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Larry: I know I'm nothing to you, Mr. Newman, a low life, ex-con, out on probation, something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe, right?

Victor: Those are your words, Warton, not mine.

Larry: Even though I saved your son from going to the joint? Even though I'm trying to make something good with my life?

Victor: If it wasn't for your plotting and scheming, my son wouldn't have been in jail in the first place.

Larry: Why even bother? You have been looking down your nose at me from the get-go. No matter what I do it's not good enough for you. You have won again, Mr. Newman, and I end up holding the short end of the stick as usual.

Victor: Why do you think that is? Your kind always blames someone else for the predicament they're in. You look yourself in the mirror and find out who's at fault. Let's go.

Mackenzie: I'm really glad you suggested this, chilling out here for the night.

Billy: You look relieved.

Mackenzie: I am. Billy, I never told anybody what happened.

Billy: If you want to talk some more about your mom and stepdad, I'm here to listen.

Mackenzie: Not right now.

Billy: That's cool.

Mackenzie: Thank you. You know what I do want to talk about?

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: This summer. It's going to be so incredible. Your dad didn't seem to mind me being on camera.

Billy: He really likes you, Mac.

Mackenzie: We haven't told Raul and Rianna the news.

Billy: That Brittany's back in the group?

Mackenzie: No, that I'm going to be one of the Glow by Jabot kids.

Billy: We can fix that right now. But first...

Rianna: Thank you.

Raul: You pick a movie yet?

Rianna: Not yet. There are so many good ones to choose from.

Raul: How about "Return of the Forsaken"?

Rianna: Not my kind of movie.

Raul: You choose.

Rianna: What about "Summer of Tears"?

Raul: If I have to watch another chick flick, I have to start shaving my legs.

Raul: Oh, man.

Rianna: What?

Raul: I don't feel like dealing with Brittany tonight.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rianna: Hello.

Billy: Hey.

Rianna: Billy?

Billy: Yeah. You two doing anything important?

Rianna: Not really.

Billy: Mac and I want to talk to you about a couple of things. Can you hook up someplace?

Rianna: Yeah, where?

Billy: You know the main entrance to the property? You see a door in the fence, go in there and you'll see a small building. We're in there.

Rianna: All right. We'll be right there. Billy and Mac want to see us.

Brittany: Hey, guys.

Isabella: Mrs. Williams, are you sure I can't help?

Mary: I'm sure. Would you like some coffee?

Isabella: Yes, I would.

Paul: Me too.

Mary: Have a seat for heaven's sake.

Isabella: So I have finally tasted your legendary sauerkraut.

Mary: Did it live up to Paul's billing?

Isabella: That and more.

Paul: You might want to reserve judgment until tomorrow morning, giving it a chance to move through your lower intestines.

Mary: Isabella, I did not teach my son to talk that way, I assure you.

Isabella: It can be hard to teach men certain things.

Mary: I couldn't agree more. That's why you have to watch them closely and you have to nip it in the bud. Which means it's time for baby photos.

Ashley: I'm beat. I'm going to bed. You coming?

Brad: I'm too wired.

Ashley: Thinking about Colleen?

Brad: I think Colleen needs to be told Traci and Steve are having problems.

Ashley: I think she should be told too. I think you should leave that to Traci.

Brad: You're worried Traci is betraying her confidence?

Ashley: It's one thing to relay the confidences and another thing getting completely involved.

Brad: Are you the one going to feel uncomfortable?

Ashley: Wait a second. I don't feel insecure if that's what you're implying.

Brad: I want to get into this for Colleen.

Ashley: Go to my sister if she wants help breaking the news.

Brad: If she doesn't?

Colleen: Mom, you're scaring me.

Traci: What I have to say isn't easy for me to talk about.

Colleen: Just say it.

Traci: The reason I've been acting strangely and I had to leave New York for a while, honey, your father and I are having some problems.

Colleen: What kind of problems? Serious ones? How come I haven't heard you fighting?

Traci: It's not like that.

Colleen: You're acting like he's having an affair. That's it? Dad's having an affair?

Traci: I'm so sorry. Yes, your father has been unfaithful.

Colleen: You're lying. He wouldn't do that.

Traci: Sweetheart, please.

Colleen: Leave me alone, Mother.

Nikki: Mr. Warton.

Larry: Yes, ma'am?

Nikki: Would you step in here a moment please?

Larry: Sure.

Nikki: I would like to know why you gave me such attitude earlier after everything my family has done for you.

Larry: You expect me to believe that any of that was for real?

Nikki: Yes, of course it was.

Larry: Maybe the first 15, 20 minutes of it.

Nikki: I don't know what you're talking about. You're a free man.

Larry: Until I get sacked. Which by the look of things could be any minute.

Nikki: Who told you that?

Larry: I can read between the lines. I know you put your neck out for me in front of the D.A. To look good in front of your son. The first mistake I make, goodbye, Warton.

Nikki: Are you referring to the conversation I walked in on between you and Mr. Carlton?

Larry: You dumped on me pretty hard.

Nikki: And I apologized for that.

Larry: And you set me up for the big kiss-off.

Victoria: I thought we were going to have to move the tables out of the way.

Victor: Did you think he was going to start a fight?

Victoria: Or vice versa.

Victor: I think Larry Warton remembered our last altercation.

Victoria: I didn't hear you say you'd won. That's significant. I was talking to Mother before I came to the coffee house. I guess Larry has been messing up around Jabot.

Victor: Really. What a surprise. Serious?

Victoria: Serious enough for her to have second thoughts.

Victor: Good. If your mother used her head in the first place, she wouldn't be in this position right now.

Victoria: She was only trying to help Nicholas.

Victor: Was she really upset?

Victoria: Yeah.

Victoria: The only bad thing now is if she fires Larry Warton now, he would really be a threat.

Victoria: Maybe we should keep an eye on him.

Victor: If he loses his job at Jabot, they will revoke his probation and he'll go back to jail.

Victoria: I hope Nicholas understands.

Victor: Your brother had his heart in the right place but attempted to help the wrong man.

Victoria: Mother really thought she was doing something good.

Victor: Be proud your mother finally came to her senses. End of subject.

J.T.: Hey, Brit.

Brittany: Can you believe what Raul and Rianna did to me a while ago?

J.T.: Get used to it. They will probably blow you off all summer.

Brittany: Have you heard from Mrs. Abbott?

J.T.: Why would I hear from her?

Brittany: I think she's going to ask you to be part of the Glow by Jabot House.

J.T.: With those clowns? That's your gig, not mine.

Brittany: It's good pay and you get to be an internet star.

J.T.: That's exciting.

Brittany: Don't you see how girls drool all over Billy and Raul?

J.T.: I still don't want to be part of it. I would be watching Billy and Mac make out all day.

Brittany: There are two places now, the pool house and the cool new boutique.

J.T.: Misery loves company.

Brittany: Deep down you want to be near Mackenzie.

J.T.: Why would I? That's her loss.

Brittany: This wasn't my idea, it's Mrs. Abbott's.

J.T.: Why would she want to do this?

Brittany: She thinks you still have a chance.

Isabella: Look at the little face.

Mary: And all the little girls wanted to hold his hand.

Paul: I have been sufficiently humiliated.

Mary: I have three more albums that bring you up to six.

Paul: Mother.

Mary: Next time I will use them as a deterrent. In the meantime, I have to plan a menu more to my son's liking.

Isabella: Your spare ribs were incredible.

Paul: That's high praise coming from a cook like Isabella.

Mary: Are you a good cook?

Isabella: Mostly Latin dishes. It's wonderful to cook for someone again.

Mary: I think next time you should have me over so I can taste one of your special dinners.

Isabella: Any time. Although it's not my place to say. Can we make a date?

Paul: I have to check my calendar but why don't we plan next week?

Mary: Good. I look forward to it.

Paul: We should head out.

Isabella: I'll get my purse.

Paul: Okay.

Mary: I'm not going to ask you if you had a good time. I know you did. So did I. I think Isabella enjoyed herself just as much as I did.

Paul: Me too. Thanks for tonight.

Isabella: Thanks, Mary for a lovely evening making me feel at home.

Mary: You are so welcome, dear.

Paul: You ready?

Isabella: Yeah.

Paul: Thanks again, Mom.

Mary: You're welcome, dear.

Rianna: This place is awesome.

Raul: You have been holding out, buddy.

Billy: We can't keep this place secret.

Mackenzie: We have news.

Raul: Good or bad?

Billy: Both. First of all, we gave in to Brittany. She's going to be part of the Glow by Jabot kids. I have my reasons. She wants to be a star, fine. I'll give her that. I have a feeling she's not going to want to stay around too long.

Raul: Why's that?

Billy: That's the second part of our news. Mac is not going to be behind the scenes this time.

Rianna: Oh, no.

Mackenzie: I'm going to be on camera like the rest of you guys.

Rianna: That's great.

Raul: Welcome aboard.

Rianna: Brittany won't handle seeing you guys together every day.

Raul: Especially since she will be the odd man out. She'll be tired of that real quick.

Nikki: Are you calling me a liar?

Larry: Look, lady, let's just drop it, okay? It's getting us nowhere, and save ourselves some grief.

Nikki: I want you to explain what you meant.

Larry: You want it straight up? Okay. I'm nothing but a little pawn in some game you're playing.

Nikki: What are you talking about?

Larry: Whatever you have going on between you and your ex-husband, I'm in the middle of it. You're using me, and let's face it, I'm going to lose.

Nikki: You obviously heard me talking to Brad Carlton.

Larry: You admit it.

Nikki: That was a discussion not meant for your ears. You're jumping to conclusions.

Larry: It's better it happen now as opposed to later.

Nikki: Why do you say that?

Larry: Well, to be honest with you, I was starting to like it around here a little bit too much. And at the same time I was kidding myself that a guy like me could fit in a classy place like Jabot.

Nikki: I see a certain similarity between you and me.

Larry: Oh, yeah? And what's that? You need some glasses, lady.

Nikki: Not too long ago I was pessimistic about certain aspects of my life.

Larry: Really? I never thought people like you had bad days.

Nikki: Oh, yes, we do. And after a lot of soul-searching I realized my gloomy attitude was just a cop-out.

Larry: Okay. So what's that got to do with me?

Nikki: I think I'm looking at a man that feels the walls are falling in, everybody's against him. Instead of giving up and giving in, why don't you fight back?

Larry: Is that the sort of thing that worked for you?

Nikki: Jury's still out on that one. We're not talking about me. We're talking about you.

Larry: You're saying I may have a chance if I keep trying?

Nikki: I'll tell you this. If you keep acting like a loser, you will be a loser.

Larry: You're giving me another chance.

Nikki: I'm considering it.

Larry: Damn!

Nikki: What?

Larry: No use walking straight anymore. I'm sorry, Mrs. Newman. The truth is I already blew it.

Brad: What difference does it make if Traci handles it alone or if we could handle it together? I want to be there for Colleen.

Ashley: It could be awkward.

Brad: We share a bond, our daughter. Colleen's welfare is more important than Traci's feelings.

Ashley: This is more complicated than you care to admit.

Brad: My being there for a vulnerable girl who's going through a difficult time. You don't think I'm capable of that?

Ashley: You can't make an ugly situation go away.

Brad: Why are you against this?

Ashley: Why can't you admit I know what I'm talking about?

Brad: I don't want to fight about this.

Ashley: I don't want to fight about it, either.

Brad: Suppose you're right. I forget about Traci and make myself available to Colleen.

Ashley: Going directly to your daughter is a worse idea. Put yourself in Traci's shoes. She might try to reconcile.

Brad: So?

Ashley: If you go to Colleen now, it looks like you're trying to take advantage of the situation.

Brad: That's bull.

Ashley: I realize that. Can you understand it might look that way to her?

Jack: Trace?

Traci: This is between Colleen and me.

Jack: You sure I can't help?

Traci: I don't know if, honey, I just want you to know that this is not the end of the world.

Colleen: You don't know anything about this.

Jack: Actually, I do.

Colleen: You know?

Jack: Just sit with me for a moment, okay? Please? Now just hear me out for one minute. You know how much your mother loves you, right? Okay. I know this is rough news. And I know you don't want to hear it. Honey, she would never lie to you, never. And certainly not about something like this.

Colleen: Daddy must have had a reason.

Traci: Maybe so. But honey, a reason is not the same as an excuse.

Colleen: You and Dad are so great together.

Traci: I thought so, too.

Colleen: I don't believe this.

Jack: Your mother had to tell you. It's why she came here. It's why she's in no hurry to go back to New York.

Traci: I know that hasn't made any sense to you, sweetheart.

Colleen: I feel so bad.

Traci: I'll be okay. I'm not the first person this has happened to.

Colleen: I feel so sorry for you. What's wrong with Dad? Why did he do this? What was he thinking?

Paul: Lynne, are you home? I guess not. Would you like a nightcap?

Isabella: It sounds good. I had a nice time this evening. Your mother's so warm and down to earth. I'm really quite fond of her.

Paul: She feels the same about you. Terrific impression.

Isabella: So?

Paul: My mother is not a bit shy when she has an awkward note. Before you came over, my mom told me she wanted to have this evening because she feels that I need to relax. She wanted to see me smile.

Isabella: Did it work?

Paul: You know it did. Hey, Lynne.

Lynne: Hello, you two. How was your evening?

Isabella: Fine, thank you. Well, it's been a long day. I'm going to bed. Good night.

Paul: Good night. Say, we were just having a nightcap. Would you like one?

Lynne: No, thanks. How did dinner at your mom's go?

Paul: Terrific. Sorry you couldn't make it.

Lynne: Are you really?

Traci: Sweetheart, I am so, so sorry that this is happening. Now maybe you can understand why I felt I needed to come here.

Jack: To be with family that could support her.

Traci: This was the very best place for me and for you too.

Colleen: Are we going to live here?

Colleen: No, I don't want to. My home is in New York. Oh, no. Are you and Dad getting a divorce?

Traci: Oh, sweetheart, it's way too soon to talk about that yet.

Colleen: But Mom --

Traci: Honey, I have not made any decisions about our future. Despite what he has done, I am still his wife.

Colleen: Do you still love him?

Traci: I haven't had a chance to sort through my feelings. Like you, I'm still pretty much in shock about this. We have so many things to do before we can decide what to do next. Do you understand?

Colleen: That's why you didn't talk to Daddy on the phone.

Traci: I know you were pretty confused about that. Honey, sure I should have told you about this sooner. But this was so difficult. I'm sure that you must be feeling so many things, baby. The important thing is don't keep it bottled up inside, okay?

Jack: I'm going to let the two of you talk in private, okay?

Colleen: I don't want to talk. I want to be alone.

Traci: Honey, please.

Jack: Traci, let her go.

Traci: I dreaded this.

Jack: I know.

Traci: I wanted to tell her the whole thing. I tried to soften it. When I started talking, she's so smart.

Jack: It's better she hear it from you.

Traci: Thank you for saying that.

Jack: It's the truth.

Traci: I knew this would be hard. I had no idea. No idea.

Jack: I know.

Brad: Is Traci is so emotional that she won’t see what is the best for Colleen, that I'm not worried about her feelings?

Ashley: Years ago, Traci made the decision to let Steve bond with Colleen.

Brad: I know Colleen thinks Steve is her dad. I won't mess with that.

Ashley: It sounds like you will. If there's an opening you will step right in.

Brad: I didn't create that, Steve did.

Ashley: I know that.

Brad: You think Traci is so concerned about Steve's feelings, she would refuse my support?

Ashley: It's a volatile situation. I'm saying you have to be really cautious. Colleen will be upset when she learns the truth.

Brad: Hopefully, she doesn't hear all the details.

Ashley: She's a very perceptive girl. How much comfort can she get from a virtual stranger?

Brad: She knows I'm her father.

Ashley: Biologically. Steve has been her daddy since she was a baby. She might resent you for trying to replace him. Honey.

Brad: Everything you're saying sounds very logical.

Ashley: But?

Brad: But I can't help wondering if there's more to this.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Brad: I get the feeling that for some reason you don't want me getting close to Colleen.

J.T.: Mrs. Abbott really said that's why she wants me in the Glow by Jabot House?

Brittany: If you're not interested.

J.T.: I don't see me fitting in with that exciting group.

Brittany: If Jill's feelings for you -- just think about it.

J.T.: Maybe I'll kick it around.

Brittany: Don't take too long. We go online next week. There's something I have been meaning to ask you.

J.T.: What's that?

Brittany: All that time you and she spent together, did you talk about personal stuff?

J.T.: Like what?

Brittany: Like why she didn't want to be on last summer?

J.T.: She's shy.

Brittany: That's what she said. I don't think that's the whole truth.

J.T.: What are you getting at?

Brittany: Nothing.

J.T.: Come on. I know you have something going on in your head.

Brittany: Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. If you're wondering, take the job. You will have a front row seat. Trust me, it's going to be very interesting.

Raul: Cool. This is an old baseball. Hey, you want to go to first base, little girl?

Billy: Hold on a second. Hang on a second. Raul, this is no ordinary ball. This is the home run ball of our final game of our little league playoff series.

Rianna: Hit by you, of course.

Billy: I was star of the team.

Raul: Please.

Rianna: Did you dream of going pro, Billy?

Billy: When I was eleven. When I was twelve I dreamt of girls.

Raul: You really okay with Brit being in the group?

Mackenzie: Yeah, no problem.

Raul: Even if she decides to stick it out all summer?

Mackenzie: Billy and I talked and he convinced me I had nothing to worry about.

Raul: You two are close, huh?

Mackenzie: Like this.

Raul: I couldn't be happier for you, Mac.

Rianna: You have to get your rest. Mac, do you need a ride?

Billy: I can take her home later.

Mackenzie: Thanks anyway.

Rianna: You need your beauty rest for next week.

Mackenzie: And you don't?

Raul: Bye.

Rianna: Bye.

Mackenzie: Bye.

Billy: Wow. It looked like you and Raul were having a serious talk.

Mackenzie: He was asking me if I was okay with the whole Brittany thing.

Billy: What did you say?

Mackenzie: That I was fine with it because you and I are so close.

Billy: I am so glad you were able to open up to me, Mac.

Mackenzie: Me too.

Billy: I'm sure there will be a time when you get worried again.

Mackenzie: Probably.

Billy: When you do, I want you to come to me, okay? Your mom and your stepdad will never be able to hurt you again. Never.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Victor: My darling, there's something I want to discuss with you.

Victoria: Business or personal?

Victor: Business. You know the projects I assigned to your brother.

Victoria: They sound exciting.

Victor: Can you tear yourself away from Brash & Sassy for a while?

Victoria: You have something for me?

Victor: I want to you work on these projects with him. I want to see how the two of you function as co-executives.

Victoria: That sounds great. I would love to work with Nicholas.

Victor:  It's important that you work as equals you know. One day the two of you will take over this empire.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure it will take some getting used to. We're both pretty opinionated at times, just like our father.

Victor: Anyway, I hope this will be a good experience for both of you. Look these over. And then I will get back to both of you with details, all right?

Victoria: Don't think I didn't notice how skillfully you derailed our conversation about mother?

Victor: I'm glad you noticed. If there's nothing else.

Victoria: With Larry Warton out of the way, the Newman family should be closer than ever, don't you think?

Victor: I love you, my darling.

Victoria: Don't work too late.

Victor: Good night, my sweetheart.

Nikki: All right, Larry, what did you do? Tell me.

Larry: I was pretty ticked off when I left here earlier and I went town to Crimson Lights to clear my head. And, well, I ran into your ex.

Nikki: Oh, dear God.

Larry: I know. I said some things I shouldn't have.

Nikki: Victor of all people. You've thrown another obstacle right in your path.

Larry: Look, I appreciate the pep talk, I really do. I'm sorry that it came too late. So I wish you a really nice life, and please give my best to Noah and Cassie. No. Damn it, no! I'm not going to leave things like this. I'm not going to throw away the first decent break anyone gave me in my whole life.

Nikki: Good for you. Now, are you sure there isn't something else you need to tell me?

Larry: Yeah. What I said to Mr. Newman, it wasn't cool. Same goes for you. You didn't deserve it. I apologize. I'm truly sorry. I need to learn to get a better grasp on my temper and not flip out when someone gets in my face.

Nikki: I hope Victor wasn't too rough on you.

Larry: I probably had it coming. Ok, Mrs. Newman, if you could just cut me a little slack, I promise I won't make the same mistakes twice. You have my word on that.

Nikki: Larry, you're not making this easy.

Larry: No, but that's the story of my life. Anyway, I said my piece. I meant what I said. And I will try harder. So I guess my fate's in your hands. No matter what, either way, I just want to thank you for everything that you've done for me. I really appreciate it. Like I said, it's the first real break anyone's ever given me. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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