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Passions Transcript Tuesday 8/14/07

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Norma: Mm, unfreeze our slave boy, will you, Tabs?

Tabitha: Not now, no, I'm sick and tired of listening to all of his moaning and whining.

Edna: [Gasps] But we need him.

Tabitha: Well, you'll just have to get used to being without him, won't you? Because if Kay is right, the only way to save her little sister Jessica is to prove that Spike murdered all those men. And then he'll be off to the big house.

Edna: Yeah, but at least he's here right now, so please, please unfreeze him.

Tabitha: I said no. Oh, I hope Kay is all right. You know, I hate to admit it, but I've grown really fond of that silly little ninny.

Edna: Psst, Normie. I know how to unfreeze him on our own.

Norma: If you must, honey bun.

Edna: Ok.

Spike: [Yelps] Keep your hands to yourself, you old bat.

Norma: Hey! That's no way for a slave boy to address his master.

Edna: Or mistress. Come on, let's get to work.

Norma: Yeah, we want you to put tanning lotion all over us.

Edna: Yes, in every crevice and cranny.

[Spike gags]

Edna: Oh.

Spike: Uh, sorry, uh, there's -- there's no sun, though. I can't do it with no sun.

Norma: We're in magic central, dumb cuff. Endora? Endora, let the sunshine in. [Laughter]

Edna: Wow, will you feel that sun. Oh, boy, it's just like the beach in Waikiki. Thank you, Endora, for my muumuu.

Spike: Uh, can I -- can I please, please, get out of this getup, please?

Norma: No, get to work.

Edna: And make sure you really rub it in.

Norma: Edna.

Spike: I gotta get out of this place.

Tabitha: Hey, you're not going anywhere, Spike, not until Kay has figured out a way to get you arrested for the murder of all those men.

Edna: Unless you want to go back down into the basement.

Spike: No, no, no.

Norma: Then get to work. [Sighs]

Tabitha: Where did Kay and all of them go when she zapped them out of here? Oh, I hope that girl isn't getting into any more trouble. [Sighs]

Sam: Come on, Kay.

Kay: Dad, wait. This is wrong.

Sam: Kay, listen to me. All the evidence points to you and I have no choice. You are under arrest on multiple counts of murder.

Kay: No, I've been framed.

Fancy: Hush, Pretty.

Pretty: Don't tell me to hush.

Fancy: No, please, don't do it.

Pretty: You know what? Didn't Grandfather ever tell you that the Cranes don't beg? I'm gonna tell Luis exactly what you did to me, and he is gonna hate you forever.

Sheridan: No. No, I'm sorry, but I can't talk to you right now. Just -- please, just go. Just leave me alone.

Gwen: So you're -- you're eloping. Wow, that's really exciting news.

Ethan: Yeah -- yeah, it is. And we're doing it tonight, so, Gwen, I hope you can find it in your heart to be happy for us.

Gwen: Yes, of course.

Ethan: I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.

Gwen: I know I am. But congratulations.

Rebecca: Congratulations for what?

Theresa: Please, get out of here.

Rebecca: Enough from you, missy. I am with mamasita here.

Pilar: Not by choice, trust me.

Theresa: What are you doing up, Mama?

Pilar: Well, I couldn't sleep, and I wanted to hug Luis again.

Rebecca: And she ran into me. Oh, Pilar made me the most incredible thing, this, um, Mexican jell-o stuff.

Pilar: It's called flan.

Rebecca: Yeah. You know, seriously, it is marvelous. I mean, it's kind of like crème brûlée without all the good stuff. Yeah. Um, why are we congratulating Ethan and Theresa?

Gwen: Because they are eloping tonight. So...congratulations.

Gwen: I hope you get everything you deserve.

Ethan: Well, thanks, Gwen.

Pilar: Oh, my sweet kids, you're getting married?

Ethan: Yeah. [Laughter]

Pilar: That's wonderful news.

Ethan: I am going to go get dressed, ok?

Rebecca: Uh, why are you so happy?

Pilar: Why is Gwen being supportive of you and Ethan all of a sudden?

Theresa: Um, because she is up to something.

Gwen: Theresa will look great in this, don't you think?

Rebecca: Honey, are you insane? The only outfit she's gonna look good in is the outfit she's buried in.

Gwen: Ok, you need to relax because I know exactly what I'm doing. The decision to elope works out just fine. It will be the perfect setup to help me destroy her.

Rebecca: Oh, thank goodness. Honey, I was so frightened. I mean, you were acting so -- so sweet and forgiving. I really thought you had lost your mind again.

Ethan: This is crazy. This is crazy. Everyone is on vacation. I can't get anyone to help me get a marriage license, let alone someone available to marry us tonight, Theresa.

Theresa: Ok, look, why don't you relax and I can, you know, call some people. Maybe I can use the Crane name and it will help us, ok?

Gwen: Listen, this is your wedding night. You should be relaxing and enjoying the moment. I'll take care of it. Let me take care of everything.

Theresa: You.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Pilar: That's very generous of you, Gwen.

Gwen: Well, the Cranes aren't the only ones with any influence. My father has a lot of power and connections. He's a giant in this state.

[Rebecca coughs]

Gwen: The Hotchkiss name will open up whatever doors we need, so I'll take care of everything and you just worry about your wardrobe.

Theresa: I don't know.

Ethan: Actually, it's wonderful. I mean, thank you. You're the best. I appreciate that.

Rebecca: She always has been the best.

Ethan: This is terrific. I mean, if you make this happen for us, I will owe you one.

Gwen: Ok, then I will get to work. Excuse me.

Ethan: Sure.

Gwen: Oh, mm-hmm. [Sighs] I have waited for this moment for such a long time. I'll finally get to stab Theresa in the back.

Rebecca: Oh, didn't you already do that with a scalpel?

Gwen: You know what I mean.

Sheridan: Any other time I would be thrilled to see you, but not tonight. I just can't.

Luis: Sheridan, why are you so upset?

Sheridan: Look at this.

Luis: It's nice, I guess.

Sheridan: It's beautiful. James made it for me.

Luis: Wow, he's pretty talented.

Sheridan: That's not the point. It's a carving of a mother and a son. He's trying to send me a message that he misses me so much. I have hurt him so much.

Luis: Look, Sheridan --

Sheridan: No, you know, I didn't mean to. I feel so guilty and I should. I promised him that Chris and I would be together forever, that we would be a family. And now look at us. He thinks it's his fault that Chris left me.

Luis: Well, I'm sure he'll understand someday.

Sheridan: But he is in pain today. And I've lost him. I've lost him like I lost Marty, like I lost you. And all I wanted was to be a family with you. Was that asking too much? Why couldn't I have that? Why?

Fancy: Please, Pretty, just let me be happy.

Pretty: Sure, just like I am? Where did he go?

Fancy: Uh, I don't know.

Pretty: Well, wherever he went, he'll be back for his sweet, loving Fancy. I mean, because he loves you with all of his heart.

Fancy: That's nothing to make fun of.

Pretty: Do you see me laughing? That's exactly what I won't ever have, Fance. I won't ever have a man love me. I mean, what kind of guy is going to want to spend the rest of his life with this?

Fancy: I'm sorry. If I could change things, I would.

Pretty: I'm in hell, Fance, and you're going to join me there.

Sam: Come on, Kay, let's go.

Kay: Wait, wait. See, I'm not the murderer, ok? See, this is, uh -- magic. Magic got everything all twisted around.

Simone: Lies upon lies. She's telling fairytales now.

Kay: No, no, no. I'm gonna make you understand. Jessica -- she's not the murderer. Spike is.

Sam: Who is Spike?

Kay: Oh, God. Spirits, get me out of here. Alley oop!

Miguel: She's the devil.

Jessica: Oh, God. Miguel, protect me.

Kay: Ok, I've got to make a run for it. Make the handcuffs disappear.

Simone: Chief, grab her. You have to arrest her.

Sam: You know what we need? We need an exorcist!

Kay: Oh, hell. At least I'm free.

Miguel: Chief, grab her.

Sam: Kay, stop!

Kay: No, Dad, see, I'm not trying to get away. We have got to get to Tabitha's and get Spike.

Sam: Oh, that poor old woman. How is she going to deal with all this evil?

Tabitha: Well, what do you know? Kay is hotfooting it over here with the whole Bennett clan behind her. It appears the jig is up, Spike.

Spike: Oh, no.

Tabitha: Yes. You're going to jail for kidnapping Jessica.

Norma: And burying her alive.

Tabitha: Yeah, and it looks to me as if Kay has convinced her father that you murdered all those horrible men as well.

Kay: [Screams] Oh, my God! Help me! Help me.

Sam: Kay Bennett, you are under arrest.

Tabitha: Sam, what on earth are you doing?

Sam: Arresting Kay for all those murders.

Paloma: And for being el diablo.

Tabitha: Kay? Don't you want to arrest Spike?

Sam: Who is Spike?

Spike: I kind of like the sound of that.

Tabitha: Spike. Spike -- you remember, Jessica's husband.

Sam: Spike?

Spike: How you doing, Dad? [Chuckles]

Sam: I remember you -- you sleaze ball.

Tabitha: Yep, yep, yep. Very good. Now, Sam, you are going to arrest Spike, not Kay.

Sam: But there's very little evidence linking Spike to the murders.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, at least arrest him for kidnapping Jessica.

Jessica: Yes, didn't he bury me alive?

Norma: Oh, so creative.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, he did. So get out your handcuffs, Officer Sam, and arrest Spike.

Edna: Good luck.

Tabitha: What?

Norma: He's gone.

Tabitha: Gone?

Kay: No! He's escaped.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. You know, so much has happened, I just -- I can't control myself. [Exhales]

Luis: I understand.

Sheridan: Yeah, and then Chris shows up with the carving and it just -- it reminds me of what I've lost. I've lost Marty. I've lost James. I've lost Chris. I've lost you. Everything has gone to hell. Everything I touch turns to ashes. And this carving, it's just a slap in the face to remind me of what I've lost. What? What, what is it?

Luis: Well, did you even once stop and think that maybe, just maybe, you're the reason that you've lost so much?

Fancy: Pretty, isn't there anything I can say to make you change your mind about me? I mean, how could one accident drive us so far apart?

Pretty: Accident? This was no accident.

Fancy: Of course it was. It didn't happen the way you think it happened. It wasn't all my fault. I wasn't out to get you because of that boy. You were choking me, so I reached for something to hit you with to make you stop. It was instinct, self-preservation. I didn't know what I was grabbing was pool chemicals.

[Pretty scoffs]

Fancy: Ok, just -- won't you listen to me, please, Pretty? I am so sorry. You can't live your life mired in hatred and revenge. What kind of life is that? We have to put this behind us and move on. Can't we do that? Can't we be sisters again?

Ethan: How's it going?

Gwen: Well, my father's name still gets me places.

Ethan: That's good. Gwen, look, I'm really, really appreciative of what you're doing to help us out with this elopement.

Gwen: It's nothing, really.

Ethan: No, it's -- it is something. I'm very proud of you. I mean, I haven't always treated you the best, and it's impressive that you can just put it behind you.

Gwen: Look, I want what is best for you. I want you to be happy.

Ethan: Well, that's why I'm marrying her. I think it's gonna make me happy. And I probably could have phrased that a little better. Gwen, thank you. Thank you.

Rebecca: Look, wait a minute here. I want an explanation here. I know that look on your face. Please, tell me you're not going soft. You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Gwen: Mother, what I hate about this whole thing is that Ethan is going to be devastated, and I really don't want to hurt him.

Rebecca: What? He's hurt you a million times. He just did it again.

Gwen: Look, he tries. He tries, ok? I mean, we can't help what's in our hearts.

Rebecca: Oh, please. Look, just save that for someone else, all right? You can't give up now. You are still going to destroy Theresa, aren't you?

Sam: I don't see Spike anywhere around here. Now, I don't know what the hell is going on here, but can you explain it, please?

Kay: Hold that thought, Dad. Endora?

Sam: Endora?

Jessica: Daddy, how did we get here?

Sam: My God. What is this?

Noah: And who are they?

Paloma: Remember? They were at Luis' wedding at the prison.

Noah: Oh.

Sam: I don't know what the hell is going on here, ok? I don't even know how I got here. I just remember going home...

Sam: To arrest you.

Simone: Oh, right, we were having snacks.

Paloma: And then I came in with Chief Bennett --

Jessica: To take me to jail.

Kay: Good work.

Jessica: Daddy, you have to believe me. I don't remember anything about the murders. I just kept waking up next to dead bodies.

Kay: That's because you didn't do it. Spike did.

Paloma: But we can't prove it, Kay. There's not enough evidence. Just one lousy fingerprint.

Miguel: All the evidence points to Jessica.

Kay: Yeah, but she was set up. It was all Spike. And if we all just go try to find him and catch him and make him confess, everything will be fine. He's got to be around here somewhere!

Sam: [Sighs]

Sam: It really -- [Laughs] All right, listen. I only know what I was ordered to do, and that was to arrest you. Paloma.

Sam: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Ethan: This is it, Theresa. This is it! We are going to be husband and wife finally.

Theresa: I know, it's amazing, it is. It just -- it doesn't feel real somehow.

Ethan: It's real, it's real. It's happening. You better get used to it, Mrs. Winthrop, ok? Now that that Vincent was exposed, there is nothing that is standing in our way now. Nothing.

Theresa: Yeah, I suppose.

Ethan: You suppose. What is wrong with you?

Theresa: Well, um, it's just, uh, you know, it's Gwen. I mean, does she make you a little nervous, because she kind of makes me a little nervous. I mean, she's hated me for years, and all of a sudden, she's like, ya-ha! You know, all gung ho about us eloping --

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: I think it's weird! Do you think it's weird?

Ethan: No. I think she's trying to be nice is what I think.

Theresa: Exactly! And that's unlike her.

Ethan: Theresa, can you please just relax and enjoy this moment? Give Gwen some credit and enjoy yourself.

Theresa: Ok, I'm going to try, I'm going to try. It's just, you know, it's a little odd, because usually when she's kind, she's just trying to mask the anger, you know what I mean?

Ethan: Why, why, why are we talking about Gwen? Tonight is about us, right? Right?

Theresa: Right. Ok. Ok, fine, maybe she's turned a new leaf. I mean, God, we're getting married.

Ethan: We're getting married. Oh, God, you know what we need?

Theresa: What?

Ethan: We need coffee, because we're going on the road. We need coff -- I'm going to get cook to get us some coffee, ok?

Theresa: Ok, sounds wonderful.

Ethan: Ok. I'll be back in just a minute.

Gwen: I don't know if I can go through with this. Another black mark on my soul. Maybe I should just let Ethan be and let him marry that little witch.

Rebecca: So, think bad thoughts, Gwen.

Gwen: What are you up to?

Rebecca: I brought someone to see you. Someone that's going to remind you of why you want revenge.

Gwen: Hello! Sweet pea, it is so good to see you! Hi! Hello, angel! Let's sit up here. You have a cookie! It's so good to see you!

Rebecca: And you know, little Jane here is going to be a beauty some day. You know, I mostly think that most rugrats like this all look the same. But this one reminds me of someone special, someone very sweet.

Gwen: Mother, really -- really don't do this.

Rebecca: Yes, the daughter that Theresa took from you. The one she murdered.

Gwen: My Sarah.

Rebecca: I know you don't want to hurt Ethan, honey, but this is war. And he's not exactly innocent in all this, you know. I mean, just because he hugs you and he says how wonderful you're being... this is why you want your revenge.

Gwen: For once you are 100% right. This is war, and I'm going to annihilate Theresa. [Whispering] Got your cookies? Those are so good.

Sheridan: You really think I'm that selfish? Look, I realize my mistakes, but I thought I could honor my marriage vows to Chris. Forgive me for loving you too much. But it took over, and I'm not proud of the things that I did.

Luis: Like trying to kill my sister.

Sheridan: I wasn't thinking straight. Forgive me?

Luis: Enough, Sheridan, ok? Enough. Enough of all this already, you hear me?

Fancy: Please, Pretty?

Fancy: Can't we try to be sisters again? I mean, I know siblings who love each other aren't exactly the norm in this family, but we can try, can't we?

Pretty: I saw that bottle of perfume on your vanity. The one I brought you home from Paris. I was surprised to see that you'd kept it this long.

Fancy: Of course I kept it. It's one of my most prized possessions. You were so thoughtful to bring it to me. Your gift made me feel included and loved.

Pretty: And in return, you made me look like a flesh-eating zombie.

Fancy: Oh, please, I --

Pretty: You know, we'll never have a relationship again, sister. The only link you and I will have is utter loneliness. If I can never have a man, neither will you. I will make Luis' love end in a heartbeat. He'll think you're such a monster that when he sees us, he'll see twins.

Fancy: No, Pretty, I'm begging you. Don't tell Luis anything. Luis is the one who can make me truly happy. Please, Pretty. Pretty, please? Don't say anything.

Pretty: [Sighs]

Sam: You have the right for the attorney to be present during any questioning. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you free of charge. Do you understand these rights?

Kay: Now I'm back right where I started. My dad's arresting Jessica.

Tabitha: Yes. Those cuffs look very attractive on her, don't they?

Kay: Tabitha!

Tabitha: Oh.

Kay: We have to find Spike and make him confess.

Tabitha: Oh, well, finding Spike isn't the problem, but making him confess -- yes, well, that's the tricky part. Endora -- Endora, darling, will you bring Spike back here, please?

Spike: [Grunts] You know, I was that close to getting out of that attic window.

Sam: I got you now. What in -- what are you wearing?

Tabitha: Endora, Endora.

Paloma: That didn't happen.

Miguel: No.

Paloma: Did it?

Miguel: No, will somebody please tell me that was an optical illusion?

Sam: I swear I only had one drink at dinner. Paloma, arrest Spike.

Paloma: Uh, yes -- yes, sir.

Spike: I don't think so. You back off, all of you, or I'll cut her head off. I will!

Gwen: Look who came to say goodbye.

Theresa: Oh, my goodness, honey. What are you doing up? Come here. Why is she with you?

Rebecca: Oh, well, you can blame me. I mean, she woke up, so naturally I thought she'd want to be with her mommy.

Ethan: Do I see my little girl? Come here, sweetie. Oh, gosh, what is she doing up?

Rebecca: Well, I think she's just too excited to sleep. Aw, honey, this is so thrilling for you, isn't it? I mean, your bio-mommy and daddy won't be living in sin anymore, so you can finally throw off that stigma of being a bastard.

Pilar: Shut up, Rebecca.

Rebecca: What? What did I say? I mean, this is good news for her.

Gwen: Just don't even listen to her. You know what she's like.

Ethan: How did it go on the phone?

Gwen: It went just fine. Just a few more follow-up calls and everything will be all set.

Ethan: That's great. All right, I'm going to take this beautiful little girl back upstairs. It's a big night for our family, sweetie. I'm going to tell you all about it, wait and see.

Theresa: So what are you up to, Gwen?

Gwen: What do you mean? Just trying to be helpful.

Theresa: Trying to be helpful? You come barging in my bedroom in the middle of the night, you start reading me the riot act, then you tell me that I can never make Ethan happy. And all of a sudden, you want to help us elope?

Gwen: I've decided that I'm going to give up control, Theresa.

Rebecca: Yeah, she's just like a reed in the wind.

Gwen: Because I know you're not going to make Ethan happy. And I know that your lies are going to hurt him. But for right now he thinks you are going to make him happy, and I'm not going to stand in the way. But the sad part is, in the long run, he's going to wind up hating you.

Theresa: No, Ethan will be happy married to me.

Gwen: Maybe tonight, maybe even tomorrow, but then what? I mean, how long before your lies destroy your marriage?

Luis: You tried to kill Theresa! Theresa! How do you do that? How do you throw away every vestige of morality and try and kill someone?

Sheridan: Ok, if I have to be punished, so be it. It can't be any worse than the way I feel right now. So what do we do now?

Luis: Well, legally, it's up to Sam, I guess. As far as I'm concerned, forgiveness and moving on.

Sheridan: You can forgive me?

Luis: You should try the view from the execution chamber sometime. It really does change your perspective. I got another chance at life. I don't see why you shouldn't.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis.

Luis: Sheridan, you need to promise me some things.

Sheridan: Anything.

Luis: I think you're sick. You need help, you need professional help, ok? You hear me? The other thing is, I love Fancy. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to marry her. And I want to you to promise me that you are never going to try and come between us again. Can you do that?

Fancy: Please.

Pretty: My life is ruined, and so is yours. End of story!

Fancy: Your life doesn't have to be ruined. I mean, yes, your scar is... horrible, but you could still have a wonderful life. I am sure that there's a man out there who could see past the physical --

Pretty: Yeah, maybe the phantom of the opera. I'm sure he could see the beauty within.

Fancy: God, you are so bitter.

Pretty: And I have good reason. I'm tired of talking to you. Where's Luis?

Fancy: No, stop!

Pretty: Let go of me! Oh!

Pretty: Oh, g --

Fancy: I'm sorry.

Pretty: Whoops, I did it again! God, you can't even help yourself, can you? I'm lucky you didn't kill me years ago!

Fancy: I --

Pretty: Shut up! I am so sick of your apologies! That is just a taste of what your future holds for you. Pain, nothing but pain!

Sam: Spike... calm down. Give me that letter opener.

Spike: Forget about it. Listen, we are walking out of here and you're going to forget that she ever saw me, ok?

Jessica: Please, just don't hurt me, Spike.

Spike: Shut up!

Jessica: Ow!

Spike: This house is a freak show. And you want to arrest somebody? Arrest Tabitha! You've got no idea what she's got going on in that basement. Hey!

Sam: The only thing I want to do right now is arrest you.

Spike: Yeah? Well, don't hold your breath there, copper.

Edna: Ooh, just like Jimmy Cagney.

Spike: Shut up! And you -- you! Twitch your noses, or do whatever you gotta do, but get me out of this demon house!

Tabitha: What are you talking about? How did you get in my house anyway? Sam, can't you shoot him or something?

Edna: Or tase him!

Norma: I could lend you my axe.

Spike: Oh, no, no, no. Chief dad not gonna hurt me. Uh-uh. He'll take no chance to hurt his precious little daughter, even though my girl is the murderous little slut that she is.

Jessica: You're the one who made me a slut!

Spike: Don't do that again.

Kay: She didn't kill all those men, you did.

Spike: Oh, really? Prove it!

Kay: Oh, I will make you confess.

Tabitha: No, no, don't!

Edna: Oh, it's me! I'm the guilty one!

Norma: [Whimpering] No, honey. Me! All the crimes I've committed!

Edna: [Crying] No! No, no, no, I'm worse. I steal "Playgirls" from newsstands, and honey, you should be in one.

Norma: I steal candy from babies!

Edna: I never floss!

Norma: I never recycle!

Edna: And I have library books from 1954!

Norma: I can give you a map of spots all over the United States where I've buried... oh, the shame!

Edna and Norma: [Crying]

Tabitha: Oh, really, enough of that. Enough. Endora.

Spike: You got me. You got me. [Crying] I did it! I killed... wait. Wait a second. Yes! Yes, I did, because I killed them! I killed all the johns. And I planted the evidence to make it like Jess was the guilty one. What am I saying? Oh, my God! I'm going to get the chair. I'm going to get the chair! [Sobs]

Sam: Get up! Spike, you are under arrest for multiple murders.

Kay: You're safe, and innocent.

Paloma: And Spike is finished.

Edna: Oh, hell, Normie. Where are we going to come up with another houseboy?

Sheridan: You and Fancy have my blessing.

Luis: Good. Well, I better get back to the pool. I'll bet Fancy's wondering where I am.

Sheridan: Just take your chance, girl. Hurt Fancy the way she hurt you.

Pretty: You're right. Ok, I'll tell Luis right now.

Sheridan: You know what? I'll come with you to talk to fancy. I would like to be the one to tell her that I'll never stand in her way again.

Luis: I think that's a good first step.

Sheridan: Great. Let me get my purse and I'll be right out.

Sheridan: We'll talk to Fancy and Pretty, Luis. And then after tonight, you will be mine.

Fancy: You tripped over the chair. It was an accident.

Pretty: Right, just like my face.

Fancy: Don't tell Luis, Pretty.

Pretty: I am tired of your whining. Face it, Fance, it is over for you. I'm finding Luis.

Fancy: No, I won't let you do it!

Pretty: Try and stop me!

Fancy: Ow! I won't let you talk to Luis.

Fancy: Ah!

Pretty: This is for what you did to me.

Fancy and Pretty: [Grunting]

Spike: [Whimpering]

Spike: Mommy? Mommy, I did bad.

Sam: It's over, sweetheart. Can you ever forgive me?

Jessica: Dad, there's nothing to forgive. I'm just glad I'm waking up from this nightmare.

Sam: Well, you're safe now. You're with family, and we're never going to let you go.

Tabitha: Oh, my dear. I'm going to be up half the night casting forgetfulness spells over this entire group. Do be careful with your powers, Kay. You have so much to learn, and so much to lose.

Noah: I am so proud of you. It's weird, but whenever you're around, I feel safe.

Paloma: No, you make me feel safe and warm.

Noah: Really?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Spike: What? Huh? Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Let me go here!

Simone: Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Spike: No, no, you got the wrong guy. I'm innocent here! I didn't do anything --

Sam: Shut your mouth.

Spike: But -- but --

Sam: Tabitha, I hope you're ok. This must have been pretty traumatic for Endora.

Tabitha: Oh, not to worry, Sam. We're a couple of tough cookies. Aren't we, sweet pea? But I'm glad that you finally captured that dreg of society.

Sam: Paloma, you stay here with Spike. I'm going to have a patrol car come over with another officer to take him to jail. Now I'm going to take Kay, Jessica, and Miguel over to the house for a little late night supper. I'm cooking. Would you -- no? I assume you want to stay here with Paloma.

Noah: If you're cooking then there's nothing that can tear me away from the woman I love.

Paloma: [Laughs]

Sam: It's very nice of you to say that.

Kay: You're coming. You're family.

Simone: Ok, I'd like that.

Kay: Oh, God. Yikes.

Simone: Yikes.

Spike: Hey, hey, hey, hold -- hold -- time out, time out. Hey, don't leave me in this nuthouse! Oh! You -- you...

Norma: Allow me.

Spike: Hey.

Norma: Hi-ya!

Gwen: Well, what did I say? Everything's all set. My father's old contacts cut through the red tape, and you can get married whenever and wherever you want to.

Ethan: Thank you. You have been wonderful tonight.

Pilar: [Muttering] I don't like this, Theresa. I don't trust her.

Theresa: I don't either. You know, every nerve I have is on edge.

Rebecca's voice: When my daughter is finished with you, Theresa, you're going to wish you had never been born.

Luis: Who turned out the lights?

Luis: Oh, my God. Fancy!

Sheridan's voice: Pretty sure doesn't waste any time.

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