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Passions Transcript Friday 8/3/07

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Tabitha: Ah!

Norma: Whoa.

Tabitha: Thank you, Endora. The older I get, the less I like driving at night.

Edna: You know, that never bothered precious. She'd drive me back from the casino at all hours.

Norma: I hope you had better luck gambling than Luis had tonight -- what, with Fancy canceling their wedding.

Tabitha: Oh, don't worry, sweet pea. They'll be a lot more weddings for you to attend.

Norma: And commitment ceremonies.


Tabitha: Not Chad and Vincent's, though. Their relationship is dead as a doornail, much like Luis will be when he's executed. Oh, I'm glad we got Endora out of there before that grim business plays out.

Edna: Why ruin an otherwise pleasurable evening?

Tabitha: FYI, Luis may not be the only one who dies in that prison tonight.

Edna: [Gasps]

Norma: Who else, tabby? Who?

[Screaming in background]

[Growling and hissing]

Edna: What is going on up there?

Tabitha: [Laughs] Sounds as if Fluffy's on the hunt. [Laughs] I wonder what my kitty has in his sights tonight.

Edna: Uh-oh.

Spike: The housecat from hell! Back! Back! Look, a rat! A rat!

[Fluffy growls]

Spike: [Sighs] Dumb cat. [Laughs] Now I got time to set that bomb underneath Kay's bed to blow up when Miguel gets here alone. Ok, all right. Nice and easy. Very nice.

[Fluffy growls]

Spike: What? Hey! Woof! Woof! Get out of here, you stupid cat! Get out!

[Fluffy growls]

[Banging sounds]

[Fluffy growls]

Spike: Oh -- no! Damn it! I set the timer! It's gonna blow!

[Screaming] Noooo!

Ivy: I know you think that your sister scarred you for life, but please, won't you reconsider letting Fancy marry Luis and letting them have just this little bit of happiness before he's executed?

Pretty: What about my happiness, Mother? What about Fancy making so sure that I was so ugly that no man would ever marry me? Why would I do a damn thing for Fancy when she deliberately did this to me?

Fancy: The blackmailer?

Eve: Vincent must have decided to turn himself in.

Julian: He can't do that. The cost to him and Crane Industries would be too great.

Pilar: Don't just stand there. Go get that awful thing and save my son!

Warden: Hey, guard! The prisoner's escaping! Shoot him!

Fancy: No!

Sheridan: Don't shoot Luis!


[Captioning made possible by the national broadcasting company]

Spike: Help! Somebody, help get this carnivorous cat off of me!


Tabitha: Seems as if Fluffy's caught a rat.

Spike: [Continues screaming]

Tabitha: That's right. Didn't we make it clear to him that he's not welcome here? Obviously, Spike didn't learn his lesson. Well, going a few rounds with Fluffy should make his last visit here seem like a picnic.

Spike: Help!

[Fluffy growls]

Spike: This hellcat has claws like a bear trap!


[Fluffy growls]

Spike: You gotta let me defuse the bomb, or you're gonna lose all nine of your lives! Dumb cat! Help! Help! [Screams] Help! 

Father Lonigan: Merciful heaven, was anyone hurt?

Sam: Is everyone ok? Are you out of your mind discharging your weapon like that? There are civilians here!

Kay: Yeah, including my daughter!

Whitney: And my unborn baby!

Warden: We can't have convicted killers running amuck.

Sam: Where is he gonna go, huh? Where's he gonna go?

Warden: Don't just stand there! Shoot!

Kay: Excuse me! My father, the Chief of Police, just told you not to fire that gun in front of civilians, especially when one of them is a child!

Pilar: Kay.

Julian: I'll find Vincent and help him escape. The world cannot know that our son, a Crane, has done these hideous things.

Eve: Julian, if you help Vincent, then Luis is going to be executed, and we're going to be party to murder.

Julian: Do whatever you must to dull the pangs of your guilty conscience, I will not sacrifice our son and my family's empire for Luis.

Eve: Well, I have to do something to save Luis, whether Julian likes it or not.

Julian: Wait! Stop! We're trying to help you! Eve, you keep following Vincent. I'll catch up with you after I take the others on a wild goose chase.

Eve: What about Luis?

Julian: Do as I say. If Vincent is arrested, he'll never get the help he needs.

Eve: Ok.

Julian: [Takes deep breath] Oh, thank God you're here. I stopped to catch my breath. The blackmailer went that way.

Julian: Eve? Eve?

Ivy: What's going on?

Guard: Did you see anyone dressed in bizarre clothes?

Ivy: Besides Tabitha Lenox, no, why?

Warden: Well, keep an eye out. Everyone seems to think it's some weird-looking blackmailer.

Pretty: What was that about a blackmailer?

Ivy: Oh, well, long story short, it's the person that everyone thinks will prove that Luis is innocent so he can go free.

Pretty: What?

Ivy: Wait, Pretty! Why does finding a blackmailer matter to you?

Julian: Where's Vincent?

Eve: He's up ahead. He's hard to keep up with.

Julian: We have to, we have no choice. We can't let him be lynched by Luis and company.

Luis: Hold on, hold on. Everyone, I think we should split up. We'll have a better chance of nabbing the blackmailer that way.

Sam: That's a good idea.

Luis: Right?

Pilar: We'll stay -- we'll distract him, hijo, go!

Paloma: Yeah, we'll stay with you, mama.

Warden: Nobody move!

Noah: Go, go, go, go, go! Come here. Sorry.

Pilar: Oh, excuse --

Guard: Get out of our way!

Pilar: Sorry.

Noah: Come on, let's go.

Fancy: The blackmailer won't get away this time. We'll catch him and prove he framed Luis.

Sheridan: What was Vincent thinking coming here dressed as the blackmailer?

Ethan: Gwen, what are you doing here?

Gwen: I am here to support Sheridan. Seeing Luis be executed is gonna be hell for her.

Theresa: Well, Luis might not die after all.

Gwen: What happened?

Ethan: The blackmailer's here. If we find him, we can prove that Luis was framed.

Theresa: So let's go! Let's save him! Come on.

Gwen: Oh, you're gonna get yours, Theresa -- and soon.

Eve: Finally!

Julian: Finally, we found you before the others. We can help you.

Luis: There's that sick freak!

Julian: Damn it!

Luis: I've got you now, you sick little freak. You're gonna start talking or I'm gonna be executed for the crimes that you've committed.

Sheridan's voice: Vincent, how could you be so stupid?

Vincent: What did I miss?

Sheridan: Vincent?

Eve: [Whispering] If that's Vincent, then who's wearing the costume?

Julian: Who indeed?

Luis: I said, answer me!

Sam: You must've knocked him unconscious when you tackled him. 

Luis: You know, it doesn't matter, because the reign of terror is about to end here and now. 

Luis: Rebecca?

Pilar: Dios mio!

Paloma: No puedo ser.

Gwen: Mother!

Miguel: Rebecca's the blackmailer?

Theresa: I'm gonna kill you!

Theresa: You witch!

Luis: Theresa!

Theresa: You bitch!

Luis: Stop it.

Pilar: We know that you were a gold-digging nymphomaniac, but a murderer, too? I will kill you myself.

Rebecca: What? What is going on? Are you people crazy? I haven't done anything!

Pilar: Oh, my God, I could just kill you right --

Miguel: Guys, guys, guys, that's enough.

Pilar: You're a sick woman, Rebecca!

Ivy: Honestly, arson and murder, bad enough, but violating Fancy? That is sick even for a sicko like you.

Rebecca: What? What is going on? I'm starting to feel like Marie Antoinette here with an angry mob. This is mass hysteria! I have not done what any of you are accusing me of!

Sam: Everyone, listen. Rebecca's telling the truth. She's not the blackmailer.

Ethan: Then why the hell is she dressed like that?

Rebecca: What, my outfit?

Theresa: Yes! That's exactly what the blackmailer wears!

Rebecca: Oh, that is absurd! No, a hot New York designer sent me this outfit. It's the newest thing, unisex fashion. So I was gonna wear it so the paparazzi would photograph me and I'd get more free clothes. Wait -- just a minute here. You said that the blackmailer has this exact same outfit?

Fancy: The exact same thing.

Rebecca: Oh, honestly. Oh, my goodness. Those designers will steal from anybody.

Ethan: You're not wearing designer duds, Rebecca. This is a trick by the blackmailer to make us think that we could catch him and free Luis. That's what this is.

Vincent's voice: Exactly.

Pilar: Yeah, I wonder.

Miguel: Yeah, Sam, how can you be so sure Rebecca's not the blackmailer?

Sam: During our investigation to ID the blackmailer, we checked the whereabouts of anyone who we thought was the guilty party. And given Rebecca and Gwen's feuds with Theresa, we added them to our suspects list.

Gwen: You what?

Sam: I did what I had to do. Anyway, during the process, we discovered that Rebecca couldn't be the blackmailer.

Rebecca: There, see? Sam says I'm innocent. But you know, I think I should demand a full body strip search just to prove it.

[Everyone groans]

Rebecca: You guys are no fun.

Ethan: I don't believe this. I mean, after all of this, we still haven't caught this damn blackmailer.

Eve: How can you let an innocent man be executed?

Vincent: How can you, Mom -- unless you're planning to turn me in?

Julian: We're not turning you in. We're gonna get you help for your problems -- all of your problems, aren't we?

Ethan: Look, Warden, this ruse perpetuated by this blackmailer is solid evidence that Luis is innocent.

Warden: Hmm, evidence, yeah. No, what it's evidence of is really not for me to decide. All I know is that the governor has rejected every appeal that you have filed. I have my orders and Lopez-Fitzgerald is to be executed tonight.

Theresa: No, please.

Pilar: You can't! Please, just call the governor and tell him what happened.

Theresa: Yeah, Luis is innocent. Get a stay of execution until we can prove that.

Warden: [Clears throat] No.

Miguel: This is crazy! Luis is being set up just like I was.

Guard: The Warden says Lopez-Fitzgerald dies tonight, end of story.

Warden: The sooner this is over, the better. Now, you people and your whacked-out friends have turned my prison into a circus, what with your food, your wedding decorations, which by the way, I do not recall approving of.

Kay: Well, maybe the guilt of executing people is finally taking its toll.

Warden: Get back to me after Luis is gone and dead. Then I'll let you know. Now, enough of the funny stuff. We are taking Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald to the execution chamber where he will be put to death -- as the state has ordered, and no one and nothing is going to stop that.

Pilar: No, please, not my son. Please!

Fancy: Not Luis.

Pretty: I love seeing my sister suffer.

Sheridan's voice: Oh, Luis, I can't believe I'm gonna lose you after all.

Spike: [Screams] Let go of me!


Tabitha: You know, Spike must be pretty fast on his feet. Fluffy doesn't usually take this long to kill and devour his prey. Still, Spike is Pretty disgusting. I mean, Fluffy might not bother to eat him. He might just kill him and then leave him for the scavengers.

Spike: Help! Help! Get this thing off of me.


Tabitha: Fluffy is just protecting his home from an uninvited guest like you.

Spike: Listen, I swear to God, I'll never come back. I'll never come back!


Tabitha: And cheat us out of watching you die a slow and painful death? [Laughs] No bloody way. Go on, Fluffy, get him! Get him! Kill him! Get that bad man! Kill him, kill him, get him! Get him! 

Spike: [Screams]

Fancy: No, please don't take him. Please!

Ivy: Can't you see how much Fancy loves Luis and how much pain she is in over losing him? Couldn't you at least let them just get married?

Pretty: Of course I could, but why would I? I'll live with the pain that Fancy caused me etched on my face for the rest of my life. Why shouldn't she?

Warden: Due to its small size, not all of you will be allowed to visit Luis in his holding cell before the execution. Decide amongst yourselves who's in and who's out.

Sheridan's voice: I can't let Luis die, but how can I stop it?

Julian: [Quietly] You see that mob's bloodlust when they thought that Rebecca was the blackmailer? I'm not going to risk our son's life like that.

Eve: What about Luis' life?

Julian: Cranes trump the great unwashed every time.

Eve's voice: I have to turn Vincent in for his own good and for Luis' sake.

Eve: Hello. This is Dr. Eve Russell. Could you ask the Warden to meet me at his office? It's an emergency. Thank you.

Theresa: You know what, Rebecca? I'm still not sure that you aren't in cahoots with that blackmailer.

Rebecca: I am not. Look, Sam knows I'm innocent and he has a lot of years of policing under his belt -- mm, among other things.

Ethan: Rebecca, that's my father you're talking about, ok?

Rebecca: Ooh, daddy.

Gwen: Daddy? Huh. That reminds me of something I've been meaning to tell you.

Ethan: What do you mean, about Jonathan Hotchkiss?

Theresa: You know what, Gwen? Ethan is actually here to focus on finding a way to save my brother's life, not get distracted listening to you.

Ethan: It's all right. We'll talk about this later, ok? Thank you.

Theresa: That could be from the governor.

Ethan: No, it's from an inmate. He says he has information on Luis' case.

Theresa: Really?

Ethan: I don't know if it's a joke or what, but --

Theresa: Well, we can't take any chances, right?

Ethan: Yeah. You go to his holding cell, ok? You be there for him. I'm gonna go check this out, see what this guys knows, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Rebecca: I don't know. Are you still gonna be able to wait till Theresa is just about to marry Ethan to tell the truth about little Ethan?

Gwen: Yep. Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: I don't know, you look to me like you really want to threaten her now.

Gwen: Well, now's not really the right time.

Sheridan: Hey, why did you give Rebecca your blackmailer outfit?

Vincent: Oh, I was just having fun. Everyone's so serious about Luis being executed so --

Sheridan: You know, about that, Luis is going to die. He and I are not gonna be together like you promised.

Vincent: That's because you never killed Theresa like I asked you to.

Sheridan: I can't -- and besides, it's too late now.

Vincent: No, it isn't. You can kill Theresa. Kill Theresa, and Luis will live to be yours.

Spike: [Screams] My foot! Let go!


Norma: This is the life, isn't it, Edna?

Edna: You betcha, Normie.

Tabitha: Endora's reminding you two to behave yourselves.

Norma: We will.

Edna: We promise.

Tabitha: Ok.

Norma: We're even thinking about putting our career on hold for awhile.

Edna: Yes, because we don't want to be over-hyped like Lindsay and Britney.

Norma: Hey, maybe we'll do a special for DirecTV, "ladies who love ladies."

Spike: [Screams] Get me out of this dump!

Tabitha: Stop right there!

Spike: I can't -- listen, you've got to let me go or I -- we are gonna die!

Tabitha: Some sooner than others -- like you, young man.

Spike: No, listen, lady, you don't understand! There's a bomb in this house -- you hear me, a bomb!

Edna: Don't look at me.

Spike: Oh, jeez. Good grief --

Tabitha: I understand that Fluffy is going to give you what you deserve for breaking into our happy home, and we are going to enjoy watching.

Edna: Fluffy broke through the door!

Norma: And he's heading this way!

Tabitha: Run, Spike, run!

Spike: Oh --

[Fluffy growls and hisses]

Norma: Forget our sappho special. We should pitch this to DirecTV. "When house pets defend their home."

[Fluffy growls and hisses]

Warden: Sorry to break this up. Excuse me.

Warden: For those of you not going in with the condemned, this might be a good time to say goodbye.

Paloma: I am going to stay out here with Noah and chief Bennett. I can't believe this is really goodbye. 

Luis: It's not, it's not. I'll still be here. You just won't be able to see me, that's all.

Noah: I'll take care of everyone, just like I promised.

Sam: Luis, you don't know how bad I feel. I did everything I could to get you --

Luis: I know, please. We all did, right?

Sam: I'm gonna miss you, buddy.

Luis: Me, too, man. Me, too.

Sam: Will you do me one favor?

Luis: Anything.

Sam: Tell Grace I love her.

Luis: Sure thing.

Warden: That it? Ok, the rest of you can come with the condemned.

Fancy: I'll be there in just a minute.

Fancy: I can't believe this is happening.

Ethan: Hi. I've a got a note here that you might have some information on Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's case?

Inmate: Yeah, that's what I said. Figured it would get me face time with you.

Ethan: I've got to be honest with you. I'm not in the mood to play games, but if you have some information on his case, I'd appreciate it.

Inmate: I was a driver for the Cranes before my unfortunate incarceration. Heard a lot of stuff about a lot of things.

Ethan: Well, do you have information on his case or not? Yes or no?

Rebecca: And here I thought I was wearing cutting-edge fashion. I know exactly now how Lucy Ricardo felt when Ricky made her wear that burlap dress in Paris.

Inmate: Becky.

Rebecca: Killer, oh, honey, how have you been?

Killer: Been better.

Guard: Come on, you.

Rebecca: Wait, wait, wait. Can you give us a second?

Guard: Yeah, sure.

Rebecca: Honey, I'm so sorry you're in chains.

Killer: Yeah, me, too. This is more your thing, anyway, huh?

Rebecca: [Laughs] Yeah, well, I so remember hanging above our bed with that feather duster.

Killer: Yeah, who'd have thought I was ticklish there? This must be family night around here. I just saw your former son-in-law.

Gwen: Ethan?

Killer: Yeah.

Gwen: He was going to see an inmate about Luis' case?

Killer: That ain't what I heard. Word is somebody around here has a secret about Luis' sister Theresa and her son. And they can't wait to give Ethan the skinny on it.

Gwen: What?

Killer: Sorry, that's what I heard.

Gwen: Well, mother we need to find Ethan. I can't let someone else steal my thunder. Do you know who he was going to talk to?

Killer: No.

Guard: Time's up, let's go.

Killer: Bye, Becks.

Rebecca: Bye, killer. Honey, I'll arrange a conjugal visit soon.

Gwen: Mother.

Rebecca: What?

Gwen: What? We cannot let Ethan find out Theresa's secret from some inmate, ok? I have earned the right to ruin her life. No one is going to cheat me out of that. Let's find Ethan right now.

Theresa: Where did everybody go?

Sheridan: Well, Theresa, since I can't lose Luis, you have to lose your life. I have to do what Vincent says and kill you. 

Paloma: I can't believe they are going to be strapping Luis to that table soon.

Sam: I can't either.

Noah: It's so horribly wrong.

Sam: Look, someone has to know the truth. I just hope that they come forward in time to save Luis.

Paloma: But who could know the truth and not have come forward yet?

Julian: Has anyone seen Eve?

Eve: Where's the Warden? He's supposed to meet me here.

Vincent: Come now, Mother. Do you really think you can turn me in to the Warden behind my back?

Eve: I don't know what you're talking about.

Vincent: I know you're meeting the Warden here.

Eve: To talk about my work in the coroner's office.

Vincent: Considering all of the lies you've told, you're really not that good of a liar. I can't believe you'd stab me in the back like this after everything I've been through.

Eve: All right, I admit it. I can't stand by and just watch Luis die.

Vincent: Yeah, that's exactly what you're gonna do.

Eve: Vincent, let Luis live. Just own up to everything you have done, and your father and I will make sure you have all the help that you need.

Vincent: Oh, I don't need any help. I have everything under control. Luis is gonna die, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Eve: What -- what are you doing?

Vincent: Making it so you don't see Luis die.

Eve: Vincent! Vincent, let me out of here. Let me out.

Pilar: [Crying]

Luis: I don't really know what to say. I guess this is goodbye, right?

Pilar: Oh, God.

Luis: You know I couldn't have asked for a better mother than you, right?

Pilar: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Miguel: None of us could, Luis.

Pilar: First Antonio, and now you, mijo. I just, it's so much, it's too much, mijo. It's just too much, it's so cruel, mijo.

Luis: I will tell Antonio you said "hi." I'll give you his love. It's ok, it's ok, Mom.

Kay: I'm sorry, Miguel, I'm so sorry.

Pretty: What's wrong, sis? Is Luis being executed at midnight ruining your beauty sleep?

Fancy: Pretty, you already stopped me from marrying Luis, what more do you want?

Pretty: Well, since you asked, I'm gonna go ahead and tell Luis the whole truth. You know, how he dodged a bullet by not marrying such a violent, vicious bitch.

Fancy: You think I'm a bitch? You're the one acting like a rabid dog. Go ahead, tell her, mother. Tell Pretty she's already caused enough trouble and to just leave me and Luis alone.

Ivy: Fancy's right. You stopped her from marrying Luis and that is enough.

Pretty's voice: No it isn't, not by a long shot.

Fancy: I can't bring myself to say goodbye. It's so final.

Luis: No, it's not final at all. It's not final. You know we're connected, right? We always will be.

Fancy: But how do I live the rest of my life without you?

Luis: I don't know. I guess you just don't think about that. And when you have love, it doesn't matter. Just remember that, ok? It's ok.

Ethan: Tell you what, why don't you tell me what you know about Luis' case so I can stop him from being executed?

Inmate: Truth is, I don't know a damn thing about the guy.

Ethan: Thanks for wasting my time.

Inmate: But I do know something about you, Ethan Winthrop. Something that will blow your mind.

Ethan: You don't know a thing about me.

Inmate: I was a chauffer for the Cranes, remember? I heard stuff -- stuff that will change your life forever.

Ethan: Ok, fine. What is it, what do you know?

Inmate: First, you agree to represent me. You give it your best shot to get me off death row.

Ethan: And in return?

Inmate: I'll tell you a secret that will change your life.

Sheridan: Theresa, Theresa, Theresa, oh, God. Look, I really don't want to do this. You know, you're Luis' sister, Pilar's oldest daughter, the love -- the love of Ethan's life, mother to two beautiful children. But you know? Vincent -- he's just given me no other choice. You have to die in order to stop Luis from being executed. And then, when Pretty turns Luis against Fancy, he'll be all mine again. Hey, maybe we'll even name our first daughter after you. 

Spike: Ms. Wallace, Ms. Wallace, please help me! I -- I helped Beth in Rome last year.

Edna: Oh, honey, that is reason enough to let Fluffy make kibble out of your bits, if you know what I mean.

Spike: Please, help me, sir -- please.

Norma: Sir?

[Fluffy growls]

Norma: Get him, Fluffy.

Tabitha: Yes.

Norma: Maul that man.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, gnaw his toes so he can't sneak into a house full of helpless women and innocent children.

Spike: You old hags are anything but helpless, and that little brat is not innocent.

Tabitha: Is he ever. Go on, Fluffy, finish him off.

Spike: Listen, I'll tell you -- I'll tell you. The bomb is ticking to go off. Get this beast off me so I can defuse it.

Tabitha: No deal, Spike. Get him, Fluffy, get him, get him. Go on, Fluffy, kill him, kill him, kill him.

Spike: Give up, witch, give up.


Eve: Vincent? Vincent, please. Please, you can't do this. You can't let Luis die.

Vincent: Oh, Mother, where have you been? I can do whatever I want. Oh, and don't worry. Someone will find you and eventually let you out. But in the meantime, Luis must die.

Eve: Vincent, no. No, Vincent, no.

Julian: Eve. Where could she be?

Warden: Ahem. Ok, people, time for the condemned to go to the execution chamber. The rest of you, into the viewing room.

Pilar: I beg you, please. Please, spare my son. I beg you, please, please.

Warden: I'm sorry, ma'am, but I have my orders, and your son must die. 

Miguel: I love you.

Pilar: Please, God, please.


Miguel: Mama, Mama --

Pilar: Oh, God, Luis. Oh, my God, mijo, please.

Luis: It's gonna be ok.

Pilar: Oh, my God, mijo, please.

Ivy: Fancy doesn't deserve this.

Pretty: I didn't deserve this either.

Ivy: I hate that you both suffered.

Pretty: Fancy hasn't suffered enough.

Ivy: What are you planning, Pretty?

Fancy: Oh, my God. They took him away, Mother. They took him away so that he could die.

Pretty: I can't let Luis die without knowing everything.

Fancy: What?

Ivy: Pretty, no.

Pretty: I'm going to tell him how evil you really are.

Ivy: Oh, my God.

Gwen: Ok, where are Theresa and Ethan?

Rebecca: Honey, I have no idea.

Gwen: Ok, well, you know what? Let's just split up. We cannot let Ethan learn Theresa's secret from an inmate.

Rebecca: Oh.

Ethan: Now, what could you possibly know about me that would change my world?

Inmate: Agree to represent me and you'll find out.

Ethan: No deal.

Inmate: What if I told you you have a son out there? A son of your very own. Have I got your attention now?

Theresa: Sheridan, what is going on?

Sheridan: I'm saving Luis from being executed so I can be with him.

Theresa: Wait, you're going to electrocute me?

Sheridan: Sorry, it's the only way.

Theresa: Says who?

Sheridan: Just hush, please be quiet. Just close your eyes and -- and think happy thoughts, ok? It will hurt less.

Theresa: No, don't do this. Don't, Sheridan, please. Don't.

Tabitha: Fluffy can chew on your bones.

Fancy: You are murdering an innocent man!

Sheridan: If I'm ever going to be with Luis, you've got to die.

Theresa: [Screams] No!

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