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Brittany: Forgive and forget that's what you're saying?

Billy: Something like that. What do you say?

Brittany: You're clueless if you think that, Billy Abbott. There is no way I will forgive and no way I will forget.

Billy: Brittany, is that a threat?

Brittany: Figure it out.

Mackenzie: He's really upset.

Billy: Brittany and I just had our own little chat. She practically spat in my face. So much for trying to make peace.

Mackenzie: I really hope things cool down. I just want to relax and be happy.

Raul: Hey, we just saw Brittany storm off.

Billy: That got a little ugly. If that's the way she wants it.

Rianna: I just talked to Jack's secretary. They're having a meeting over the summer campaign. Anybody who's available they want us to come over and brainstorm.

Billy: It will be the four of us. I already told Jack we were together.

Rianna: Nobody does it better.

Mackenzie: Are you sure your mom is going to be okay with this?

Billy: Mac, it's not going to be like that. Come on. Let's go.

Jill: Brittany, I just caught your little melodrama with my son in there. Honey, it's obvious you haven't a clue how to handle this.

Neil: Malcolm, why do you think it would bother me if you and Alex get married?

Malcolm: Neil, you're my brother but you don't seem all that excited for me.

Neil: Maybe it's because it's happening quite suddenly.

Malcolm: Yeah, it is. What, you don't think Iím ready? Let me ask you something, a little while ago when Alex was here, you rushed out in a hurry like you were uncomfortable. What's up?

Neil: I told you I had a report to pick up.

Malcolm: You sure that's all it was?

Neil: I don't have a problem with you getting married. I just hope you're doing it for the right reason.

Malcolm: I promise you Iím not doing it to get visitation with Nate.

Neil: Okay, man. I'm happy for you.

Malcolm: You are. You're cool with it.

Neil: Why wouldn't I be? Come on.

Malcolm: Okay, okay. I'm going to go. On another note, I have to pick your brain since you are for romance. I need "the" way to pop the question. What have you got?

Neil: Pop the question, huh?

Malcolm: Yeah, shoot the arrow.

[Knock on door]

Neil: Come in.

Phyllis: Neil, I -- Malcolm, I didn't know you were here. Both Winters men. Be still my heart.

Malcolm: What's up?

Phyllis: I have to drop off this report. But if you --

Malcolm: No, no, no. You have business to deal with. I will see you later.

Phyllis: He's in a good mood.

Neil: Yes, he is. Can I see the report please?

Victor: You say that you feel a commitment to your wife. As commendable as that is, if it means you're going to string my daughter along then you and I will have a problem, a big problem, all right?

Victoria: What's going on here?

Victor: Ryan and I are having a discussion if you don't mind.

Ryan: Your father has some concerns.

Victor: Yes, I do.

Ryan: While it's true our marriage ended a long time ago, I took a vow to stand by Tricia in sickness and in health. I felt I couldn't abandon her while she was in such bad shape. Once she's on the road, I will feel like I fulfilled my responsibility to her and that part of my life will be over and I'll be free to move on. I hope that satisfies you.

Tricia: Ryan, do you really mean it? You really want us to be together?

Ryan: Yes, I mean that. Tricia, I have always loved you. I always will.

Tricia: Us being together has been my greatest dream.

Victoria: How can you say that? You cannot be serious. You don't mean this.

Ryan: Yes, I do.

Victoria: You do not want to be back with this crazy woman.

Ryan: Don't say that.

Victoria: She killed two men. You could be next.

Tricia: I wouldn't hurt Ryan.

Victoria: Look at the way she's sitting. She's nuts.

Tricia: Stop it!

Ryan: What have you done?! What is wrong with you?!

Tricia: Ryan, I'm sorry.

Doctor: What's wrong? You seem very upset. Are you all right, Mrs. McNeil?

Tricia: He was there.

Tricia: No, Iím fine. I'm fine.

Ashley: You're not funny.

John: Hey, you two. I stopped by to pick up Jack on the way to the boardroom. So Traci and Colleen's visit must have come as a surprise.

Brad: Blew me away.

Ashley: It's great.

Brad: I hope to spend as much time with my daughter as I can.

John: Maybe I can help you out, Bradley.

Brad: Did she mention any of her plans?

John: Nothing concrete.

Ashley: I guess she's not going to stay here too long.

Brad: Even if Traci goes, she'll let Colleen stay.

John: I don't think Traci is inclined to rush back to New York.

Brad: Before the meeting in the boardroom, I have to swing by my office.

John: I should be on my way too.

Ashley: Before you go, can I ask you a question?

John: Sure, honey. What is it?

Ashley: You seem concerned about Traci. Is there anything wrong?

John: I'm not sure.

Ashley: What are you thinking?

John: Her sudden desire to be with the family, could be she's stressed about something?

Ashley: Did you ask her?

John: She denied it. She said everything was all right. The more I think about it, what could be wrong? She's a beautiful daughter -- she has a beautiful daughter in Colleen and a wonderful husband in Brad. I know they have issues in their marriage but he's come through beautifully when it comes to Colleen. Why are you looking at me like that?

Ashley: You just said Brad was Traci's husband, Dad.

John: I did?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

John: Of course I meant Steve. Don't be upset. It was a slip of the tongue. Come on. We better get going to the meeting.

Sean: Everyone has been notified about the meeting.

Jack: Yep.

Sean: What did you tell them?

Jack: I was as vague as I could be. I didn't know how things would work out with Billy and Mac.

Sean: Teenage angst.

Jack: How's Jill handling it? Or do I already know?

Sean: She seems to be dealing with it.

Jack: Good, she better be. If she doesn't deal with it, it will be a very long, hot summer.

Brittany: If you're here to berate me.

Jill: I have no time for that. We have too much work to do.

Brittany: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jill: Are you telling me, you wouldnít love to derail Billy and Mackenzieís relationship before it even gets started?

Brittany: Newsflash, itís already started. Besides. Billy just told me to my face, he Doesnít give a damn about me.

Jill: I can't believe that.

Brittany: Whatever.

Jill: I saw you unload on my son and it sure doesn't look finished to me.

Brittany: I needed him to understand he canít just dump me like that and expect me to take it.

Jill: So you needed to make yourself an enemy?

Brittany: I wanted to shake him up a little. I wish this whole nightmare is over with. I don't want to waste my time anymore. I have my pride.

Jill: That's a pretty speech. Your pride is okay with losing Billy to Mackenzie, huh?

Brittany: Okay. There is a part of me that wants to break those two up. Right now I'm hurting.

Jill: It would be really nice if you had the time to lick your wounds but you don't have the luxury. You burned so many bridges that damage control has to begin immediately.

Brittany: What do you have in mind?

Jill: I don't know. We have to keep our options open. Options that are limited because of your declaration of war.

Brittany: I'm not planning on doing anything.

Jill: Huge mistake. Huge mistake. The question is are you ready to get down to business or not?

Victoria: Well, does that satisfy you?

Victor: For now. I'm sorry, this is a complicated situation as Ryan said. Things don't always go according to plan. That's all I have to say right now.

Victoria: I'm sorry. He shouldn't have put you through that.

Ryan: I wouldn't expect any less from your father.

Victoria: Is everything all right? When I didn't hear from you last night, I started to worry.

Ryan: I'm sorry I didnít call. I got home really late.

Victoria: I'm glad it's behind you.

Ryan: Me too. It was touch and go for a while.

Victoria: What do you mean? Tricia has been admitted, hasn't she?

Victor: What are you doing here?

Nikki: Hello. Nice to see you too.

Victor: What do you want?

Nikki: I'd like to talk to you if you can get the chip off your shoulder.

Victor: I don't think you and I have anything to talk about, all right? You know what Iíve told you. I know what your position is.

Nikki: This is not about Larry Warton. I am not here to plead mercy from judge Newman.

Victor: I said, what do you want?

Nikki: I understand you have spoken to Victoria and expressed your concerns about her situation with Ryan.

Victor: So what?

Nikki: For what it's worth, I share your concern.

Neil: Then on page 12, Phyllis, how much would it slow things down to make the video box a little bigger?

Phyllis: I'll rework it.

Neil: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Phyllis: Sure. It's great to see Malcolm so happy. Yeah, well I guess he's feeling pretty good about the chances of getting visitation.

Neil: Why would you say that?

Phyllis: Well, his mood when he left just now. That's it, right? I know the situation with his son has been weighing him down.

Neil: Yeah.

Phyllis: Or is it something else? Maybe his relationship with Alex is heating up?

Malcolm: Come on, Neil, the worst thing Alex can do is say no.

Alex: Say no to what? What is this all about? The worst I could say is no, to what?

Malcolm: Uh, well, this. Hello you. Girl, you know I have been looking all over this joint for you.

Alex: Is there any particular reason?

Malcolm: Because I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last night.

Neil: There's actually a report down the hall I have to pick up.

Malcolm: Oh, really. Well, please take your time. Take your time.

Neil: Thank you.

Alex: Malcolm, there's some weird vibes going on in here.

Malcolm: What, you mean my brother? Don't worry. He's cool.

Alex: Are you sure about that?

Malcolm: Positive. Hey, there's my beautiful woman. My bad. I didn't mean to startle you.

Alex: No, no.

Malcolm: You're busy paging veging right there.

Alex: No. I thought you were going to call me.

Malcolm: I thought I would visit you. I thought our chitchat in Neil's office got cut short.

Alex: You have something more to say?

Malcolm: Not exactly.


Jack: All right, if that's it on classics.

Brad: You have done the nitty-gritty.

John: If we discuss Glow by Jabot, we have to wait for Jill and the kids. When we met last, we agreed to give considerable thought to ideas for the summer. Hopefully we can recoup some of the losses from our spring campaign.

Brad: We have to come up with breakthrough stuff.

Ashley: Absolutely. That's what this meeting is about.

Brad: Where do we stand on new construction?

Jack: Still on hold. John you're not recommending to proceed with it.

John: If we try to build a state-of-the-art facility with our budget, we have to make cuts I don't want to make.

Ashley: I have an idea I'm pretty excited about.

John: By all means, Ash.

Ashley: What would you think if we opened a boutique that sells only Jabot products? Guess who would be working in the store? That's right, the kids.

Jack: Wait a minute. I like this idea.

Ashley: Whole new environment.

Brad: That gives them movement.

Ashley: And us new options.

Brad: The team is working today.

John: Highly identifiable.

Jack: Off the top of my head, this is a wonderful idea.

Ashley: I'm not through. We offer makeovers. We teach the kids how to give them.

John: Deliver directly from a boutique on the internet.

Jack: By George, I think he's got it.

John: Thank you, professor. Putting our young stars in touch with the public, we are not only generating more interest but increasing our profits.

Sean: I only have one problem with this concept, Ash, I didn't think of it.

Ashley: I'll consider that a compliment, Sean.

Sean: You better.

Jack: Let's talk a little logistics here. These kids will draw a crowd. We have to get a lease for them signed. It will be utter chaos.

John: Not if we use the storefront downstairs whose only entrance is from the lobby.

Brad: From our own headquarters.

Ashley: Perfect. Works well.

Brad: There is a minor issue we haven't addressed yet. The possible changes in personnel.

John: What changes?

Jack: Hold on to your seat, Dad. There are a couple of surprises.

Ryan: Vic, please don't worry.

Victoria: Did something go wrong?

Ryan: It was a bit overwhelming for Tricia. She calmed down and checked herself in.

Victoria: You said Keith and you were going to commit her. Are you saying she admitted herself?

Ryan: Right.

Victoria: Doesn't that mean she can check herself out at any time?

Ryan: Technically, yes.

Victoria: Isn't that a bad idea?

Ryan: She's getting help. That's the important thing.

Victoria: I think you're avoiding the issue.

Ryan: I'm saying she checked herself into a psychiatric facility. She made the decision. I spoke to her doctor this morning. She will do all the initial tests.

Victoria: And?

Ryan: So far so good.

Victoria: Does that mean they're not finding anything wrong with her?

Ryan: She hasn't shown any signs of wanting to bolt. She's still there. We know the doctors won't declare her perfectly sane. She's tried to kill herself twice. She slips in and out of reality.

Victoria: What if she decides to take off? What if she decides she's cured before the doctors do?

Ryan: If she were taken in there in a straight jacket kicking and screaming. She admitted herself. She signed the papers. That proves to me how desperate she is to turn her life around.

Victoria: You really believe that.

Ryan: Yes. The other thing that reassures me is her doctor. I think Tricia will be very comfortable with her. She'll settle down and build a rapport and she won't want to leave until she's better.

Victoria: I hope you're right.

Doctor: The nurse says you were a little upset.

Tricia: I was just daydreaming.

Doctor: That's all it was?

Tricia: It seemed very real.

Doctor: We're going to try to make those thoughts go away.

Tricia: How?

Doctor: I met with the other doctors you met with. We believe the best initial course of treatment for you is drug therapy.

Tricia: Drug therapy?

Doctor: It's psychological drugs that have been carefully researched and tested designed for people who find themselves out of control.

Tricia: Carter, he used them on me.

Doctor: You told us that. This is not those kinds of drugs. These drugs are to help you, not hurt you.

Tricia: I thought maybe we could just talk like I did with my other doctor.

Doctor: To get to the underlying issues I would like very much to pursue a traditional course of therapy. First we have to help you stay in touch with reality, find a way to end the disturbing thoughts you're having. You want that too, don't you, Tricia?

Tricia: Yes, I want that. I want that very much.


Victor: What a surprise. For once, you agree with me.

Nikki: Look, I know you're upset with me.

Victor: That's putting mild mildly.

Nikki: I know she was waiting for a call earlier.

Victor: The man's life is rather complicated.

Nikki: Yes, that's my concern.

Victor: His wife has been institutionalized.

Nikki: Yes, I know. Does that reassure me?

Victor: I don't know. Maybe it should.

Nikki: It doesn't seem like you are.

Victor: Ryan McNeil feels once his wife gets the proper attention and assistance, then he will be no longer obligated to her.

Nikki: You don't feel he will be able to turn his back on her.

Victor: Where does it leave our daughter? Standing on the sidelines alone. Why is she so determined to repeat the same mistakes?

Nikki: I don't think she views Ryan as a mistake.

Victor: She gets married and divorced as a teenager, how do you look at it?

Nikki: She looks at Ryan as her one great love, the love she should cling to against all odds.

Neil: I should take credit for Malcolm's romance with Alex?

Phyllis: It was a bone of contention between you two and now it's not. Nothing could happen until you backed off. Your opinion is very important, Neil.

Neil: I don't care what you think about me and my brother.

Phyllis: Relax. Malcolm is a very good friend of mine and he appreciates your support. Why are you so edgy with me?

Neil: Phyllis, you and I are professional associates. This is a place of business. I don't think it's appropriate to discuss personal matters in my office, okay?

Phyllis: Okay, fine. I'll be on my way. Just for your information, we're on the same side. We both want Malcolm to be happy.

Neil: You can close the door on your way Ė [Door slams] -- out.

Malcolm: Come here, girl.

Alex: I have to remind you.

Malcolm: I know, I know, no fooling around in the office. I hate following rules. I say what they can't see ain't hurting nobody. Girl, you are a free spirit. You keep hanging around these stuffed shirts, you're going to tell me to sit proper, no holding hands in public.

Alex: That's not happening.

Malcolm: Prove it.

Alex: We're not in public.

Malcolm: And? You can tell me what to do any time. Because this is what I'm talking about. You've got me wanting tonight right now. Okay. Hey, hey, hey, I think I just lost you. What are you thinking about?

Alex: Well, when I walked in on you earlier, you were telling your brother "the worst Alex can do is say no." Now you're trying to play it off. What was it, Malcolm?

John: I don't know about the rest of you, I sure didn't see this coming.

Ashley: Not many people did, Dad.

Jack: Billy is very definitely back with Mackenzie.

John: I can just imagine how Jill will respond to that one.

Billy: Hey, we interrupting?

Jack: No, no. Come on in, kiddo.

Billy: Okay. It's pretty obvious from the way everyone is looking at me, Jack filled you in on what's happened. I know this messes things up for the summer, and I'm sorry --

Ashley: Billy, you don't owe us any --

Billy: It's okay. I want everybody to know I'm willing to do anything to make things go smoothly. Like I told Jack, Mac and I are going to be together this summer. So if Mac can't be with us for the whole summer every day, then Iím afraid I can't be either. You can count me out.

Jill: Okay. I'm not going to deny this is not my ideal scenario. I haven't made it a secret how I feel about this relationship. Lately, I have been getting very good advice and I have been doing a lot of thinking, and the bottom line is this business. We're on really shaky ground here. We need the summer campaign to be a success. And obviously, Billy, it requires your presence here. So if Mac working behind the scenes is what it takes to secure your cooperation, then that's the way it's going to be. I'm sorry, Sean, am I overstepping my authority since Mac will be working under your authority?

Sean: Say no more.

Jill: It's settled. I'm sorry I missed the earlier discussion. Does somebody want to fill us in?

John: Certainly. Ashley came up with a fabulous idea. I hope you respond as positively as anybody else.

Jill: There's no reason why I wouldn't. I'm always open to good ideas.

Ryan: You know what? You're right. Something could happen. There are a lot of unknowns.

Victoria: I'm glad to hear you admit that.

Ryan: All Iím saying is things are good for the moment. We have to hope for the best. This is a situation we can't completely control.

Victoria: If Tricia does decide to leave, even if the doctors feel she's not ready, you and Keith can stop her, right?

Ryan: I don't know.

Victoria: This situation makes me so nervous.

Ryan: Keith and I will do everything in our power to make sure she gets the help she needs. We won't let her backslide again.

Victoria: All right. We'll see how it goes.

Ryan: Meantime, why don't the two of us take a little breather?

Victoria: What have you got in mind?

Ryan: I don't know, dinner, quiet evening alone.

Victoria: All right. Twist my arm.

Ryan: You and I have been down a long, hard road. I can finally see an end to all the turmoil. So if we both hang in there, we can start a life together very soon.

Doctor: The medication we want you to try should help you a great deal, Tricia.

Tricia: Will it make the daydreams go away?

Doctor: It could take a while to fine-tune and establish the right dosage. We believe it will help you get back into reality again and you should stop being tormented by delusions and bad dreams.

Tricia: I'll do whatever it takes.

Doctor: These are not feel-good pills. Once you're on the proper regimen, they should keep you from having these frightening episodes.

Tricia: When do I start taking them?

Doctor: Judy, please bring Mrs. McNeil a glass of water. It takes a little time before the medication begins working. I want to start your treatment right away.

Tricia: Now?

Nikki: Has it ever occurred to you that Victoria is trying to simulate us?

Victor: What could she possibly see in our relationship to give her that?

Nikki: How can you say that? You don't think there's something special between us?

Victor: How can you possibly say we have been successful in holding things together?

Nikki: Maybe that's because we love too much.

Victor: Are you trying to tell me something or what?

Nikki: Victor, knowing me as you do, how can you expect me to ask my daughter not to grab on to the man who can fulfill her dreams even if it doesn't have a happy ending?

Victor: What are you trying to say?

Nikki: I got your gift. They're very beautiful. Thank you. It meant a lot to me to know you were thinking about me while you away.

Victor: You must have known it wasn't the homecoming I was hoping for.

Nikki: I'm sorry this Warton situation has upset you so.

Victor: You must have known what my response would be.

Nikki: Yes, I did.

Victor: Then why the hell did you do this?

Alex: What were you and Neil talking about? It involved me saying yes or no to something.

Malcolm: You might just be the champion at cross-examining other folks, but you ain't getting nothing out of me. Well, I think that's it for now anyway.

Alex: Soon.

Malcolm: Okay. Real soon.

Alex: Another thing. I asked you before why you thought delaying the visitation hearing was a positive thing, you put me off on that too.

Malcolm: You think?

Alex: Don't do this.

Malcolm: Patience, patience. I promise you, it will be well worth the wait.

Alex: Malcolm.

Malcolm: When you get that look in your eye, there's only one thing for me to do. Do like Michael Jackson and Beat it.

Alex: No, no.

Malcolm: Now you see me and... No you don't.

Alex: Malcolm.

Jack: We all agree on Ashley's contest.

Jill: I think it's a dynamite idea.

Raul: Yeah, just one problem though.

Brad: What's that, Raul?

Raul: Billy and I are doing makeovers?

John: What if we sold clothes in addition to the cosmetics for young men and women?

Sean: That is not a bad idea.

Ashley: It's not exactly our field.

Jack: I could get Lauren Fenmore on the horn. Nikki has background in fashion design.

Jill: What do you think?

Raul: Better than lipstick.

Rianna: Youíd looked so cute.

Raul: I couldn't jump in the pool fast enough to wash it off.

Ashley: Anyway, something to keep in mind.

Jack: I'll get right on it.

Jill: We have a game plan, huh?

Brad: Not quite, Jill. There's one issue we haven't covered.

Jack: The issue of our foursome becoming a threesome?

Sean: We toyed with a contest, bringing in a new girl each week. That won't fly by you.

Billy: No way.

Ashley: We can bring in a fifth couple.

Brittany: Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Jack: Brittany, what are you doing here?

Brittany: I came by to hear about the plans for the summer. I'm still one of the Glow by Jabot kids, aren't I?

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