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John: It's a statement under oath from Mrs. Tricia McNeil. She is a material witness to establish my client's innocence.

Judge: Mrs. McNeil is in hospital in critical condition. She can't take the stand and there's a question regarding her competency. I can't cross-examine a piece of paper.

John: Detective Edmunds was present during the questioning.

Judge: Hold on. Hold on. I want to take a previous recess to read this. Any objections? Good.

Victor: John, does that statement have any value?

John: As I said, Victor, it'll help but it won't decide the case.

Victor: Then we have to come up with something more, and that's Larry Warton. The question is can he be counted on.

Cassie: Is it okay if I say hello to Mr. Warton?

Sharon: Okay.

Cassie: Hi.

Larry: You're back again, huh?

Cassie: I didn't get to say much to my Dad last time because it was Noah's birthday.

Larry: As far as I'm concerned, you're welcome here any time.

Cassie: Why are you in jail? Did the police make a mistake about you too?

Larry: Oh, man, what do I do? What the hell do I do?

Miguel: Thank you for coming here to keep the children occupied, Mrs. Chancellor.

Katherine: Thank God there's something I can do. It seems precious little.

Miguel: Keeping their minds off the situation helps.

Katherine: I think they've accepted my explanation that they have very important business to take care of.

Miguel: So far.

Katherine: Miguel, don't let the children watch any television or see any newspapers. The situation with Nick hasn't hit the papers yet but it's only a matter of time before the trial is very big news.

Cassie: Trial? What trial?

Brittany: Nice bumping into you.

Billy: Likewise.

Brittany: How did you do?

Billy: A little brutal.

Brittany: I'm sure you aced it. How she can look you in the eye like that is beyond me. I thought the way she lied to you and deceived you. I'm trying not to hold it against her because I know you want us all to be friends.

Billy: I don't think that's too likely anymore, Brit.

Mackenzie: Billy, have you heard? Raul is getting out this afternoon. I was planning on going by after school today. Now I want to go at lunch and celebrate.

Rianna: I'm totally into that. What about you?

Billy: I have a free period now so I can go now.

Rianna: Oh, you don't want to go together?

Billy: No. I got something going on.

Rianna: Things are really bad with you guys.

Mackenzie: No kidding.

Rianna: Hey, Mac, come on. Will you please tell me what happened with you two?

Sharon: Nicholas, is there some place we can go and be alone?

John: There's a room across the hall. You can use that one.

Nicholas: Thanks, John.

John: What's going on?

Victor: The judge is reviewing Tricia's statement.

John: Using the laptop.

Paul: What about Jordan? She said Matt may have murdered him.

Nikki: I thought the drugs killed him.

Victor: If Tricia has implicated him, this could make an enormous difference.

John: Tricia wasn't lucid. If I included that portion on the system, Edmunds would have been all over her.

Paul: We did some investigating. We made a discovery.

Victor: You have?

[doorbell sounding]

Esther: Coming. Mrs. Williams.

Mary: Good morning, Lynne. How are you today?

Lynne: I am fine, thank you. How are you?

Mary: Oh, you're on your way out. I won't keep you.

Lynne: Paul left early. He's not here.

Mary: I'm here to see Isabela.

Lynne: She left a note. She had to run to the market. Does this have anything to do with the dinner invitation you mentioned?

Mary: Please don't misunderstand. I said I would include you. I want to spend time alone with the woman. And we can get together some other night. I hope you don't mind.

Lynne: No. No, I'm fine with that. I'm getting the feeling you would like to encourage whatever is going on between Paul and Isabela.

Mary: Lynne, the last time I was with Paul, Chris called. Apparently she has a free week towards the end of the month. She offered to meet him in Hawaii or come all the way home. Paul said no to both. I guess my prediction of their marriage being over is right on the money.

Lynne: Why don't you just put them on the counter over there?

Isabela: Mrs. Williams, hello. What a wonderful surprise.

Mary: I hope it's not too early.

Isabela: No, not at all. This is Mitch, my bodyguard.

Mary: I saw you before in the hallway.

Mitch: Yes, ma'am. I'll be outside.

Isabela: Thank you, Mitch. I was about to put on a fresh pot of coffee. Would you like some?

Mary: That would be lovely.

Isabela: Lynne?

Lynne: I have to leave. Goodbye.

Paul: This is a readout of Jordan Spencer's heart monitor from the day the died. The doctor got it from the hospital archives. Dr. Walker is willing to testify ninety seconds before Jordan flatlined that the heartbeat on this monitor belonged to somebody else.

Nikki: Matt Clark.

Victoria: I don't understand.

Ryan: We think he was buying time to attach the leads to his own chest.

Paul: Detached the ventilator and nobody knew.

John: Do you have a copy of Matt Clark's heartbeat for comparison?

Paul: I'm certain it will prove our theory that Nicholas was not responsible for Jordan's death.

Victor: Well, Paul, this is potentially very crucial evidence I guess.

Nikki: Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell Nicholas the good news.

Victor: Do you think this would do the trick?

John: It's a positive development, no question, Victor.

Victor: But one.

John: Unfortunately, I don't think we're home free yet.

Sharon: They'd think I was losing it.

Nicholas: Actually I think you're amazing. You're being very strong.

Sharon: Well, I don't feel strong. Sorry.

Nicholas: Don't be.

Sharon: But we didn't -- I mean it doesn't --

Nicholas: Baby, it's okay. I understand.

Sharon: Well, I don't. You must be disappointed.

Nicholas: I was so happy to be home last night and be able to hold you in my arms. That's what I miss the most.

Sharon: I'm sure you're just saying that.

Nicholas: Look in my eyes. You know I'm not. We have a lifetime of nights together. Everything's going to be all right, okay? Okay?

Rianna: Mac, I don't believe this. It's not like you; pretending to be somebody who you're not.

Mackenzie: Now you know why Billy will barely speak to me.

Rianna: It's not that bad. People make up screen names all the time. It's something you expect when you go online.

Mackenzie: Rianna, he confided in me, a lot. You wouldn't believe some of the things that we chatted about.

Rianna: What kinds of things? His feelings? His feelings for you, Mac?

Mackenzie: I can't get into it anymore, okay?

Rianna: That is so bizarre. How would Billy find out how you were Clean Queen.

Mackenzie: I have no idea.

Brittany: He found out from me.

Billy: Hey, man. You're looking good.

Raul: How's it going?

Billy: It's going all right. I hear you might get sprung today.

Raul: That's what they tell me.

Billy: I bet your folks are pretty relieved.

Raul: Oh, yeah.

Billy: How about you? You going to miss this place?

Raul: It'll be an adjustment.

Billy: Yeah, right. No breezes through that hospital gown, feeling like a pin cushion?

Raul: You know what I mean. I have to meet with my doctor, how to deal with diabetes.

Billy: Come on, recall, no -- come on, Raul, no worries. You'll get through all of this.

Raul: Oh, yeah?

Billy: Remember the first summer at boy scout camp? You got freaked out from being away from home? I had to keep calling Jack and listen to him razz me.

Raul: He sent you that care package.

Billy: He sent me my teddy bear. I could have killed him for that. The guys gave me so much grief.

Raul: It's good we can talk like this again, man. I'm glad.

Billy: Yeah, you and me both. I felt like a part of my life was missing when you and me were on the outs. I was hoping to get my best friend back.

Raul: As far as I'm concerned, you already got him back.

Billy: Really? You going to give me a second chance?

Raul: I owe you my life. That is the biggest second chance you can ever give anyone. How can I not rush the favor? -- Return the favor?

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Nicholas: I'm so glad I can be here for you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sharon: Hello?

Katherine: Sharon, Katherine here. I'm afraid there's a problem. Cassie has just found out about the trial.

Sharon: I see.

Katherine: And she is very upset.

Sharon: Put her on, will you?

Katherine: I'm so sorry.

Nicholas: What is it?

Cassie: Mommy?

Sharon: Sweetie, let me explain, okay?

Cassie: No. You and Daddy lied to me. You made me think things were going to be okay.

Sharon: Well, we're hoping that they will.

Cassie: Why didn't you tell me? You don't -- you didn't want to upset me? How did you think I was going to feel?

Sharon: Cassie? Sweetheart.

Nicholas: What's wrong?

Sharon: Cassie knows.

Nicholas: About the trial.

Sharon: She just hang up on me. She's beside herself.

Nicholas: All right. Look, I'm going to be fine here, okay? Why don't you go on home?

Sharon: Are you sure?

Nicholas: Yeah. The kids need you, too. They take priority.

Isabela: Mrs. Williams, I want to apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I should have explained the circumstances.

Mary: That's fine. Lynne set the record straight. I'm so relieved you found a safe haven here.

Isabela: Thanks to Paul. Such a generous, kind person. Showed up on his doorstep like an orphan in a storm and he opened up his home to me. He's an extraordinary man.

Mary: Well, he is. I think so, too. Although I don't think he's making any huge sacrifice. From what I can tell, he's enjoying your company.

Isabela: Mine and Lynne's. Something tells me, Mrs. Williams, you didn't come all the way here for just a cup of coffee. You want to know where I'm coming from where your son's concerned.

Mary: Well, yes, I admit, the thought had occurred to me.

Isabela: Cards on the table, Mary? I admire Paul. But he's a married man. And I wouldn't cross that line. I just don't have it in me.

Victor: So, John, with what we have from Tricia McNeil, how can we build on that?

John: The lucid part of her testimony is she took Ryan’s laptop to Matt Clark.

Nikki: To set up Nicholas.

Paul: I will find the calls originating from Matt Clark's apartment on December 7th. If he logged on to the Newman computer, there will be a record of it.

John: My office will get a subpoena.

Victor: Thank you very much. That's very important evidence. Thank you.

Paul: Glad I can be of help. I'll be in touch.

Victor: Now, John, be honest with us. Is any of this evidence enough to refute the murder charges against my son?

John: This information about the heartbeat suggests that Matt Clark killed Jordan Spencer. We need someone who's privy to Matt Clark's plan.

Victor: You're talking about Larry Warton, a man smart enough to know he implicates himself.

John: All Larry does is confirm a few simple facts, not that he was involved in Jordan's murder.

Victor: What you're saying is my son's fate is in the of a vicious hoodlum that can't be trusted.

Larry: So now it's my fault things aren't working out the way you planned?

Matt: You know, I'm catching a lot of heat to press charges against you.

Larry: No way. Hold on, all right? I'm not going back there, man. I get arrested for smacking you. My parole officer finds out and I go back to prison. That's not gonna happen!

Matt: Think. There's nothing to tie you into that drug deal. You're going to have to do a little time.

Larry: Oh, no.

Matt: It’s not going to be for very long.

Larry: Are you kidding me? It will be a few years.

Matt: You got no other options, man.

Larry: Yes, I do. I got one option. I can blow your cover, man, expose your identity and take you down with me.

Matt: Yeah, you could do that. Then you would let yourself in for a hell of a lot more trouble than you think. Now you want to bring me down that bad?

Nicholas: I know my lawyer can't get you off totally. I guarantee you he can get a reduced sentence and just do your time and start over with a clean slate.

Larry: Look, that's easy for you to say.

Nicholas: I really believe you wanted to stay on the straight and narrow until Matt got his hooks into you. You can have that right now.

Larry: Yeah, right.

Nicholas: It's never too late.

Larry: Do you realize what you're asking me?

Nicholas: You have the power to keep my family together. You also have the power to tear us apart.

Larry: Now I've got the power, huh? Well, ain't that a first?

Brittany: Believe it or not I was trying to be friends with you. And then I found out what you were doing to Billy.

Mackenzie: How did you find out?

Brittany: I was at the coffee house. I was walking by the computers and saw Mac was online. Then I saw Billy's name come online. I don't know if Mac told you, Rianna, but she's been doing this for quite a while. She's been pulling this for months.

Mackenzie: I'm sure you couldn't wait to tell him.

Brittany: That's so ironic, you there online, pretending to be Billy's friend, someone he could tell his most private feelings to. The whole time you were looking out for your own self-interests.

Mackenzie: You self-righteous --

Brittany: Excuse me, sister Mackenzie, you wrote the book on holier-than-thou.

Phyllis: You must be starved. You want me to order something to go?

Paul: It's okay. Isabela must be a light sleeper. I must have woken her up. It was nice having breakfast together.

Lynne: I ran into your mom on the way out. She told me Chris called.

Paul: Count on my mom to spread the word.

Lynne: She said she would fly here. Isn't that the gesture you have been waiting for?

Victoria: Where's Sharon?

Nicholas: I sent her home. Cassie found out what's going on. She's pretty upset about it.

Clerk: All rise. Court is back in session.

Judge: Be seated. I have read the statement that Mr. Silva wishes to introduce in evidence. My only question concerns Mrs. McNeil’s competency. Detective Edmunds, you were present when the witness was interviewed?

Detective Edmunds: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Any doubt as to her state of mind at the time?

Detective Edmunds: She seemed to know what she was saying and doing.

Judge: Did she seem prompted?

Detective Edmunds: No, sir.

Judge: I'm prepared to treat this as an exception to the hearsay rule, sworn testimony from a material witness.

Detective Edmunds: I stipulate Mrs. McNeil would testify to what is in those papers.

Judge: Mr. Silva, do you have any live witnesses to call?

John: Yes, Your Honor. The defense calls Larry Warton.

Nicholas: I'm asking you. Take a chance, you won't regret it.

Larry: But you can't guarantee it. It would be like hanging myself, bro. It's too big a gamble. It's too much risk.

Nicholas: I can see you regret what my kids are going through.

Larry: They didn't do anything wrong.

Nicholas: Neither did I, Larry, and we both know that. It's not too late for you to turn this around, for all of us.

Warden: Okay, Warton. Show time.

Mary: I won't deny it, Isabela. You and my son living together under one roof, I was wondering.

Isabela: If Paul wasn't married, it might be a different story. Sorry, perhaps it's wrong of me to admit that. I just feel so close to you. I feel like I could talk to you about anything.

Mary: Don't worry, dear. What you just said to me now will go no further. Frankly, I appreciate your honesty.

Isabela: Thank you.

Mary: You know I was serious about having you and Paul over to dinner tonight.

Isabela: How sweet of you. What should I bring, a salad?

Mary: That would be perfect. I'll call Paul and tell him of our plans.

Isabela: Oh, can I do that?

Mary: Yes, you may. I will go off to the butcher’s and pick up the main course.

Isabela: I'll walk you out.

Mary: Thank you.

Isabela: I'll see you tonight.

Mary: I look forward to it. Bye, Mitch.

Paul: Lynne, not now, okay?

Lynne: I understand you're busy. You told Chris now? Is it too late to reconsider?

[Cell phone ringing]

Paul: Excuse me. Paul Williams.

Isabela: Paul, it's me.

Paul: Hey, Isabela, what's up?

Isabela: Your mother just invited us for dinner.

Paul: Tonight?

Isabela: I hope it works for you.

Paul: Sounds good. I'm waiting to hear from someone so I'm not sure how my day's going to go.

Isabela: All right. I'll call her and let her know.

Lynne: If you want to see your wife, Paul, you would find the time.

Paul: I have to get to my office. I'll see you.

Brittany: You know what that means, don't you?

J.T.: That Mac is still obsessed with Abbott.

Brittany: Billy is totally disillusioned with her.

J.T.: Right.

Brittany: Why are you acting like this? You should be shooting off fireworks.

J.T.: Because it doesn't have anything to do with me.

Brittany: Duh. Of course, J.T., it does. Mac is out of his life.

J.T.: For now.

Brittany: Things should be happening for Miss Cheerful. She needs somebody. Why not you?

J.T.: Because she -- forget it. You wouldn't understand.

Brittany: Look, she'll come around, little boy. Just work your magic, such as it is. You know, you're very lucky we're all on the same side. You owe me one, a very, very big one.

J.T.: There is one silver lining to this whole thing. You and –

Raul: You and Mac are getting along better. That's the best thing I heard in a long time. I know. I know I'm kind of changing my tune. I've been worried about people getting hurt again.

Billy: Raul, I --

Raul: This is important. Let me finish. Just want to say if we can finally put what happened behind us that would be the ultimate. You, me, Mac and Rianna all friends again.

Christine: Yes, I understand the meeting has been moved. All I'm saying is -- right. Yes, yes. I will have the contract with me. Thank you. Yes.

Lynne: Chris, hi. It's Lynne. How's it going? You're there really late, aren't you?

Christine: Yes. It's a crazy day. Good to hear from you.

Lynne: Thanks. Look, the reason I'm calling is I heard you offered to come home during your week off. Are you still free then?

Christine: Did Paul ask you to call about this?

Lynne: Not exactly.

Christine: Oh.

Lynne: Chris, he's really swamped. That's the truth. I think if you asked again, I think he'd find the time.

Christine: Lynne, after Paul and I got off the phone the other day, I called back and a woman answered.

Lynne: Oh, Isabela.

Christine: Who is she?

Lynne: A client.

Christine: A client answering the phone at our apartment?

Lynne: Chris, it's a very complicated situation. Paul thinks she's in real jeopardy and he's taken her in. I'm staying there, too.

Christine: That's odd, in all the years we have been married and all the cases he's been involved in, he's never done that, not once.

Lynne: Come home, Chris.

Christine: Why are you pushing so hard for me to come home? You know, you don't have to answer that. It has to do with this woman, doesn't it? Client or no client, you see her as a threat.

Katherine: Darling, I'm so sorry. Miguel and I should not have mentioned anything about the trial with the children in the house.

Sharon: It's all right, Katherine. I'm sure she would have found out about it sooner or later. Honey, come here.

Cassie: I thought it was all over. Now Daddy's on trial? Why? I need to know.

Sharon: Well, sit down. If you're going to ask me all these questions, you have to give me a chance to answer. There are some things that happened over the last few days that made it so the lawyers and everyone else decided it would be better if we went to court right away and explain to the judge why your daddy is innocent.

Cassie: If you're talking to the judge, I want to be there.

Sharon: There are things said in court that I don't want you to hear because they're not true. I won't put you through that.

Cassie: Please, Mommy. Please.

Victor: I will not call it a good sign.

Court Clerk: Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give in the course of trial is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Larry: I do.

Court Clerk: Be seated.

John: State your name, please.

Larry: Lawrence Warton.

John: Do you know the defendant, Nicholas Newman?

Larry: Yeah.

John: At one point, you were accused of harassing his sister, Victoria, weren't you?

Larry: Yes, I was.

John: That was acknowledged as a mistake.

Larry: Eventually.

John: Do you know a man named Carter Mills, also Matt Clark?

Larry: Past tense. I knew him.

John: What kind of man was he?

Larry: Let's put it this way, if he wasn't dead, I'd wish he was.

John: He got you in a little trouble, didn't he?

Larry: I'm not in trouble.

John: You're in jail.

Larry: Not for much longer.

John: You know that?

Larry: All I did was knock Clark out. They can't keep me forever for that.

John: Do you know someone named Tricia McNeil?

Larry: How do you know a head trip like her?

John: You've met her, right?

Larry: Yes.

John: She was living with Matt Clark?

Larry: I lived next door to them and saw her occasionally.

John: Larry, we have to talk about Milwaukee now.

Larry: It's a nice town.

John: Did you and Matt Clark rent a room together in Milwaukee?

Larry: Look, I'm sorry, counselor. I'm going to have to take five on this one. He can't hold it against me, right, Your Honor?

Judge: That's right. It's your constitutional right against self-incrimination.

John: That's your answer?

Larry: Yes, sir. I plead the Fifth.

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