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Raul: Hey, man, what's up?

Billy: I don't know, dude, you tell me. Raul, you knew Mac and I didn't want have anything to do with each other. Where do you get off? You think it's some kind of joke?

Rianna: You mean you're not serious?

Mackenzie: You should see the looks on your faces.

Raul: The plan worked?

Billy: Yeah, we're together again.

Mackenzie: Thanks to our match-making friends.

Raul: Hey, baby, our plan worked. Congratulations.

Mackenzie: Thanks.

Rianna: God, you really had us going.

Raul: I'm glad you guys are cool again.

Mackenzie: Yeah, we're cool. We're more than cool.

Jill: Sean's right, Billy. I have to be more subtle. I will never save you from that interfering little loser, Mackenzie.

Katherine: You're still here and mumbling to yourself on top of it?

Jill: What now, Katherine?

Katherine: We hadn't finished earlier, that is before your boy toy arrived.

Jill: We finished all right.

Katherine: You will listen to me and you will do exactly as I say.

Jill: Katherine, if you're going to issue me another warning, please don't. I know you have misgivings between this so-called relationship between your granddaughter and my son.

Katherine: Your son caused my granddaughter a lot of pain, and Iím afraid he will harm her again.

Jill: They both made mistakes and they both caused a lot of pain.

Katherine: My, my, you're being reasonable. That worries me.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I'll hold. Dr. Burns, Ryan McNeil.

Dr. Burns: Yes, Mr. McNeil.

Ryan: I'm calling about Tricia. How is she doing?

Dr. Burns: She's doing well. She will meet with two of my colleagues this morning.

Ryan: You'll keep me posted?

Dr. Burns: Certainly.

Ryan: Thank you. Victor.

Victor: Looking for Victoria, Ryan.

Ryan: She hasn't come in yet.

Victor: Do you know where she is?

Ryan: I haven't spoken to her since last night.

Victor: Last night is when you took your wife to the hospital, is it?

Ryan: Vicki told you.

Victor: I imagine your wife was reluctant to be taken to the hospital. I believe she eventually went.

Doctor: Come in, Tricia. Make yourself comfortable.

Tricia: You're the third doctor I've seen this morning.

Doctor: It's standard procedure when someone is admitted.

Tricia: In a mental institution?

Doctor: You're upset.

Tricia: I can't believe Iím here.

Doctor: It's the perfectly normal way. The fact you agreed to treatment is a very good sign. It shows you're taking responsibility for your mental health. If you keep that attitude, much can be accomplished. You can turn your life around.

Tricia: I want to believe that but Iíve made so many mistakes. And I wish that I could get better. But after -- after everything that Iíve done, I don't know if it's possible.

Doctor: It's definitely possible.

Tricia: There's hope?

Doctor: Yes, Tricia.

Tricia: You don't know what Iíve done. The people that Iíve hurt.

Neil: Malcolm, you're going to ask Alex to marry you?

Malcolm: Neil, it's perfect, man.

Neil: It's perfect? I don't follow.

Malcolm: Check this out. Remember how Olivia walked in on me and Alex that morning? I know Michael Baldwin will make me out as some womanizer. Alex and I are engaged, I'm committed. I slap a ring on that girl's finger, the judge says Iíve got my feet planted nice and firmly for the ground.

Neil: This is all for the hearing.

Malcolm: This is a way to step on the fast track and move on with my life. Neil, should I do it? Should I pop the question?

Ashley: Okay. Check the clipboard on my desk. If you have a problem give me a call. Okay, hi. Colleen up?

Brad: Just took a peek. She's still sleeping.

Ashley: Long flight from Paris, huh?

Brad: Yeah. I haven't watched her sleep like that since she was a little girl. My God, she looks the same.

Ashley: Don't tell her that.

Brad: You know what I mean. Something about when kids sleep. They're so innocent and pure.

Ashley: Honey, she's hardly a baby anymore.

Brad: Tell me about it. She's been out of my life for so long, it's hard to think of her as my little girl. I hope Colleen and Traci will stay with us while they're in town. Do you think Traci will go along with that?

Traci: I think the more important question is, will Ashley go along with it?

Nikki: You must have helped Nicholas with the tent.

Miguel: Just a little.

Nikki: I don't know how you did it.

Victoria: Did what?

Nikki: Do you know what your brother did for Sharon last night?

Victoria: I haven't talked to him.

Nikki: With Miguelís help, he created the most incredible getaway on the ground, complete with a tent, dinner, musicians, costumes.

Victoria: Wow. Sounds like Nicholas went all out. You helped?

Miguel: Made a few calls, helped him set up things.

Nikki: It was a wonderful idea. Thank you for helping him.

Miguel: You're welcome. If you'll excuse me.

Nikki: After all Sharonís been through, she needed the diversion.

Victoria: What Nicholas did sounds an awful lot like Dad.

Nikki: I'm sure your brother added his own spin to the evening but you're right. He's very much his father's son. What's the matter?

Victoria: I don't know if I should get into it.

Nikki: Honey if there's some problem, tell me.

Victoria: Well, it's just Dad and his attitude toward Ryan.

Ashley: Why would you think I would have a problem with you staying here?

Traci: I didn't mean it like that. I didn't want us to invade your home.

Brad: Traci, you're family.

Traci: It's always difficult to have company when there's a baby in the house. I remember when Colleen was small, I remember how it felt, extra people, the schedules they couldn't keep.

Ashley: You're more than welcome to stay here.

Traci: I appreciate the invitation, I really do. I think it's just better if we stay with Dad. I think you'll understand.

Brad: Good morning, sweetheart.

Malcolm: Okay, Neil, listen to me. I toyed with the idea of Alex and I getting married for a while now.

Neil: Hey, hey, Malcolm, don't you think you're jumping the gun a little bit here? I thought you were trying to take it slow?

Malcolm: We were. The more and more I think about it the more Iím convinced I think Alex might be the woman for me, man.

Neil: Malcolm, you need to be sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Malcolm: I'm crazy about the lady. That's a good reason, don't you think?

Neil: That's not what gave you the idea in the first place. You were going to ask Alex to marry you to help your case in court.

Malcolm: I know it's a leap, man, but I know how I feel. The worst Alex can do is say no.

Alex: Say no to what?

Katherine: It's just not like you, Jill, being clear-headed about this.

Jill: This relationship between your granddaughter and my son, this could be a volatile situation.

Katherine: You of all people have decided to proceed with caution?

Jill: In the past I may have been inclined to get a little overly agitated. But you make no mistake, Katherine, I still think this relationship is all wrong. I think going after Mac and Billy head-on could push them closer together.

Katherine: Something, something had to happen to cause this sudden transformation.

Jill: Sean told me a few things and it finally got through my brain, the things I can't change I might as well accept. I do know getting carried away and ranting and raving isn't the answer. Going down that path, I could risk losing my son forever. Frankly, I am not going to let that happen.

Brittany: Still want to throw in the towel, J.T.?

J.T.: Shut up, Brittany.

Brittany: Good, it's finally getting to you. Now maybe we can put our heads together and break those two up.

Raul: Come on, give us the scoop. What happened?

Rianna: I know. You two walked into the elevator and saw each other and realized you couldn't live without one another.

Mackenzie: Not quite.

Billy: We had some things to discuss first. If it weren't you two forcing us to talk to each other, we wouldn't be here now.

Rianna: What are friends for? I bet you can't wait to tell people the news.

Mackenzie: There will be a couple of people that won't be excited about the news.

Billy: Brittany and J.T. Brittany found out from my mom.

Mackenzie: J.T. doesnít know yet.

Raul: Now's your chance. He's right over there.

Mackenzie: I might as well get it over with.

Rianna: Go easy on him, Mac.

Mackenzie: J.T., we need to talk.

J.T.: What's the point? I already know. I think you've blown it, Mac.

Mackenzie: J.T. ************************************************************************

Ashley: How did you sleep, Colleen?

Colleen: Fine, thanks.

Traci: Good morning, sweetheart.

Colleen: Good morning, Mom.

Brad: Any more jet lag?

Colleen: I don't think so.

Brad: How about some breakfast?

Colleen: No thanks. I'm not hungry.

Traci: I already called Dad. He's very anxious to speak to Colleen.

Colleen: I'll get my bag.

Brad: We will see each other again, right, Trace?

Traci: Oh, I'm sure. Dad will have us over for dinner.

Brad: That would be great but I also want some time alone with Colleen. I also want to catch up with Colleen.

Traci: I'd like that as well.

Brad: How long are you going to be in town?

Traci: We have to play that part by ear.

Ashley: It was great seeing you again.

Colleen: Nice seeing you.

Traci: Thanks so much for the hospitality last night.

Ashley: Of course. I'll help you get your bag down?

Traci: Sure.

Brad: See you again, sweetheart.

Colleen: Whatever Mom wants.

Traci: We'll be in touch. Thanks.

Ashley: See you guys.

Nikki: Your father's having a problem with you and Ryan?

Victoria: I had concerns, nothing major but I voiced them to Dad.

Nikki: Does this have to do with Tricia?

Victoria: She's really sick and Ryan, of course, wants to be there for her. Why is Dad overreacting? He thinks Ryan will never be free of Tricia.

Nikki: Which you don't believe.

Victoria: Of course not.

Nikki: What's the problem?

Victoria: Ryan was supposed to call me last night. He got roped into taking Tricia to the mental hospital.

Nikki: Oh, really.

Victoria: I figured it would take an hour or two and he would call me and we'd get together. I waited up half the night waiting for his call. I just wish he would have called me. He knew I wanted to hear from him.

Ryan: Tricia was admitted last night. She's undergoing evaluation as we speak.

Victor: I'm very glad your wife is getting the treatment and the help she needs.

Ryan: Keith and I know if she was hospitalized earlier, she wouldn't have caused so much grief. We would have done it sooner but we didn't know how bad off she was. I'm not shirking my responsibility.

Victor: I don't hold you responsible, Ryan. I'm very grateful for resolving this difficulty for my son and his wife.

Ryan: I still feel bad.

Victor: Don't. Let's not dwell upon the past. Let's think about the future. Specifically, let's talk about your future with my daughter.

Doctor: Tricia, we're not here to judge you. We're here to help you.

Tricia: How?

Doctor: By getting things to -- by understanding how things happen the way they did so they don't happen again in the future.

Tricia: That sounds almost too good to be true.

Doctor: You have a lot of support from your husband and your father.

Tricia: They wanted to put me in here.

Doctor: Because they know it's the best place for you. That's why you agreed to come, hmm?

Tricia: Now I may never see Ryan again.

Doctor: You don't know that. Let's concentrate on getting you well. Do you want to go back to your room, the sunroom?

Tricia: Can I just stay here for a while?

Doctor: Fine. I'll leave the door open.

Victoria: I know Iím probably blowing this out of proportion but Ryan means so much to me. Being with him, it's been incredible. I haven't felt like this in years. It seems right. It seems like we were meant to be together.

Nikki: Honey, I know how powerful a first love can be. But sometimes the pull of the past can keep you from seeing things clearly.

Victoria: What are you saying?

Nikki: If you get too caught up in the past, you might decide to do something that's not right for you now.

Victoria: You speaking from experience?

Nikki: Yes, of course. I've made so many mistakes with your father. Honey, I'm just trying to help you. I don't want you to follow in my footsteps.

Victoria: Mother, Ryan and Dad are completely different. Besides you know what it's like to love someone so much, you know they will be a part of your life, part of you. How can you ask me to throw that away?

Nikki: Honey, Iím not asking you to do that.

Victoria: What are you asking me to do?

Nikki: I'm saying I think Iím more objective where Ryan is concerned.

Victoria: Now you're sounding like Dad.

Nikki: Honey, your father and I love you very much.

Victoria: Then support me.

Nikki: You know I could. Honey, Iím always there for you. Always.

Victoria: Mother, listen, this situation with Tricia is frustrating. But I trust Ryan. We're going to make this work. You'll see.

Traci: Daddy? Here we are!

John: Colleen, it is so good to see you, honey.

Colleen: Hi.

John: Look at her. Remember, no Grandpa. I'm feeling kind of old.

Traci: Feeling old indeed. Daddy, you look fabulous.

John: Thank you. Come on. Make yourself at home. Do you want something to eat?

Colleen: I'm okay for now.

John: Are you sure? Mamie made some delicious blueberry muffins.

Traci: I'll forget you said that. Come on, let's sit down.

John: Tell me, how was Paris?

Colleen: It was wonderful.

John: It's one of my favorite cities. The dance seminar was good?

Colleen: We learned a lot.

John: I'm putting you on notice, I expect a recital and Iím inviting all the family.

Traci: Daddy, it was so sweet of you to wait for us. We will just unpack and get settled in and we'll see you tonight, okay? Okay. Sweetheart, just go on upstairs. It's the second door on the left.

John: Just a minute. One more. I missed you so. All right. What's going on?

Traci: What do you mean, Dad?

John: You just gave your old man the bum's rush.

Traci: I did not.

John: All right. I was just kidding. But something is obviously wrong. Now what is it?

Katherine: I am impressed, Jill. You finally heard what I have been telling you all along.

Jill: Please don't take the credit here. It's much more Sean than you.

Katherine: The point is you got it.

Jill: Who knows? Maybe Billy and Mackenzie will decide for themselves that they're wrong for each other. I guess it's about time I get to work.

Esther: That Sean is the most wonderful man. He even got through Jill's thick head.

Katherine: I wouldn't be so sure. For one thing, she's talking about doing something.

Esther: Who can pull the wool over your eyes?

Katherine: She says she's changed. I won't believe one word she says. I will not sit idly by.

Esther: What are you going to do?

Katherine: Anything, Esther, anything.

Alex: What is this all about? The worst I could say is no, to what?

Malcolm: Well, to this. Hello you. Girl, you know I have been looking all over this joint for you.

Alex: Any particular reason?

Malcolm: I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last night.

Neil: There's actually a report down the hallway I have to pick up.

Malcolm: Oh, really? Please take your time. Take your time.

Neil: Thank you.

Malcolm: Hey you.

Alex: Malcolm, there are some weird vibes going on in here.

Malcolm: My brother? Don't worry about him. He's cool.

Alex: You sure about that?

Malcolm: Positive.

Alex: That must mean you were talking about us.

Malcolm: Sweetness, it's almost impossible not to talk about you which is one of the reasons I wanted to see you. I ran into Olivia today and she wants me to hold off on serving those papers.

Alex: What did you tell her?

Malcolm: Actually, I agreed.

Alex: I thought you wanted to take care of this as soon as possible.

Malcolm: I do. I do. You know what? Olivia actually made some good points. It's a bad time for Nate. School's about to end for him and all. I figured a couple weeks wouldn't hurt anybody.

Alex: It must be frustrating having to put everything on hold.

Malcolm: I'm sick and tired of sneaking around to see my son, especially the near-miss we had the other day.

Alex: What happened?

Malcolm: A close call with Olivia. I promise to be much more careful from now on.

Alex: I hope so, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Come here, you beautiful thing, you. I'm sure everything will work itself out and I don't mean with just Nate.

Alex: Really?

Malcolm: Yeah, really. I mean between you and me, too.

Victor: So, Ryan, why don't you tell me about your relationship with my daughter?

Ryan: I care a great deal about your daughter. I believe she feels the same way about me. I assure you we will not rush into anything.

Victor: So you intend to continue the relationship.

Ryan: Yes, we do.

Victor: What about your wife? I do understand that your relationship with her has become a mere formality.

Ryan: You want me to abandon Tricia?

Victor: Victoria thinks you can put the past behind you.

Ryan: And you doubt my intentions.

Victor: Let me put it this way to you, Ryan. Obviously, you're still committed to your wife. I find that commendable. If that means that you're stringing along my daughter, then you and I will have a problem, a big problem.

Billy: Rianna, what did you mean when you said "go easy on him"? If you two know something.

Raul: It's J.T.

Billy: What about him?

Raul: It's hard to believe but he really does care about Mac.

Rianna: Look, Billy, when J.T. finds out that you two hooked up, it's really going to hurt him.

Billy: Too bad. I don't want Mac having anything to do with that creep.

Mackenzie: I'm sorry you're upset.

J.T.: Sorry? It's a huge mistake to even think about going back to Billy again. No way it would work. Does that sound familiar to you, Mac?

Mackenzie: I wasn't being honest with myself.

J.T.: You were finally seeing that loser for who he is. He lays a couple of mushy lines on you and suddenly you forget everything he put you through? Don't do this, Mac. Abbott's all wrong for you. I'm telling you as a friend, someone who really cares about you.

Mackenzie: J.T., I know you think you're right but Billy's not like that. Look, maybe you can't be happy for me but I don't want to lose your friendship, okay? Come on. Please don't put a wall up between us.

J.T.: I don't need to, Mac. You've already done that.

Brittany: When were you planning on telling me, Billy? Or are you waiting for the perfect time to let everyone know you're dumping me?

Ashley: Honey, you okay?

Brad: Yeah. I wish Colleen could have stayed longer.

Ashley: You'll see her again.

Brad: I hope so.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Brad: Just the way Traci was talking.

Ashley: Until last night, you weren't even sure if you would see Colleen at all this summer. And now she's in town.

Brad: Who knows for how long.

Ashley: Traci wonít say?

Brad: No. She's playing it by ear which means Iíll be lucky to see Colleen one more time. Ash, this is so frustrating. It makes me wonder if Traci has any clue how much I want to see my daughter.

Ashley: You can always go to New York and visit Colleen there.

Brad: It's not the same.

Ashley: You're so sure they're leaving soon.

Brad: With Steve back in New York, I can't imagine Traci would want to stay much longer.

John: Sweetheart, talk to me.

Traci: Nothing's wrong, Dad.

John: I wish I could believe that.

Traci: Okay. Maybe I'm just a little emotional.

John: Honey, that's understandable. It's been some time since you and Colleen visited Genoa City.

Traci: Yeah. But seeing her with you and with Brad and Ashley,  I realize I'm depriving her spending time, enough time with the people I really love. But now that you're back, we will make up for that.

John: You're absolutely sure now that's the only thing that's troubling you?

Traci: Yes. I'm just so happy to be home with my family. Now go, go. This time I am giving you the bum's rush. Go on.

John: Okay. Okay. Bye, sweetheart.

Colleen: I called Dad and told him everything was okay. He wants to talk to you.

Traci: Okay. You want to run upstairs and finish unpacking? I'll be right up there, okay? Steve, you want to talk to me? I'm very sorry but I have nothing -- nothing to say to you.

Neil: Sorry, you two.

Alex: No, no. This is your office.

Neil: Did you tell Alex about the hearing?

Malcolm: Actually we were just talking about that. I definitely think a delay is the best thing for my son. Besides, a few more weeks might be a good thing, right, Neil?

Alex: Am I supposed to understand that?

Malcolm: Know what, baby? Not now. But you will, soon.

Alex: You know, I hate to break this up but I have to get back to work.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, not without this right here. And on that note, I will call you later.

Alex: Okay.

Neil: Alex, don't forget about our meeting.

Alex: Yes, 1:00.

Neil: Right.

Alex: Bye.

Malcolm: Bye, baby. Okay. Okay. Okay. I know. I chickened out. I did. But I couldn't take that lady saying no.

Neil: You think she would have?

Malcolm: I don't know. Alex and I have gotten tight lately. But I guess a few more weeks might make all the difference in the world, you know? Hey, Neil, what's up with you, man? Does the idea of Alex and me getting married bother you for some reason?

Tricia: Ryan. What are you doing here?

Ryan: Come here. Sit down. It's okay. Come on. I want to make something clear to you.

Tricia: What?

Ryan: I want you to get well, not just for your sake but for ours so we can be together again.

Tricia: Together.

Ryan: As husband and wife. That's what I'm hoping for, Trish. That's what I'm praying for.

Tricia: You're saying youíve been praying for this over and over. You don't know how happy that makes me, how very, very happy.

Raul: Well, you two need to talk. We'll get out of your hair.

Brittany: How considerate. You're dumping me.

Billy: Jack told me you already knew.

Brittany: You figured why bother or you didn't have the guts to say it to my face?

Billy: I was going to tell you.

Brittany: When, the next time we ran into each other?

Billy: We haven't been close since I found out what you pulled.

Brittany: One stupid mistake and you say it's over?

Billy: Brittany, it doesn't have to be this way. We both made mistakes. Can we just call it even and move on?

Brittany: Forgive and forget, is that what you're saying?

Billy: Yeah, something like that. How about it?

Brittany: You are clueless to even think that's possible, Billy Abbott. I will never forgive you. There's no way I will ever forget.

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