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Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/31/07

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Eve: Oh, my God. Look at us. I never thought this would happen again.

Julian: I didn't either, but I'm so glad it did.

Eve: Mm.

Julian: Eve, I've never, ever, ever stopped loving you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eve: Oh, God, it's the warden. I'm supposed to be at the prison. Do you know that it's my job to declare Luis dead after his execution? Oh, Julian, we can't do this. We can't let Luis be executed for crimes that we know that our son committed. I'm going to tell the warden the truth.

Julian: You can't.

Pilar: Well, a triple wedding. Ethan and Theresa.

Paloma: And me, Mrs. Noah Bennett. I can't wait.

Fancy: Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Paloma: Where will we go on our honeymoon?

Noah: Hmm.

Luis: Hey, we're on a package tour of the execution chamber.

Fancy: Luis.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, listen to me. You're still alive right now, and that's all that matters. God has given you this beautiful bride at the end of your time here on earth. Try to make the best of it and trust in him, ok?

Luis: I'm sorry, you're right. Will you ever forgive me?

Fancy: Do you even need to ask?

Luis: You're sure you still want to do this? Being the widow of an executed killer could affect your future.

Fancy: Just forget about the future, Luis. Live in the moment. All that matters is the time we have left together, ok?

Luis: Ok.

Sheridan: Why won't they let Pretty in the prison? She's the only one that can stop this insane wedding.

Pretty: Why won't you allow me inside the prison?

Officer: There are rules, lady. You can't come in.

Sheridan: My God, this is unbelievable. I will not let Fancy steal my man. The end.

Theresa: Please, you have to let me marry Ethan.

Father Lonigan: Theresa, I told you, you cannot be absolved of your sins, your lies, until you tell Ethan the truth, that he is Little Ethan's father. Until you do, I cannot marry you and Ethan. I simply cannot.

Ethan: What? I'm sorry, what Father Lonigan just said, is that true?

Theresa: Ethan --

Whitney: Theresa, honey, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Ethan: Theresa, tell me, is this true?

Eve: Then what are we going to do, Julian? Because I don't care anything about protecting Crane Industries or the Crane name, but I do have to lead an honest life so I can be an example for my children.

Julian: You're going to set an example for two of your children by turning your third child in to the police? Our son needs to be helped, not harmed.

Eve: Julian, what about Pilar? She's one of my oldest and dearest friends. Can you imagine what it's like for her right now?

Julian: I feel terrible about that, too. But Vincent is a Crane. He deserves the same protection I would offer to any of my other children.

Eve: Well, Julian, I'm not going to be able to take the guilt, ok? So I'm going to have to tell the truth and I will just leave you Cranes to figure out how to do damage control. God knows you've got dozens of publicists to help you.

Julian: All right. What about Miles?

Eve: What does Miles have to do with this?

Julian: Miles is a Crane. Think of the scandal. I mean, his father's been having a gay, incestuous affair with his nephew, Miles' first cousin. Think how that's going to affect Miles' future.

Ethan: Theresa, please just tell me the truth.

Theresa: I never meant to hurt you.

Ethan: Father? Father, why won't you marry us?

Father Lonigan: Ethan, that's for Theresa to say.

Ethan: Why? We're all set for a triple wedding here. I mean, why not?

Sam: Theresa. I'm so sorry about Luis.

Kay: How's your mom taking it? Tabitha, what are you doing here?

Father Lonigan: Is it getting colder? I sense evil.

Norma: It's a party.

Sam: Wait a second, I know you two. You escaped from the insane asylum.

Norma: Edna, honey, cheese it. It's the cops.

Ethan: Welcome to the execution of Luis.

Miguel: There is nothing strange about Tabitha bringing Endora to an execution.

Sam: And these lovely ladies must be friends of the family.

Father Lonigan: The more, the merrier. Why did I just say that? Ethan, you were saying?

Ethan: Uh, Father, yes, when we're alone, please.

Kay: Theresa, is there something wrong? Oh, God, I can't believe I just asked you that. Of course there's something wrong. I'm sorry -- your brother.

Theresa: His cell's down that way.

Kay: Look, I just want you to know that I have been praying for all of you. And I'm doing my best to keep Miguel's spirits up. We're all family, so that's why I brought Maria with me.

Tabitha: You know, Kay, I think that she and Endora ought to go to that special playroom.

Sam: Hang in there, ok?

Miguel: We're all in this together. Come on.

Norma: We'll be getting along, too.

Theresa: Thank you for coming.

Norma: Norma.

Edna: And you remember me, don't you, sugar?

Theresa: Of course, Mrs. Wallace.

Ethan: Father, why won't you marry us?

Father Lonigan: Theresa?

Whitney: Do it, Theresa. Tell him the truth.

Theresa: I'll tell you why we can't get married.

Kay: I am so happy for you.

Noah: Hey.

Sam: Triple wedding. Thank God for something today.

Luis: You see? Everyone, do you see that? That's what I want everyone to focus on today -- the love, ok? Not the...you know. Yeah.

Pilar: Oh, Tabitha. What are you doing here?

Tabitha: Well, we've come to offer our support for Luis. Such a sweet boy, who'd have thought he'd grow up to be a killer.

Kay: Tabitha, he's not.

Tabitha: Oh, no, of course he's not.

Edna: Oh, Pilar. I had to come. I am so sorry for all the pain that Bethie put Luis through, so I just had to come and say goodbye. You know, before they --

Luis: Sam, isn't that woman over there the freak we put in the nuthouse a few winters ago?

Fancy: Yeah and Mrs. Wallace? I read about her. She escaped from a mental institution, didn't she?

Sam: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: You're right. They did. They both did.

Norma: Oh-oh, the spell is wearing off.

Tabitha: Endora? Mommy needs you.

Norma: Ok, together now.

Everyone: [Chanting mechanically] Welcome, Norma, welcome, Edna. There's nothing strange about Tabitha bringing you to an execution.

Tabitha: And wedding.

Kay: Isn't there, like, a chapel or something? I mean, you guys can't get married here in a prison cell.

Fancy: Yeah, I know. But we don't have much choice, Kay. They're not going to let Luis out of prison to get married.

Kay: I can't let my brother and Miguel's brother get married on death row.

Tabitha: I think it adds a sort of macabre glamour to it.

Kay: Tabitha -- oh, I have a better idea.

Tabitha: No, Kay, no magic.

Kay: I didn't say anything about magic. There's got to be another room around here somewhere more suitable for a wedding than a prison cell.

Tabitha: Kay --

Kay: What? Don't worry. My magic is totally under control.

Tabitha: Famous last words.

Miguel: I'm so sorry, man. I can't believe that I'm free out there and you're still in here.

Luis: Hey, hey, stop it, ok? Stop. We're not focusing on that right now. I need you to be the man of the family when I'm gone. You need to take care of Mama and everyone else. You hear me? Keep an eye on Fancy, too. She's going to need help after all this.

Miguel: I will, I promise.

Luis: Ok, ok. Now come on.

Sheridan: I can't stand this. He's letting everyone else in, why not Pretty?

Pretty: I am going inside that prison, and you can't stop me.

Officer: Uh, lady --

Pretty: I am Pretty Crane. I can make one phone call and have your job in two seconds.

Officer: Calm down. We can't let you in because you carried your purse through the metal detector. It needs to be x-rayed.

Pretty: Well, why didn't you just say so?

Sheridan: He's letting her in.

Vincent: Hallelujah.

Sheridan: This is great. Once Luis finds out what Fancy did to Pretty, the whole wedding will be off.

Theresa: Look, I can't marry you because...

Whitney: Don't stop now, honey. You can do it.

Ethan: What is it?

Theresa: It's, um, actually, I know that Gwen -- she gave you a divorce. And -- but the church says that you actually need an annulment of your marriage. So, uh, that is why Father can't marry us.

Father Lonigan: Oh, that's true.

Ethan: I wanted to get married tonight with Luis and Fancy, Noah and Paloma. I thought that would be nice.

Theresa: I know, I know. I'm -- I'm disappointed, too.

Father Lonigan: Ethan, would you take me back to Luis' cell?

Ethan: Of course, of course. All right.

Father Lonigan: You will remember what we spoke about, Theresa?

Theresa: It's all I think about, Father. Ok, that was close. That was really close.

Whitney: Yeah, uh, don't you think you should have just, you know, gotten it over with?

Theresa: Whitney, I mean, if I tell Ethan the truth, I'm going to lose him. I'm going to wait. I'm going to wait until the time's right.

Whitney: Yeah, uh, do you really want Ethan to live his whole life not knowing that Little Ethan is really his son? And what about Little Ethan? Do you want him to live his whole life thinking that a bastard like Julian Crane is really his father?

Eve: You sure know how to play the guilt card, Julian. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt Miles.

Julian: Family means everything, Eve. I mean, you may not be a Crane, but you're connected to us forever because your grandson is a Crane. I mean, we take care of our own. We cannot turn our own son in. And besides, there's no evidence that he committed those murders.

Eve: Vincent confessed. His confession amounts to reasonable doubt. Then the governor would have to listen and he would have to stay Luis' execution.

Julian: The governor has already rejected Luis' last appeal. If we turn Vincent in, it'll just give the press full license to drag the family name through the mud yet again. Luis will still be executed, and Vincent's picture will be on the front page of every tabloid in the world for no reason. I mean, he needs psychological help. We should be focusing on that, not having him thrown to the wolves, especially by his own mother.

Vincent: Oh, look. Pretty's been cleared to enter.

Fancy: What are you up to? You and Vincent have been huddled around that cell phone forever. What are you looking at?

Sheridan: Nothing.

Fancy: Oh, God.

Sheridan: Well, I guess you'd have to know some time.

Fancy: I can't believe this. Uh, you did this?

Vincent: All by my lonesome.

Fancy: Well, I guess I'd have to say -- thank you.

Sheridan: What?

Fancy: These are wonderful.

Vincent: Yeah, since there's no wedding photographer, I took candids of you and Luis, and Noah and Paloma, and Ethan and Theresa with my cell phone.

Fancy: Well, Ethan and Theresa aren't getting married, after all. But I'll treasure them, and so will Paloma.

Vincent: Oh, sure. I can e-mail them to you, if you like.

Sheridan: That was very thoughtful.

Fancy: Yes, it was. Um, frankly, Sheridan, I wish you would leave. I don't forgive you for trying to poison Luis' mind against me by bringing up Pretty.

Sheridan: I'm not going anywhere.

Fancy: Oh, figures. Well, it doesn't matter. It didn't work. Luis is going to marry me. He's going to be my husband.

Sheridan: That was close. Pretty will be here soon and it will all be over between Luis and Fancy.

Fancy: You should have heard Aunt Sheridan earlier. She was going on and on about how she and Luis would be reunited in heaven.

Pilar: I worry about that girl.

Fancy: Well, don't bother. She's not worrying about you.

Kay: So what are you guys going to wear?

Paloma: This, I don't have anything else.

Fancy: It's not as if we planned to get married.

Kay: Well, that's not right.

Fancy: Yeah, I know, but we can't just snap our fingers and make wedding dresses appear.

Tabitha: Here we go.

Kay: Tabitha?

Tabitha: You're going to make wedding dresses appear, aren't you?

Kay: Look, if I can make a demon elf appear, I can certainly zap in a couple of wedding dresses.

Tabitha: Yes, and look how that turned out.

Norma: So Kay's a witch?

Edna: Come on, you must have gotten your consonants mixed up.

Kay: Ha ha.

Tabitha: It's a long story. Please keep your mouths shut.

Edna: Oh, Lord, who isn't a witch in this town?

Tabitha: It seems to me a witch by that name should be able to control her powers.

Norma: Oh, you're still a trainee.

Kay: Just watch, ok? Come to me on wings of night. Two outfits for a wedding night. Ok, two dresses will be ready in a moment.

Officer: I have deliveries for Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald and Fancy Crane.

Paloma: What?

Fancy: Yeah, what are they?

Pilar: Maybe Theresa had them delivered.

Pilar: Dios mio! You're not wearing that.

Theresa: I know you don't understand why I can't tell Ethan the truth.

Whitney: You know that whole mess with Chad, Vincent, and me was because my mother spent decades hiding the truth. Ok? So let's just stop with all the lies. Learn from my mother's mistakes, because it'll tear your life apart, and your children's lives, too.

Vincent: Sweet. Who's the designer?

Paloma: You're disgusting.

Kay: I blew it.

Tabitha: You know me, never one to say "I told you so." Endora, sweet pea, will you fix this? We need two wedding dresses stat.

Tabitha: Is there something else in that bag besides that amusing lingerie?

Paloma: Wedding gowns.

Fancy: They weren't there before.

Paloma: Well, they're here now. Oh, my God, Theresa, thank you so much.

Theresa: Honey, for what?

Fancy: The wedding gowns, they're beautiful.

Luis: You thought of everything, huh, sis?

Noah: You've made Paloma very happy.

Theresa: No, I don't know what you're talking about.

Tabitha: Uh-oh, Theresa's going to spill the beans.

Kay: Damn.

Woman: Come now, everyone. The prison recreation room has been decorated for the ceremony.

Luis: Who's that?

Kay: That's the wedding planner.

Pilar: What wedding planner?

Tabitha: Endora, we need your help again, please.

Pilar: Of course. The wedding planner.

Wedding planner: And we're walking. And we're walking.

Guard: Hey, you can't leave the cell.

Tabitha: One final favor, please, Endora.

Guard: Hey, you gotta leave the cell. You can't have a wedding on death row.

Tabitha: Kay, a wedding planner? You're just making things worse.

Kay: No, I'm not. I'm going to make sure Fancy and Paloma have the most beautiful wedding this prison has ever seen.

Tabitha: Endora, keep an eye on Kay, will you? She's going to need you to fix her mistakes.

Sheridan: I didn't know we were leaving the cell. What if Pretty can't find us?

Vincent: She's a big girl. She could ask directions for the Lopez-Fitzgerald wedding. And execution.

Kay: I can't let Paloma and Fancy get married in here. I mean, this place is horrible.

Tabitha: Well, you better get cracking.

Wedding planner: In here? Absolutely not. This room is hopeless. This isn't the Anderson-Jones wedding, is it? Wasn't I in Plymouth a few minutes ago?

Tabitha: Well, you're in Harmony now, dear.

Wedding planner: Harmony? That creepy town on the coast? No, I need to get back to Plymouth!

Tabitha: I don't think this is going to work, Kay.

Tabitha: Did she get back to Plymouth? Oh, I hope she likes to travel.

Edna: Everyone's coming down the hall.

Kay: We have to decorate.

Tabitha: Well, no doubt with your powers, you'll be able to turn this into a bower of roses.

Kay: Well, I can try, can't I? Ok. I don't have time for silly rhymes. Just give me everything I need for a wedding. Oh, no.

Tabitha: Well done, for a shotgun wedding.

Norma: Here they come!

Tabitha: Endora, Endora.

Edna: Goodness, this is special. Bravo, Endora.

Norma: Wow.

Fancy: Oh, my God. It's -- it's beautiful. Thank you.

Theresa: Oh, no, it wasn't me.

Paloma: Who else? Father, I wish you could see it. It's gorgeous in here.

Theresa: No, I mean, I really didn't do this.

Pilar: Well, someone with a big heart did.

Kay: Thank you, sweetheart. You did a good deed.

Norma: And you encouraged her.

Edna: What does that tell you, Tabby?

Tabitha: If you think I'm becoming a good witch, forget it.

Guard: Excuse me, I have tuxedos here for a Sam and Noah Bennett and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald?

Luis: What? I was going to ask you to be my best man.

Noah: Oh -- uh, me, too. But I didn't get around to it.

Sam: Well, I accept. But whoever delivered the tuxes, I mean, how would they know?

Kay: Oh, yeah, you're right. Ok, let's have those, like, right over there.

Kay: Ok, ok. All the guys can get ready, like, through the door and down the hall. And the ladies, we're going to go to your dressing rooms.

Paloma: Dressing rooms in prison?

Pilar: It's going to be a perfect wedding. And then --

Kay: Ok, everybody, come on. Let's get moving.

Whitney: Hey, did you think at all about what I was saying? You know, my mother's lived her whole life living a lie, you know?

Theresa: I appreciate you. I -- you know I do. I just want to deal with Luis tonight.

Whitney: You're right. Sorry, you're right.

Ethan: How are you holding up?

Theresa: As long as I'm with you, I can get through anything.

Kay: So, I think this is your room. Do you need help with anything?

Fancy: Uh, no, Kay. Thanks, I'll be fine.

Kay: Ok.

[Sing-songy] See you.

Sheridan: How bizarre. Why would a prison have dressing rooms?

Vincent: You got me. Mommy. Daddy. Oh, I've missed you.

Sheridan: Julian. I've met my new nephew.

Julian: Yes, I see. Well, we'll talk later. We'll get you the help you need, Vincent.

Vincent: Oh, I don't need help, Daddy.

Julian: We'll talk about that later, too.

Eve: I'm all turned around. Luis and Fancy are getting married?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm, that's the plan. Noah and Paloma, too. Down in the prison rec room.

Eve: Ok, well, we'll see you later.

Sheridan: Where the hell is Pretty?

Vincent: Wait.


Vincent: Listen. I do believe she has arrived.

Pretty: Hello, Aunt Sheridan.

Sheridan: Pretty. It's been a long time.

Pretty: Where is she?

Vincent: Uh, she's in there.

[Knock on door]

Fancy: Come in. Oh, Pilar. I need you. But first -- how do I look?

Pretty: You look lovely, Fancy. You'll make a beautiful bride.

Fancy: Pretty!

[Laughs] What are you doing here?

Pretty: Thanks for the warm welcome.

Fancy: Did Aunt Sheridan call you to tell you to come?

Pretty: No.

Fancy: Oh, thank God. But what are you doing here?

Pretty: The love of your life is being executed tonight. I thought I should make the effort to support my sister.

Fancy: I see. Even though I haven't seen you in years.

Pretty: Well, don't you think it's about time we bury the hatchet, Fancy? Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found out you were marrying a killer.

Fancy: Oh, Luis isn't a killer. And yes, it was last-minute. But, look, Pretty -- I'm sorry I never called you. Never tried to get in touch with you. But I was afraid that a reunion --

Pretty: There was never anything to be afraid of, Fancy. Now, when do I get to meet the lucky fellow?

Fancy: Uh --

Sheridan: Why is Pretty being so nice?

Pilar: There you go. You look beautiful.

Paloma: Gracias, Mama.

Pilar: I always dreamed of this day. Oh, my God, to see you married to a fine young man.

Paloma: Me, too. But I never thought it would be like this.

Pilar: I'm gaining a son-in-law. And then losing a son.

Warden: I gave permission for a wedding, but not all this. Where did these decorations come from? And all the extra rooms?

Guard: There are dressing rooms down a new corridor, too.

Warden: Well, this is insane. Who did the construction? I didn't approve any of this.

Warden: Oh, of course, I remember. Endora Construction did the job.

Guard: They always do nice work. We'll be able to use it for all our death row weddings.

Theresa: Wow.

Luis: Yeah.

Theresa: You guys -- you look so handsome. Especially you. I mean, you've always looked amazing in a tux, Luis.

Luis: All right. We're just trying to stay positive here. Our little sister's getting married to the man of her dreams.

Theresa: That's right.

Luis: You better treat her right.

Noah: I will.

Luis: Yeah. Hey. Come on. Did you tell Ethan the truth yet?

Theresa: No, no. I can't, not tonight. I can't. I'm sorry.

Luis: Don't wait too long, ok? Antonio and I are going to be watching you, making sure you tell the truth.

Julian: Wait, aren't -- aren't you --

Julian: So nice to see you. Hello, sweetheart.

Eve: Julian, isn't this room amazing?

Julian: I'm so proud of you. Be careful with that magic.

Tabitha: I can take care of Endora, Julian.

Julian: Oh, yes. You certainly can.

Kay: What was that about?

Tabitha: What?

Kay: You and Julian.

Tabitha: Mind your own beeswax, Kay.

Kay: Ok. Well, anyway, this is going to be a beautiful wedding, isn't it?

Edna: No thanks to you, cookie.

Kay: What's that supposed to mean?

Norma: Endora bailed you out. You get none of the credit.

Kay: It was my idea! You know what, there's something missing, though. Doves, doves. They always make a wedding look really romantic, don't they?

Edna: Where you gonna get doves?

Tabitha: Don't ask.

Norma's voice: I'm gonna kill that girl.

Edna's voice: What are you going to do, peck her to death?

[Bird noises]

Pilar: Sheridan?

Sheridan: Oh, we're just waiting to see if Fancy needs help. Oh, Paloma. You look beautiful.

Paloma: Thank you.

Sheridan: Why isn't Pretty tearing Fancy's eyes out?

Pretty: Pilar's son. I've seen his picture. He's gorgeous.

Fancy: Yes, yes, he is. Um, look, Pretty. I hope you take this the right way. If Luis meets you, there are going to be too many questions, and I'm just trying to help him concentrate on the good things in life. For his last few hours.

Pretty: I take it you don't want me to be your maid of honor.

Fancy: Oh, come on. If Luis meets you, he's only going to focus on our past together, not on our wedding. Considering he's about to die, it is a strange enough wedding as it is. Do you understand?

Pretty: Of course I do.

Sheridan: What is wrong with her?

Vincent: Patience. Just wait.

[Wedding music playing]

Sheridan: I can't wait. The ceremony is starting.

Guard: [Sobbing] I always cry at weddings.

Second Guard: And I always laugh at executions. Go figure.

[Everyone says "Aw"]

Tabitha: Oh, look at my baby. Oh, don't let anyone wreck this moment. Maybe Norma and Edna have learned their lesson, finally.

Kay: If you say so.

Kay: You were saying?

Noah: Just think, we're going to be married in a couple of minutes, huh?

Luis: Yeah. I can't wait to see Fancy in her wedding dress. That's the memory I want to take with me to my execution.

Fancy: Oh, Pretty. I was so frightened. But thank you. You know, when I first saw you, I thought you were here to stop my wedding. [Laughter]

Pretty: If you marry Luis, I will tell him everything.

Tabitha: I'm so proud of her. Doesn't she look sweet?

Pilar: I can't bear this, Eve. Look at my beautiful boy. And after the wedding, they're going to kill him.

Julian: Don't break your word.

Eve: I'm so sorry, Pilar.

Pilar: Don't be. The judge denied Luis' appeal. Only a miracle can save my son. But there's nothing anyone can do to stop this execution.

Whitney: Honey, I'll be right back. I want to check on Miles, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Endora's really cute, isn't she? I'm just disappointed. I wanted this to be a triple wedding.

Theresa: I'm disappointed, too.

Ethan: As soon as I get that annulment, though, Father Lonigan will be able to marry us.

Tabitha: [Whispers] That's beautiful.

Noah: This is it, huh?

Luis: Go ahead. You go first, champ.

["Wedding March" playing]

Luis: Ah, my sister. Boy, she looks beautiful.

Noah: Don't worry. I'm sure Fancy's going to look great.

Sheridan: Finally. Pretty is showing her true colors.

Fancy: Pretty, no. You were being so nice. You said you understood.

Pretty: Oh, I understand exactly why you don't want Luis to know the truth about us. It would ruin your life. Just like you ruined mine. Remember?

Fancy: Don't.

Pretty: Remember, Fancy? You did this to me!

Sheridan: Yes! The wedding's off!

Pretty: Every time someone calls me "Pretty," it is a knife through my heart.

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Tabitha: You could stop Luis from being executed tonight.

Luis: I really need to see you to calm my nerves.

Pretty: If you try to go through with the ceremony, I'll show Luis what you did to me.

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