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3AFA4E6D.JPGVictor: I gather you didn't get any information out of Matt Clark.

Mr. Richards: I tried. He said he'll only speak to Nicholas.

Nicholas: Damn right he will. Let me talk to that SOB.

Victor: You need time to cool off.

Nicholas: I don't have time to cool off. He's in critical condition. If he has something to say, I want to hear it.

Victor: If you go in there now, you'll do something you'll regret. I know you will.

Nicholas: You mean like kill him? He doesn't deserve that?

Victor: Son, cool off.

3AFA4E9D.JPG[Due to illness, the role of Mackenzie is being played by Nicole Tarantini]

Billy: There's been a lot going on.

Mackenzie: Like what?

Billy: Remember the last time I told you about that other girl?

Mackenzie: I said look in your heart for the answer. Have you?

Billy: Well, actually, Iím more confused than before. Maybe I don't know her as well as I thought.

Chantal: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Yes, Chantal.

Chantal: Didn't you say Christine will be staying in Hong Kong in June?

Michael: Yes.

Chantal: I notice she's taking a week off.

Michael: I noticed that.

Chantal: I think it's a perfect time for her to go to that resort in Fiji.3AFA4F1C.JPG

Michael: That's not a bad idea.

Chantal: Want me to get them on the phone?

Michael: No, thanks. I'll do it. Thanks, Chantal. Yes, hello, Christine, please.

Christine: Yes. Put him through. Hello, Michael.

Michael: Hi. Christine, you don't sound like yourself. You okay?

Christine: I'm fine.

Michael: You sound like you're having a rough day. How's the case going?

Christine: The case itself is going fine. I am fed up, Michael. I'm very fed up.

Ashley: You were a good girl. Mommy's so proud of you. The doctor said you were the most behaved baby all week long. What do you think of that, angel baby?

Brad: I thought I heard your voice.3AFA4F63.JPG

Ashley: Hi. Why aren't you at the office?

Brad: I thought I'd work from home this morning. I was upstairs making calls. How did the appointment go?

Ashley: Fine. She didn't cry once.

Brad: Is that right? All that poking and prodding and measuring, and you didn't cry one time? That's my baby girl. Ash?

Ashley: I'm fine.

Brad: What's going on? Something wrong with the baby?

Ashley: No, it's not Abby. It's me.

Matt: Am I gonna make it?3AFA4FBA.JPG

Caregiver: We're doing everything we can. I'm not going to lie to you. You're in bad shape. Would you like to talk to someone?

Matt: Like who?

Caregiver: Priest, minister?

Matt: Don't make me laugh.

Caregiver: I'll come back and check later.

Victor: You get yourself under control now.

Nicholas: Clark will only talk to me.

Victor: The guy has an agenda.

Nicholas: I can get the truth out of him.3AFA503B.JPG

Victor: How are you going to do that? Matt Clark knows you. He hates your guts. He wants to provoke you. You make one wrong move, you go right back to jail again.

Mr. Richards: Your husband is very upset.

Sharon: Yes, of course he's upset, Mr. District Attorney. How would you feel if it was your wife beaten by Matt Clark?

Mackenzie: You don't know this other girl as well as you thought? Why do you say that?

Billy: She's been dating this guy. She told me it's not serious. But Iím not sure she was being straight with me.

Mackenzie: You think she's lying?

Billy: Maybe. But it wouldn't make sense. She's really honest, more than anyone I know.

Mackenzie: Then there's only one thing you can do. Ask her face to face. See what she says.

Billy: I will. Thanks, Clean Queen. Adios.

Mary: Italy in the springtime, oh, Son, it's just breathtaking. You really have to go there if you have a chance, and the Vatican, I can't even begin to tell you how moving it was. I never felt so close to God. Son?3AFA50A5.JPG

Paul: Hmm? I'm listening. I am.

Mary: Why do you seem a million miles away?

Paul: I just have a lot on my mind. That's all.

Mary: You know, as much as I enjoyed that trip, there's something even more important I wanted to accomplish.

Paul: What's that?

Mary: Before I left, things had become so strained between the two of us. And I hate being cut off from you like that. I don't want that to happen again.

Paul: Mom, it's not all your fault.

Mary: Glad to hear you say that.

Paul: I can understand you're interested in me. It's part of being a mother.

Mary: There's a very fine line between good, healthy interest and -- 3AFA50D9.JPG

Paul: Yes. And when you cross that line, it's very difficult for both of us.

Mary: I understand. But I want you to understand that I cannot change how much I love you or how much I worry about you. Like right now. You seem so troubled.

Paul: Chris called this morning. Her case has been extended. She'll be in Hong Kong until June.

Mary: I see.

Paul: She has a week off at the end of the month and she wondered if I could meet her in Hawaii, or she could even come here. But I told her I really couldn't commit to anything.

Mary: Which upset her?

Paul: Yeah.

Mary: Oh, Paul, I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to overstep and yet -- well, you know how I feel.3AFA5109.JPG

Paul: You think our marriage is over?

Mary: Does this latest gesture prove otherwise?

Paul: I don't know. I'm not sure what I feel anymore.

Nicholas: I promise you I won't lose it. Clark will only talk to me.

Victor: That psychopath has something up his sleeve.

Nicholas: We need his confession or I go back to jail. How do you think I feel knowing that creep had his hands all over my wife?

Victor: I'm very sorry and I understand how you feel. He phoned her and told her he had some evidence to exonerate you and it would be at his cabin.

Nicholas: He raped you there?3AFA514A.JPG

Sharon: No. Your father got there in time.

Nicholas: I'm so sorry you had to go through this.

Sharon: Sweetheart, it's okay. I'm okay. Listen, Iím fine, really. I'm just worried about you, if you're going to go in there and see Matt Clark.

Nicholas: I am not going to lose control.

Victor: Are you sure?

Nicholas: Yes, Dad. I need to get in there and see him. He could be dying right now.

Victor: Son, I understand everything you're feeling. You know what's at stake? You blow your top, make one wrong move, you go back to jail.3AFA5178.JPG

Nicholas: I need you to trust me.

Victor: I trust you. Mr. Richards.

Mr. Richards: What?

Victor: My son would like to talk to Matt Clark.

Mr. Richards: Are you sure?

Victor: Mr. Richards, I think you heard what I said.

Mr. Richards: Are you certain you're up to this?

Nicholas: Absolutely. The guy wants to talk; I can get the truth out of him. I'm not going to blow it, Dad.

Mr. Richards: All right. But there's something we have to do first.

Brad: Ash, you're scaring me.3AFA51D7.JPG

Ashley: No, no, no, nothing's wrong with me. I don't want to let go of something precious. Abby lost a little weight since her last checkup.

Brad: Is that cause for concern?

Ashley: No, no. It just means it's the end of a very special time for me.

Brad: Nursing your baby.

Ashley: Abby's not getting enough from my breast milk. I have to start supplementing. My baby's growing up.

Brad: Look at it this way. You have given her so much in the last six months. All those wonderful enzymes and natural antibiotics, building up her immune system. She's an incredible, healthy baby because of you. Every inch she's grown, every hair on her head --

Ashley: I know Iím being very selfish. Up to now she's depended on me for everything. Soon she will be walking and talking and going to school and before you know it she'll be a grown woman.

Brad: You need to slow down there a little bit. I'll tell you something, though. Even then there's not going to be a day that goes by that she doesn't think about her mother.3AFA5219.JPG

Ashley: You're just saying that.

Brad: No, Iím not.

Ashley: End of the pity party. It just meant a lot to me to nurse our daughter. I felt fortunate I did it as long as I did. A lot of mothers can't do it at all.

Brad: They said supplementation. You don't have to stop all together.

Ashley: But the end is in sight.3AFA5267.JPG

Brad: On to a brave new world of peas and carrots, strained liver and onions. I'm hungry just thinking about it. It's all over their faces. There is another thought. Pretty soon her little chompers are going to come in. I don't think you're going to be too unhappy about not nursing when that happens. What?

Ashley: Tell me something, you want to have another baby?

Brittany: I need to talk to you.

Billy: In a minute. There's something I need to do first.

Brittany: Have a chat with Mackenzie?

Billy: How did you know?

Brittany: Just come to the patio with me.

Billy: Brittany, what's going on? Why couldn't we talk inside?

Brittany: Sometimes I wonder why you're focusing on Mackenzie.

Billy: How did you know I was going to talk to Mac?

Brittany: Simple. I saw you chatting online.

Christine: The clients knew this case would last until June but they weren't anxious to wrap up.3AFA52AD.JPG

Michael: There are people more obsessed with work as we are. We should take this as a reminder to slow down sometimes, relax and smell the flowers.

Christine: Easy for you to be philosophical sitting where you are.

Michael: I'm sorry, Christine, I didn't mean to trivialize it.

Christine: I'm sorry. I don't mean to snap with you.

Michael: Let me know if it gets too much for you. I'll be on the next plane out.

Christine: I'll keep that in mind. Did you get that schedule I e-mailed?

Michael: I sure did.3AFA52D8.JPG

Christine: You noticed I blocked out time later this month. I really had to put my foot down and worm my way out of some of those meetings.

Michael: Creating the perfect opportunity for a little R & R.

Christine: That was my plan. I called Paul and asked if he'd meet me in Hawaii that week.

Michael: What did he say?

Christine: He turned me down. His lack of enthusiasm left me with the message loud and clear.

Michael: What did you do?

Christine: I hung up. There's nothing I can do to fix this. What do you think I should do? How do I hold things together with my husband?

*Sound of heart monitor beeping*

Sharon: You think we should check on Nicholas and make sure he's all right?3AFA534F.JPG

Victor: He just went in there. Let him work on Matt Clark.

Sharon: If Matt confesses, all the charges on Nicholas will be dropped. I wonder how he will get the information.

Victor: He's more concerned about coming home to you and the children than anything else. He won't jeopardize this.

Sharon: You're right. I hope you're right. Oh, God.

Victor: You okay?

Sharon: Yeah, I think I am.

Victor: Did you faint?

Sharon: I think I did.

Victor: Dr. Walker, come here for a minute, please. She's feeling faint.

Sharon: I'm fine. I think Iím fine.

Reese: Let's take a quick look just to be safe, huh?

Matt: Hey, rich boy. Remember me?

Nicholas: Incredible.3AFA538A.JPG

Matt: It's me. It was pretty good, huh? Carter Mills.

Nicholas: What's going on?

Matt: I have to be in here. It's my way or not at all.

Nicholas: You really messed up.

Matt: Yeah.

Nicholas: So you wanted to talk?

Matt: Take off your shirt first.

Nicholas: Why?

Matt: You know why. Just do it.

Matt: Just what I thought. Get rid of it. D.A.'s idea? Because you want to talk to me and I want to talk to you. Give it to the guard.

Nicholas: All right. So what?3AFA5406.JPG

Matt: I played you for a fool.

Nicholas: You think Iím the fool? You're the one breathing through a tube.

Matt: Remember last time, you standing on your own two feet?

Nicholas: You messed up my life for a while but I got past it, just like this time. Things won't work out the way you planned.

Matt: Yeah.

Nicholas: Why not come clean?

Matt: It's not about clearing my conscience.

Nicholas: It's not about that. I thought you would want to gloat a little, tell me the whole thing. Putting the drugs in the coffee house was easy. You worked there. How did you get Jordan to think I was a drug dealer?

Matt: How stupid do you think I am?

Nicholas: I don't think you're stupid, man. I think you're pretty smart. Impress me. How did you do this?

Matt: Tell me why again Iím supposed to help you get out of this?

Nicholas: I'm going to get out of this with or without you. I didn't do this. I didn't sell those drugs.3AFA5449.JPG

Matt: Who are you convincing? Not the judge. Anyway, that's not why I want to see you.

Nicholas: Then why?

Matt: I want to talk to you about your lovely wife.

Nicholas: You leave my wife out of this.

Matt: I'm not going to say anything about her. I'm going to tell you how much better she was this time than she was last time. Much more experienced now.

Rianna: Hey, Mac.

Mackenzie: Hey, Rianna. How are you feeling?

Rianna: Much better. I went home and took a nap. It's so weird to be back here at school.3AFA552C.JPG

Mackenzie: You thought you would spend spring break in Florida.

Rianna: Instead my boyfriend almost died.

Mackenzie: Raul's going to be okay.

Rianna: I called the hospital. His parents are still there. They said it would be okay if we stopped by the hospital.

Mackenzie: We'll stop there when we head home.

Rianna: Okay.

Mackenzie: Rianna, there's something on my mind.

Rianna: Something about Billy.

Mackenzie: Yeah. Has he said something about me?

Rianna: No. But I noticed the two of you are getting closer.

Mackenzie: You know how in a crisis people come together? How's Brittany handling it?

Rianna: Like it doesn't bother her. You sound suspicious.3AFA555C.JPG

Mackenzie: I am. I never take anything that Brittany does at face value. If I didn't know that before, I do now.

Rianna: Why, did something happen?

Mackenzie: I just don't know where Billyís head is. And I have a feeling that he doesn't think Iím being honest with him.

Rianna: About what?

Mackenzie: About my relationship with J.T.

Paul: So far so good.

Mary: What do you mean?3AFA5597.JPG

Paul: Normally by this time you'd be piling on the advice.

Mary: I was serious about what I said earlier. I hate it when there's tension between us. From now on, I'll keep my opinions to myself, unless you ask.

Paul: In this case, there's no need. I know how you feel.

Mary: I love you, Son. If there's anything I can do, anything at all, you let me know.

Paul: Thanks, Mom.

Mary: I better get home and catch up on my sleep.

Paul: All right. I'll walk you out. You know what? I'm proud of you for another reason.3AFA55C5.JPG

Mary: Oh, yeah, what?

Paul: You didn't say one word about my house guest.

Mary: That woman I met at your apartment.

Paul: Lynne told me that you were there and why she was there. I still expected you to say something about it.

Mary: Honey, you can understand how it looked. But Ms. Brogna seemed very pleasant. Maybe I should have the two of you over for dinner soon. You too, Lynne.

Paul: Sure. As soon as my schedule clears up.

Mary: I look forward to it. Talk to you later, son.3AFA55FC.JPG

Paul: Glad to have you home. Lynne, any messages?

Lynne: Just one. John Silva asked you to call him on his cell phone.

Paul: It's good to have Mom back. I know what you're thinking; you can't believe I just said that. I have a little trouble believing it myself.

Michael: I'm sorry, Christine. I wish I had a suggestion.

Christine: That's all right. It's something I have to figure out on my own.

Michael: Was there anything else?3AFA5630.JPG

Christine: Actually, yeah. I just don't know what to make of it.

Michael: Tell me. Maybe I can help.

Christine: I realize I may have overreacted when I hung up on Paul so I called him back at the apartment.

Michael: And?

Christine: And, you know, I changed my mind. I don't want to get into it.

Michael: All right. All right. If you want to talk, Iím here. My offer still stands. If you need me to come out there and pinch hit.

Christine: Thanks, but I'm not at that point yet. Anyway, I have to go. Another meeting. Surprise, surprise.

Michael: All right. You take it easy. We'll talk soon. Take care. Bye.

Chantal: How's Christine?

Michael: She's busy.3AFA5672.JPG

Chantal: Did you tell her about Fiji?

Michael: The timing wasn't right.

Chantal: I put down a deposit but I have to pay the rest of the deposit soon -- I have to pay the rest soon.

Michael: I have a feeling she'll jump at the chance to get away.

Chantal: Okay. I'll call now.

Michael: Going to Fiji with Christine. I like the sound of that.

Brad: Do I want to have another baby?3AFA56D0.JPG

Ashley: We discussed this before.

Brad: I know, but I'm the one that brings it up.

Ashley: I thought it would be nice if we could create a child together maybe some day.

Brad: Me too. You know what? Whether we have a whole minivan full of kids or just the one God's given us, I couldn't be happier. And I mean that.

Ashley: I know you mean it. Me too.

Brad: While we're on the subject, if we do have another baby, would it be too much trouble to get a boy this time?

Ashley: It's completely out of my hands. Sorry.

Reese: How are you feeling?

Sharon: Better.

Reese: Has your head been hurting?

Sharon: Yeah, but I haven't been getting much sleep.

Reese: Have you eaten anything today?3AFA5706.JPG

Sharon: A little.

Reese: Victor, could you take Sharon outside for some fresh air and make sure she gets something to eat? If she has another dizzy spell, let me know.

Victor: You bet. Thank you, doctor.

Reese: You bet.

Sharon: I don't want to leave, not until I see Nicholas and I know what's going on.

Victor: You rest, okay?

Matt: Mr. Newman, please step back from the patient.

Nicholas: Nice try. But I know you ran away from that cabin before anything happened. Sharon told me.

Matt: I'm not talking about last night. I'm talking about that night at your place. Remember? The margaritas. You came home but not in time. Not soon enough. Sharon was all wobbly.3AFA574F.JPG

Nicholas: She had too much to drink.

Matt: It wasn't booze. I gave her a roofy.

Nicholas: You roofed her?

Matt: Time you came in, I already had her. Let me tell you something, even almost comatose, she was something else. She is some fine little bitch.

Nicholas: You're lying.

Matt: You know the best part? No matter what I say, every time you look at your sweet little wife, you get to see me and her doing the nasty. When I close my eyes, I can picture her. I can see her now.

Rianna: Why would Billy think you're lying about J.T.?3AFA57C3.JPG

Mackenzie: That's what Iím trying to figure out.

Rianna: Have you asked him?

Mackenzie: Well, no.

Rianna: Why not?

Mackenzie: I want him to ask me first.

Rianna: Why?

Mackenzie:  It was completely innocent. At least it was in the beginning. But now, especially since Billy doesn't think I'm honest --

Rianna: Mac, I'm not following.

Mackenzie: I haven't been totally straight with Billy.

Rianna: You're having a relationship with J.T?

Mackenzie: This is crazy, you're right. I shouldn't be talking to you. I should be talking to Billy.

Rianna: About what?

Mackenzie: We have been getting along so much better. I can't wait until everything gets out in the open. I should have learned by now no good comes from keeping secrets.

Billy: I can't believe you were watching me chat online.

Brittany: You're getting defensive.3AFA57F5.JPG

Billy: No, Iím getting mad.

Brittany: If anybody has a right to be mad, it's me.

Billy: Why?

Brittany: I told you something was going on between Mac and J.T. I told you they were sleeping together. Why do you want to discuss that on the Internet? How many times have you chat with this Clean Queen?

Billy: A few times.

Brittany: How did you hook up with her?

Billy: Last winter during the contest.

Brittany: Did you tell her about us, our personal stuff? I wasnít watching you, I was watching Clean Queen.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Brittany: At one of the other computers.3AFA5823.JPG

Billy: Yeah so?

Brittany: You're wondering if it's someone you know.

Billy: Well, is it?

Brittany: Yes, it is. It's someone you know very well. Clean Queen is Mackenzie.

Nicholas: You're lying. Nothing happened that night.

Matt: Ask Sharon. Ask her how much she remembers.

Nicholas: I'm not doing this with you. I won't have your filthy pictures in my mind. You want to know what I am going to remember? You like this in this bed, dying and me free. It's over, Clark. You lost. You hear me? You lost! What's wrong?

Matt: Nurse.3AFA5860.JPG

Nicholas: Go get help. He could die! What can I do?

Matt: Help me.

Nicholas: What can I do? What can I do?

Matt: Look, rich boy. I win Ė

[Sound of flat line on heart monitor]

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