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Brittany: Billy, wait. Before you see that tape, there's something I have to tell you.

Billy: Brittany, not now. Mac made such a big deal out of this. I'm going to see the tape.

Brittany: You acted like you cared about me, but it was a lie. You and Mac played me like a fool.

Billy: Why are you bringing that up now? What does this have to do with the tape?

Brittany: I was suspicious. When you asked if I wanted to go to the movies I told you I wasn't feeling well and left. I came back because I knew you would be with Mac and I was right. I saw you kissing her.

Rianna: Nothing gets past Brittany.

J.T.: Are you surprised? She finds a tape that says they never did the deed?

Rianna: Why would Brittany leave the tape at the pool house?

Raul: Mac, tonight think like Brittany. It never occurred to Brittany that Mac would find out about it and steal it.

Rianna: How did Mac find out about the tape?

Raul: You told her.

J.T.: Who cares? Brit's not stupid. She would have figured it out.

Raul: You couldn't let it go, could you?

J.T.: I never took an oath of silence.

Rianna: Now it comes down to the word between Mac and Brittany.

Raul: J.T. and I saw what's on the tape. Billy has to believe the three of us.

Brad: Abby finally asleep?

Ashley: Yeah. She needed her mommy, that's all.

Brad: It was quite a day, huh?

Ashley: It was great to see Traci. It's so seldom that she visits.

Brad: She looks good, doesn't she?

Ashley: She looks great. Who am I kidding? It was incredibly awkward. You know we have always had issues. I've been worried how our marriage would affect my relationship with her.

Brad: See? Now you know you have nothing to worry about.

Ashley: Are you surprised how smoothly the whole thing went?

Brad: No, not really. I mean, Traci moved on with her life a long time ago. She and Steve have been married for years. They have a wonderful life in New York. Traci and I have a daughter. That's all that's left of our marriage.

Traci: Is this my imagination or did you and Brad react strangely when I made that comment about Abby?

Ashley: I guess Dad didnít tell you.

Traci: About what?

Ashley: Brad isn't Abby's biological daughter.

Traci: Oh, I am so sorry.

Isabela: Paul, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the party at the Newmanís.

Paul: It was fun, wasn't it?

Isabela: It's been ages since I relaxed like that. Nicholas sounds grateful.

Paul: Aww shucks, ma'am. Sometimes everything works out and there's a happy ending. That's why I'm a private investigator.

Isabela: The happy ending?

Paul: That and play cops and robbers.

Isabela: I would like to cook you dinner.

Paul: Are you kidding? I'm still stuffed from the party. It's a note from Lynne. It says she and Marissa won't be back until very late.

Michael: You know, I investigated that job in Cairns. It's quite intriguing. Not only is it very lucrative it goes a long way to solidifying our reputation as an international firm.

Chantal: What about Christine's husband? Do you think she would want to be away from Paul the rest of the summer?

Ryan: So you're going to forget about Alex.

Neil: That's what I said. Up until today when I had this talk I hadn't even admitted I was attracted to Alex. Now that I have, Iíll deal with it.

Ryan: By denying your feelings?

Neil: By acting like an adult. You don't jump on every beautiful chick you see, do you?

Ryan: If I don't have anything else going on.

Neil: Ryan, I will not allow another woman to come between my brother and me. I will not allow it to happen again. My brother's about to go through a very rough time to fight for visitation for his son. That does not include getting action off his girl.

Victoria: Ryan, your secretary said I could find you here.

Neil: Why don't you use my office to talk? I have somewhere else to go.

Victoria: Bad timing?

Phyllis: Thank you. Cheers.

Jack: Cheers. About our conversation earlier. You seemed, I don't know, maybe a little spooked about the idea of having kids.

Phyllis: No, no, it's not like I took it personally. We were just getting to know each other. Speaking of kids, the Glow by Jabot kids, Iím going to have to avoid them if they're working this summer. That's too bad because I really like those kids. You can't have your chief competitor looking over your shoulder.

Jack: Sweetheart, you live here now.

Phyllis: It could get sticky.

Jack: We'll make it work.

Phyllis: How are Billy and Brittany doing? Are they doing okay?

Jack: Do you have reason to speculate otherwise?

Phyllis: No. I'll just drop it. It's none of my concern.

Victoria: Things seem kind of tense between you and Neil.

Ryan: Not really. How was the party for your brother?

Victoria: Good. The kids are thrilled to have their dad back.

Ryan: Sorry I couldn't make it.

Victoria: I missed you. Nicholas appreciates everything you did for him.

Ryan: It was my pleasure.

Victoria: You have done a lot for my family and my brother. No one will forget that. So I covered the party. You know, there's something I really want to talk to you about.

Ryan: What's that?

Victoria: I haven't wanted to bring it up because of the whole mess with Nicholas, but --

Ryan: You're wondering about us, where do we go from here, right?

Malcolm: Alex, come on now. Just say it. I won't fall apart. What are you trying to do, break up with me?

Alex: No.

Malcolm: Okay. Then what?

Alex: Why do you think there's only me and my work?

Malcolm: I'm getting hazy signals from you. Why are you being indirect?

Alex: It's not you. It's just that things are very confusing these days, and they have been since I arrived in Genoa City.

Malcolm: You're trying to find a way to clear the fog?

Alex: Something like that.

Malcolm: Okay. I think I have a pretty good idea where you're coming from.

Alex: Do you?

Malcolm: You came to town for a job. You're probably thinking it'll go down like any other gig that you have. Instead you're butting heads with my brother. You end up with a family crisis. You try to help me out with my son and you catch a whole lot of heat from my ex-wife.

Alex: It's a bit overwhelming especially for someone who focuses on her work. Malcolm, I was just thrown off-balance and I found myself doing things I have never done in my life.

Malcolm: Like pushing Neil's buttons.

Alex: Yeah. It's not like me to do that.

Malcolm: You push buttons in court.

Alex: That's different. Why do I find myself baiting someone because I'm dating his brother?

Malcolm: I admit things got off to a weird start. All of that is behind us, baby.

Alex: I'm not sure Neil's ever going to get over this.

Malcolm: That's his problem, not ours. Do you think it's that important to him? Sweetheart, the way I see it, what happens between you and me is strictly between the two of us.

Brad: You know, I only have one regret about Traci's visit.

Ashley: That she didn't bring your daughter?

Brad: Yeah. I would have loved to have seen Colleen.

Ashley: I'm sure you miss her a lot, huh?

Brad: I do. I wonder if she's ready to deal with having two fathers. I really would like to play a more major role in her life.

[Doorbell sounding]

Ashley: Daddy, what a nice surprise.

John: I hope I'm not barging in.

Brad: You're always welcome here, you know that.

John: I was at Ginaís and she insisted I bring you two guys a cappuccino cheesecake.

Ashley: You seem to be spending an awful lot of time with Gina.

Brad: Is there something we should know about?

John: No. I wanted to talk to you about Traci's visit. When I mentioned you two to Traci earlier, I got the distinct feeling she didn't want to be here.

Ashley: Really?

John: I hope it's not true, but how did your visit go?

Brad: It was a bit awkward.

Ashley: Overall, I think it went pretty well.

John: Maybe I misread her.

Ashley: You're awfully perceptive, Dad. Especially when it comes to your kids.

John: I'm obviously wrong this time.

Brad: Want to join us for cheesecake?

John: I already had dessert.

Ashley: You just got here.

John: I have to drop some things off at the office.

Brad: Thanks for the cheesecake.

Okay, there you go.

Traci: Thank you.

David: I heard from the publicity guys. We have five more cities. We can extend your tour through this month, probably into the next.

Traci: David, Iím not sure I want to do that.

David: You're kidding. When we started the tour, I got the feeling you welcomed the distraction.

Traci: Because my husband and daughter are in Europe. They're not going to be gone as long as I thought. I have been re-assessing things. I'm just not sure that's what I want to do.

Billy: You never said a word.

Brittany: Because I felt so betrayed.

Billy: Why did you act like you didn't know?

Brittany: I feel really crummy about this. I let my anger get the best of me.

Billy: What are you saying, Brit?

Mackenzie: What she's saying is --

Brittany: I'll tell him, okay?! What the tape shows, you fell asleep before anything happened that night. But you believed -- it didn't happen. We didn't make love that night, Billy.

Raul: You're going to back Mackenzie up if she needs our help, right?

J.T.: I'm not getting involved with this.

Raul: Maybe because we're all friends. You don't mind babbling to Brittany about the tape but you don't want to clear Mac.

J.T.: Get off my back.

Raul: You're awfully concerned about Mac these days.

J.T.: Like I said, she's my friend.

Raul: Is that all she is?

J.T.: What are you getting at?

Raul: Why are you so worried Mac wants to go back with Billy? Is it you're afraid she'll get hurt or because you want her yourself?

J.T.: You guys are losing it. I have work to do.

Raul: It's getting complicated.

Rianna: Hi, Esther, it's Rianna. Is Mac there? Okay. Thanks.

Raul: Not home?

Rianna: Nope.

Raul: I have a pretty good guess where she might be.

Alex: Malcolm, I work --

Neil: Hey, Malcolm. Hi, Alex.

Alex: Neil, hi.

Neil: Hi. Okay if I join you?

Malcolm: Sure. Have a seat.

Neil: Thanks. How was your day, man? Photograph any supermodels?

Malcolm: No. Nothing that glamorous.

Neil: Enough of the chitchat. You're wondering what Iím doing sitting in this chair talking to you.

Malcolm: You have me a little curious.

Neil: Especially with all the attitude I have been giving you.

Alex: If you want me to leave --

Neil: This is about you too, Alex. I want you to stay.

Malcolm: I'll bite. What's on your mind?

Neil: Malcolm, I think it's time we put everything out on the table.

Michael: That's Christine's call.

Chantal: Do you think she'll consider it?

Michael: Why not? It's a fabulous opportunity.

Chantal: No offense, but why our firm?

Michael: They heard about Chris' work in Hong Kong and they are very impressed.

Chantal: Anything specific about the job?

Michael: It's more of a consultant assignment.

Chantal: That's pressure.

Michael: My guess is Chris would spend most of her time snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

Chantal: That's not bad duty.

Michael: Almost like the vacation she never took.

Chantal: Of course if she's willing to be separated from Paul that much longer.

Paul: I've got some iced tea. I have a pitcher in the fridge. Would you like a glass?

Isabela: Sounds good.

Paul: You know, we really haven't had a chance to discuss your case ever since you decided to stay in town. I'm not sure I have to.

Isabela: What do you mean?

Paul: Now I know you worked for your husband and his escort service, there's no reason why you can't tell me everything, right?

Isabela: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Paul: Being his bookkeeper, I'm sure there's a lot you can tell me, especially the backers to his business.

Isabela: I remember some of the names, not all of them. The ones that came after, I have a feeling they were calling the shots.

Paul: Shady characters?

Isabela: Yeah.

Paul: If they were involved in the money laundering.

Isabela: If you start poking around, don't you think you will stir up more trouble?

Paul: Afraid it will work against you?

Isabela: They will not admit they're after me. Personally, I don't want to make any waves.

Paul: I know what you're saying.

Isabela: And there hasn't been an incident in weeks.

Paul: I know. You can't live waiting for the other shoe to drop. That's no solution either.

Isabela: No, but I could stay on here and keep a low profile. Maybe they'll lose interest in me and go away.

Paul: Wishful thinking Iím afraid. Let me think about it a while longer and see if I can come up with a course of action that will be suitable for both of us.

Isabela: Don't you think that will take a long time?

Victoria: Yeah, I just want to know if there's a chance for us to have a future together.

Ryan: I'm not sure either of us can answer that question yet, Vic.

Victoria: You need more time.

Ryan: I think we both do. I'd hate to rush into anything.

Victoria: Yeah, sure, I understand that.

Ryan: Look, before we make any commitments, let's spend some more time together and see what happens.

Victoria: Okay. If that's how you feel.

Ryan: I know that's not what you want. It's a loose arrangement.

Victoria: I can live with it.

Ryan: Are you sure? I mean, you're not saying that for my benefit?

Ashley: I wonder if my dad was right, Traci really didn't want to see us.

Brad: She seemed pretty civil to me.

Ashley: Acting polite is one thing. She's very good at hiding her feelings.

Brad: If Traci is feeling something or not feeling something, it doesn't really affect our lives.

Ashley: I can't help it. Thinking back to the moment I told her you weren't Abby's real daddy.

Brad: She seemed surprised?

Ashley: I find her reaction a little unsettling.

Brad: What do you mean?

Ashley: It was almost -- how do I say this -- it was almost as if she was relieved.

Brad: Relieved?

Ashley: Yeah. That she's still the only one that actually has your child.

Jack: You know of some problems between Billy and Brittany?

Phyllis: Why do you ask?

Jack: Starting with the fact that Billy is my brother and I have a business relationship with the two of them.

Phyllis: I would be crossing the line if I --

Jack: You do know something.

Phyllis: I just wondered how they were.

Jack: Frankly, I would be surprised if that relationship amounts to anything. They have their problems.

Phyllis: They always work it out.

Jack: We should be relieved. We're counting on these kids to come through for us, be little professionals and here they are living their normal, confused, teenaged lives.

Phyllis: If you hire other kids, like actors to play the Glow by Jabot kids, it wouldn't work. Here they are dealing with real problems.

Jack: You're trying to make me feel better.

Phyllis: Yeah. Is it working?

Jack: It's kind of working. Thank you. [Doorbell sounding] I have to deal with it. Speak of the devil. Come on in.

Rianna: Hi, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: We were discussing a little business.

Raul: Is Billy around?

Jack: I don't think so.

Phyllis: Raul, it's great to see you up and about.

Raul: Thanks. I feel great.

Rianna: I'm so proud of him, the way he's been following doctor's orders. I feel you're overdoing it a bit.

Raul: I feel fine, baby.

Jack: The number of hits on the website; people are very worried about you. You could be a great influence on kids with diabetes.

Rianna: Is there doubt with the summer plans?

Jack: We stick with the winners. I want to talk to you one on one. You could be an important part of project. That is if you're okay with it. I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. Raul, are you uneasy focusing on your illness?

Raul: I don't know, Jack. I'd like to think about it. I'm sure it would be all right. If I could help somebody else, then --

Jack: Good, I'm glad to hear it. From the looks on your faces -- do you have some other reason to be concerned about this summer?

Billy: We didn't make love in the pool house that night?

Mackenzie: Not even close, Billy. You were dead to the world.

Billy: You saw the tape?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Nothing happened.

Billy: I saw the tape, too. It seemed so clear.

Mackenzie: Do you want to tell him or should I?

Brittany: There were two cameras, Billy, and two tapes. The one you saw and this one.

Brad: You really got the impression Traci was relieved Iím not Abby's biological father?

Ashley: I did. I told her you adopted Abby and she's as much your child as mine.

Brad: That's how I feel too. God willing, it won't be long before we have a baby together.

Ashley: A precious little brother or sister.

Brad: Yeah, that's the plan.

Ashley: Given Traci's reaction to Abby's paternity and the vibe my dad picked up on, maybe this whole thing with Traci is going to be as complex as we thought.

Brad: I sure hope not.

Ashley: Just get yourself prepared.

Brad: I am prepared. I know exactly where I stand. No one's attitude is going to change that.

Ashley: I hope you're right.

Brad: I'm right.

Ashley: I hate to say this; maybe it's for the best that Traci just doesn't come visit that often.

Brad: I have to tell you, Ash, Iím not sure I agree with you about that one.

[Phone ringing]

Colleen: Hello?

Traci: Hi, honey. How's the dance program going?

Colleen: Terrific.

Traci: Great. Are you learning a lot?

Colleen: I'll say. I had no idea how much I do know. I'll have a new pair of legs when I'm finished.

Traci: I'm getting a wonderful reception.

Colleen: I have a recital in a week and I would love you to be here.

Traci: My schedule's a little up in the air right now. We have to wait and see, okay?

Colleen: Okay. Do you want to talk to Dad?

Traci: You know, I don't have time right now, Colleen. What I would really rather do is talk to you.

Colleen: This is your third call and you still haven't spoken to him.

Traci: Honey, we talk. Don't you worry about this for a minute. Besides I have a question for you.

Colleen: What's that?

Traci: I know we haven't set any plans for the summer and I have a great idea. How would you like to go where you haven't been for a very long time: Genoa City?

Malcolm: Neil, I get the feeling this is about to be pretty heavy.

Neil: Shouldn't be. I'm here to apologize.

Malcolm: Really.

Neil: Yeah, that's right. I have been carrying around this grudge of mine for too long now.

Malcolm: Okay. I'm listening.

Neil: Malcolm, you told me more than once that at times I can behave like a stuffed shirt.

Malcolm: Hey, man, I never meant --

Neil: I know what you meant and you're right. Things have been stressful at work and maybe I have let that spill into other parts of my life. In any case, I won't give you any more flak about your relationship with Alex. I'm glad you two are happy together, I really am. And I would like to propose a toast, if I may.

Malcolm: You may. Let me get you a glass.

Neil: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Malcolm: Here you go.

Neil: Thanks. To Malcolm and Alex. May you two be very, very happy together, and may we all have bright days ahead of us.

Malcolm: Neil, hearing you say that means a lot to me. It means a lot to both of us, right, Alex?

Alex: Yes. Yes, it does.

Malcolm: Why don't you stick around and join us for dinner? I'll spring.

Neil: I wish I could. I phoned ahead for takeout. I have to cover for Victor while he's away. Maybe next time, huh? I have to go.

Malcolm: Neil, thanks. I'm glad things are back on an even keel for us.

Neil: I am, too. And take care of that lady. She's very special.

Malcolm: I'll do that.

Neil: Good night, Alex.

Alex: Good night, Neil.

Malcolm: Alex, looks to me like that things just got a whole lot simpler for us.

Paul: Well, I have to admit, I don't see a solution right now, an easy one anyway.

Isabela: There's a time limit though, isn't there? Your wife's returning soon.

Paul: Yeah, as soon as her case wraps up.

Isabela: Well, assuming she'll be coming home, shouldn't I be gone by then?

Paul: I'm not sure where Christine and I stand at the moment. But yeah, you're right. I assume when she does return, we will be living under the same roof. I don't want you to worry. I will find a safe place where you can live, no matter how long it takes. Isabela, Iím not going to let anything happen to you. Whether we're together or not. Look, you can trust me now, can't you?

Ryan: I guess that answers my question. I think we better get out of Neil's office.

Victoria: I think that's a good idea. What is it?

Ryan: I was thinking about the conversation I had with Neil earlier.

Victoria: The one I walked in on?

Ryan: Yeah. He's going through a rough time right now. You know what? He's going to make the right choice, as usual.

Victoria: Okay. I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.

Ryan: Remind me to fill you in sometime. You ready?

Victoria: All set.

[Phone ringing]

Michael: Baldwin.

Isabela: Michael, it's me.

Michael: Chantal, I need to take this in private. Thanks for the coffee.

Michael: Thank you. What is it, Isabela?

Isabela: He's in the other room. We need to talk.

Michael: What's going on?

Isabela: I have second thoughts.

Michael: You listened to your heart.

Isabela: I know, but --

Michael: Imagine if you left and you never gave this thing with Paul a chance; you never know what's going to happen.

Isabela: I know what's going to happen. Paul's wife is coming home soon.

Michael: There's time yet.

Isabela: I am just getting myself deeper and deeper. I'm the one that's going to get hurt.

Michael: Something happened since we last spoke?

Isabela: Paul and I are talking about how things stand with him and Christine, if she's going to move back in or not.

Michael: And?

Isabela: He said she would.

Michael: Don't worry. I'm way ahead of you.

Billy: There were two cameras?

Brittany: Phyllis put up an extra one.

Billy: The tape I saw, you were all over me. You got up and turned the camera off.

Mackenzie: This one goes beyond that.

Billy: Brittany, you told me what happened. We made love.

Brittany: I know. I'm sorry. I was so hurt and angry that --

Billy: We never made love?! My God, Brittany!

Brittany: We both made mistakes that summer, Billy, terrible mistakes.

Billy: I can't believe this! How could you do this?!

Brittany: All I can say in my defense is you hurt me. I was reacting.

Mackenzie: You think you were justified?

Brittany: Maybe it's just as well the truth came out. No more secrets. Besides it was a long time ago. Think about all that's happened since then. We could go on from here. Just tell me you forgive me, Billy.

Billy: Brittany, you're right. We both made a lot of mistakes last summer. But your mistake and mine, they don't even compare to each other. But Mac and I we were trapped. We had no choice but to deceive people so it didn't get back to my mother. But you purposefully and knowingly destroyed one relationship and created another out of nothing! Do you have any idea how rotten that is?!

Brittany: A lie is a lie! You were pretending with me because of what you were doing with Mac! You let me fall in love with you and all the time you were using me!

Billy: I don't see the point in discussing this any further.

Brittany: Billy, wait.

Billy: Get off me.

Mackenzie: Normally Iím not one to kick somebody when they're down. But in your case, I think Iím going to make an exception. Look at it.

Brittany: July 28th? That's not the day that --

Mackenzie: No, Brittany, it's not. I never made a copy of the tape that you destroyed. When you went to go get a soda, I flipped the tape from the box in my bag.

Brittany: You mean, you just --

Mackenzie: Yep. If youíd kept your mouth shut one more moment, you would have called my bluff. Your word against mine. But like you said, I think it's a good thing the truth came out. Don't you?

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