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Katherine: Brock, have you seen Jill?

Brock: No.

Katherine: Neither have I. I hope to God it stays that way.

Brock: Oh, Mother, please.

Katherine: No, no. Today of all days, the last thing I want is to find that insufferable witch lurking about the house.

Brock: I know that you made it -- that you set this day aside to observe the memory and reflect on the day you spent together.

Katherine: Without the presence of Jill Abbott.

Brock: The duchess has spoken.

Katherine: Yes, indeed she has. Enough about Jill Abbott. I want to focus on you and Mackenzie. Do you know I thank God everyday of my life that he brought both of you home to me? It brings such-- Brock, and I love you so.

Brock: And I love you.

Gina: Jill? Don't tell me you just came from the office.

Jill: I was finishing up a few odds and ends.

Gina: At least you know when to quit. So, have you made plans for the day with that handsome young thing of yours?

Jill: If you're talking about Sean I haven't seen him lately.

Gina: He hasn't pulled a disappearing act?

Jill: Not like you're thinking.

Gina: This has to be unnerving. If I were you I wouldn't let that cute thing run around on the loose.

Rianna: You know, youíre looking so much better, Raul. I'm so glad we went out and got some fresh air.

Raul: Better not overdo it, though.

Rianna: Is that what I sound like?

Raul: Sometimes.

Rianna: Sorry.

Raul: I appreciate your concern, but you got to understand where Iím coming from. A big part of me wants to stay at home, stay in bed, be depressed as hell. I'm trying to get over that, move on with my life. It's not like I'm doing nothing, Rianna. I'm diabetic. So are a million other people. And like Dr. Winters said if I can just keep take going care of myself --

Rianna: You can live to be 90, and you can still read me the riot act then.

Raul: You know what I just realized? Since I've been out exercising I haven't tested my blood yet.

Rianna: Do you have a kit with you?

Raul: Can I go to your place and do this?

Rianna: We can do it right here. Dr. Winters said you can test wherever you want.

Raul: In a coffee house?

Rianna: Nobody is looking. If they are, so what!

Jill: Gina, come on! It's not like Iím worried or anything. Sean doesn't have to report his every move to me.

Gina: Okay.

Jill: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That isn't who I think it is. Gina, sorry to interrupt. You all right? I'll be back in a moment.

Jill: Excuse me. I'm sorry. I couldn't help wondering. Are you --?

Gerry: No, Iím not.

Jill: Are you sure?

Gerry: I get that all the time. I'm much better looking.

Jill: I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Gerry: No, please forgive me. I was teasing. I am --

Jill: I knew it! I was so hooked on that show. What in the world are you doing in Genoa City?

Gerry: I'm on a publicity tour. I wanted to make sure this was one of my stops.

Jill: Really? Why?

Gerry: Actually Iím a fan, too. Jabot Cosmetics. I love their products. I use them all the time.

Jill: Are you serious?

Gerry: Arenít you aware of it?  

Jill: Yes, Iím aware of it. I'm the director of the company. I'm Jill Abbott.

Gerry: Wow, no kidding! Pleased to meet you.

Jill: This is so great.

Gerry: What a wonderful coincidence. You're really on the board?

Jill: Yes, I am.

Gerry: You wouldn't by chance be looking for a spokeswoman, would you?

Jill: Well --

Gerry: I had your moisturizer in my hot little hand the day I was in civilization. My skin drank it up. I'd love to tell your customers about it.

Jill: Really any --

Gerry: For survival in the real world, I use Jabot Cosmetics.

Jill: That's not bad! [Laughing] Uh --

Gerry: Whatís that look about?

Jill: Please, don't take offense at this, but after I watched you on the show, I formed a certain opinion of you and it showed someone who always has an angle.

Jill: Obviously, you're not like that in real life.

Gina: Ah! I see the two of you met.

Jill: You were looking for me?

Gina: She was wondering if I knew any Jabot executives.

Jill: Strike while the iron is hot.

Gina: Mission accomplished.

Gerry: Miss Abbott, look, I hope you're not --

Jill: I'm not. Trust me.

Gerry: Thank you.

Jill: Look, Gerry about, this endorsement idea I can't make you any promises about that. But I can tell you this, whether or not we work together, you're going to do real well for yourself.

John: Hi, Tracy! So wonderful to see you. You know, I had no idea you were coming. What are you doing here?

Tracy: I had a book signing in Madison. I only have a couple of hours, Dad.

John: We'll see about that.

Tracy: Is Jack here?

John: He's out.

Tracy: Oh, where?

John: I haven't been keeping tabs on him lately.

Tracy: Really. That sounds like trouble.

John: It's a long story. Let's not get into it now. But I assume Ashley and Brad will be home soon.

Tracy: That's okay. I really wanted to spend time with you.

John: This is so delightful. How would you like to enjoy a bite with me? Join Gina and talk about her new restaurant.

Tracy: That sounds intriguing. I have to freshen up though.

John: You want me to wait for you?

Tracy: No, Iíll catch up.

John: It's so wonderful to see you.

Tracy: Same here, Dad. Okay. I'll see you in a bit.

Jill: Hello.

Katherine: Oh, it's you.

Jill: My, what a charming greeting.

Katherine: Do you plan on being a long thorn in my side today, Jill, or do you plan to leave again?

Jill: You would just love that, wouldn't you?

Katherine: Do you have any plans? I guess not.

Jill: Listen, how I spend my holiday is none of your business, and I will not be bullied into leaving my own house.

Katherine: Tell me if you intend to have company.

Jill: That will be day when I answer to you. Now you get out of my face!

Esther: What's her problem?

Katherine: Don't get me started.

Esther: We're the ones that suffer having her around. Sean Bridges.

Katherine: I see. Sean hasn't been around lately, not since --

Esther: He's cute and smart.

Katherine: He saw through Jill?

Esther: Got the heck out.

Katherine: I wonder if that's the source of her foul mood.

Ashley: Hey! Anybody home?

Brad: The carís out front. Guess we should have phoned everybody.

Ashley: Let's check the kitchen. Come on! Let's check the kitchen.

Ashley: Hi.

Tracy: Oh, hi!

Brad: Wow, this is a surprise. How are you?

Tracy: I'm fine. Thanks.

Ashley: You look great.

Tracy: Oh, thank you. Thank you. You look beautiful, too. He didn't know. I surprised him, too.

Brad: In town for a visit?

Tracy: Actually a book signing in Madison. If you guys need Dad he's on his way over to Gina's.

Ashley: Oh.

Tracy: Well I haven't seen you since the wedding so congratulations are in order. I'd like to congratulate you on that, your marriage and on this.

Brad: Thanks, Trace.

Tracy: That's my new little niece? Hello! Hello, Abby. How are you, dear little girl? Oh, she's just beautiful. No surprise, given her mother. I see her daddy in her too, Brad.

Ashley: Uh-oh I think it's that time, honey.

Brad: Come here, sweetheart. I'll change her. Okay.

Tracy: Is it my imagination, Ashley, or did you and Brad react strangely when I made it last comment about Abby?

Ashley: I guess Dad never told you.

Tracy: About what?

Ashley: There's something you should know. Brad isn't Abby's biological father.

John: Excuse me, ma'am.

Gina: My holiday is looking brighter and brighter.

John: Starting with your very kind invitation.

Gina: It's my pleasure, sir. How are you doing?

John: Oh, Gina I am overjoyed. Would you believe who showed up at my door?

Gina: The family novelist? I hope you asked her to join us.

John: I did indeed.

Gina: It's been ages since I've seen her.

John: We can talk about your new place.

Gina: Well, okay. I've set up the meetings with various architects a week from today between 10 and 4. That is if you're free.

John: I'm free. Why would that matter?

Gina: I'm trying to drag you into this, silly. To be perfectly frank, John, this whole process is scaring the pants off me. You're so much more experienced with this sort of thing.

John: Now, now, Gina, listen to me. You consider it done. I will set an entire day aside for you.

Gina: Fantastic!

John: Now, do you have the keys on you? Want to show me the place?

Gina: Now?

John: No time like the present. You look surprised.

Gina: You know Mr. Abbott you better watch it. All this attention can turn a girl's head.

John: That's the whole idea.

Tracy: So you were going to be a single mother.

Ashley: Yeah, and then things just kind of involved Brad and me, and here we are.

Tracy: Wow. He seems devoted all things considered.

Ashley: The biological paternity isn't significant. He's adopted Abby legally and a father to her in every way.

Tracy: Well that's good for Abby. I mean to have that kind of a commitment from Brad, she's very lucky to have Brad as a father.

Raul: Okay. Give myself a little finger prick.

Rianna: Did that hurt?

Raul: No Iím strong like a bull. Next, a drop of blood on the test strip. All done.

Rianna: That's cool.

Raul: I don't know about that.

Rianna: Raul look, you're taking care of yourself. Don't worry about what those guys think.

Raul: Well that's it. We'll see how low my blood sugar is.

John: What a marvelous place!

Gina: You don't think it's too different from here, do you?

John: No, that's the whole idea, Gina. New look, new menu, which won't take away from anything you have here. It will give you a chance to attract new clientele.

Gina: You just keep giving me these pep talks because I have gigantic butterflies flapping around here.

John: Gina, Iím telling you if you create this new atmosphere you're going to have the hottest place in this town. I have absolutely no doubt.

Gina: I'm counting on to you make this happen. No big decisions without your input first.

John: Good. And now if you're ready for my first two cents, while we were in there I was thinking that the perfect place to put the stage would be the back left corner.

Gina: The stage?

John: Unless you're planning on standing on the tables and singing.

Gina: To be perfectly honest I hadn't thought about it at all. I hadn't thought about singing.

John: Gina as far as Iím concerned it's a must.

John: Yeah, definitely. Unless you're planning on me to be headliner. You have me at one place and work the other.

Gina: Why John Abbott, don't tell me you sing.

John: In the shower.

Gina: Well I'll have to have one installed. Don't be a chicken! Show me what you got. Come on!

John: Gina, here in a restaurant. [Singing] The best is yet to come, and babe, wonít that be fine?

Gina: What do you know, the man has talent. You shouldn't be hiding it away. I mean it. You have a nice voice. What's your favorite material?

John: Oh, let's just say Sinatra stole all my material.

Gina: Sinatra, huh?

John: I love everything he's done.

Gina: You know, John, I have to check on something. Wait just a few minutes for me. I'll be right back.

Brad: There you are!

Tracy: What? Abandoning ship?

Brad: Mom is taking over. She'll be down soon. So, I guess you didn't bring Colleen with you.

Tracy: She's in Paris at the moment.

Brad: That's right. Of course she is, at the dance programme.

Tracy: It was a great opportunity.

Brad: Sounds like it. When I spoke to Colleen she was really excited about it. I must have misunderstood. I thought you and Steve were both going with her. Did this book tour come up suddenly?

Tracy: Yeah, very suddenly.

Brad: Oh. I'm sorry the three of you aren't together. But you travel a lot. I'm sure there will be another opportunity soon.

Tracy: Actually --

Ashley: Tracy, Brad and I are going to be grilling steaks later at the house. We'd love for to you join us.

Tracy: No, thank you very much but Dad is waiting for me at Gina's.

Brad: Well, Tracy, it's good to see you again. Hope to see you again soon.

Tracy: Okay. How about you, little one, you are going to have steaks, too, are you?

Brad: A strained t-bone. There's a concept.

Tracy: A concept whose time hasn't come Iím afraid.

Ashley: Honey, is the car seat ready?

Brad: Yeah, yeah. I'll get her sweater.

Brad: Come here, my baby. Oh!

Tracy: Good-bye, sweetheart. Good-bye, baby you must feel very blessed.

Ashley: Tracy, I have to admit I've been dreading this first meeting a little bit.

Tracy: Really?

Ashley: Yeah. I guess maybe it's kind of silly of me. With everything that's involved.

Tracy: Oh, yeah, everything that's involved. Anyway --

Ashley: It seems like we've gotten through basically intact, so I hope we can see more of each other.

Tracy: Okay.

Ashley: You drive safely.

Tracy: I will. Thank you. You be safe, too.

Ashley: Okay. Bye.

Gina: Happy holidays, everyone. [Applause] Thank you for spending time with me at my place. We're very fortunate today. We have a guest vocalist in the audience. Some people refer to him as the chairman of the board.

John: Sinatra lives!

Gina: Well almost, almost. Actually he is the founder and the chairman of Jabot Cosmetics, Mr. John Abbott!

Gina: Keep it up! Keep it up! He's a little shy and I'm taking him by surprise. Keep it going! Help me get him up here.

Gina: Come on! Come on!

John: How about a duet? Yeah!

Gina: Okay, okay.

Rianna: What's the matter?

Raul: My sugar is 200.

Rianna: Do you want to call Dr. Winters?

Raul: No. No, I don't have to. I have to take an insulin shot. I'll be right back.

Rianna: You know I can handle it if you want to get a shot right here.

Raul: In front of everybody?

Rianna: You're diabetic. So what?

Raul: Yeah, but babe.

Rianna: If you're uncomfortable you can go to the bathroom. I'm telling you it doesn't bother me.

Raul: Gather around, everybody. Itís shot time.


Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum

You came along and everything started to hum

Still it's a real good bet, the best is yet to come

The best is yet to come, and babe won't that be fine

You think you've seen the sun, but babe, you ain't seen it shine

Wait till the warm-up is underway; wait till her lips have Ė

Wait till you see that sunshiny day, you ain't seen nothing yet

The best is yet to come, and babe won't it be fine, the best is yet to come cause today you're mine, cause today you're mine

Come the day you're mine come the day you're mine

Gina: Thanks, you guys! You're welcome. That was terrific.

John: Thank you.

Gina: John, you're a natural.

John: Oh, yeah.

Gina: I better be careful or you're going to start charging me double. Don't say that. You know you loved it. Am I right? Is this a star in the making?

Tracy: Absolutely. Daddy, you were terrific. I think it's high time he takes his act on the road.

Gina: As a matter of fact I better start lining up some agents.

John: You're going to have lunch with us.

Gina: I wouldn't miss it for the world. You order for me. I'll have whatever you're having.

John: Will do.

Tracy: So let's get a table.

Esther: Hi Sean.

Sean: Hi, Esther. Is Jill in by any chance?

Esther: She is, unfortunately. Please come in.

Sean: Thanks.

Esther: Well Iíll go find her.

Jill: What a cheater you are! The ball was out. Hello, Sean. Oh, speak of the devil. Here's the man you wanted to meet.

Sean: Nice to meet you. Heard a lot about you.

Jill: Philip was just telling me he'd like to be considered for a position on the summer camp.

Philip: Yeah, I can run errands on my bike.

Sean: Sounds reasonable enough.

Jill: The only problem is he might be here or in England with his mother.

Sean: I'll tell with you what, Iíll keep the job open for now. As soon as you figure stuff out give me a call.

Philip: All right, thanks. I'm going to go grab a shower. It was very nice meeting you, Sean. Thanks for the tennis lesson.

Jill: You bet, sweetie. So I noticed that you didn't flat-out offer him the job if he wanted it.

Sean: Philip has the inside track. I want to make sure he can handle it. Besides, a job like that shouldn't be handed to him on a silver platter. He has to feel like he earned it.

Jill: You know what, you're right. You're right.

Sean: Jill, what's wrong?

Jill: Nothing.

Sean: Something is wrong because you're obviously mad at me.

Jill: Am I?

Sean: Oh, let me guess. I was AWOL, and I didn't let you know where Iíd be.

Jill: Oh, please you make me sound like I have you on some kind of a leash.

Sean: I had to go to New York. Spur of the moment thing. A spot opened up in Soho.

Jill: Really a seminar? On what? Club hopping?

Sean: No, web design, new technologies. I was on the waiting list.

Sean: Jill, if I had any time to party, I would have invited you along and I mean that.

Tracy: Thank you. Okay, Daddy, now you still haven't told me what's going on. You and Gina seem very friendly.

John: We've always been friendly. [Laughing]

Tracy: Likely story and you're sticking to. Itís okay, okay. I get it. Oh, I ran into Ashley and Brad.

John: Oh, where?

Tracy: Over at the house. They stopped by to invite to you a barbecue.

John: Oh, goodness. I'm sorry I missed it. Then you saw Brad. Was that okay?

Tracy: Sure, Dad. He's still a very good looking man, isn't he?

John: Did they bring Abby along?

Tracy: Yes and she's just adorable.

John: Isn't she ever! I have two gorgeous granddaughters like their mothers. Okay. Come on. What is it?

Tracy: I never realized until now that Brad was not Abby's father.

John: Well I thought it was Ashley's place to tell you.

Tracy: Of course, and I understand that, Dad.

John: Tracy, do you have a problem with the fact Ashley married a man who is not the father of her child?

Tracy: No, of course not. That's not it. How could I? It's just when I had the news they were going to be married I assumed Brad was the father, that their daughter would be Colleen's half-sister.

John: Well she is.

Tracy: Only because Brad has adopted her, Dad.

John: The real point is that we are all family. Now you're probably starved. What do you say we order some lunch?

Jill: So you're saying this seminar was strictly --

Sean: Business, although I did find a little time to do some shopping.

Jill: Is this for me?

Sean: Yep. I had a little time off. Saw it in a window in Soho and it reminded me of you.

Jill: Sean, it is so great!

Sean: I hope you'd like it.

Jill: I love. It is beautiful. Thank you!

Sean: Well, speaking of business, I need to get back to the office.

Jill: Wait, just a minute. This is a holiday.

Sean: Not this close to summer.

Jill: Oh, you're way too dedicated.

Sean: I never thought Iíd hear you say that.

Jill: About my attitude earlier.

Sean: What? About not wanting to put up with the feeling of being ignored. You should never do that, ever. You're too special of a woman. Besides, I kind of like it.

Jill: What?

Sean: Knowing that you care.

Brad: Considering the way this barbecue started out Iím rather pleased with the results.

Ashley: We'll have to have a real party next time, show off your genius on a grander scale.

Brad: No kidding. We'll have leftovers for days. Too bad your father and Tracy couldn't join us.

Ashley: What were you and Tracy talking about?

Brad: Colleen. Yeah, she's taking part in this dance programme in Paris. She's really excited about it.

Ashley: Hmm, nothing else?

Brad: Such as?

Ashley: That you're not Abby's biological father, maybe? Tracy didn't know.

Brad: She didn't say a word, actually.

Ashley: I wonder why.

Brad: I don't think it's a real big deal.

Ashley: No?

Brad: No. I donít think Tracy feels real strongly about it one way or the other. Why should she? I'm Abby's father. You know, this has really been just about the perfect day.

Ashley: Yeah.

Brad: And to top it off our little angel is upstairs napping, giving her parents some quiet time alone.

Ashley: Whatever are you driving at?

Katherine: Dear, sweet Philip. You gave me so much in life. God bless.

Brock: Philip, Jill, Iím glad you came out to join us. We're all here for the same reason to honor a very special human being, your grandfather, Philip. And that is a tie that will bind us forever.

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