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Sharon: Nicholas, this has been the most amazing evening.

Nicholas: Well, my dear, it's not over yet.

Waiter: Are you ready for your dessert, sir?

Nicholas: Did you save room for, like, a chocolate doughnut? Yes.

Sharon: That looks delicious.

Nicholas: Not yet.

Nicholas: Thank you.

Waiter: Would either of you like a cordial or a coffee?

Nicholas: Yes. Coffee, please. We're going to need the caffeine. It's going to be a long night.

[Phone ringing]

Katherine: Newman residence.

Nikki: Katherine?

Katherine: Yes, darling, it's me. I decided to help Doris to babysit at the last moment. I'm looking for a deck of cards.

Nikki: I believe there's a deck of cards in the kitchen, left drawer, second drawer down.

Katherine: Thank you, you saved my life. Nicholas made some wonderful plans with his wife this evening.

Nikki: That's great. That's exactly what Sharon needs.

Paul: Here's one; one bedroom, all the amenities, ready for immediate sublet. It's worth a call, isn't it?

Lynne: Hi.

Paul: Hi, there. You're home early.

Lynne: Am I?

Paul: I thought you were going out after your doctor's appointment.

Lynne: I felt woozy. It'll pass.

Isabella: Why don't you have something to eat?

Lynne: I had some cookies and juice.

Paul: No wonder you feel woozy.

Isabella: Let me heat up something for you.

Lynne: No thank you.

Paul: She's a little down.

Lynne: I hadn't noticed. What's the problem?

Paul: I decided it's time for her to get her own apartment. It hit her kind of hard.

Michael: Then you'd actually consider taking the job in Australia?

Christine: Well, I would want to know more about it.

Michael: Of course. Of course.

Christine: Given the choices my husband appears to be making, frankly, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Christine: Then it's more of a consulting assignment.

Michael: It's not nearly as intense as what you have been dealing with in Hong Kong.

Christine: That's pretty amazing.

Michael: It's a gentleman's offer. There's a downside. You have to commit to another two months away. Chris --

Christine: I would have said that was a problem but not now.

Michael: The firm in Cairns is anxious for a response.

Christine: Okay. I'll call you back soon.

Michael: Tonight?

Christine: I'll try.

Chantal: You're off the phone. How'd it go? Is Christine going to take the job?

Michael: Christine is sitting on the fence.

Chantal: And what fence would we be talking about?

Katherine: Well, the prodigal returns.

Victor: Katherine.

Katherine: How are you?

Victor: I'm fine, sweetheart. So are you visiting or what?

Katherine: I was down at Nick and Sharon's babysitting the children.

Victor: That sounds like a worthy endeavor.

Katherine: I didn't hear you drive up.

Victor: Parked down by the stables and decided to take a walk.

Katherine: How was your business trip?

Victor: Successful.

Katherine: You managed to get in a little shopping.

Victor: I hate to come home empty-handed. How are Nicholas and Sharon? Are they all right?

Katherine: I would say they're more than all right. I would say that your son is a chip off the old block.

Brad: Hey. I see Jack got a hold of you too.

Ashley: Do you know what he wants?

Brad: Something about the teen line.

Ashley: I hope it's not another problem.

Brad: I guess we'll soon find out. Since we're cooling our heels, I wanted to bring you up to date on my research on dance studios. I narrowed it down to a couple and I wanted your opinion.

Ashley: Does it matter what I think? Shouldn't it be Colleen's call?

Brad: You're right. I should give her the options and let her decide. You look like you're debating if you want to ask me something.

Ashley: If things work out and Colleen did visit this summer, you do want her to stay at our place, right?

Brad: Why do you ask, Ash?

Jack: Ah, there she is.

Nikki: Are you looking for me?

Jack: We're having a meeting tomorrow about Glow by Jabot. There are some developments to change our plans.

Nikki: Nothing bad I hope.

Jack: Call it interesting but let's nail down a time tomorrow, okay?

Nikki: Yeah. I'll do my best. Is there something else?

Jack: I heard from personnel. You hired some guy from out of jail?

Nikki: Yes, Larry Warton. He's on probation.

Jack: Warton? Isn't he the guy that caused Nicholas' problems?

Nikki: And helped end them as well. You have a problem with this?

Jack: No, you vouch for the guy. That's fine for me.

Nikki: I'm glad about that. You have some concerns.

Jack: Just you and I. You and I know what kind of a grudge Victor can hold. Does he know about this?

Nikki: He doesn't know. He's been out of town. He just got back.

Jack: Good luck when you tell him.

Nikki: I'm not worried about his reaction.

Jack: You think this is the best thing to do.

Nikki: Yes, I do. He has to accept my decision.

Jack: You say it that way, I have to believe it. Good for you. I'll see you later.

Nikki: Okay.

Ashley: No, honey, it's nothing like that. It's if Colleen stays with us this summer, I want to get the guest bedroom ready.

Brad: I've been thinking about the same thing. It would be great if Colleen could stay at our place. Truth is I think it's a hard sell.

Ashley: Because of Traci?

Brad: Yeah. I think Traci would be more amenable to the idea if Colleen stayed at your dad's.

Ashley: Are you going to fight her on that?

Brad: Normally, I wouldnít.

Ashley: But?

Brad: I don't like Colleen living under the same roof with Phyllis Summers.

Ashley: But how much will they see each other? This isn't about Phyllis. You want Colleen to stay with us, right?

Brad: Yeah, I would prefer it. I talk about it as if it's a done deal. Then you throw Phyllis into the mix.

Ashley: I wouldn't let that be a major obstacle. If Traci is only comfortable leaving Colleen with Dad.

Brad: I guess you're right. I guess I'm looking for trouble. Phyllis doesn't seem to be looking at anything but Jack. I guess love is keeping her out of hot trouble.

Ashley: Using the word "love" with Phyllis and Jack, it's hard to believe.

Jack: You're both here. We have to talk about the Glow by Jabot situation.

Ashley: What's going on?

Jack: Billy and Brittany have broken up. Billy has reunited with his former flame, Mackenzie. It is not quite the disaster it first appears. Sean has a few ideas. I think we have to get them on the table at some point tomorrow.

Brad: What do you want from me?

Jack: If you would be so kind.

Ashley: Where does Billy stand?

Jack: I hope he's up when I get home and get a fix on where he stands.

Ashley: Will you call me if it's not too late? I have a question for you.

Jack: Would this be doubting that Phyllis and I could ever be in love?

Sharon: So, what's next? Dancing girls?

Nicholas: I knew I forgot something.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you did because I want you all to myself.

Nicholas: Well, maybe you should do a little dance for me.

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Sharon: Where are my veils? Speaking of having you all to myself.

Nicholas: All those people are going to be leaving very soon. Where do things stand?

Joe: All ready, Mr. Newman.

Nicholas: I want to thank you for an unbelievable evening. Everything was perfect.

Joe: Very well, sir. Good night.

Sharon: Good night.

Nicholas: Good night. Well, we're alone now.

Sharon: What's this with "all ready". What were you talking to this man about?

Nicholas: Let's go see.

Chantal: I asked you to wait in the reception area.

Phyllis: Except you're never there. You're always here. You wouldn't happen to have a crush on him, would you?

Michael: Chantal, please excuse my friend.

Chantal: I'll be at my desk.

Phyllis: Did you see the way she looked at me? I think I'm right.

Michael: And the real reason you're here?

Phyllis: To admire your --

Michael: Actually we have a win. Christine turned me down. It never happened. I have very little to say about it.

Phyllis: Something is definitely up here. Christine refused to go on your fantasy vacation. She's coming home to her husband. You should be wailing and gnashing your teeth.

Michael: Who says she's coming home?

Phyllis: She's not coming home?

Michael: She's going to another plum case, this time in Australia.

Phyllis: In Australia. She's not going to take that, is she? [Phone ringing]

Michael: Excuse me. Hello. Chris, that was quick. Do you have a decision for me?

Paul: And after that, it just went from bad to worse.

Lynne: I'm sure, Isabella tipping off you were in the shower.

Paul: That's when I told Isabella she had to move out.

Lynne: Paul, you're doing the right thing. I absolutely believe that. Can I help you? Can I scout out some places, make some calls?

Paul: I circled a couple places in the newspaper. Some buildings I know would be perfect for her purposes.

Lynne: A great apartment could go in a flash. You want me to call?

Paul: That's all right. It's late. Why don't you go to bed? I'll take care of this.

Lynne: Paul, I'd like to help.

Paul: Go to bed. That's an order.

Lynne: You'll make the calls.

Paul: Yeah. I'll do it right now. Yes. I'm calling about the one bedroom on Sycamore? Is that still available? It is.

Victor: It sounds to me like Nicholas went all out.

Katherine: In grand Newman fashion.

Victor: To be frank with you, I'm glad he and his wife are able to move on.

Katherine: We're all grateful for that.

Victor: Except for one thing that bothers me.

Katherine: What?

Victor: I heard Nicholas was making a plea on Larry Wartonís behalf.

Katherine: You haven't heard the latest from that yet?

Victor: I hope reason prevailed. Larry Warton is a serious criminal. He deserves to be behind bars for a long, long time.

Katherine: Come on, Victor. He saved your son.

Victor: It doesn't change the fact he's a serious criminal. He's a felon. I seriously doubt they're going to reduce his sentence any time soon.

Nikki: Well, hello, Larry. You here to report in?

Larry: Yes, ma'am.

Nikki: How'd your first day go?

Larry: Real well, thank you. The people I dealt with seemed very cool. I have no problems doing the work.

Nikki: Good.

Larry: The guy at personnel was explaining to me about the benefits that you guys have, medical, dental and a pension? I've never had anything like that before. It kind of blows me away that a janitor would get all of that.

Nikki: Jabot knows how to treat its employees.

Larry: I'll say.

Nikki: I'm glad you're happy. Is there something else?

Larry: Actually, Mrs. Newman, there is. I need to hit you up for something right now.

Ashley: Okay. So you overheard.

Jack: I overheard. You have been quiet lately. I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. If this is a major slam fest on Phyllis, Iíll --

Brad: Cool your jets. Ash was about to ask you about my daughter Colleen.

Jack: What about her?

Brad: If she comes to visit this summer, Traci may prefer her to stay at your place.

Jack: I have no problem with that. I'm sure Dad would love to have her.

Brad: We're concerned Phyllis might be an issue.

Jack: Why would Phyllis be an issue?

Brad: Jack, if you were father of a young girl, you would have some serious doubts.

Jack: You think Colleen is going to be corrupted on sight?

Brad: So far, Phyllis has behaved herself. I need you to keep her on a short leash.

Jack: Now Phyllis is a dog, is that it? You might want to get your husband a copy of "How to Win Friends". He's trying to talk me out of it.

Ashley: He's being protective.

Brad: It's a hope of mine. I haven't talked to Traci yet.

Jack: I am fine with Colleen being at the house. So is Phyllis. As long as you don't keep throwing around these ugly accusations.

Brad: Well, I am finished here for the day. I am going to head home.

Ashley: I'll finish up in the lab and Iíll be there shortly. You go ahead.

Brad: See you later. Jack.

Sharon: Oh, Nicholas.

Nicholas: So, are you cold?

Sharon: A little. But I don't want to go back inside yet. It's so beautiful out here.

Nicholas: I have seen to it that you won't be cold the rest of the evening.

Sharon: A hot tub?

Nicholas: With bubbles inside. And out.

Sharon: What haven't you thought of?

Nicholas: Well, I haven't thought of a toast. I'm going to have to improvise. To us.

Sharon: You are so wonderful. To us.

Katherine: Victor, darling, I know very little about this Warton fellow other than what happened at the trial.

Victor: Consider yourself lucky for not knowing everything about Warton. The list of crimes this man committed, I doubt they will turn him loose any time soon.

Katherine: Keeping your eye on the situation, I would imagine --

Victor: Where is Nikki?

Katherine: By the way, would this present possibly be for Nikki? You could give it to her personally.

Victor: You have always been able to talk me into doing things, haven't you? Well, okay. Take that package down to the kids, okay?

Katherine: Good idea.

Nikki: I beg your pardon?

Larry: This is kind of embarrassing for me. Ever since I got out of jail, with the new apartment and security deposits and then groceries, that was pretty much all the cash that I had. I called down to Milwaukee at the boarding house I was staying in and asked the landlord to send me up my stuff. Since I hadn't paid rent in a couple months, he tossed it all. I'm short on clothing.

Nikki: I see. I think a personal loan would be inappropriate. So tell you what I'll do. I will call payroll in the morning and arrange for an advance. Would that be all right?

Larry: That's great. Thank you.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Are you telling me you have absolutely nothing?

Larry: I have just what's on my back.

Nikki: You're going to need something to wear. You know, I have boxes of clothing in my attic at home, just things we have accumulated over the years. Lots of men's  clothing.

Larry: I'm not looking for suits or anything like that.

Nikki: There's lots of casual things. I'm sure they'll fit you. I want you to have them. They'll save you money.

Larry: Thank you very much, Mrs. Newman. I really appreciate it. You'll bring them in the morning?

Nikki: That would be fine. Wait a minute. You're going to need something to wear to work in the morning. Why don't you come out now and get them?

Larry: Are you sure about that?

Nikki: Sure. Let's go.

Sharon: Never, ever in my entire life --

Nicholas: Me, either. Look at all those stars.

Sharon: Look, look.

Nicholas: Yeah a shooting star. So?

Sharon: Oh, forget it, mister.

Nicholas: What do you mean forget it? We're grown up. This isn't a birthday cake.

Sharon: I wish that I could feel the way that I do right now for the rest of my life.

Isabella: Where's Lynne?

Paul: She wasn't feeling well. I sent her straight to bed.

Isabella: I hope she'll feel better in the morning.

Paul: I'm sure she will. That apartment we talked about is still available. I rented it for you. Don't start worrying. It's in a great neighborhood.

Isabella: Is it nearby?

Paul: No. It's across town.

Isabella: I see.

Paul: I think you'll like it. It's another building on a quiet street. Security's not a problem. It's out of the way. So we'll go over tomorrow so you can have a look?

Isabella: Does it have to be?

Paul: I'm afraid so, Isabella. For a number of reasons. [Phone ringing] Hello. Hello, is anyone there?

Jack: These diatribes about Phyllis are starting to get to me.

Ashley: I'll make you a deal. Promise me Phyllis living with you does not make Dad feel uncomfortable in his own home.

Jack: In time, Phyllis will have the old guy eating out of her hand. When we're talking about Colleen earlier, was it me or were you acting a bit strangely?

Ashley: I guess it's you.

Jack: I don't think so. What is it? The prospect of having your niece coming to visit make you a little uncomfortable?

Sharon: You know, I have felt like a queen the entire evening. It's been one incredible surprise after the next.

Nicholas: Can you handle one more?

Sharon: Oh, it's beautiful.

Larry: Wow. This is a really beautiful place you have here.

Nikki: Thank you. I'm sure you want to get back to town as soon as possible.

Larry: Yes, ma'am.

Nikki: Come with me. The third door on the left will take you to the attic. There will be lots of boxes there. You want the one marked "men's clothing, casual".

Larry: You want me to go through them up in the attic?

Nikki: Take them back home and try them on and whatever doesn't fit give to the homeless shelter.

Larry: Okay. Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Victor where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Christine: It's me again.

Paul: Chris. Um, I was just about to call you back.

Christine: Were you?

Paul: Well, yeah. I assumed you had to be feeling the same way I was after we hung up before.

Christine: It wasn't a very pleasant phone call.

Paul: I have done some thinking and I wanted to tell you --

Christine: I have some news for you first. I've taken a job in Australia.

Paul: You what?!

Christine: Given the current situation, I have no reason to rush home.

Paul: I can't believe you didn't talk to me first.

Christine: The way we communicated lately, I didn't see much point.

Paul: How long will this take?

Christine: A couple of months at least.

Paul: You took a case that will keep you away from home for a couple of months without you consulting me?

Christine: You didn't consult me about your current living situation.

Paul: She needs to be safe.

Christine: Is she beautiful?

Paul: It doesn't matter. Isabella is moving out. I got her another apartment. She could be gone as soon as tomorrow.

Christine: That's supposed to re-assure me?

Paul: You told me how much it bothered you. I got her an apartment and that's what I was going to call and tell you.

Christine: It sounds like a husband cleaning things up before his wife returns.

Paul: What are you implying?

Christine: It's not just the woman's presence in our apartment or the way you leap to her defense every chance you get.

Paul: Wait one minute!

Christine: You wouldn't meet me halfway and said you wouldn't have time when I offered to come all the way home. I get the message, Paul.

Paul: You are misunderstanding everything.

Christine: The decision is made. The good news is you don't have to go through with the move. Isabella can stay, and you can pick up where you left off. If I recall, you were in the shower!

Phyllis: I am blown away by Christine's Australian adventure.

Michael: I am pleased for the firm.

Michael: I'm pleased for a number of reasons.

Phyllis: That's a sure sign you have seen better days.

Michael: Insufficient evidence.

Phyllis: You don't want to get your hopes up.

Michael: Christine is aware that's two more months away from her husband.

Phyllis: They are not officially separated.

Michael: Not that she would tell me.

Phyllis: I think she would.

Michael: It's a very sore subject. I try not to pry.

Phyllis: How sensitive.

Michael: I'm trying to keep indifferent.

Phyllis: She still keeping you at arm's length?

Michael: I guess you could put it that way.

Phyllis: I guess I could.

Michael: What? Why are you looking at me that way?

Phyllis: Something else is going on here. I'm not leaving this room until you tell me what it is.

Brad: Thank you, Francis. Have you got everything?

Francis: Yes. I'll see you in the morning.

Brad: Okay. Great.

Traci: Um, surprise.

Brad: Traci.

Traci: Brad, Iím really sorry. We didn't mean to startle you.

Brad: Yeah, you sure did. But in a good way. Hi.

Colleen: Hello.

Brad: Well, come in. Come in, please.

Traci: Thank you.

Brad: Oh, this is Abbyís nanny, Francis. Francis, this is my daughter, Colleen, and her mom, Traci.

Francis: Pleasure to meet you both.

Traci: Thank you. You too.

Francis: I should be going. Good night.

Brad: Good night. Thank you. Drive carefully. Well, this is an incredible surprise. It's wonderful to see you.

Traci: And all the way from Paris. What do you think of that?

Nikki: Where did you come from?

Victor: I was seeing the kids. I was waiting for you to come home. I guess Nicholas took Sharon out for quite an evening.

Nikki: Yeah, he did.

Victor: Are you all right?

Larry: These clothes are great, Mrs. Newman. Thanks! Wow, I couldnít resist putting this on, it feels like silk.

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