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Mackenzie: How could you, Billy, after all that she's put us through?

Billy: I know what you're going through but Brittany has a point.

Mackenzie: No, she doesn't.

Billy: All Iím saying is she's not the only one that was playing games.

Mackenzie: She pretended you two had sex.

Billy: I almost see where she's coming from.

Mackenzie: If you think she has any excuse for what she pulled, we're going to have problems, big problems.

Cody: Hey.

Can I get a cranberry juice?

Cody: Sure, coming up.

Are you Brittany Hodges?

Brittany: Yeah.

I recognized you from the Glow by Jabot House. That must be very exciting.

Brittany: I'll catch it later.

You run Brash & Sassy.

Victoria: Yeah, that's me.

Jack: Put him through if he calls.

Ashley: Excellent, I caught you before you left. I need a lift to Dad's.

Jack: What's wrong with your hubby?

Ashley: He's spending time with Colleen.

Jack: I would be delighted to take you.

Ashley: Do I dare brave why you are in a good mood?

Jack: Would you believe Jill? I caught her and our web master in a lip lock.

Ashley: You're surprised.

Jack: What is going through Sean's mind?

Ashley: There's no accounting for taste.

Jack: No. She picked up on vibes. We assumed it was one-sided on Jill's part. She's after this guy like a dog in heat.

Ashley: Apparently you're wrong.

Jack: Which means he has the ammo to blow Jill right out of the water.

Jill: Sean, you've been robbed.

Sean: Very funny, Jill.

Jill: I'm serious. There is nothing here.

Sean: Don't worry. Everything we need is in the kitchen.

Jill: I get it, you moved in.

Sean: About a month ago.

Jill: You haven't had a chance to get furniture?

Sean: Sure I have. I didn't want to waste it in shopping.

Jill: Sean, nobody lives like this.

Sean: I do.

Jill: Where are we going to eat?

Sean: I usually sit here on the floor. Since I have company, I guess I can make an exception. Why don't you just relax, make yourself at home? I'll get dinner started.

Jill: Makes no sense at all.

Phyllis: Isn't that sweet about Billy and Mackenzie finding their way back to each other?

Michael: Teenage romance isn't my thing.

Phyllis: Come on. Aren't you the least affected by that?

Michael: I'll bite. You didn't have anything to do with this reunion?

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I lumbered them in the right direction. Nobody else knew what to do.

Michael: You lent a hand?

Phyllis: The old stop-the-elevator trick.

Michael: That's fascinating but I have work to do.

Phyllis: Speaking of elevators, I overheard the conversation you had earlier.

Michael: You what?

Phyllis: Yeah. The woman had a lovely voice. Don't worry. The elevator door closed before I got a peek at her. Your secret's safe. What did you say her name was?

Michael: I didn't.

Phyllis: No, you didnít. I'm sure you're going to tell me all about your mystery lady, aren't you, Michael?

Isabella: Paul, Iím sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Paul: That's okay. Nikki and I were finished. Is something wrong?

Isabella: I was thinking about last night. I know you think you took advantage of me.

Paul: Isabella.

Isabella: Hear me out. What happened wasn't your fault. It was mine. You just learned that your wife isn't coming home for months. You were vulnerable, confused.

Paul: You were there for me.

Isabella: I let you kiss me.

Paul: Don't. Your comfort, your support and your affection, that's just what I needed.

Brad: Traci, are you sure you want to do this? To marry Steve Conley?

Traci: Are you asking me not to, Brad? Are you asking me to stay to share your life, your bed? Are you telling me you can find more time for me, for our family? Are you promising we will be able to feel the way we used to?

Brad: If I thought for one minute --

Traci: If you thought what, Brad?

Brad: If I thought for one minute you weren't really in love with this guy, using him for a way out, as a father substitute --

Traci: No, Brad. I am falling in love with Steve Conley, and I really do feel he's someone that I can spend the rest of my life with. I've given Steve my answer. We're leaving for New York today.

Brad: And you're sure about this? You're absolutely sure this is what you want to do?

Traci: I've given this as much thought as anything in my life. This is what I want to do.

Brad: I guess all I can do is wish you the best, Trace, and I do. I do. I wish you the very best.

Traci: Thank you, Brad.

Brad: Have you talked to your family?

Traci: No. But I intend to, of course.

Brad: So this is how the story ends, huh?

Traci: I guess so.

Colleen: Hey, Mom.

Traci: Hi, sweetheart.

Colleen: What happened on the call with Dad?

Traci: What?

Colleen: When you talked to Dad, what did you talk about?

Traci: Oh, just the usual, how you're getting along.

Colleen: You're acting kind of strange. How come?

Traci: It's nothing.

Colleen: You're being so vague.

Traci: We had nothing to talk about.

Colleen: Did you ask Dad about coming here?

Traci: No.

Colleen: Why not?

Traci: Your father is a very busy man. Colleen, I don't know how much longer we're going to be in Genoa City. While we're here we have to spend time with family you rarely see.

Colleen: That's fine. I want Dad to be here too. Why don't we call him and see if --

Traci: No, please don't do that.

Colleen: Why?

Traci: I know how busy your father is.

Colleen: Can't you at least ask?

Traci: Look, can you stop making a big fuss out of nothing, all right?

Colleen: I don't get this.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Jack: I'm talking about revenge. Do you have any idea the hell Jill put Phyllis and me through?

Ashley: And World War III. Tell me you thought about that.

Jack: Yes, I thought about that. Iím not saying Phyllis would do anything about it. I told her going after spider woman wouldn't be --

Ashley: Did she hear you?

Jack: I think so. Wouldn't you want to see Jill get her due?

Ashley: I am not her biggest fan but now's not the time to create controversy.

Jack: I think of all she did to break Phyllis and I up.

Ashley: Don't you do anything.

Jack: I won't do anything. Knowing I could is satisfaction enough.

Ashley: Unless that lasts.

Jack: You don't think it will?

Ashley: I hate to be negative.

Jill: Do you mind if I say something?

Sean: Not at all.

Jill: Don't you think the minimalist thing is a bit too far? You sleep on the floor?

Sean: Sometimes.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Sean: I have a futon in the bedroom though.

Jill: Snuck away in the closet.

Sean: Dinner is served.

Paul: Look, I think the best thing is to forget it ever happened.

Isabella: I can't, Paul. I'm thinking about your wife and if I were in her shoes.

Paul: It was one kiss.

Isabella: But you're a married man. Lynne thinks I'm a home-wrecker. She's right.

Paul: You're not responsible for breaking up my marriage. She's thousands of miles away and she's not home. That kiss never should have happened. And the only reason it did is because I took advantage. You see, Iím supposed to have a professional obligation not to involve myself with my clients.

Isabella: What if I weren't your client?

Lynne: Sorry, boss, I don't mean to interrupt. I have the number for the warden at the penitentiary. Do you want me to get him on the phone?

Paul: No, not yet.

Isabella: That's the prison where my husband is.

Paul: I want to speak to him as soon as possible.

Isabella: My God, Paul, what if he finds out?

Paul: I am a professional. That will not happen. It's the only way.

Isabella: You're anxious to finish this, aren't you?

Paul: I can't continue to let you be in danger.

Isabella: When you find out he's no longer a threat, then what?

Paul: The case will be closed.

Isabella: And Iíll be so grateful.

Phyllis: Come on, Michael, I'm tired of waiting. Tell me about this mystery woman, please. You're not embarrassed by her, are you?

Michael: Of course not.

Phyllis: Why are you so secretive? She's married, isn't she?

Michael: It's none of your business.

Phyllis: Is that any way to talk to a friend?

Michael: A friend would give it a rest.

Phyllis: Why are you so angry?

Michael: Why are you so obsessed?

Phyllis: I'm not obsessed. This woman is obviously significant to you. It's not a fling. You've been seeing her for months, right?

Michael: What if I have?

Phyllis: I have a great idea. Why don't you and this lady and Jack and me, why don't we get together for a double date? It sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Brad: What was that all about?

Traci: My daughter really knows how to push my buttons.

Brad: That's teenagers for you. I hope my being here didn't make it worse.

Traci: Don't worry about it. She'll be fine.

Brad: Traci, there's something I wanted to run by you. I was hoping to persuade Colleen to spend some time here this summer.

Traci: Really. You would want that?

Brad: Yes, I would. How would you feel about that?

Traci: What do you have in mind?

Brad: You're familiar with the Glow by Jabot House?

Traci: Yes. She bragged to all her friends she's related to Billy and she's gaga over how cute Raul is.

Brad: We're doing it again this summer.

Traci: At the pool house?

Brad: And another location as well. I thought I would get Colleen involved, work behind the scenes, meet Raul.

Traci: Sounds like something she would love.

Brad: You don't mind if I discuss it with her?

Traci: Please do. It's so sweet you think about our daughter.

Brad: I always do.

Traci: Sweetheart, you will never believe what Brad has just suggested. How would you like to be a part of the Glow by Jabot House this summer?

Colleen: Really?

Brad: Yeah. We're going to be starting up again soon. You'll get to meet everybody.

Colleen: When does it start?

Brad: The beginning of July.

Traci: What is it, honey?

Colleen: It's a really neat offer but my mom and I won't be in Genoa City soon. My mom and dad haven't spent much time together in a while. Thanks anyway.

Ashley: Hi, honey. Did you have a nice visit with Colleen?

Billy: Mac, I know what Brittany did was really cheap.

Mackenzie: How could you forgive her?

Billy: You won't believe how many times she asked me if I had any feelings for you and I denied it. She put her heart on the line and she got hurt because I wasn't straight with her.

Mackenzie: You want to clear your conscience by letting her work with us.

Billy: All Iím saying is, I know where she's coming from. I hate this. This is our place and the last thing I want to do is talk about Brittany.

Mackenzie: Then let's not. Let's forget about her.

Billy: I canít. Not with this Glow by Jabot thing hanging over us. Look, hey, you know you're the one girl for me. We're together again like a dream come true.

Mackenzie: For me too, Billy.

Billy: You mean the world to me. I wonít let anyone or anything come between us again. I swear.

Mackenzie: I believe you. But Brittany destroyed our life before. Why should we give her a chance to do it again? Billy, I just don't trust her. And it really bothers me that you do.

Sean: What did you think of dinner?

Jill: I thought it was delicious.

Sean: It wasn't too minimalist for you?

Jill: I'm still a little baffled here. I know you have money. That means you are choosing to live this way. There's a story there somewhere.

Sean: You really want to hear it?

Jill: I wouldn't miss it.

Sean: I was 18 years old and dropped out from MIT. The next few years I traveled with my backpack. Everything I needed I carried with me. My mind was totally clear.

Jill: Uncluttered by the comfort of personal belongings.

Sean: Scored big time with stock options. Anyway I got this Victorian cottage on this long part of Long Island, 35 rooms. I had a feeling it was everything money could buy; furniture from all over the world, every toy imaginable.

Jill: Where is all this stuff?

Sean: Still there.

Jill: You didn't sell any of it.

Sean: Nope. But I will admit there are some of those possessions that I really do miss. I found I was living my life more for those possessions and not for the mere enjoyment of living life. That's what brought me here.

Jill: To downsize.

Sean: Live like when I was young.

Jill: Yeah, you're so old now.

Sean: Okay, when I was younger. Does it make sense now?

Brittany: I don't view you as mean Ms. Newman.

Victoria: Your bosses do.

Brittany: That's not true. You check our site?

Victoria: From time to time. You guys seem like you have fun.

Victoria: I liked Glow by Jabot so much I hired Phyllis Summers.

Brittany: Know a good thing when you see it.

Victoria: I read there's going to be changes this summer?

Brittany: So they tell me.

Victoria: You don't seem happy about that.

Brittany: What makes you say that?

Victoria: I would think a big internet star like you would be on top of the world. I'm sorry. I'm getting a little personal. Just looks like something is troubling you. Something to do with the site? You're going to be a part of it this year, right?

Paul: You're right, Isabella. I want to wrap up this case soon. You came to me with a problem. It's my job to resolve it as soon as possible.

Isabella: When you do, then what?

Paul: As you said, Iím a married man.

Isabella: Your mother invited me to dinner at Ginaís. I have to be leaving. Unless you don't want me to go. I don't want you to feel Iím invading your life.

Paul: No, no, that's all right.

Isabella: Does she know about your wife's job in Australia?

Paul: I haven't mentioned it.

Isabella: I'll be sure not to.

Victoria: You're one of Jabot's biggest stars. Surely you're coming back this summer?

Brittany: I haven't decided.

Victoria: Why not?

Brittany: I'm not sure if Iím up for it again.

Victoria: You weren't having fun?

Brittany: It was kind of cool. But it's getting old. I'm thinking maybe Iíd do something else this summer.

Victoria: Aren't you dating Billy Abbott? Don't you want to spend the summer with your boyfriend?

Brittany: We're not seeing each other anymore.

Victoria: I'm sorry.

Brittany: Don't be. Billy's not the first guy I dumped.

Victoria: If things don't work out at Jabot, why don't you give me a call? You're a bright and beautiful young woman. The world knows your face. I'm sure I could find you something at Brash & Sassy.

Brittany: Thank you.

Victoria: It was nice to meet you, Brittany.

Brittany: Nice to meet you.

Jill: Thatís a nice story, Sean.

Sean: You could live like this.

Jill: I get the philosophy behind it.

Sean: It's not your cup of tea?

Phyllis: I like the touches. Would it kill to you put a couple pictures on the wall?

Sean: I have one in the closet.

Jill: Van Gogh, no doubt.

Sean: Picasso.

Jill: You're kidding.

Sean: I only take it out when I want to look at it. I'll show it to you later.

Jill: Unbelievable.

Sean: I like music but when I want to listen to a song, I devote all my attention to the song. Tonight you are the center of my attention. Did you have enough to eat? Those were really small portions.

Jill: No, I'm not hungry -- for food. I can't believe I said that out loud.

Sean: Don't worry about it. I like a woman that speaks her mind. Let's go for a ride.

Jill: What?

Sean: Come on, let's go. Let's take a drive.

Ashley: Honey, I don't understand. Colleen's a big fan of the Glow by Jabot House but she turned you down.

Brad: She said it sounded like a neat idea but she and her mother were leaving soon. If Colleen wants to go back to New York, there's no point in pushing her to stay.

Ashley: Sorry, baby.

Brad: Anyway, I guess I better go spend some time with her while I can.

Jack: That is tough. Hell, even I feel for him. What?

Ashley: I guess Traci got a little emotional being home.

Jack: She's always been an emotional girl.

Ashley: Dad thought there was something wrong.

Jack: What'd she say?

Ashley: She denied it. You know Dad and his instincts with his kids.

Mary: I'm so glad you could make it, Isabella.

Isabella: Thank you for inviting me, Mrs. Williams.

Mary: Please, call me Mary. How are you doing? It must be difficult living in a strange city.

Isabella: I'm adjusting.

Mary: Have you made friends?

Isabella: Not really.

Mary: We just have to get you out more.

Isabella: I'm not so sure that's a good idea.

Mary: I assure you what Iím suggesting is perfectly safe. Are you a religious person, Isabella?

Isabella: Yes.

Mary: Have you found a church?

Isabella: St. Francis

Mary: They do a lovely mass maybe you'd like to visit my church sometime. Well, Iím sorry. I don't mean to push.

Isabella: I'm touched by your invite.

Mary: Then you'll make it this Sunday?

Isabella: I'll try. You see, Iím not sure how long Iíll be around.

Phyllis: What do you say, counselor? Noshing at the Abbott house?

Michael: Thanks, but no thanks.

Phyllis: Michael, I just want to meet this woman.

Michael: See if she's worthy of me?

Phyllis: A service I provide for all my men. Okay. I know what it is. It's Christine. You're afraid that your Saint Christine is going to find out that you're with someone else.

Michael: Now that's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Is it? Once she finds out you have a sweet little honey on your arm, your shoulder will be less attractive to cry on. I promise I won't tell anybody.

Michael: You know, for the last time, you're not going to meet my friend so do us both a favor and drop it.

Phyllis: You're making this a challenge and you know how much I love a challenge. I will have to find out how I can meet her on my own. Tonight I ran into her on my own. Imagine if I put some effort into it.

Michael: Phyllis! Leave it alone! I'm warning you.

Phyllis: Why are you so upset?

Michael: For months I have dealt with your incessant questions about Christine and now this, and I am sick of it. Now I have asked you politely to keep your nose out of it. If you can't respect my feelings then --

Phyllis: Okay, okay, all right. Don't get medieval on me. I'll keep my nose where it belongs.

Michael: Thank you.

Phyllis: Okay. I guess Iíve worn out my welcome. I'll let you get back to your work.

Michael: That would be a good idea.

Phyllis: Michael, Iím only interested because I care.

Paul: No, really, I appreciate it. Thank you for your cooperation, Warden. Will do. Bye-bye.

Lynne: You're meeting with Isabella's husband?

Paul: Day after tomorrow.

Lynne: Do you know anything about the investigation?

Paul: I didn't blueprint anything.

Lynne: Paul, I want to say Iím sorry, overstepping, trying to find Isabella a new place.

Paul: I'm the one that has to say I'm sorry. Because Iím having trouble with my marriage doesn't mean I have to take it out on you.

Lynne: It's a difficult situation.

Paul: It certainly is.

Lynne: Now you're determined to wrap it up as soon as possible.

Paul: I know how you feel. Whether you want to hear it or not, Iím going to miss Isabella when she's gone.

Traci: There you are.

Jack: Hey, kiddo.

Traci: Hi. So I heard you gave Ashley a lift.

Jack: I had to. Junior left her without any wheels. So how goes it?

Traci: Fine.

Jack: I haven't seen you on this trip. That daughter of yours has turned into one beautiful, young woman.

Traci: Thank you.

Jack: How's the book?

Traci: So far so good.

Jack: You must be thrilled.

Traci: Yeah.

Jack: Steve coming to visit any time soon?

Traci: No.

Jack: Too busy with his work?

Traci: Something like that.

Jack: Hey, kiddo, it's me. Tell me what's going on.

Traci: Nothing.

Jack: You sure?

Traci: Have you been talking to Dad?

Jack: He's worried about you too.

Traci: Jack, everything is just fine. So I get a little emotional when I come home. Is there anything wrong with that?

Jack: No, of course not.

Traci: Everything is fine.

Jack: Okay. I heard about Colleen's decision.

Traci: Turning down a chance to work on the Glow by Jabot House.

Jack: Sounds like she's homesick. Why don't the two of you go to New York City, and in the summer all three of you can come back? Trace, what is it?

Traci: I don't want to go back. I can't, Jack.

Jack: What do you mean you can't? Why not?

Traci: Because my husband is having an affair.

Mary: You're leaving soon?

Isabella: It appears that way.

Mary: I didn't realize Paul was almost finished with your case.

Isabella: He wants to wrap it up as quickly as possible. There won't be a need for me to stay in Genoa City.

Mary: I'm not too surprised. I'm sure Paul is anxious for you to move on with Christine returning. She's due back at the end of the month, you know.

Mitch: Excuse me, Miss Brogna. A man just handed me the envelope and said it was for you. I opened it. There's a letter inside.

Mary: Oh, my dear, what is it? With a does it say?

Isabella: It's from my husband. It's from James.

Billy: Mac, things are different now. Our eyes are open.

Mackenzie: If she made it look like you two had sex before, who knows what she'll pull next time?

Billy: Nothing. We won't let her.

Mackenzie: You really want to spend all summer with her?

Billy: Only if you're there too. Then I can deal with it.

Mackenzie: Everybody will know you broke up.

Billy: So as Brittany said that's part of the relationship. Our audience will identify.

Mackenzie: What about the stuff she said about us being friends?

Billy: Mac, if she makes one false move, she is outta there. Come on, what do you say?

Mackenzie: I don't trust her, Billy.

Billy: Neither do I. Not entirely. I can promise you if she messes with us, she's history. But she can't hurt me. I won't let anything get between us again, not anything or anyone.

Mackenzie: You still feel you owe her?

Billy: I'll leave it up to you. Is Brittany in or out?

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