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Demon elf: Fly, my demons, fly.

Kay: What's happening with the demons?

Tabitha: They're filled with power now -- power to wreak havoc and heartache wherever they go. If I'm right, they'll be leaving here and seeking out people on the verge of anger and hate. And then they'll use their evil powers to push these poor unsuspecting mortals into doing horrible things to each other -- ghastly, horrible things.

Demon elf: Fly, my minions, sow evil in Harmony.

Kay: Tabitha, what am I going to do? I made a deal with the demon elf to save Jessica, only now she's dead and evil will be unleashed on Harmony.

Tabitha: I tried to warn you, Kay. But as usual, you didn't listen. Even talking to you-know-who wasn't enough to save your poor sister. [Sighs]

Sam: Come on, Jessica. You can't be dead.

Spike's voice: You better be. Otherwise, you could nail me for burying you alive.

Sam: Breathe.

Noah: Oh, come on, Jess. Come back to us.

Paloma: Still no pulse?

Noah: No.

Kay: Oh, Miguel, this can't be happening.

Noah: You did this, Spike. You killed Jessica.

Spike: No, I didn't!

Paloma: Liar!

Sam: Come on, Jessica, please. Breathe.

Demon elf: I'm getting word that my minions have possessed some of Harmony's angriest inhabitants. Soon the mortals will murder, causing more pain and making my evil stronger.

Sheridan: No. I told you I can't kill Theresa. I won't.

Blackmailer: What can I say to change your mind?

Sheridan: [Robotic voice] Nothing. My mind is made up. I'm going to kill Theresa and enjoy doing it.

Blackmailer: Yes, Sheridan. Kill Theresa. That way, we would both get what we want. You'll have Luis back, and I'll have Ethan. We'll both be with the men that we love.

Jared: [Robotic voice] Ethan -- Ethan has to die.

Theresa: You can't leave.

Ethan: I can't keep going round and round and round about our future together. Either we have one and it starts tonight, or we don't have a future and it ends tonight.

Theresa: I just -- I need more time. You -- be patient.

Ethan: I've been patient. I have been patient, I am just tired of waiting around for you. And the chance that we could finally be together, you just run back to Jared every single time.

Theresa: Ethan, the blackmailer, he'll expose my secret if I leave Jared now.

Ethan: Then beat this blackmailer to the punch and tell me the secret that you have been keeping. That way, you can free yourself from the blackmailer and Jared with one shot, Theresa.

Theresa: No, I can't.

Ethan: You can't? Damn it, Gwen was right.

Theresa: What -- wait. What -- what does she say?

Ethan: Well, she says that you've caused me nothing but agony for the last eight years and that I should just cut my losses, give up, walk away before you have a chance to hurt me again.

Theresa: Well, Gwen should shut up and mind her own damn business.

Gwen: [Robotic voice] Kill Theresa. I have to kill Theresa.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, wait for me. Oh, or better yet, let me tape it and then we can put it on YouTube and everybody can watch Theresa go bye-bye.

Gwen: Theresa has to die tonight.

Simone: Mom!

Eve: I got here as soon as I could.

Sam: Eve, over here.

Eve: Jessica? What happened?

Sam: Spike buried her alive.

Eve: What?

Spike: That's lies -- all lies.

Noah: We're worried we didn't get here in time.

Sam: Eve, listen, you have to do something.

Eve: I'm gonna try, Sam, but I'm afraid it may be too late.

Spike's voice: Oh, I'm counting on it.

Demon elf: No, you quack, leave her alone. If you save Jessica, my demons will lose power to possess and murder and mayhem won't happen.

Kay: Please, save her, Dr. Russell. God, losing her now would be hell for so many people.

Tabitha: Hmm, bloody hell, to be exact.

Sheridan: [Robotic voice] Theresa must die. I must kill her.

Blackmailer: Fabulous. Let's go do it now while you're in the mood. I happen to know she's up at the mansion. We'll sneak in, find the bitch, and I'll keep an eye out while you kill her.

Sheridan: Theresa must die.

Blackmailer: Yes, so how do you want to do it? Stab her, choke her, drown her, shove her out a window -- what?

Sheridan: I'll decide when I get there.

Blackmailer: Ooh, I know. You can smother Theresa and frame Jared for it.

Jared: [Robotic voice] Kill Ethan. I must kill Ethan. Ethan has to die.

Theresa: Ethan, you can't leave.

Ethan: God, Theresa, give me a reason to stay.

Theresa: I love you and I want us to have a family with Jane and Little Ethan.

Ethan: How? How, when you're married to Jared?

Theresa: The blackmailer forced me to marry Jared.

Ethan: I know. And otherwise, he's going to expose your secret and Luis' execution will not be stopped.

Theresa: That's right.

Ethan: It's not right. It's wrong. It's never been more wrong, especially having Jared Casey's baby -- that's wrong.

Theresa: Well, maybe, Ethan, I won't get pregnant any time soon.

Ethan: Oh, Theresa -- are you using protection, Theresa?

Theresa: No, I'm not.

Ethan: Well, if tonight's lovemaking was any indication, Jared will have you knocked up in no time.

Theresa: I know you heard us.

Ethan: Yes, I heard you, Theresa. I heard everything. I even heard the big finish. [Mocking Theresa] Oh, God, Jared. Oh, Jared. [Normal voice] It made me sick, do you understand that?

Theresa: You know what? It made me sick every time I heard Gwen yell out your name when you were having sex with her.

Ethan: She was my wife at the time, what did you expect?

Theresa: Jared is my husband, what do you expect?

Ethan: I know he is. I just can't be around it anymore, Theresa, because it's killing me.

Gwen: [Robotic voice] Theresa has to die.

Rebecca: [Giggles] And sooner the better. Ok, how about poison or -- ooh, electrocution.

Gwen: I must kill Theresa.

Rebecca: Honey, are you ok?


Miguel: I'm so sorry, Kay. It seems like nothing is working.

Spike's voice: Good.

Benson: Wait 'til we get back to headquarters and my buddies find out you killed Chief Bennett's daughter. I wouldn't ever plan on leaving your cell alive.

Sam: One, two, three --

[Jessica coughs]

Sam: She's alive!

Eve: Oh, thank God.

Sam: Oh, my God. My baby girl's alive.

Simone: It's a miracle.

Paloma: Your mom's a miracle worker.

Tabitha: Their prayers were answered.

Demon elf: Damn it. Now my demons will become too weak -- too weak to push mortals to murder.

[Rebecca gasps]

Gwen: Mother, my God, let go of me.

Rebecca: Let go of you? You almost choked me to death.

Gwen: Are you kidding? I did?

Rebecca: Honey, I know when I'm being choked. Usually it's quite erotic, I mean, but not when you do it, of course not.

Gwen: That's disgusting.

Rebecca: Yeah, and so is being all red and blotchy for absolutely no reason.

Gwen: Wait, I must be losing my mind here. I don't even remember that you were here.

Rebecca: You never heard me?

Gwen: No.

Rebecca: Well, you said you wanted to kill Theresa.

Gwen: I did?

Rebecca: Yeah, and when I said it was a great idea, you -- you attacked me.

Gwen: All right, I don't even know what's going on because I don't remember anything.

Rebecca: Honey, are you sure you're not working on your insanity defense for after you kill Theresa, because you're being mighty convincing.

Gwen: Mother, stop it. I -- I really need to think right now.

Rebecca: Ok, ok, I know what's going on. All right, you come back to Harmony, you see Ethan still pining after that little tramp, and it -- it just got to you. I mean, it's not the first time Theresa caused you to lose your mind.

Gwen: Well, that's true. I mean, look at them in there. Look at her. She is standing there with my soon-to-be ex-husband while her current husband is upstairs sleeping.

Rebecca: We have got to find a way to get revenge on her for everything that she has done to us.

Gwen: Mother, look, I'm -- I'm considering just letting this whole revenge thing go.

Rebecca: [Scoffs] Honey, you can't be serious.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm serious. And to be honest, I almost told Ethan that we were the ones who outed his paternity to the tabloids.

Rebecca: Honey, have you lost your mind again?

Gwen: Well, what does it matter? I mean, I already lost Ethan. What harm is there in telling him?

Rebecca: What harm? Honey, for starters, if you tell Ethan that we lied to him, Theresa can use that information whenever she wants to. We'll get blamed for all kinds of things -- even things we haven't done. And Ethan is gonna believe it because we lied about the tabloid.

Gwen: You know, you're right.

Rebecca: Duh.

Gwen: You know, I wanted to tell him because I want to help him get over Theresa. I want him to realize that all she's ever done and all she's ever gonna do is hurt him. But, I mean, I certainly don't want to make it look like she was right about us the whole time, which, as you know, would only draw them closer together.

Rebecca: Honey, never ever admit guilt, especially when it comes to little miss guacamole.

Gwen: And would you believe Ethan didn't even want to know my secret anyway. All he wants to know is what Theresa is keeping from him.

Rebecca: Well, yeah, I'd like to know what that is, too.

Gwen: I mean, if we find out Theresa's secret, we can use it to tear Ethan away from Theresa.

Rebecca: Or at the very least, we could make her life very miserable.

Ethan: I can't keep putting my heart out there, Theresa, if you're not free to take it.

Theresa: Ethan, wait. Please, stop this --

Ethan: That's exactly what I have to do -- stop. I got to stop this whole thing. I tried. I really tried. I just can't wait any longer. I can't do it. Maybe -- maybe if you would have said yes to what I was planning to ask you tonight, things would be different. But it doesn't matter now. It's too late.

Theresa: No, wait, wait. Stop for a second, please. What -- what were you gonna ask me?

Paloma: Our prayers were answered -- Jessica is alive.

Demon elf: A pox on the power of prayer. Jessica's comeback is costing me a night of mortal mayhem.

Kay: Demon elf seems upset.

Tabitha: [Chuckles] Indeed he is. Jessica's survival has cost his demons the power to possess anyone angry in Harmony.

Kay: So everyone is safe now.

Tabitha: Yes, unless the demon elf finds another source of evil to reboot his demon brigade.

Kay: Mm, I don't think that's gonna happen, do you?

Tabitha: Well, anything is possible, Kay. You know that.

Kay: Do I ever. Well, at least for tonight, good has won out over evil. Jessica was found alive and the demon elf has been thwarted.

Tabitha: I wouldn't count the demon elf out quite yet. You shouldn't, either.

Sam: Honey, we were all so worried about you.

Noah: We thought we'd lost you, Jessica.

Miguel: Kay heard you calling for help and we knew exactly where to dig.

Sam: Thank God we got to you in time. Here.

Jessica: I thought I had died, but I must have been dreaming.

Paloma: Sí, you're alive and well.

Simone: And we couldn't be happier.

Kay: I don't know what I would have done if I lost you, Jess.

Sam: None of us do, sweetie.

Spike: Hey, hey, come on, man. Hey, Jess, baby. What a relief you're ok, honey. I was worried sick about you, honey. Are you ok? Honey?

Jessica: Really, Spike?

Spike: Oh, heck, yeah. Oh, my God, I'm so happy. Listen to me. When Dad and me find out who did this to you, I swear I'm gonna make them hurt and pay for what they did to you. I swear.

Jessica: How's this for starters?

[Spike groans]

Jessica: You bastard! You buried me alive.

Spike: No, baby. Baby, you're just hallucinating from lack of oxygen, that's all.

Jessica: No, Spike came to the house after Simone left to go get us take-out. He drugged me and then he buried me alive.

Spike: No, no, Dad, she's got it wrong. Baby, listen, you know I love you --

Sam: Don't you ever call me "Dad" again, you got that? You are under arrest for attempted murder and kidnapping. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say --

Spike: Jessica --

Sam: Can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Spike: Baby, Jessica --

Sam: You have the right to an attorney --

Spike: Jessica!

Sam: If you can't afford one --

Spike: Jessica!

Demon elf: That mortal seems to be chock-full of evil -- enough evil to give my demons the power to wreak havoc in Harmony. [Chuckles]

Jared: [Robotic voice] Must find Ethan and kill him.

Jared: [Normal voice] What am I doing here? Am I sleep walking?

Sheridan: [Robotic voice] I must kill Theresa.

Blackmailer: As soon as we get to the mansion.

Sheridan: As soon as -- [Normal voice] What -- whoa -- wait a minute. Where are you taking me?

Blackmailer: To the mansion to kill Theresa. Then I'll have Ethan, and we'll use Pretty to break up Luis and Fancy so you can have him.

Sheridan: No, I can't kill Theresa.

Blackmailer: You just said you would.

Sheridan: Well, I don't remember saying that.

Blackmailer: Why else would we be headed up to the mansion?

Sheridan: I don't know, but I can't kill Theresa.

Blackmailer: You can't back out on me now.

Sheridan: It's true, I want to be with Luis, but I can't murder someone.

Blackmailer: You just said --

Sheridan: Well, you must have misunderstood.

Blackmailer: Are you saying that I'm crazy, because I'm not.

Sheridan: No, what I'm saying is that I can't kill anyone.

Blackmailer: Oh, you lied to me. No one lies to me. No one!

[Sheridan gasps]

Rebecca: I know how we can keep Theresa and Ethan apart, mm-hmm. We have to find J.T.'s USB stick. Oh, honey, before he was so tragically murdered and then baked inside Whitney's wedding cake, he told me that that USB stick contained secrets about practically everybody in Harmony -- including Theresa. And if we find out what it is, we can use that little secret to keep Ethan away from her. And at the same time, we can protect our own rather, uh, firm behinds by making sure that our secret stays that way.

Theresa: What were you gonna ask me?

Ethan: It doesn't matter anymore.

Theresa: It matters to me. Please, just tell me what you were gonna ask.

Ethan: Take one big guess.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Look at what he is doing.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, poor Jared.

Spike: Hey, listen. Listen, Jess is imagining this whole thing. I didn't drug her and try to bury her alive, that's crazy. That's my wife.

Sam: Just shut your mouth.

Tabitha: Yes, you did, Spike. That's just how evil you are.

Sam: Benson, let's take this animal back to its cage where it belongs.

Spike: Hey, Jessica --

Benson: Move it.

Spike: Jessica, honey, I love you. You're my wife. Jessica!

Kay: Are you really ok?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine. And I am so grateful to you all for saving me.

Miguel: You've been given a new lease on life, Jess.

Simone: A life without Spike.

Paloma: That may be the best thing to come out of this.

Eve: If Spike could bury you, his own wife, alive, it just chills me to think what else he would be capable of.

Jessica: Yeah, me, too.

Miguel: Do you have any idea why he did it?

Jessica: I -- I really can't say.

Kay: Look, I -- I've got to get back to Maria. Sorry.

Jessica: It's ok. Thank you.

Miguel: Yeah, I'll come with you, ok?

Kay: No, actually, it might be better if you just help bring Jessica home.

Miguel: All right.

Kay: Thanks.

Kay: Well, all's well that ends well.

Tabitha: Yes, well, Jessica is safe, but my witchling-tuition tells me there is still more fallout to come from the night's doings.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: I'm not sure, but of course it involves the demon elf.

Demon elf: It's about time.

Spike: Lighten up, tough guy.

Sam: Get used to living behind these bars. Because even if I have to kill you myself, you'll never be a free man again.

Spike: We'll see about that.

Sam: Yeah, we will. Benson, keep an eye on him. If he causes you any problems whatsoever, shoot him.

Spike: Oh, I ain't gonna cause no trouble, cowboy, please. Don't shoot.

Benson: You better not.

Spike: Yeah. Some people got such attitude. You sit yourself down, tough guy.

Demon elf: My, but you are a nasty one. Rotten to the core. But does he have what it takes? [Sniffs] You've done some drugs. [Sniffs] You pimped your wife. Ah, you've even committed murder -- more than one. I knew you had what it takes. Behold, my demons, a mortal so foul, so filled with stench that you can feed on his evil and have evil to spare. Say hello to my little friends.

[Demons roar]

Sheridan: Stay away from me. I'm not killing Theresa.

Blackmailer: You lied to me.

Sheridan: Well, I don't remember.

Blackmailer: I do. Now, go kill her.

Sheridan: No! Leave me alone. Oh, my God. It's you!

Jared: What am I doing down here? Where is Tess?

Gwen: Ethan can't propose to Theresa, she's already married.

Rebecca: I wouldn't mind having two husbands. I mean, they could take turns in the sack and then other times they could --

Gwen: Mother, shut up. This is serious.

Rebecca: Well, who says I'm joking?

Gwen: Damn it. What kind of hold does that little slut have over him?

Rebecca: Mm, I'd say it was more of a firm grip -- if you know what I mean?

Gwen: Shut up.

Theresa: Ethan...

[Ethan sighs]

Jared: Oh, what the hell? Ethan has got some nerve hitting on my wife.

[Demon roars]

Theresa: You were gonna ask me to marry you?

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, I was, but I -- I realize now it's a lost cause because you've made it very clear you're going to stay with Jared.

Jared: Good.

Ethan: I think I was a fool to believe that you just leave Jared to marry me, so I'm pretty happy I didn't embarrass myself and pop the question when it's clear as day what the answer is gonna be.

Jared: Damn straight. Tess loves me.

Ethan: So, um, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna leave right now.

Theresa: No, no -- no, wait. I -- yes, I'll marry you.

Jared: What?

[Demon roars]

Gwen: What?

Ethan: Say that to me again, please.

Theresa: My answer is yes, I'll marry you.

Sheridan: I can't believe it. Has it been you all this time?

Blackmailer: Are you surprised or shocked now that you know who I am?

Sheridan: Both.

Blackmailer: Well, now that you know who I am, what are you going to do about it?

Sheridan: I'm going to turn you into the police and save Luis.

Blackmailer: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Sheridan: Why not? Time is running out. Sam needs to know who you are. By the time this is all over, Luis will be free and you will be behind bars.

Blackmailer: I'll say it one more time, Sher-Sher. You don't know what you're doing.

Sheridan: No, I know exactly what I'm doing. I am going to save Luis -- the man I love.

Kay: I am amazing.

Tabitha: Oh, and so modest.

Kay: No, seriously, Tabitha. My powers are unbelievable. Gosh, if I would have known I had this much power years ago, I I could have solved all my problems.

Tabitha: Oh, really. Instead of making bigger ones by using evil to trick Miguel into making love to you instead of Charity?

Kay: That turned out ok. Miguel and I have a beautiful daughter because of it.

Tabitha: Yes, but you're married to Fox.

Kay: See, that may be another thing I have to fix.

Tabitha: Please, Kay, one disaster at a time. We still have a demonic elf on the loose thanks to you.

Kay: Yeah, but without evil to feed on, he and his minions can't do much.

Tabitha: That remains to be seen.

Kay: Look, I think you worry too much, Tabitha. We listened to the radio in the car on the way here -- no mention of murder or mayhem.

Tabitha: Still, as mothers, we can't take any chances, can we? Mm, maybe you should go upstairs and check on Maria and I will check on Endora. By the way, dear, I'm going to cast a spell of protection to protect the house from any elf and evil that might threaten us, so steer clear of the doors and windows, ok?

Kay: Ok. Still think you're overreacting.

Tabitha: [Scoffs] Endora, will you come here for a minute, please? Oh, there you are my sweet witchlet. [Chuckles] Mummy needs to clue you in on the activities of the night.

Tabitha: Yes, well, Kay brought an evil elf and his demonic support staff to Harmony tonight. Now, these are hard-core hell-raisers, Endora. They're not our kind of dark siders at all. In fact, the demon elf himself is so evil that we have to, uh, protect ourselves.

Tabitha: Kay doesn't believe me when I tell her that demon elves are big trouble, but they are -- for witches and mortals alike, I might add.

Tabitha: There, Endora. That force field should protect us.

Demon elf: This mortal has evil to spare. Use it, my demons, then fly -- fly to commit unholy acts. Well, fly!

[Demons roar]

Benson: Spike.

Benson: What the hell?

[Spike roars]

Gwen: That backstabbing whore. How dare she accept Ethan's proposal when she already has a husband.

Theresa: God, you are the man that I love, and you are the man that I want to be with.

Jared: How could you do this? You said I was the only man in your heart. Me -- not Ethan, me. How could you -- how could you be such a two-faced lying bitch?

Gwen: [Scoffs] I mean, poor Jared. How can Theresa say she loves him, when all she does is use him to make Ethan jealous?

Rebecca: I know, a married woman.

Gwen: You know, if I had a wood chipper, I'd feed Theresa to it alive.

Ethan: You're gonna marry me, aren't you?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm gonna marry you, yes.

Jared: How could Tess do this to me? It's that damn Ethan. He tempted her. Damn him straight to hell.

Jared: [Robotic voice] Ethan must die.

Gwen: Why can't Ethan see Theresa for the predator that she is? God, I have hated that skank for years, but never more than I do now. I mean, killing my Sarah wasn't enough. Tricking Ethan into getting her pregnant with Jane wasn't enough. Driving me insane wasn't enough. It is never enough for Theresa, but I have had enough. I have had more than enough!

Rebecca: Gwen -- Gwen, are you ok?

Gwen: [Robotic voice] I will be as soon as I kill Theresa.

Kay: Well, Maria is asleep. I saw the force field you conjured on her window.

Tabitha: Yes, well, let's just hope my spell keeps us all safe.

Kay: Ooh, maybe I should just conjure a backup spell just in case. Which is better, laser beams or a time warp?

Tabitha: Hold it right there, Miss Bennett. No more conjuring for you.

Kay: But I have supernatural powers. I might as well use them.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, not unless you've learned how to use them, especially after tonight's debacle.

Kay: Why do you keep harping on that?

Tabitha: Because I'm making a point.

Kay: Well, you're not making a very good one because you said that if I made that deal with the demon elf, hell would be unleashed on Harmony and nothing bad has happened. In fact, we found Jessica alive and she's gonna be ok.

Tabitha: Yes, well, something bad may still happen. Evil could be lulling us into a false sense of security before it strikes again.

Kay: And maybe you're just jealous that I learned how to use my powers so quickly.

Tabitha: Jealous? Please.

Kay: We need to have your mom chill out, huh? Yeah. We young supernatural-types got everything under control.

Tabitha: Youth is so naive.

Kay: Look, I just came down to say good night. I'm gonna go to bed. But when I wake up tomorrow, I'm gonna use my magic to make my life perfect. Heck, I might even buy a winning lottery ticket.

Tabitha: [Laughs] You're married to one, aren't you, dear?

Kay: [Hisses] Meow, Tabby cat. Good night, Endora.

Kay: Cute.

Tabitha: [Sighs] You know, sweet pea, Kay doesn't realize that she really did unleash hell on Harmony making that deal with the demon elf tonight.

[Demons roar]

Tabitha: Either the air-conditioning has gone on the fritz again, or that was a sign that the evil Kay unleashed could turn on us. Oh, these are dangerous times, Endora. I hope you realize the lengths that I am going to in order to protect you, hmm? Oh, what Mummy is going to do next would really curl the toes of our ancestors. [Chuckles]

Sam: Jessica should spend the night in the hospital, don't you think?

Jessica: No, Daddy, please. I'm fine. I really just want to go home and sleep in my own bed. Please, tell him that's ok, Dr. Russell.

Eve: I think it would be fine if Jessica spent the night in her own bed.

Jessica: See?

Eve: But, Jessica, I do want you monitored, and I want you to call me if you have any problem at all.

Noah: Yeah, well, we'll look after her.

Paloma: I'll help you.

Miguel: I'll drive you home, Jess. And I'll be right next door at Tabitha's with Kay if you need anything.

Jessica: Thanks. You guys are all so good to me.

Sam: It's because we love you.

Jessica: I love you all, too.

Sam: Get her home safe, ok?

Noah: Yeah.

Simone: We will. Bye, Mom.

Eve: Bye, sweetheart.

Jessica: Bye.

Sam: Hey...

Sam: Eve, thanks again for helping save Jessica. I'm sure that, uh, Grace is grateful, too.

Sam: Now, what to do with Spike after trying to kill my little girl.

Sam: What the hell happened here? Benson! Benson!

[Benson moans]

Sam: Mother of God.

Blackmailer: You're right, Sheridan. If you call Chief Bennett, the police will find enough evidence to exonerate Luis.

Sheridan: Perfect.

Blackmailer: Perfect for Fancy you mean.

Sheridan: I don't follow.

Blackmailer: Without my help, once Luis is free, he will go running back to Fancy and you'll lose your one true love forever. Is that what you want?

Sheridan: You know it isn't.

Blackmailer: Very well, then. Keep my identity secret, and we'll pick up where you left off. I'll help you get Pretty to turn Luis against Fancy so you can have him back if you help me get Ethan by killing Theresa. Deal or no deal?

Theresa: I love you. I can't wait to marry you.

Rebecca: Are you serious, Gwen? Are you really gonna kill Theresa?

Gwen: [Robotic voice] Yes, Mother, I am. Theresa took everything from me. She took my pride, my dignity, my Sarah, and my Ethan. I am gonna kill Theresa and enjoy doing it.

Rebecca: Oh, Gwennie, I am tingling all over.

Theresa: I will -- I will divorce Jared and we'll get married.

Ethan: I don't want to talk about Jared. We're gonna be together like we should have been all along.

Theresa: And always.

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Jared: [Robotic voice] Ethan and Theresa will never be together. I won't allow it. Ethan must die by my hand.

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