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Billy: Well, I talked to Sean. He's still over at the boutique. There's a glitch with the hookup. He told us to stay put before we hook up.

Brittany: It's used to get to know each other before the camera starts rolling.

Billy: It's not like we don't know each other. In fact, that's part of the problem.

Mackenzie: Billy, don't beat her up.

Billy: No, of course not. Because my mom shows up with the one person I totally can't stand and shoves it down my throat.

Brittany: I hope you're not mad at me.

Billy: Why would I be?

Brittany: She didn't want me to be a fifth wheel.

Billy: This was my mom's decision.

Brittany: I'm glad you don't blame me. It really bugs you having him here.

Billy: You know what, Brittany? I don't like J.T. If it were up to me, he would be in the Gobi Desert for the summer. But he's here and I have to put up with him.

Brittany: You're not going to ask your dad or Jack to get rid of him?

Billy: He's in and just leave it like that.

Brittany: Okay. I won't ask again.

Rianna: Mac, are you sure Billy's okay with J.T. being part of this group?

Mackenzie: He's not.

Rianna: He's doing it for you?

Mackenzie: For himself, Rianna. He has to get over this whole jealousy thing. So do I.

Nikki: I have a feeling we've been set up.

Victor: I think there's little doubt of that.

Nikki: Are you upset about that?

Victor: I'm glad our children care about us. There's a fine line between caring and interfering.

Nikki: You think Victoria crossed that line.

Victor: I wish she spent more time worrying about her own life and less about ours.

Nikki: Obviously, you're disgruntled. There's no point in pursuing this.

Victor: Sit down.

Nikki: Is that an order?

Victor: It's a request from a friend. Please sit down.

Nikki: How can I refuse?

Cassie: I wish July 4th came twice a year.

Victoria: And I had to go and miss it.

Cassie: It was so much fun.

Victoria: Your dad was telling me.

Cassie: We cooked burgers, swam in the pool. I want to tell you all about it but not now. I'm busy.

Victoria: With what?

Cassie: Oh, nothing.

Sharon: What was that all about?

Victoria: We'll find out soon enough.

Sharon: Your father made an appearance at the party and brought you a present. It's at my house. Whenever you want to stop by.

Victoria: We can train a telescope on the house and see what's happening.

Sharon: Victoria, you must have done something.

Victoria: I'll let Nicholas fill you in.

Sharon: You two are spending a lot of time together.

Nicholas: Ryan's divorce has finally happened.

Sharon: Victoria, that's great. Congratulations.

Victoria: Thank you.

Sharon: I couldn't be happier for all of you. It must be an enormous relief not having to deal with Tricia again.

Victoria: Yeah. I'll see you two later.

Keith: You're checking yourself out?

Ryan: When did you decide this?

Tricia: I see I surprised you. Actually, I'm surprised myself.

Keith: In other words, it's rather spontaneous.

Tricia: I guess that's why I didn't mention it earlier in our session. When I signed those divorce papers, it just seemed like the right time to move on, especially since I have been thinking about leaving in the past few days.

Ryan: Moving on where? To what?

Keith: Tricia, why would you want to leave the hospital now? Don't you feel like they're helping you here?

Tricia: Yes, absolutely. I know what you're thinking. I'm not cured. I'm fully aware of that.

Keith: Are you, Tricia?

Tricia: I'm not deluding myself. I have to stay focused and find a way to manage my insecurities.

Keith: That's your choice.

Tricia: I'm committed to getting better. I really feel like my therapy would progress more quickly if I weren't in the hospital.

Keith: In all honesty I would rather they treat you as an inpatient for now.

Tricia: You're being cautious and I understand, but I've already checked into the outpatient program. I am told it's excellent. I would be coming here every day. I would continue therapy, taking my medicine. The only difference is I wouldn't have to be in an institution any longer. And I can't tell you how much that would mean to me. What great medicine it would be.

Brittany: Don't you think this will work out? I talked to Rianna. We know Mac went to bat for you.

J.T.: Whatever.

Brittany: Come on, don't tell me your heart didn't go pity-pat when you heard how badly Mac wanted you here. She's standing up for you. Play your cards right, and it may not be long before she's laying counsel for you too.

Olivia: Was what you heard enough?

Alex: So careful not to spell out the incentive plan. You made them.

Olivia: I played dumb.

Alex: No, you played very smart.

Olivia: What happens now?

Alex: I take your notes to the judge and request for documents.

Olivia: Good.

Alex: Very good, Olivia, for a lot of people. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But once we get those files, we can beat this, and that's thanks to you.

Olivia: Well, I certainly hope it works and I want you to succeed, as hard as that might be for you to believe.

Alex: I know we have both been a bit harsh with each other but in any case, I am very grateful. Thank you.

Malcolm: Olivia. Damn you, woman, you've gone too far.

Sharon: I'm really happy for Vicki and Ryan. I hope things work out for them.

Nicholas: Me too.

Sharon: Wouldn't it be funny after everything they've been through, it turns out they were meant for each other?

Nicholas: Like us.

Sharon: If they're very lucky.

Nicholas: It has nothing to do with luck. Like knowing you found the right woman and holding on to her.

Sharon: I always thought your parents were meant to be together.

Nicholas: If Vicki has her way.

Sharon: What's she doing anyway?

Nicholas: She's working behind the scenes.

Sharon: She said she was on her way to meet Ryan.

Nicholas: She is.

Sharon: They show up at the restaurant and --

Nicholas: No they meet each other.

Sharon: There must be a lot of tension since your mother hired Larry Warton.

Nicholas: She found another solution, getting Larry a job somewhere else. It's a win-win for everybody.

Sharon: He stays gainfully employed and --

Nicholas: No more tension between Mom and Dad. They ought to be celebrating as we speak.

Nikki: Well, this is -- odd.

Victor: What is?

Nikki: You and I staring at each other not knowing what to say.

Victor: Because we were brought here under false pretenses.

Nikki: You're not going to give up on it, are you? You're determined to be upset.

Victor: Do I act upset?

Nikki: You're not acting happy.

Victor: Is this what we've been reduced to, arguing semantics?

Nikki: I don't want to argue at all.

Victor: So we won't.

Nikki: Good.

Nikki: I guess all the subjects are off limits.

Nikki: I wish we could change things.

Victor: Do you?

Nikki: I don't like all this tension between us all the time.

Victor: Whose fault is that?

Nikki: Victor could we do without the recriminations?

Victor: It's not a recrimination just an observation.

Nikki: It sounds like you were judging me.

Victor: What would be the point? You make up your own mind anyway: Nothing I say would change your mind.

J.T.: Could you make yourself useful?

Rianna: You never know.

J.T.: Can I ask you something?

Rianna: What?

J.T.: I know Mac talked Billy into letting me stay. I wonder if it's more of a hassle for her. Whatever Abbott thinks I'm not sitting around dying to cause trouble. I have mixed feelings about this thing.

Rianna: Because of the effects it would have on Mackenzie.

J.T.: Partly. You don't believe me.

Rianna: Actually, I do. It's taking a while to sink in.

Raul: I'm worried about Rianna having to deal with J.T. every day. I overheard something a while ago. She and Brittany were talking. It sounded like Rianna was hurt by the guy when she was going out with him.

Mackenzie: Did you ask her about it?

Raul: I wonder if she was covering.

Mackenzie: Why would she do that?

Raul: With that idiot, who knows?

Mackenzie: It's true she had a rough time. He was a real jerk back then.

Raul: Meaning what, he's changed?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Raul: Going to sell me on that one.

Alex: What is going on?

Malcolm: I heard from my lawyer. Olivia found a way of putting off the hearing. Instead of going to court, we're having a discovery. This is nothing but a weak stalling tactic.

Olivia: This is a legitimate request.

Alex: What purpose does discovery serve? You know everything.

Malcolm: The only explanation is you're trying to screw me. We had a deal and you broke it.

Olivia: The only deal we had was an arrangement for your part, was not filing for the hearing until Nate was out of school.

Malcolm: You led me to believe after school was over we would go to a judge.

Olivia: You can go.

Malcolm: You can kiss my --

Alex: Malcolm, please.

Michael: Olivia, your secretary --

Malcolm: Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. Trouble-maker himself. Baldwin, you listen to me, you shady little bastard. This woman and I had an agreement. You are putting the crazy ideas how to keep me and my son apart. If I thought I would get away with it, I would tear your head off.

Alex: If you say or do anything else, you will harm your case. Listen to me. Come on, let's go.

Keith: Trish, I hear what you're saying.

Tricia: But you're still not comfortable.

Keith: Where would you stay if you did leave the hospital?

Tricia: I would stay with you, if you're planning on staying in Genoa City for a while.

Keith: I have to be frank, Tricia. I didn't anticipate you leaving so soon.

Ryan: You didn't think she's ready to be an outpatient?

Keith: There are benefits to living in a place without outside attractions.

Tricia: You don't feel I'm ready for the real world.

Keith: You feel you are?

Tricia: First of all, this place has been like a miracle. I don't want to disrupt my treatment.

Keith: You're looking at it more as an interim step.

Tricia: Exactly. I would be coming for therapy, taking my medicine. I'm in no hurry to rush into life as usual. I don't want any setbacks.

Keith: Sweetheart, I still wonder if this isn't the best place for you.

Tricia: I understand why you want to be cautious. I do, too. It's -- just not in a hospital.

Keith: It really bothers you, being here.

Tricia: Dad, as helpful as it's been here, I don't belong in a hospital anymore.

Keith: You're not the first patient to express those feelings about a facility like this. You're not the first one thinking that your troubles are behind you.

Tricia: I'm not fooling myself. I know my problems didn't spring up overnight and they're not going to disappear with a little pill. It will only be through hard work and therapy.

Keith: I'm glad you think that.

Tricia: I think this is best for me.

Ryan: If you don't mind, I think your father and I would like to have a word with Dr. Burns.

Tricia: I'm going to go to my room and start packing.

Ryan: Doctor, I want your candid opinion.

Dr. Burns: I've given it to you already, Mr. McNeil.

Keith: You have reservations.

Dr. Burns: Yes, I do.

Cassie: Folks, how's it going?

Sharon: We're fine, thanks.

Larry: No, thank you. I think it's decent you asked me over like this.

Cassie: Mr. Warton, I left a message at Jabot to stop by after work so I could give him the CD I promised him. I have everything ready. Just say the word and I'll mix it all up.

Larry: I must have got my wires crossed. If you don't want me around, I understand.

Sharon: Cassie invited you. That's good enough for us.

Cassie: You can sit at the counter, and I'll make it specially for you.

Larry: Talk about first class service. Excuse me.

Sharon: Do you think Nikki talked to him?

Nicholas: I assume so. Mom seemed pretty anxious to smooth things over with Dad.

Sharon: Obviously, he's taking it well.

Nicholas: Why would he not? As long as he has a job, the court will be satisfied. He's got nothing to lose. I wonder how things are going between Mom and Dad right now.

Sharon: If Mom is breaking the news of making the gesture to meet him halfway over appetizers.

Nicholas: No more obstacles. Finally we can get the family back together again.

Keith: Are you saying as Tricia's doctor, you might oppose her leaving the hospital?

Dr. Burns: Your daughter has made good progress. Her attitude towards treatment; Well, you heard her.

Keith: The turnaround is remarkable.

Dr. Burns: I understand you and your daughter have had difficulties. Are you willing to let her live with you while she continues therapy?

Keith: Absolutely. I'm touched she wants this.

Dr. Burns: She needs a lot of support and supervision.

Keith: I understand that, Doctor.

Dr. Burns: You can provide a stable home environment?

Keith: I assure you, Dr. Burns, I will be with Tricia every step of the way.

Dr. Burns: My preference is not to release Tricia this early. I'm concerned my resistance would negatively impact her therapy. She's made excellent progress, and I don't want to do anything to distract from that.

Ryan: If you feel it's best she stays longer --

Dr. Burns: Tricia's circumstances are unusual. And she does have a strong support system.

Keith: You know, Ryan, seeing how well Tricia's doing, I think we should give it a chance.

Ryan: You do?

Keith: Yeah. I can see you have some doubts, but you can relax. I'm taking full responsibility for this decision. Ryan, you've done everything you can for my daughter. I'll take over from here.

Ryan: All right. Thank you, Doctor. Good luck.

Mackenzie: Okay. It's pretty obvious we won't agree on J.T.

Raul: You got that right.

Mackenzie: Whatever happened is in the past. She broke up with him and it's in the past. If you have any doubts.

Raul: No, no doubts.

Mackenzie: Good.

Raul: I have this feeling it's rough to be around him. I don't want her to be upset all summer. If that's how it's going to be, I have to do something.

Mackenzie: Like what?

Raul: Can you talk to her, see what you can find out?

Mackenzie: And tell you? You can't put me in that position. What if she tells me something private?

Raul: You're right.

Mackenzie: She cares so much about you. If there's something wrong, she's going to tell you, okay?

Brittany: Raul, can you open this box for me?

Raul: Coming, your highness.

Mackenzie: Hey.

Rianna: Hey.

Mackenzie: I'm kind of curious about something.

Rianna: What?

Mackenzie: You and J.T.

Victoria: Hey, glad you're home. You know what? I bet you're hungry. I picked up some Thai food, extra spicy and a bottle of champagne. Please tell me we have something to celebrate.

Ryan: They're signed.

Victoria: Fantastic. We have to make a toast. Okay. What's wrong?

Ryan: There's more news.

Victoria: Well, what is it?

Ryan: Tricia decided to leave the hospital today.

Victoria: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I knew this was going to happen. She was going to be able to check herself out whenever she wanted to.

Ryan: She's improved. She's calm. She's coherent.

Victoria: For God's sake, Ryan, come on. Given what Tricia has done, she should be in there for the rest of her life. Can't you have her committed if she doesn't stay voluntarily?

Ryan: I can't now.

Victoria: Why not?

Ryan: Keith wants to give it a try and the doctor is willing to go along. If the psychiatrist supports it, there's no chance it's going to happen.

Nikki: I confess I am a little curious.

Victor: About what?

Nikki: Where things stand between us.

Victor: I thought we were clear on that issue.

Nikki: Not really. You told me a while back that the only bond between us was the kids.

Victor: What do you want? What are you looking for?

Nikki: I just -- I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around you and I hate it.

Victor: What difference does that make? You do what you want anyway.

Nikki: We're back to that, the real reason why you're upset with me.

Brittany: Here you go, guys. Glow by Jabot 45 so you don't get burnt to a crisp.

Billy: Thanks.

Brittany: Anything else I can do?

Billy: You can give J.T. a rundown on how we do live chats.

Brittany: Okay. I'll get right on it.

Raul: She gets any perkier, I may puke.

Billy: Yeah, she is trying a little too hard. I have a feeling this is going to be a really weird summer. Hey, you okay?

Raul: Yeah, I'm fine. Not really all that stoked with the way things are going. Like Mac was saying, you've got to focus on the good.

Billy: You mean Rianna.

Rianna: What exactly are you curious about, Mac?

Mackenzie: Well, Raul overheard something you said. And he's concerned that you're holding out on him.

Rianna: About what?

Mackenzie: Still feeling hurt by what J.T. did to you. I told him I'm sure it wasn't a big deal and you would talk to him about it if something was wrong. Anyway, I thought you might want to know so you could reassure him again, you know? Rianna?

Michael: I came here to inform you I sent a reply to Malcolm's attorney. I came a bit late.

Olivia: You came just in time. You got an eyeful of my ex-husband's true colors. I wish a judge was here to see his tantrums.

Michael: He was surprised.

Olivia: Whose side are you on anyway?

Michael: Yours.

Olivia: It's downright destructive.

Michael: This is to make people angry.

Olivia: Or make people give up.

Michael: It incurs legal fees.

Olivia: Worth every penny.

Michael: I recommend strongly you not take this course of action.

Olivia: It's my call, Michael.

Michael: Telling the judge Malcolm wants his son in his life. You have made no progress reaching your goal.

Olivia: I didn't say a month would be sufficient. I told you, you might have to come up with other delays for the proceedings.

Michael: Obviously I'm not getting through to you. Before you dig deeper --

Olivia: Thank you, Michael. I will call you.

Alex: This whole thing is outrageous. I had no idea what Olivia is trying to accomplish.

Malcolm: Hate, Alex.

Alex: Maybe she's trying to provoke you.

Malcolm: Mission accomplished. That's Olivia's problem. She has no ammunition. She knows when that little boy talks to the judge he will say he loves me and he wants to see me.

Alex: That's one scenario.

Malcolm: Give me another one?

Alex: She thinks by stalling she can wean your son away from you, somehow.

Malcolm: Does she think I'm going to give up?

Alex: It may come down to more determined.

Malcolm: Okay, Alex, I need a straight answer. How long can she string this thing out?

Alex: As your lawyer evidently told you, discovery can last for weeks, even months.

Malcolm: Months go by. What else can she do? How long can they keep from getting me a hearing? Alex, please, baby, tell me. I need to know where I stand.

Alex: I haven't seen the lawyer's play book, but it could be a substantial period of time along with a lot of painful conflict.

Malcolm: I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. I am not about to sit by and let Olivia run things like this. She's not calling all the shots. Something has to give. You know what? If this is the kind of game Olivia wants to play, there's only one thing left for me to do.

Alex: What are you talking about?

Malcolm: Getting my son and leaving the country.

Victor: I'll put it very simply. I don't understand you anymore.

Nikki: Why? Because I've decided to do things my way for a change?

Victor: You don't get it, do you? I don't give a damn if you do things your way. It's what you do. The decisions you made put us at odds.

Nikki: Victor, that was never my intent.

Victor: Let's drop it. So why did Victoria tell you she wanted to meet you here?

Nikki: I thought it was for the two of us to spend time together. I had no idea she was setting us up.

Victor: I know you didn't.

Nikki: I think it's sweet of her to care what happens to her parents. What did she tell you?

Victor: She wanted to discuss some things with me.

Nikki: About?

Victor: She thought you might have changed your mind about this Larry Warton situation, that you had finally come to your senses. I certainly hope that's true.

Larry: That daughter of yours makes one mean smoothie. She's making one for herself now. Do you mind if I sit down for a minute?

Nicholas: Yeah, go ahead, Larry.

Larry: I can't tell you how good it feels to be on the outside, tossing back a nice, cool smoothie. You know what I'm talking about.

Nicholas: You were in a lot longer than I was.

Larry: I'm not looking for anyone's sympathy. A lot of what happened to me I deserved. Anyway, I want to let you know I really appreciate the way you've treated me through this whole ordeal. I know it's been pretty intense for your mom especially. I want you to know that whatever happened, it's all behind us and there's no hard feelings.

Nicholas: Well, it is complicated and I'm glad you understand that.

Larry: I won't deny I was a bit ticked off when I heard her talking about letting me go. Then I got to thinking about it. And I saw where she was coming from. I mean, your mom is quite a lady. Anyway, we hashed it all out, and I'm glad to say it's all over and done with.

Sharon: You are really taking this well, Larry.

Nicholas: I'm impressed. I didn't think you would be so cool making a change. I can honestly tell you, wherever you end up working, my mom will make sure it's a good fit for you.

Larry: What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere.

Nicholas: What do you mean?

Larry: Your mom's keeping me on at Jabot.

Nicholas: She is?

Ryan: She'll be staying with Keith. She's not going back to her old life.

Victoria: What life? She only knows how to kill men with her car.

Ryan: If she's not at the house, she's at the hospital doing outpatient therapy. She's crashing at her dad's place receiving the same treatment.

Victoria: Tricia is out. Who cares what she says? She can show up anytime, anywhere and you know it.

Ryan: The change in her is dramatic, Vicki.

Victoria: I am so reassured.

Ryan: The medication is taking a huge effect which according to the doctor is not unusual. They really are miracle drugs.

Victoria: You can look me in the eye and say this is for the best?

Ryan: We don't have a choice. She's packing her bags. She's leaving the hospital. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

Tricia: My bags are right outside. Did Ryan leave?

Keith: Yeah.

Tricia: Okay. I thought probably he would because we covered everything.

Keith: Sweetheart, I can't tell you how glad I am to hear you're coming home.

Tricia: Yeah, me too, Dad.

Keith: It's a positive step. However I want you to understand that this is a trial arrangement.

Tricia: Yeah. If either of us feels I've jumped the gun, it's back to the hospital. No questions asked. I want to get well, Dad. I really do.

Julie: Tricia.

Tricia: Yeah?

Julie: Your medication. The doctor says to take it before you leave.

Tricia: Don't worry, Julie, I would have tracked you down. Medication is my lifeline. I know that.

Julie: I also need your signature on the release papers.

Keith: While you're doing that I will take your bags down to the car.

Julie: I'll be right back with your papers.

Tricia: Okay.

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