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Passions Transcript Monday 7/16/07

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Julian: Do you really think you can find my son?

Tabitha: [Scoffs] Now don't get too cocky, Endora. That is the first step on the path to destruction.

Julian: Well, she's right, isn't she? Witches can do anything. Can't believe I just said that -- witches in the 21st century, in Harmony.

Tabitha: Don't kid yourself, Julian. There have always been witches in Harmony. You're not the first Crane to find out that little secret.

Julian: What's that supposed to mean?

Tabitha: [Sighs] Never mind. I have said enough already to a mere mortal.

Julian: All right, fine. Would you try to look for my son?

Tabitha: All right, let's see what we shall see. Give it time to warm up. I have to change the water in a few days.

Julian: I can't tell you how much this would mean to me. I've been somewhat of a failure with my other children.

Tabitha: [Guffaws] Complete failure with your other children.

Julian: Yes, well, thank you very much, I'm trying to atone for that here and would love another chance at fatherhood with this boy, my firstborn.

Tabitha: I think he is a bit more than a boy, don't you, Julian? I mean, he has to be older than Ethan. He was spirited away from you and Eve by your father before you married Ivy!

Julian: Yes, yes I know that. It's silly I suppose, but I think that this son is my last chance. I had a good relationship with Ethan, it turns out he wasn't my son. And Fox barely tolerates me for what I can do for him. Theresa, she kept Little Ethan from me, and then of course --

Tabitha: Well, he's not your son at all, right?

Julian: Hmm.

Julian: A son to...play golf with, take to football games. You know, drink beer with. Oh, I would so love that.

Tabitha: Oh well, stop your babbling. I'll see what I can do.

Tabitha: Oh, hell in a handkerchief. What is that?

Julian: What is it? What do you see?

Eve: Oh, my God. You! My own son! You killed Rae!

Blackmailer: [Cackles] Of course it was me who killed the bitch.

[Eve gasps]

Eve: Oh, my God. You killed an innocent woman -- a woman that my daughter, Simone, loved. Why would you do such a thing? What kind of a monster are you?

Blackmailer: I am not a monster. Don't ever call me that. [Screaming]

Blackmailer: I am not a monster!

Ethan: Well, I am sorry that you were so unhappy in our marriage that you want to celebrate its end. But I guess that makes what I came to talk to you about a little bit easier.

Gwen: Ok, what is it?

Ethan: It's about Theresa and me.

Gwen: Hmm.

Rebecca: What a coincidence.

Gwen: Yeah, because I have something to tell you about you and Theresa.

Ethan: What is that supposed to mean?

{Gwen: Ethan is Little Ethan's father?

Rebecca: Uh. Oh, and she's known since Rome.

Gwen: But she lied to him about it. Ooh, I wonder why.

Rebecca: Who cares? Main thing is, when Ethan finds out, he is going to hate her forever and ever.} Doesn't it feel like Christmas morning?

Ethan: What are you talking about?

Gwen: Why don't I go first? Because I have a feeling you are really going to want to hear what I have to say.

Demon elf: Ladies and gentlemen, filling Sheridan with anger all the way back to 1965, and fueling her rage enough to kill Theresa, appearing tonight and for the rest of eternity only -- the demonettes!


Demon elf: How about a round of applause?


Sheridan: I don't care what you say, Theresa. I will win Luis back, even if it's over your dead body.

Sheridan: Nice hot tea. Hot tea always puts things in perspective.

Theresa: Thanks.

Demon elf: Drink up, Theresa. So death can come a knock, knock, knockin'. [Slurps]

Demon elf: Mm, rat poison. I just love the way that rolls off your forked tongue. Rat poison. Ooh! I get all tingly when someone's about to get murdered.

Sheridan: What's wrong with your tea?

Theresa: It's great, it's just it's a little hot, you know --

Sheridan: It's tea. It's supposed to be hot. Drink it now.

Theresa: I will. Just, you know, in a minute.

Sheridan: You wanted tea.

Theresa: I do want tea. You ok?

Sheridan: I'm just peachy.

Theresa: Ok. You kind of look a little...

Sheridan: What?

Theresa: Nothing. Um, look, I know we haven't been very close lately...

Sheridan: Why would you say that? I have always thought you were so...sweet.

Theresa: Ok. Well, I didn't mean to upset you before -- you know, what we were talking about. Maybe it's not my place. I feel like if Luis wants to be with Fancy, you should just let him go.

Sheridan: You know what, you're right -- and while we're at it, we can give her a lethal injection, too, and bury them in a common grave!

Theresa: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Luis loves me. So what, it's ok for you to go after Ethan, but I can't go after Luis? You know what, just drink your tea, you selfish, hypocritical bitch.

Demon elf: Ooh! I am so loving this! Let her have it, Sher! Let your curses be the last thing she hears on her journey to h-e-double-hockey-stick!

Gwen: This is a really long time in coming.

Rebecca: Mm, much too long.

Gwen: And it is a very sweet moment for me. Ok, Ethan, the truth is --

Ethan: Gwen, Gwen, listen. Wait, wait. Before you speak, there is something I need to say to you first.

Rebecca: Would you please hush?

Gwen: No, it's ok. Let him talk.

Ethan: I realize that the only reason you came into town was to finalize our divorce.

Gwen: And what did I find when I came to town? You in Theresa's arms.

Ethan: Can I please finish? Will you allow me that?

Gwen: [Sighs]

Rebecca: Well, why should she? I mean, the shame of adultery, Ethan, how could you?

Gwen: Mother.

Ethan: What I am trying to say to you is that I am sorry. I'm sorry. I mean, in spite of everything that's happened, this whole concept of divorce to me is sad. We have known each other since boarding school, we have been a couple since boarding school, and we have grown close over the years. I want you to know that you are always going to have a special place in my heart.

Rebecca: What are you trying to say, Ethan? That you want Gwen to stop the divorce and remain your wife?

Tabitha: Julian's son is a monster. This is horrible.

Julian: What is it? What do you see?

Tabitha: [Mumbles] Oh, oh, that's a shame. I can't see anything. Must be sunspots or something.

Julian: But you saw something. I saw your reaction.

Tabitha: Oh, oh, that. A little fly drowned in my bowl. And I have such a soft spot for those dear little creatures.

Julian: What, flies?

Tabitha: They are a witch thing, I think.

Julian: I don't see a fly.

Tabitha: It sank.

Julian: You sure you didn't see something in there about my son?

Tabitha: No. Why should I lie to you, Julian?

Julian: Very well. What exactly is this thing? What does it do?

Tabitha: Isn't it obvious? I mean, you must have read fairy stories at some point in your life, right? You remember the poor, misunderstood queen in "Snow White" and her magic mirror? Well, this is similar. This is my magic bowl. It shows me the past, the present, and sometimes even the future. I don't know. I probably should have traded this model in years ago. It's always breaking down. But somehow, I've become rather fond of my old bowl. Normally it can show me everything that's going on all over town.

Julian: Does this thing -- does it get DirecTV?

Tabitha: No, no. My bowl is dark side technology. DirecTV is heaven-sent and never the twain shall meet.

Julian: Ah, well, that's a pity.

Tabitha: I'll give it the old college try, just for you.

Chorus: Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah --

[Alarm sounding]

Chorus: Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Tabitha: No, as I thought. DirecTV is too good for my bowl. Well, I shall have to subscribe to DirecTV like everybody else. But isn't it marvelous?

Julian: Oh yes, it's amazing. I should have bought stock in the company when it first came out.

Tabitha: Stocks. Money, money, money again. I was talking about art. DirecTV has some glorious programs.

Julian: My apologies. Can you see anything in there about my son?

Tabitha: It's a shame. Would you mind going into the kitchen for a minute and getting some apple slices for Endora? I think she's a bit peckish.

Julian: Certainly. Would you keep looking for my son?

Tabitha: Of course. What was that thing? It was horrible!

Tabitha: I know I did, sweetpea. But I had to. I don't know why I had to. Normally, I would be thrilled and happy to show Julian something that would cause him pain. Oh, dear Endora, I think some of your infernal goodness is rubbing off on me. Oh, it certainly is not. On the contrary. I've spent thousands of years perfecting my dark side talents. I'm not about to change my spots now. But what was that? I couldn't show that thing to Julian. I mean that was Eve and Julian's son, your half-sibling -- words fail me. It was evil. It'll destroy Julian! Oh yes. And thanks to your goodness, I'm not happy about it.

Blackmailer: I am not a monster!

Eve: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Blackmailer: Words can hurt! Words can kill!

Eve: Yes, I know, I'm sorry.

Blackmailer: Monster. Creature. Sadistic children on the playground. Frightened strangers in the street. I am not a monster. I am a human being, but no one cares! No one! All my life everyone's assumed the worst of me.

Eve: Did you ever consider that maybe they had reason? Look what you've done. You have killed an innocent woman -- Rae. And you are making an innocent man, Luis, take the blame for it.

Blackmailer: No one is innocent.

Eve: You made him take the fall for murder.

Blackmailer: I had to.

Eve: And those vicious attacks that you made on Fancy, and that poor bartender -- and what about the doctor that was just trying to help you? That's all you.

Blackmailer: [Sobs] Yes. But you don't understand.

Eve: No. But what I do understand is that we cannot let an innocent man be executed for crimes that you have committed. You're going to call Sam Bennett, and you're going to turn yourself in.

Blackmailer: [Sobbing]

Blackmailer: No. I can't do that.

Eve: Ok. It's all right. I'll do it for you.

[Blackmailer crying]

Eve: I'm turning you into Sam for your own good. This reign of terror -- it has to end.

Blackmailer: No, Mother. You can't turn me in.

Eve: Don't you see? I have to. We can't let an innocent man be executed for your crimes!

Blackmailer: Why not?

Eve: Because it's wrong. You are the one who broke the law. You have done some terrible, terrible things. Now you have to turn yourself in and confess. Then we can get you some help.

Blackmailer: No. No. I had to.

Eve: Why did you have to?

Blackmailer: I had my reasons.

Eve: That's not an answer. You can't possibly justify all the horrible things you did. For God's sake -- you killed Rae, the woman that my daughter, Simone, was in love with. Why?

Blackmailer: Because Simone had to feel what it's like to lose someone, to feel pain.

Eve: Simone's never done anything to you.

Blackmailer: Yes, she did. She stole you from me. Whitney and Simone had you all their lives. To hold them, to love them, even to scold them. [Sniffling] But not me. I didn't have a mother. They took my mother from me.

Eve: You know that isn't true.

Blackmailer: You gave all your love to them and not me.

Eve: Well, I didn't know. I only held you in my arms for just one brief moment.

Blackmailer: You didn't want me. No one ever wanted me.

Eve: I always wanted you.

Blackmailer: Then where were you when I needed you? Why did you throw me out on the street like a piece of trash?

Eve: No. That's not true. It's not true.

Blackmailer: Do you have any idea how many times I thought of taking my own life?

Eve: God, don't say that. It's a sin.

Blackmailer: A sin? It would have been a mercy killing. Every day I wish I never were born. Why did you have me? Why didn't you cut me from your womb? This monster never would have been born.

[Blackmailer sobs]

Eve: Why would I have done that? [Cries] Why would I have done something like that? I wanted you. That was a hard time in my life, and knowing that you were coming was one of the only things that could keep me going. I still remember the first time that I felt you moving in my body. I just couldn't wait for you to be born. I loved you. I love you. No matter what, you are my child. You are living proof that two people once loved each other very much.

Blackmailer: Liar!

Eve: No, no. If they hadn't taken you from me, I would have raised you... in a house filled with love and laughter. I would have done everything I could to show you how beautiful life could be...and I could still do that if you'll just let me.

Blackmailer: Mother.

Eve: Oh, oh, baby. [Sobbing] My baby. My baby.

Rebecca: Ok, let's make this perfectly clear, all right? Are you saying that you do not want Gwen to finalize the divorce? That you want to repair the damage to your marriage and move on with Gwen as your wife?

Ethan: No. It's a little too late for that. But I'll be honest with you, Gwen. When you first left, I had hoped that we could still save our marriage, but you disappeared. You didn't even let me explain.

Gwen: There was nothing to explain.

Ethan: Don't give me that. When I finally contacted you, you made it very clear to me that you were moving on, that you were not interested in me whatsoever anymore. I know how you feel about Theresa and me, Gwen. I've accepted it and I agree with you. I think we should finalize our divorce. I think the sooner, the better, which leads me to say what I wanted to say when I walked into the room and that's that once our divorce is final, I have every intention of marrying Theresa.

Rebecca: Oh, big surprise.

Gwen: Mother.

Rebecca: Isn't there a little fly in the ointment here? Forgive me, but there is another man -- um, what's his name? Oh, Jared, that's right, Theresa's husband. Now what does he have to say about all of this?

Ethan: We're gonna work that out.

Rebecca: Ethan, you are a fool. Theresa had her chance to be with you. She didn't take it. She married somebody else, and she is still married to him, so what is it you want so badly? To be husband number four? That's it, isn't it? Oh, I can not wait to find out who number five is.

Ethan: Rebecca, I'm not asking for your blessing.

Rebecca: Good. Because you'll never get it. The only thing you will get from me is my sympathy. In fact, why don't you slit your own throat while you're at it?

Ethan: Thank you. I'm glad that you have moved on, and I'm happy that you are happy with your life. I want what's best for you, that's what I want.

Gwen: You want what is best for me?

Ethan: That's right. But, Gwen, Theresa is under the impression that you're gonna try to break us up. She feels that your hatred of her is so intense that you are going to try to come between us.

Rebecca: Oh, now whatever could she mean?

Ethan: Gwen, I need to know. I need to know I can go back to Theresa and tell her that she has nothing to worry about.

Theresa: You're clearly not yourself.

Demon elf: And the understatement of the year award goes to...

Sheridan: The truth hurts, doesn't it, Theresa? You know what, you appall me. How dare you have the audacity to tell me to stop meddling in Luis and Fancy's so-called "relationship."

Theresa: Sheridan, he's my brother.

Sheridan: Well, I know him better than you do. He and I were in love long before Fancy ever came along. And you know what? Ethan and Gwen were so happy before you barged into their lives -- just like Fancy did. She took one look at Luis and went after him just like she did with so many men, so many times before. What Luis and I have is special. It is legendary. We spent lives before this one. Our love is written in the stars.

Theresa: Oh, Sheridan --

Sheridan: Oh, no, no, no! Don't you patronize me. All is fair in love and war. You should know that better than anyone, Theresa. So no -- the answer is no, I will not step aside for Fancy. I want Luis. I will not stop until I win him back.

Theresa: Sheridan --

Sheridan: Shut up! And don't you dare try and stop me.

Theresa: Ok. You are going to have to excuse me. I am going to use the ladies' room.

Sheridan: You do that, sweetheart. Why don't you drown yourself in the toilet while you're at it?

Theresa: Ok. What the hell has gotten into Sheridan?

Demon elf: Hello! My minions of evil! Oh, Theresa, it's too bad you're about to kick the bucket. If only you could stick around and watch this! You can't because you'll be dead, because if you stick -- [Laughs]

Ethan: I want to be happy. I know you want to be happy. We can just be civilized adults. I think that's fair. I mean, I just need you to promise me that you have no intention of coming between Theresa and me, that's all.

Gwen: Are you kidding? After everything Theresa has put me through, you have the nerve to come here to ask me not to do anything to worry Theresa?

Rebecca: That's my girl.

Gwen: Do you hear yourself and how absurd that is?

Ethan: Hold on a second -- I did not come here to fight with you, all right? Theresa has been through a lot.

Gwen: Ok, and I haven't been through a lot? Are you kidding me? I mean, what the hell is wrong with you? Have you conveniently forgotten all the horrible things that that little bitch has done to me? The schemes, the plots -- she's responsible for my daughter's death! She steals our embryos, she drugs and rapes you, yet you have the nerve to come here and ask me to help you reassure her that I am not going to do anything to hurt her? Ethan, you should be here promising me that she is not going to do anything more to hurt me.

Demon elf: Ah, it's a bit much. I better pull back. Theresa is not one to abandon a battle, but she might get suspicious, or worse -- leave before she's had her tea.

Demon elf: Take five, Norman. You've done good work. Few sips of that tea, and Theresa's a dead woman.

Theresa: Look, I don't know if I should even apologize or not, but I've obviously upset you, so I'm just gonna get out of here, ok?

Sheridan: Leave? Why? I just got you some tea. Don't you want to join me?

Theresa: Um, you were really angry with me.

Sheridan: Angry? Since when? I mean, I might not agree with you about Luis and Fancy, but I'm not angry about it.

Julian: They all lived happily in wickedness for ever after. The end. [Chuckles] That certainly isn't how I remember the story.

Tabitha: Well, that's the real version. You mortals always fiddle around with the truth to make yourselves look good.

[Tabitha sighs]

Tabitha: I never thought I'd say this, but you really are very good with Endora. She seems quite crazy about her daddy.

Julian: I feel the same way about this little charmer. I never spent much time with my other children when they were this age.

Tabitha: Well, you didn't spend any time with your other children.

Julian: Well, I know. I missed out on a lot. When I tried to make up for that, I only made matters worse. I have tried to become involved in Fox's life to help him save his marriage to Kay and made a bigger mess of things. And now, I doubt that Fox will ever even speak to me again. Fancy -- she just keeps her distance. Pretty -- Pretty has not been in Harmony for years. Something happened between Fancy and Pretty that changed everything.

Tabitha: Yes. I think after what happened, Pretty won't ever come back to Harmony.

Julian: Yes. I am amazed that you know about that.

Tabitha: I told you, Julian, I know about everything.

Julian: Then why can't you help me find my son with Eve? Could you try looking in your bowl again?

Tabitha: No. I am really tired, Julian. Anyway, I think the bowl needs to go to the shop for a tune-up.

Julian: Why do I get the feeling that there is something you are not telling me?

Tabitha: Are you accusing me of lying to you?

Julian: Well, you've never told a soul you're a witch, so the way I take that is you have been lying to me all my life.

Tabitha: Well, that's just pure self-preservation.

Julian: Level with me, Tabitha. Is there something about my son with Eve that you don't want me to know?

Blackmailer: Mommy! My own mommy! That's all I ever wanted. I knew that if I found you, you would love me and understand me.

Eve: Of course.

Blackmailer: That's all I ever wanted was just a mommy to love me and to take care of me and to tell me stories.

Eve: Stories?

Blackmailer: Yes. Stories about happy families, with a mommy, and a daddy, and a child they love so much.

Eve: I am so sorry for all your suffering, baby. And for all your pain.

Blackmailer: That's ok. I have my mommy. It's all I ever wanted.

Julian: Tabitha, please! There's something you're not telling me about my son.

Tabitha: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Julian, I don't know anything about your son. I'm blocked. The bowl is blocked here. For some reason it's not giving me any images or information about your lost son at all.

Julian: It's most unfortunate. I would give anything if I could meet him right now. I am such a failure with all my other children.

Tabitha: Yes, a complete failure.

Julian: There's no need to rub it in. I mean, to find a son that I thought was lost for all these years, it's like getting a second chance at life. I intend to make the best of it. Just think, Endora, you have a brother out there that you've never met.

Julian: I intend to have a great father-son relationship -- no issues, no baggage. Just a fresh start for the two of us.

Tabitha: You know, Julian, I have to get Endora to bed -- she's had a busy night.

Julian: All right. You sleep tight, angel.

Tabitha: "Angel" is a word we don't use in this house.

Julian: Well, she is an angel, isn't she?

Blackmailer: I have my mommy. Will you protect me just like you protect Whitney and Simone?

Eve: Of course.

Blackmailer: Do you love me just as much as you love them, or more?

Eve: I love all my children the same.

Blackmailer: Ah, you love me more. That's all I ever wanted...was a mommy to love me.

Eve: Well, I am never going to go away. I am going to be right here and make things better for you. But you do know that you have hurt a lot of people, and, well, I wouldn't be a very good mommy if I didn't try to teach you right from wrong. You can't keep hurting innocent people. So we're going to do the right thing, and you're going to turn yourself in.

Blackmailer: Turn myself in?

Eve: It's the right thing to do.

Blackmailer: You lying bitch! What kind of mother are you? Yes, you lied to me. This was all just a trick. You tried to fool me so they can catch me! You don't give a damn about me. You're just like all the others. So like all the others, you must die! [Growling]

Gwen: This is insane. You know, I thought once I left you, I would be able to put this all behind me. But here we are again. Ethan, I haven't done a damn thing to Theresa, but Lord knows I would be perfectly justified if I choked her to death.

Ethan: Gwen, come on!

Gwen: Ethan, we were happy, right? We were really happy. When we got out of school, we had our whole lives ahead of us. Then what happened? That little bitch weasels her way into our lives, she wreaks havoc on everything, she wrecks our marriage, and you have the nerve to come here to ask me to turn the other cheek and be nice to Theresa.

Ethan: I know she has done some strange things, Gwen. I --

Gwen: Ethan, you're a fool. She is a liar. She could give lessons. Wait until you find out what she has been keeping from you now. It's disgusting. It's about time you learned the truth about your precious little Theresa. She has been lying to you.

Sheridan: Theresa, have a seat and drink your tea.

Theresa: Um, not two minutes ago, you were furious with me.

Sheridan: Look, whatever gave you that idea? Ok, I think that you are wrong about Luis and Fancy. Anyone will tell you that. The world knows that Luis and I were born to be together. But you are entitled to your opinion, and that's ok. Look, why don't you just sit down and let's enjoy some tea together.

Demon elf: Drink the tea, Theresa! Oh! It'll relax you, so much so that you'll think your heart has stopped.

Demon elf: Say adios, turistas. Nothing's going to save you now.

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