Y&R Transcript Monday 6/21/99

Y&R Transcript Monday, 6/21/99  


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Victor: You didn't think i was finished with you, did you? Because I assure you, I haven't even started.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: Hey.

Nikki: Hi. How'd the board meeting go?

Victoria: It was intense, to say the least. Everyone was surprised that I was the one who called the meeting, and then I made this big presentation about needing some large sum of money to make an acquisition.

Nikki: Which I'm guessing was turned down.

Victoria: Exactly. Jack asked me who gave me the authority to even discuss such an acquisition, and dad walked in and said, "I did." Well, everyone was completely blown away, and that's when the fireworks started.

Nikki: What happened? Your father didn't --

Victoria: No, no. He didn't lose it. Everything was decided on a vote.

Nikki: Well, how did the vote go?

Victoria: It was a tie.

Nikki: A tie?

Victoria: Yeah. Ashley decided to abstain.

Nikki: Jack's sister abstained? Why would she do that?

Victoria: I don't know. But it gives me hope. Dad wanted to talk to her alone after the meeting, and I have a feeling the next time we vote, she'll come down on our side.

Nikki: And then jack and brad will be out of there.

[ Slow piano music playing ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Brad: Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Ash. What's your hurry? Have a seat. I'm not gonna bite your head off.

Ashley: Oh.. well, gee, brad. You look a little down in the mouth.

Brad: Gee. I wonder why.

Ashley: Just did what I had to do.

Brad: Obviously.

Ashley: You know, I can go have a drink someplace else. I don't have to sit here.

Brad: It'll take more than a drink to ease your conscience.

Ashley: [ Chuckling ] Oh. Don't you try to put a guilt trip on me, because I tell you what -- my conscience is just fine. Thank you very much.

Brad: Mm-hmm. So, do we still have a hung jury... or did slick vic convince you to vote his way?

Mackenzie: I don't like people telling me what to do.

Kay: Well, you're certainly a chip off the old block in that regard, my dear.

Mackenzie: What's that supposed to mean?

Kay: Well, only that I'm not very tolerant of people telling me what to do, either, as you may recall from our first encounter.

Mackenzie: No kidding. I had to twist your arm to get you out of that alley after you were mugged.

Kay: Well, let's just say that I'm trying to repay your concern now.

Mackenzie: That's cool. Just don't make a habit of it.

Kay: Yes, ma'am. Oh, yes, ma'am.

[ Sighs ] Do you plan on sticking around?

Mackenzie: We'll see. Out of curiosity, why do you want me to stay?

Kay: Well, you know, as much trouble as you are -- as much trouble as you are, i guess I'm just sort of getting used to having you around. Besides, you know, I-I like to give advice. It makes me feel needed.

Mackenzie: And as much trouble as you are, I can understand why.

Kay: Yeah, well -- so, I get the feeling that... you came back here not only to put a grin on this old girl's face, but possibly... you came back for another reason, right?

Mackenzie: Like what?

Kay: Well, like maybe you're going to make another trip out to your grandmother's house.

Mackenzie: Wrong. Been there, done that. No way on earth I'm ever going back there again.

Kay: But...

Jill: [ Sighs ] Where is he?

[ Knock on door ] Oh, finally. Come on in!

Nash: Hi. I come to the right place?

Jill: You sure did, honey.

[ Chuckles ] And does my body ever need you.

Jack: Oh, I figured you'd come wandering back in one of these days. Odysseus, returning to ithaca after his sojourn in the wild.

Victor: If I recall correctly, odysseus came back from a sojourn... to deal with some business, to slay a few traitors.

Jack: Well, I guess that's where the parallel ends. If you'll excuse me, I have a company to run.

Victor: Do you now?

Jack: Yes, I do.

Victor: Quite a picture of you and carlton up there.

Jack: There was a crack in the wall. We had to cover it.

Victor: Quite a team, you and carlton. Imagine that -- surreptitiously bringing carlton back into the company... while pretending to vehemently oppose my hiring him. Quite an act you pulled off, old boy. I applaud you.

Jack: Well, coming from the master himself, I guess I'm flattered.

Victor: What you've accomplished is quite amazing, quite cunning. I obviously underestimated you, didn't I?

Jack: Now, if you have nothing more to say, I'd like to get back to work.

Victor: Don't you turn away from me!

Jack: Is there a problem?

Victor: You're damn right there's a problem! It's called back-stabbing... and conspiracy! And you and I will deal with it right now! How do you get skin happy 24/7?

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Jill: Ohh. Ooh. Ohh. That's wonderful.

Malcolm: Unh-unh.

Jill: Oh, that feels so good.

Malcolm: No, she isn'T.

Jill: Ohh.

Malcolm: Unh-unh. It couldn't be. Malcolm, you are tripping.

Jill: Yes?

Malcolm: Um, jill, it's -- it's malcolm. Listen, I had something I wanted to show you, but I can come back another time.

Jill: No, it's alright. Come on in.

Malcolm: [ Chuckles ] Wow! You know what? I'm jealous. That's exactly what I need.

Jill: Well, I'm sure that nash could fit you into his schedule, right, nash?

Nash: No problem. Rolf you right to heaven.

Malcolm: [ Chuckles ] Thanks, big man, but I'm kind of under the gun. Listen, jill, I wanted to show you some photos, but, listen, we can do it another time.

Jill: No. Nash can keep right on working while I take a peek.

Nash: You got it.

Malcolm: They're of the jabot ad campaign. I was trying to meet this deadline, and, uh, ashley was supposed to approve them, but she's not around, so I was thinking you could look at them.

Jill: Oh, yeah. Great. Yeah, great. They're really good. Consider them approved.

Malcolm: Thanks.

Jill: [ Groans ]

Nash: You've got some serious tension in there.

Jill: Oh, tell me about it.

Nash: [ Grunts ]

Jill: Oh, oh, yes, yes! Right there, right there. You got it. You got it. Ohh.

Nash: No pain, no gain, right, malcolm?

Malcolm: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I guess that's right. Listen, I'm gonna let you guys handle your business. I'm gonna go back to the lab. Thanks.

Jill: No, stay, malcolm. Nash doesn't mind, do you?

Nash: No, it's cool with me.

Jill: Anyway, I want to talk to you about something.

[ Sighs ] God. Been so tense lately. That board meeting was insane.

Malcolm: Is that right?

Jill: Yes, that's right. But I'll tell you something. It was the peaceful kingdom compared to how tense I've been feeling in my own house. There's a conspiracy going on there. I hate to admit it, but it is driving me crazy.

Kay: Mackenzie, what have you got to lose if you go out to your grandmother's house? She may be there. Who knows?

Mackenzie: Why is she suddenly gonna be there now when she wasn't there before?

Kay: The law of averages.

Mackenzie: Too much of a long shot. Besides, I'll have to deal with that jill woman again.

Kay: Maybe not.

Mackenzie: Why are you pushing me to do this?

Kay: Don't you want to feel that you have done everything you possibly could to see this grandmother of yours?

Mackenzie: I guess so, but --

Kay: Well, so if you don't, you will always wonder... if there was something you possibly could've done had you gone out to see her just one more time.

Mackenzie: I don't know.

Kay: Alright. Now, you listen to me. You listen to me. You're probably very tired. I know you're hungry. So why don't you have dinner and we'll talk later?

Mackenzie: We'll see. You gonna eat now?

Kay: No. You go ahead without me. I -- there's something I need to do.

Mackenzie: Alright.

Kay: Don't worry, sweetheart. Your grandmother is closer than you think.

Mary: Surprise, surprise!

Paul: Yeah, no kidding. I didn't have any idea you were coming by. Whatever it is, it smells good.

Mary: Ah, it's pot roast for you and chris -- and the baby.

Paul: Oh, mom, you didn't have to do that.

Mary: Well, you can't have chris working all day and then coming home and slaving over a hot stove at night. I'll put this in the kitchen. Take the book, please.

Paul: What is this?

Mary: Uh-huh.

Paul: Hmm. Baby names, huh? Well, that's exactly what we need.

Mary: I'm serious, paul. I don't want christine working so hard. You see to that, understand?

Paul: Are you kidding? I want her working up until the very end.

Mary: Really, paul. She needs a lot of rest. Where is she now?

Paul: At work.

Mary: This late? Honey, she's got to cut back on her hours.

Mary: Am I pushing this too hard, paul?

Paul: Well, maybe just a tad. But I guess the overriding point is, we're not even certain chris is pregnant yet.

Mary: Maybe you're not 100% certain, but you're pretty sure, aren't you?

Paul: Well, we're pretty confident. Let me put it that way.

Mary: Oh. Son, I can't tell you how long I've waited for this day. You have no idea how happy this makes me, what with... everything that's gone on lately.

Paul: I know.

Mary: It's gonna be so marvelous to have a little baby to care for... full of innocence and love.

Paul: So, I take it you won't mind baby-sitting?

Mary: Mind? I expect to have her a few times a week.

Paul: "Her"? What do you mean, "her"?

Mary: Well, call it a feeling.

Paul: Well, I think it's just a little premature to start choosing names when we're not completely sure that chris is pregnant.

Mary: You don't want to jump the gun. I understand.

Paul: That's right.

Mary: Well, but you're still happy about the possibility, aren't you?

Paul: Ohh. You know, "happy" doesn't even begin to describe it. I've never loved anyone like I love chris. And to have our love produce a child -- what am I trying to explain it to you for? You know exactly how I feel.

Christine: I am so sorry, paul. There won't be a baby -- not this time. God. How do I tell you?

Esther: Chancellor residence.

Kay: Hello, esther.

Esther: Mrs. C!

Kay: Not so loud. Please, esther, I don't want jill to hear you.

Esther: Oh, she's not here, thank god. When are you coming home, mrs. C?

Kay: Sooner than you think. Now, first things first. Where is jill?

Esther: At the office.

Kay: Are you sure?

Esther: She called earlier and said she'd be late. I guess something really big is happening over there.

Kay: Perfect. Perfect. Esther, esther, I need you to do something for me.

Esther: Anything, mrs. Chancellor. I am your number-one soldier.

Kay: Good. Now listen carefully. This is very, very important to me. It's a rather unusual request, but I have my reasons. Esther, I am counting on you.

Nikki: So, it's a standoff for now?

Victoria: Yes, but I feel like we're in a pretty good position.

Nikki: It sure is a relief to see you feeling better about this.

Victoria: Oh, talk about relief. You should have seen me when i found dad in new mexico.

Nikki: God, you should have seen me last night when I saw him. I-I thought I was hallucinating. It was the most unbelievable, incredible surprise.

Victoria: Well, thank god he's home. I don't know how much more of this I could have handled.

Nikki: You did a better job handling it than I did.

Victoria: Well, I don't know about that. I was getting kind of shaky on the front lines without a general.

Nikki: Honey, you never gave up. I know your father is so proud of you, the way you handled the company while he was gone.

Victoria: I was just afraid I was going to blow it.

Nikki: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Victoria: Well, now that he's back, I wouldn't want to be in jack and brad's shoes for anything in the world.

Nikki: So, how did brad react when he saw victor?

Victoria: He played it cool, but I could tell he was worried. Why do you ask? Mother... you're not playing some sort of game with brad, are you?

Nikki: Victoria, I never said that I was gonna do that.

Victoria: Mother, whatever you have in mind, you better drop it. Dad is back, and he will handle things.

Jack: Victor, you can imagine all the conspiracies you want. What we did was strictly a business move. If you could look at things objectively, you would realize what we did was in the best interest of the company.

Victor: Are you so deluded as to actually believe that?

Jack: Well, let's look at the facts. Newman enterprises was on a slide. Confidence from our stockholders, as well as our top management, not to mention our clients, was way down. And why? Because you chose to live your life on the cover of the tabloids.

Victor: And you had nothing to do with that, did you? You didn't pull strings with diane jenkins, did you, and make sure that she gets a seat on the board of directors?

Jack: You have only your hardheadedness to blame for this, pal. Don't blame it on me. Besides, if you remember, you were the one that came to bradley and me and told us it was time for you to step aside for awhile.

Victor: To step aside for awhile! Temporarily! You damn well know that was not meant to be a permanent arrangement! I wanted the problems in the press to die down... and then assume command again.

Jack: Well, unfortunately, certain key people, as well as big customers, didn't want you back.

Victor: According to who?

Jack: According to the record. Read the record.

Victor: Your records are full of lies and deception, and you know that, jack!

Jack: I don't have anything more to say to you.

Victor: I'm not through with you. I'm not through with you by a long shot. Banana boat sunscreen

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Kay: So, what's the plan?

Mackenzie: I'm still wondering something. Why is it so important to you that I hook up with my grandmother?

Kay: Well, mac, let's put it this way -- I have a feeling that seeing this old granny of yours is probably going to be the most important thing in both of your lives right now.

Mackenzie: You really think she'd care about meeting me?

Kay: Oh, I-I know it. So why don't you get your behind out of here and over there now?

Mackenzie: But on one condition.

Kay: What?

Mackenzie: You have to come with me.

Kay: Oh, mackenzie, no, no. I, um -- I really appreciate you wanting me to tag along, but i don't think that's going to be such a good idea.

Mackenzie: Why not? You offered once before.

Kay: Yes, I know, but now i think, um, it should just be a private moment between the two of you.

Mackenzie: If she's even there, and if she is, what if it's horrible? What if she's not into seeing me?

Kay: Oh, I have a feeling, my dear, she is going to be thrilled to meet you.

Mackenzie: I doubt it.

Kay: Well... as fine a young lady as you are, why -- why would she not be?

Mackenzie: It'd really be nice if you were there. That way, whatever happens, I'd feel a lot better.

Kay: I know that you are going to be the absolute light of your grandmother's life. I can understand why you're worried about how things might go, but... this is something you need to do. You need to do it alone.

Mackenzie: I'm not so sure, but what the hell. Why not give it one more try, right?

Kay: Yeah.

Mackenzie: [ Sighs ] I guess I better shower and change. I want to look nice for my grandmother if she is there.

Kay: Oh, honey, please. You could arrive in a paper bag, and I'm sure your granny would be nothing but thrilled.

Mackenzie: She may be a snob. You never know.

Kay: Well, spending some time with you could wise her up pretty quick, I have a feeling.

Brad: You know, I think the least you could do, as a courtesy, after not voting with us, is to make it clear where you stand now.

Ashley: I thought I made it pretty clear by abstaining.

Brad: Well, the question is, do we still have a hung jury after victor put the screws to you?

Ashley: You must think I'm pretty easily influenced.

Brad: Let's put it this way, ash -- at times, old vic can be persuasive, and you have been vulnerable to him in the past.

Ashley: [ Chuckles ] I've been vulnerable to him? Well, I've been vulnerable to you, too, brad. I guess that just turns me into a leaf drifting in the wind, just up for grabs, huh?

Brad: Does that mean he didn't get to you?

Ashley: He didn't try. He wasn't upset with the way I voted, and he wasn't trying to change my mind.

Brad: [ Laughing ] Oh, god. He's using that strategy, is he?

Ashley: It couldn't be that surprising to you that I would abstain. I've had problems with this takeover from the very beginning, and you know it.

Brad: Well, I thought family loyalty might help you to see the light.

Ashley: Don't you try to put that on me. I'm not rushing into judgment. I've always felt that the board shouldn't have voted until victor returned and had a chance to explain his actions. Well, now he's back. I want the dust to settle, and then I'll vote the way I see fit.

Brad: I'm sure you will.

Ashley: What is up with you?

Brad: Life in the fast lane just threw me a curve, that's all.

Ashley: You're brooding about something else.

Brad: So now you're a mind-reader, huh?

Ashley: Oh, I hit a nerve. I'm right about this. There's something else going on besides the meeting.

Brad: You are fishing in an empty pond, ash.

Ashley: Come on. What's going on?

Brad: Just sitting here having a drink with someone i thought... was on my team.

Ashley: You're that sure I'm going to vote against you?

Mary: Ohh.

[ Sighs ] This is what a mother lives for.

Paul: [ Chuckles ] You know, it's good to see you so happy.

Mary: [ Chuckles ]

Paul: Hey, and don't be shy about bringing those pot roasts over, either.

Mary: Oh, don't you worry about that. I'll come over here and cook every night if you want me to.

Paul: How 'bout every other night?

Mary: Oh, there I go again, trying to push myself into your lives.

Paul: It's okay. Somebody's home.

Christine: Hi. Hi, honey.

Paul: Hi. Long day at work, huh?

Christine: Yeah. A little too long.

Mary: See? I told you she needs some rest.

Christine: No, I'm fine, really.

Mary: Well, I brought a pot roast over. And, remember, you're eating for two now.

Paul: [ Chuckles ] You alright, honey?

Christine: Yeah. I'm just a little tired. That's all.

Paul: Okay.

Mary: Well, I should go, I guess. Paul, now, you make sure she gets some rest. You hear me?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you. I'd have to be deaf not to.

Mary: Alright.

Paul: Alright.

Mary: Congratulations, christine. I'm so happy at the news. Oh. Oh, I-I gave paul a book of names for you to look through.

Paul: So... you want to look through some baby names?

Christine: [ Chuckles nervously ] It's the 6:10

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Paul: Hey, honey, what's the matter?

Christine: There's just something we need to talk about.

Paul: Oh, yeah, the name. So, why don't we go over -- sit down -- read the book, and see if we can find any we like?

Christine: I-I really -- I don't want to look at the book.

Paul: Why? What's the matter, honey? You're not feeling well?

Christine: Honey, the truth is... I'm not pregnant. I'm so sorry. I-I thought I was, but not this time.

Paul: Well, uh... we're just gonna have to keep on trying. That's all.

Jill: These are really, really good. You're quite an artist.

Malcolm: Thank you, jill. Well, listen, I should probably get back to the lab so I can finish the job, huh?

Jill: You're a guy who really has it all. You're a hunk, you've got talent, plus you've got a wonderful wife and kid. It's quite a gift, having a loving family like that. Do you know how fortunate you are?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Malcolm: Excuse me, alright? Yeah, malcolm here.

Olivia: Hi, malcolm. It's me.

Malcolm: Well... what a surprise.

Olivia: I tried you at the studio. Am I interrupting something important?

Malcolm: Well, actually, I am in the middle of a meeting, yeah.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I-I just need a moment.

Malcolm: Okay. Take your moment.

Olivia: Well, the seminar I've been attending ends today.

Malcolm: Really? Yeah, well, I guess it would be about time, huh?

Olivia: And a continuing seminar starts tomorrow, and they've asked me to participate.

Malcolm: [ Chuckles, sighs ] Let me guess -- another offer you couldn't refuse, right?

Olivia: If you want me to come back now, I will.

Malcolm: Olivia, don't put it on me. You're a big girl. Make up your own mind. Do whatever you want. Lord knows you will anyway.

Jill: Trouble in paradise?

Malcolm: [ Chuckles ]

Jill: Well... you're not alone. Malcolm, this whole building, starting with victor's office, could explode at any minute.

Victor: Only the lowest form of worm... would go behind a man's back the way you did.

Jack: [ Chuckles ] Spare me. Win and take no prisoners -- that has been your standard operating procedure for as long as I've known you, whether it was working on newman enterprises or acquiring nikki or acquiring jabot.

Victor: I always knew you were bitter, jack. I didn't realize how bitter.

Jack: No. Of course you didn'T. You were too damned arrogant to care how anybody else felt.

Victor: Some other people have felt the same way?

Jack: Obviously, quite a few, or I would never have pulled this off.

Victor: You mean people... the sort of diane jenkins and... that obnoxious human being called michael baldwin?

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no. You hire somebody else to be your rat. Suffice it to say, there are a great many people who've found good reason to back what we did.

Victor: Is that how you justify going to bed with that obnoxious character baldwin?

Jack: Oh, I bet you'd have done the same thing if it suited your interests.

Victor: So, you used baldwin to ram through a seat on the board of director for diane jenkins. In return, you rewarded him with a seat of his own.

Jack: Michael's a very bright man. I'm sure he'll be a great asset to the company.

Victor: He will not sit on my board of directors.

Jack: It ain't your board anymore, pal. Now, if I were you, I would start to accept that.

Victor: I didn't spend a lifetime... building this company to have it taken away by the likes of you.

Jack: Funny. That's exactly how my father and I felt when you stole our company. Now get out of my office.

Victor: Jack abbott... you have bitten off a chunk. And I'm gonna make sure you choke on it.

Jill: What do you say I get dressed and we get out of here and go have a drink together?

Malcolm: Mm. Jill, that sounds really nice, but I should probably just get back to the lab and finish the job, you know?

Jill: Oh, come on. We can discuss that new idea you had for corporate portraits.

Malcolm: [ Chuckles softly ] Okay, yes. I actually want to do the portraits differently this year.

Jill: Uh, in the nude?

Malcolm: [ Chuckles ] No, jill, in the home. We can get a more personal feel. You know people feel more relaxed in their own place, right?

Jill: Yeah, some people, maybe. The way things are going at my house, I don't know.

Malcolm: Okay, jill. Talk to me. What's up with you feeling tense in your own place?

Jill: Oh, no, it's more than just tense, malcolm. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an insane asylum.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Mackenzie: Hi.

Esther: Oh, it's you again.

Mackenzie: Look, I really don't want to have to deal with that jill woman again, so if mrs. Chancellor isn't here, I'm just gonna split really quick.

Esther: Oh, no, no, no. Come in. Mrs. C is here.

Mackenzie: She is? She's here? Really?

Esther: Really.

Christine: I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Paul: You know, we both knew there were no guarantees. How are you doing?

Christine: I'm a little disappointed, but I'm okay.

Paul: You know, all this means is that it wasn't the right time.

Christine: I know.

Paul: We're just gonna have to try again.

Christine: Yes. It's just -- it's strange to be let down when we... never really knew in the first place.

Paul: I know. Is there anything I can get you?

Christine: No. Your being so supportive is all I need.

Paul: Want to go out? We could go out to dinner, go see a movie, you know?

Christine: Yeah, I know. I know you're trying to make me feel better, and I love you for that, but...

Paul: But you'd rather just stay home and take it easy.

Christine: That's really how I feel.

Paul: No problem. You know, that's probably the best thing for both of us anyway.

Christine: I love you.

Paul: I love you, too.

Christine: I'm gonna go take a long, hot bath, I think.

Paul: Try to relax, and then we'll get to bed early.

Christine: [ Chuckles ] You read my mind.

Paul: [ Sighs ] Who has time for wrinkles?

Kay: Not going anywhere, I hope.

Mackenzie: Kay?

Ashley: There's something going on here. I'm not exactly sure what, but business has always been a game to you -- a serious game, but a game just the same. So why are you taking this on such a personal level, brad?

Brad: [ Clears throat ] Well, let's just say that, uh, now that victor's back, reality has set in.

Ashley: And what reality would that be?

Brad: [ Sighs ] Forget it.

Ashley: Oh, that reality wouldn't happen to have big blue eyes and blond hair, would it?

Brad: You're way off base.

Ashley: Mm. I remember a few weeks ago, we had a conversation. You mentioned a woman in your life. You said the relationship was challenging, and I took that to mean that she was married. You inferred that there was something more than that. It's nikki. It's nikki. You still have feelings for her. You haven't gotten over her yet.

Brad: [ Chuckles softly ] You are coming way out of left field.

Ashley: Mm. So not only are you trying to steal victor's business, but you want to steal his wife. That's lovely.

Brad: Your imagination is working so overtime, you got smoke coming out of your ears.

Ashley: I wonder.

Nikki: So, in a way, ashley voted against her brother. That is amazing to me.

Victoria: Well, if not voting with him is voting against him, then, yeah, you're right.

Nikki: Thank god. I never thought I'd be grateful to that woman for anything.

Victoria: Yeah, definitely no love lost there. But you know what? I will forgive her anything if, in the next meeting, she votes with dad.

Nikki: You think she will?

Victoria: I don't know. She definitely has a mind of her own.

Nikki: Yes, but your father can be very persuasive.

Victoria: So can jack abbott. I thought dad was gonna punch him out when he saw him. It took everything in him not to tear that creep limb from limb.

Victor: Do you really think I'd let you get away with this?

Jack: If you'll excuse me, I have a company to run.

Victor: Enjoy it while it lasts. You just remember that I'll use every ounce of my energy... to undo what you have done.

Jack: Well, thank you for the warning, victor. For what it's worth, our power base is a lot stronger than you think.

Victor: I don't care how long it takes, and I don't care how much it costs. But when I'm through with you, jack abbott... you'll have nothing. You will be nothing. The business world is wising up as to who you are -- deceptive, contemptible, and untrustworthy. Doors already are beginning to close for you. Now, you think you have won. You think you have won. You don't begin to understand the power of victor newman. I'll crush you! I will crush you!

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