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Brittany: That's right, Mackenzie, the tape is gone.

Mackenzie: You took it?

Brittany: And shredded it to pieces. I may not be a saint like you. At least Iím not stupid. Talk about ruthless. You thought you had the perfect weapon. Now you have nothing. Poor Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: You're right, Brittany, I would be worried, if I hadn't made a copy.

Phyllis: You really think it's too soon?

Jack: To throw your first bash at the Abbott house? I think you have to earn your welcome first.

Phyllis: That's nonsense, Jack.

Jack: My family will come around. Give them time, okay?

Phyllis: What, in another millennium?

Jack: It will happen. Just be patient.

Phyllis: I have a great idea. For the 4th of July, why don't we throw a barbecue by the pool and invite some of our closest friends?

Jack: Who would they be?

Phyllis: Michael.

Jack: Baldwin? He's a barrel of monkeys.

Phyllis: And Malcolm and Alex. They'll come for sure, since I already invited him. Some people from work.

Jack: Wait a minute. You're not thinking of inviting Newman to this home, are you?

Cassie: Duck... Duck...

Nicholas: Thank you, Miguel.

Sharon: Are you playing duck, duck, goose?

Cassie: You're it.

Sharon: I don't think so.

Nicholas: Glad you could make it.

Victoria: I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Cassie: This is a special party for daddy.

Victoria: Yes, I know.

Noah: Daddy's home for good.

Nicholas: Yes I am, little man.

Victoria: Are you two ever going to stop partying?

Nicholas: No way. Last night was just a warm-up. Today's the real deal. Where's Ryan?

Victoria: He's still at the office.

Nicholas: He's coming, isn't he?

Victoria: I don't know. Between the hospital and getting back in the groove at work --

Nicholas: How's Tricia doing?

Victoria: Last I heard not well. Physically, I guess she's okay.

Nicholas: She was never one of my favorite people, but her deposition helped get me out of jail, so I hope everything works out for her. I think of Ryan and everything that guy did for me.

Victoria: He's one in a million.

Nicholas: It makes me wonder, with everything up in the air with Tricia, where does that leave the two of you?

Ryan: Look, Neil, Iím not trying to put you on the spot here. Your attitude has been all over the map. One minute you can't stand her, the next you can't stop talking about her.

Neil: Your point?

Ryan: It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Neil: So I find the lady interesting.

Ryan: That's it.

Neil: Ryan, why are you putting me through this?

Ryan: Maybe it's time you be honest with yourself. So you're going to let the woman walk away?

Neil: What choice do I have? She's involved with my brother.

Phyllis: You're very lucky. Malcolm's a great guy.

Alex: Yes, he is.

Phyllis: He's also one of my best friends. That's why if you have a couple of minutes, I would like to get to know you better since you're so important to him and vice versa.

Malcolm: Are you dreaming about me again? Don't say nothing. You're probably not. You're probably thinking about work. At least you took time out of your busy schedule to meet little ole me for some grub.

Alex: A girl's gotta eat, right?

Malcolm: A girl left alone with Phyllis, how'd that go?

Alex: All right, why?

Malcolm: I know Phyllis can be a lot to handle at times. I hope she didn't get on your case too much.

Michael: Hold my calls, Chantal. Thank you.

Michael: Why did you want to see me?

Olivia: My ex-husband is reopening the issue of visitation.

Michael: Malcolm waived custody in the divorce.

Olivia: Now he's ready to go to court.

Michael: You still don't want him to see your son.

Olivia: Absolutely not.

Michael: Olivia, before we begin, is this about getting back at Malcolm? Or do you solely have the well-being of your son at heart?

Olivia: Michael, this is about Nate and only Nate.

Michael: Olivia, this isn't the first time a woman --

Olivia: Use my child as a weapon? I can't believe you would think that I would --

Michael: Calm down, Olivia. You're a doctor. You have to ask personal questions with your patients. It doesn't help to come in here with your defenses up. I can only imagine how difficult this is for you.

Olivia: It is which is why I have the right to decide what's best for my son.

Brittany: You made a copy of the tape?

Mackenzie: That's right.

Brittany: You're bluffing.

Mackenzie: Am I?

Brittany: Why would you carry it around with you?

Mackenzie: I must be pretty stupid. It was a reminder never to trust you.

Brittany: I don't believe this.

Mackenzie: I can't -- I don't really care what you believe. Billy, that's a different story.

Brittany: Mackenzie!

Billy: What's going on?

Rianna: So, Einstein, you ready for finals?

Raul: I'm getting there.

Rianna: Do you have time to tutor me?

Raul: I always have time for you, babe.

J.T.: Get a room.

Raul: What do you want, man?

J.T.: I'm looking for Mac.

Raul: She split.

Rianna: She left after arguing with you.

Raul: Where do you get off spreading lies you guys are sleeping together?

J.T.: I didn't.

Raul: Bull. If you didn't spread the rumors, who did? It was Brittany, wasn't it? Why would she do something like that?

Victoria: I don't know what's in store for Ryan and me. I will say this, given the state of Tricia, I don't see him walking away.

Nicholas: Is that a problem?

Victoria: I don't think so.

Nicholas: Things that good, huh?

Victoria: I'm not complaining.

Nicholas: Then I won't either.

Victoria: Something smells good.

Nicholas: Miguel has been cooking all day. Why don't you get some?

Victoria: I think I will.

Nikki: Having a good time, honey?

Nicholas: Mom, I could be in a traffic jam right now and Iíd be having a good time.

Nikki: Have you been getting some vibes from Sharon?

Nicholas: No, what do you mean?

Nikki: I know she went through this horrible ordeal. I want to make sure she'll be okay.

Nicholas: It'll take time but I think she'll be okay.

Miguel: Look who's here!

Doris: Hello, hello. Nicholas.

Nicholas: Thank you for coming.

Doris: Nothing would have kept me from this celebration. Where's Victor?

Nicholas: He had to go to on a business trip.

Cassie: What about Mr. Warton? He helped you, didn't he, Daddy?

Nicholas: Yes, he did.

Cassie: Why did Victor say something that wasn't very nice?

Nikki: It's complicated.

Cassie: That's what you always say if you don't want me to know. I'll race you around the pool.

Sharon: You don't seem very down on Larry Warton. Did something happen when you and Nick visited him in jail?

Neil: There's no point talking about Alex.

Ryan: Because she's involved with your brother.

Neil: Maybe you're right. Maybe deep down Iíve had some feelings for the woman. It could be the reason why Iíve been giving her such a hard time.

Ryan: Now that you know --

Neil: Look, man, I don't know anything. It's one of the factors of the workplace. Men and women together, checking each other out, wondering what it would be like. You just can't go there, especially when the other person is in a relationship.

Ryan: Some people take the attitude that all's fair.

Neil: Some people aren't related. Look, Iím alone at this time, right? I see a beautiful woman. How am I not supposed to notice she's beautiful?

Ryan: And smart, and interesting.

Neil: All right, stop right there.

Ryan: Protesting too much?

Neil: It's time to throw this whole messy thing out of my mind.

Ryan: You think it's that easy.

Neil: It's not that easy. It's about doing what's right.

Ryan: I'm not suggesting to make things worse for her and your brother. What's wrong with a little healthy competition?

Neil: You expect me to chase after this woman? Ryan, newsflash, she's taken. Malcolm and Alex are a serious item. Do I have to draw you a picture?

Ryan: You have a lot to do, buddy.

Neil: You're a trouble-maker, all right?

Ryan: I want to see my friends happy.

Neil: Then do this; introduce me to someone like Alex, okay?

Ryan: Okay, okay. Just one more question and I promise I will drop this.

Neil: One.

Ryan: You keep talking about how Alex is involved with your brother.

Neil: Malcolm is nuts about her.

Ryan: I wonder if she feels the same way. Is she as head over heels?

Jack: Phyllis, you are not seriously considering inviting Mr. Mumbles to this house.

Phyllis: It's a party.

Jack: Are you throwing a party or a rumble?

Phyllis: All right, all right. I'll shelve Victor.

Jack: Thank you.

Phyllis: What about Ryan?

Jack: He's a good boy.

Phyllis: What about Victoria?

Jack: We are talking about my archenemy.

Jack: This is my home.

Phyllis: All right. I have to invite Olivia and Neil. Olivia and Malcolm, there's something bad going on there.

Jack: Sorry to hear that.

Phyllis: Neil and Olivia will have to wait for next time.

Jack: Because you already invited Malcolm and this -- Alex.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: What's wrong now?

Phyllis: Nothing. This woman, Alex Perez, Malcolm's crazy about her, but --

Jack: Well, I think that's great.

Phyllis: I don't know how crazy she is about him.

Jack: You suspect another man?

Phyllis: I don't know. I saw them at Newman Enterprises. She was kind of cold.

Jack: Not everybody is comfortable with open displays of affection in front of relative strangers.

Phyllis: Yes, I know that. After Malcolm left, I wanted to talk to her. I think she picked up something was going on and she bolted.

Jack: You're really worried about Malcolm.

Phyllis: I don't want his heart to get broken.

Jack: People say that about us. Look where we are today.

Phyllis: Yeah. I guess love does conquer all, doesn't it.

Jack: Yup, yup. What is it?

Phyllis: I'm thinking about Olivia.

Jack: You said it yourself you will invite Olivia and Neil to the next party.

Phyllis: But your sister and she are such good friends. I don't want to alienate your sister.

Jack: Wait, wait. You are over thinking this.

Phyllis: I want this party to be great.

Jack: You know what I want? I want us to be happy, you and me.

Phyllis: I am happy. I'm happier than Iíve ever been. Aren't you?

Jack: Yeah, Iím very happy. I just don't want you to go and try to change to please me or Ashley or anyone else. Because just the way you are, you are unique and exciting and a very sexy woman.

Phyllis: And your family doesn't approve of me.

Jack: Give them time. They will come around.

Phyllis: That's why this party is so important to me.

Jack: Listen to me. Keep me smiling, they'll smile.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Jack: Yup.

Alex: Why do you think Phyllis would get on my case?

Malcolm: Like I said, we're pretty tight.

Alex: So?

Malcolm: So Phyllis can tend to get a little possessive at times, especially when a fine lady comes along.

Alex: She likes to have you all to herself.

Malcolm: She is easy on the eyes herself.

Alex: I noticed.

Malcolm: Come on, Alex. Hard not to notice. Hey, my bad, my bad. You don't mind, do you?

Alex: You want me to?

Malcolm: Sweetness, what I want would get us bounced out of here so fast. Hey, hey, I am sorry, counselor, but it is a little hard to control myself around you sometimes. So what do you have on the agenda for the rest of the evening?

Alex: Jazz in the park starts tonight.

Malcolm: That sounds nice. I was thinking of something a little more intimate.

Alex: Intimate?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm. You and me all alone together --

Alex: No, no --

Malcolm: Holding hands, strolling along the lake, checking out the stars. Huh? How's that grab you?

Alex: That sounds nice.

Malcolm: It does, doesn't it?

Alex: Malcolm, can I ask you something?

Malcolm: Shoot.

Alex: It never bothers you the way things are between us?

Malcolm: Why should it?

Alex: It's just we're moving pretty slow.

Malcolm: Excuse me, but that's how you wanted it.

Alex: What about what you want, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Alex, Iím cool.

Alex: Are you? Really?

Malcolm: Alex, let me tell you something. Before you and I hooked up, I made a vow to live fast and loose.

Alex: What happened?

Malcolm: You. You happened. This fast and loose nonsense went right out the window. Look, Iíve taken the fast lane way too many times, Alex, and Iíve just ended up alone. I don't want that to happen again. I don't want to lose you.

Michael: Is there anyone who will support your claims against Malcolm?

Olivia: I don't know. I can only pray that the court will respect my judgment as Nate's mother.

Michael: That certainly accounts for a great deal.

Olivia: Tell me, Michael. Tell me Malcolm doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Michael: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Noah: Mommy, Iím sleepy.

Sharon: Honey, you want to lie down, take a little nap?

Miguel: You want me to take him up?

Sharon: Thank you, Miguel, that would be great.

Nikki: Sharon, you're right. I am starting to see Larry Warton in a new light. He came through for our family. He certainly didn't have to do that.

Doris: I'm beginning to think I don't see anything at all.

Sharon: What do you mean, Mom?

Doris: Carter Mills, Matt, whatever his name was, from the first time I realized something didn't seem right.

Sharon: You recognized him?

Doris: The look in his eyes. If only I listened to my instincts.

Sharon: Mom, you hungry? You want me to get you something to eat?

Doris: No, honey. Maybe later.

Nicholas: Hey, you made it.

Paul: Congratulations, man.

Nicholas: Thank you very much, Paul. Without you --

Paul: I was just doing my job.

Paul: Nick, I would like you to meet a client and a friend, Isabela Brogna.

Nicholas: Nice to meet you. This is my wife, Sharon. My daughter, Cassie. My son, Noah.

Sharon: Paul, I can't thank you enough.

Paul: We're all here to celebrate. That's all that matters. Something on your mind, Sharon?

Sharon: I haven't seen much of you and Christine lately. I know you have been busy working on the case. Ever since Chris teamed up with Michael Baldwin.

Paul: I understand completely.

Sharon: I don't think you do. Nick and I owe you and Christine so much. We can't let Michael Baldwin cause our friendship come to an end.

Paul: We can't, and we won't.

Sharon: How is Chris? We haven't seen her a lot.

Paul: She's been out of town in Hong Kong. It's a complicated assignment. It's been extended a few times.

Sharon: I hope she comes soon.

Paul: Excuse me.

Nicholas: I have been working on a plate for you.

Paul: Oh, thank you.

Nicholas: These are here when you're ready.

Raul: So Brittany's the one spreading rumors about Mac.

J.T.: You've figured it out?

Rianna: We already have.

J.T.: What about Mac?

Raul: Brit walked in when Mac was talking and totally stared her down.

Rianna: I don't understand. You see them together and they're happy. What would she be so uptight about? What? What is it? Tell me.

Billy: I said, what's going on?

Mackenzie: Oh, just this.

Billy: What's that tape?

Brittany: Billy, let's get out of here.

Mackenzie: Remember the final night of the Glow by Jabot House?

Billy: That's ancient history.

Brittany: That's right, Mackenzie. A lot has happened since then. We should move on.

Mackenzie: Is that how you feel, Billy, regardless of what may or may not have happened?

Billy: What are you talking about?

Mackenzie: What if I told you there was a second camera recording?

Billy: What we did is on that tape?

Brittany: Do you enjoy making Billy feel miserable?

Billy: I've apologized enough for that evening.

Mackenzie: I think you should take a look.

Billy: Is this your way of getting back at me for calling you out on the Clean Queen thing? Forget it, I don't want to look at the tape. Brittany, grab your stuff. Let's go.

Olivia: Are you saying Malcolm has a right to decide what's best for my son?

Michael: Possibly.

Olivia: That's ridiculous. That's not what I want to hear, Michael.

Michael: Would you prefer I withheld the truth?

Olivia: If Iím dragged into court, can I win?

Michael: Well, let me clarify a few things first. Even though Malcolm continues to express a genuine desire to spend time with your son, you refuse to grant him visitation.

Olivia: I've agonized over this for months. I realize we can't predict the future. When it's his welfare, his life, his future, you have to make the judgment call. I believe what Iím doing is that.

Michael: And you say Nate doesn't share your opinion. I imagine that causes a great deal of tension at home.

Olivia: He's a child. I have to take the long view.

Michael: There's absolutely no chance you could bend.

Olivia: What are you suggesting?

Michael: We can keep this case from going to court if you grant Malcolm even a small amount of regular visitation. Do you think even that would be harmful to your son?

Olivia: I guess I didn't make myself clear. I don't want Malcolm seeing my son. Now, Michael, if you can't go to bat for me, maybe you're not the right lawyer. Because if you're not willing to represent me --

Michael: That's not what Iím saying, Olivia. Any attorney worth his salt will tell you the realities of your situation regardless of the laws of this state and the facts of this case.

Olivia: What are you saying exactly?

Michael: If you're determined to keep Malcolm away from your son, I will do everything possible to help you but it's not going to be easy.

Olivia: Michael, my son's future is in your hands.

Michael: All right. All right. I will contact Malcolm's attorney, to see if I can dissuade him from the next step.

Olivia: But you don't hold out much hope.

Michael: Well, from what you tell me, it appears we're headed for court.

Nicholas: Isabela, are you having a good time?

Isabella: Very much.

Nicholas: Paul hasn't told me anything about your case, but I can assure you you are in good hands.

Isabela: I know.

Paul: Hey, John. Congratulations.

John: Thank you, you too.

Paul: How about a refill?

Isabela: Thank you for inviting me to the party, Paul.

Paul: My pleasure.

Isabela: I hope your friends don't mind.

Paul: Why should they?

Isabela: We're not causing a scene?

Paul: No, of course not.

Isabela: The Newmans must be a very close family.

Paul: Yeah, they are. Like yours? You miss them, don't you?

Isabela: More than you can imagine.

Sharon: So Paul told me that Christine is still in Hong Kong. Can you believe it?

Nikki: It's been months.

Sharon: Obviously, he's coping.

Nikki: I don't blame him.

Sharon: Iím sad to say it but Christine should have realized something like this would happen.

Nicholas: What do you mean?

Sharon: When Christine decided to work with Michael Baldwin, she made a deal with the devil. Now it's taking a toll on her marriage.

Miguel: How about ice cream?

Nicholas: All right, ice cream. That's what I'm talking about. You guys, Iím not big on speeches especially since I had to make one the other night, so I'm going to keep this short. John and Paul, you guys weren't here the other night. If it wasn't for you two, I would not be standing here today. For that, Iím very grateful.

Paul: You're very welcome.

Nicholas: Thank you very, very much for helping me find my way home.

Miguel: Hey, Cassie, serve that ice cream.

Cassie: Who wants chocolate?

Chantal: New case?

Michael: I wished I could talk the client out of it. Something on your mind, Chantal?

Chantal: I can't believe your trip to Fiji fell through. Youíre sure you don't want to fly to Hong Kong?

Michael: Christine will not allow herself to be strong-armed into anything.

Chantal: I bet you're right.

Michael: What's this?

Chantal: A letter from a company in Cairns, Australia.

Michael: What do they want?

Chantal: They heard about Christine's job in Hong Kong. They want to know if you want to consult.

Michael: Really.

Chantal: I assume you want to pass.

Michael: They have a flexible start date. Before I throw in the towel on an opportunity like this, I want to give it some serious thought.

Jack: I know my family coming around is important to you, but give them time, all right?

Phyllis: Especially Ashley.

Jack: She has enough on her plate.

Phyllis: Talking about Abby?

Jack: You would think she would be focused on that little girl. How she finds time to worry about my life. I always wanted to have a kid of my own. I guess over the years, Iíve come to accept the fact it might not happen.

Phyllis: And now?

Jack: Now people keep saying it could happen still, but I don't know. You never know what life's going to throw you, right?

Neil: Yes, Ryan, Alex is into my brother.

Ryan: As much as your brother is into her? How can you be sure she feels the same as your brother?

Neil: Because I have seen them together.

Ryan: And?

Neil: And it's mutual.

Ryan: If they're taking things slow, Neil.

Neil: They're not.

Ryan: Make sure you know where things stand before you close any doors.

Neil: You're not listening. Alex and Malcolm are involved. This is pointless, man.

Ryan: It is?

Neil: It is. End of subject. I mean it, man. No more talk about Alex and my brother, okay?

Malcolm: Hello... It seems like you're drifting away on me. What's up?

Alex: It's just that I have a lot on my mind.

Malcolm: It's not about work this time though, is it?

Alex: Malcolm, you have been so patient. You have been so understanding.

Malcolm: You're on a roll, girl. Don't stop on my account.

Alex: But deep down, I wonder if you're really being honest.

Malcolm: Being honest with you?

Alex: No, with yourself.

Malcolm: We're talking about taking things slow again, aren't we?

Alex: If you're thinking of backing away and thinking you're going to hurt me --

Malcolm: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sweetheart, where is all this coming from? Alex, backing away? I have a blunt saying for that where I come from. It's called breaking up.

Alex: That's not what I mean.

Malcolm: You sure about that? Hey, what's going on here? You're saying if I were to end things?

Rianna: All of these months, Brittany was lying? She and Billy never had sex that night at the pool house.

J.T.: Nope.

Rianna: I don't believe this.

J.T.: Pretty twisted, huh?

Raul: Imagine how Mac felt when she found out.

Rianna: Why doesn't Mac tell Billy and blow Brittany out of the water?

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