Y&R Transcript Monday 5/14/01

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/14/01--Canada; Tuesday 5/15/01--USA


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Victor: John, call the D.A. Tell him my son is here.

Sharon: Why are we calling a district attorney?

Victor: The gentleman issued a deadline. If Nicholas doesn't talk to him within an hour, he will issue a warrant for his arrest for murder.

Nicholas: Dad, I didn't do it. I hated Matt and I wanted him dead, but I did not kill him.

Victor: Son, I know that. Tell me what happened?

Nicholas: He ripped out his own breathing tube. He did it on purpose. He knew he was going down and took me with him.

Paul: By pulling out his own breathing tube?

Nicholas: It sounds incredible but I didn't do it.

Sharon: This is what I was afraid of, Nicholas. They don't believe you.

Ryan: Keith, any word on Tricia?

Keith: I just got here myself. I can't get a straight answer from anyone.

Victoria: Is this her doctor?

Keith: I'm Keith Dennison, Tricia’s father. Is she going to be all right?

Reese: There were extensive injuries. She's had a lot of surgery.

Keith: Can I at least see her?

Reese: I'll let you know. Excuse me.

Keith: I don't understand. I know Tricia was in a car accident.

Victoria: Some nurses said it happened outside of town.

Keith: What was she doing there anyway?

Ryan: Maybe we should get this later.

Keith: Ryan, if you know something, tell me. I need to know what happened to my daughter.

Olivia: I can call security and have you kicked out.

Malcolm: I have to say it again. We need to talk.

Olivia: I don't want you coming here unannounced or you will force me to take action.

Malcolm: Are you finished?

Olivia: Malcolm, come in, say what you've got to say and get out. Well?

Malcolm: All right, look. What I'm about to tell you is probably going to send you through the roof. I hope for Nate's sake, you listen.

Olivia: Don't lecture me about my son. You've got no right.

Malcolm: That boy needs me. He needs his father. If you keep doing everything in your power to keep us apart, I warn you, I will go to court. I’ll do whatever it takes to be with my son.

Alex: Another dead end, huh? God, this is so frustrating. No, I want you to keep looking. Right. Right, I understand what you're saying. Mm-hmm. All right. Let me know if you find something. All right.

Neil: Lawson Medical?

Alex: Yeah. It was one of my paralegals. She was trying to line up some doctors.

Neil: No one is willing to blow the whistle.

Alex: No.

Neil: Any luck sifting through the discovery documents?

Alex: Only 10,000 of them. If you have nothing further to discuss--

Neil: Alex, Malcolm came to see me earlier.

Alex: He went to see the family practice attorney I suggested.

Neil: He came and told me.

Alex: What did you tell him?

Neil: I told him I would testify on his behalf. Maybe you already knew that.

Sean: Well?

Jill: What?

Sean: I worked up quite an appetite. What about you? Dinner, Jill.

Jill: I knew that. Yeah, dinner sounds great.

Sean: Something's bothering you. Let's talk about it.

Jill: It's nothing. I had a little run-in with Phyllis Summers earlier.

Sean: Oh, I see.

Jill: How well do you know her?

Sean: I don't quite know how to answer that question.

Jill: Oh, no. Oh, please don't tell me that your relationship with her is nothing but completely professional.

Sean: It wasn't professional at all.

Phyllis: Something wrong?

Jack: As much as I adore kissing you, I want to make sure you heard what I said about Jill.

Phyllis: I heard, I heard. No pre-emptive strike.

Jack: I know she can be a pain in the patootie.

Phyllis: But you have to work with her. Now that you have thoroughly ruined the mood, let's talk about dinner.

Jack: Yes, Jennifer. No, no, I want to talk to him. It's late. Go home.

Phyllis: You have to take that?

Jack: Sorry.

Phyllis: Is it about Glow by Jabot? Maybe I can listen in.

Jack: It may take a minute. I'll meet you at Gina’s.

Phyllis: I can hardly wait.

Jack: Yeah, Jake, what's up? I got the audit numbers today.

Phyllis: Hey, hey, Jill Abbott’s office is still on the 11th floor, right?

Jennifer: Yes, ma'am.

Nicholas: I didn't do it. Clark killed himself.

Paul: To get back at you.

Nicholas: Yes.

John: The officer said you told him to get a nurse.

Nicholas: Matt was pretending to choke and needed help.

Sharon: Nicholas wouldn't kill the one person that could set him free.

Nicholas: I didn't do it, you have to believe me.

Victor: I believe you.

John: What we believe doesn't matter. We have to convince the D.A.

Nicholas: How do we do that?

John: We don't have any proof.

Sharon: Why do we need proof? Nicholas had nothing to do with selling those drugs.

John: Richards is on his way here.

Nicholas: What if he charges me for murder?

John: We press for an immediate bench trial.

Paul: I just spoke with Warton’s parole officer. He told me Larry could be released from jail very soon.

Nicholas: Once he's out, he could be less likely to cooperate. He could even run.

Paul: Right now we have more leverage.

Sharon: Leverage? Nicholas is innocent. Why can't the district attorney see that?

Victor: Yes, Connie. Send him in.

Jack: Yeah. All right. Believe me, if those numbers change, Jake, you'll be the first to know. My best to Brenda.

Ashley: Oh, good, you're still here.

Jack: I thought you were working at home.

Ashley: I have to ask you something about Dad. Have you noticed anything unusual with him?

Jack: Like what?

Ashley: His mood.

Jack: We've all been frazzled lately.

Ashley: Has he said or done anything unusual?

Jack: Like what?

Ashley: He's forgetting things. He knows something's wrong and he's very touchy. He's defensive.

Jack: What's the last time he saw Dr. Campbell?

Ashley: He said he had a checkup over a month ago.

Jack: If he had something wrong, we would know about it.

Ashley: It's just so unlike him.

Jack: Okay. I'll keep a closer eye on the old guy. Will that make you feel better?

Ashley: Thank you. It's probably my imagination. He's still at the top of his game around here, right? It's nice we had this chat. Nice we can agree on something.

Jack: If this is an opening to talk about Phyllis, I --

Ashley: Oh, no, never.

Jack: Hello, Bradley. Goodbye, Ashley.

Ashley: Bye, Jack.

Jack: Nice suit.

Sean: Phyllis and I go way back.

Jill: How far back?

Sean: Way before the dot-com explosion.

Jill: I see.

Sean: We admired each other's work but we never collaborated on anything work-wise.

Jill: So you just knew each other socially.

Sean: Yeah. I mean, we hang out at the same clubs together and stuff.

Jill: Hang out?

Sean: Jill, if you're asking if we had an affair --

Jill: Did you?

Sean: I'm not going to lie to you. The thought crossed my mind.

Jill: I'm sure the thought crossed her mind too.

Sean: I'd like to think so.

Jill: But nothing happens -- happened.

Sean: Phyllis is more like a tornado. Best admired from a distance. It sounds like she got the better of you.

Jill: She most certainly did not get the best of me.

Sean: Then why are we wasting our time talking about her?

[Phone ringing]

Jill: Thank you. Jill Abbott. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Sean: Problem?

Jill: Nothing I can't handle.

Sean: What about dinner?

Jill: I won't be long, Sean.

Sean: I'll check out the site and wait for you to get back.

Phyllis: I wanted to make sure you got the message, Jill, loud and clear.

Olivia: Are you threatening to take me to court?

Malcolm: You left me no choice.

Olivia: You gave up all rights when we got divorced.

Malcolm: I changed my mind.

Olivia: For Nate's sake.

Malcolm: That's right.

Olivia: You always jerked that boy around when you change your mind.

Malcolm: I have had it with your holier-than-thou-attitude.

Olivia: Feeling guilty?

Malcolm: Okay. You want to trade insults? Knock yourself out. You know I can hit you right back.

Olivia: Before a judge? What can you say to make him overlook your reckless and irresponsible behavior?

Malcolm: You hate me so much that you can't see what it's doing to our son.

Olivia: Malcolm, Nate is my son, not yours. I'm protecting my son. You know what? All this talk about court cases is irrelevant anyway.

Malcolm: Oh, is it?

Olivia: You don't stand a chance, and you know it. Why are you here? You just messing with my head?

Malcolm: Olivia, don't get ahead of yourself. I talked to a lawyer, a lawyer who specializes in family law.

Olivia: Did this specialist say how difficult it is to separate a mother from her son?

Malcolm: I just want to see my son.

Olivia: It doesn't matter what you want, does it?

Malcolm: What Nate wants does. Judges listen to kids. They find out what they need.

Olivia: He needs you?

Malcolm: He may not be blood. That boy looks to me as his father, and he always will.

Olivia: Well, you've drawn the battle lines.

Malcolm: Olivia, it doesn't have to be like this. For Nate's sake, please don't force my hand.

Alex: Neil, I know this is difficult for you.

Neil: Do you?

Alex: But you never would have agreed to take your brother's side if you didn't think this was best for Nate.

Neil: Your point?

Alex: Are you mad at me for getting the ball rolling?

Neil: I just wish this whole mess could have been avoided.

Alex: Malcolm feels the same way. He just wants to see his son.

Neil: What can I say? Some good will come out of this. Some bad too, I'm afraid.

Alex: Well, that's just life. I will not apologize for giving your brother the right advice.

Neil: Whatever is messed up is theoretical to you. I have to live it.

Alex: I see, a typical lawyer getting paid to straighten things out.

Neil: You said it, not me.

Alex: I'm not going to listen to this. Neil?

Neil: Yes?

Alex: We need to be able to work together.

Neil: I think we're doing a good job together, don't you?

Alex: Not as well as we could if we got along.

Neil: I'm just peachy. How about you?

Alex: It's Olivia.

Neil: Excuse me?

Alex: Are you worried testifying for your brother will ruin whatever is left of your relationship with her?

Neil: I'm not looking forward to the fallout, but I'll handle it.

Alex: Because you believe it's in Nate's best interest.

Neil: That's right, counselor.

Alex: The reason you're peachy is because this is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved.

Neil: Yeah, that's it.

Alex: All right. Then what's going on here between us?

Neil: I don't know what you're talking about.

Alex: I thought we had been developing a pretty good relationship. We were even starting to become friends. And now you treat me like the enemy.

Neil: It's not you, Alex. It's Malcolm and this whole damn court case.

Alex: You started giving me an attitude before this visitation issue. It began when you found out I was still involved with your brother.

Keith: Tricia started calling you again?

Ryan: She started reaching out.

Keith: And you couldn't get through to her?

Ryan: I tried.

Victoria: That's when he realized she was still in town.

Keith: Where in God's name was she?

Ryan: Her boyfriend's.

Keith: Was she all right?

Ryan: When I got there, the door was closed, the windows were shut and the gas was on.

Keith: What are you saying?

Ryan: I'm saying Tricia was trying to commit suicide.

Keith: When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me? I'm her father. For God's sake, you should have called the minute it happened.

Ryan: A lot's happened.

Keith: My daughter's in the hospital. Why didn't you force her to get help?

Victoria: He tried.

Keith: She's in the hospital. My daughter's fighting for her life.

Victoria: And Ryan almost lost his fighting for her.

Ryan: Someone knocked me out.

Keith: Who on earth would do that?

Ryan: Matt Clark.

Keith: Who's that?

Glenn: Matt Clark’s involvement in this case is a potentially significant development?

Sharon: "Potentially significant"?

Glenn: I have substantial evidence linking your husband to the drug charges, as well as an eyewitness that can place him at Matt's bedside with breathing tube in hand.

Victor: What you're saying is you're ready to move against my son with both charges.

Glenn I have to at least take it before a grand jury.

John: We prefer a bench trial and right away. I made some calls and Judge Jennings is available.

Glenn: You're very anxious to get this over with.

John: This isn't a trick, Glenn. It's time to go to court. Let's get this settled once and for all.

Glenn: You must be very confident, John.

Nicholas: Why shouldn't he be, Mr. Richards? I had nothing to do with this. I'm totally innocent.

Glenn: Very well.

Victor: One more thing, Mr. Richards. I think you agreed – you agree that my son, for the time being, should remain free on bail.

Glenn: No more stunts. You hear me, Nicholas? You stay put!

Paul: What about Larry Warton?

Glenn: What about him?

Paul: He's a key witness. He's the one that tipped us off on Matt Clark in the first place.

Glenn: You want to question him, go ahead. I don't think you'll find him very helpful. I have seen Mr. Warton, and he had nothing to say. As I said, be my guest.

John: Actually, Glen, we would like more on this. We want to offer Warton a plea bargain.

Glenn: Come on, John. Plea bargains are for specific situations and this is not one of them.

Sharon: Larry Warton can clear Nicholas; prove Matt Clark was behind this.

Glenn:  Matt Clark is dead. He is making Nick a very convenient scapegoat. If all of you think you can dump all of this on a dead man, you think again. John, I'll see you in court.

Sean: If you're looking for Jill -

Phyllis: No, no, that can wait. I would rather talk to you. How you doing, Sean?

Sean: Hanging in there.

Phyllis: Sorry about your campaign. Actually, I'm not too sorry.

Sean: Considering how much Brash & Sassy benefited.

Phyllis: I've been checking out the site. I like the link you did to the American Diabetes Association. That was great. I think you're doing a great job.

Sean: Thanks. Right back at you.

Phyllis: How are you enjoying it here in sleepy Genoa City?

Sean: Enjoying myself very much.

Phyllis: Sure you are. You're going crazy.

Sean: I am not.

Phyllis: Liar. I dropped the ball showing you around town.

Sean: You said your personal life was a mess.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was.

Sean:  But not anymore?

Phyllis: No. I actually moved in with the man I was seeing.

Sean: Lucky guy. Anybody I might know?

Phyllis: Jack Abbott.

Sean: Really.

Phyllis: Yeah. You should come by for dinner. We'll make it a foursome.

Sean: I'll have to get back with you on that one, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Why? What's the problem?

Sean: She's got some stuff going on right now. Now's probably not a good time.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, call me when it's a good time. I'm not going to take no for an answer. I've got to go. I know Jabot is hurting for cash. Can't they afford to get you your own office?

Sean: I have my own office, thanks.

Phyllis: Good because if you're sharing an office with Jill, you're either going to want to slit your own wrists or hers.

Nicholas: Dad, we need that plea bargain.

Victor: Yeah. We need Larry Warton to talk, son.

Sharon: You really think we can get him to open up?

John: We can meet with the man and see if he'll cooperate.

Paul: I think I'll head over to the hospital and check on Tricia McNeil's condition.

Nicholas: You think she's our last hope?

Sharon: Nicholas, do you have to go with your father and John to see Larry?

Nicholas: I have to. I might be the only one he'll talk to.

Sharon: You want me to come along?

Nicholas: No, sweetie. You've been through so much already today. Wait here and I'll be back.

Sharon: I will pray.

Nicholas: I have so much to be thankful for. Tonight I get to go home with you. We can spend the whole night together, okay?

Victor: Son, are you ready?

Sharon: Good luck. I love you.

Nicholas: I love you.

Jill: Okay. Fire's put out. I'll change and we can go to dinner.

Sean: Not so fast.

Jill: Is there a problem?

Sean: You tell me.

Jill: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sean: What did you and Phyllis talk about?

Jill: Do we have to spoil a promising evening talking about that mad woman? The lunatic has wormed her way into the centre of Jack's life.

Sean: So?

Jill: So, he's sleeping with the enemy, Sean.

Sean: Don't you think that's a little melodramatic?

Jill: No, Sean, I don't.

Sean: Let me get this straight. You took steps to rectify the problem. Phyllis found out, and she hit the roof.

Jill: Like she could intimidate me. I got it off my chest. I'm fine now. Could we please leave?

Sean: After you.

Olivia: Are you threatening me?

Malcolm: I'm telling you like it is.

Olivia: You're always talking about what's best for Nate.

Malcolm: That's what I want.

Olivia: You would make him testify in front of a judge?

Malcolm: It's not a given he would have to testify.

Olivia: That's bull and you know it.

Malcolm: Have you spoken to a lawyer?

Olivia: Me and you tearing each other apart in court, is that what you want?

Malcolm: I told you, it doesn't have to be that way.

Olivia: You go on and on and on about what's best for Nate. Don't you dare tell me what's best for him! Don't you dare! You know the only way you will win this is put him up on the stand and confuse him and make the judge buy whatever he says.

Malcolm: There's another way and it's not about me winning. Olivia, this is about Nate winning! Damn it, woman, do the right thing and let me see my son! We can put this talk and judge -- we can put this talk of judges and lawyers behind us.

Olivia: There is no way there will be a judge that will take your word over mine.

Malcolm: It's not just my word. It would be my brother's, too. You force me to take this to court; Neil has agreed to testify on my behalf.

Neil: Let me get this straight, you think I'm mad because you and my brother are playing kissy face?

Alex: Are you?

Neil: Of course not.

Alex: Look, Neil, I realize we should have told you about our relationship sooner. We were not out to hurt you. It was all completely innocent.

Neil: Not at first it wasn't.

Alex: Malcolm was just trying to get under your skin.

Neil: Real mature.

Alex: Whatever. We're beyond that.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, I hear you're way past that.

Alex: I'm confused here. I thought you were cool with Malcolm and me. And now you're giving me this attitude. Do you have a problem with me seeing your brother?

Neil: No, I don't have a problem with you and my brother seeing each other. Why should I?

Brad: What were you and Jackie boy talking about?

Ashley: My father.

Brad: His recent lapses in memory, has he noticed them?

Ashley: Apparently not.

Brad: You filled him in?

Ashley: He will keep a close eye on him.

Brad: That's a good idea. Nobody spends more time with your dad than Jack.

Ashley: Unless his relationship with Phyllis heats up.

Brad: Jack is a permanent fixture in that house. I can't imagine him leaving to move in with Phyllis. Can you, honestly? You are worrying about something that ain't gonna happen. Let's go home.

Ashley: Okay.

Gina: You looking for someone?

Jack: Phyllis.

Gina: Why are you looking for her?

Jack: Gina.

Gina: I hope you're not getting seriously involved with her.

Phyllis: Sorry I'm late. I want to make myself extra sexy for you.

Gina: We were talking about you. Of all the restaurants in town, I'm surprised you come here.

Phyllis: Jack and I heard you needed the business.

Gina: That's funny. That's funny. Sit here.

Phyllis: Could we be closer to the front door?

Gina: I'm glad you like it.

Jack: This table will be fine.

Phyllis: Guess who I ran into today?

Jack: Who?

Phyllis: Sean Bridges. He's a great guy.

Jack: You know him?

Phyllis: I know him from New York, the web business. I invited him and his girlfriend to the house for dinner.

Jack: To the Abbott house?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I think we should start entertaining. I invited him and he said he'd get back to us. He said his girlfriend is going through something. I told him I wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jack: Maybe you should think about taking no for an answer.

Phyllis: Why? Why? What's going on?

Ryan: Keith, I realize this is difficult for you.

Keith: You don't know Tricia was part of this.

Victoria: She visited Larry Warton at the jail.

Keith: It doesn't mean she was part of this Matt Clark scheme. You will never convince me my little girl would set out to hurt anyone.

Ryan: Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Hi, Ryan, Victoria. I'm checking up on Tricia.

Victoria: Why?

Paul: We need more information for your brother's case.

Victoria: For what? Matt Clark's been found.

Paul: Matt Clark is dead.

Ryan: What?

Paul: Nick was alone in the room with him when he died.

Victoria: Police don't think he had anything to do with that?

Paul: Questions are being asked and we're hoping Tricia can help us out. Ryan, do you think you can get through to her?

Ryan: I'll see what I can do. Her father's here. I'm sure he will want to be by her side.

Paul: Is that a problem?

Mr. Dennison, Mr. McNeil.

Ryan: Excuse me.

Keith: Tricia. It's gonna be all right, sweetheart.

Tricia: No, Dad, it's not going to be okay. Not ever again.

Victoria: What are you saying; my brother's fate rests with Tricia?

Paul: There's only one other person that might have an idea what Matt Clark was up to.

Victoria: Who?

Paul: Larry Warton.

Victoria: If Tricia doesn't make it --

Paul: Larry Warton is our only hope.

Larry: Newman, you're back. Finally here to spring me, huh?

Nicholas: Not exactly.

Larry: Why doesn't that surprise me? How's your wife?

Nicholas: She's been through a hard ordeal.

Larry: I did the right thing. I did a good deed. Why am I still locked up behind bars, huh? Where's my payback? I get it. You already busted Clark and he wouldn't talk, huh? Naturally you start hitting on yours truly. Well, I don't like the way you people do business. When you didn't think you needed me, rich boy here was out the door. Now everyone is singing a different tune.

Victor: The agreement my son made with you, Larry Warton, is for the drug charges only.

Larry: Saving your daughter-in-law and his wife meant nothing?

Victor: We're very grateful for that. But let me remind you of something. The man who attacked my daughter-in-law was your partner in crime. In other words, I strongly suspect that you knew of his intentions long before you spoke out.

John: Let's not get sidetracked. The initial deal is on the table.

Larry: I help Newman, and Newman helps me.

Nicholas: That's why I asked John to join us. He's my lawyer. He will represent you or work with any lawyer you want.

Larry: I won't need a lawyer if I'm out of here.

Nicholas: I told you I can't just spring you. I can give you the best help money can buy.

Larry: You heard the D.A.'s been hassling me?

Nicholas: We heard.

Larry: A little news flash. He doesn't give a damn about me either which made me realize there's really only one deal that works for me and that's telling you everything I know and I'm a free man tonight. So why don't you guys go back to the D.A.’s office and convince him to get me outta here. And then I'll talk.

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