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Passions Transcript Friday 9/7/07

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Tabitha: Get off. Oh, Endora -- Endora, don't -- don't go into the basement. Don't follow that kitten into the basement. Come back here.

Miguel: Kay, are you down here? Oh, my God, I'm losing my mind again.

Kay: No, no, it's really happening.

Tabitha: Miguel -- Miguel, stop Endora from going into the basement. Don't let her follow that kitten.

Miguel: Why not? Oh, my God, that cat's possessed.

Kay: And a demon in disguise.

Miguel: A what?

Tabitha: Miguel, don't let the dark side get my baby. Don't let her go into the basement after that kitten.

Kay: Stop it. Get away from me. [Screams]

Esme: Thanks again for reading Viki to sleep.

Fox: It's my pleasure. I know how scary it is to be in a place that's all strange and not really understand what's going on. Come on.

Esme: You're the most wonderful man, Nicholas Foxworth Crane. I wish I had realized that ages ago. I wouldn't have wasted so much time chasing lords and princes and pashas.

Fox: You really think we have a future together?

Esme: Let me check. Yep, all the voices in my head agree. We could definitely have a --

Fox: Well --

Esme: Future together.

Fox: I still have to get divorced from Kay.

Esme: No -- no problem.

Fox: And with my grandfather back, I'll most likely be fired from Crane, not to mention lose all my access to the family charge accounts, and -- basically, your new prince is a pauper. Hope that's not going to be a problem.

Esme: Would all of you stop screaming so I could think?

Fox: I'll assume then, uh, that it is a problem, then.

Valerie: No, please don't kill me, Vincent. I'm begging you.

Vincent: I begged Aunt Sheridan to save me, but she didn't. So why should I spare you?

Valerie: Because I can help you.

Vincent: Shh, someone's coming.

Vincent: It's Mother. Don't tell her I'm alive, or I'll kill you both without mercy.

Eve: Valerie loved Vincent before everything went so horribly wrong. How am I gonna tell her that Vincent is dead? Oh, God, give me strength.

Spike: [Whistles]

Spike: What -- Sheridan --

Sheridan: Did you lie to me, Spike?

Spike: What?

Sheridan: Did you lie to me when you said Marty is alive? Because if you did, this is where you die.

Luis: Hey, I came as soon as Sheridan left. How are things going?

Pretty: Fine.

Fancy: Yeah, very nice. Although, I think I had a little too much to drink.

Luis: Oh, yeah?

Fancy: Yeah.

Luis: You spiked the lemonade, did you?

Pretty: I thought it would help us be a little tense around each other.

Fancy: You thought right.

[Pretty laughs]

Luis: Well, that's good. That's good. I'm glad to see you two are getting along.

Pretty: Me, too. Yeah, you know, I still have a lot of unpacking left to do, so we'll talk more later, ok?

Fancy: Yeah, I look forward to it.

Pretty: Ok, bye.

Luis: See you.

Luis: Well, that's great. You and your sister really seem to be in a much better place, huh?

Fancy: Yeah. Yeah, we are, Luis. I think before long, Pretty and I will be as close as we used to be, back when I could trust my sister with my life.

Alistair: [Chuckles] Oh, my dear, your life is literally in my hands.

Pretty: How did I do, Grandfather?

Alistair's voice: Ugly and needy, no wonder men avoid her like the plague.

Alistair: Oh, my Pretty, you did marvelously well. I mean, Fancy doesn't suspect a thing. And now, we move on to my next step in the plan of ruining the relationship between Fancy and Luis. And once they are apart, Pilar is going to end up with two dead sons on her hands. [Laughs]

 Pilar: Oh, doctor, this is Ethan's mother and father. Could you give them an update on his condition?

Doctor: Oh, sure. Though your son was badly poisoned, he is well on his way to making a full recovery.

Ivy: Oh, thank God.

Julian: Indeed.

Sam: That's good news.

Doctor: All that remains is for Ethan to regain consciousness. And we expect that to happen soon, given Theresa's unflinching love for him and your love as his parents. It's no wonder, with all this support, Ethan managed to hang on when his survival seemed in doubt. If you will excuse me.

Sam: The doctor thinks that you are Ethan's parents.

Julian: Well, so did we for quite some time.

Ethan: [Mumbling] I -- I have a son. I have a son.

Theresa: Yes, Ethan, you have a daughter and you have a son. And when you wake up, we are going to be a family. After eight years, our dream is finally going to come true.

Tabitha: Oh, get out --

Kay: And save her, Miguel. Evil is trying to kidnap Endora.

Miguel: Evil?

Tabitha: Do these look like good fairies holding us, or what? Miguel, stop her going after that kitten. Save my daughter.

[Kitten roars]

Kay: Stop it. Get away from me.

Miguel: Ah!

Kay: The hands that clutch this babe and crone go back to your basement and leave us alone.

Tabitha: Oh, oh, oh, thank Hades. Oh, thank Hades you're all right. Oh, come with Mama. Oh, my God. Sit up here. So who do you think you were calling a crone?

Kay: The spell worked, didn't it?

Miguel: What spell? What is going on around here?

Tabitha: I think Miguel is onto us.

Miguel: "Us"?

Tabitha: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miguel, for helping save Endora.

Tabitha: [Screams] Oh, no. No, no -- save Endora. Don't take my daughter. No, don't take my daughter. Don't take Endora!

Sheridan: I will blow your face into ugly little pieces if you don't prove to me that Marty is alive.

Spike: Ok -- ok, you win. You win. I'll prove to you that your baby is not worm food, ok, but please -- please put the gun down, please. Please.

Sheridan: That's more like it.

Spike: Yeah, ok, ok.

Sheridan: By the way, if you even think about running, I will shoot you in both legs and then in the back so that you suffer before you die.

Spike's voice: Uh, yeah, and Luis dumped you for Fancy? Go figure.

Doctor: Ethan should be coming to any minute now.

Pilar: All right, well, I'm gonna go wait outside. This is the first face he should see when he comes to.

Theresa: Thank you, Mama.

Theresa: Wake up, sweetheart. Wake up to our dream come true.

Esme: It doesn't bother me that you're broke.

Fox: But you're broke, too.

Esme: I prefer the phrase "short on funds." Sounds more upscale, don't you think?

Fox: What's upscale about being destitute?

Esme: Ok, can we just change the subject? My meds can only do so much.

Fox: Yeah.

Esme: Um, besides, what we're finding together, money can't buy. Who said that?

Fox: You did.

Esme: Out loud?

Fox: Yeah.

Esme: Huh. Well, I must be growing up, now that I have Viki to care for, which I am happy to do. Just a huge change -- me being responsible. I mean, I gave "silly socialite" a whole new meaning.

Fox: Yeah, well, sometimes growing up bites. But then there's other times, like right now, where being an adult does have its advantages.

Esme: Hmm, well, I'd agree. And Viki thinks so, too. She adores you, Fox. She loves us being together.

Fox: Yeah, what about you, Esme? What do you think of us being together?

Esme: Well, why don't we go back to your bedroom and I'll show you.

Eve: Oh, my God, Valerie, what happened here? Are you all right?

Valerie: Uh, yeah, someone broke in and trashed the place.

Eve: Oh, gosh, that's just awful. I mean, it's your home. It's supposed to be your safe place, not some place where you feel threatened and intimidated.

Valerie: You're right, it should be. Um, but, you know, things happen that you can't control.

Eve: Did you tell the police?

Valerie: Oh, yeah, but I doubt that they will ever find the person who did it.

Eve: Well, Sam does have quite a backlog of unsolved cases.

Valerie: Sometimes I think my life is one big joke and I'm the punch line.

Eve: Oh, no. You've got your career at Crane with a great future.

Valerie: Oh, with Alistair back? I won't be holding my breath.

Eve: Alistair -- well, he is back with a vengeance.

Valerie: Why, what happened?

Eve: I don't know how to tell you this, Valerie, but earlier tonight, Alistair shot and killed Chad.

Valerie: Chad? Chad's dead? No, not Chad. I -- I loved him.

Eve: Excuse me?

Valerie: I -- I mean, um, before when Chad thought that Whitney was his sister, and, you know, we got involved.

Eve: I understand.

Valerie: Um, thank you for coming over to tell me. Is there anything I can do for Julian?

Eve: Well, I don't think Julian is actually been able to take in Chad's death. There was another death tonight.

Valerie: Who, eve?

Eve: Vincent. Vincent died a horrible death just a -- just a few hours ago.

Valerie: Oh. Valerie, did you hear what I said, honey? Vincent is dead.

Valerie: Yes, I heard you, eve. I just don't care.

Eve: Valerie.

Valerie: I'm just being honest. I don't care that Vincent fell off a cliff and died.

Valerie: How did you know that? How do you know that Vincent fell off a cliff? I didn't tell you how he died.

Ivy: Huh, it feels strange to have the doctor to think that you and I are Ethan's parents.

Julian: I disagree. For over 20 years, we were the only parents Ethan knew -- till, of course, your secret finally came out that the great love of your life, Sam Bennett, was really Ethan's father.

Sam: Could be a while before we see Ethan.

Julian: Thank you very much.

Ivy: Thank you, Sam.

Sam: I heard the doctor say he wants to limit Ethan's visitors once he comes to.

Ivy: Well, we're hardly visitors. We're Ethan's parents.

Sam: He also said that he thinks it's best if Theresa stays in there with Ethan for a while.

Ivy: Oh, God, Theresa. You know, will that girl never cease to be a thorn in my side? If only Alistair had poisoned her with those strawberries instead of Ethan, but no. Now thanks to Theresa, I can't even see my own son? All I can do is hope and pray that Theresa rots in hell for all the pain and grief she has heaped on Ethan and me and God knows who else in the last eight years.

Sam: Don't you think you should go get her?

Julian: No, I think you should.

Ethan: Theresa. Theresa?

Theresa: Are you coming back to me?

Ethan: Oh, I love you too much not to.

Theresa: I love you so much.

[Ethan groans]

Theresa: Thank God you're gonna be ok. I mean, really, I couldn't live without you.

Ethan: You're never going to have to worry about that.

Doctor: I hate to interrupt two people who are so obviously in love, but I need to make sure your recovery is as complete as it seems to be.

Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: I'm going to be right back as soon as the doctor says it's ok, ok?

Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Ethan's out of his coma.

Julian: Oh, thank God.

Pilar: Our prayers were answered.

Sam: Ivy will be ecstatic.

Theresa: This is it.

Pilar: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: We're really gonna be a family, I mean, Ethan and me and Jane and little Ethan. I mean, I can't believe this. My dream is actually gonna come true.

Eve: How did you know that Vincent fell of a cliff and died?

Valerie: Oh, I heard it on the radio on my way home from work. They didn't say Vincent's name, just that an escaped fugitive had fallen off a cliff. And since you wouldn't be here telling me that spike is dead --

Eve: I understand.

Valerie: Eve, I know you are upset about Vincent, and -- and I'm still reeling about my house being trashed. Why don't I make us some tea to calm our nerves?

Eve: That would be nice.

Valerie: Ok.

Valerie's voice: You don't know it, Eve, but your son is alive and he wants you dead.

Tabitha: Kay -- Kay, come here. Kay, you zap the left arm, and I'll nuke the right one.

Kay: Copy that. Miguel, stand back.

Miguel: How did you and Tabitha just do that?

Tabitha: Well, it's not from eating spinach, I can tell you that. Kay -- Kay, I'm at least holding the demon at bay. You help me, go on -- go on, help me.

Kay: The truth is, Tabitha and I are witches.

Miguel: What?

Tabitha: Right, details at 11:00, after we save Endora.

Miguel: Oh, my God, that explains everything that's been happening here. I mean, the prom boat disaster, the asteroid, Warlock Island, Charity's closet being a portal to hell, zombie Charity, and Norma and Mrs. Wallace's head switching? It's because you guys are witches.

Kay: Focus, Miguel, we have to save Endora.

Tabitha: Oh, oh, Endora -- Endora, they're after her. The dark side wants her because of her supernatural powers.

Miguel: Endora's a witch, too?

Tabitha: Oh, yes, a very talented one.

Kay: I -- I feel like the demon is pulling away.

Tabitha: Yes -- yes, he is and he's got Endora, too. Endora!

Miguel: I won't let him take her. Endora!

[Kay and Tabitha scream]

Kay: Miguel!

Tabitha: Endora. Endora! No, no. Endora.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: It's over, Kay. We've lost them. We've lost Endora and Miguel to the dark side. Oh, Endora.

Sheridan: If bringing me here is some sort of trick, I swear you are dead.

Spike: Hey, hey, hey, look, that's not a toy, ok. It's no trick, ok? I use these computers to stay in touch with Alistair, since his plans to rule the world derailed in Rome, ok? Now, give me a sec. I'll show you your son. I'm gonna sit down to do that. Just ease up.

Spike: There.

Sheridan: Oh, my God, Marty.

Spike: Uh-huh.

Sheridan: My precious little boy.

Spike: I told you he was alive.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. Mommy -- Mommy is here.

Spike: Hey, keep it down, Sheridan. He can't hear or see you. Relax.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. Look at him. Look how much he's grown. How handsome he is.

Spike: Hey, you seen one brat, you've seen them all.

Sheridan: Oh, shut up. Oh, my sweetheart. Oh, my God, I love you so much.

Spike: Listen, this is real touching, but, uh, I just gave you the proof you need that your son's alive, ok? So if you will excuse me, I need to save my hide from the cops, ok? All right, so I'm gonna just get on out of here.

Sheridan: No, Spike.

Spike: Oh, God.

Sheridan: You are not going anywhere.

Spike: Now what?

Sheridan: How do I know when that video was taken?

Spike: That -- that's not a video. That's a live feed.

Sheridan: From where?

Spike: Hey, Sheridan, I don't know that.

Sheridan: Well, you better tell me where, or I swear I will shoot you dead right between the eyes.

Alistair: Damn it. This thing is not working. The command I put in, Fancy was supposed to slap Luis in the face and then call him names.

Pretty: Hmm, the implant must not be working.

Alistair: Well, you have a real flair for the obvious, my dear. Come on, work, come on. Come on. If that stupid quack doctor did anything to that device when he implanted it, I'm going to have his head.

Pretty: Wait, Grandfather. Grandfather, stop. There's something wrong with Fancy.

[Fancy groans]

Alistair: No, no, no, this isn't supposed to happen. This is not supposed to happen. No -- no, this can't -- this can't happen to your -- to your beautiful sister, no.

[Fancy continues to groan]

Luis: Hey, what's wrong?

Theresa: Excuse me, doctor, um, is Ethan going to make a full recovery?

Doctor: Full and speedy. You can go in and see him now.

Theresa: Ok. I'm sorry, did he say anything to you about his son?

Doctor: Uh, no, but he is looking forward to going home to you and his family.

Theresa: Ok. Do you think he remembers me talking to him about his son?

Pilar: Well, I'm sure you'll know as soon you see him.

Doctor: He did say again how much he loves you, Theresa.

Theresa: Thank you.

Pilar: I am so happy for you, mija. After all the missteps, all the mistakes, all the missed opportunities -- some of them your own doing --

Theresa: I know.

Pilar: You and Ethan, huh? Finally, on the brink of being a family with your son and your daughter.

Theresa: It's -- it's true. This is, like, the start of a whole new chapter for us. I can feel it.

Pilar: Yeah.

Fox: You know, Esme, after losing Kay the way I did, I wasn't really sure if I'd ever be happy again. But now, thanks to you, I know that's not true. I look at you and I see happiness in my future.

Esme: Fox, no one's ever said that to me before.

Fox: Well, good thing, because otherwise, you might not be here now.

Esme: Believe me, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

Ivy: Oh, Julian, I knew I could count on you.

Sam: It's me, Ivy, not Julian.

Ivy: Look, Sam, I'm -- I just assumed Julian would come and find me. Is Ethan out of his coma?

Sam: Well, the doctor said he's gonna be just fine.

Ivy: Oh, Sam!

Sam's voice: Maybe, just maybe we'll be ok, too.

Ethan: Hey, why -- why am I in the hospital? What's going on?

Theresa: I don't even want you to worry about that. Just concentrate on getting better.

Ethan: I'm just happy you're here with me right now.

Theresa: I've been by your side since I've been in here.

Ethan: Yeah, was I dreaming, or were you talking to me the whole time I was out of it?

Theresa: I was talking to you. I kind of thought that you heard me because you would respond sometimes by smiling or squeezing my hand.

Ethan: [Laughs] I remember you being here, I do.

Theresa: I'm glad. Is there anything else that you remember?

Ethan: Am I supposed to?

Theresa: Well, it would be really nice if you did.

Ethan: I do remember you saying something. I remember you saying something wonderful.

Spike: Hey, I swear on my porn collection, I do not know where your son is. Alistair has him hidden -- where is anybody's guess.

Sheridan: Ok, let's say I believe you. Prove to me Marty is alive, that what I'm seeing is not pre-recorded.

Spike: Hey.

Spike: Uh-uh. Piece of cake. I'm just gonna show you the calendar in the corner of the room, all right? And that will prove to you that Marty is alive, all right? So just give me a second, ok? All right, all right. There you go. Wait -- wait a minute. Huh? Um, the, uh -- the, uh, the thing -- it's not working the way it, uh, is supposed to.

Sheridan: You had better get me a close-up shot of that calendar, or I will shoot you close up.

[Fancy groans]

Pretty: Grandfather, make it stop. You're hurting Fancy.

Alistair: No, I -- I can't. This thing is not working right. I can't make it work right.

Fancy: Oh, my God, my head, Luis. It's killing me.

Luis: I'm gonna call 9-1-1.

Fancy: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. It stopped, it stopped. I'm ok now.

Luis: Well, I'm just gonna call 9-1-1, just to be safe --

Fancy: No, Luis. Luis, I'm fine now. I must have gotten a headache from the alcohol and the lemonade.

Luis: Why don't I take you to the hospital just in case. You know, this could be a blood clot or something.

Fancy: Uh --

Alistair: Oh, no. Fancy can't go to the hospital. They'll find that -- that device implanted in her head. I got to get this thing to work before it's too late.

Pretty: Grandfather, stop. You are killing her.

Alistair: Please, please be quiet. I think I know what I did wrong before. I think so.

Luis: You sure you're ok?

Fancy: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, but some more water would be nice.

Luis: All right.

Luis: Oh, my God, your nose.

Theresa: Ok, so what's "something wonderful" that, uh, you remember?

Ethan: You were asking me if I still loved you. And I -- I squeezed your hand, didn't I?

Theresa: You did.

Ethan: And then you told me something else.

Ethan: Theresa, I have a son, don't I? I have a son.

Theresa: You have a son. You do.

Pilar: Thank you, God. Thank you for the truth finally bringing Ethan and Theresa indescribable joy.

Kay and Tabitha: A pox unlocks a door shut tight open this portal to endless night!

Kay: Oh, good, I think the spell's working!

Tabitha: No -- no, Kay. I think something's horribly wrong. Look after Fluffy if I don't come back.

Tabitha: Endora? Endora? Oh!

Kay: Miguel? Miguel?

Tabitha: Oh, Kay, you shouldn't be down here. It's against all the rules.

Kay: Screw the rules! I want Miguel back as much as you want Endora. He's not here.

Tabitha: No, no, and neither is Endora. They've gone. Everything's gone. Those brimstone boys have blown this hell hole and taken our loved ones with them.

Kay: Oh, God, poor Miguel.

Tabitha: Oh, poor Endora!

Kay: Oh!

Esme: That was wonderful.

[Fox chuckles]

Esme: You were wonderful -- and that is coming from a girl who has been with a galaxy of rockers and footballers and several curious gay men.

Fox: Ok, you were amazing, too.

Esme: And what amazes me most is how close I feel to you.

Fox: Like we've always been together.

Esme: Aw, you feel that way too?

Fox: What we have feels right. You know, I thought that Kay was the one, but I was wrong. It's you, Esme. You're the woman that I've dreamed about my whole life. And now, here you are.

Esme: Fox, no one's ever said that to me before.

Fox: Then I propose a toast. But first, I think we'll need a little bit more wine.

[Esme giggles]

Fox: I'll be right back.


Esme: Oh, God, what was that?

Fox: A -- a gunshot.

Esme: Oh, God, you're kidding.

Esme: [Screams] Fox, no, no! Somebody help! Please -- oh, no. Somebody help us! Fox, come on. Please don't die! Come on, baby, don't -- please don't.

[Fox gasps]

Eve: Well, I hope whoever ransacked your apartment gets caught and punished.

Valerie: Thanks, but I'm not holding my breath.

Eve: 'Night, Valerie.

Valerie: Good night.

Valerie: Thought she'd never leave. Ok, you can come out now.

Valerie: [Vincent's voice] Good job fooling our mother like that.

Valerie: [Normal voice] Thank you.

Valerie: [Vincent's voice] No, dear, thank you.

[Valerie laughs]

Vincent: I really should have a hard time believing that I'm gone for good, because I'm not. No, Mommy, your little boy is alive and well. And mad as hell. [Laughs]

Spike: There. You see that calendar in the corner of the playroom? Huh? That proves that Marty is not on videotape. Your son is alive, and he's in living color.

Sheridan: [Cries] For once, you told the truth. My son didn't die in that train crash. He and my father both survived. My son with Luis is alive. Get out of the way. Get out of the way! Go! Oh, my God, my precious little boy. You're really alive. Oh, Marty, I'm gonna go find your daddy, and I'm gonna tell him that we didn't lose you after all. He's gonna help me find you. And then the three of us can be together as a family the way we were supposed to be. Just the three of us. No Fancy.

Pretty: You're killing her!

Alistair: Shh, shh, shh. Be quiet so I can concentrate. I've got to make this thing work. It's supposed to control Fancy, but it isn't.

Luis: Feeling any better?

Fancy: Oh, no.

Luis: I'm gonna call 9-1-1.

Luis: Fancy!

Ivy: Oh, Sam. Thank you so much for coming to tell me that Ethan is out of his coma.

Sam: Ivy, he's our son.

Ivy: Yes, he is. And that is a fact I should not have kept secret for a minute, much less over 20 years. If only I had been honest with you and Julian from the start, he would have divorced me on the spot. I could have married you and Ethan's life -- [Sighs] It would have been so different. It would have been better, perfect.

Sam: Maybe not perfect, but, uh, pretty darn close.

Ivy: [Scoffs] Right. You can say that after everything I've done?

Sam: Our hearts feel what they feel whether our brains are on the same page or not.

Ivy: What exactly does that mean?

Ethan: It's not my imagination, I mean, right? I have a son?

Theresa: You have a son.


Ethan: So where is he? I want to see him. Where is he?

Pilar: Just a moment.

Theresa: Ok, so, after eight years of me messing up, making mistakes -- like huge, mistakes -- we are gonna live happily ever-after.

Ethan: Hey, it was all worth it. Oh, Theresa, I have a son. That was the secret you didn't want to tell me, that I have a son?

Theresa: Yes, yes, I didn't know how you were gonna take it. I guess I was just worried for nothing.

Ethan: I wanna see him right now. I wanna see my boy.

Gwen: You don't have to wait any longer, Ethan.

Theresa: Gwen?

Gwen: Ethan, this is your son. This is our son -- yours and mine. This is our son.

Ethan: My son?

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