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Nicholas: Officer, this is impossible. I just got out. There must be some mistake.

Officer: You are Nicholas Newman?

Nicholas: Yes, I'm Nicholas Newman.

Sharon: What's going on?

Officer: He's under arrest for the murder of Matt Clark.

Sharon: The judge said he was innocent.

Officer: That's until we found new evidence.

Nicholas: Call John Silva and call my dad.

Sharon: No, no... No, this can't be happening! This can't be happening. Oh, no. Oh, it's only a dream. Nick?

Alex: I was trying to figure everything out. It's important to me.

Neil: It's important for you to know how I feel about you and my brother?

Victor: Neil, have you got a moment?

Neil: Of course, Victor.

Victor: Now my son is cleared of all charges, I need to go out of town and deal with an urgent business problem.

Neil: When do you leave?

Victor: Later on today. I want you to know I'm very grateful to you for looking after things while I was very busy looking after my son's situation. I'm asking you to continue to do so while I'm gone. Is that all right?

[Phone ringing]

Neil: Absolutely. Just one moment. Hey, can I call you back later? Great, thanks.

Alex: Hey, you. What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Neil: Maybe you would like to say hello to Mr. Newman.

Alex: I am so sorry, Mr. Newman. I didn't realize you were there.

Victor: That's quite all right. No harm done.

Woman: So Paul and Isabella and Mary had dinner last night. Any idea how it went?

Lynne: Yeah. It was cancelled.

Paul: Hey, ladies.

Lynne: Hey, boss.

Paul: Fred around?

Lynne: In your office.

Paul: What do you have on the escort service?

Fred: Not everything, but a lot.

Paul: Let's take a look.

Isabela: Hang on a second. Let me get a pen. Okay, a left on Main Street? And it's yes?

Michael: Chantal.

Chantal: The door's locked. I heard a woman's voice.

Michael: You didn't get my message?

Chantal: What message?

Michael: It's on the machine. You didn't have to come in until noon.

Chantal: You know the woman?

Michael: It's a very personal and private matter.

Isabela: Maybe this wouldn’t be a good time?

Michael: Now would be a very good time. [Knock on door] It's me. I'm glad you stuck around.

Isabela: You asked me to stay until you got here.

Michael: I hope it wasn't too much of an imposition. I know you're eager to hit the road. I thought with everything we have been through, we should have a proper goodbye.

Isabela: Part of me wishes I didn't have to leave town.

Michael: Does that mean you're having second thoughts?

Isabela: I'm more convinced than ever I'm doing the right thing.

Michael: I know Paul found out about the escort service. But something tells me there's something more to it.

Isabela: You're imagining things.

Michael: My guess is you have been playing a part very well, perhaps too well.

Sharon: Nick? Nick, are you here? Nick? Oh, my God. It wasn't a dream. The police were here and took him away.

Nicholas: Hey, baby.

Sharon: Oh, thank God.

Nicholas: You all right? What's wrong? What's wrong?

Raul: Hey.

Rianna: What are you doing here?

Raul: Getting a cup of coffee before school, okay? I feel fine. I got a good night’s sleep and checked my blood sugar before I left. There's only one thing I have to do.

Rianna: What?

Raul: This.

Cody: Hey, did you hear about Nick's acquittal?

Mackenzie: Yeah, yeah. Is he here?

Cody: He took the day off.

Mackenzie: Good for him. Did you hear from J.T.?

Cody: Not this morning. What is the story with you two?

Mackenzie: Good question. I'm kind of wondering myself especially what happened last night.

Cody: What happened?

Mackenzie: Nothing. Just got some stuff out in the open. That's why I'm looking for him. We need to finish our talk.

Cody: Hold that thought.

Mackenzie: Hi guys.

Raul: Hi, Mac.

Mackenzie: What are you doing here?

Raul: I already got the don't-overdo-it speech. I'm glad I ran into you. I have to tell you something about Billy.

Phyllis: Good morning, Mamie.

Mamie: Phyllis.

Phyllis: I'm so glad to see you.

Mamie: Why is that?

Phyllis: I heard what an important part of the family you are, I guess today is my first official Abbott breakfast.

Mamie: I notice Jack isn't with you. Why? Did he leave early?

Phyllis: No, no. He's still sleeping. He had a big night last night. We both did.

Jack: Good morning.

Phyllis: Hey, honey. I thought you were still asleep.

Jack: I would have loved to have slept in. I have a full plate today.

Phyllis: Before you take on the world, why don't you get started on the right foot?

Mamie: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: Did I miss something?

Phyllis: I don't think so. I was just telling Mamie how glad I was to see you, but not half as glad as I am to see you.

Billy: Morning, Jack.

Jack: Hey, kiddo. I heard Raul was released from the hospital.

Billy: He stopped by last night.

Phyllis: Shouldn't he be staying off his feet?

Billy: That's exactly what I told him.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Jack Abbott. Yeah, Marshall, thanks for getting back to me. Can you hold on for a second?

Phyllis: Bye.

Jack: I'll be back in a second. Yeah, Marshall, what's up?

Phyllis: So, Billy, I ran into Brittany last night at the coffee house.

Billy: You did?

Phyllis: She said you two are closer than ever, and I'm glad about that especially everything that you went through in the last year.

Billy: Things are good.

Phyllis: Good.

Billy: Phyllis, what does it matter to you?

Phyllis: I just got to know the two of you well this past summer and you are Jack's little brother, so we're like family. Hey, if you ever need a woman's perspective, feel free to come to me.

Billy: Thanks, Phyllis, but I don't think --

Phyllis: You don't think you need my help. Guys rarely date two girls as diverse as Mackenzie and Brittany.

Billy: Meaning what?

Phyllis: You got what you wanted, Brittany Hodges.

Billy: I need to get some syrup.

Paul: Thanks, Fred. This is very comprehensive.

Fred: You wouldn't me to keep digging?

Paul: That depends.

Fred: On what?

Paul: On whether or not the police think Brogna is still a client. On whether or not Ms. Brogna is still a client.

Fred: You know where to find me.

Lynne: Hi, Fred.

Paul: Might as well come in. Lynne will I be –

Lynne: I'm sorry, Paul. I probably shouldn't have done that.

Paul: You're right, you shouldn't have.

Lynne: This escort service Isabela is involved with is a euphemism, right?

Paul: I know you don't like Isabela. You'll be happy to hear she's planning to leave town. I'm taking her to breakfast this morning and hopefully I can talk her out of it.

Lynne: Why?

Paul: Because I haven't finished the job I was hired to do. That's not how I do business.

Lynne: Oh, Paul, I think --

Paul: I'll let you know what happens.

Isabela: I played my part too well? What does that mean?

Michael: Your embarrassment. You afraid where that will lead him?

Isabela: What's that mean, Michael?

Michael: Isn't it obvious? You developed feelings for the man.

Isabela: I told you, I don't want to discuss this.

Michael: You did a fantastic job. You quite surpassed my expectations.

Isabela: What about my debt?

Michael: It's paid in full. How about breakfast? I've got bagels, cream cheese, coffee. The works.

Isabela: No, thank you.

Michael: You should eat before you leave.

Isabela: I'm having breakfast with Paul.

Michael: Bid farewell or something more?

Isabela: Bye, Michael.

Michael: Hold on. Hold on. All right. All clear.

Isabela: What are you worried about?

Michael: Oh, you can never be too careful.

Michael: H'mm, breakfast with Paul. Fascinating.

Nicholas: What's wrong? You're trembling.

Sharon: I just had a terrible dream.

Nicholas: About me?

Sharon: The police had new evidence and they arrested you for killing Matt.

Nicholas: Oh, sweetheart.

Sharon: I was scared. I woke up and you weren't there. I thought my nightmare came true.

Nicholas: I woke up early. I went for a run and stopped by the stables. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Sharon: I feel so silly.

Nicholas: Don't. You just reminded me there's something else I'm very grateful for.

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: The whole time I was locked up in jail so I could be here and comfort you, and I can. I am not going anywhere. I'm home for good. You're never going to be alone again.

Victor: You didn't interrupt anything, Miss Perez. Neil and I were just finished. I want to ask you, what is the update on the HMO case?

Alex: Per my request, the statistician went through the pain losses again correlated to the tests and procedures. I was hoping the result would highlight more clearly the connection between the two.

Victor: And did it?

Alex: To me, yes, it was plain as day. I realize the judge isn't going to change her mind based on recrunching of numbers.

Neil: You still need that smoking gun.

Alex: I believe the best strategy is get documents from Lawson.

Neil: Hopefully, they will slip up and give you something useful.

Alex: Exactly. It's a standoff, a waiting game.

Victor: I think you're playing a very smart game, Miss Perez. Don't you agree, Neil?

Neil: Absolutely. Under the circumstances it's our only strategy.

Victor: Keep up the good work.

Alex: Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Since we are working together, primarily the two of you, I'm very optimistic about the outcome of this case. I think you're a damn good lawyer.

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Come in.

Doctor: Is this a bad time?

Olivia: No. Come in.

Doctor: Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The wife and I decided to get away for a few days.

Olivia: Sounds lovely.

Doctor: It was the first vacation since medical school. Why did you want to see me?

Olivia: I know you just got back and I hate to lay this on you first thing, but there's something we need to discuss.

Doctor: Fire away.

Olivia: Last time we talked you said you were under a great deal of stress. I wonder if that explains the missed serious diagnosis recently.

Mackenzie: I really don't want to talk about Billy.

Raul: You need to hear this. I went to the Abbott house. Billy is upset about the Clean Queen business. There's more. He thinks you and J.T. are sleeping together.

Mackenzie: That's a totally stupid idea. Where would he get something like that?

Raul: I suspect J.T.

Mackenzie: Why would he spread a nasty rumor?

Raul: He's done it before. Makes him feel macho.

Mackenzie: You know what he's like. I thought he changed. I thought he was my friend. How could he do this?

[knock on door]

Michael: It's all right, Chantal. She's gone.

Chantal: Who?

Michael: I appreciate your discretion.

Chantal: What you got there?

Michael: She left her necklace behind.

Chantal: Will you be seeing her again?

Michael: She left town. I don't have an address.

Chantal: You might catch up with her at Yves. I heard her on the phone giving directions. [Phone ringing] I'll get that.

Billy: Hey, Brit.

Brittany: Surprised to see me?

Billy: I thought we were meeting at Crimson Lights.

Brittany: I couldn't wait to see you.

Billy: Well, I'm glad you're here. You rescued me from Phyllis.

Brittany: She's here?

Billy: Getting big sister on me asking me all these questions.

Brittany: Tell her to go home.

Billy: She is home.

Brittany: What are you talking about?

Billy: She moved in with Jack.

Brittany: She's living here in this house? You're okay with that?

Billy: If that's what Jack wants, why would I have a problem with it? What's wrong?

Brittany: I think it's a little weird. They're both adults. Can't they find a place of their own?

Billy: They still might. Dad's not too crazy about their arrangement. Can we talk about this later? I still haven't gotten dressed. Will you be okay by yourself?

Brittany: Sure.

Billy: There's breakfast in the dining room. Help yourself.

Phyllis: Hey, I thought I heard the doorbell.

Brittany: Hello, Phyllis.

Phyllis: You want a sweet roll? I hear they're great.

Brittany: I hear you were asking Billy questions.

Phyllis: Want to know?

Brittany: What were they?

Phyllis: As a member of this household, I have a responsibility to look out for Billy's best interests. You understand that, don't you, sweetie?

Nicholas: Coffee for my lady.

Sharon: That was fast.

Nicholas: I made it -- before I went out. I made some pancake batter. Should I wake up the kids?

Sharon: No. They need their rest. Especially Cassie. She didn't complain once. She never complained. She was scared to death, just like her mom.

Nicholas: You never seemed that scared to me. I'm serious. Any time I got discouraged I thought of how brave you are being. That's what kept me going.

Sharon: In my mind, it was just the same only you were cool as a cucumber.

Nicholas: That's what we were talking about earlier. Even though we're apart, we're never alone. Always there for each other.

Sharon: I like it better like this.

Nicholas: The whole time I was locked up, I was thinking about that second honeymoon we were going to take and how I couldn't wait to get out to whisk you away to some island, make up for lost time. But being home made me realize I don't need a plane to take me to paradise. I've got that right here with you and the kids. I'm a lucky, lucky man, baby. I love you, and I always will.

Paul: Oh, thank you.

Waiter: You're welcome.

Paul: Hi.

Isabela: Thank you.

Paul: I wasn't sure you'd show.

Isabela: Neither was I. I'm still not convinced this is a good idea. Why did you insist on seeing me?

Paul: I couldn't let you leave without talking to you first.

Isabela: I told you, I'm all right. I'm not your responsibility anymore.

Paul: You know what? It doesn't work that way. You hired me to do a job. I admit it became more personal than I expected.

Isabela: Which was a mistake. A man in your position needs to stay detached.

Paul: Well, sometimes that's easier said than done. You hired me to protect you. In a personal way, I wanted to protect you.

Isabela: Maybe you wanted it too much.

Paul: You think I went too far?

Isabela: There's a part of my past I wanted to forget. I thought it was done and buried until you dug it up.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Paul: Could you give us a minute?

Waiter: No problem.

Jack: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Yeah, sweetie.

Jack: I just had my phone call with Marshall disconnected. He's going to call me back. It will take a while. I know you have to get to work. I didn't want to hold you up.

Phyllis: You're so thoughtful.

Jack: Brittany, when did you get here?

Brittany: A while ago.

Jack: Does Billy know you're here?

Brittany: He knows. He went upstairs to finish getting ready for school.

Phyllis: If I don't see you, have a good day.

Jack: Yeah, Marshall. Yeah, we got disconnected.

Phyllis: Don't look at me like that.

Brittany: I won't, if you promise not to tell Billy.

Phyllis: About what?

Brittany: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay. All right, all right. Relax. Your secret's safe with me. I won't tell him about the tape. Satisfied?

Paul: Isabela, everything I did,  I did out of concern for you.

Isabela: And I appreciate that. All I asked for was protection.

Paul: I needed to know what I was protecting you from. My concern was keeping you safe.

Isabela: And that means so much to me.

Paul: It bothers me you're upset.

Isabela: Am I sounding ungrateful?

Paul: I don't need your gratitude. Your husband was involved in a very ugly, illegal business which goes a long way towards explaining his behavior.

Isabela: Whatever I may have said, I always have hope you had my best interest at heart.

Paul: I'm glad. I learned something else. Something I suspect you never wanted me to find out. That escort service your husband was managing, you worked there, didn't you?

Nicholas: You know what? I have an idea.

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: Since the kids are still asleep, what do you say we journey back up to the bedroom?

Sharon: I kind of thought you'd be exhausted after last night.

Nicholas: Are you kidding? You're kidding, right?

Cassie: You're up.

Nicholas: Hey, guys. Come here.

Cassie: Come on, Noah.

Nicholas: Good morning. Come here, little man.

Cassie: Mommy said I don't have to go to school today. You don't have to go to work, do you?

Nicholas: No way. I'm going to spend the whole day with my three favorite people.

Cassie: What are we going to do today?

Nicholas: We will start out with pancakes. I made the batter with Daddy's special ingredient.

Cassie: Chocolate chips.

Nicholas: Chocolate chips.

Noah: Great.

Nicholas: Great is right.

Cassie: Then what?

Nicholas: We can do whatever you want. We can go horseback riding, go swimming. We can take a picnic. How does that sound?

Noah: Super.

Nicholas: How does that sound to you?

Cassie: Anything is okay as long as we're together.

Nicholas: That's a good answer. Okay. Hug, everybody.

Sharon: Group hug. Group hug.

Nicholas: I'm squishing Noah.

Doctor: Misdiagnosed a patient, who?

Olivia: Raul Guiterrez. We almost lost him.

Doctor: Is he going to be okay?

Olivia: He was released from hospital yesterday. He's a full-blown Type One diabetic. Obviously has been for some time.

Doctor: Sorry to hear that.

Olivia: The thing is, his had reached a critical stage not long after you examined him.

Doctor: I only saw him that one time. He was complaining of exhaustion. Said there was a lot of stress at home and at school. Sounded like a typical teenager, not getting enough sleep, going through the usual changes.

Olivia: It's a lot more than that, doctor. It had to be apparent even then.

Doctor: Obviously, it wasn't. I'm not really sure where you're going with this.

Olivia: I spoke to some of his friends. Weeks before Raul collapsed, he had a raging thirst, irritability, eating a lot. He didn't mention any of this to you?

Doctor: At the time it didn't raise any flags.

Olivia: You didn't think to do a simple glucose test to see if further tests were needed. I don't see how you could have overlooked this.

Doctor: Olivia, we both know hindsight is 20/20. I was dealing with incomplete information.

Olivia: Which could have cost a boy his life.

Doctor: You want me to say I wish I had your concerns?

Olivia: Why didn't you follow through with this patient?

Doctor: I told him to make another appointment if his symptoms worsened. Is this kid going to sue me? Do I have to contact a lawyer?

Olivia: At this point, I have no reason to believe that he will. I certainly didn't suggest it to anyone. Why? I don't understand --

Doctor: Listen, I've said all I care to say. You heard the whole story. That's not enough, I'm sorry.

Olivia: The whole story? I don't think so.

Alex: Victor's certainly optimistic about our prospects. I wish I had his confidence.

Neil: It's obvious he has a great deal of confidence in you.

Alex: Do you share his assessment?

Neil: Of course.

Alex: That's great to know. I will continue to apprise you of developments and of course weekly developments.

Neil: I prefer some straight shooting.

Alex: Are we still talking about the case?

Neil: No, this is personal. We have to stop beating around the bush. You and I aren't in the same place we were before. So where are we?

Isabela: You found out.

Paul: You worked at the escort service and you didn't tell me? Why?

Isabela: I couldn't. Don't you see? This is why I wanted to leave town. Now that you know, you're always going to see me in this horrible light.

Paul: I can handle that. It's not that big a deal. I know what you did. My operators I have told me you did the bookkeeping for your husband's business.

Isabela: Bookkeeping? It's just --

Paul: So what? So why didn't you tell me? Is there something else?

Isabela: No. My God, Paul, when I met James, I was in love. I wanted to do anything I could to help him. In college, I had taken some courses in accounting. I offered to do the books, but that's it. I would never --

Paul: So what's the big deal? You didn't do anything that would compromise yourself.

Isabela: I just can't help but feeling humiliated with having anything to do with that business. You're upset.

Paul: Yes, I'm upset. I'm upset because you didn't feel as though you could be honest with me. We've all made mistakes. We've all done things that we're not proud of. I'm not going to judge you based on this. You were young. It was a long time ago.

Isabela: You're very kind. I know you think less of me now.

Paul: I don't. Isabela, I don't.

Brittany: You won't say anything about the tape?

Phyllis: That's right.

Brittany: Never or only if I behave myself?

Phyllis: Billy is Jack's little brother. It's my job to look after him.

Brittany: Not telling me about the second camera is an invasion of my privacy.

Phyllis: It's my job.

Brittany: I don't buy that.

Phyllis: Believe it or not, I understand you. I know what it's like to be in love with a man that idolizes another woman.

Brittany: Whatever Billy felt about Mac, she's no longer a threat. As long as you don't do anything.

Phyllis: Take it from someone who knows all this game-playing and engaging in deception seems fun. In the long run, you're the one that ends up losing.

Billy: Hey, what's going on?

Phyllis: Brittany and I are just talking, setting things straight. You two lovebirds can be alone. Have a great day at school.

Billy: Let me guess. Phyllis giving you the third degree, too?

Brittany: No.

Billy: She say something to upset you?

Brittany: Nothing she could say could upset me. In fact, I never have felt better.

Mackenzie: I need to talk to you.

J.T.: What's up?

Mackenzie: Out on the patio.

J.T.: Can I have a little bit of my coffee first?

Mackenzie: Now.

Raul: I feel I should stick around.

Rianna: Mac can take care of herself.

Raul: You're right. Let's go.

Mackenzie: All right, J.T., tell me the truth. Who started that rumor?

J.T.: What rumor?

Mackenzie: That you and I are having sex. If you're not telling me, you started it.

J.T.: You heard it from Abbott. Here we go again. Everything is about Billy.

Mackenzie: Stop jerking me around. I want to know how that rumor got started. I'm serious, J.T. I'm not leaving until I find out.s

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