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Passions Transcript Wednesday 8/8/07

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Father Lonigan: Pretty, I can only imagine what you have gone through because your face is scarred, but do not let it ruin your life. If you forgive Fancy, you can find peace and happiness.

Pretty: Sorry, Father. There is no forgiveness in my heart for Fancy. She deserves to live the rest of her life in misery.

Father Lonigan: That anger will only cause you more pain, my child.

Pretty: Maybe. But right now it feels good. Watching Fancy's pain gives me strength.

Father Lonigan: But she has lost the man she loved. Fancy's happiness was destroyed with Luis' execution.

Pretty: Good. She destroyed any chance of happiness that I have when she scarred me for life. Look, I feel badly for Pilar and Luis' family, but Fancy is getting what she deserves.

Father Lonigan: Fancy didn't mean to scar you for life. She didn't know there were chemicals in that jug when you were fighting. It was an accident. She was devastated.

Pretty: She's not devastated, not yet. But she will be when it finally sinks in that Luis is really dead. She will learn what it's like to finally have all of your hopes and dreams ripped away from you.

Father Lonigan: But she is your sister. Can't you find it within you to forgive her?

Pretty: Sorry, Father.

Pretty: My sister is finally getting what she deserves.

Ivy: Honey, are you sure you want to stay and watch this?

Julian: Your mother's right. You shouldn't have to stay here and witness any more of this horror.

Fancy: No, I'm not leaving. I'm staying with Luis.

Ivy: But, Fancy, Luis, he's -- he's already gone.

Fancy: No, no, I can't believe it. He can't be gone.

Ethan: Sorry. I'm so sorry. I tried to save him, there was just nothing I could do. I'm so sorry.

Theresa: Oh, my God, I didn't say goodbye. I didn't tell him that I love him. He was innocent and he shouldn't have died like that.

Gwen: Theresa, I'm so, so sorry for your loss.

Ethan: It was that stupid blackmailer. It was the blackmailer and we'll get him. You understand? We're gonna get him.

Theresa: Yeah, but it's not gonna bring him back, you know. Sheridan, she is the reason that I didn't see him one last time.

Gwen: Theresa, it's really hard to believe Sheridan was the one who tried to kill you.

Theresa: I was strapped into an electric chair, Gwen.

Ethan: But why would she -- why would she do this to you?

Theresa: I don't know. She -- she said that she had to kill me to save Luis. But you know what? She didn't save him. He's dead and I didn't say goodbye to him.

Ethan: Shh. It's ok.

Edna: You can do it, child.

Norma: If you can wrap those idiot prison guards in cotton candy and licorice, surely you can bring Luis back to life with a wiggle of just one of your little bitty baby fingers.

Tabitha: It's one thing to teach a person a lesson and it's another thing to bring a dead person back to life.

Norma: Endora can do it. Her powers are strong, not like yours.

Tabitha: Norma, please leave her alone. Don't put that kind of pressure on her.

Edna: But we're talking about Luis here.

Tabitha: I said no. She's too young. It's not fair.

Edna: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Norma: We're just -- just trying to help the guy out.

Spike: Hey, hey, listen to me. Forget about Luis. We're all gonna be cooked if we don't get the hell out of here. There's a bomb upstairs, ok? It was set to go off five minutes ago, you understand?

Tabitha: Let it go. There isn't anything anyone can do for Luis now.

Tabitha: Sorry, sweet pea. It's too late.

Edna: What is she doing?

Tabitha: Bloody hell, I didn't teach her that.

Pilar: Forgive me. Forgive me for how I spoke before. I'm just in a little pain right now. I know you work in mysterious ways, Lord, but this seems so meaningless, so wrong. You've given me a lot of miracles in my life, a lot more than I can possibly expect.

[Sobbing] I feel like dying myself. Just take me, take me instead of my son. But I won't die, I'll go on. I'll go on, I'll continue to have faith in you. I'll be strong. I will have faith in you, God, miracle or no miracle.

Guard: What the --

Edna: What -- what did she do?

Norma: Uh, I don't believe it.

Tabitha: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Tabitha: Incredible! Sweet pea, you did it. Luis is alive, Luis came back to life.

[Edna cheering]

Edna: Thank you, angels.

Norma: Wow.

Edna: Woo-hoo! I can't get over it. Endora saved Luis' life.

Norma: How -- how'd she do it, Tabby?

Tabitha: Well, I -- well, I -- I guess she -- she must have turned back the clock to a time before the execution, but only in the execution room. Everywhere else, time marched on as usual.

Spike: Come on, these people are nuttier than I thought.

Edna: Who cares how she did it? Let us all just be joyful -- hallelujah -- that Luis' life is saved. You know, he was gonna be my son-in-law. And even if Bethie was a nut case, he was always, always so sweet to her.

Norma: Uh, Endora saved the day.

Tabitha: Yeah, well there -- there is still a little problem.

Edna: Uh-oh. What problem?

Tabitha: There's a possibility Luis could still --

Spike: Ladies, ladies, will you listen to me. There's a bomb upstairs. If we don't get out of here, we're all gonna die.

Fancy: Luis, they can't do this. How can I live without you?

Pilar: My son.

Miguel: This is so wrong, Mama. How can God be doing this to us?

Fancy: Luis never hurt me. He never killed anyone. This is supposed to be a country where innocent people don't die for crimes they didn't commit.

Miguel: Yeah, well I'm sure that happens more often than any one of us wants to think about, Fancy.

Fancy: Yeah, but it's not supposed to happen to us. My family's money and power should've protected Luis, but it didn't do any good.

Pilar: We know you did everything you could, Fancy.

Miguel: So did Ethan and so did Theresa. We all did everything we could.

Pilar: We just have to trust that this is God's will. He has bigger plans for Luis.

Fancy: No, no I can't accept it. I won't.

Fancy: Luis, don't leave me.

Paloma: I still can't believe this is going to happen. I had to wait until I was grown before I got to know my brother and now I'm going to lose him.

Noah: I'm so sorry, Paloma. I -- I know words are useless at a time like this, but Luis, he was like a brother to me and he was my father's best friend. I don't think any of us are gonna be able to make any sense of this.

Pretty: Oh, my God. Father, I -- I can't believe it.

Father Lonigan: Believe what? What's happening?

Pretty: I -- I'm looking at the monitor in the execution chamber and Luis -- Luis isn't dead.

Father Lonigan: Isn't dead? What are you talking about?

Pretty: Father, he's alive.

Father Lonigan: No. Luis was executed. We heard the warden pronounce him dead.

Pretty: I know, but I'm looking at the monitor and he's standing there, very much alive.

Theresa: I need to see Luis' body before they take him away.

Theresa: He's alive.

Ethan: My God.

Gwen: How -- how can this be?

Theresa: Ethan, you said that the execution was over, Luis was dead.

Ethan: Yeah, he -- he was. He was.

Theresa: He's -- he's standing right there.

Ethan: I can see that he's standing there. But I -- I was here when he was executed, Theresa. I was -- I was here when he was pronounced dead.

Gwen: Ok, I don't understand this. How can Luis still be alive when you saw him flatline?

Ethan: I have no idea. I don't know what the hell is going on. I don't understand this.

Theresa: Oh, God, I just -- thank you, God. He's still alive.

Ethan: Dad, um, what -- what's happening?

Sam: What do you mean? About what?

Ethan: About what? I mean, Luis was, uh, he was executed. I mean he was -- he was executed.

Sam: What are you talking about? He's alive, he's right there.

Ethan: No, he -- I mean -- he was strapped to the gurney. I mean, I saw him.

Sam: Ethan --

Ethan: No, I saw him --

Sam: Listen to me -- listen to me. I know you're under a lot of stress. Ok, we all are. But as you can see, he's alive. You're wrong.

Ethan: Dad, I -- I was here. We were all here. I saw him get -- get the lethal injection. I -- I -- he was pronounced dead by the warden, I went to go get Theresa, I came back and he's standing right there. I don't understand what the hell is going on here.

Sam: Son, I think it's like deja vu in reverse, ok? I've heard about this thing happening. When -- when you sense something horrific is gonna happen, you project it happening as a way to soften the blow when it really does happen.

Ethan: Listen -- listen to me, I didn't -- I didn't imagine it, ok? He got the lethal poison in his arm, I saw it happen, and the warden pronounced him dead. I swear to God.

Sam: Son, I don't know what to tell you. You can ask anyone in this room, ok? He was just led in to be executed.

Tabitha: Poor old Ethan. He left the room, so he wasn't a part of this rewind in time that Endora produced. And now he thinks he's losing his mind.

Spike: Ahem, Tabitha. Ladies, please listen to me, ok? There's a bomb underneath Kay's bed and -- and it's gonna go off in a couple of minutes.

Tabitha: Why should we believe a word you say? You're a criminal.

Spike: We're running out of time.

Tabitha: Oh, will you stop it, please? You're scaring Endora.

Spike: She should be scared, can't you see? She's gonna die along with the rest of us, you see?

Tabitha: That's enough. Come along, pumpkin, so I can take you to bed. Not -- not another word. You've had quite enough excitement for one night.

Spike: Listen to me. We're gonna be bombed! This is an emergency, hear me?

Tabitha: Don't listen to a word he says. He's a very, very bad man and he's crazy. Never mind what he said, Endora. And don't you worry about it, ok? We're going to bed, right now.

Spike: Aw. Hey, you gotta listen to me.

Norma: Eddie, sweetheart. How'd you like a little hot chocolate, take up to bed?

Edna: Oh, yummy yummy for my tummy tummy. Oh, good, and you should make extra marshmallows on top of mine, huh?

Norma: I know how you like your cocoa, princess. You can have my marshmallows.

Edna: Oh.

Norma: You're all the sweets I need.

Edna: Oh, you always know how to get to me.

Spike: Oh, God, these people are loonier than I thought.

Spike: Crazy ladies!

Spike: God, I've got to get outta here before this whole place blows.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Luis. I'm sorry that I couldn't stop this.

Luis: It's ok. Theresa, you did everything you could. It's ok, I'm not afraid. As long as we'll all be together one day.

Fancy: Oh, please, God, don't take him. Please, God.

Miguel: Love you, bro.

Paloma: Adios, Luis.

Pilar: Goodbye, mijo. I'll see you in heaven, ok?

Ethan: This is impossible. I just saw this happen.

Sheridan: Luis. Theresa.

Theresa: You bitch! Yeah, that's right. I'm alive.

Sheridan: I -- I --

Theresa: Don't even try to deny it, Sheridan. You tried to kill me. You're nothing but a murderer.

Vincent: This ought to be good.

Spike: Uh, I gotta get outta here. Everybody's gonna blame me if those old broads die. I tried to warn them, they wouldn't listen.

Edna: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Spike: Let me free, you old bag.

Edna: I'll show you who's an old bag, you wuss.

Spike: I'm not kidding. The place is gonna blow in a minute.


Norma: You think you can take advantage of a woman like Edna? You are dirt under her feet.

Spike: Are you kidding? She's the last person on earth I would take advantage of. Believe me!

Edna: Hey, hey. What's wrong with me?

Norma: You don't like my Edna?

Spike: No, I -- who gives a damn. I want to get the hell outta here before the bomb goes off.


Theresa: You tried to murder me in cold blood. You wanted me dead.

Miguel: Hey, hey. Theresa, what is going on here? Why would Sheridan want you --

Theresa: Why don't you ask her? She strapped me into the electric chair and then she flipped the switch. She's out of her mind.

Luis: Did Theresa say Sheridan tried to kill her?

Fancy: Uh, yes.

Luis: Well, what the hell is going on?

Fancy: I don't know, but I wouldn't put anything past Sheridan.

Sam: Theresa, this is a pretty serious accusation.

Theresa: Oh yeah, you're telling me. I'm the one who almost fried to death a few minutes ago.

Kay: My God, Sheridan really is a Crane. Just like her nephew Fox.

Julian: Sheridan, this isn't you. You're not a murderer. You've always been the one Crane who knew right from wrong. You've always been the one good Crane.

Ethan: Sheridan, why don't you tell us what happened. There's gotta be an explanation, right?

Theresa: Tell them, Sheridan. Why don't you tell them exactly what you did to me?

Tabitha: Fluffy? Fluffy, where are you? Come along, kitty. I know you're disappointed because you didn't have Spike for dinner, but I've made you a lovely steak and kidney pie. Come along, pussycat. Where are you? Are you hiding under here? Fluffy. Fluff --

[Gasps] Spike was right. Spike was right -- there is -- there's a bomb underneath the bed. There's a bomb! There's a bomb in here!

Spike: Get off of me!

Norma: Forget about it.

Edna: I told you you're not going anywhere.

Tabitha: Help! There's a bomb in the house!

Norma: Did she say "bomb"?

Edna: That's what she said.

Spike: I told you, you crazy old hags! Now we're all gonna die!

Pretty: This is unbelievable. Luis is alive.

Father Lonigan: Alive? He was pronounced dead.

Pretty: I know, but I'm telling you, I see him. He's alive.

Father Lonigan: That's impossible. Something very strange is going on here.

Pretty: Whatever it means, I'm taking it as a sign. This means I get the chance to tell Luis what Fancy did to me.

Father Lonigan: To what purpose, Pretty? Luis loves Fancy. He would not turn away from her because of you.

Pretty: Want to bet? When he finds out what kind of monster she is, he'll want nothing to do with her.

Father Lonigan: Fancy is not a monster. What she did was an accident. This is wrong, Pretty.

Pretty: Wrong or right, I'm doing it. I am gonna go to that chamber right now and tell Luis. When he sees my face, he will know how evil Fancy really is.

Theresa: Tell them, Sheridan. Tell them how you strapped me into the electric chair and then you turned on the power.

Luis: Sheridan?

Fancy: Oh, my God. Sheridan's finally lost it. She's insane.

Theresa: Oh, she's crazy. You know what she said? She said she had to kill me in order to save you, Luis.

Luis: Save me how?

Vincent: Unfortunately for you, Luis, Sheridan should have finished the job.

Theresa: Chief Bennett, I would like you to arrest Sheridan for attempted murder.

Sam: Sheridan, is that true?

Ivy: I can't imagine why Sheridan would have done such a thing. I just wish she would have finished the job.

Julian: Now, now, darling. Ethan's in love with the girl. He'd be very disappointed to hear you say that.

Ivy: Please. What is it with our children and these Lopez-Fitzgeralds? I mean, first Ethan's obsession with Theresa. And then Sheridan falls for Luis and probably would have married him if he hadn't been thought dead. And now Fancy. She's so passionate about Luis. Why couldn't our children just marry people from our world?

Julian: There's no accounting for taste.

Ivy: Mm, right. Look who I'm talking to. You were with Eve Russell. Your love child, look what it cost you.

Julian: Well, you gave up everything for Sam. So as I said, there's no accounting for why we become enamored with anyone.

Ivy: Well, I'm just glad that Fancy and Luis' wedding was interrupted by Pretty.

Julian: Where is our other daughter anyway?

Ivy: I don't know.

Sam: Sheridan, do you deny trying to electrocute Theresa?

Theresa: Oh, of course she's denying it. But it's ok because Gwen was there. Gwen is actually the reason that I am still alive. She saved my life.

Pilar: Gwen saved your life?

Theresa: Yeah, it's so unbelievable, right?

Gwen: It was an accident.

Ethan: Yeah, Gwen found Theresa when she was being electrocuted. Gwen grabbed her arm, absorbed some of the electricity, it jolted Gwen back and her body hit the power switch. She actually turned the chair off.

Pilar: Dios mio.

Ethan: Yeah, that's the only reason that Theresa survived.

Pilar: I can't believe I almost lost another child. First Antonio, then Luis. Why has God cursed me so?

Theresa: No, Mama. God has nothing to do with it.

Sam: Gwen, was Sheridan in the room with Theresa?

Gwen: I didn't see Sheridan. I just saw Theresa strapped to the chair.

Theresa: But she's the one who did it. So ask her, Chief. In fact, make her tell you the truth.

Sam: Sheridan, is it true? Did you try to kill Theresa?

Luis: Sheridan, is it true? Did you try and kill Theresa?

Tabitha: Ooh! Oh, there really is a bomb in our house!

Edna: Hey, what did you say about a bomb?

Tabitha: Spike was telling the truth. There's a bomb here. There's a bomb under Kay's bed!

Spike: You think? Yeah, I've been trying to tell you old hags that.

Norma: Who are you calling "old hag"?

Tabitha: Look, look! It was -- it was tied under the bed and it's -- it's on a timer! Turn it off!

Spike: Don't give it to me, it's been activated.

Edna: Thanks, Normie, some friend you are!

Tabitha: Endora!

Tabitha: Get out of here. Great Lucifer's tail. No, you keep -- keep that thing away from my daughter.

Spike: Listen, lady. It doesn't matter if she's out of the room or down the hall. It's gonna blow this whole place sky high!

Edna: Oh, Endora! Maybe she's the one who can stop it from exploding.

Norma: Oh, yes. Do your magic! Do your magic!

Tabitha: No, no!

Edna: No, Tabby! Tabby, we need her. We need her. She's the only one who can stop that thing from going off.

Spike: Well, do it quick! There are about 20 seconds left on the timer! This whole place is gonna be dust!

Father Lonigan: Pretty.

Pretty: No Father, you said what you had to say, and it didn't make a dent. I am going to tell Luis what Fancy did to me.

Father Lonigan: But there is nothing to gain. How do you think this will make you happy?

Pretty: I'm not interested in happiness, Father. I -- I gave up that dream years ago when Fancy scarred me for life. Now, I just want to see her suffer. And suffer plenty she will when Luis dumps her, believe me.

Father Lonigan: But he is to be executed -- again -- I think. I mean, if he has not been exonerated, then he will still die. Why make the last moments of his life unhappy, Pretty?

Pretty: Fancy will be the cause of his unhappiness, not me.

Father Lonigan: And then what happens? You and Fancy will spend the rest of your lives hating each other.

Pretty: Why not? Look, I'm just evening the score. An eye for an eye. Isn't that what the Bible says?

Father Lonigan: That is not what it means. Revenge is never a good solution, Pretty.

Pretty: Wait, what's going on now?

Father Lonigan: What's going on where?

Pretty: In the execution chamber.

Theresa: Admit it, Sheridan. You tried to kill me.

Father Lonigan: Is that Theresa?

Pretty: Yes, and she's yelling at Sheridan, saying that Sheridan tried to kill her.

Father Lonigan: Sheridan tried to kill Theresa?

Pretty: That's what Theresa said.

Father Lonigan: Heavens above, what is going on?

Pretty: I don't know. I mean, this is the strangest day I've ever had. First Luis is executed and pronounced dead and now it's like somebody's turned back time and he's alive suddenly? And look at them. They're acting as if he was never dead in the first place. And Theresa's now saying that Sheridan tried to kill her?

Father Lonigan: You're right. It is most strange.

Pretty: It's insane.

Ethan: Sheridan, don't you have anything to say?

Theresa: Oh, she knows what she did. Chief Bennett, please arrest her right now.

Sam: Well, I need to know exactly what happened. Just give me the facts.

Theresa: I told you. She strapped me into the electric chair. Then she turned on the power, and I would be dead right now if Gwen hadn't accidentally turned off the power.

Fancy: Ok, Sheridan. I know what you're capable of doing to me because you think I took Luis away from you, but why would you want to kill Theresa?

Paloma: I don't understand any of this.

Noah: It's all pretty unbelievable.

Pilar: Sheridan, why? Why would you want to kill her? What has she ever done to you?

Sheridan: Nothing.

Pilar: Then, why?

Julian: Sheridan, of all the people who would like to see the last of Theresa, you're certainly not one of them. I don't understand why you'd do this.

Theresa: She said that she had to kill me in order to save Luis' life.

Miguel: But how would killing you save Luis?

Kay: Yeah, that doesn't make any sense.

Sam: No sense at all.

Ethan: Sheridan, say something.

Theresa: Tell them, you lunatic. Tell them that you electrocuted me.

Sam: Sheridan, it would be a good idea for you to say something.

Sheridan's voice: It's Theresa's word against mine. Nobody saw me do it.

Sam: Sheridan. Are you gonna say something?

Sheridan: I -- I will, Sam. I will.

Warden: Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to begin the execution. I expected Dr. Russell to be here, but since she isn't, I have called for a backup physician to sign the death certificate. Julian: Where's Eve? She was here earlier.

Ivy: Well, I'm quite sure I don't know.

Theresa: Oh, God, no. No. No, Luis!

Fancy: I love you, Luis.

Pilar: My son.

Sheridan: Luis, I can't lose you. Why is this happening?

Vincent: It's happening because I'm making it happen.

Spike: This thing's about to go! Here!

Tabitha: We have to get rid of this bomb. There's a bomb, so we need you to do your magic fast. Come, zap some magic. Get rid of it. Get rid of it.

Spike: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


Tabitha: You saved us, Endora. You saved us again.

Edna: Yes you did. You are the greatest.

Norma: You're magical --

Edna: Hey, hey! Get back here.

Spike: Let go of me.

Norma: You're not going anywhere. We're not finished with you yet.

Edna: No, honey. Not by a longshot.

Father Lonigan: Pretty, you have not been back here in a long time, so you're not aware of the strange goings-on here in Harmony.

Pretty: What, like a man coming back from the dead?

Father Lonigan: Exactly. Stranger things have happened and I feel an evil presence here.

Pretty: Who's evil other than Fancy?

Father Lonigan: No, she's not one of them. But I tell you, there are evil forces here in Harmony.

Pretty: What about Sheridan? The aunt I know would never in a million years threaten somebody's life -- she's not capable of murder.

Father Lonigan: You would be surprised what a person is capable of once evil has taken hold of them.

Pretty: What, like, someone being possessed or something?

Father Lonigan: Yes, something like that. Pretty, don't allow evil to take hold of you. Don't try to destroy Fancy's life. Don't try to come between Luis and Fancy. If the execution is to go through, let Luis die in peace, knowing that the woman who loves him was there for him. Let Luis die loving Fancy.

Pilar: Oh no, no don't. Holy Mary, I pray to you, please. Please don't take my son. Please, take me instead.

Paloma: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee --

All: Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God --

Ethan: I don't get it. We've already been -- we've already been through this.

Fancy: Luis.

Luis: I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too. I always will.

Guard: This is weird.

Second guard: You mean it feels like we did this before?

Guard: Yeah. The same guy. You feel it, too?

Second guard: Yeah. Weird.

Theresa's voice: This isn't over, Sheridan. You are going to jail for what you did to me.

Sam: Sheridan, don't leave town, all right? There's a few questions I need to ask you.

Vincent: I told you to get rid of her.

Sheridan: I did. She should be dead by now. I tried, didn't I? So please, stop this execution.

Vincent: How? I think at this point, it would take a miracle.

Sheridan: Well you'd better come up with one because if you don't, Theresa's gonna have me thrown in jail and if that happens, you are toast.

Vincent: Now, you wouldn't tell anyone I ordered you to kill Theresa, would you?

Sheridan: If it stops me from going to prison, yeah, I will.

Vincent: Aw. I thought you were smarter than that.

Sheridan: You're the reason Luis is being executed, aren't you? And I'm not the only one who knows that, am I?

Vincent: It doesn't matter because no one's gonna tell, including you.

Sheridan: And why would I protect you? You're letting Luis die.

Vincent: Well, I told you to get rid of Theresa, but she isn't dead. So, I guess you'll be the next one to be laying down on that table for the lethal cocktail.

Sheridan: You bastard.

Warden: Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, you are about to be put to death by lethal injection as ordered by the state, having been convicted of crimes against the state. Do you have any final words?

Luis: No. I'm innocent of the charges, I've made peace with God, and I've said goodbye to my loved ones.

Warden: You may begin.

Fancy: Oh, God, please don't let this happen.

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