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Kay: Simone, you're sure Spike took Jessica?

Simone: That's the only explanation. She was waiting for me at your dad's house and when we got there, poof, she'd disappeared. We looked for her everywhere we could. I was praying she was with you.

Kay: Oh, I wish. God, this is awful.

Tabitha: Oh, my aching psyche. What has that evil-want-to-be Spike done now?

Kay: We think he's kidnapped Jessica.

Tabitha: Again? Oh, that man has no imagination.

Kay: Tabitha, help me, you have to unfreeze him. He can help search for her.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, in a minute. I am still erasing his memory of your disastrous attempts at magic this evening.

Kay: Simone?

Noah: No, it's Noah.

Kay: Oh, Noah, thank God, oh my God, what are we gonna do? Do you think he would hurt her? My God, she's pregnant.

Noah: I don't know, but with his back to the wall, there's no telling what Spike could do to her. He'd do anything to bury the truth.


Spike: Phew! Oh, baby. Well, Jess, this is where I say good-bye, honey. It's the end of the road. Well, for you. But, hey, you know, with any luck, hopefully you'll be unconscious when your air runs out. Oh, man, who am I kidding, baby? God. I'm sorry, honey. You never really had much luck. You know? Oh, baby, I'd hate to be you right now, honey. I'd hate to be you. But you know what? I gotta roll. So ta-ta, and have a great afterlife. I love you. [Kissing noise] Bye. [Clears throat] [Grunts] [Whistles]

Man: Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Crane. I didn't know you were here. I was looking for the Amperville takeover file.

Julian: Oh, yes, it's right here. What are you doing here so late, Conrad? This project's not urgent.

Conrad: It keeps me busy, sir. All I have left nowadays is my job.

Julian: What are you talking about? As I recall, I sent you some gifts for your wedding. You have children.

Conrad: Had, sir. I've been divorced for a while now. My ex-wife hates me. My kids hate me. Even the dog hates me. All I have left now is my job and an empty one-bedroom condo down at the marina with all the other divorced dads. I could either lie at home on the couch every night drinking myself silly or stay at work. For the sake of my liver, I chose work. That's why I'm here every night. Alone.

[Ivy sighs]

[Ice cubes clink]

Woman: Divorced or widowed?

Ivy: Excuse me?

Woman: All the girls here are one or the other, so which are you?

Ivy: [Sighs] Uh, divorced.

Woman: Welcome to the club. This bar is like a sorority for lonely ex-wives. Can't you smell the desperation?


Ethan: Hey, why you following me?

Theresa: Rocky Road and late-night talks. This used to be a weekly ritual for us, you know. Back in junior high and high school. That was when our lives weren't so complicated.

Whitney: Yeah, I don't think all the ice cream in the world can make me feel any better about catching Chad in the act with Vincent.

Theresa: Yeah, well. I don't know if it's going to make me feel any better about marrying Jared instead of Ethan, the man that I really love.

Whitney: And what are you gonna do about this blackmailer? You know? What if they catch him? The first thing he is going to do is tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan being his son.

Theresa: I don't know. I mean, I definitely want him to be caught so that Luis will be free. But I also know that I will lose Ethan forever if my secret's revealed.

Sheridan: You caught that thing?

Sam: I have it trapped in Eve's office.

Fancy: Oh, thank, God! Once you capture it, we can force it to tell the truth -- that Luis is innocent.

Kay: Noah, have you told Dad that Jessica is missing?

Noah: No, not yet. I'll call him right now so he can get the police involved.

Kay: Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't talk to me. Don't talk to me, just hurry. And I'm gonna send Miguel down to help you guys.

Noah: Good. We're downtown near the wharf.

Kay: Ok, just, um, keep me posted, ok?

Noah: Will do.

Kay: Ok, hurry, hurry, Tabitha, we need him.

Tabitha: He's almost done.

Tabitha: There! With that anti-memory spell, he shouldn't be able to remember any of your shenanigans. But please, Kay, no more tricks. I am worn out.

Kay: Hurry, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh, please, "hurry Tabitha," "help, Tabitha!" That's all I've heard all night.

Kay: Please!

Tabitha: Psst!

Miguel: Uh, did you say something?

Kay: Yeah, I said I need your help.

Miguel: Why, what's happened?

Kay: Don't you remember? It's Jessica, she's missing. We think Spike took her again.

Miguel: Ah, jeez. When did you tell me this?

Kay: Just can you go? Noah and Paloma and Simone are waiting for you down by the wharf.

Miguel: You want to come?

Kay: No, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna stay here just in case she calls or shows up or something. Just trust me, there's a lot more I can do for her here than out there.

Miguel: Ok, look, I'll keep you posted, all right?

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: Hey, when you say there's a lot more you can do here, what exactly do you mean? You're not thinking of using your magic again, are you, Kay?

Spike: Jess, Jess, Jess. Baby, I'm just joking. I'm here to dig you up, honey. Hold on, baby, hold on. [Laughs] I'm kidding! [Laughs] Hey, I'm sorry. I'm just horsing around, baby. I'm just messing with you, sunny. Sorry about that, sweetie, you sleep. Now, honey, I got to cover this thing up. The grave's sticking out like a sore thumb, honey. Otherwise, someone's gonna find you. Silly me! Ok, baby, sit tight.

Spike: [Laughs] I'm always horsing around, you know? [Laughs] No more. Oh, boy, I'll tell you. [Laughs]

Jessica: Spike. No drugs. Think of the baby.

Ethan: You? Chad, what is wrong with you? Why are you following me?

Chad: I'm not following you, man, I just got here.

Ethan: Someone's following me.

Chad: Yeah, well, it's not me. Ok? I've been walking the streets thinking. I didn't know you were here.

Ethan: All right, I'm sorry. I've just had this feeling all night that somebody's following me. First my mother, now you. I know it sounds weird, but I can't shake this feeling.

Officer: Chief, should we just bust the door open?

Sam: At least he's calmed down, all right. Backup's on the way.

Sheridan: Sam, we've got to capture this thing so that Luis can go free.

Fancy: Sam is perfectly aware of the situation, Aunt Sheridan. Chief, we've got bad news. Luis realized the doctor who performed the blood test on the blackmailer would know his or her identity, and we rushed to find him -- a Dr. Harold smith.

Sheridan: He's dead, Sam, murdered.

Sam: Where?

Fancy: Upstairs, in the lab. A letter opener right in the neck.

Sam: He'll stop at nothing.

Fancy: Yeah, we can't afford to wait for backup, Sam. Let's ram the door while we have a chance.

Sam: No, no, no, hold on. Listen, get a forensics team up to the lab right away.

Officer: Will do.

Sheridan: What can I do?

Sam: You need to stand back, all right? I don't want any civilians caught in the crossfire.

Sheridan: Fancy's a civilian.

Sam: She's a trained police officer. You're my witness. I'm deputizing Fancy right now. I need all the help I can get.

Fancy: You got it.

Sam: All right, come here. Everyone ready?

Sheridan: Sam, you got to catch that thing before it goes up in the air vent.

Sam: This is Harmony Police Department. You are surrounded, come out with your hands up and you won't get hurt. There's no way out.

Sheridan: Finally, we are going to learn the truth... the identity of the Harmony blackmailer.

Julian: Conrad, I like to see my executives putting in overtime, but workaholics can burn themselves out.

Conrad: The sooner the better. Maybe a nice heart attack might solve all my problems.

Julian: It can't be all that bad.

Conrad: I'm sorry, sir. I should have kept my mouth shut.

Julian: No, wait, talk -- no, talk to me. I know I have not been a sort of caring, sharing type of boss in the past, but I intend to change all that.

Conrad: Thanks for the sympathy, sir, but I think frankly, Mr. Crane, I doubt you'll understand. We don't have anything in common, sir. You were born into wealth. You can have anything you want. Any woman you want. I'm just a regular guy. And without my wife and kids, I'm nothing. I'm alone. It's tough, sir, you know. I love my job and everything, but it doesn't keep me warm at night. Never mind, sir. You know, don't worry about me. I'm gonna be great. I'm gonna go back to my office now and work on this. Good night, Mr. Crane.

Julian: Well, we have more in common than you might think.

Ivy: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I am far from desperate.

Woman: Ah, you're one of those divorced women who embraces the single life.

Ivy: Absolutely. I can stand on my own two feet.

Woman: Sure you can. For a while. But let me tell you. When the single life gets old, and it will, the dating scene is tough. I finally gave up. Now I just come out here every couple of weeks because the best thing that I can hope for is a one-night stand.

Ivy: Oh. You paint such an awful picture. You make it sound so depressing.

Woman: Maybe you'll be luckier. Frankly, I doubt it. The great men our age out there only want one thing. A younger woman. And once they get that, they'll forget you're alive. You know why? All men are bastards. Hmm.

Ivy: [Sighs]

Ethan: What's going on? You got nothing better to do than wander the streets tonight?

Chad: And what's the alternative? You mean staying home alone watching cable? It's all gone, Ethan. My son, the baby Whitney's carrying. Whitney -- the only woman I've ever loved. I can't stand it, man. [Sighs] Hey, look, I know. Ok, I know it was all my fault, I know I should have stopped seeing Vincent. But I couldn't force myself to. Jeez, what's wrong with me.

Ethan: I feel sorry for you, man. I feel sorry for Whitney. I can't claim to understand how you got into this mess, but what's done is done. I think the worst part about it, though, is that you lied. Come on, we've all seen it happen a million times in this town. People keep secrets, they come out, and people get hurt. Think about Gwen and me. I mean, every time she found out about something that I held from her, she just trusted me less and less and less until she got fed up and she left. There's my mother and Julian. Even Theresa. My God, the things that she has kept from me. It's amazing that we still love each other, after everything she's done to me.

Chad: She's had secrets that have been doozies.

Ethan: Yeah, and there's another one, too. I know it's big. It's like a black cloud just hovering over our future together.

Chad: Well, whatever it is, I'm sure she'll tell you. Someday.

Ethan: Unless I find out myself, in which case, it would be worse. Secrets come out, Chad. Or they blow up in your face.

Chad: Yeah.

Theresa: I wish I could tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, but I mean I can't, Whitney. He would never forgive me. I hate secrets.

Whitney: That's funny, that's kind of like an alcoholic saying she hates booze.

Theresa: Thank you.

Whitney: You hate secrets. It's funny, because a secret completely ruined my life. [Sighs] And you know what? You know what the best thing for you to do for yourself and for Ethan is to go to him right now and tell him the truth. Tell him now before he finds out from somebody else, like the blackmailer or Julian.

Theresa: Well, you know, I made that deal with Julian, you know. He's got some control now over Crane, and eventually he's going to have total control if he continues to keep his mouth shut.

Whitney: Ok, then what about the blackmailer? What if he's captured?

Theresa: Well, I hope they kill it as soon as it's captured.

Whitney: Well, if they kill it, how is Luis ever going to be cleared? I mean, certainly you wouldn't go so far as to see your brother executed just to keep your secret.

Sam: Come out with your hands up now!

Fancy: Maybe we should just kick the door --

Sam: Shh! He's still in there.

Officer: What do we do, Chief?

Sam: We have no choice. We have to assume he has a weapon. And when we get in there, shoot to kill.

Fancy: Sam, no!

Sheridan: The blackmailer's the only one with the information to get Luis off death row.

Sam: Look, I can't risk anyone's lives.

Fancy: But, Sam --

Sam: Look, I want Luis freed, too. But the safety of my officers comes first.

Sheridan: Do your best to take it alive.

Sam: [Yelling] This is your last chance! Come out with your hands up! Ok, this is it. [Normal voice] If you need to, fire. One, two, three.

Officer: There!

Sam: No, wait. It's gone. [Woman sobs]

Sheridan: You!

Fancy: What are you doing here?

Valerie: My God, thank God. You saved me.

Sam: Valerie, what happened?

Valerie: I just came in here to talk to Eve. I thought she was in here and someone jumped me.

Fancy: Well, who?

Valerie: I don't know, I don't know. Before I was blindfolded, I just saw a red shoe. And then I was gagged and tied up.

Sheridan: Well, where did it go?

Valerie: I don't know.

Fancy: Damn it! How will we ever free Luis?

Sam: This is Chief Bennett. The perp has got away, all right? But keep searching.

Sheridan: You're very lucky.

Valerie: What does that mean? I don't feel lucky.

Fancy: She means it could have been worse. The blackmailer killed a doctor right upstairs.

Valerie: Oh, my God.

Sheridan: You should thank your lucky stars the same thing didn't happen to you.

Valerie: [Sighs]

Tabitha: I know I'm wasting my breath, young lady, but if you have any brains left at all, you'll listen. You cannot use your powers to find Jessica.

Kay: I have to do something.

Tabitha: Yes, well, get your fanny out there and help search for her with all the others.

Kay: Well, I can do a lot more, Tabitha, if I can use my powers.

Tabitha: Haven't you learned anything tonight, Kay? You have no control over your powers. And if you keep using them without knowing what you're doing, it's going to be a complete disaster. And not just for Jessica -- for you, for the whole bloody town.

Noah: Anything?

Simone: No.

Paloma: No one sees any sign of Jessica.

Simone: Or Spike.

Miguel: What happened? Have you guys seen Jessica? I came as fast as I could.

Noah: No, we have nothing. It's like they disappeared.

Spike: [Whistles]

Noah: There he is. Come on, come here, come here. Come here, you little punk!

Jessica: Spike, oh, ouch. Where am I?

[Knocks on door]

[Door opens]

Conrad: Sir, I'm ordering from Sally Chinn's, would you like anything?

Julian: Uh, no, but thank you for asking.

Conrad: You should see my takeout food menu collection. It takes up a whole drawer. Not like the good old days. You know, when I was first married, if I got home late from work, my wife would have my dinner warm in the oven. I'd go in and kiss the kids even if they were already asleep.

Julian: Did you?

Conrad: It made all the hard work seem worth it. I wish I realized what I had back then. I took my wife for granted. I didn't work at my marriage like you're supposed to. It's no wonder she hates me. It's too late now.

Julian: You know, Conrad, you seem a bit on edge. Perhaps you should take a few days off.

Conrad: I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry. I am fine. You must think I'm a pretty sad specimen.

Julian: All men have problems.

Conrad: But the smart ones don't unload their problems on the boss. I'm gonna leave you in peace.

Officer: Here you go, miss.

Valerie: Thank you.

Officer: After you announced on the radio that we cornered the blackmailer in this office, the security guard on the ground floor walked away from his post for a moment. When he came back, he saw the side door just as it was closing.

Sam: Oh, that's just great. That's great.

Officer: He ran out. He didn't see anyone, but he heard someone running away.

Sheridan: It had to have been the blackmailer.

Fancy: This thing is like a ghost. It keeps disappearing into thin air.

Theresa: Of course I don't want Luis executed. All I was saying is that my best hope of keeping Ethan from learning my secret is if that blackmailer is caught and is immediately killed. And, you know, after that, you know, they'll get some information on the body, and that will free Luis.

Whitney: Wow, that's kind of a tall order.

Theresa: Well, hoping for the impossible is all I've got left.

Whitney: Honey --

Theresa: I know. You don't have to tell me. I have to tell Ethan the truth, I got it. And I will, I will. I just need to find the right time.

Whitney: Ok, fine, I guess I'll keep my lecturing to myself then.

Theresa: Aw. That's a first.

Whitney: Ah, funny girl.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Whitney: Don't even start. All right?

Theresa: Yeah, absolutely.

Whitney: [Laughs]

Theresa: I don't want to get in trouble with you, ok? Hmm. Segue about speaking about getting into trouble. I talked to Father Lonigan and, well, he told me that he won't give me absolution until I tell Ethan the truth. So that means I am damned to hell, Whitney, for loving Ethan. Ironic, right?

Whitney: Hey, sweetie! Aw, thank you. Oh, yummy. What are you doing up, honey? You're supposed to be sleeping.

Theresa: He wants Daddy.

Whitney: Yeah, yeah, probably, but you know, I can't help that. I do feel guilty though. Um, you know what we could do? I know exactly what we are going to do. We are going to send a picture of you and I to Daddy. Won't that be great? Yeah, let's do that.

Theresa: You're gonna contact Chad?

Whitney: Oh, no, no, no, I'm not gonna send it. But, you know, maybe it'll make him feel better, feel closer to Daddy. Ok, ready? Take a picture for us and smile big for Daddy, ok?

Theresa: All set, ready to rock and roll. Ok, one, two, three.

Whitney: Smile!

[Camera clicks]

Whitney: Oh, good job, baby.

Theresa: There you go!

Whitney: Oh my gosh, that's perfect.

Theresa: Isn't that cute?

Whitney: Ok, and I'm going to write "hi Daddy" on there, ok?

Whitney: Ok, there, I sent it. All right?

Whitney: You know what? One more bite of ice cream, and I'll put you to bed, ok?

Theresa: That's my girl!

Whitney: Hey, when it comes to Rocky Road, you can't help it.


Chad: I know I should have told Whitney the truth. But what difference does it make now? I mean, she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. She wants to get a divorce as soon as possible. And you know what, Ethan, I don't blame her.

Ethan: Maybe if you gave her some time, a little distance maybe.

Chad: Do you really think she'll forgive me?

Ethan: I think she might cool off a bit. She may allow you back into your children's lives.

Chad: I want more than that, man. I want to be a good husband and a good father.

Ethan: Look, man, I don't mean to sound cruel, but I don't think you should get your hopes up about reconciling with Whitney. I think that ship has sailed.

[Phone beeps]

Chad: Hold on.

Chad: Ethan, look at this. This is from Whitney. This must mean she wants me back.

Ethan: Don't jump to conclusions, Chad.

Chad: Look at it. Look at the picture, Ethan. It's in Whitney's living room at her parents' house. I got to get over there and see Whitney and Miles.

Ethan: Maybe I should go with you, in case it's a mistake, right?

Chad: No, feel free, but it's no mistake. Ok, I'm gonna go see Whitney and my son.

Ethan: Did you hear that?

Chad: Hear what?

Ethan: I don't know, I think I'm going to be seeing things next. I just swear to God, someone is following me.

Sam: Listen, Valerie, I know this is hard for you. Ok, maybe if you close your eyes and relax, maybe you can remember something. You remember anything about the assailant's clothing?

Valerie: No.

Sam: Was he or she wearing cologne or perfume?

Valerie: No.

Sam: Did the assailant have any particular characteristics that you can remember? Maybe the way he or she was breathing?

Valerie: I'm sorry, it's no use, I don't remember anything.

Sheridan: Damn it.

Valerie: I'm sorry.

Sheridan: No, I'm the one that's sorry. It's just so frustrating.

Fancy: Until we capture the blackmailer, there's no hope of getting Luis off death row.

Officer: Chief, more bad news.

Sam: What now?

Officer: I'm sorry, it's your daughter, Jessica. She's missing again.

Sam: That damn Spike.

Officer: Your son Noah left a message down at the station. He and Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald want you to come down to the wharf to help look for her.

Sam: I'm on my way.

Fancy: We hope you find her, Sam.

Fancy: I can't believe this. Another horrible thing is happening tonight?

Sheridan: I wouldn't be surprised if the blackmailer has something to do with Jessica disappearing. [Sighs]

Spike: Damn it, won't they give up?

Simone: Don't let him get away!

Noah: Go, go, go!

Paloma: Freeze! Stop that man!

Spike: Don't even think about it.

Miguel: I've got you, sucker. Where's Jessica? Damn it.

Paloma: I can't shoot. I'll hurt someone.

Tabitha: I mean it, Kay.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Let's review, shall we? You swore to me tonight that you would not use your magic powers without my supervision.

Kay: Well, you're here, aren't you?

Tabitha: You know what I mean. Who knows what will happen if you cast another spell. It could bring chaos.

Kay: Well, then you do it! Come on, Tabitha, we have to find my sister.

Tabitha: Promise me, Kay, no more tricks!

Kay: Fine, fine, ok, fine. Will you just do me a favor? Will you go check your magic bowl, see if you can just find Jessica in there? She's got to be in this town somewhere.

Tabitha: All right, I think I can do that.

Kay: Thank you. I'm just gonna call Miguel and see if there's an update on her. How hard could it be? Come on, I've already done some amazing magic already tonight. Here we go. Where's the spell to find a lost person? Come on. Hmm. Oh, here. Whoa. This is long. Ok. All I'll need is a picture of Jessica and a candle. Ok. Oh, I hope I can pull this off. It has to work. For Jessica's sake.

Jessica: Hello? Spike, where are you? Hello? Yikes. This ceiling is so low. What is this, a bunk bed? [Bumps head] What?

Jessica: Spike? What is this? Spike! Get me out of this box, it's not funny! Spike? Help me! Help me, someone!

Julian: Yes, Conrad, what is it now?

Ivy: It isn't Conrad.

Julian: My dear, what the hell are you doing here?

Ivy: I'm here, Julian, because you are the biggest bastard I know.

Fancy: Ok, Valerie, an officer downstairs will drive you home. Just get inside, lock the door, and relax.

Valerie: [Scoffs] Sure, relax.

Sheridan: Take a long hot bath and try and get some sleep.

Valerie: I don't think I'll be able to sleep, but thank you. What's going on in this town?

Fancy: We'll figure it out.

Sheridan: We have to. None of us are safe until we do.

Fancy: This is insane. Half the police force was in this hospital tonight and yet that thing managed to escape.

Sheridan: Yeah, I just don't understand. I mean, Luis always says that there is no such thing as a perfect crime.

Fancy: Yeah, every criminal leaves a clue of some sort behind. But not this thing.

Whitney: Uh-oh, my stomach hurts now.

Theresa: Well, not mine. You got more?

Whitney: What? We just polished off a half gallon of ice cream.

Theresa: Uh, Miles helped us.

Whitney: No, Miles had like a teaspoon. And I'm pregnant. So what's your excuse? You got a tapeworm? [Laughter]

Whitney: How you doing over there, sweetheart? He'll tire out pretty soon, and then I'll put him to bed.

Theresa: So, what are you gonna do? Usually when couples split up, they split custody.

Whitney: Well, not this time. I don't want Chad anywhere near Miles or our new baby.

Theresa: Do you think that Miles is going to be ok with that?

Whitney: Well, I am going to talk to him, you know, get him used to the idea of, you know, not having his daddy around so much.

Theresa: And do you think that Chad's going to accept this?

Whitney: He's gonna have to, ok? I don't want him anywhere near my children, that's the end of it.

[Doorbell rings]

Whitney: Ok, who could that be at this hour?

[Miles babbling]

Whitney: Excuse me, sweetie.

Chad: Whitney. Hey, I got your message.

Chad: Hey, little guy.

Ethan: Theresa, hi.

Theresa: Hi. Come in?

[Door shuts]

Chad: You look good. I've been thinking about you. Are you as happy to see me as I am to see you?

Kay: This spell will help me find Jessica. It has to. Mm-hmm. Ok. [Chanting] Powers of demons -- is this the right spell? "Powers of demons." Oo, that sounds so evil. Yeah, this is the right one. This is how to find a missing person. Ok, here we go. [Chanting] Powers of demons powers of elves help me help those who can't help themselves. Things that are lost are found again and things that are found are lost to men. My sister lies beyond the kin of all mankind. This is she whom thee must find.

Kay: Oh. [Chanting] I agree to what's in store for daring to ask thee to open thy door. [Moans] Oh. Ok, ok, this doesn't look good. Oh, yikes. Ok. If Tabitha can handle it... [Exhales] [Chanting] Send me thy aid of thee I implore send it with speed with whisper or roar.

[Table knocking]

Kay: Oh, God.

[Tabitha screaming]

[Kay continues reading spell]

Tabitha: No, no, no. Kay, you can't use that spell, not that spell.

Kay: Well, I have to find my sister.

Tabitha: No, but you'll kill us all. You'll kill us all, dear.

Kay: Demons and elves, give me the sight to see thy sprite. Open the door and I'll make my concession as long as you locate my obsession.

Tabitha: Oh, breath of Hades, what have you done?

Kay: You don't understand. I have to help my family. I have to find Jessica.

Kay: No, no, no, no, no, it has to work.

Tabitha: Don't worry. It did. He's here.

Man: You rang, Kay Bennett?

Spike: Damn it! I can't keep this going. How am I going to get out of this?

Man: You having a bad day?

Spike: Buddy, you've got no idea, man.

Sam: Your day just got worse. Where the hell is my daughter?

Jessica: Spike? Let me out of here. I'll be good. I'll do whatever you say. Spike. Why am I in this crate? This is a sick joke.

[Sound of dirt falling]

Jessica: Dirt? Oh, my God! I've been buried alive! Help me, please! God, someone help me!

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