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Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07

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Provided By Suzanne and Barbara
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Ivy:  [Sighs]  Those gardens are so, so beautiful at night. [Chuckles]

Sam: So peaceful, too.   I'm so glad that we took the time out to enjoy them...together.

Ivy: Well, I sort of feel like I can finally start enjoying my life again, you know?  You, and Ethan being out of his coma.  Oh, Sam, our son came so close to dying.  And as usual, it was Theresa's fault.  If she'd only eaten those poisonous --

Sam:  Let's just be thankful that he's gonna make a full recovery, okay?

Ivy:  You're right.  You're right. I need to be more positive, especially if we're gonna see him tomorrow.  So promise you'll keep me in line?

[They both laugh.}

Sam:  Well, I haven't been able to so far, but, uh, I'll give it my best shot.

Ivy:  I know. I deserve that.  Which makes what you said earlier to me all the more remarkable.  Huh.


Sam: Our hearts feel what they feel whether our brains are on the same page or not.

Ivy:  Huh.  What exactly does that mean?

[They kiss.]

[End of flashback]

Ivy:  I can't tell you what hearing those words meant to me, Sam, or how right it felt to be in your arms again.  [Sighs]  I feel so safe and secure when I'm with you.  No other man makes me feel that way.

Sam:  Well, it's not like you've been with that many men, Ivy.

Ivy:  No.  I don't have to be and I don't wanna be.  'Cause you're the only man I know who can make me feel so good just by holding me. I love you, Sam. I always have and I always will.

Sam:  Heaven help me, but, uh, I believe you. 

Ivy: Hmm.

Sam:  Which is why I'm willing to go down this road one more time.  You know, not that there aren't a lot of things we have to work through first, because there are.

Ivy:  I know. I know, I know, I did horrible things to you and to Grace and to Eve, Julian.  [Sighs} Even poor little Jessica suffered because of me.

Sam:  I get why you were trying to help Jessica, you know, by keeping quiet when she first started going out with Spike, but what I don't get is why you hate Kay so much.

Ivy:  I don't hate Kay. I just didn't think she was right for Fox. Tsk.

Sam: Or he was right for her.

Ivy:  Or whichever. It doesn't matter, does it, really, because they're getting divorced.

Sam:  I suppose.

Ivy:  Sam, you know I'm right about this.  Please, Fox faked his own death and tried to frame Miguel for attempted murder? That is hardly basis for a happy marriage.  Kay and Miguel, they are going to be blissful.  I just hope that Fox can find his soul mate someday, too.

[Esmé crying]

Sam: Who's that crying?

Ivy:  Sounds like it's in the foyer.

Sam:  What happened?

Ivy:  Julian, why is there a gurney? And, who is that?

Julian:  Ivy.

Esmé:   I am so sorry for your loss.

Ivy:  Huh.  For my loss? What is she talking about? Who's in the bag?

Julian:  Ivy, I-I think you have to brace yourself.

Ivy:  Okay, Julian, stop, you're scaring me, okay?

Julian: The unthinkable has happened.

Ivy:  What?

Julian: It's Fox.

Ivy:  Fox?

Julian: Yes, I'm sorry, but Fox, our son, is dead.

Pretty:  Grandfather, stop!  Increasing the power to Fancy's implant is making her nose bleed again.

Alistair:  It can't be helped.

Pretty:  You can't control her with that thing.  You'll kill her first.

Alistair:  Either the device kicks in and your sister starts acting like a true Crane again, or the device is gonna fry her brains.  Doesn't matter, though, because Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald will be destroyed.

Luis:  Here.

Fancy: Thank you.

Luis:  Drink all you want. You want some more?

Fancy: Um, yes, please, thanks.

Luis:   I really wish you'd reconsider going to the hospital. You know, just to make sure your headaches and nosebleeds aren't a symptom of  something more serious.

Fancy:  Luis, I am fine, really. 

Luis:   Oh my god. Your nose is bleeding again.  It's really bleeding this time. All right, you know what? We're going to the hospital.  That's it. No more excuses.

Fancy:  Oh.

Alistair:  Dammit. No!

Theresa:  I meant what I said. I'm gonna tell Ethan that we have a son together.  Gwen may have Ethan's baby, but she can't have Ethan.

Pilar:  Good, Mija.

Theresa:  I'm not gonna let her take him away from me by using this miracle child.

Pilar:  I mean, really, the only thing we have is Gwen's word that this is, in fact, Ethan's baby with her. 

Theresa:  And I have proof that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father.

Pilar:  So you're really gonna tell him this time, huh?

Theresa:  I'm gonna do it. Gwen's the one who wanted this divorce and she got her way.  This is one do-over that she's not gonna get. I mean, Ethan belongs to me and our children, not with Gwen.

Ivy: [Laughs] Okay, my ears must be playing tricks on me because I swore you just said Fox is dead.  Ha.

Julian:  It's all too true, Ivy. Our son's left us.

Ivy: Okay, Julian, whatever this is payback for, you've gone too far this time. No.  No, Sam- Sam and I were just out there talking about Fox, and-and I was just saying I hope he meets his soul mate someday now that Kay's divorcing him. [Laughs]

Esmé: He did, Miss Winthrop. It happened tonight like a bolt of lightening that struck us both.  Fox thought I was the one. And I felt the same way about him.

Ivy: Okay, Esmé, you and Julian being in cahoots?  That's a little unsettling.  What? Julian, did you bet Esmé that I would fall for this stupid joke so that you could get into her pants?

Esmé: Oh!

Julian: Please, this is no joke. Our son is gone. Fox is dead.

Ivy: No, that's ridic- No! No, now that Kay's not an issue for us, I'm-I'm gonna spend more time with Fox [Giggles].  I'm-I'm gonna take him to the Patriots games. I bought season tickets!  Please, I-I'm taking him to London to have your tailor make a bunch of suits for him. It's all planned, Julian!  It's all arranged!

Julian:  I'm sorry--

Ivy:  No! Don't start with me, Julian.  I don't want to hear this. Fox is not dead.  No! No, no! Not Fox. No!

Sam: I know, I know...

Esmé: I would give anything for this not to have happened.

Ivy:  You know, Esmé, why are you here?

Esmé: I was with Fox tonight. We were together when -- he was shot.

Sam:  You were?

Ivy:  Shot?

Esmé: Fox and I really connected tonight, and, um, uh...

Julian:  We were up in, uh, Fox's room. Esmé heard a shot, and she turned around, and saw that Fox had been shot in the chest.

Ivy: Oh.

Esmé:  Mr. Crane tried to stop the bleeding, but...

Julian:  There's nothing anyone could do.  It was too late.

Ivy: No. {Laughs]  No.  No, this is all some stupid tragic misunderstanding. That's - that's not Fox.  Not my ba--! That's ridiculous.  Ridicu-I'll show you.  Get out of my way! I'll show you! This is ridicu-No!

Julian:  Ivy!  Don't, you can't!

Ivy: Oh! Oh, God. [Cries]  No!

Pretty: They can't take Fancy to the hospital. A doctor could find the implant.

Alistair: Don't worry.  Luis and Fancy aren't going anywhere.  Fancy is going to be a true Crane.

Pretty: If she doesn't die first.

Alistair: No pain, no gain. [Laughs]

Luis: Fancy, I don't care what you say, I'm taking you to the hospital.

Fancy:  No, no, please, Luis, I'll be all right if I just... keep still.

Luis: Yeah, not if you bleed to death first.

Fancy:  [Laughs] You can't die of a nose bleed.

Luis: Well, it's not just that, Fancy. You've had headaches, you passed out...you need to see a doctor.

Fancy:  No, Luis, I can't go.

Alistair:  Why is Fancy still acting so weak? The implants should be working, should be controlling her.  She should be strong and assertive by now.

Luis: Fancy, you are weak and I am taking you to the hospital whether you like it or not.

Fancy:  No, please?

Luis: Save your energy. I am going to carry you down to the car. Now, ow!

Fancy:  Dammit! I said, no, Luis, I'm not going anywhere.

Luis: All right, don't get upset. A simple no will do.

Fancy:  Well, then back off.  When I say no, I mean no.

Luis:  Uh.

Alistair:  All right. The implant -- ha, ha, ha! -- is finally working. Finally there.

Theresa:  I'm gonna tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son.

Pilar:  Okay.  Thank God.

Theresa:  I have to, uh,

Pilar:  Now, Theresa...

Theresa:  Mama, I just--I just need to wait, just for a little bit, I mean, Ethan needs to get past this initial excitement of having this baby.  I want him focused when I tell him that Little Ethan is our child. I mean, we had a child long before Gwen's big surprise.  She's trying to take him away from me, mama, and she's using an innocent baby to do it.

Ethan:  Boy, Theresa, you've got to see this.  This little guy has my nose.  Look at this guy.  Tell me that that's not my nose.

Pilar: [Laughs]  It's quite a nose, all right.

Ethan: [Laughs]

Theresa:  Yep, that would be Gwen's nose before a plastic surgeon got a hold of it.

Ethan: [Makes clicking sounds to the baby.]  Theresa, you wanna hold him?

Theresa:  Me?

Ethan:  Yeah.  Come on, don't be shy.  Come on, he has got to get to know you.

Gwen: [Sighs in shock]

Theresa:  Uh, is that okay with you, Gwen?

Ethan:  [Laughs] Of course it's okay. It's okay, right?

Gwen: Um, uh, okay...okay.

Theresa:  Well, if you insist.

Ethan:  There you go. There we go.

Theresa:  [Makes sounds to the baby]  Oh, he's so cute.

Pilar:  He's just as handsome as his daddy. Oh!

Ethan:  Can you believe this? I have a son.

Theresa:  I know.  You have a son. And what a wonderful son he is.

Ivy:  {crying] Oh, God. Oh, God.  No! No, no, no...

Sam:  Ivy, Ivy.  It's hard to believe. (?)

Ivy: Who would do this, Sam? Who would do this? Who would do this to my son?

Julian: I have no idea. Perhaps it was Father.  He killed Chad, his own son, earlier. Perhaps he came back here to kill us all.

Ivy: [Cries]

Sam: Esmé, uh, think back when you heard the gun shot. Are you sure you didn't see anyone? Or where the shot came from?

Esmé: No, I just heard it. 

Sam:  Where was Fox when you heard the shot?

Esmé: [Sighs] He was leaving to get us some more wine.

Sam:  And where were you?

Esmé: In bed. At first I pulled the covers up over my head 'cause the noise scared me, and then, and then I peeked out and I saw Fox standing there.  Bleeding from the chest.

Ivy:  Oh, Oh my God.

Esmé: And then he, uh, collapsed, and, uh, I-I rushed to him.  And I called for help and Mr. Crane came running.

Julian:  I, uh, was too late.

Sam:  Can you do me a favor? Keep an eye on Ivy. I have to make a phone call.

Julian:  Of course.

Sam:  I'll get forensics out here as soon as possible.

Julian:  Do whatever you need to do, Sam.

Ivy:  Oh, my God.  God!  He's--he's my little boy. He's just my little boy!

Esmé:  Um, I'll go with you, Chief Bennett.  I need to check on Vicky and make sure she's still asleep.

Sam:  Who's Vicky?

Esmé:  She's my niece. Um, I'm her guardian since her parents died recently.  Fox was kind enough to say that we could stay here at the mansion indefinitely.

Julian:  And I've said-since told Esmé that she and her niece could make our house their home as well.

Sam:  That's very nice of you, Julian.

Esmé:  Especially for Vicky.  She's had so much upheaval lately and... I think she was starting to see Fox as a substitute father figure. [Sobs]  She really just loved him right away.  Um, it's so awful that she had to hear the gunshot.  It woke her up, and then she saw Fox lying there on the floor, dead.

Sam:  Well, that could cause all sorts of emotional problems.

Julia:  It's like when Sheridan was a little girl and she found Martin Fitzgerald left for dead in the living room.

Sam:  No, no, the department can provide counseling for Vicky if you want.

Esmé: Oh, thank you, uh, uh, I'm a little low on funds lately, so I can't really afford a private psychiatrist for Vicky.  That would be nice, thanks. I will take you up on that.

Ivy:  Esmé, wait, um...I'm glad Fox wasn't alone. Okay? I'm glad--I'm glad you were with him.

Esmé: Thank you, Mrs. Winthrop. That means a lot.

Ivy:  Oh, call me Ivy.

Julian:  And please, please. You call me Julian.

Esmé: Thank you both.

Ivy: Oh.  Oh, I wish I'd been there, Julian. I wish I'd been with you because maybe, maybe I could have done something.  Maybe it would have made a difference.

Julian:  No, no, no.  there's nothing you could have done.  The bullet caused too much damage.

Ivy:  My little boy.  My baby boy... [Cries.]

Luis:  Fancy, what's going on? You don't have to get upset. I'm just trying to help you.

Fancy:  Oh...I am so sorry I snapped at you, Luis. I don't know what came over me.

Pretty:  Look at her. The implant is making her so weak and pale. If you keep using the device to control her, then you're going to kill her.

Alistair:  You know, I'll tell you something. Fancy is my last hope.  I need at least one of my family, one of my heirs to mold into the necessary type of person to run the family dynasty.

Pretty:  What about me, grandfather? You said that I was your favorite.

Alistair:  [Sighs]  Yeah, well, that, I mean, I mean, I really don't have time for this. Now, Pretty, I don't have time to keep massaging your ego. I have work to do. Give me that.

Pretty:  No. You don't care about me. You said I was your favorite, but I'm not.  You don't care about me at all.

Alistair:  [Thinks] True.  [Out loud]  You know what you've done to me?  You have cut me to the quick.  I told you I love you, and you know it's true.

Pretty:  I don't believe you, and I am done helping you hurt Fancy.  I am going to tell Luis and Fancy what you have done.  It is wrong and it's going to stop.

Theresa:  Well, I am sure that your son is going to grow up to be just as handsome as you are.

Ethan:  I just want him to be happy. I want him to be healthy.

Pilar:  We all do.

Ethan:  Pilar, um, did I overhear you say that Little Ethan was in the hospital in the playroom?

Pilar:  Mmm-hmm. Why?

Ethan:  I just think it's time that Little Ethan meet my new son.

Theresa: I think that's a great idea.

Gwen: [Thinks]  No, it's not. I cannot chance Theresa telling Ethan that Little Ethan is his son.  Not when having his son could be what brings Ethan back to me. [Out loud] Um, I don't want to sound negative at all, but Little Ethan's been playing with kids, and they're really germy, and I-I just don't want to take the chance he could get the baby sick.

Theresa:  Oh, well, we can fix that.  I mean, Mama, you can wash Little Ethan's hands and his face before he comes in here.  Yeah.

Pilar:  Mmm-hmm.

Ethan:   Yeah.  Yeah, that works for me.  Fine.

Gwen:  Pilar, please, please don't go and get Little Ethan.

Ethan:  Why not?

Theresa:  Yeah, why don't you want him in here?

Ivy:  [Sighs]

Julian:  Doesn't seem possible, does it?

Ivy:  No.

Julian:  Our son, that beautiful baby boy we so proudly brought home all those years ago.  Now lies here under this ghastly shroud, life cut short by the unthinkable.

Ivy:  I just-- I should be doing something. I should call someone, make some arrangements. I can't-I can't do anything but think about Fox.

Julian:  Where are those idiots?

Ivy:  Who?

Julian:  People who are supposed to come and take Fox away. It's very undignified for him to be lying here like this.

Ivy:  No, no, Julian, don't, please. Please don't.  Don't call them yet, okay?  They'll come and take him away. They'll take him away soon enough.  Just let him stay home.  Just let him stay here a little bit longer.  I loved having him home, you know? I loved having him in Harmony, even if--even if it was just for a little while. Why did we send him away, Julian?  Why did we send him to boarding school? Why didn't we let Fox and his sisters go to school here in Harmony? And then we could have all been together, and we could have been a family.  We could have done things together, but we didn't.  We didn't.  We failed Fox, we failed his sisters.

Julian:  Ivy, our marriage was such a miserable one, perhaps it's--it's best that they were kept out of the war zone.

Ivy:  We could have done more, Julian.  But we didn't.  And now-- and now it's too late, you know? Now, we've lost that chance, and we wasted all that time, and I can't make it up to Fox.  I can't make it up to him.  All gone...our Fox is gone. Oh!  Oh, God, Fox.  Oh, God, honey, I'm sorry, sorry...

Fancy: Oh. I-I don't know why I snapped at you, Luis. I am so sorry.

Luis: No, no, it's okay, it's okay. Maybe I came on too strong about wanting you to go to the hospital.  It's just -- I'm worried about you.

Fancy: I know. And I love you for it.

Luis: Then why are you so adamant about not going to the hospital?

Fancy:  It's just that...so much has gone wrong for so long, you know? I-I was violated, Vincent tried to frame you for it -- most likely on Grandfather's orders -- and you came so close to being executed. I thought I was gonna lose you forever.

Luis:  Yeah, well, you didn't, though, all right? Everything's okay now.

Fancy: I-I'd like to think that, but--

Luis:  But what?

Fancy:  Well, if I go to the hospital...

Luis:  Hmm-mmm.

Fancy: And if we get any more bad news, I think I will lose my mind, Luis.  I can't deal with any more bad news. I just can't.

Pretty: I know what it's like to suffer, and I don't want to see Fancy suffering any more. So I'm gonna tell them what you're up to.

Alistair:  Ah.  Yeah, I-I can't blame you for being so angry with me. I mean, I-I, I'm such an insensitive old fool sometimes. Uh...

Pretty: I don't understand how you can say in one moment that I'm your favorite, and then, in the next, say that Fancy is your last hope for this family.  Unless you've been lying to me. Have you been lying to me this whole time?

Alistair:  [Laughs and shakes his head] No...

Gwen: Come here, sweet pea.  It's not that I don't want Little Ethan here, it's that, uh, you know, Ethan's hooked up to all these monitors that might scare him, you know?  Would kinda rather wait, uh, till maybe we're all at home for Little Ethan to meet our son.

Theresa: [Thinks] Gwen's stalling more than my first car did.  She's afraid if Little Ethan's here, I'll tell Ethan he's his father, too.  [Out loud] Actually, um, Little Ethan knows that Ethan's in the hospital, and I think that he would be relieved to know that Ethan's all right.

Ethan:  I agree. I agree with Theresa.

Pilar:  I'll go get Little Ethan. [To Theresa] Tell him right now.

Ethan:  Pilar, hold on. Does Little Ethan know about our son?

Pilar:  No, why?

Ethan:  Ah, I'm just curious as to who else knows about this.

Gwen:  Well, I told my mother earlier tonight, but that's it.

Theresa: [Thinks] Uh oh.

Pilar:  [Thinks] This could be trouble.

Ethan:  So you didn't tell Rebecca until after he was born?

Gwen:  Uh, definitely not. You know what a huge mouth my mother has. I didn't want her blabbing this whole thing to everyone.

Ethan:  Oh, yeah, but you told Theresa and--Theresa and Pilar, right?

Gwen:  No.

Theresa:  I'm gonna go with you to get Little Ethan.

Ethan: Hold on, Theresa. Hold on.  If Gwen didn't tell anybody about the baby, how did you know that I had a son?

Ivy:  [Sighs] Julian- Julian, what are we supposed to do now? I mean, what do we-- How do we go on?

Julian:  I don't know, I just do know that we have to pull ourselves together for Fancy and Pretty.

Esmé:  I checked on Vicky.  She's back asleep.  Fox and I were gonna take Vicky to the beach tomorrow. I don't know who was more excited, Vicky or Fox.

Ivy:  Fox loved the beach.  Remember, Julian, I think he was ten, maybe eleven? And we took your brand new Rolls Royce, and we went down to the beach for a picnic.

Julian:  Yes, ah, I wanted to get my money's worth out of those burlwood trays that opened out to the back seat.

Ivy:  Hmm-mm.  And Fox convinced you to help him fly that kite.

Julian:  [Chuckles] All that wine and champagne we had for lunch certainly helped.

Ivy:  You had fun with that kite.

Julian:  Hmm-mm.  Oh, it was. It was a grand afternoon.  Yeah, I remember we promised Fox we would go fly kites again at the beach that very next weekend.

Ivy:  But we never did.

Julian:  No, we never did.

Ivy:  Julian, how many times in how many ways did we fail our son?

Julian:  Too many to count, I'm afraid.

Ivy:  Oh, Julian, and now I can never make it up to him. I can never make it up to him for loving Ethan more.  Oh, God, Julian, make it stop.  Make it stop.  Please make the pain stop.

Julian:  I wish I could, but I can't, Ivy. Our son is gone.

Ivy:  Oh, Julian.  Make the pain stop.  You're the only one who can. Make it go away, Julian, I can't stop it. It hurts. Julian, you're the only one.

Pretty:  Answer me, Grandfather.

Alistair:  Oh....

Pretty:  Have you been lying to me all along?

Alistair:  Oh, come on. No.

Pretty:  Do you still love Fancy more than me?

Alistair:  No!  No.  [Sighs]  All I want is to have Fancy getting back to being a true Crane. I want her to take over after I'm gone. I don't want you burdened with having to manage the Crane Industries, or-or running the family. All I want for you is to enjoy your life and be happy.  {Thinks] As happy as a hideous gargoyle can be. [Out loud] Look, sweetheart, you-you deserve things, especially what your sister Fancy has put you through.

Pretty:  Okay, I believe you, Grandfather, I really am your favorite.

Alistair:  [Thinks] Boy, there's one born every minute.

Luis:  You see, I get what you're saying about not wanting any more bad news because I don't want any more bad news, either.  I just think that if we ignore your headaches and nosebleeds, we're asking for more bad news.

Fancy:  Okay, how's this for a compromise?

Luis: [Sighs]

Fancy:  If I still have problems tomorrow, I will go see a doctor. I just don't wanna go tonight. Please? I can't.

Luis:  Yeah, but what if by waiting, we make whatever it is that's wrong with you worse?

Fancy:  If something's really wrong.

Alistair:  What's wrong is that you're still Fancy.  And that's got to change. I'm increasing the power to the implant.

Theresa:  How did I know you have a son?

Ethan:  Theresa, when I was comatose, you told me that I had a son.  And when-when I came out of it, you-you were so excited that I had remembered that you told me I had a son.  So the question is, if Gwen didn't tell anybody, how did you know that I had a son?

Gwen: [Thinks] Make something up.  Just don't tell Ethan that the son you were talking about was his son with you.

Theresa:  When-when you were lying in here, before I knew that you were gonna be okay, I was afraid that I was gonna lose you. I couldn't let that happen, I mean, I love you very much.

Ethan:  Honey, I love you, too.

Theresa:  I-I was praying, you know? I was-I was praying that you were gonna be okay and, you are. You're alive, you're here.

Ethan:  Yeah, I am, Theresa. But I don't understand. What about my son? I mean, I-I didn't dream it.  You said to me, you said, "You have a son, Ethan". I mean, Pilar went to get him when Gwen brought the baby in.  You and Pilar acted like you were in on the surprise. 

Pilar:  We were- we were just going along with Gwen.

Ethan:  I-Theresa, please. I-I don't understand this. I need to get this straight for my head. How did you know?

Theresa:  Well, there's a-a simple explanation for why I said what I said about your having a son.

Ethan:  And the explanation is?

Ivy:  Oh.  [Sniffles]  Oh, Sam.  Did you find any clues?  Did you find anything that'll help us catch Fox's killer?

Sam:  Well, the forensics team is here now.  Hopefully they'll turn up something soon.

Ivy:  Who would do this? Who would do this to our son?

Sam:  I don't know, but, God willing, we'll-we'll figure it out.

Julian:  I'll personally see to it that your department has everything it needs to solve this case, and I'll cover anything over budget.

Ivy:  Thank you, Julian. Thank you. I just can't imagine who would do this, why?

Julian:  [Sighs] Neither can I.

Sam:  Esmé, I need to ask you a few more questions.

Esmé:  Oh, of course.  Eh, it is so awful that Ivy and Julian lost Fox.  But at least they have each other to count on. You know, seeing them be there for each other, it was beautiful to watch.  It's the way I hoped Fox and I would be one day. You know, so close, like two halves of a whole.  And now, that's never gonna happen, and Vicky and I are alone again. Maybe forever.

Sam:  I'm sorry.

Esmé:  Uh, thank you. You're a nice man, just like Fox was. I'm sorry. You wanted to ask me some questions.  Well, ask away. I will do whatever I can to help you find Fox's killer.

Sam:  I have the feeling you'll be able to.

Alistair:  Full power - enough power for her to be a true Crane and get rid of Luis.  [Laughs]

Luis:  Come on, let's be safe and not sorry.  What do you say we just go to the hospital, and we'll get you checked out right away, okay?  Come on.  What's wrong with you?

Fancy:  Luis, I'm--

Luis:  Fancy?

Alistair:  Almost, Pretty. Almost there. Just a little more, and, uh, a little more tweaking, that is, and...[Laughs] Fancy will be a true Crane.

Fancy:  Luis, I'm sorry.

Luis:  Fancy, what are you trying to tell me?

Fancy:  [Thinks] I want to slap Luis. No, I don't.

Luis:  Fancy?  What is it that you are trying to tell me.

Fancy:  Luis, I don't, I don't know.  [Thinks] Slap him!  No, I can't.  [Out loud] Luis, I'm--

Luis:  Fancy, go ahead. Just say it. Tell me.

Fancy:  [Thinks] I can't slap Luis. [Out loud] I can't.

Luis: Wha-you can't what?  Tell me.

Fancy:  Oh...

Theresa:  Um, how did I know that you had a son before Gwen told you?

Ethan:  Yes, Theresa. How did you know that Gwen'd had a baby?

Theresa:  Um, should I tell him, Gwen?

Gwen: [Thinks] If you tell Ethan he's Little Ethan's father, he'll tie him to you forever, whether I have this baby or not.

Theresa:  Gwen?  Should I explain to Ethan how I knew?

Ivy: Oh, he's gone, Julian.  Our son Fox is really gone.  He's never coming back.

Julian:  Doesn't seem possible.

Ivy: Who would do this? Who would shoot our son in cold blood?

Esmé:  Oh, how could this have happened? Who would shoot Fox in cold blood?

Sam: You know, you're right, Esmé. I mean, Fox's murder doesn't make sense.  Who would want Fox dead and why?

Esmé:  Well, I can't help you there. I mean, I just moved back to Harmony.

Sam: I understand, but, you know, statistically, murder victims almost always know their killers.

Esmé:  Oh, I-I think I heard that in a movie once.  Uh, so do you want me to tell you who was at the mansion tonight?  There's, um, there was, uh-

Sam: Actually, no, uh, you don't need to.

Esmé:  Oh?

Sam: After checking the crime scene, I don't see how anyone could have shot Fox through the window. But-but you're right, he was exactly where you say he was when he was shot.

Esmé:  Right, so, he had to have been shot through the window. I mean, and-and it was open, you know?

Sam:   But it's on the second floor, and there was no sign of a ladder ever having been there.

Esmé:  So the killer must have lowered himself from a rope on the roof, or flown in with a jet pack because I heard a shot and it must have come from the window.

Sam:  That's your story?

Esmé:  That's the truth.

Sam:  Esmé, are you sure there isn't something that you're not telling me about Fox being shot?

Esmé:  Well, uh, maybe I'll think of something after a nice drug-induced sleep. Uh, prescriptions, of course. But, right now, you know everything that I...Oh, my God! You think it's me! You think I killed Fox?

Fancy:  Hmm.

Luis:  Fancy, sit down.  I think you're having some sort of seizure. I'm gonna call the hospital and let 'em know I'm bringing you in, okay?

Alistair:  The implant is at full power.

Pretty:  Grandfather, stop. I am afraid you're gonna kill Fancy.

Fancy:  [Thinks] What is wrong with-- I'll be damned before I let Luis control me.  Why am I so angry?

Luis:  Harmony Hospital? Connect me to the ER, please.

Fancy:  He's only trying to help me.

Alistair:  Oh-ho! [Laughs] A Crane is born. Ha ha!

Luis:  What the Hell'd you do that for?

Ethan:  Theresa, why is up to Gwen whether you tell me how you knew that I was a father before anyone else did?

Theresa:  Well, it isn't up to Gwen, exactly. It's just that, um...

Ethan:  It's just what?

Pilar:  Tell him the truth.

Theresa:  Yes, Mama, I will. Can you get Little Ethan for me?

Pilar:  Absolutely.

Gwen:  Pilar...

Ethan:  Where-where is she going?

Theresa:  You'll see when she gets back.

Gwen:  I really hope she's not going to get Little Ethan. I cannot chance him getting sick.

Ethan:  Theresa, sweetheart. You're not answering me, okay? How did you know that Gwen had my son?

Theresa:  I'm gonna tell you.  I'm gonna tell you right now.

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