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Michael: What are you doing here?

Isabela: I want out, Michael.

Michael: What's going on here?

Isabela: A history report.

Victoria: It's good she's out of ICU.

Ryan: I was glad to hear that too. I'm going to stick around until she wakes up.

Victoria: I'll stay. We're in this together.

Ryan: Why don't we wait over there? I know we're in this together, Vic. But Tricia was involved in a conspiracy that nearly destroyed your family. I'll understand if you don't want to hang around.

Victoria: If Tricia were well and normal, I would be first in line to give her help. She was obviously sucked into this game by a very sick man. He manipulated her. She probably wanted to embarrass me. She had no idea that Matt was using her to get revenge on Nicholas. Nicholas and Sharon came out of this nightmare in one piece. That's what counts. They'll be just fine. Because of that, I can be a little more understanding where Tricia's concerned.

Sharon: All right. If you finish this, there's more.

Nicholas: I can't do it. You stuffed me with that welcome home dinner.

Sharon: You'll find room. Would you like coffee or wine?

Nicholas: You know what I really want? I just want to sit on the couch with you and hold you. Do you know how long it's been since we did that?

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: I missed you so much.

Sharon: I missed you too, Nick.

Nicholas: Right here, being able to reach out and touch you. What's wrong?

Billy: I really don't want to touch this. I don't want to touch that computer. Raul, Mac shouldn't have done what she did. You go into a chat room to talk confidentially. Mac tricked me.

Raul: You have to face it.

Billy: Raul, I was confused. I said stuff that could be interpreted by Mac that I still have feelings for her.

Raul: Are you saying that you don't?

Billy: Even if I did, the fact is -- you know what? I want to forget it ever happened. You're my friend, Raul. Can you please help me do that?

Mackenzie: I'm really glad that you stopped by. I hope you explain what was upsetting you last time we talked.

J.T.: Actually I just stopped by to see how you're doing.

Mackenzie: I guess you heard how I screwed up?

J.T.: Screwed up how?

Mackenzie: The more I talk about it the more I screw it up. Billy wants nothing to do with me. I know you don't like Billy and you think I should totally forget about him. I have to tell you -- oh, never mind.

J.T.: Don't leave me hanging. Tell me what's going on.

Brittany: Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey. Something strong and black please. How's Raul?

Brittany: He just got out of the hospital today.

Phyllis: That's wonderful. He was never your main concern, was he?

Brittany: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis: You weren't exactly hanging out at his bedside, Brittany. How are you and Billy? Everything back on track?

Brittany: Better than ever.

Phyllis: You got by the problems I caused, putting the second camera in the pool house?

Brittany: Last time we spoke, I was pretty rude to you.

Phyllis: Yes, you were.

Brittany: You said some -- I said some things I shouldn't. I never should have taken -- taken my frustrations out on you.

Phyllis: I never heard you apologize before. Impressive.

Brittany: I wasn't trying to impress you.

Phyllis: This wasn't a sudden attack of contrition? I wonder what's motivating you, this sudden attempt to butter me up.

Michael: Isabela, you shouldn't have come here.

Isabela: It's important. Stop worrying.

Michael: Don't you think it might have raised a red flag?

Isabela: I don't care about a red flag. Listen to me, Michael. Listen. I repaid my debt to you and then some. After tonight, this whole arrangement is off.

Michael: You can't do that.

Isabela: Oh, yes I can. I'm finished playing this role for you. I'm leaving town tonight and you can't stop me.

Lynne: I'm so glad you buzzed. I was on my way in.

Paul: I want you to call my mother and say Isabela and I will not be in.

Lynne: Nicholas Newman's trial is over. He's been acquitted.

Paul: That's a relief.

Lynne: Not just for the Newman’s, but you too.

Paul: How so? I want you to set up a meeting with Fred tomorrow morning. I want a report on what he knows about the escort service and Isabela's husband. You haven't heard from Isabela by any chance, have you?

Lynne: Do you think that's why she took off?

Paul: Probably. I can't imagine why she would react that way. I'm hoping Fred could shed some light on that.

Lynne: If he can't, then what?

Paul: I'll keep digging until I find another reason. Do you have another suggestion?

Lynne: Quit. Drop the case.

Isabela: Let go of me, Michael. Let go.

Michael: Come on, Isabela, talk to me. What happened?

Isabela: Enough. Nothing. Enough is enough. You told me this would take a couple days, a week at most to delay Paul from going to Hong Kong.

Michael: That was the plan.

Isabela: Then you convinced me to stay a while longer.

Michael: You never indicated you had a problem with that. You dropped by to contact me for old time's sake?

Isabela: You told me to return a favor I owed you years ago.

Michael: Now you're going to bail out on me.

Isabela: Yes.

Michael: You're bored and want to leave.

Isabela: Something like that.

Michael: I want to know what's really going on here.

Victoria: Do you mind if I ask you something about Tricia?

Ryan: What?

Victoria: I know the timing of this might not be quite right but you've been worrying about her for the past year. And I know you feel a sense of responsibility for her. How active do you plan on being in her life?

Ryan: I can't abandon her.

Victoria: No, of course not. She's not under the influence of Matt Clark.

Ryan: But she's hit bottom. I think she's realized that. I'm hoping she will stop resisting and finally get the help she needs. Now, can I ask you a question?

Victoria: Sure.

Ryan: Do you think any charges will be brought against her for her part in this?

Victoria: I hope not. I think if she agrees to get professional help, I will do everything I can to make sure she's not prosecuted. I do hope that she'll see the logic in going elsewhere for treatment, leaving Genoa City. I just think it would be best for everyone. You know what I wish more than anything?

Ryan: What?

Victoria: I just want the rest of us to move on with our lives.

Brittany: I tell you I'm sorry and you throw it back in my face?

Phyllis: You're not apologizing to me.

Brittany: What do you think I'm doing?

Phyllis: You're covering your butt. Things are not as solid between you and Billy as you claim.

Brittany: I am trying to clear up this misunderstanding between you and me.

Phyllis: Are you really?

Brittany: Why do you sound like I'm manipulating this situation?

Phyllis: I think you're smart and you realize you can't have too many friends. And my instincts tell me it has something to do with that tape.

Mackenzie: Look, I never should have brought it up. Forget it.

J.T.: Regardless of what you think, Mac, you and I are starting to become friends. You can talk to me.

Mackenzie: Even about Billy?

J.T.: Yeah.

Mackenzie: Sometimes it gets to me how many near misses Billy and I have had. And finally when things get straight something happens. When he was talking to a stranger, makes things even worse.

J.T.: What was that?

Mackenzie: Said that he cared about me. Sorry. I didn't mean to get emotional on you.

J.T.: You're entitled.

Mackenzie: You know what else bugs me? Brittany.

J.T.: What did she do now?

Mackenzie: She's the one that found out I was chatting with Billy online. She made it sound like I committed a horrible crime or something. Can you believe that?

J.T.: Typical Brittany.

Mackenzie: The one that flat out lied about sleeping with Billy last summer to be that manipulative.

J.T.: You're ticked off at Brittany. This all comes back to Abbott.

Mackenzie: I thought you might understand.

J.T.: I'm trying to, okay? All you want to do is what bugs you. How about what bugs me? All these months when you act like you wanted to get back at Billy, all you want to do is get back together with him. You're saving yourself for a guy that doesn't want you. When will you wake up and get over it?

Mackenzie: Why are you being so cruel?

J.T.: If you hadn't wasted all your time on Abbott you might have seen what was right in front of you. I could have made you happy, Mac. I still could. Why do I even bother?

Raul: You're right, Billy. We are friends. That's why I'm not going to drop this, okay? You and Mac have something special. No matter how hard you fight that, it will not go away.

Billy: All I know is how angry I am.

Raul: This could turn out to be a good thing. All your feelings for Mac are out in the open. It's not a deep, dark secret anymore.

Billy: You don't get it. The computer thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Raul: What's the rest?

Billy: You know. Mac tells you everything. What if I told you Mac and J.T. are having sex?

Paul: Drop the case? You're joking, right?

Lynne: Why not? Your client won't cooperate. Every time you find something could be important, Isabela objects to you doing your job. Paul, you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Paul: You don't like her very much, do you?

Lynne: Does it show?

Paul: My guess is Isabela knew about the escort service and she didn't want us to find out because she was embarrassed about it.

Lynne: There's probably more she doesn't want us to know.

Paul: We won't place judgment on her. I think if she can trust us, we can help her.

Lynne: You still intend to work full time even if it gets in the way of seeing your wife.

Paul: Lynne, you are dangerously close to crossing the line.

Lynne: I'm sorry. Paul, I have to say this. You said a big part why you couldn't see Christine is because you didn't know how long the Newman case would drag on.

Paul: So?

Lynne: The Newman case is just over.

Paul: Another case is heating up.

Lynne: And your client pulls a disappearing act.

Paul: I don't know why you're so worked up about this. This is my call.

Lynne: I'll set things up with Fred. Is there anything there is you want me to do before I leave?

Paul: No. That's all. Thank you.

Isabela: I don't want to discuss it, Michael. My mind is made up.

Michael: Don't you think you at least owe me an explanation?

Isabela: It's simple. The situation just became too uncomfortable.

Michael: How? Paul could not have possibly picked up on our connection. It goes too far, buried way too deep.

Isabela: Nothing like that.

Michael: You think he knew what you and James were up to before your marriage?

Isabela: He only knows about James's past.

Michael: The escort service?

Isabela: You think this is amusing? You play a lawyer game to get me to talk about what I don't want to talk about? I'm not on the witness stand.

Michael: Isabela, don't leave. Not like this, come on.

Isabela: I'm tired, Michael, just tired.

Michael: All right. I won't ask anymore questions. Except for one. Why does it bother you so much that Paul Williams might learn something about your past?

Nicholas: Baby, what is it?

Sharon: Nothing. I'm fine.

Nicholas: I don't think you are.

Sharon: Maybe I'm just in shock. You know, it all seems so unreal. We thought it was over when you were out on bail and Matt Clark was in the hospital in custody.

Nicholas: Now, it is over. I am determined to put behind everything Matt Clark put us through. I think you should do the same thing.

Sharon: You know, I want a glass of wine. Do you?

Nicholas: I'll get it. You know, maybe it's not fair of me to say we need to put Matt out of our minds.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nicholas: I'm not being sensitive enough about what happened to you the night at the cabin.

Sharon: What about what he said to you, and pulling out a breathing tube?

Nicholas: You had to deal with the shock that Carter Mills was Matt Clark. You knew what he did to you. He tried to come after you again. That had to be terrifying.

Sharon: I don't want to talk about it, okay? We both went through hell.

Nicholas: Baby, you sure you're okay? I mean really?

Sharon: Yeah, I am. Really.

Nicholas: Really? Look, I understand if you're not ready.

Ryan: Thanks.

Keith: What are you two doing here?

Ryan: Waiting for Tricia to wake up. I just wanted her to know her testimony helped.

Victoria: My brother was acquitted of all charges.

Keith: That's very thoughtful of you, Ryan.

Ryan: How is she?

Keith: She was awake for a little while. We talked.

Ryan: Did you tell her Clark's dead?

Keith: Yep. We still call him Carter. She became extremely agitated just thinking about the man. They had to give her a sedative.

Ryan: Do you mind if I talk to her alone?

Keith: No, go ahead.

Ryan: Thanks.

Ryan: Tricia?

Tricia: Ryan.

Ryan: Hi. How are you feeling?

Tricia: Better.

Ryan: Good. I have good news.

Tricia: What's that?

Ryan: The testimony you gave did the trick. Nick Newman's a free man. Did you hear me?

Tricia: I'm glad you came to tell me.

Ryan: I thought it might cheer you up.

Tricia: I feel terrible about what I did.

Ryan: You had no way of knowing what was going on.

Tricia: I should have never gotten involved with Carter.

Ryan: It's over. Stop thinking about it, okay? I think it's time we start talking about getting you some help.

Tricia: Something I should have done a long time ago.

Ryan: Then you're willing?

Tricia: Willing and eager. I'm surprised you still care.

Ryan: Of course I care. I want to see you well again.

Tricia: Maybe I should go to England with my dad. What do you think?

Ryan: If that's what you want.

Tricia: I could get help there. I mean, if that's okay with you.

Ryan: I'm okay with anything that helps you.

Tricia: There's just one thing about London.

Ryan: What's that?

Tricia: Do you think it's far enough away?

Ryan: Far enough?

Tricia: Yeah. From him.

Brittany: I told you, Phyllis, that tape is history.

Phyllis: The tape may be destroyed, but I'm sure it lingers in some people's minds.

Brittany: I'm not worried.

Phyllis: Really? You don't care there's a videotape of what didn't happen between you and Billy last summer?

Brittany: Without a tape it's speculation.

Phyllis: You don't mind my asking around to see about the tape or if I run into, say, Rianna or Mackenzie?

Brittany: You're obviously fishing for some information. Since I trust you, Phyllis, I'll confide in you. There are a couple of people that know about the tape. Mac is one of them.

Phyllis: Interesting. How'd she find out about it?

Brittany: She saw it.

Phyllis: She saw it. She didn't tell Billy. I wonder why?

Brittany: She knows he would take my word over hers.

Phyllis: Would he?

Brittany: Especially since they're not talking.

Phyllis: Billy and Mackenzie aren't talking. Did you have something to do with that, Brittany?

[Cellular phone ring]

Ryan: Far enough away from whom?

Tricia: You know who I mean.

Ryan: No, I don't.

Tricia: Carter Mills.

Ryan: What?

Tricia: He's not stupid, Ryan. He can find me.

Ryan: Tricia, your father told me he told you he died after the accident.

Tricia: I know that's how it seems because that's what he wants us to think. I didn't say anything to Dad. I know he'd just worry.

Ryan: Tricia --

Tricia: Ryan, you have to realize Carter is evil, pure evil. Evil doesn't die. He'll be back. And I'll be one of his main targets because of what I tried to do to him in the car. We have to be on guard.

Isabela: Look. It's been a long day. I'd book a hotel for tonight but --

Michael: But you're afraid Paul will come looking for you?

Isabela: I'm almost sure of it. If I could stay here and leave first thing in the morning.

Michael: Of course.

Isabela: Promise to stop asking questions?

Michael: I promise.

Isabela: That was too easy.

Michael: Normally I'd press but you caught me at a good time -- or perhaps I should say a bad time. I realize today I don't have as much at stake in your staying as I hoped.

Isabela: Are you saying your trip to Fiji with Christine is off?

Michael: Let's just say we both have had better days. You don't have to stay here. I have a spare apartment.

Isabela: Couch is fine. I prefer not to go outside again tonight.

Michael: Suit yourself. Just promise me that you won't leave in the morning without giving me a chance to say goodbye.

Isabela: Good night, Michael.

Michael: Good night, Isabela.

Phyllis: All righty. I understand why you're so sweet to me all of a sudden. If someone was to ask me if another camera was rolling that night, you want me to keep my mouth shut.

Brittany: You wouldn't hurt me for no reason, would you?

Phyllis: I have to go.

Brittany: You didn't answer me.

Phyllis: No, I didn't. But I understand why you're apologizing.

Raul: Mac and J.T.? Are you kidding me?

Billy: I couldn't believe it either.

Raul: Last time you thought that, it was bogus.

Billy: It's for real.

Raul: Who says?

Billy: It's going around.

Raul: You're buying into a rumor.

Billy: It's more than a rumor.

Raul: Who told you? Not Mac. Who then?

Billy: J.T.

Raul: If you believed that liar, he slept with every girl in town. You're talking about a huge 180.

Billy: That's not possible?

Raul: It's not happening. Trust me.

Billy: How do you know Mac hasn't grown up, moved on?

Raul: You freak out every time Mac gets involved with somebody.

Billy: Get off my back. I'm trying to concentrate on my relationship with Brittany. If I have to cut her off completely, them's the breaks. Stop trying to make us friends because it's a lost cause.

Raul: I guess there's nothing more for me to say.

Billy: Look, maybe you should just go home. Don't push it.

Raul: Yeah, you're right.

Billy: Still buds?

Raul: Yeah, man. We're still buds. Mac and J.T. That can't be. There's no way.

Nicholas: Amazing.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nicholas: Of course, I don't know why I'm surprised. You're such an amazing person, the way you stood by me. You never faltered.

Sharon: I'm not as strong as you think I am.

Nicholas: I think you're the strongest, bravest, most loving person I know.

Sharon: I'm just glad it's over and you're finally home. I felt like I was holding my breath forever.

Nicholas: It's really, truly over.

Sharon: I'm still trying to let it sink in.

Nicholas: You know how close I feel to you right now, how much I love you?

Sharon: I love you too, Nick. Don't you ever doubt that.

Nicholas: I guess this proves we're well on our way of getting past this thing.

[Phone ringing]

Paul: Paul Williams.

Isabela: Hello, Paul.

Paul: Isabela? I've been worried about you.

Isabela: I'm calling to let you know I'm all right.

Paul: Where are you?

Isabela: It doesn't matter.

Paul: You could be in danger. I don't want you to slip away from your bodyguard like that.

Isabela: I'm fine, really. I'm sorry I ran off.

Paul: Why did you?

Isabela: I had to. Look, I am not your responsibility anymore.

Paul: What do you mean?

Isabela: I'm leaving town. That's the reason I called, to say goodbye.

Paul: Is this about what we turned up, the escort service and your husband?

Isabela: I appreciate everything you've done, but it's over.

Paul: Isabela, you can't leave like this.

Isabela: I'll be all right.

Paul: Can I see you one more time before you leave?

Isabela: I'm not going to change my mind.

Paul: Can I see that you're all right for myself? Isabela?

Isabela: Where?

Paul: Eve's Bistro. You know where that is? Can you find it?

Isabela: When?

Paul: 9:00.

Isabela: See you, then.

Keith: All right. Thank you. I'll be there shortly. Tricia must have been relieved to hear about Nicholas.

Ryan: You talk to Tricia much?

Keith: Not really. It was a brief conversation before I told her about Clark's death.

Ryan: You definitely told her.

Keith: I thought she should know. I have a meeting with Tricia's doctor and then I am going to visit with her. Thank you for coming. You too, Victoria. I'll be in touch.

Victoria: What? What is it? She resisting getting help?

Ryan: She's all for it. She wants to go to London.

Victoria: Her dad can take care of it.

Ryan: It's not that.

Victoria: What then?

Ryan: This is very bizarre. Tricia is afraid Carter Mills will follow her. She thinks he's still alive... still alive... still alive...

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