He wants to believe she's getting better.

Nicholas: How does that make you feel?

Victoria: At this point I want to scream. I'm so sick of Ryan constantly making excuses for his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Nicholas: That's still on track?

Victoria: The divorce? Yeah. That seems to be the one thing that's going well so far.

Nicholas: You think this situation with Tricia could get in the way.

Victoria: It worries me. Wouldn't it worry you? Ryan and I have waited so long for this chance. We still have to deal with this lunatic person.

Nicholas: If your relationship with Ryan is strong enough.

Victoria: I know, I know. I wish Sharon didn't come on so strong. She got Dad all fired up.

Nicholas: What happened with Sharon?

Victoria: Ryan wanted to tell Dad about Tricia in his own way. Before he could, Sharon charged in.

Nicholas: Dad freaked about this?

Victoria: He’s mad mostly. He can't believe Tricia is out scot-free.

Nicholas: Just when she starts to put this whole Matt Clark behind her, this happens and reminds her all over again. I have to go see my wife.

Nikki: A little tension between you and Lynne?

Paul: Yeah, afraid so.

Nikki: That's unusual. I didn't think you two argued very much.

Paul: Lynne is a terrific assistant and a great friend. Sometimes she tries to run my life, not just my office. So what brings you by, the Warton situation?

Nikki: No, that has been resolved, thank heavens. Mr. Warton will stay at Jabot, and before you ask, I am fine with that. However, it didn't go over very well with Victor.

Paul: Speaking of tension.

Nikki: But I followed my conscience and I have no regrets.

Paul: So everything is fine with Larry Warton. Is there some other business I can help you with?

Nikki: No. I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would come by and see how you're doing. Have you heard from Christine?

Paul: No.

Paul: You know, sometimes I can't believe it's gone this far.

Nikki: I wish there was something I could say or do to make it better.

Paul: Well, the pain is less the longer Chris stays away. I guess what they say is right. Time does heal.

Nikki: It's observable time or is something else involved?

Paul: What do you mean?

Nikki: I don't know. Maybe I should say someone? Like Isabella?

Isabella: I don't know why I kept all this stuff.

Mary: We all have things we'll never use again. You should see my attic.

Isabella: I was six years old.

Mary: What a pretty little thing. No surprise given how beautiful you are now.

Isabella: I had my awkward stage.

Mary: That's hard to believe. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Isabella: Several.

Mary: That is so nice. I'm a big believer in large families. You just don't get support like that anywhere else. What's wrong, dear? Did that photograph upset you?

Isabella: Looking at myself at that age I can't help but think about children. James and I didn't have any.

Mary: You wish you had?

Isabella: No, not with the way things turned out. I think it was a blessing. Don't get me wrong, I want to have kids. I think motherhood is one of the most satisfying things a woman can do in life. But it has to be with the right person.

Mary: I couldn't agree with you more.

Isabella: If we had children, I can't imagine what they would be going through with their father behind bars.

Gina: Okay. Open up. Come on, come on, come on. Okay. What do you think?

Alex: It's delicious, Gina. Just like the one I had the other night for dinner.

Gina: How can that be? I put a new ingredient in. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Alex: Yes?

Gina: I need more help. I'm changing the menu and hoped I could get your input on the graphics and that sort of thing.

Alex: Would you like my thoughts on the decor of the ladies room or maybe the crystal? You're not fooling anyone.

Gina: I don't know what you mean.

Alex: Malcolm told you to keep me and I don't know why. Now what is this all about?

Malcolm: Oh, Malcolm, you player.

Jacques: I trust everything is going according to plan, Mr. Winters?

Malcolm: Jacques, magnificent. You hooked this place up. Thank you.

Jacques: I'm not sure our regular fare will be appropriate for what you have in mind.

Malcolm: There is a thing about being too authentic. Your menu is perfect.

Jacques: We are all impressed the way you worked this out. I'm sure your young lady will be overwhelmed.

Malcolm: Well, my friend, that's all I need.

Tricia: Dad, it's okay. You can tell me. I won't freak out.

Keith: Victor won't take any action. I told him you were better and will continue improving. You believe that, don't you?

Tricia: It's a huge turnaround. How did you get him to change his mind?

Keith: I spoke from the heart. I spoke to his compassion.

Tricia: Victor Newman, compassionate.

Keith: Everybody will learn, including the Newmans, there's nothing to fear where you are concerned.

Tricia: I should get to therapy.

Keith: You're right. Did I tell you how lovely you look?

Tricia: Thank you, Dad.

Keith: Shall we? Something wrong?

Tricia: I just didn't think you'd be taking me.

Keith: Well, honey, I'm only going to drive you there. I won't go in. Trish, please say what you feel.

Tricia: Okay. The truth is it bothers me that you feel you have to escort me to the hospital. I haven't set foot out of this place once.

Keith: Well, maybe I am being overly cautious. I don't want you feeling like you're under house arrest here.

Tricia: Dad, I made a deal with you. I'm not trying to wiggle out of it. Whatever you think is best.

Keith: I tell you what. Why don't you go solo today and see how it feels? Just be home for dinner.

Tricia: I will.

Keith: I'd give you a hug but after messing with that mouse bait, anyway, drive safely and I'll see you later.

Gina: Alex, look, I'm sworn to secrecy. Can't you be patient?

Alex: Will you at least be planning whatever this is?

Gina: That's the trouble with you lawyers. You have no spontaneity. Will you chill out and relax?

Alex: I have tried that, Gina. I am running out of patience and I really have to leave.

Gina: Just a little while longer.

Alex: I'm sorry, Gina. I wasted enough time. [Cell phone ringing] Yes.

Malcolm: Hey, baby, it's me. Are you still at Gina's?

Alex: I'm just leaving.

Malcolm: Come to the Colonnade Room, side door entrance.

Alex: I told you I have to go to the library.

Malcolm: This is way more important.

Alex: Tell me why.

Malcolm: I promise no more games. I'll be waiting.

Phyllis: Jack, I'm still not certain why you came.

Jack: Don't give me that.

Phyllis: You could have phoned.

Jack: Like you would hear me out.

Phyllis: Are you so sure I wouldn't?

Jack: From the moment I got here, you have wanted me to leave.

Phyllis: Did I say that to you?

Jack: You made it crystal clear you are ticked off I showed up here.

Phyllis: I needed time.

Jack: That's the last thing you needed. I thought we needed time together.

Phyllis: You know me so well.

Jack: Let's not harp on this, okay? I am a man looking for an answer, an answer to a simple question. And I'm not leaving until I get it.

Phyllis: Now you're making this a challenge.  

Jack: I'm a man trying to get a woman to marry him. I'm a man in love, that's all. It's not a challenge. It's not that complicated. In fact, it's quite simple.

Marissa: Lynne, are you okay?

Lynne: Not really.

Marissa: Trouble with Paul again?

Lynne: It's getting hard to get Paul to give up on Isabella.

Marissa: Maybe it's time to give up and let nature take its course.

Lynne: There must be something I can do.

Sharon: Mom, I understand. Take your time. Whenever you get here will be fine. Okay. Bye.


Sharon: My mom can't pick Noah up until later.

If you want to see Nick, you can leave the boy with me. I'll keep an eye on him until your mom shows up.

Sharon: Maybe I'll do that.

Look who's here.

Noah: Daddy!

Nicholas: Hey, little man.

Sharon: Glad you're here. I was just coming to talk to you.

Nicholas: What's going on?

Noah: Grandma can't pick me up until later.

Nicholas: She can't? I'll take you out there myself. You won't miss out on what's planned for her. All right? Cool. So you okay?

Sharon: I was just going to tell you.

Nicholas: About Tricia McNeil.

Sharon: You know?

Nicholas: Vicki told me.

Sharon: Has your father gotten anyone to put that woman away yet so the rest of us can stop looking over our shoulders?

Malcolm: Hey, hey, Jacques, my man. That table to the left, can you push it back a bit?

Jacques: Yes, sir.

Malcolm: That's perfect. Merci beaucoup.

Alex: Malcolm?

Malcolm: That sounds like my beautiful sweetheart. Glad you could make it.

Alex: I want to know what this is all about and I want to know now.

Malcolm: Easy. Have you ever heard patience is a virtue?

Alex: Yes, several times today. But I'm not feeling very virtuous at the moment and I won't until I get some answers.

Malcolm: Well, yes, ma'am. You are the lawyer. If you ask the right questions, you might get the right answers.

Alex: It's obviously a surprise.

Malcolm: Correct.

Alex: Party of some sort?

Malcolm: Sort of.

Alex: Dinner?

Malcolm: That's part of it.

Alex: Part of it.

Malcolm: By no means is it the only part.

Alex: I'm not dressed for anything fancy.

Malcolm: See, see, you will be.

Alex: What are you talking about?

Malcolm: Tah-dah.

Phyllis: Simple, huh?

Jack: If your feelings for me are real, yes, simple.

Phyllis: You doubt them?

Jack: I want more. I want more than great sex and two people who have a lot of laughs together. I want a future. I want to grow old with you.

Phyllis: You see, I don't want to grow old.

Jack: It beats the hell out of the alternative.

Phyllis: Maybe.

Jack: Is that what you're afraid of? Are you afraid marriage will make you old and stagnant? Is that it?

Phyllis: Jack, marriage just closes doors.

Jack: What does that mean? You're still reviewing your options? Are you still looking for Mr. Right?

Phyllis: No, no.

Jack: Then what door has closed? Me, I am tired of searching. I found what I have been looking for, the woman I love. I'm looking at her right now.

Phyllis: What if I screw up?

Jack: You probably will. You're not perfect. But then neither am I.

Phyllis: Really? Here I thought you were perfect.

Jack: Phyllis, we can have such a life together.

Phyllis: Do you think that your family is ever going to accept me?

Jack: Yes, I do, particularly when we're married.

Phyllis: I don't know that their feelings are going to change.

Jack: If they don't, that's their loss. They will be the ones missing out.

Phyllis: On what?

Jack: On a chance to know and love the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. The woman who gave me back my life.

Phyllis: Did I do that?

Jack: You ask anyone who knows me well, yeah, you did that.

Phyllis: Really?

Jack: Really. I'm going to ask you one more time. Will you marry me?

Nicholas: Actually, Keith convinced my dad to take a more moderate approach.

Sharon: Which is what?

Nicholas: Let Tricia live at home, continue with therapy. He gave him time off to spend more time with his daughter.

Sharon: Can't he be convinced she has to be committed?

Nicholas: He convinced my dad to back off.

Sharon: She got away with murder literally and figuratively. I'm so mad, I can't even see straight.

Nicholas: As long as it's just that, anger.

Sharon: If you're worried I'm going to lose it, don't. Victoria, she's accepted this whole thing. She won't fight it. She thinks the doctor knows best.

Nicholas: That's what Ryan feels too.

Sharon: If Tricia has made any progress it is because of her medication. It is not on any effort on her part to be a better person. I don't think it's right for that woman to be out on the loose. Don't play with the sugar, okay?

Noah: I'll be careful.

Sharon: I know you will, but don't play with them anyway, all right? I think Tricia should be punished for what she's done. I seriously doubt she can change. I can feel it in my bones.

Tricia: Well, hello there!

Nikki: How are things going with you and Isabella?

Paul: She is a client, Nikki.

Nikki: Right.

Paul: You're as bad as Lynne. She thinks Isabella is going to eat me alive.

Nikki: I don't know her well enough to judge her. I'm worried you're setting yourself up for more hurt, Paul. I'm just going to say it. You are on the rebound.

Paul: Well, on some level, that might be true. I admit it. But I'm not the only one.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Paul: Isabella recently got out of a difficult relationship. This is more about two people finding comfort in one another. She's helped me a lot.

Nikki: But it's not that simple, is it? It's not like you've not kissed her.

Paul: Ah, yes, the infamous kiss.

Nikki: Any further developments in that area?

Paul: Well, as much as I have resisted it, there's chemistry between us. There always has been.

Nikki: I noticed you said "resisted". Past tense?

Paul: Come on, Nikki, no line has been crossed.

Nikki: But?

Paul: But once this case is over and Isabella is no longer a client.

Nikki: Then all bets are off. You know, I think it's time I give her a closer look, just check her out, see what she's about. It can't hurt.

Mary: Yes, I understand what you're saying. If you had children, your husband's situation, no question, would have been terribly upsetting to them.

Isabella: Then you see why I'm glad we waited.

Mary: Yes, but on the other hand, children have a way of bringing couples closer together.

Isabella: I gather you've given this topic a lot of thought.

Mary: I probably shouldn't tell you this but having a family was one of the big problems between my son and his wife.

Isabella: I didn't realize that.

Mary: Christine put her career first and that drove a wedge between them. I think that's the reason she took the job in Hong Kong and stayed away.

Isabella: She didn't want children?

Mary: She was afraid children would hinder her career. Don't misunderstand, they had other issues too. I believe Christine's decision to hold off on having a family was a big blow to their marriage. Paul wanted a child very much.

Alex: Malcolm, you are a wonderful, sweet man and these dresses are all beautiful. But I just -- I really don't want to put these on right now.

Malcolm: Alex, I want you to look through these pretty little dresses and pick one that you like, and you can put it on right around the corner in the ladies room, okay?

Alex: Will you please tell me what's going on?

Malcolm: Will you please stop your fussing and go change, woman. We have a lot in store for us tonight. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Toodle-loo. Goodbye.

Phyllis: You're so persistent.

Jack: When I want something, yes, I am persistent.

Phyllis: You want this?

Jack: Yes, I want this. I want you. I want us.

Phyllis: It's just that --

Jack: I know you're afraid. I know you think you're not good at marriage.

Phyllis: I'm not good.

Jack: You tried it once.

Phyllis: I was not good with Danny.

Jack: I am not Danny and you are not the woman that married him. This situation is completely different. I want this marriage.

Phyllis: You are a glutton for punishment.

Jack: Call it what you want. Just say yes.

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: Yes, that's your answer, yes? Did I hear right?

Phyllis: Yeah. You may be crazy and persistent, but your hearing's not bad. I said yes.

Jack: You have just made me the happiest man on earth. We are going to have the most wonderful life. Never a dull moment.

Phyllis: Never a dull moment.

Jack: No. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Alex: Malcolm, you look fabulous.

Malcolm: Oh, Alex, wow. Right back at you, sweetheart. You know, you look almost perfect.

Alex: Almost?

Malcolm: There's just one little thing missing. Bam.

Alex: I've never had a corsage before.

Malcolm: Is that right? Guess what? There's a first time for everything. May I?

Alex: Yes.

Malcolm: Give me your left hand. There you go, through there. There it is. Your first corsage and it's a perfect fit.

Alex: Thank you.

Malcolm: So my beautiful Cinderella, are you ready for your surprise?

Alex: I've been ready for a long, long time.

Malcolm: Well then, let the festivities begin.

Belinda Carlisle: ♫ There's a place on earth, they say in heaven love comes first, we'll make heaven a place on earth, ooo, heaven's a place on earth. ♫

Nicholas: At least we're on our guard now.

Sharon: Yeah. We just have to stay strong and hope your father finds a way to resolve this. In the meantime --

Nicholas: What?

Sharon: We need to watch our backs.

Tricia: What have you got there?

Noah: Salt shaker. I didn't open it.

Tricia: That's okay. I bet you like sweet things. Does your mommy let you have them?

Noah: Sometimes.

Tricia: Is your mommy here? Is your mommy's name Sharon?

Noah: My daddy's name is Nicholas.

Tricia: That's a nice name. Well, listen. I have something sweet. It's much yummier than plain old sugar.

Noah: What is it?

Tricia: Here it is.

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