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Billy: I've missed you, Mac.

Mackenzie: I've missed you too, Billy.

Billy: I don't want this to change forever.

Mackenzie: Me neither.

Billy: What is it? Mac?

Jill: I am warning you, Jack. You tell me what's going on with my son.

Jack: What makes you think I know anything?

Jill: I can see it in your eyes. Bringing a new girl to the glow by Jabot House in a week.

Jack: I'm standing up for my brother.

Jill: Don't pass it off as brotherly concern. I bet your sex toy Phyllis is into this. She trying to get you to sabotage Jabot so brash & sassy can benefit?

Brad: Why don't we settle this now?

Jill: How?

Brad: Talking to Billy.

Jill: Fine, just as soon as Jack tells us where he is.

Olivia: Any news?

Michael: I have been going over precedence in your case. He gave up his visitation rights long ago.

Olivia: When we were divorced.

Michael: He wasn't interested in any relationship with the boy then or at least it can be interpreted that way.

Olivia: And if with the filing of the suit?

Michael: We can make it look like a vindictive act to get back at you.

Olivia: What about his relationship with Callie? It almost got my son killed.

Michael: An irrational and impulsive act as well as a man that speaks his mind.

Olivia: Is that good or bad?

Michael: All these things can work for us.

Olivia: Should I be encouraged?

Michael: To a degree.

Olivia: But you have concerns.

Michael: We have to look realistic.

Olivia: What are you saying? My son will have this whole thing on his shoulders?

Malcolm: A little H20 for you on the rocks.

Nate: Thanks, Dad. This is for my art class.

Mamie: These are terrific, Nate.

Malcolm: Yes, they are. I will shoot the pictures. You sit there and make them. You got me beat.

Nate: I drew it for you. It's true, Dad.

Malcolm: I'm getting that idea. Why do I have that big, ole watermelon head?

Mamie: This is wonderful, Nate.

Malcolm: Come here, you, it is good.

Nate: I wanted to put it up in my room but I didn't want Mommy to get mad.

Malcolm: Why don't we make a tale. When your school project is finished, can I get this picture?

Nate: Sure.

Malcolm: I will hang it up in my studio and tell all my clients my little fellow made this for me. You think you can spin a few old oldies for your dear old dad?

Mamie: I wish Olivia felt the same way.

Malcolm: You know, Mamie, she may not have a choice.

Mamie: What do you mean?

Malcolm: What I mean is I have spoken to my attorney. The papers will be filed soon. Little Nate and I won't have to sneak around too much longer to see each other.

Victoria: Look, Dad, if you're trying to bring me down.

Victor: I am not trying to bring you down. I doubt Ryan will be free of his wife any time soon.

Victoria: I wish you would cut him some slack.

Victor: I have done that. You know I have done that. I used to have my reservations about him but I don't anymore. I also respect the fact he hasn't abandoned his wife in her hour of need.

Victoria: Why are you so concerned?

Victor: Getting involved with a married man who still has obligations to his wife.

Tricia: This is what I need, to be close to you, to be safe in your arms. I haven't felt this way in -- in I can't remember how long.

Ryan: Tricia, what is it?

Tricia: I'm just confused because it seems like forever since you've held me. But you're my husband. We're together every night, aren't we?

Ryan: Relax. Relax. Don't worry.

Tricia: Why can't I remember anything? Ryan, what's wrong? What's happening to me?

Ryan: Everything's going to be all right.

Tricia: I want to believe that. I keep feeling things, these horrible things, these thoughts in my head.

Ryan: It's okay. It's all right.

Sharon: Well, the kids are drawing pictures of their favorite favorite animals. Thanks for taking them, Mom.

Doris: No problem, sweetheart. Is something wrong, sweetheart?

Sharon: What could be wrong?

Doris: But what Matt Clark almost did to you.

Sharon: I don't want to talk about Matt Clark, not ever again.

Doris: I understand that. You had a traumatic experience.

Sharon: It will take a while to get over it but it's going to be fine.

Nicholas: Hey, ladies. What's shaking?

Sharon: Just waiting for my husband to get home.

Nicholas: I'm glad you're here, can you hang out for a while?

Nicholas: Good. Katherine's on her way over too.

Sharon: What's going on. Daddy!

Nicholas: Hey, guys.

Noah: Daddy, look.

Nicholas: There's a tiger, isn't it?

Cassie: Grandma took us to the zoo today.

Nicholas: The zoo? Did she show you the tickle monster too?!

Sharon: I'm going to make some coffee. You want tomorrow?

Doris: No thank you, honey.

Nicholas: Team, huddle up. Can you keep a secret?

Cassie: Yeah.

Nicholas: I'm working on something special for your mommy.

Noah: What is it, Daddy?

Nicholas: Katherine is going to play with you too.

Cassie: Can I go swimming?

Doris: As long as Miguel joins us.

Cassie: Tell us what you're doing for Mommy.

Nicholas: I'm not telling you. It's a surprise.

Sharon: What's going on?

Nicholas: Nothing, nothing.

Cassie: Nothing that I know of.

Neil: You think things have been moving that slowly?

Alex: This thing with Lawson medical can stretch out for months.

Neil: Billable hours.

Alex: I would like to wrap things up and move on to the next case.

Neil: Your time with Malcolm must make it fly by.

Alex: You have done a 180.

Neil: We have -- let's just say I let a lot of issues cloud my judgment.

Alex: But not anymore.

Neil: It's all behind us now. Time to move on. Hey, you know what? It's getting late. I don't want to take up any more of your time. Excuse me, may I get the check please?

Tricia: I'm sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: It's okay. (Doorbell sounding) I'll get it.

Tricia: No, don't open the door.

Ryan: Why not?

Tricia: It could be him.

Ryan: Who?

Tricia: I don't remember, but just don't open the door, okay?

Ryan: Honey, it's your father. All right?

Tricia: I'm going to wait in the room, okay?

Ryan: Okay.

Keith: How is she?

Ryan: She's not well. Her mind's all over the place. She can't remember anything. She's completely blocked it out. I found her cooking dinner for me like nothing's ever happened. She said she hoped she never disappointed me as a wife.

Keith: Good God. Ryan, this is Dr. Burns from the psychiatric hospital.

Ryan: It's better for me to wait out here with Dr. Walker while you and Tricia's father talk to her. 

Keith: What should we do?

Ryan: Try to re-assure her. When she's less agitated, let us know. 

Keith: Okay.

Ryan: Tricia, it's your father.

Tricia: Daddy. I'm so glad you could join us for dinner.

Keith: Sweetheart, Iím not here for dinner.

Tricia: You're not?

Keith: No.

Tricia: Then why are you here?

Keith: You left the hospital before they released you.

Tricia: Hospital? I'm fine.

Keith: You don't remember the car accident?

Tricia: Okay. Enough of this. I have to get dinner on the table.

Keith: We have to talk. Dr. Burns and Dr. Walker are here too.

Tricia: Ryan, you left the door open! You promised. You said you wouldn't let anyone in but Daddy.

Ryan: They're here to help you.

Tricia: Help me? Why?

Sharon: All right. What's going on?

Cassie: Nothing, Mommy.

Nicholas: Nothing. I was just telling them how much I want to take you horseback riding.

Sharon: Now?

Nicholas: Yeah. It's been so long and it's a perfect day for it.

Sharon: It's been a while.

Nicholas: We'll saddle up the horses and go up to the ridge.

Noah: Can we go too?

Cassie: We're going swimming, remember?

Doris: I'll stay with the kids.

Sharon: That's okay, Mom. I don't think Iím up for a ride. Swimming sounds good though. What do you say, honey?

Neil: Thanks a lot.

Alex: How much do I owe you?

Neil: No, no, my treat.

Alex: No, Neil.

Neil: Alex, I want to.

Alex: Thanks.

Neil: Well, well, what do you know.

Alex: Olivia and Michael Baldwin.

Neil: Strategizing no doubt.

Alex: That worries you, doesn't it?

Neil: Olivia and Malcolm fighting over Nate, yes, it worries me.

Alex: Sometimes painful situations can't be avoided.

Neil: Bottom line, Nate is the one who's going to suffer here.

Alex: You always think kids get messed up because their parents don't love them enough. But sometimes it's because the parents love them too much.

Neil: Speaking from personal experience? Alex, if you want to talk.

Alex: No, you can't change the past. No child is a piece of cake.

Neil: True. Some are a lot more difficult than others.

Alex: Sometimes you don't want to think about it at all.

Neil: I wonder if you can really block out that kind of pain.

Alex: Well, you know we hope Nate makes it through this okay.

Neil: With Michael Baldwin teaming up with Olivia, I don't know.

Alex: He's an excellent attorney. He usually gets clients what they want. As a lawyer, Michael Baldwin has to tell her.

Neil: Assuming he's being honest and giving her good advice.

Alex: You have reason to think he isn't?

Neil: With that man, you never know what he's up to.

Billy: Mac, what is it?

Mackenzie: We can't do this, Billy. It's wrong.

Billy: What? Mac, we have wasted so much time lying to ourselves, pretending we haven't cared about each other.

Mackenzie: None of that matters anymore.

Billy: How can you say that?

Mackenzie: There's a reason I didn't tell you about the tape.

Billy: You were worried I would freak out.

Mackenzie: That was part of it. I thought if we got back together again and got our hopes up, we'd realize it wouldn't work out and get hurt all over again.

Billy: Wait a minute, if this is about Brittany -- Mac, it's over.

Mackenzie: No it isn't, Billy, not completely.

Sharon: Where is everybody?

Nicholas: They're lounging down at the pool.

Sharon: Already?

Nicholas: I want to talk to you again about that ride I proposed. The north ridge is an amazing view. You can see the whole ranch.

Sharon: It sounds amazing. I would rather --

Nicholas: Look, when I was locked up, all I could see was that spot. That spot is the most amazing thing in the world and please come with me.

Sharon: All right. If it means that much to you.

Nicholas: Cool. Let's go get changed.

Sharon: Okay.

Jill: Well, Jack, we're waiting.

Jack: You're his mother.

Jill: You're oh, so close to him.

Jack: I called a meeting. He couldn't make it. I cancelled the meeting. End of story.

Jill: One way or the other, I am going to get to the bottom of this.

(Phone ringing) The customer you are trying to reach is currently unavailable or out of range. Please try again later.

Brad: No luck?

Jill: Billy's unavailable.

Brad: We'll touch base later. Come on. There's something I want to show you.

Jack: You'll get your answers, Jill. It may not be the answers you want, but you'll get your answers.

Victoria: Look, I'm not concerned about Ryan's marriage.

Victor: Why? Because you're refusing to see what a complicated situation this is?

Victoria: Are you suggesting I just walk away?

Victor: You have a relationship with Ryan McNeil. You know it's going to be difficult.

Victoria: Relationships usually are.

Victor: You're brushing this off.

Victoria: And you're blowing it out of proportion.

Victor: Listen to me carefully. I have lived longer than you have. If Ryan McNeilís wife is institutionalized, he will be there to help her.

Victoria: But he'll come home to me.

Victor: Perhaps.

Victoria: Why are you doing this?

Victor: I worry about you. I love you, okay?

Victoria: Don't worry about me. Support me. Listen, Tricia is going to be out of our lives very soon. Ryan and I are going to move on together. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Victor: Don't say I didn't warn you, okay?

You seem to be doing just fine, Trish.

Tricia: I could have told you that. Ryan, I wish they would leave.

Reese: This is Dr. Burns. She's a colleague of mine.

Tricia: You want to check me out too?

That won't be necessary, Tricia.

Tricia: Why are you here?

To explain where we're going now.

Tricia: You know what? I'm not going anywhere. I have dinner in the oven and my husband and my father haven't eaten.

Keith: There's nothing to be afraid of.

That's right. It's a place where everybody is working to make sure you get better. We all know you want to get better, Tricia.

Tricia: Ryan, what is she talking about? Oh, yeah. Now I know what you mean. Talking about a mental hospital? You want to commit me? I'm not going to leave. I'm not going, okay? I am not -- not -- I'm not going.

Nicholas: All set?

Sharon: You know, maybe we should do this another time.

Nicholas: No, no. Today's the perfect day for it. I really want to go.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nicholas: Baby, this is more than just taking in an awesome view. This is about us spending some time alone together. And I want that. Don't you?

Sharon: You're a very persuasive man.

Nicholas: I promise you that you are not going to be disappointed.

Billy: Mac, I swear it is over between Brittany and me.

Mackenzie: You say that now.

Billy: I would never be with you like this if it wasn't. You don't believe me?

Mackenzie: It's not that.

Billy: What is it? Are you afraid of Brittany? Let her freak out. I don't care.

Mackenzie: Billy, you don't understand.

Billy: Then, Mac, please tell me.

Mackenzie: Brittany and I are completely different.

Billy: So?

Mackenzie: Do you really want to go back to just holding hands and kissing?

Billy: Is that what this is about? Mac, I would not trade what we have for sex.

Mackenzie: Billy, even if you mean that, it would still be hanging over our heads knowing that you and Brittany -- Iíd feel like I had to do it too.

Billy: I wouldn't pressure you.

Mackenzie: Maybe not on purpose.

Billy: Listen to me, Mac, listen to me. Being with you is the only thing that matters now.

Mackenzie: If we got back together and broke up again, I couldn't go through that, okay?

Billy: Mac, you talked about not having faith in me before. Please have faith in me now.

Olivia: Michael, you are not giving me any straight answers. Is Nate's testimony critical to our case?

Michael: The greater your son articulates his feeling, the greater the impact on the judge. Are you so intent on keeping him and Malcolm apart?

Olivia: Yes. This is a difficult transition. Give it some time.

Michael: I'm afraid we don't have that luxury.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Michael: I heard from Malcolm's attorney. They intend to file next week.

Olivia: Is there any way we can delay?

Michael: There are some things I can try.

Olivia: You think the judge will see through it.

Michael: I prefer not to go that route. Is there any way you can buy us some time?

Olivia: Maybe there is. No answer at Malcolm's studio. I'll track him down later. In the meantime, I think I will see my son.

Michael: That's a good idea.

Olivia: He's with Aunt Mamie. They're probably at Crimson Lights. I'll catch them there.

Malcolm: Mamie, look at that. The sooner this situation is resolved, the better it's going to be for everyone.

Mamie: I'm glad I have been able to help bring you and Nate together but it's been very difficult for me.

Malcolm: Deceiving Olivia.

Mamie: I have created these coincidences because I believe your son needs you.

Malcolm: I need him too very badly. Mr. DJ, man, pick some cool ones?

Nate: All my favorites.

Malcolm: All your favorites? What about your dad?

Nate: Dad, I want to ask you something but Iím not sure I should.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, get over here. Why don't you let me be the judge of what you should or should not ask me.

Nate: Remember the big softball game last year?

Malcolm: Teacher appreciation day.

Nate: It's in a couple of weeks. I wondered if you could come.

Malcolm: You want me to hit the game winning home run again like I did last year.

Nate: I know you probably can't because of Mom and all.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, stop right there. Okay. Teacher appreciation day you said it's not for a couple of weeks, right?

Nate: End of the month.

Malcolm: I can't make you any guarantees but there might be a chance I can make it.

Nate: Really?

Malcolm: I said a chance. Don't get too excited. It is something we can hope for.

Keith: I'm not comfortable leaving her alone in there.

Ryan: Tricia's gone down the fire escape once before. She's also attempted suicide, correct? Twice. It's wise to keep a close eye on her. You really believe you can help her? I certainly intend to. But you can't make any promises. One thing for sure is Tricia seems to be most comfortable around you, Mr. McNeil. What are you saying? If you could accompany her to the hospital, it would make all the difference.

Tricia: Let me just talk to them. Ryan, I don't want to go.

Ryan: Trish, do you trust me?

Tricia: Yeah.

Ryan: Then I'm telling you need to go with your father and these doctors. I understand that it's important. I wouldn't ask you if it werenít. I'll go with you.

Tricia: You will?

Ryan: Yeah.

Tricia: Do you really think I need to do this?

Ryan: I do.

Tricia: All right. Fine. Can I get my things?

Keith: Certainly, sweetheart.

Jill: I can't believe you sided with Jack.

Sean: I didn't side with anyone. We're in this together.

Jill: Right. What is going on? This elevator's been stuck since we got here. Is that elevator down for repairs?

No, ma'am. Mr. Abbott told me to shut it down.

Jill: What? Mr. Abbott, Jack, Mr. Abbott?

Yes, ma'am.

Jill: Why?

I don't know. I was following orders.

Jill: I want it up and running right away.

Yes, Mrs. Abbott. Sorry to inconvenience you.

Jill: What is going on? Jack having an elevator shut down? I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Oh, well finally.

Nicholas: Amazing, isn't it?

Sharon: You're right. It's beautiful.

Nicholas: Told you it would be worth it.

Sharon: Hey, Nick, what's that?

Nicholas: Beats me.

Sharon: Well, it looks like some kind of a tent or something.

Nicholas: I wonder what it's doing out here in the middle of nowhere.

Sharon: Is your father having a party or something?

Nicholas: Not that I know of.

Sharon: What about your sister or your mom?

Nicholas: I think we would have heard something. Let's take a look inside.

Sharon: I don't think so. I'm heading back.

Nicholas: Come on. It'll be fun.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nicholas: Come on. One peek and we'll go.

Sharon: All right.

Why haven't you called me?

(Phone ringing)

Victoria: Ryan, where are you?

Ryan: The apartment.

Victoria: You couldn't find Tricia's phone number?

Ryan: Didn't need it. She's here.

Victoria: Did you call Keith?

Ryan: He's here too with Dr. Walker and a psychiatrist.

Victoria: They're going to take her away.

Ryan: That's the plan.

Victoria: Why haven't you called me? I've been worried sick. Why don't we talk about it later. Where do you want to meet?

Ryan: Actually, Vic, I can't see you for a while.

Victoria: Why not?

Ryan: The doctors asked me to come along with them when they take Tricia to the hospital.

Victoria: Why?

Ryan: They're afraid she won't go without me.

Victoria: Why don't you call me when you get through with --

Ryan: I'm sorry. I've got to go. You ready?

Nate: You really like my drawings, Dad?

Malcolm: You bet I like them. These right here, they tell a story.

Nate: What do you mean?

Malcolm: Like what you're thinking. What you're feeling. What you have on your mind at the time.

Nate: That's the picture of you?

Malcolm: Exactly.

Nate: You're always on my mind, Dad.

Malcolm: You're always on mine too. Don't you doubt it. I love you, kid.

Mamie: I hate to break this up but Nate, we really need to go.

Nate: Already?

Mamie: Afraid so.

Nate: Can't we stay a while longer, Aunt Mamie, please?

Malcolm: What's the big deal?

Jill: What in the name of heavens going on?

Billy: Don't start, Mom.

Jill: Not you and Mackenzie.

Billy: I mean it, Mom.

Jill: Donít you speak to me that way.

Billy: Bye, Mom.

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