Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/8/01

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/8/01 -- Canada; Wednesday 5/9/01 -- USA


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3AF87F7B.JPGVictor: You're up.

Sharon: Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Victoria: Nightmares?

Sharon: Vicki, thank you for spending the night.

Victoria: Of course. I wouldn't leave you and the kids alone. You want to talk about it?

Sharon: I don't think I can.

Victoria: It might help to get it out.

Sharon: You know, the worst part isn't when Matt Clark attacked me. It was when he made me stare into his eyes. He had this old picture of the way he used to look. And I kept going from the picture to his face. And then it was like -- like a horror movie or something. I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was back in that car again. 3AF87FCA.JPG

Victoria: Sharon, there is nothing I can do or say to take the pain away. I want you to know they will find him and you will never, ever have to worry about Matt Clark ever again.

Nikki: Hi. You all right?

Victoria: Any word on Matt Clark?

Nikki: No, they haven't found him yet.

Sharon: They haven't found him? The police have helicopters. They have search dogs.

Victor: Apparently he left by car.

Sharon: What car?

Victor: Another set of tire marks were found near the cabin. 3AF87FFD.JPG

Sharon: Oh, no. Oh, no, God. This can't be happening. He got away once before. And they have to find him!

Victor: I know.

Sharon: I hope Nicholas is coming home because that's my life line. He's coming home any day. Isn't he?

Victoria: Any word on Matt Clark?

Nikki: No, they haven't found him yet.

Sharon: They haven't found him? The police have helicopters. They have search dogs.

Victoria: Apparently he left by car.

Sharon: What car?

Victoria: Another set of tire marks were found near the cabin.

Sharon: Oh, no. Oh, no, God. This can't be happening. He got away once before. And they have to find him!

Victoria: I know.

Sharon: I hope Nicholas is coming home because that's my life line. He's coming home any day. Isn't he?

Nicholas: Guard! Guard!

Guard: What is it now, Mr. Newman?

Nicholas: Still no word from my father?

Guard: Look, Newman, I did you a favor last night to let you make that call. Now you treat me like your own personal secretary. Incoming calls, 3:00. Got it? Good.

Nicholas: You don't understand.

Guard: You don't understand, boy. You don't have special privileges in here.

Nicholas: I just need to know if my wife's all right. Newman, you never even said thanks.

Mack: Too fast and my life was a blur.  J.T., what's up? 3AF8806F.JPG

J.T.: Not much. New CD? You like these guys? How depressing. I can relate to some of the lyrics. Did you get the paper done for Mr. Edwards?

Mack: Finally.

J.T.: Talk about boring.

Mack: It wasn't that bad.

J.T.: I hate when teachers give you homework on spring break.

Mack: I was going to swing by and check something out. You want to come along? You don't have to play tough with me. Something bothering you?

J.T.: Says who?

Mack: Look, J.T., you're my friend. I want to know what's wrong.  Maybe I can help.

Billy: Brittany.

Brittany: You're in luck. I brought breakfast. 3AF880B4.JPG

Billy: Actually I was about to head to the hospital.

Brittany: You've got to eat. You're the one who said we have to talk more.

Billy: What's in the bags?

Brittany: Bagels as usual.

Billy: I guess I have time for one.

Brittany: Great. I'll go get some plates. So are you meeting Mack at the hospital?

Billy: We didn't discuss it, why?

Brittany: I know you were at her place last night.

Billy: I dropped her off.

Brittany: That's what I figured.

Billy: Did you talk to J.T.?

Brittany: You two weren't happy to see each other.

Billy: Like I care what that loser thinks. 3AF880E3.JPG

Brittany: You should cut him some slack. He has a reason to be hyper about Mack.

Billy: What to you mean?

Brittany: Now that they're --

Billy: Whoa, wait a second. You don't still think that Mack and J.T. are --

Brittany: You don't?  Why? Is that what Mackenzie told you?

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: Hi. You're still in bed.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I hoped you'd join me.

Jack: Geez, again?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, we have a lot of lost time to make up for.

Jack: It seems we made up for a lot of lost time last night.

Phyllis: I'm not complaining. 3AF88114.JPG

Jack: You decided you need some more?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. This seems so unreal.

Jack: It's real. It is so real. Only one problem. Clothes.

Phyllis: Oh, sorry. You mean, you can't wear what you were wearing?

Jack: I can't exactly show up in the office in my bathrobe.

Phyllis: Might turn some heads.

Jack: There's only one head I want to turn.

Phyllis: You've succeeded. Is this your way of telling me that you're leaving?

Jack: Sorry.

Phyllis: All right. Let's have breakfast. Will it be a Benedict toast, orange juice? 3AF88151.JPG

(Doorbell sounding)

Jack: Room service.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I think of everything.

Jack: You keep this up, I'm never going to leave.

Phyllis: You know, Jack, you bring up an interesting subject. Because now that we're back together, I've been wondering about my living situation.

Paul: So why are you sleeping out here?

Phyllis: I thought you would be exhausted when you got back? I thought I'd see if you needed anything.

Paul: That's not necessary.

Phyllis: I wanted to. You were out all night.

Paul: Yeah. It goes with the territory.

Phyllis: Sit down. I'll fix you something to eat.

Paul: Actually I was thinking about taking a nap.

Phyllis: A lot better with something in your stomach. Don't argue with me about the art of siesta.

Mack: Come on, J.T.

J.T.: You want to help?

Mack: What are friends for? Believe it or not, I care.

J.T.: That blows me away.

Mack: Hanging out with a nerd like me?

J.T.: I never said you were a nerd.

Mack: Come on, J.T.

J.T.: You know, Mack, when we were talking last night, I didn't know exactly what to tell you -

3AF881B9.JPGMack: Rianna, how's Raul?

Rianna: So much better. He's off dialysis and out of I.C.U.

Mack: Thank God. How about his mom and dad? 

Rianna: They arrived last night. I didn't want to leave, but now --

Mack: You should go and get some rest.

Rianna: I'm still so wired. I've never been more scared in my whole life.

Mack: Raul is okay. And that is what matters now. Have you told Billy the news?

Rianna: Not yet.

Mack: He'd want to know. He's been so concerned. It's been great. He's been there for Raul. Those two will always be best friends. All we have to do is get Raul to admit it. 3AF88204.JPG

Rianna: I think he's coming around.

Mack: I hope so.

Rianna: You know I'm going to call Billy.

J.T.: Mack, why don't you do it? You know you're dying to and I'm sure Billy would want to hear from you anyway.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Phyllis: I wish you could come and eat your breakfast.

3AF88243.JPGJack: I wish I could. I have an early morning meeting and I have to go home and --

Phyllis: Change, I know. You told me.

Jack: I will have a couple suits here in your closet just in case.

Phyllis: Is that a solution to my problem?

Jack: What problem?

Phyllis: My living situation.

Jack: I thought you liked it here.

Phyllis: It's a hotel.

Jack: Yeah, and?

Phyllis: And I can move at a moment's notice. Jack, I want to put down some roots. That's your cue.

Jack: I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll spell it out for you. Why don't we get a place together?

Jack: Like a house? 3AF8826C.JPG

Phyllis: It doesn't have to be a house. An apartment and we can move our way up. Oh, listen, the paper right here, we can find something. Oh, okay, look, right here. Incredible two bedroom apartment.

Jack: Phyllis, come on.

Phyllis: Don't you want to be with me?

Jack: Of course I want to be with you.

Phyllis: You just don't want to be with me on a permanent basis.

Jack: I never said that.

Phyllis: So what's the problem? Don't you want to move out of Daddy's house?

3AF882A5.JPGVictoria: Please tell me Nicholas is coming home.

Victor: Sharon, at this point there is not enough evidence.

Victoria: Matt Clark assaulted Sharon, tried to kill Ryan.

Victor: He will be prosecuted for those crimes when he's caught. Right now there's not enough evidence to link Matt Clark to the drug deal. We have to find more.

Sharon: What are you saying? We have to catch the bastard to set Nicholas free?

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: Well, that isn't fair. It isn't fair.

Lynne: Morning, Paul. When did you get in?

Paul: A couple of minutes ago. 3AF88311.JPG

Lynne: How'd it go?

Paul: Okay. Victor got a hold of Sharon before Matt Clark did anything but he got away.

Lynne: What's next?

Paul: First thing I want to do is take a nap and its back on the job. The case isn't over yet.

Lynne: Would you like me to make some calls?

Paul: Why don't you get a hold of our best people and put them on alert.

Lynne: Will do.

Paul: You didn't eat the last of your salsa.

Paul: That's all right.

Lynne: You know, boss, Marissa could look after the office and I could stay here and coordinate things with you.

Paul: There's nothing to coordinate. I'll get something to eat and take a nap. Call you in an hour or so.

Lynne: Sure, boss. 3AF88342.JPG

Isabella: Breakfast is served.

Paul: Oh, wow.

Isabella: The last thing you need is a sugar rush.

Paul: It looks beautiful. Thanks, Isabella.

Nikki: Honey, you have to stay strong.

Sharon: Nikki, I need my husband with me more than ever.

Victoria: Nicholas will be home soon.

Sharon: I want to believe that.

Cassie: Mommy!

Sharon: Hi, honey. I love you so much. 3AF883A0.JPG

Cassie: I love you too, Mommy. Wow. Where did you get that bruise on your face?

Sharon: Well, I just slipped. I fell down in the dark. But I'm okay. I promise.

Cassie: Come on down, Noah. It's okay. It's Mommy. She's home.

Sharon: There's my boy. Come here, noodle. It feels so good to hug you.

Noah: Mommy, where's breakfast?

Nikki: You know --

Victoria: You know what? Let's slip into the kitchen and see if we can find something to eat.

3AF883E1.JPGVictor: Oh, really. That's interesting information indeed. Thank you very much.

Nikki: What?

Victor: That was the district attorney. They found a car in a ravine near the cabin. Two people in it, struck a tree. They air lifted the victims to Memorial Hospital.

Nikki: Do we know who they are?

Victor: No.

Victoria: I'm going to the hospital to see what I can find out. Anyone want to come along?

Sharon: I would but I think I need to stay here with the kids.

Victoria: I think you should.

Nikki: I'll stay with Sharon.

Victor: Okay. Everything's going to be all right, okay?

Nicholas: What the hell are you looking at? 3AF8842A.JPG

Larry: That you're just wasting your time. Why don't you try walking in a different direction for a change instead of pacing in circles. You're driving me nuts.

Nicholas: You don't know what I'm going through.

Larry: You’re crazy.  I don’t think this is helping your wife out at all.

Nicholas: That damn guard.

Larry: I can't believe he's not cutting you more slack.

Nicholas: Like you care.

Larry: I don't want to see Sharon get hurt. You understand me? As soon as I heard Clark was going after her I gave you a head's up.

Nicholas: The last possible moment. How long did you know he wasn't gunning after me, that he was going after Sharon for sure?

Larry: I don't know for sure.

Nicholas: That's bull, and we both know it! You knew all along what the sick son of a bitch was up to and you chose to shut up about it.

Billy: Come on, Brittany, out with it.

Brittany: What? 3AF88482.JPG

Billy: Are you implying that J.T. and Mack are getting it on?

Brittany: Please, Billy. I'm having breakfast.

Billy: Do you have any proof?

Brittany: No.

Billy: Where are you getting off saying they're having sex?

Brittany: I'm not, but I can't believe you think it can't happen. I know you claim Mackenzie is Mother Teresa or something. She's not a little girl anymore. Does that come as a big shock to you?

Billy: Yes.

Brittany: Why, Billy? Let me tell you something about girls like Mackenzie. They don't just think having sex is bad. They think not having sex is good. When they grow up and start doing it, it's hard for them to admit it, even to themselves.

Billy: Mack is not having sex. 3AF884CC.JPG

Brittany: Maybe not yet. It's bound to happen one of these days, unless she becomes a nun. If a girl keeps denying it, it usually means one thing.

Billy: I know what's going on. You've been talking to J.T.

Brittany: So?

Billy: The dirtball is always spreading rumors. Now he's targeting Mack.

Brittany: She hasn't said anything, which seems more of a sign something hot and heavy is going on.  If J.T. scored, there's no reason to brag.

Billy: Mack and J.T.? No way. I can't believe it. I can't.

Jack: I have my own wing in that house.

Phyllis: Jack, I'm teasing. You don't have to get bent out of shape.

3AF88500.JPGJack: I just think we need to take things slowly right now.

Phyllis: You don't want to live with me.

Jack: I need some time for my family to adjust to this. Believe me, it will make it easier for everyone.

Phyllis: Jack, they will never adjust to this. They will kick and scream all the way.

Jack: All the more reason to be patient.

Phyllis: All the more reason to go for it. We don't need their permission.

Jack: They can make our lives pretty damn miserable.

Phyllis: Chicken.

Jack: I am not chicken. 3AF88524.JPG

Phyllis: Prove it. Ashley moved out. Your father didn't flip out at that. Now it's your turn.

Jack: It isn't that simple.

Phyllis: Pack a bag.

Jack: Kiss my family goodbye.

Phyllis: Are you ashamed of me?

Jack: Of course not.

Phyllis: It sounds like it.

Jack: You are sounding paranoid.

Phyllis: Reassure me.

Jack: I tried.

Phyllis: Try harder. 3AF88553.JPG

Jack: I don't know how to handle the situation.

Phyllis: Slowly --

Jack: I know that's not your style. But you have to let me make the call on this one.

Phyllis: You're leaving?

Jack: I told you I have an early morning meeting.

Phyllis: Okay. Then give me a kiss.

Jack: Listen to me, slow and easy. That's the way to win my family over. Slow and easy.

John: keep me posted. 

Victor: What'd you find out?

John: Cody Dixon from Crimson Lights was called in. He identified one of the victims as Tricia McNeil and the other as Carter Miss.

Victor: That's Matt Clark.

John: The D.A. took his fingerprints and will cross match them with Matt Clark’s. 3AF885D7.JPG

Victor: What's his condition?

John: It's not good, Victor.

Victor: Don’t let him die. He's got to stay alive.

John: Yeah. It certainly would help Nick's case.

Mr. Richards: The prints checked out. Carter Mills is Matt Clark.

Victor: If you know that, why don't you free my son?

Mr. Richards: Mr. Newman, I am aware of the history between your family and Matt Clark. But I have yet to see how this all adds up.

Victor: Don't you be condescending with me, Mr. Richards. I have had it with your bungling. You know Matt Clark is behind this conspiracy. He should be behind bars, not my son.

Paul: You're right, that really hit the spot, thanks.

Isabella: I forgot.

3AF88609.JPGPaul: What?

Isabella: Your mother stopped by last night.

Paul: That's right. She's back from Italy.

Isabella: Yes.

Paul: Did she talk your ear off and recite her entire itinerary?

Isabella: No. She was tired.

Paul: Still it's a big deal. She went with her church group. She's a very religious woman.

Isabella: So I gathered.

Paul: I guess I'll hear about it from Lynne.

Isabella: Actually, Lynne wasn't up, and --

Paul: And what?

Isabella: And I forgot to mention that Lynne was staying here too.

Paul: Oh. Oh!

Rianna: What was that all about? 3AF8862F.JPG

Mack: It was about J.T.. You know how he feels about Billy. It's so stupid, especially everything we have been through with Raul.

Rianna: Mack, it's not like those two will ever be best friends.

Mack: Of course not. Look how much J.T.'s changed.

Rianna: Mack, he may not be such a jerk anymore, but with J.T. you never know.

Mack: Whatever. I'm just grateful Raul is doing better. These past few days have been terrible.

3AF88670.JPGRianna: Mack, I thought he was going to die. I thought I was never going to see him again. Look at me, I'm falling apart.

Mack: Go home. Get some rest. Raul's so lucky to have you.

Rianna: Do me a favor, call Billy. Tell him the news.

Mack: Sure.

Brittany: Maybe Mack and J.T. aren't sleeping together.

Billy: Not like that.

Brittany: Come on, Billy. J.T.'s not the type to hold hands forever. They have been hanging out for a while now. Mack invited him to Hawaii.

Billy: Her dad and grandmother were going to be there. 3AF886BE.JPG

Brittany: And your mother was going to be in Florida. That wasn't going to stop us. I'm not trying to upset you. I know how much you care about Mackenzie. I also know how much you hate J.T.

Billy: So?

Brittany: You can't stand to think of them together.

Billy: So I'm supposed to accept it.

Brittany: Yes. And whatever you do, don't confront Mack.

Billy: Why not?

Brittany: She'll deny it and feel guilty about lying. Just stay cool and see if you pick up on any signals.  Now that your eyes are open, I think you'll realize something major is going on between those two. Well, we better get going. You want a ride?

Billy: Sure.

John: You're telling me Matt Clark has been working at Crimson Lights almost a year?

3AF88724.JPGVictor: That's right, under the assumed name of Carter Mills which gave him the access to plant the drugs to frame my son.

John: He had motive to strike out at Nicholas Newman.

Mr. Richards: I intend to speak to Mr. Warton, Tricia McNeil and Matt Clark, if they recover.

Victor: Yet, you refuse to set my son free.

Mr. Richards: Mr. Newman, there is nothing conclusive yet! You must realize this.

Victor: You know what's conclusive, Mr. Richards? It is time for you to talk to the good judge and release my son from jail now.

Lynne: Mrs. Williams was telling me the most wonderful stories about Rome. 3AF88769.JPG

Phyllis: It must have been fabulous.

Mary: Lynne, may I see you inside for a moment please? I heard what you said about Paul.

Lynne: Oh, that, I was just rambling.

Mary: I'm up to date about what's going on around here. I stopped by Paul's apartment last night on my way home from the airport, saw that Brogna woman.

Lynne: You did?

Mary: No sense protecting me. I know my son is living in sin.

Lynne: Oh, no, Mrs. Williams.

Mary: I know you're trying to protect Paul. A beautiful, young woman?

Lynne: I'm staying there too.

3AF887A1.JPGMary: You and Miss Brogna.

Lynne: We're sleeping in the same room.

Mary: Oh, Lynne, thank goodness! All I could think about last night was -- I mean, hear I was -- here I was touring the churches of Italy, and my son was -- oh, never mind. Never mind.

Lynne: I understand.

Mary: I wish she had explained the situation to me. I would have slept a lot better.

Lynne: You mean Isabella didn't mention the fact that I'm staying there too?

Mary: It must have slipped her mind, or did it?

Lynne: What do you mean?

Mary: This living arrangement might be all well and proper. But you're not sure Miss Brogna is.

Paul: I take it my mother was rather startled to find you here? 3AF887DC.JPG

Isabella: I'm sorry, Paul. I got so caught up in her telling you about her trip, I didn't mention Lynne was staying here too.

Paul: Don't worry about it, Isabella. You're my client. Lynne is staying here. You need protection. Everything is on the up and up.

Isabella: You really care about what your mother thinks, don't you?

Paul: Well, she worries about me.

Isabella: What's wrong with that?

Paul: You two would get along great.

Isabella: I don't know. She wasn't too happy to find me here last night.

Paul: Well, I'll straighten it out. First let me hit the hay. Oh, thank you for breakfast.

Isabella: My pleasure. Would you like me to wake you?

Paul: Yeah. But I can only afford about an hour, that's all.

Isabella: That's not much sleep.

Paul: I'll survive.

John: Raul's doing better. They moved him out of I.C.U.

Jack: That's great news. 3AF88839.JPG

John: When I think of what could have happened to that kid.

Jack: What's going to happen to Jabot's summer campaign?

John: Raul on the mend, we have our foursome together.

Jack: At the pool house?

John: The kids tune in to see the kids, not the scenery. We can use the site to feature information we gathered about diabetes. If we can help just a few people avoid Raul's crisis, it would be well worth it.

Jack: Yeah, I guess.

John: I gather you would rather talk about this another time.

Jack: I have to change and get to the office. 3AF88869.JPG

John: Son, son, now look, I don't mean to pry. But where were you last night? (Knock on door)

Jack: Let me get this. Hi. What are you doing here?

Phyllis: Just a minute. Hey, come on guys. Put it down there.

Jack: Phyllis.

Where do you want these, ma'am?

Phyllis: Jack, is there a service entrance to our wing?

Victoria: This is incredible. This story gets more and more bizarre.

Nikki: Your father went to the memorial to get more details.

Victoria: It has to be Tricia and Matt Clark. Ryan should know this.

Nikki: You want to call him?

3AF888A5.JPGVictoria: I should give him details in person.

Nikki: All right, honey. Hey, what smells so good in there?

Noah: It's cinnamon rolls. I'll show you.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Sharon: Hey, honey, are you okay?

Cassie: I think so. You know, I was so worried for you last night. And when I got up and I heard you yelling, "It isn't fair," I thought something bad must have happened.

Sharon: Oh, sweetie. 3AF888DA.JPG

Cassie: It looks like it hurts.

Sharon: It's okay. I'll be all right. I promise.

Cassie: I'm so glad you're home, Mommy.

Sharon: Me too.

Cassie: Last night I prayed you would come home safely. Now I'm praying for Daddy. We need him here with us.

Sharon: Yeah, we do. We really do.

Nicholas: What's going on? Dad! Dad, is Sharon all right?

Victor: She's all right.

Nicholas: Oh, thank God.

Victor: I have some good news for you. You're free on bail.

Nicholas: You mean I can go?

Victor: Right. 3AF8892E.JPG

Nicholas: What about Matt?

Victor: He's in custody.

Nicholas: Did he confess? This isn't over yet.

Victor: He's in Memorial Hospital. He's in a very bad car accident. They don't know if he'll survive.

Nicholas: All right. You have to take me over there.

Victor: You think that's a good idea?

Nicholas: If he dies before he tells the truth, I'll be right back in here. We have to make this bastard talk. My whole life depends on it.

Victor: Let's go.

Larry: What about me, Newman, huh? You've forgotten how I helped you?

Nicholas: No, I haven't forgotten, but there's something else I need to do right now.

Larry: I'll be waiting, man! Hurry back, dude! 

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