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Whitney: Good night, my little sweetie. Mommy loves you, ok?

Chad: And I love you, too, little man. What, you want Daddy to give Mommy a goodnight kiss?

Chad's voice: I knew you still love me, Whitney. Your kiss proves it.

Whitney's voice: Gross.

Eve's voice: Please, honey, just hold it together. Don't freak out in front of Miles.

Fox: How dare you try and threaten me and my family --

Julian: All right, calm down --

Miguel: It's not a threat, Fox, it's a promise. If Julian tries to put me back in prison, I swear to God I will find Spike and make him tell me everything that happened the night you were hit with my car. Whether Spike was behind the wheel or not, I will go to the tabloids and I'll tell them about this whole sordid stunt you pulled just to get Kay to marry you. Crane Industries will take a dive when they hear that your son is so pathetic, he has to lie about dying just to get laid.

Fox: I'll kill you before that ever happens --

Julian: All right, all right--

Kay: Oh, my God. Fox, I never knew you hated Miguel with such a passion.

Ivy: I never realized Fox would sink so low just to want a skank like Kay.

Fox: Mother. I love her.

Kay: No you don't. You loved controlling me.

Miguel: Like a typical Crane.

Fox: I will kill you.

Julian: All right, now he's not worth it, stop it.

Miguel: Let's just go.

Fox: Wait, wait, wait. Yes, ok, I faked the dying thing, ok, but don't let my lie stop you from seeing that he's lying. He's lying to you.

Pilar: Dear Lord. I cannot believe I'm taking food to one of my children on death row.

Theresa: Well, maybe Ethan or Jared will find the blackmailer and they'll get him to admit to framing Luis for murder, arson, rape. And Luis will be freed, Mama.

Pilar: I pray that that happens.

Theresa: Yeah, me, too. I'm just afraid.

Pilar: Por que?

Theresa: 'Cause if Ethan or Jared find the blackmailer, it'll tell them my secret.

Pilar: That Ethan is Little Ethan's father.

Theresa: Yeah. And if Jared finds out, he's gonna tell Ethan, and Ethan will hate me. If Ethan finds out, he'll hate me, so either way I just lose any chance of happiness with Ethan.

Ethan: I can't let you kill yourself.

Blackmailer: You can't let me kill myself? Oh, Ethan, you do love me.

Blackmailer's voice: I love that you love me, Ethan, because I love you, too.

Whitney: Well, you know what, Miles?

Chad: Thank you for reminding Mommy and Daddy to kiss goodnight. It was nice.

Whitney: It's nice it's over. You know what we're going to do? We have to go see your pre-school teacher tomorrow so we're going to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house because that's closer to the school, ok, sweetie?

Chad: Miles wants to stay here.

Whitney: Well, that's just too bad.

Eve: Well, Chad, I think Whitney does have a point. I mean, after all, you did have Miles all day today. I'm sure you can agree.

Chad: Little man, I think you better go with Mommy to Grandma's house, ok? Now you say your prayers and you dream sweet dreams. I'm going to bring breakfast for all of us tomorrow and I'll take you to see your teacher at school, ok?

Whitney: Oh no, don't bother.

Chad: I insist, I insist.

Eve: Whitney, I think that Chad's idea is a win-win for everyone because it will make Miles happy and it will let you have Miles overnight, like you want.

Whitney: Great. That's perfect. There you go.

Eve: All right, you come and let's go and pack, ok. You gonna help Grandma pack? Come on, here we go.

[Chad chuckles]

Whitney: You know what? I don't like this. I don't like being cornered like that.

Chad: Maybe not, but you loved it when I kissed you just now.

Whitney: I did not.

Miguel: Kay, come on, let's just get out of here, please.

Fox: Listen, Kay. Please don't leave with him. Listen, I'm not lying about him running me over. He was behind the wheel that night.

Miguel: Listen, let's just grab Maria and get out of here, Kay, please.

Kay: Wait a second. Just need a few minutes to think.

Miguel: What is there to think about, Kay? He's lying to you about dying and now he's trying to convince you that I ran him down with my car. I swear, I didn't do it.

Fox: He did, yes, you did.

Miguel: How could you possibly see who was driving the car with headlights in your face?

Fox: Enough to recognize it was you driving.

Miguel: Come on, let's just go.

Kay: Wait, I said wait a second. Look, I want to go with you, but if there's any chance what he's saying is true --

Miguel: None of it is true, Kay. He's a proven liar.

Ivy: I agree with Miguel. I think you should go with him and be happy.

Fox: Shut up, Mother.

Julian: Stifle yourself, Ivy. As for you, Kay, if you decide to leave here with Miguel, your time together is going to be quite short-lived.

Ivy: Ooh, more threats, Julian.

Julian: I'm merely stating a fact. I will have Spike recant his testimony about Fox's hit-and-run. Without that, the evidence against Miguel is overwhelming. It's back to prison for loverboy and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Ivy: Don't let Julian bully you, Kay.

Fox: You know, I really have to agree with Father, Mother. If you don't have anything good to say, then shut up.

Kay's voice: There has to be a way I can stop all this. But how?

Demon Elf: Yoohoo, Kay! Guess who's at your service. Hello.

Theresa: Smells good.

Pilar: Don't try to change the subject, Theresa. You know very well that there's only one way out of your situation and that is to tell Ethan the truth before Jared finds out and tells him or Ethan finds out directly.

Theresa: I can't do that, Mama. I'm afraid I'm going to lose Ethan for not telling him sooner.

Pilar: Mija, you had good reason, Theresa, not to tell him. I mean, you were desperate to help your brothers avoid this horrible fate that neither one of them deserves.

Theresa: Even so, I mean, Ivy, she lied to Ethan about Sam Bennett being Ethan's father and look what happened there. I mean, their relationship has never been the same. The same would happen for me. Ethan would never understand why I was so afraid to tell him sooner and he would never forgive me, Mama.

Pilar: Theresita, you don't know that.

Theresa: Well, I know that I'm not going to take the chance that I'm wrong.

Pilar: Well, there's no doubt that you're wrong, mija. Secrets. They are just terrible, mija. And they always come out at the worst times to destroy not only you, but those you love.

Blackmailer's voice: My, Ethan's a good kisser.

Ethan: Ok, ok, whoa. Ha, stay away from me.

Blackmailer: But I thought you cared about me. You just saved my life.

Ethan: I saved your life so you could help Theresa's brother get out of prison.

Blackmailer: I don't give a damn about Theresa. I care about you. We belong together.

Ethan: I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you need to understand I don't love you. I love Theresa. Do you understand me?

Blackmailer: Hmm, stop saying that. Just hearing her name makes my blood boil.

Ethan: I'm sorry about that, but you need to get used to it. I love Theresa.

Blackmailer: Oh no, no, no.

Ethan: What?

Blackmailer: No. Theresa's merely nothing but a lying little bitch, but you are my sweetheart. You deserve better. You deserve me, so that we can spend the rest of our lives together. I'll love you in ways you can't begin to imagine.

Ethan: Listen, listen, I don't need the details, ok? I'm sorry, but I love her. I love Theresa. Do you understand that?

Blackmailer: No! No! No!

Whitney: I mean it, Chad. All I felt when you kissed me was sick to my stomach.

Chad: Oh, that's not true and you know it. You felt something just like I did. Admit it.

Whitney: I was being convincing for Miles' sake. That's all it was.

Chad: Yeah. Right.

Whitney: Ok, you know what? It doesn't matter what I did or didn't feel. Nothing's changed. I'm not coming back to you. All right? We're finished. It's over.

Chad: I hear you.

Chad's voice: But I don't believe you. We're not over. Not by a long shot.

Demon Elf: Use your magic, Kay.

Kay: What?

Demon Elf: Use your --


Miguel: What? Who are you talking to?

Kay: I was just figuring out what to do.

Miguel: Let's just get Maria and go.

Kay: Go?

Demon Elf: Kay, use your magic to see which one is lying -- Fox or Miguel.

Kay: Oh.

Ivy: "Oh"? Kay? First you're wrestling phones and now you're talking to yourself. What is wrong with you? Aside from the fact that you were never good enough for Fox in the first place.

Fox: Zip it, Mother.

Miguel: Hey, you know what, you do seem a little off. You all right? You want to sit down and have a glass of water?

Kay: Glass of water is exactly what I need.

Fox: I'll get it for you.

Julian: Kay, listen to me. Fox loves you so very much. Give him another chance to make you happy.

Miguel: What, after lying about dying, about me trying to run her over? You're out of your mind.

Julian: You drove him to extremes, going after Kay behind his back, just as you drove your automobile over him and left him dead in the street.

Miguel: Listen, I told you, it wasn't me. Kay, come on. You can have all the water you want at my mother's.

Kay: Just be patient, ok? I just need a few minutes to, um, figure some stuff out.

Miguel: What stuff?

Kay: You'll see.

Demon Elf: Oh, yes, Miguel. It's gonna be quite a show. You're gonna want to get your chest waxed.

Blackmailer: No. No. No. You have to love me. You're my reason for living -- hope that all this ugliness will end and we'll finally be the couple that I know we were meant to be. Oh, Ethan. I can make you happy, happy in every way.

Ethan: I really wish you'd stop saying that, ok?

Blackmailer: No, but it's true. Your love is the only thing that kept me going these past few months.

Ethan: I didn't realize that.

Blackmailer: Yes, yes. Yes, there were times I wanted to give up. Yes. Staying a step ahead of so many people was so stressful and exhausting but -- but you, I thought of you. My handsome, Ethan, yes, and I knew I had to keep going. I had to. I managed to get rid of everyone standing in between us so that we can be together. Yes, well, almost everyone. There is that damn Theresa, and I will get rid of her soon.

Ethan: Look, let me tell you something --

Blackmailer: No, no, no. Theresa must die, my love, so that you can be free to love me. Yes, yes.

Ethan: Listen, listen. You hurt one hair on Theresa's head, I will kill you with my bare hands. Do you understand that?

Miguel: Kay, can't you just think about some stuff at my mother's?

Kay: We'll go in a minute. I promise. Thanks.

Kay's voice: Tabitha's been looking in her magic bowl of water for years, hopefully I can look in this glass of water and see the truth.

Julian: What, you think that Fox drugged the water?

Miguel: I wouldn't put it past him.

Fox: Shut up.

Julian: Mm.

Ivy: Well, I'm curious, too. Why aren't you drinking the water Fox brought you? Is there something in it?

Kay: No, it's fine.

Miguel: Then drink it so we can go.

Kay: Let me clear my throat first.

[Coughs] Mm. This is real, not a spoof. Spare me lies, show me truth. Oh, God, I hate when my spells don't work. It makes my blood boil.

Ivy: Kay, if you don't want to drink the water Fox got you, here, drink this.

Ivy: What on earth? Ow!

Kay: [Shrieks]

Ivy: [Shrieks]

Demon Elf: [Laughing] Oh, God. She's funny.

Theresa: Secrets have ruined relationships, including yours with Papa.

Pilar: Yeah. Those lies that your father kept for Alistair, look what it did. It led him to leave this town secretly with Katherine.

Theresa: And Alistair made everyone believe that Katherine was actually dead when she was really living with Papa in Mexico all those years.

Pilar: It tore this family apart. Not to mention Sheridan and Julian.

Theresa: Now Chad with this whole thing with Vincent. I mean, it destroyed Valerie and it destroyed Whitney.

Pilar: I can't even imagine what they're going through, especially Whitney. Dear God. You see what secrets do, Theresa? They tear everything apart. Look what it did to Sam and Grace, huh? Eve and T.C., Sheridan and Luis, Kay and Miguel.

Theresa: And now my secret is going to cost me Ethan.

Blackmailer: You'd really kill me with your bare hands?

Ethan: If you ever tried to hurt Theresa, yeah, I would do that.

Blackmailer: But I love you. Everything I've done I've done for you.

Ethan: You've chloroformed me, blindfolded me, stripped me naked, tied me to a chair, held me prisoner for God knows how long and then you tried to kill me at the mansion. You have an odd way of showing love, don't you think?

Blackmailer: I wanted to make our first few encounters memorable.

Ethan: They were. Yeah, they were memorable. I'll never forget them.

Blackmailer: Fabulous. Then I can't wait till you see how I've planned our first real date. You're gonna love the leather briefs I bought for you.

Ethan: Um, look, look. We're not dating. We're not dating. I'm in love with Theresa, remember?

Blackmailer: But I love you. And in time, you'll -- you'll forget about Theresa and you'll learn to love me.

Ethan: That's not gonna happen.

Blackmailer: Never say never, my dear. Look at me. I'm proof that anything is possible.

Ethan: I can't argue with you there.

Blackmailer: See? Then, I know that there's hope for us to be happy together and spend the rest of our lives together.

Ethan: No. If you think that's gonna happen, I am sorry, but you're living in la-la land.

Blackmailer: Why are you being so negative?

Ethan: You're just not listening to what I'm saying to you. See, I've never given you one hint or idea that I'm interested in you at all.

Blackmailer: Oh, I love it when you're so coy.

Ethan: Well, I'm not being coy. I love another woman. I love Theresa.

Blackmailer: Well, fine. You say you love Theresa now, but you will love me and we will spend the rest of our lives together. We'll take walks on the beach, hand in hand. Spend hours in the garden watching the butterflies and sharing a romantic, candlelight dinner right before you take me in those big, strong arms and we start to dance, cheek to cheek.

Ethan: No, we won't.

Blackmailer: Oh, don't be shy, darling. I've seen you dance. I've watched you.

Ethan: You've watched me dance.

Blackmailer: Oh, how I longed to be in your arms then. And now I finally will be. This is my dream come true.

Singer: Heaven I'm in heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak and I seem to find the happiness I seek when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek

Singer: Heaven I'm in heaven and the cares that hung around me through the week seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek oh, I love to climb the mountain and to reach the highest peak but it doesn't thrill me half as much as dancing cheek to cheek oh, I love to go out fishing in a river or a creek but I don't enjoy it half as much as dancing cheek to cheek oh, dance with me I want my arm about you the charm about you

Whitney: Ok, come on, Miles. Let's go.

Chad: Whitney, just wait.

Eve: Come on, Miles. We'll go and wait in the car, ok? Ok.

Whitney: If you're going to start in about us getting back together for Miles' sake, you can just stop right now 'cause it's not going to happen.

Chad: Can't you just try and keep an open mind about us, Whitney?

Whitney: Hmm, let me think about that. No. We're finished, Chad. It's over.

Chad: It doesn't have to be.

Whitney: Well, call me old-fashioned, but I won't stay married to a man who has sex with other men.

Chad: I'll stop, Whitney. I swear.

Whitney: Oh, that's very gracious of you. You're going to settle for me, a woman? Come on now, Chad. Kissing you was gross enough, but the thought of actually being intimate with you again actually makes me sick.

Chad: And hurting you the way I did makes me sick, too, Whitney. Look, I think in time, you can get used to being with me --

Whitney: No, no. Just stop. Please, I've heard enough, ok? I think you should know that I am going to hire an attorney, and I am going to file for a divorce and sue for sole custody of Miles and our unborn baby.

Chad: Over my dead body.

Whitney: That's your choice.

Chad: Dammit.

Ivy: That water was suddenly boiling. It's a wonder I'm not burned.

Kay: Sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen.

Fox: Mother, how could you think that that water was hot?

Julian: Your mother's always been rather thin-skinned.

Ivy: Oh, shut up, Julian. I'm going to go to the kitchen and get a towel and dry off and see if Tabitha has anything alcoholic to drink.

Miguel: Listen, are you ok?

Kay: Yeah, I just have to finish my water before we go.

Julian: What's with Kay and this water? Is she dehydrated or something?

Fox: I don't know.

Kay: This is real, not a spoof, spare me lies, show me truth.

[Man's throat clearing]

Demon Elf: Allow me.

Julian: The plan was for Spike to steal Miguel's car and graze you just enough to frame Miguel. I almost killed Spike for running you down until he told me you asked him to do it on purpose.

Kay: You lying bastard.

Fox: What is wrong with you?

Kay: You. That's what's wrong with me. You and your father. Miguel's right. You hired Spike to steal Miguel's car, run you down with it, and then take it back where he had it parked so my dad would see the broken headlight.

Ivy: What is wrong with the two of you?

Julian: Not now, dear.

Kay: You know, it wasn't enough for you to pretend that you were dying that you had to go and almost get yourself killed so that I would feel sorry for you and stay married to you?

Fox: Where is all this coming from, huh?

Kay: The truth is all around us, Fox. I'm just finally seeing it.

Miguel: I told you they set me up.

Kay's voice: And since the dark side is still going strong...

Kay: Jessica -- oh, my God. Jessica was right. There was a fake Charity and a fake Miguel. You two hired impersonators to have sex in that shed at my bridal shower so that I wouldn't call off the wedding. Oh, my God.

Fox: Do you have any idea how absurd that sounds?

Kay: Oh, really? It doesn't sound any crazier than you acting like you're dying.

Julian: You -- but you saw the tape of Miguel making out with Charity in the hospital.

Miguel: She kissed me.

Kay: Yeah, well, you know what? How do we know that that was Charity? It could have been the imposter.

Miguel: She kissed me, ok? She probably knew we were gonna be caught on tape for you to show Kay later.

Ivy: Honestly, Julian. How could you?

Julian: Ok, that's enough. Grace Bennett is dead because of your machinations.

Ivy: And I regret that. But trying to make Fox a better Crane almost got him killed. What kind of a father does that? Honestly, Julian, you should have been neutered years ago.

Julian: Yes, well after being married to a banshee like you for all those years, I'm surprised that my boys didn't shrivel on the vine. As for you, Kay, I'm at a total loss as to your sudden yet erroneous epiphany.

Kay: Oh, I saw everything that happened in --

Demon Elf: Ah-ah-ah. I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Kay: In a vision that I just had of the two of you.

Fox: In a vision? Ok, now you just sound crazy.

Kay: Oh, really? Because I just had another one of you two in prison if you don't leave Miguel alone.

Julian: What? You're threatening us?

Kay: You don't have anything over my head anymore, Julian. Fox isn't dying, Miguel did not run him over with his car, so the deal that you and I had is off. And if you threaten him again about going to prison, the only people in this room that will be going are the two of you. Let's go. Oh, and you know what? I did love you. I really did. And to see how you took advantage of that -- wow. I really see now that you never loved me, Fox.

Julian: How did Kay find out that we had Spike stage the hit-and-run?

Ivy: Well, there. You just admitted it.

Fox: Mother, just shut up, all right? I just lost the woman I love.

Ivy: Mm. Like father, like son.

Demon Elf: [Laughing] Oh, crap, that's good.

[Miles babbling]

Eve: Oh!

Whitney: You know what, sweetie, why don't you go in the kitchen with Grandpa and we'll get you some milk before you go to bed, ok?

Eve: Ok, come on.

[Eve and Miles laughing]

Whitney: Well, my life has turned out to be a nightmare. My husband's been living on the down low since before we were married. We have a child together and another one on the way. And my husband, who claims he's not gay, wants to sue for sole custody of my children. Well, it's not going to happen. Mom, I will never let that happen. I would rather leave the country with Miles than leave my children here with a man who's living in complete denial.

Eve: I know things seem very bleak right now, honey, but --

Whitney: But tomorrow is another day. Things will be better in the morning. Please, Mom, let's just not even go there, because things are only going to get worse from here.

Eve: You don't know that, sweetheart.

Whitney: And you know, sugarcoating it doesn't make it any less your fault.

Eve: My fault?

Whitney: Yes, Mom, your fault. If you would have just been honest, none of this would have happened. If you would have told the truth about your first son with Julian, I wouldn't be in this position. Chad and I never would have thought we were half-brother and sister. I would have never had to join the convent, and he would have never had to go to some gay bar to find love, Mom.

Eve: Whitney, that is so unfair. First of all, Alistair manipulated the DNA test results to make it seem you and Chad were having an incestuous relationship to hurt me and Julian. Second of all, I don't think it would matter whether you were there or not. The odds are that Chad was going to have a homosexual affair either way. Honey, men don't go looking for sex with other men unless they are predisposed to be gay.

Whitney: You're right. You're right, I'm sorry. It's just that this whole thing has been kind of upsetting.

Eve: I know, honey. I know, baby, it's tragic. It's tragic for you and Miles and your unborn baby, even for Chad.

Whitney: Come on, sweetie, let's go to bed. Say night-night.

Eve: I'm not to blame for Chad being a latent homosexual. My not telling the truth about my son, that can't have anything to do with Chad's denying his truth. I mean, it couldn't.

Pilar: Theresita, I don't think you give Ethan enough credit. He loves you every bit as much as you love him.

Theresa: Really, Mama?

Pilar: Mija, yes. For all the years that he was married to Gwen, all the lies you told him, all the pain you caused him, he always kept you in his heart. I really can't imagine that he's going to turn his back on you when he finds out your secret.

Theresa: I don't know. I can't take the chance. I mean, you didn't hear him in Rome, Mama. I mean, he told his friend that he should sue for custody of the child that he had out of wedlock, not to let the mother have the son. He was adamant, Mama. That's why I didn't tell him the truth about Little Ethan, because I was afraid. I was afraid he'd take him away from me, the same way Gwen forced Ethan to take Jane from me.

Pilar: So you're still afraid that that might happen.

Theresa: Yeah. I feel like I'm stuck, you know? If I tell Ethan the truth, he's never going to forgive me. Not only would I lose Ethan, I'd lose my son, and I'd lose any chance of helping Luis avoid execution.

Pilar: I'm sorry, mija.

Theresa: I'm sorry, too. I just hope that Jared or Ethan don't find the blackmailer.

Singer: I'm in heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak and I seem to find the happiness I seek when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek

Blackmailer: Oh, you're magnificent. We dance so beautifully together. Just like Fred and Ginger.

Ethan: It's more like Fred and Ethel, don't you think?

Blackmailer: Oh, darling. I love it when you're droll.

Ethan: You know, I have to say, for a sick freak, you're not that bad.

Blackmailer: Oh, baby. Wait till you have our first mattress mambo. You don't know what you're missing seeing as how you've only been with women.

Ethan: Why wait?

Ethan: Hey, hello?

Blackmailer: Oh. Sorry, I was just thinking about how happy we'll be together.

Ethan: Listen, listen. I don't know how many times I have to tell you, I am not interested in you.

Blackmailer: You can't love a corpse, sweetheart. Although I understand you came pretty close every time you made love to Gwen.

Ethan: Not funny. And I won't let you hurt Theresa, do you understand me?

Blackmailer: Her? Well, once you find out what Theresa's secret is, you won't love her anymore. In fact, my dear, you're going to hate her with a passion for the rest of your life.

Miguel: So, are you happy we can finally be together?

Kay: Yes. I'm going to call Tabitha tomorrow to tell her what happened.

Miguel: Listen, about what happened inside, did you really have a vision about Fox and Julian teaming up against us?

Kay: I really can't say what it was. I just know now that they're both horrible people.

Miguel: Well, you know what, I'm just glad that you can finally see that I'm not the man that Fox has made me out to be.

Kay: I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Miguel: No, it's not your fault, ok? It's Fox's fault. Now we can put all this behind us, you can divorce him, and we can get married, and we can finally be a family, and a little couple with Maria.

Kay: The couple we were always meant to be.

Fox: I lost my wife because of you two. Now my life is ruined, and it's all your fault.

Ivy: Fox, wait --

Julian: No, no. He's in no mood to accept our apologies, nor should he be. He's right, you know. We have ruined his life.

Julian's voice: I just pray it's not too late to be a good father to my son with Eve.

Chad: I have been a good father to Miles. And I'll be a good father to his little brother or sister. And I can still be a good husband to Whitney, if she'll only give me a second chance. But if she doesn't, I'll do whatever it takes to raise Miles and his little brother or sister. If she doesn't want me, I won't let her have our children and it's as simple as that.

Whitney: Daddy's reading Miles a bedtime story.

Eve: Well, T.C. and I love having him here. And you, too, sweetheart. I just wish it could be under happier circumstances.

Whitney: Yeah. You know, Daddy finally accepts Simone being a lesbian only to find out that my husband is gay. I'm surprised he hasn't had a second stroke.

Eve: Well, I'm proud of the way T.C. is taking this in stride. And who knows? Maybe you and Chad will --

Whitney: No, no, no. Just stop, ok? This is one wound that will not heal. You know what, but it's like you said. Chad would never choose to be with Vincent or any other man unless he was predispositioned to it. So Chad must have been like that for a while. Maybe that's why him and Latoya got a divorce.

Eve: Well, I guess that's possible.

Whitney: You know, I wouldn't care about Chad's sexual orientation, it's just that he used my life to live a lie.

Eve: Yeah, well, the past will always come back to get you no matter how much you try to hide from the truth.

Pilar: You sure you don't want to come with me to visit Luis?

Theresa: I can't, mama. You know Luis. He can read me like a book. He'd see that I'm worried and when I refused to tell him why, it would just upset him more, so... I don't want to burden him with my problems.

Pilar: Ok, I'll go see your brother alone. I just pray that neither Jared or Ethan discover your secret before you're in a position to tell Ethan yourself.

Theresa: You know, I've been thinking about that, and maybe I don't have to worry about that at all.

Pilar: What do you mean?

Theresa: Well, up until now, no one's been able to find the blackmailer. I mean, hospital security and the police had him cornered and he managed to get away. So how could Ethan and Jared possibly find the blackmailer?

Ethan: Nothing will ever make me stop loving Theresa. Nothing.

Blackmailer: Wrong answer, my love. There is one little thing that'll turn your love for Theresa into hate.

Ethan: The secret? Is that it?

Blackmailer: Yes, my love. Her deep, dark secret. Once I tell you what she's been hiding from you, at the very least you'll despise her till her dying day, if you don't kill her with your bare hands first.

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