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Matt: Oh, you don't recognize me? I made sure I hid it from you the night you had that margarita. It wasn't the booze. That was my private goodie stash. If you take these, you're not going to feel anything. It's kind of a waste, huh? Don't you think? You're not going anywhere, sweetheart. I waited too long for this. It's payback time.

Hey, Sharon? Sharon? Sharon, you all right?

Sharon: Yeah. Is there something you wanted?

Yeah, there's some checks back in the office that need to be signed.

Sharon: I'll deal with those later.

But, uh --

Sharon: Later!

Nicholas: Sounds like we both struck out.

Victor: Your wife thought I had an agenda.

Nicholas: Trying to lure me away from the coffee house expansion with Newman projects.

Victor: I guess you got an earful as well.

Nicholas: I don't know what to do. I can't tell Sharon the real reason I want to stay home.

Victor: That puts you in a predicament, doesn't it?

Nicholas: Yeah. I may have to go ahead with these coffee house expansions and hope my concerns are way off base.

Billy: We'll have privacy here. Mac, if you don't want to do this.

Mackenzie: You have a right to know what happened between my mom and me. It's time. This is so weird. I can't find the words. I don't know why I can't talk about this.

Billy: Maybe it still scares you.

Mackenzie: That's crazy. I know Iím safe.

Billy: Mac, if you don't want to talk to me about this, it's okay.

Mackenzie: Billy, if Iím going to say this to anyone, I want it to be you.

Brittany: What were you holding over Macís head?

Jill: It's over a year ago. It's no longer pertinent.

Brittany: Are you sure?

Jill: Yes, Iím sure. Drop it.

Brittany: What was the last thing you said? Don't get mad, get even? That meant we were in the same place.

Jill: We are. That relationship is a disaster.

Brittany: Why are you holding back information that could help?

Jill: You have to be resourceful.

Brittany: Excuse me, what do you call talking my way back in the project?

Jill: I call it a start. Now you take the ball and run with it.

Brittany: It isn't easy.

Jill: Why not?

Brittany: It seems the more I see those two together, the more I see a chance I have with Billy is thrown out the window.

Jill: Why do I get a feeling I'm being blamed?

Brittany: I'm not blaming you.

Jill: You haven't even started work. How can you possibly tell me you don't have a shot at winning Billy?

Phyllis: Are you serious?

Malcolm: Easy, Phyllis, chill. I'm just in the thinking stage.

Phyllis: I'm glad you're into Miss Perez. Isn't that a little impulsive?

Malcolm: Like you're not tossing about being Mrs. Jack Abbot.

Phyllis: I don't have those visions. It's not my forte.

Malcolm: You had one bad experience. If everyone gave up that easy.

Phyllis: I don't want to talk about this. I'm just glad things are going well for both of us.

Malcolm: Hear, hear.

Phyllis: Neil must be happy for you. He must be relieved that you turned the corner with Alex. When that guy has an issue, brr, it's cold, baby. I tried to have a conversation with him the other day and that was a big mistake.

Malcolm: About what?

Phyllis: Since you and I are such close friends I thought I would try to bridge the gap with Neil. I complimented him for turning the corner with you and Alex. He didn't want to hear any of it. He just cut me off. Why do you think that is?

Neil: Hey, any luck at the hospital?

Alex: Nope.

Neil: It has to be frustrating.

Alex: All I need is one doctor that will talk to us.

Neil: Have you been back long?

Alex: Half an hour maybe. Ran into Malcolm.

Neil: My brother was here?

Alex: Mm-hmm, acting very mysterious. Wouldn't tell me why.

Neil: Really.

Alex: Come on, Neil, I know you know what's going on. I'm dying of curiosity. Come on, give me a hint.

Dr. Kimbrough: I need to check on a patient.

Olivia: Come on. We're colleagues. You're upset. It's not the first time you alluded to problems with Lawson. Why are you so frustrated?

Dr. Kimbrough: You know what the problem is? Medicine. It's a business, Olivia. Viewing it any other way is just naive.

Olivia: I'm sorry to hear you sound so cynical. Is it because of Lawson? What have they done? Why are you so disillusioned?

Rianna: What's new in the world, handsome?

Raul: 200 kids died of diabetes. 217 are in Washington to meet with their individual representatives in Congress with the goal of educating them surrounding this dreaded disease. It's called children's congress.

Rianna: Looks really cool.

Raul: Funny how you notice something like this. I would have gone right by this before.

Rianna: Did you make your doctor's appointment today?

Raul: Would you believe he's doing more tests?

Rianna: He's being extra attentive. He really missed what was going on before.

Victor: You know, son, weíve always been honest with each other, haven't we? So Iíve got to tell you, I don't think this coffee house business is the right thing for you. But I do respect your need to make your own mark in the world.

Nicholas: Thanks for understanding.

Victor: I support you in whatever you do. This in no way affects my desire to help you in this situation. I just don't know how.

Nicholas: That makes two of us.

Sharon: Hi, honey. Victor.

Victor: Hi, Sharon.

Sharon: I hope Iím not interrupting.

Victor: No, no. I was just leaving.

Nicholas: See ya, Dad. Thanks. So, good looking, this is a surprise. What brings you by?

Mackenzie: Last summer when we talked about this and you asked why I didn't want to see my mom.

Billy: You were afraid she would show up with someone --

Mackenzie: My stepfather. I was scared she might bring him.

Billy: What did he do to you?

Mackenzie: Nothing, Billy. I promise, nothing.

Billy: Come on. He had to have done something. Look at you. You're trembling.

Mackenzie: It's in the past. I shouldn't let it affect me like this.

Billy: Mac, you can't control that. You just have to let it happen. Look, whatever you say to me is not going to freak me out or turn me off. I hope you realize that.

Mackenzie: My mom married again when I was about seven. He was really nice at first which made me totally suspicious.

Billy: Trying to get on your good side. I know the feeling.

Mackenzie: For a while, he did win me over. We had some good times I guess. He seemed to make my mom really happy. I've never seen her that way. Of course, now I have to wonder if even at the beginning if he was ever real or if he was just waiting.

Billy: Waiting for what?

Mackenzie: For me to get old enough.

Brittany: What good would it do to show up for work if I can't get Billy back?

Jill: What do you want from me?

Brittany: A way to fight back. If they're going to be making out on the Internet, talk about leaving me out of the loop. Everybody was concerned about Billy being the fifth wheel.

Jill: Talk to me about J.T.

Brittany: What about J.T.?

Jill: Before Raul was hospitalized, didn't Mackenzie ask him to go to Hawaii with her?

Brittany: J.T. was really hung up on her.

Jill: Isn't he the boy that gets what he wants?

Brittany: Not always, but usually.

Jill: What about Mackenzie? Did she look at him before as anything more than a friend?

Brittany: I tried to nudge that along. Why are we talking about this? Billy and Mac are together.

Jill: If you want to throw a monkey wrench into that relationship, your best shot is to factor in J.T.

Dr. Kimbrough: I'll tell you what Lawson Medical has done, put me between a rock and a hard place. Look, you have a different position here at the hospital, Olivia. I serve two masters: The interest of my patients and the almighty buck. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

Olivia: Do or don't do what?

Dr. Kimbrough: This may sound selfish but after years of studying and training, I find myself living in the same little apartment.

Olivia: It can take a while to pay off those medical school loans.

Dr. Kimbrough: It's tougher now that we have a child and another on the way. There's no room. It creates tension. I finally found a house. I was going to put money down. Now I can't. My legs got cut out from under me. I'm living so close to the margin, I had to pass on the deal today.

Olivia: I empathize with what you're going through but you're evading my question. It sounds like you're being jerked around by Lawson Medical. First, you have to tell me what's going on.

Dr. Kimbrough: I can't. I'd be opening Pandoraís Box. Excuse me.

Billy: Look, Iím going to go up to the house and get you something to drink, okay?

Mackenzie: Please don't leave. If I don't get this out now, I never will. Okay. I was about 13. That's when it all started. My stepfather would say these things like how good I looked and how I was becoming a beautiful young woman.

Billy: Well, yeah, but --

Mackenzie: I know. All fathers say that kind of stuff. For some reason when he said it --

Billy: It creeped you out, huh?

Mackenzie: Totally. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I thought that there was something wrong with me, that I was just imagining things. It would be really unfair because in other ways he would be nice. My mom still seemed pretty happy with him. Although he'd drink sometimes and they'd get in to these fights.

Billy: What did you do?

Mackenzie: What could I do, Billy? I knew how I felt. Who could I tell? I had no one. No one. Ah, there's my little sugarplum, ooh...!

Neil: A hint.

Alex: Yeah. Oh, you know what? I shouldn't have put you in the middle. I ought to be happy the three of us are cool right now.

Neil: Yeah.

Alex: You know, your brother is such a remarkable man and amazing in so many ways. And yet --

Neil: What? Come on, finish it.

Alex: Well, I had a run-in with Olivia at the hospital.

Neil: Oh, no.

Alex: I should have walked away but she got in my face and I got all wound up. She told me that Malcolm has all these flaws beneath the surface, and if I waited it would become apparent and I would understand who he really is.

Neil: Alex, consider the source.

Alex: That was her point. Olivia told me to heed her words and she was talking from experience.

Neil: And now you're wondering if she could be right, if maybe you shouldn't get in any deeper with Malcolm, right?

Alex: Right.

Malcolm: Phyllis, no, I have no idea why he would be so cold to you, unless it's leftover attitude. He's been on your case since you've been over from Jabot, right?

Phyllis: What, that Iím disloyal? I had a better offer. Even the Abbotts accept that.

Malcolm: Okay, okay. Maybe Jack is part of the problem, that's all.

Phyllis: If that's Neilís problem with me, fine. It's my personal life. It has nothing to do with Neil. Okay. Anyway, tell me about you and your maybe fiancťe.

Malcolm: Oh, Phyllis, everything is going really great. We've been spending quality time getting to know each other, really getting to know each other. The other day we were talking about our past. That woman has me all the way beat. She has come so much further than I ever thought of coming.

Phyllis: Like what? She was poor?

Malcolm: Very. Phyllis, let me ask you something, Alex and I we were talking about the prom, right?

Phyllis: The prom?

Malcolm: High school. I don't know why but just work with me, all right?

Phyllis: All right.

Malcolm: I was laughing about how silly I looked in my picture. Trust me, it was nothing nice, nothing nice. I asked if I could see her picture. I figured it wouldn't be, right? She gets all tense and all bent out of shape about it.

Phyllis: Like she's bent out of shape tense or a bad-hair-day tense or really tense?

Malcolm: I went to Neil about it and he said maybe she didn't go to the prom because she was poor. What do you think?

Phyllis: Malcolm, you're asking the wrong person because I had money and I had lots of taste, went to a lot of proms.

Malcolm: I bet you did, Miss Thing.

Phyllis: In fact my senior prom was the best. I'm not going to tell but that.

Malcolm: Thank you. Thank you.

Phyllis: I'll keep that to myself. So I didn't have the same experience, but I think I could help you out finding if she went to her prom or not.

Malcolm: How are you going to do that?

Phyllis: Observe and marvel.

Sharon: I felt bad about our conversation earlier. I was all wound up and I didn't let you get a word in edgewise. It wasn't fair.

Nicholas: If you're here to apologize --

Sharon: I've been thinking a lot about what your father said to me.

Nicholas: And?

Sharon: I still feel like he's trying to control your life, but it's possible that Iím wrong. So be straight with me. Is your father right about you wanting to tackle both of these projects?

Nicholas: Straight answer, yeah. I'd love to do them both but only if you can deal with us putting off the coffee house expansion. Is that cool with you?

Sharon: Yes. I'm excited about the expansion. We don't have to rush it. I guess Victor was right. I overreacted.

Nicholas: Hey, don't worry about that, all right? I do it all the time. I know you were looking out for me, the same way I was trying not to disappoint you.

Sharon: You could never, Nicholas, never.

Nicholas: I'm glad we made this decision for another reason. Baby, I don't want to be away from you. I want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Olivia: Raul!

Raul: Dr. Winters, it's good to see you.

Olivia: You look terrific. Thank you for that card. It was so sweet.

Raul: It was the least I could do.

Olivia: Thank your parents for that basket. They didnít have to.

Rianna: You saved his life.

Olivia: I played a role. Friends and family are part of the process. How have you been today?

Raul: Thanks to all my friends, especially Rianna here.

Olivia: I understand you're seeing Roland Kimbrough.

Raul: Dr. Thorough. That guy has given me every test in the book and then some. He's had me on the treadmill twice and other tests. I feel like a guinea pig. I'm glad I joined Lawson Medical. If we didn't have insurance, I don't know what that would have done to my family.

Billy: Mac, with situations like that you have to trust your feelings.

Mackenzie: I was just a kid and I had no one to talk to. I kept telling myself I was just imagining things. No matter how hard I tried to deny it, every single time he came to see me, I knew in my gut something was wrong.

Billy: Did it go further than him looking at you, saying weird things?

Mackenzie: For a while that's all it was. But then he started touching me.

Billy: Oh, Mac.

Mackenzie: It was really subtle at first. At least Iím sure he thought so. He'd take my hand like to shake it, and then he'd just hold on to it a little too long. He'd put his hands on my back or on my shoulders and just encourage me or something, whatever. And then his hands would just linger there or he starts rubbing my back. By the time I started wearing a bra, he'd touch the clasp. Like he was thinking of undoing it.

Billy: Mac, are you sure about this?

Mackenzie: Billy, I asked myself every single time if I was being paranoid. I wasn't!

Billy: I'm sorry. I wasn't questioning --

Mackenzie: I know. I didn't mean to snap at you. I just hate thinking about this. It makes me want to throw up.

Billy: Did you tell your mom?

Mackenzie: I fought with that for weeks and weeks, trying to find a way to tell her. I finally did.

Billy: She didn't believe you.

Mackenzie: Not like I was accusing her precious husband of anything. I just simply asked if she noticed him treating me differently. She acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about.

Billy: Maybe she didn't want to know.

Mackenzie: Maybe. Anyway, these feelings kept getting stronger and stronger. It wasn't a question in my mind anymore. It was only a matter of time until something happened. It got to the point where I was walking around with this constant feeling of dread in my stomach.

Billy: It must have been so terrible.

Mackenzie: It's all I could think about. How to avoid him. How not to be alone with him no matter what. It worked pretty well, until one night. And then he saw his chance to make his move.

Alex: Look, cards on the table. I would really love to know what you think.

Neil: Alex, Alex, you're a smart woman.

Alex: With something.

Neil: You've been seeing my brother for quite some time, right? Can't you draw your own conclusions about Malcolmís character?

Alex: I suppose. Still there's one thing that Olivia said that spoke to me.

Neil: What?

Alex: That guys that seem to have it all going on can blind you to what they're really like.

Neil: If something seems too good to be true.

Alex: Then it probably is.

Neil: After listening to Malcolmís ex you decided this wisdom applied to him.

Alex: You know what? That's right. I have been around your brother long enough to see many sides of him. He is honest, loving, patient, caring. And he is a good father. And he's a good man.

Neil: Let's not forget he's a damn good photographer.

Alex: I shouldn't let what Olivia said influence me. It was stupid to have any doubts.

Neil: Can I say something?

Alex: Yes.

Neil: Alex, it's human nature to second-guess yourself. Olivia has been carrying around all this bitterness. It's hard for her to be objective, hmm? It's easy to be affected by it. Just don't get down on yourself. You hear me?

Alex: Yeah. Thanks, Neil.

Neil: What? What?

Alex: It's just I just realized something. I have an answer already. I mean you are an outstanding, honest and caring man. For Malcolm to have you as a brother and a friend, that tells me everything I need to know.

Phyllis: Right. Oh, so are you. Okay. Thank you. Bye-bye. Alex Perez did not attend her high school senior prom.

Malcolm: Phyllis, you actually amaze me.

Phyllis: It was easy. Newman Enterprises has her rťsumť. Her rťsumť has her high school and date of graduation. High school has librarian, May 1988 issue has couples. Those couples do not list Alex Perez. Bing, bang, boom, thank you very much.

Malcolm: Thank you very much. What would I do without you?

Phyllis: I don't know. Malcolm, the big question is, why do you care if Alex didn't attend her prom? That's ancient history.

Malcolm: Check this out. When Neil told me what he was thinking, I kind of got this idea. It's something different, I don't know. Now that we think Neil might be right, Iím feeling better about what I have in mind.

Phyllis: Drum roll...

Malcolm: I am not about to jinx this one. This one's oh, too sweet. You will find out when it's a done deal. Thank you very much, my sexy little redhead. I am outta here like last year. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. I'm going to be like a tree and leave.

Olivia: I'm glad, Raul, it's all worked out. Don't forget to thank your parents for me.

Raul: You bet. Thanks for stopping by.

Olivia: Take care.

Olivia: Hi, this is Dr. Winters. Is Dr. Kimbrough there?

Dr. Kimbrough: Olivia, hi. I'm very busy.

Olivia: I know you are uncomfortable. I will discuss this situation with Lawson Medical. Is it going to be your office or mine?

Dr. Kimbrough: Yours.

Olivia: 15 minutes.

Brittany: I don't understand where you're going with this.

Jill: What if we threw J.T. in the mix?

Brittany: At the Glow by Jabot House? Even if Mac said yes, there's no way Billy would or Raul or Rianna. They don't like J.T.

Jill: This is not a democracy. I sit on the board. If I decide to do something, it gets done. Now if that's all.

Brittany: That threat to Mac, you won't give me any clue?

Jill: Brittany, don't go down that road.

Brittany: I guess Iíll have to find out some other way. And I'm not giving up.

Billy: Your mother wasn't there.

Mackenzie: Nobody was. Caught me totally off guard one night when my mother was working late. I came home from the library. The house was quiet so I figured I was alone, safe for a change. I went into my room and it was dark so I turned on the light, and there he is. There he was. Just standing there waiting for me. He put his hands on my shoulders, talking real softly, being so sweet.

Billy: So what happened? What did he say?

Mackenzie: That he hated how I was being so distant. He wanted to put an end to that. That he cared so much about me and he wanted us to be close again. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. My heart was beating through my throat and it was choking me. And then his hands would touch me. He pulled me to him. And I could feel his -- it was pretty obvious what was about to happen. He started undoing the buttons on my blouse. He went to kiss me. His face was right in mine and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Then we heard the front door open. My mom was home. She came home early because she wasn't feeling well. The minute he heard her he left my room. But as he was going he looked back with a sick smile on his face.

Billy: You told her, right?

Mackenzie: Oh, yeah, I told her. What happened, what would have happened if she hadn't come home when she did.

Billy: What did she say?

Mackenzie: That it was my sick obsession. And that he'd never hurt me. And how wrong it was for me to accuse her husband of such terrible things. I was ill, completely devastated but not spliced. That was the moment that I realized that my mom wasn't going to save me. So I had to leave. And I did.

Billy: It's over now, Mac. He can't hurt you again. Not your mom or your stepfather. They'll never touch you again.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Billy: I'm here now. You're safe with me.

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