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Phyllis: Hey, Jack.

Jack: You got it.

Phyllis: I thought we were having lunch.

Jack: We are.

Phyllis: In a hotel room?

Jack: What better place?

Phyllis: To enjoy something delicious.

Jack: Not disappointed, are you?

Phyllis: Why would I be disappointed?

Jack: It's not our usual haunt, Gina's.

Phyllis: It's a great surprise.

Jack: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Phyllis: I'm intrigued.

Jack: And a man and woman in a hotel room, the middle of the day? It conjures up a lot of possibilities.

Phyllis: You hungry?

Jack: I'm getting more hungry.

Phyllis: I'm the main course and you're dessert?

Jack: I think you're the whole meal.

[Knock on door]

Phyllis: What's that?

Jack: Well, that might be room service.

Mr. Ingersoll: So, Dr. Winters, can we meet?

Olivia: I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Mr. Ingersoll: You have a conflict?

Olivia: I'm tied up this morning.

Mr. Ingersoll: Your nurse said you're free.

Olivia: It's not to see patients. It's an appointment with the hospital administrator.

Mr. Ingersoll: Your nurse didn't say anything.

Olivia: She's not aware.

Mr. Ingersoll: What about tomorrow?

Olivia: Why don't I get back to you?

Mr. Ingersoll: Very well. Look forward to hearing from you.

Alex: Why didn't you take the meeting?

Olivia: We agreed to wait for Neil.

Alex: Neil's presence isn't necessary. As long as I overhear certain statements, there's no need to wait for Neil. Olivia, you said about an appointment with the hospital administrator.

Olivia: So?

Alex: Were you telling the truth?

Jill: Come on, folks, isn't anybody going to welcome J.T. as our newest member? Brittany, you're never at a loss for words here.

Brittany: Hi, J.T. Good luck.

Billy: Mom, you're joking, right? You don't expect us to work alongside this creep.

Jill: I do, and you will. It's a done deal, Billy.

Billy: No way. This is not happening.

Jill: Excuse me? I happen to be a member of the board that's in charge of this project. And I say it is happening, period.

Billy: What are you trying to prove?

Jill: I'm trying to keep Brash & Sassy from putting us out of business.

Billy: This is all about money.

Jill: Our whole objective is getting girls interested in Glow by Jabot. Now the two of you are wonderful, but with Mackenzie here, we need a new male face.

Billy: Fine, fine, why J.T.?

Jill: Brittany and J.T. are friends. The audience will tune in to see if a relationship will develop.

Billy: Mom, can I talk to you in private?

Jill: Absolutely.

Billy: J.T. and I hate each other's guts. Raul feels the same way.

Jill: Well, then this summer should be very interesting.

Billy: You just don't get it, do you? Raul and I think J.T.'s a jerk.

Jill: What about the girls? Let's ask them. Brittany, you don't have a problem with J.T. working with us this summer, do you?

Brittany: No, not at all.

Jill: Rianna?

Rianna: Mrs. Abbott --

Jill: You like everyone. Mackenzie, you and J.T. are friends, right?

Billy: Mom, I know what you're trying to do.

Jill: Let her answer the question. Go on, sweetie, we're waiting.

Mackenzie: You're the boss. You call the shots.

Jill: Great, then you're okay with this.

Mackenzie: Billy, can I talk to you in private?

Brittany: J.T., it's all working out.

Raul: I can't believe this; we get stuck with this idiot all summer.

Rianna: You think Billy will let this happen?

Raul: You know his mom. Once she sticks her heels in --

Rianna: What about the rest of his family?

Raul: They could call a board meeting and shoot the idea down. There's no way they'll make us hang out with that idiot all summer.

Brad: Thanks for letting me help, Trace.

Traci: Just that our daughter is so hurt and so confused.

Brad: I know she is, and I'll be there for her, as much as you let me.

Traci: Brad, it's just that -- sweetie, hi. I didn't see you there. Brad and I were just talking. You want to come and join us? Come on.

Colleen: What were you talking about?

Traci: Well, I'm going back to New York.

Colleen: Why?

Traci: To meet with your father.

Colleen: You're giving Dad another chance?

Traci: Sweetheart, it's a complicated situation.

Colleen: I'm sick of hearing that, Mother.

Traci: We're still a family.

Colleen: No, we're not. Not after what he did.

Traci: You're upset. I understand.

Colleen: How can you think of taking him back? Don't you have any pride?

Enjoy, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure we will.


Jack: We have spinach salad, vegetable frittata for the main course. Dig in.

Phyllis: I thought I was the main course.

Jack: These are just the appetizers.

Phyllis: Where are the oysters?

Jack: They're overrated. I ate six of them once and only four of them worked. What do you think, a very nice spread, huh?

Phyllis: Very nice spread. We could have eaten at home.

Jack: No, we couldn't.

Phyllis: Why not?

Jack: Traci's having a little talk with Colleen today.

Phyllis: What's going on with that?

Jack: She's going back to New York for a while.

Phyllis: With her daughter?

Jack: She's staying at the house. I wish I was going to New York to give that man a piece of my mind, a piece of my fist.

Phyllis: She's lucky to have a wonderful brother looking out for her.

Jack: That's what brothers do, right?

Phyllis: I wouldn't know that.

Jack: You know we're always talking about my family. I don't know a thing about yours.

Phyllis: There's not much to tell.

Jack: Oh, come on. We're living together now. Give me some idea what I'm getting into.

Phyllis: All right. My mother is an ice queen. She's a real bitch.

Jack: What about your father?

Phyllis: Oh, my dad, Daddy. Well, he wouldn't dare contradict my mother.

Jack: Any brothers or sisters?

Phyllis: I don't want to talk about this. The Summers and the Abbotts are completely different.

Jack: You can't blame me for being curious.

Phyllis: Maybe another time.

Jack: I'm holding you to that.

Phyllis: Okay. Right now just hold me. Okay?

Jack: Okay.

Traci: Honey, I realize you're upset. Don't you think you're being hard on your father and me?

Colleen: My father doesn't care about us. He doesn't give a damn.

Traci: Honey.

Brad: What your mother is doing takes a lot of courage.

Colleen: No way am I going back to New York.

Traci: It's best if you stay here.

Colleen: You are leaving me here?

Traci: I'm leaving you with people who love you, your family.

Colleen: How long will you be gone?

Traci: A week, maybe more.

Colleen: I can't believe this.

Traci: Sweetheart, I will talk to you every single day. We will be together again really soon.

Colleen: When are you leaving?

Traci: Right away.

Colleen: Don't rush back on my account.

Brad: Do you want me to talk to her?

Traci: No. I think it'll just make things worse.

Brad: I'm sorry, Trace. I wish there was something more I could do.

Traci: Yeah. Thank you. I'm going to go pack before I change my mind.

Olivia: Are you cross-examining me?

Alex: We do things your way.

Olivia: You have a problem with that?

Alex: You got cold feet, didn't you?

Olivia: The man called my nurse. He knew I wasn't seeing patients.

Alex: In other words, he caught you in a lie.

Olivia: I handled it.

Alex: What if he knows the hospital administrator? How do you think he will react when he learns you haven't been telling the truth? Olivia, we have been waiting for months for a break like this.

Olivia: You think I have blown it.

Alex: We don't know if you'll get Ingersoll to say anything at all.

Olivia: Your point?

Alex: If he picks up any red flags he won't mention anything about cost-cutting incentives.

Olivia: I realize that.

Alex: Why would a mother in serious need for cash turn down an interview? If we miss out on this opportunity --

Olivia: We won't.

Alex: You don't know that.

Olivia: You know what you're forgetting? We wouldn't have this opportunity if it wasn't for me, so why don't you back off!

Malcolm: What was that all about?

Jill: Come on, Sean, conflict is the essence of drama.

Sean: That's the only reason you're bringing J.T. into the mix?

Jill: If we don't stir up interest --

Sean: Save it for the board members.

Jill: I am a board member.

Sean: One vote. You think the others will go along with you?

Jill: They better. I agreed to let Mackenzie in on the fun. This was a spur-of-the-moment idea and I went with it. I thought with five kids, we wouldn't have nearly --

Sean: Don't try to sell it to me, Jill. I like you, but don't feed me a line. You hope J.T. will drive a wedge between your son and Mac.

Jill: All right. So maybe that's part of it. What are you looking at me like that for? I love my son. I worry about him.

Sean: You figure you will throw J.T. out there as bait and see if Mac will bite.

Jill: If I'm right, it will save Billy a lot of heartache.

Sean: If not?

Jill: Then it will make damn good entertainment.

Sean: You are playing a risky game. I tell you what, it's your game to play.

Billy: I will say it again, do not let my mom get to you.

Mackenzie: I'm not.

Billy: Why didn't you tell her how you feel?

Mackenzie: She's our boss, Billy.

Billy: I still say we don't have to put up with J.T.

Mackenzie: It's her decision.

Billy: Wait a minute. Are you saying you're okay with this?

Mackenzie: If Brittany's alone all the time --

Billy: We'll get somebody else. Not J.T.

Mackenzie: Why are you upset about this?

Billy: I can't stand the guy.

Mackenzie: I keep telling you he's changed.

Billy: Right.

Mackenzie: Maybe if you got to know him a little better, you would think otherwise.

Billy: Once a jerk, always a jerk.

Mackenzie: I see. My opinion just doesn't count, right?

John: What in God's name was Steve thinking about?

Ashley: He wasn't thinking, not with his brain.

John: He has a wonderful wife, adorable daughter.

Ashley: Some people can't help it.

John: You are making excuses for the man.

Ashley: No, I'm not.

John: So Traci's going to go back to New York.

Ashley: I guess she has a lot to sort out.

John: My heart goes out to Colleen.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, I'm sure that's the reason why Traci needs to talk to Steve. She has to figure out where things stand.

John: So many people rush into divorce, wrapped up in their problems and they forget about their kids.

Ashley: Traci won't do that.

John: Either way, Colleen's going to lose.

Ashley: Unless things work out with Traci and Steve.

John: Do you really think that's possible?

Ashley: Yeah, I do. It's a one-time thing for Steve, if he really wants to save his marriage.

John: He better not make her any empty promises.

Ashley: Traci would see through that.

John: Traci is vulnerable.

Ashley: But she's not desperate. She has a lot of self-esteem. She won't reconcile at any cost. All we can do is support her.

John: I don't know, Ash. You raise your kids. You hope for the best and then something like this has to happen.

Ashley: Traci's strong, Dad. She'll survive.

John: There's so much at stake here for Colleen and Traci.

Dr. Kimbrough: After years of studying and training, I find myself living in the same little apartment when my wife and I were married.

Olivia: It can take a while to pay off those loans.

Dr. Kimbrough: There's just no room. It creates such tension. I finally found a house. I was going to put money down. Now I can't. I'm living so close to the margin, I had to pass on the deal today.

Olivia: I empathize with what you're going through but you're avoiding my question. It sounds like you're being jerked around by Lawson Medical. If it's true, maybe I can help. First you have to tell me what's going on.

Dr. Kimbrough: I can't. I'd be opening Pandora's Box.

Olivia: Hi, Rose, did Mr. Ingersoll from Lawson Medical leave a number? Can you get him on the phone for me please?

Malcolm: Get out of here! You and Olivia working on the HMO case together?

Alex: I was plodding away, too. So far it hasn't been smooth sailing.

Malcolm: I take it Neil's involved in this thing too, right? Hey, what is it, privileged information? Whatever it is it's cool. Don't worry about it. I'm sorry I came in when I did though.

Alex: No, it wouldn't have made a difference.

Malcolm: Olivia was pretty much out of here anyway.

Alex: Yeah. So what brings you by, Malcolm?

Malcolm: I was looking for Neil.

Alex: He had to leave town unexpectedly. He won't be back for a few days.

Malcolm: I'm sorry to hear that. I was hoping to catch up with him and get a little advice from the man.

Alex: Maybe I can help.

Malcolm: I don't think so.

Alex: I'm a very good listener.

Malcolm: Baby, that's not all you're good at. This one's strictly between my brother and me.

Alex: Some more of that top secret stuff you won't tell me about.

Malcolm: Maybe.

Alex: Come on, tell me. I'm here. I need the distraction, please.

Malcolm: You will find out soon enough. Sweetheart, if a distraction is all you need, I'm sure I can take care of that. Hey, hey, hey, you're really upset about this Olivia thing, aren't you?

Alex: I shouldn't have come on so strong.

Malcolm: You afraid she's going to pull out?

Alex: I interview hostile witnesses all the time. I don't know why I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Malcolm: You can't say a thing to Olivia these days without pushing her button. Believe me, I'm about to be next. I talked to my attorney.

Alex: Did she file your petition for visitation?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm. Just waiting on a court date. Hoping to wrap this whole mess up in a couple of days. Believe me, I can't wait to spend time with my son again, especially when it's all legitimate.

Alex: We hopefully will get this Lawson Medical case out of the way soon.

Malcolm: You think Olivia will be on the warpath?

Alex: It doesn't take much.

Malcolm: You think I messed up? You think I should have waited?

Alex: No. Nate needs his father.

Malcolm: You wish this petition thing wasn't going on, do you?

Alex: We finally get this break and Olivia insists on dragging her heels. Malcolm, people are depending on me. If Lawson does business as usual, people are going to -- you know, I can't allow it. I won't.

Malcolm: Okay. Wait. If the ball is in Olivia's court, what are you supposed to do? [Phone ringing]

Alex: Excuse me. Neil Winters’ office.

Olivia: I spoke with Mr. Ingersoll. We're meeting in 30 minutes.

Alex: Your office?

Olivia: Yeah.

Alex: Thanks, Olivia. I'll be right there.

Malcolm: Olivia changed her mind?

Alex: Yes. Yes, she did. This is exactly what we've been waiting for, Malcolm. These are all the answers we have been working for.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, good luck, baby.

Alex: Thank you. Bye.

Traci: I take it you heard?

John: Yep. You're going to New York.

Traci: I have to, Daddy. I have to find out where things stand with Steve and me.

Brad: I was over at the house.

Ashley: I didn't know.

Brad: Jack filled me in. I wanted to see how Traci and Colleen were doing.

Ashley: Traci, was Colleen terribly upset?

Traci: Yeah. Fortunately, Brad was there to help out. Thank you. Well, Daddy, I really came to say goodbye and make sure it was okay with you that Colleen stays on?

John: Come on, you know I'm very happy to have her. We will do everything in our power to lift her spirits.

Traci: Thank you. At times like this, family means everything, and I want to thank you for all of your support and your understanding.

Brad: Always, Trace.

Traci: Well, I guess I have to get to the airport.

John: I will take you.

Traci: Daddy, you don't have to.

John: Honey, I want to. Listen to me, you always have a home here. Don't ever forget that.

Traci: Daddy, that's what's getting me through all of this. Ashley, bye.

Ashley: Bye, sweetie. You take care.

Traci: Take care of our daughter.

Brad: You can count on it. Okay? You can count on it.

Traci: Thank you. Bye.

Brad: Something wrong?

Ashley: I thought you spoke with Jack.

Brad: I did. He suggested I keep my distance from my daughter.

Ashley: You didn't listen to him.

Brad: I don't take orders from anybody, including your brother.

Ashley: Is that why you're upset?

Brad: No. I'm tired of your attitude, Ash.

Ashley: What?

Brad: You're acting as if I have no right to get closer to my own daughter.

Billy: Mac, you are blowing this J.T. thing way out of proportion.

Mackenzie: You are acting like my opinion doesn't matter.

Billy: I didn't say that.

Mackenzie: You are convinced J.T. is a threat when I tell you he's not. We're friends. Big deal.

Billy: You were more than just friends.

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Billy: I saw you kissing before. I bet there were other times too when I wasn't watching. You expect me to be cool with that?

Mackenzie: We weren't together then, Billy. Everything's different now.

Billy: You're asking an awful lot of me, Mac.

Mackenzie: I'm asking a lot of you? What about Brittany?

Billy: That's different. She's always been a part of the Glow by Jabot House.

Mackenzie: You know what I'm talking about. You dated forever. Together. I'm supposed to be okay with that?

Billy: We've been through that.

Mackenzie: I trust you. The question is do you trust me?

Brittany: I'm glad you saw the light and accepted Mrs. Abbott's offer.

J.T.: You think Billy and the gang are going to come around? I don't know how I got suckered into it.

Brittany: Sure you do. Mackenzie.

J.T.: Abbott trashing me again?

Brittany: I'm sure the prom queen is defending you. That's cute how you --

J.T.: Stop it, Brit.

Brittany: Mackenzie doesn't like anybody telling her what to do. I'm sure she's reading Billy the riot act as we speak.

J.T.: He doesn't call the shots around here.

Brittany: His mother does. As long as she's on your side, it's cool.

Sean: J.T., Sean Bridges. Nice to meet you.

J.T.: Yeah.

Sean: You ready to do this?

Jill: Of course he is, a chance to be an internet superstar? Girls flocking him wherever he goes?

Sean: Hard to turn down that action.

Brittany: Mackenzie can be very persuasive when she wants to be.

Jack: You really don't like talking about your family, do you?

Phyllis: Jack, please don't.

Jack: I want you to know we've had our knockdowns, drag-outs, too.

Phyllis: But you have always been close.

Jack: It hasn't always been that way, particularly with my mom. She's a real piece of work.

Phyllis: So is my mother. That's one more thing we have in common. What?

Jack: I was just thinking about the conversation we had the other night.

Phyllis: It meant a lot to me when you said we were good for each other.

Jack: I believe we are. I see you and my heart beats faster. It's true. I love it. I haven't felt like this in -- God, I don't know how long. This is only the beginning.

Phyllis: You promise?

Jack: Promise.

Jill: Great. We have Mackenzie. We don't have Billy.

Brittany: What do you think that means?

Jill: I don't know. It sure is interesting, isn't it? [Cell phone ringing] That's me. Excuse me.

Raul: About time, man.

Billy: Mac and I have stuff to work out.

Raul: I was beginning to freak. The rest of the board could shoot J.T. down. Call your brother. Talk to him. Tell him we don't want J.T.

Billy: I can't.

Raul: Why not?

Billy: If I try to get rid of him, Mac will think I don't trust her.

Raul: What do you mean, Billy?

Billy: We're stuck with the jerk.

Rianna: Let me get this straight. Billy asked you to put up with Brittany, he can't handle J.T.

Mackenzie: How do you feel about it? J.T.'s not your favorite person.

Rianna: It's not that big a deal which is what I tried to tell Raul.

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Rianna: Nothing. Really, it's fine.

Mackenzie: You know I don't want to do anything to upset you.

Rianna: It's all right.

J.T.: So what's the verdict? Abbott giving me the boot?

Mackenzie: I don't think so.

J.T.: Really?

Mackenzie: I stood up for you.

J.T.: Thanks.

Mackenzie: Look, J.T., I don't know why you decided to do this, and I'm okay with it, but --

J.T.: As long as I can stay out of Billy's way, right?

Mackenzie: Do you think you can do that?

J.T.: Hey, Mac, I'm just here to have a good time.

Mackenzie: Okay. We all should have a wonderful summer, right?

J.T.: Yeah.

Alex: You changed your mind.

Olivia: Does that surprise you?

Alex: Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia: Thank me when we have all the information we need to bring down Lawson Medical.

Alex: Ingersoll is on his way.

Olivia: Any minute.

Alex: You have to get him to talk about the cost-cutting compensation schedule.

Olivia: It won't work if you're here and I'm in the waiting room.

Olivia: I could meet him out there and leave the office door open.

Alex: Don't push too hard. If he gets suspicious then I want you to – [Phone ringing]

Olivia: Hi, Rose. I'll be right out.

Mr. Ingersoll: Dr. Winters?

Olivia: Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Ingersoll.

Mr. Ingersoll: The pleasure is all mine.

Olivia: I hope you don't mind meeting out here. I prefer not to have a desk between us.

Mr. Ingersoll: That's fine.

Ashley: I never said I didn't want you closer to your daughter.

Brad: Just not right now.

Ashley: It's a difficult time, Brad.

Brad: All the more reason for me to be there, too. You heard Traci. She was glad I was there for Colleen.

Ashley: You made your point.

Brad: I'm not finished yet. I told Traci I wouldn't step in on being Colleen's dad. I will act as a member of this family doing everything I can to make Colleen's stay here as bearable as possible.

Ashley: Traci is okay with that?

Brad: She is. What about you? You still feel it's inappropriate for me to get close to her?

Ashley: Brad, all along all I wanted was what's best for Colleen. If you want to strengthen your relationship with her, I'm all for it.

Brad: My only concern is for Colleen's well-being.

Ashley: I didn't say it wasn't. Would you stop being defensive?

Brad: I have no problem with this.

Ashley: I don't. Not if it's okay with Traci. I don't. I want you to be happy.

Olivia: I didn't mean to put you off before, Mr. Ingersoll. I didn't expect you to call so soon.

Mr. Ingersoll: That's how we do business at Lawson.

Olivia: This is my number one priority.

Mr. Ingersoll: I'm glad to hear that. Dr. Winters, tell me a little about your situation.

Olivia: I have enjoyed being on staff at Memorial. The salary arrangement isn't working for me.

Mr. Ingersoll: You want to earn more money.

Olivia: Yes.

Mr. Ingersoll: You better be prepared to work harder. You will see a lot more patients if you sign on with us.

Olivia: I asked my colleagues about Lawson.

Mr. Ingersoll: What did they say?

Olivia: If you turn out the billings, you get rewarded. I demand of myself more than you ever will.

Mr. Ingersoll: We'll get along fine.

Olivia: I don't wish to appear to be overly concerned with finance.

Mr. Ingersoll: You want to discuss money. It's harder to earn a good living in medicine today.

Olivia: Patients want more and more for less and less.

Mr. Ingersoll: It’s difficult for doctors and insurers.

Olivia: I heard it's more than fair to physicians if they work hard and manage their costs effectively. Can we talk specifics?

Jack: I haven't said this too many times in my life, but you were right. I was wrong.

Phyllis: Oh, about lunch?

Jack: About us living together.

Phyllis: It's worked out well, hasn't it?

Jack: It's worked out very well.

Phyllis: Okay. Out with it.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Something's going on in that head of yours.

Jack: A fantastic idea just came to me.

Phyllis: Fantastic? Great minds think alike.

Jack: Oh, not necessarily.

Phyllis: We just had lunch. We have to work.

Jack: I was thinking about something else.

Phyllis: You were? What?

Jack: I -- remember the other night I told you I thought we were good for each other?

Phyllis: We just talked about the house. How could I forget?

Jack: I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much I love you.

Phyllis: I know that. Are you ready for dessert?

Jack: Wait, wait. I'm serious.

Phyllis: So am I.

Jack: You have no idea how serious. I want you to marry me.

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