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Keith: Do you accept what Tricia told you?

Victor: Keith, you know as well as I do that remorse is not vindicated. If that was true, the prisons would be empty, wouldn't they?

Keith: Well, you have every right to be concerned after what your family has been through.

Victor: And the turmoil my family has been through is in no small part due to your daughter's actions.

Keith: She's emotionally unstable. She's suffered enough. Everyone has. Victor, from one father to another, don't take legal action against my daughter.

Ryan: Hey. Thanks for meeting me here. You ready for the latest?

Victoria: I guess so.

Ryan: Your father knows Tricia is out of the hospital.

Victoria: Who told him?

Ryan: I was ready to break the news to him but Sharon showed up and beat me to it.

Victoria: What do you think?

Ryan: I think putting Tricia through the wringer again won't accomplish anything.

Victoria: Did my dad give you a hard time?

Ryan: He wanted to talk to Sharon alone.

Victoria: What about?

Ryan: I don't know. Have you seen her around? I wanted to tell her about Trish.

Victoria: I told her.

Mackenzie: Oh, yeah. That one's so pretty. J.T., what do you think?

J.T.: Yeah.

Brittany: Hi. Did you hear me?

Yes. Who are you trying to locate?

Brittany: Mackenzie Browning. I was hoping you could give me her home phone number.

I'm afraid I couldn't give out that information.

Brittany: We were best friends and I moved and we lost touch. Isn't there any way you can help me?

You could write your friend a letter, send it here and request that we forward it on.

Brittany: Fine. What's the address?

Mackenzie: Hey, J.T.

J.T.: You really have a knack for this stuff.

Mackenzie: I never thought I would be giving makeup tips. You were going to tell me something about Brittany earlier?

J.T.: Yeah, I don't like the way she's acting.

Mackenzie: Join the club.

J.T.: No, Mac. She said some stuff yesterday.

Billy: What are you two whispering about?

J.T.: Mac and I were talking.

Billy: Obviously.

Mackenzie: He was going to tell me something about Brittany. Go ahead, J.T.

J.T.: Forget it.

Mackenzie: Are you going to be like this all summer?

Billy: What did I do?

Mackenzie: Nothing. I wish you and J.T. would get along.

Billy: Don't look at me. He's the one that walked away.

Mackenzie: It seemed important.

Billy: We better get back to work.

Mamie: Am I interrupting?

Malcolm: Mamie, no not at all. Come in. Hey, you.

Mamie: Hi.

Malcolm: What brings you by?

Mamie: I was in the neighborhood. Thought I would stop and say hello.

Malcolm: You talked to Olivia.

Mamie: She told me the hearing was postponed. I thought you had an agreement.

Malcolm: So did I.

Mamie: What happened?

Malcolm: Ask Olivia or ask that snake, Michael Baldwin. I think the two of them are working overtime to screw me over. You know, I just really thought this mess was going to be wrapped up by the end of the month.

Mamie: I know you were looking forward to taking Nate to that ball game.

Malcolm: I just want to see my son. You know? I just want an opportunity to spend a little bit of time with him. That's all I'm asking for. The way things are going, I don't know if that's ever going to happen.

[Knock on door]

Miss Summers! Miss Summers, are you here? Miss Summers!

Phyllis: What the hell.

Miss Summers, I am so sorry.

Phyllis: What are you doing here? This is insane.

I didn't know you were here. I was bringing you --

Phyllis: You, Jack?

He told me you were his fiancée.

Phyllis: Did you tell him --

Should I call security?

Jack: That won't be necessary.

Phyllis: Who are you to say it's not necessary? Call security.

Jack: She's not serious. Don't call security.

Victor: Keith, if you don't mind, with your daughter around, I prefer to continue this discussion in my office, okay?

Keith: You really feel this is necessary.

Victor: Yes, I would feel better about it.

Keith: All right. I'll tell Trish we're leaving. Sweetheart? Sweetheart!

Tricia: Yes, Dad?

Keith: I have to go over to Newman Enterprises for a while.

Tricia: Is everything all right?

Keith: Mr. Newman and I have to discuss something. Will you be okay alone?

Tricia: Yeah.

Keith: Okay. Victor, shall we?

Tricia: It was nice of you to stop by, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you. Nice to see you.

Tricia: You again.

Matt: I never left.

Tricia: If I want you gone, there's nothing I can do about it.

Matt: Sure there is. You can take your medicine like a good girl. That's not who you are anymore, is it?

Tricia: Go away.

Matt: Old man Newman. A piece of work.

Tricia: He wants to put me behind bars. The sooner the better.

Matt: What did I tell you about life in the real world? People are out to get you.

Tricia: I can handle them.

Matt: Really? Is that what you were doing just now? Handling Victor? I've got two words for you, doll. You're dreaming.

Alex: Hi, can have a takeout for one?

Sure. Right here.

Alex: Thank you.

Michael: Oh, Miss Perez. You care to join me?

Alex: I'm glad I ran into you. I have something to say.

Michael: About what? Wait. Let me guess. That unfortunate incident at Olivia's office yesterday.

Alex: I'm afraid Malcolm and his ex have reached a boiling point.

Michael: Thanks for getting him out of there anyway.

Alex: I did it for Malcolm.

Michael: Afraid your client would do something you'd regret?

Alex: He's not my client.

Michael: Just checking.

Alex: Malcolm has every right to be furious. The hearing was postponed at Olivia's request --

Michael: I think you got your facts wrong. She requested Malcolm request a delay --

Alex: That's the game you're playing. To use Nate to stall time to provoke Malcolm to make the wrong move.

Michael: You are out of your mind. This is an inappropriate conversation.

Alex: A young boy's welfare is at stake.

Michael: I realize that.

Alex: Do you? Or is this about winning? You're not going to respond?

Michael: Why should I? You seem to be so clear on everything.

Alex: Yes, I think I am.

Michael: Meaning?

Alex: Olivia didn't think of this tactic on her own. It was your idea to play hardball.

Mamie: I'm sorry, Malcolm. I just haven't been able to talk any sense into my niece.

Malcolm: Don't blame yourself. We all did the best we could.

Malcolm Winters? I have a package for you.

Malcolm: Okay. Set it right there. A big box. Here you go, man. Oh, here, here. Gotta hook you up. Appreciate it. All right? Later. Oh, Mamie, you know what? I completely forgot. If this is what I think it is -- it is. It is, Mamie, check it.

Mamie: What on earth?

Malcolm: This is one of those old disco balls.

Mamie: Malcolm, I can see that. What's it for, a shoot?

Malcolm: No, this is for Alex.

Mamie: Really. It doesn't seem to be quite her style.

Malcolm: I got this crazy little idea. This is something I could use to make her happy, put a smile on her face. I don't know, Mamie. These days I still don't feel like I'm on my game.

Mamie: Then get back on it.

Malcolm: With all due respect, it's easier said than done, Mamie.

Mamie: Do you care about this woman?

Malcolm: Yeah, sure I do.

Mamie: If you have a surprise, you better get on with it. You can sit here and worry about things you can't control or you can get off your duff.

Malcolm: Yes, ma'am. Let me ask you something, do you get tired looking after me?

Mamie: Not lately.

Malcolm: See ya. I'm about to get my John Travolta on.

Mamie: Stop.

Malcolm: Bye.

Jack: What do you say we calm down here? You and I need to talk.

Phyllis: Do we, Jack? I told you I needed time to think. I needed space. But you follow me here.

Jack: Imagine that, asking you to be my wife.

Phyllis: What are you doing here? You want a tip or something? Here's the door. Thanks for ruining my day. I can't believe you followed me here!

Jack: Excuse me. I thought maybe you came to your senses. I guess I was wrong.

Phyllis: Unless or until I agree to be your wife, I'm insane?

Jack: What am I not getting here? I thought the two of us were in love with each other.

Phyllis: It's not about that.

Jack: It's not? What could it be? Phyllis, I don't get you. For the first time I'm understanding I don't get you at all.

Phyllis: I was happy, okay?! Everything was good, I thought! Why did you have to wreck it?!

Ryan: Why would you tell Sharon that Tricia's out of the hospital?

Victoria: I felt she had a right to know.

Ryan: Victoria --

Victoria: What? Tricia's dangerous. She hurt my family. I'm not going to forget about that.

Ryan: I thought we could move on. Now Sharon has gone to your dad.

Victoria: He was going to find out anyway.

Ryan: I would rather have told him anyway. Sharon was hysterical. I would be surprised if your father doesn't press charges.

Victoria: Why wouldn't he?

Ryan: I thought we agreed last night it's better to leave things alone.

Victoria: And hope for the best? Fine. If that's our only choice, I'll accept it. I believe there are other options.

Ryan: Like what?

Victoria: Like -- I don't know. I'm tired of Tricia intruding in our lives. If my dad can make sure she's not a problem, I won't stand in his way. If you care about me, if you care about us, you won't interfere either. I have to get back to work.

Ryan: Vicki! Vic!

Michael: Miss Perez, I'm not at liberty to discuss what goes on between my client and me. She tells me what she wants and I tell her how to get it legally.

Alex: Even though it's a waste of time. What are you doing, racking up billable hours in a lost enterprise?

Michael: I don't like what you're insinuating.

Alex: Malcolm will be granted visitation. You have a responsibility to tell your client what she's up against.

Michael: How well do you know Olivia?

Alex: I dealt with her a little.

Michael: And what's your impression?

Alex: She's a brilliant doctor. Professionally, her ethics are impeccable. She was married to Malcolm yet she forgets all his good qualities. She's decided he's a bad influence and won't let anyone tell her otherwise.

Michael: Olivia has a strong sense of self. Look, Miss Perez, as you know, an attorney can advocate a position to his client. In the end, we have to accept our client's decision, no matter how much we disagree with them.

Hi. It's beautiful.

Rianna: Let me know how it works out.


J.T.: How am I doing?

Rianna: Not bad.

J.T.: People are asking a lot of questions about makeup. They think I know about this stuff?

Rianna: They just want to hear what they think makes a girl pretty.

J.T.: Either you're hot or not.

Rianna: Tell them to click on the website.

J.T.: Tell them to buy, buy, buy, put more money in the Abbots' pockets.

Rianna: Look, I probably shouldn't be telling you this. Billy asked me to talk to Mac.

J.T.: About what?

Rianna: You. He doesn't understand why she always sticks up for you.

J.T.: I'm not surprised.

Rianna: Are you trying to mess with her?

J.T.: No. That's the last thing I want to do.

Rianna: Because you really care about her.

J.T.: What?

Rianna: Do you ever think back to when we were together?

J.T.: Yeah, sure. We had some good times.

Rianna: It wasn't all good.

J.T.: There were some bumps along the way.

Rianna: That's all you think about everything that happened?

J.T.: What are you talking about?

Rianna: Never mind.

Mackenzie: Rianna, are you okay?

Rianna: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Mackenzie: I saw you talking to J.T. Now are you sure that you're okay with him being here?

Rianna: I told you I was.

Mackenzie: I know. But I get the feeling that you're not very comfortable with him here. Look, if it's a problem --

Rianna: Mac, it's fine. Really. Look, please don't say anything to Raul, okay? I don't want him getting all worked up again.

Malcolm: Hey.

Gina: Hi, Malcolm. Table for one?

Malcolm: I'm not here for lunch. I'm here to talk about the expansion next door.

Gina: It has a name now. Gina's Too. You want to make reservations for opening night?

Malcolm: I was hoping to get into it a little earlier than that.

Gina: Your surprise for Alex.

Malcolm: Does your offer still stand?

Gina: Yeah, but not any time soon.

Malcolm: Why not?

Gina: Wiring problems. We had to shut the electricity off.

Malcolm: If I had to wait this long, I can wait longer.

Gina: Unless --

Malcolm: Unless what?

Gina: There is another place in town. It doesn't have the ambience of next door but it's perfect for what you want. Why don't you let me make a phone call and see what I can set up?

Malcolm: Cool.

Victor: Keith, I apologize for the delay.

Keith: No, no, it's quite all right.

Victor: I thought we would have more privacy here.

Keith: So you have concerns about my daughter being released from the hospital?

Victor: I have grave concerns, yes.

Keith: You feel she's not being held accountable for her involvement with Matt Clark.

Victor: I'm not looking to punish your daughter, Keith. I just wonder if it's wise that she's on her own right now.

Keith: She's not. She's living with me. I'm keeping a very close eye on her.

Victor: What about unsupervised moments such as now? Of course it worries me. I have grave concerns about the welfare of my family.

Keith: All right. What would you have me do?

Victor: If you don't mind my saying so, I think she should go back to the hospital.

Keith: For how long?

Victor: Indefinitely.

Keith: If she refuses?

Victor: Have her committed. Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Is this a bad time?

Keith: You're interested in this conversation. After all, you are the one that told your father Tricia checked herself out of the hospital.

Victoria: Sorry, it wasn't me.

Keith: Then who was it?

Victor: It doesn't matter who it was, Keith. The point is your daughter should go back to the hospital.

Keith: That isn't necessary.

Victoria: According to whom, her psychiatrist? Dr. Burns was under the wrong impression.

Keith: She's maintaining a regimen of therapy and medication.

Victor: How do you know if she's taking her drugs right now?

Matt: So what are you planning to do about Newman?

Tricia: Exactly what I have been doing.

Matt: Because it's worked so well.

Tricia: I realize I haven't completely won him over.

Matt: There's an understatement.

Tricia: I'm still here, aren't I? Victor was ready to drag me back to the nut house. If he needs more convincing that I'm filled with regret for what I've done, I'll be happy to oblige.

Matt: Do you think Victor Newman can be fooled that easily?

Tricia: Why are you badgering me?

Matt: I'm trying to get through to you. You have to keep him from suspecting what you have in store for him and his family, whatever that is.

Tricia: I know what you're doing. You're trying to trick me, get me to reveal my plan.

Matt: How can I do that? You said you didn't have one. Try not to think too much. Weren't those your words?

Tricia: Why would you assume I'm after Victor and his family?

Matt: You said I was the only one that could appreciate what you're up to. The Newmans were my target. Put two and two together and voila. I don't know what your beef with them is.

Tricia: Who's trying to destroy my marriage? Victoria Newman. Who accused me of killing Tony? Sharon Newman. Does that answer your question?

Matt: Okay. Take it easy. So you are going after them.

Tricia: I didn't say that.

Jack: Can we discuss this rationally?

Phyllis: I didn't know I was irrational. I'm trying to tell you what I want. You don't want to hear that.

Jack: I thought you were kidding when you said I wrecked things asking you to marry me. Phyllis, seeing you react this way makes me wonder what your feelings for me really are.

Phyllis: Don't say that, Jack.

Jack: How could I not? When two people are committed to each other, they look for ways to commit to each other.

Phyllis: I have huge insecurities about marriage. I told you that.

Jack: I told you I thought they were misplaced.

Phyllis: What are you doing? Are you going to tell me how I feel now? You don't know what goes on inside my head.

Jack: Nor what goes on in your heart, evidently.

Phyllis: Why do we have to get married, Jack? Everything was going great the way it was.

Jack: Look, I know you're upset with the way my family's reacted to you. I want you to know part of the reason is they don't think you're serious.

Phyllis: They don't trust me.

Jack: That can't be any big surprise to you. You knew this would be an uphill battle.

Phyllis: You think I'm not going to win them over?

Jack: They don't think you're capable of committing to me.

Phyllis: What do I have to do, accept your proposal in order to prove myself to your family?

Jack: Not to them, to me. The guy who wants to marry you no matter what his family thinks or feels.

Phyllis: You're saying they will be upset --

Jack: I'm saying I love you. I want to marry you. And let the chips fall where they may. And you're doing nothing but put up road blocks. Am I supposed to get a message from this?

Keith: Tell you what, I'll make sure Tricia takes her medication.

Victoria: You can't watch her 24 hours a day.

Keith: I don't have to. My daughter knows how important those pills are to her mental health. She's determined to get better and I will make sure she can.

Victor: You mean without hospitalization?

Keith: What Tricia needs is support and encouragement. If I force her to go back there, it could be a disaster.

Victor: You're refusing my request.

Keith: Respectfully. For my daughter's sake I have no choice but to fight back.

Victor: Keith that was not the answer I was looking for, or the one that I think is right. But I'll accept it on one condition.

Keith: And what is that?

Victor: That you make your daughter your number one priority. To that end, I will grant you leave of absence. However long it takes for her to get well.

Keith: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Victor: You must understand I have a vested interest in your daughter's recovery. If you don't mind, I'd like to be kept informed about her progress.

Keith: Understood. I'll be in touch.

Victor: Thank you, Keith.

Brittany: Dear, Miss Browning. You don't know me but I have information about your daughter, information that could be very valuable to me. Please contact me at this address. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Brittany Hodges.

Jack: This is obviously a mistake. I should have never come here.

Phyllis: Why did you come?

Jack: I thought somehow we could work through this.

Phyllis: Jack, you knew I needed time. You knew I was confused.

Jack: You know how deluded I was? I somehow imagined you were out here lost and lonely and wishing you'd never run away.

Phyllis: Now you know my heart and my mind.

Jack: Apparently, I don't. I thought we were in the same place. I thought this was a breakdown in communication. Well, silly me.

Phyllis: You know what hurts? It really hurts to be treated like a second class citizen.

Jack: I honestly thought we had something you'd be willing to fight for. Look, I know my dad said some things that hurt you, and I'm sorry. You know, you could try to prove him wrong and not turn tail and run.

Phyllis: I don't see why I have to prove myself to John Abbott.

Jack: Sometimes we do things for people we love without even feeling it's necessary. You know, this is getting us nowhere. When you get back to Genoa City, let me know. We'll figure out what to do with your things, okay?

Gina: Thank you so much. I'll speak to Malcolm and I'll get right back to you. Bye, bye. So, my dear, what do you think?

Malcolm: Did I hear you right? Jacques from the Colonnade Room?

Gina: That's right.

Malcolm: I appreciate the effort, but the Colonnade Room it's not all that --

Gina: Intimate?

Malcolm: Bingo.

Gina: Would the private dining room be intimate enough for you?

Malcolm: That would be perfect. When can you fit me in?

Gina: That's the problem. It would have to be tonight.

Malcolm: I do pretty much have everything I need. I have to make some calls. It could be kind of tight. It doesn't matter. I will pull things off. If it has to be tonight, I'll make it tonight.

Gina: I'll book the room. You have things to do.

Malcolm: Gina, thank you. How do I pay you back?

Gina: By sweeping Alex off her feet. If she hasn't fallen for you yet, this is going to push her right over the edge.

Alex: Sounds like someone's in for a hard fall. What's going on?

Victoria: Well, that was a surprise.

Victor: Not as much as you might think.

Victoria: Meaning what?

Victor: I don't want to talk about it.

Victoria: Well, you know, I need to talk about it because Tricia is psychotic and it looks like you're letting her off scot-free.

Victor: That is not what I'm doing, I assure you.

Victoria: That's not what it looks like to me. Why did you give in to Keith?

Victor: What I'm about to share with you, do you promise it will stay between us?

Matt: Fine, don't tell me. I just wanted to help.

Tricia: I can do this on my own.

Matt: Yeah, you're right. You've got it all figured out. Victor Newman is no match for you.

Tricia: You know you're dead.

Matt: Correction. I was dead. Now thanks to you, I'm very much alive inside your mind. We're not finished yet, Tricia.

Keith: Hello, sweetheart.

Tricia: How'd it go with Mr. Newman?

Keith: We need to talk.

Tricia: What is it?

Keith: When Victor was here, I'm sure you sensed he had doubts about your being released from the hospital.

Tricia: You're going to send me back.

Keith: At first that was his intention but that is no longer the case.

Tricia: It's not?

Keith: We had a good talk, when I said the remarkable change I had seen in you and I only expected improvement, he was quite supportive.

Tricia: Thank you, Dad. It's all because of you. Thank you so much.

Victoria: I won't breathe a word.

Victor: Not even to Ryan?

Victoria: No. Trust me, I want that woman out of our lives.

Victor: You heard the old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Victoria: Yes.

Victor: Where Tricia McNeil is concerned, don't let your guard down, not even for a minute.

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