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Miguel: Ok, look, I'm going to protect you, ok? It's just an earthquake. Ok, this is crazy, the Bennett house isn't even moving. The earthquake's only hitting Tabitha's house.

Miguel: What's going on here?


Kay: Oh! How did my spell go so wrong? Oh, my gosh. I have to stop it! I need Tabitha's help!


Tabitha: Oh, I just love the Fourth of July.

Kay: Tabitha is gonna kill me when she finds out I stole her spell book. Ah! Oh, my -- oh, my God. Ok -- I said this right! "A love that is true, as strong as the timbers that hold up the walls." I did not say "a love that caused the walls to shake!" What -- what am I gonna do?

Tabitha: Ow! Have we got wasps in here again? What in Hades is going on here? Kay, have you been practicing magic again?

Kay: Who, me?

Simone: Was that lightning?

Noah: Wow. Maybe there's a storm coming.

Paloma: Isn't this great? A late-night burger feast with Jessica at your house. I'm so glad she's home.

Simone: Yup, and I got her a veggie burger.

Noah: Did you happen to get any onion rings in there? I have a feeling she likes onion rings a lot. [Laughter]

Noah: They're her favorite.

Paloma: You're a liar. Onion rings are your favorite.

Noah: You know, a man's gotta eat.

Simone: See, this is so nice and normal.

Paloma: Well, normal isn't exactly the right word. Not with all those dead bodies piling up.

Simone: Well, at least things are looking a little more positive. I mean, we know that Spike must have been the one that killed those johns and buried them in that deserted lot and not Jessica.

Paloma: It was so stupid of him to leave fingerprints at the scene. Except for DNA, that's about the best evidence there is. And maybe it's not enough to hold up in court, but it connects him to the crimes.

Noah: Hey, it's a start, right? And with any luck we will find some more evidence, there's got to be some out there, and we will put him in jail and we will prove that Jessica is innocent, and then she can go and have her baby in peace.

Simone: Ah, Spike behind bars. Just think of it. You know, I will be so glad when she is done with Spike once and for all.

Noah: You and me both. But for right now she is safe and sound at home, thankfully.

Spike: Jessica! Jess! Woo! Oh, man, it's a good thing you only drank a little bit of that stuff. The drug I put in there must have been a lot stronger than I thought. Yeah, babe, but you'll be out cold long after I'm finished with you. It's a real shame that things had to end this way. You know what they say -- one door shuts, another one gets picked open. At least for me. Ah, baby, but for you the door's gonna get shut for good.

Sheridan: Wait, wait -- I always get turned around in this hospital. Look, there's a map over there.

Fancy: Ok, we've gotta find Dr. Smith. He's the one who ordered the original blood work on the blackmailer, so he should know the identity of the blackmailer.

Sheridan: I don't see Dr. Smith's office anywhere on this map.

Fancy: Ok, so let's find a nurse and ask.

Sheridan: Hold on, I've gotta fix my shoe. We've gotta find this blackmailer so that we can save Luis and clear his name and save him before he's executed.

Fancy: Ok, would you please hurry up? This thing is always one step ahead of us. We have got to find Dr. Smith before the blackmailer can stop us.

Dr. Smith: I know your file is in here. I saw it just the other day.

Blackmailer: It must make for interesting reading.

Dr. Smith: Yes, it does. Ah, here it is. What are you doing?

Blackmailer: What I should have done long ago, doctor. Kill you.

Simone: You know, this has been going on for so long, I almost lost hope. But Jessica might actually have a future now.

Noah: Might? Come on, with all the information we have on Spike, we can keep him away from her for good. Then -- well, you know the first thing I want to do, actually, is take Jessica to a doctor, get her checked out.

Paloma: Oh, yeah. She's not getting any prenatal care at all and that's dangerous.

Noah: Well, let's hope for the best. And then we can take her and put her back in school.

Simone: She was always such a good student. You should have seen her back then, Paloma. You wouldn't have known her. You know, actually she was a little too perfect, it was kind of irritating. She was a real goody-two-shoes.

Paloma: [Laughs]

Noah: I don't understand how this all happened. It's a good thing Spike's going to jail because I could kill him.

Paloma: He's a devil, using all those drugs to keep her under his control.

Noah: Threatening to take Jessica to the police for a murder she didn't commit.

Paloma: Oh, and he threatened us, too.

Noah: Well, thank God he's out of our life for good.

Simone: Yeah, but look, while we're all yakking, she's probably starving, and this food is not getting any warmer.

Noah: Well, blessings on the inventor of the microwave. Jessica, we're home!

Simone: Jess, it's burger heaven in here!

Paloma: Jessica!

Noah: She's gotta be here, right? Oh, no.

Spike: Oh, it's just gorgeous here. [Inhales deeply] Ah, pine air. Lets you know you're alive.

Spike: Oh, baby. You always look so beautiful when you're quiet and aren't whining about something, honey. Hey, you know what? We haven't gotten it on in the back seat in a long time. What do you think, huh? One more for old times' sake, huh? Actually, honey, I can't. I got some stuff I have to do. But look, I'm gonna be back in a few minutes, ok? But hey -- no peeking. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Sheridan: Hello? Hello, is anyone here?

Fancy: Where is everyone? Why isn't there a nurse on duty?

Sheridan: They must all be out on rounds.

Fancy: Oh, it's Father. Ever since he cut hospital funding, they've been short-staffed. We've gotta find Dr. Smith now. It's our best hope of saving Luis.

Sheridan: I know, I know. We have to save Luis so he can get back to his old life.

Fancy: Why are you looking at me that way?

Sheridan: I was just thinking about us. I mean we're working together now, but... once we save Luis, we'll be at each other's throats again.

Fancy: Bring it on.

Sheridan: Oh, come on, Fancy. I love Luis and Luis loves me. Everyone knows that.

Fancy: Ok, here we go again. Aunt Sheridan, everyone except you knows Luis has moved on. You told him to. Now, if you don't get that through your head soon, you're gonna end up back in your padded cell.

Sheridan: All right, that is enough out of you. Because Luis and I are soul mates. We are great loves. We have spent many lives together.

Fancy: I repeat -- padded cell.

Sheridan: I pity you. Luis' love for me is eternal and you just can't compete with that.

Fancy: God, you are so selfish. You really are your grandfather's daughter.

Sheridan: I am not the one that took lessons at his knee year after year after year --

Fancy: At least I've never looked the other way while someone's life was in danger! You wanted that creature to kill me tonight so you could have Luis to yourself.

Sheridan: Oh, not this again.

Fancy: And even now, when we are finally so close to being able to help Luis, all you can do is think about you, you, you. You don't deserve Luis, Aunt Sheridan, you are far too self-centered. In fact, if there is any justice in this world, you will spend your life completely alone.

Sheridan: Ok, now you listen to me --

Fancy: No, enough! We are wasting time. Now I don't know about you, but my priority is to find Dr. Harold smith, I.D. the blackmailer, and save Luis. As usual, your priority is, hmm, yourself. So, why don't you go find a mirror while I get to work. You can have a nice conversation with your favorite person.

Sheridan: What are you doing?

Fancy: What does it look like I'm doing? We can't just sit here and wait for a nurse to come back. We have to find Dr. Smith now, before it's too late.

Sheridan: Fine.

Dr. Smith: Stop it! You're acting crazy!

Blackmailer: Oh, don't say "crazy" to me. Au revoir, doctor. Give Alistair Crane a hug for me when you see him in hell.

Dr. Smith: No, I won't. Look, you don't want to do this.

Blackmailer: No, I don't?

Dr. Smith: No, you don't. Look, I know you're in a lot of pain, but killing me is not going to make it go away.

Blackmailer: There's only one way to find out.

Dr. Smith: Hey! This is therapy, right? Remember our sessions? Remember the sessions.

Blackmailer: What about them?

Dr. Smith: Look, you made a lot of progress there, right? Think about the techniques. Take a deep breath. Think calmly. Remember, when you're in a stressful situation, you respond with appropriate behavior, right? You don't give in to your need for violence.

Blackmailer: Do I have to listen to more of your psychiatric mumbo-jumbo?

Dr. Smith: No, no, but you do have to listen to what you yourself have said. Now come on, take a look, you're acting out right now, aren't you?

Blackmailer: Perhaps.

Dr. Smith: No, no perhaps. You are. But it's ok, because a lot of patients do that. You know, this outlandish behavior is just a cry for help.

Blackmailer: Who says I'm outlandish?

Dr. Smith: Ok, all right, maybe that was a poor choice of words. But it doesn't matter. The point is, you gotta rise above your base nature here, all right? I know you're in pain, I know you're suffering, I know you got a lot of deep wounds. But these wounds will not heal by damaging somebody else, ok? It just does not work that way.

Blackmailer: Says who? [Laughs] Oh, doctor. The look on your face. I must thank you for everything I've learned in our sessions. I did take in everything that you've said and did exactly the opposite. Yes. Oh, and you can't believe how great I'm feeling lately. When I act out, I have power. I have control. I've unleashed hell on my tormentors and when I'm finished, everyone will be sorry for what they've done to me. Everyone!


Miguel: Ok, look, the house is just shaking, ok? It's shaking a little harder, it's getting worse, but we're gonna be ok, right? Ok, listen, listen, Mommy's inside, ok? Mommy's inside and we have to go inside and save her, ok? Ok, just hold on to me. Hold on to me, ok?


Tabitha: Kay! Look what you've gone and done!

Kay: I'm sorry. Ah!

Tabitha: Sorry? Sorry just doesn't cut it. I warned you about practicing magic on your own. You sneaky Pete! You stole my spell book right off my lap!

[Skeleton laughs]

Tabitha: Oh, shut up, Marvin. I can't even hear myself think. Oh my, this whole place is about to go up in orbit.

Kay: I know, I know I was wrong, but please can you just help me stop it!

Tabitha: Bell, book, and candle, yadda, yadda, yadda -- oh, I see where you went wrong.

Kay: Well, can you fix it before anything worse happens?

Miguel: Kay? Where are you, are you ok?

Tabitha: I think it just did.


Miguel: Kay? Are you upstairs?

Maria: Mommy?

Miguel: I'm coming to get you!

Kay: Oh, oh, my gosh. Miguel can't find me like this. Do something.

Tabitha: Oh, it's always the same, isn't it? Let dear old Tabitha clean up your mess. Maybe I should go and have a nice cup of cappuccino and a scone at the Book Cafe and let you just get on with it!

Kay: No! Please, Tabitha, help me!

Tabitha: Do you finally admit that you have no control over your magic?

Kay: Ah!

Tabitha: Oh!

Kay: Yes.

Tabitha: I didn't hear you, dear.

Kay: I said "yes, I'm sorry."

Tabitha: Oh, well sorry is as sorry does.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Oh, never mind. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Spirits. Spirits! Spirits of the earth, spirits of fire, babblings of a foolish mortal have opened up the evil portal!

Kay: You don't have to rub it in.

Tabitha: Oh, shh! I know her drivel has made you chortle -- oh, give me another word to rhyme with chortle.

Kay: Hurry up!

Tabitha: Mind your manners! Spirits, spirits -- behold! I will send you an offering of unholy smoke if you'll just cut us some slack here.

Tabitha: Oh, there, there. Oh, they love all that Ozzy Osbourne stuff.

[Rumbling intensifies]

Kay: Tabitha, you made it worse! This whole house is gonna come down!

Miguel: Ok, hold on. Hold on, baby. I'm gonna keep you safe, all right?


Kay: Tabitha, please try and convince them to stop. Maria is downstairs.

Tabitha: So is Endora!

Kay: Well, then hurry!

Tabitha: I'm thinking, I'm thinking! Spirits, spirits, will you please stop this? Listen, listen, if you stop, I'll make you a special batch of my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Miguel: Kay? It's all right, I have Maria, ok?

Maria: Mommy? Mama?

Tabitha: Oh, oh demons. Demons, please, please -- anything you want, but don't pull my house down.

Kay: Tabitha, it's not working! It's making it worse!

Tabitha: Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better! Will you stop interrupting? I'm trying to think of a good bribe here! Oh, hey, hey -- spirits, spirits, listen to this. Every other day, for a month, I'll send Endora down to the basement, yeah? That means -- that means endless games. Chutes and Ladders, tic-tac-toe, endless nursery rhymes and playing hopscotch, hide-and-seek, but best of all, you'll be able to dance the hokey-pokey with her until your heart's content. How's that?

[Rumbling intensifies]

[Hokey pokey plays]

[Kay and Tabitha scream]

Kay: Tabitha?

Tabitha: Yes, dear?

Kay: Oh, Tabitha, Tabitha, you did it! Oh, thank God!

Tabitha: I told you not to use that word in my house.

Kay: Ugh. Oh, I'm just so glad you stopped the spell.

Tabitha: Yes, well, actually you can thank Endora. Those fiends from hell can't get enough of my little demon.

Kay: Oh, I know who to really thank.

Miguel: Kay? Are you all right?

Kay: Yes, I'm fine. Why?

Miguel: What do you mean "why"? Did you not just feel the entire house shaking?

Kay: Ah, ah, um -- oh, I thought that was like a big truck that drove by. Gosh, did you see all that heat lightning? Looks like there's a storm coming, huh?

Miguel: You ok? Am I going crazy, baby? Huh?

Kay: I'm kind of in the middle of something. Is there any way you could put Maria to bed for me?

Miguel: Yeah, uh, ok. Honey, this entire house was shaking, wasn't it?

Tabitha: Well, dear. I hope you've finally learned your lesson. This sorcerer's apprentice act is getting extremely tedious.

Kay: I know.

Tabitha: Why do you keep disobeying me? Why? Don't ever, ever, ever try to do that again, ok Kay?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Paloma: Jessica's not upstairs.

Noah: She's not down here, either. Hold on a minute.

[Phone rings]

Paloma: Oh, no, she left her phone and her purse here.

Simone: No way a girl leaves the house without her cell phone.

Noah: Unless she didn't leave alone.

Paloma: Noah, this isn't yours, is it?

Noah: Ah, no.

Paloma: Then you know what happened.

Simone: Spike.

Noah: Spike was here. And now both he and Jessica are gone.

Spike: Man, baby, you've really put on the pounds since last time I kidnapped you. I bet it's that baby, isn't it? By the way, I don't give a damn what you say -- there's no way that kid's mine. Think about all those johns. The kid could be anybody's. It might even be that freaky half-and-half's child. That is not cool. Right down, honey. There you go, sweetheart. There you go, honey. Whoo! Oh, boy. Honey, I should have bought a six-pack. Anyways, sweetheart, listen. I want you to stay all comfy and cozy, ok? I gotta go get your new place ready for you, all right?

Spike: And, hon, I don't want you to worry, all right? It's not gonna take long. Just gotta make sure it's deep enough. Like, maybe six feet? [Laughs] Yup, don't want any damn squirrels coming along and digging things up. [Laughs]

Fancy: Oh, damn! This computer isn't working, either.

Nurse: What do you think you're doing? You can't just sit down at my computer -- I'm calling security.

Fancy: I am security. I'm Harmony P.D. and we have urgent business. I need you to locate a Dr. Harold smith immediately.

Nurse: Dr. Smith? I don't know him, and you're not going to find him on the computer. All the computers are down.

Sheridan: Well, then where?

Fancy: Please, nurse, it's important. Is he still with the hospital? It's a matter of life and death.

Dr. Smith: Stop it, you're out of control.

Blackmailer: Oh, I revel in it. I never knew joy until I learned to hate.

Dr. Smith: That is not a mature choice.

Blackmailer: Oh, you and your namby-pamby morality. I've been living in hell-on-earth all my life. It's lonely there, doctor. I want company. I'll make them pay, all of them, pay for the way they've persecuted me for being just a little bit different.

Dr. Smith: I am truly concerned about you.

Blackmailer: No, you're only concerned about you.

Dr. Smith: Ok. Ok, that, too. But I'm still your doctor. Look, don't you get it? If you give in to this -- this hatred and this need for revenge, it's gonna destroy you.

Blackmailer: Nice try, Dr. Freud. But save your psychobabble for someone else. I've waited years for my revenge, and now the time of glory is at hand.

Dr. Smith: A rational creature reserves revenge for an enemy. I'm a friend. I've always been a friend.

Blackmailer: I know, doc. And you've been swell. But you're also a problem. You know way too much. And you know what they say. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Dr. Smith: Put the weapon down.

Blackmailer: Oh, I will put it down. Very soon.

Tabitha: I must admit, I am impressed with the strength of your powers. But I have to insist that you do not attempt to cast another spell without my supervision. It's just too dangerous, Kay. I mean, I could've been out. Your little stunt today could have -- could have -- could have destroyed this whole house and your father's house next door. In fact, the whole town could be a pile of kindling by now.

Tabitha: Hey! What are you doing?

Kay: I'm sorry, Tabitha, I have to try again.

Tabitha: You are mad.

Kay: No, just in love.

Tabitha: Same thing.

Kay: I have got to find a spell that will make it so Miguel and I can be together. I'm sorry, Tabitha, I can't lose him. I can't.

Tabitha: Haven't you learned anything tonight, dear? You almost brought this whole house down with all of us in it.

Kay: I know, but that's just a risk I'm gonna have to take. By hook or by crook, I will make Miguel mine.

Tabitha: Fasten your seatbelts. Looks like it's gonna be another bumpy ride.

Nurse: Yes, there is a Dr. Harold smith associated with the hospital. I don't know him personally, but it says he's part of the psychiatric staff.

Fancy: Figures.

Nurse: I'll call downstairs and see if he's on call tonight.

Sheridan: Get his home number if he isn't, we have to reach him one way or the other.

Nurse: Sure, sure. Gloria? Honey, it's Marjie. Do you have a Dr. Harold smith on call tonight in the shrink-wrap department? [Whispers] Our little joke. He is?

Sheridan: [Whispers] Yes!

Marjie: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Fancy: Ok, hurry.

Marjie: Uh-huh! [Laughs] Thanks, Gloria. So, how are the kids? Did you force Tina to take that stud out of her tongue? I was on the phone.

Fancy: Yeah, it's police business. Now, where is Dr. Smith?

Marjie: Well, assuming he's not out on the wards checking on his patients, you'll find him in his office on the eighth floor, room 820.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Dr. Smith: Stop it, come on! I got a wife and kids.

Blackmailer: Sorry, doctor. You should've picked a safer specialty. Dermatology, maybe?

Dr. Smith: Look, I am on your side. I've always been on your side. Look, I'm not gonna tell anyone anything about you, you know that.

Blackmailer: I do know that. Once your heart stops beating, you'll never tell a soul what you know about me.

Dr. Smith: Trust me, I'm a doctor. Talking to me is just like talking to a priest.

Blackmailer: Oh, bad simile. I don't trust priests either.

Dr. Smith: Don't kill me. Please, don't kill me.

Paloma: I can't believe Jessica has gone back to Spike again.

Simone: No, no way, not this time. She knew that I was just running out to get some food. Anyway, she was happy when we realized that Spike must really be the one who killed those johns and buried them in the deserted lot.

Paloma: So, Spike must've forced her to go.

Noah: This isn't good. Look, we were just shooting our mouths off to Spike and he knows we're on to him.

Simone: Yeah, and you told him that you found his fingerprint.

Paloma: Oh, no, he must be getting nervous. I can't imagine what he might do to Jessica.

[Spike grunting]

Spike: You know, it's really a shame that things had to end this way. I mean, you're so damn hot. Well, actually, used to be. Till you turned into a prego porker. Yeah. Oh, baby. You know what? I never really saw myself as a married man, you know? With a wife and kiddies. But after I blackmailed you into marrying me -- and this is gonna sound really dumb, but I used to have this fantasy all the time, you know? About how life could be for us some day. You know, it's the usual. You know. Little house, white picket fence. Then you, coming home after doing a few easy tricks, give me a big fat kiss, then going to make dinner. Then in the summertime, when it was still light outside, I'd take the little kids out and teach them how to pick pockets and shoot their first guns. Then, of course, we put those little monsters to bed and we have it out in the bedroom like never before, honey. Get wasted and, of course, watch porn. Yeah, baby, that's the American dream. But that dream is dead now, honey. And that's too bad. I mean, it wasn't like you got on my nerves all the time, right? Just -- just most of the time you did. And that stupid brother and damn friends of yours. I mean, you wanna blame someone for the fix you're in, blame them for their snooping. You see, I could have let you keep living, but they're on to me. Don't you understand? They know that I killed those johns! And let me tell you something, baby. The Spike-man ain't going to prison, ok? No way, I'm way too pretty, honey. I wouldn't last a week in there. So that's why I gotta do this. That's why you have to die. But, as they say, I guess it's time for your dirt nap.

Tabitha: I've always known mortal minds are weak, but you take the cake. You know magic is dangerous and yet you still continue playing with fire. Why don't you take up smoking while you're about it?

Kay: Look, I have to do this and there's nothing you're gonna do to stop me.

Tabitha: Is that a threat? Well, that's very nice, I must say. All right, go ahead, blow us all up. You'll be sorry.

Kay: Oh, here! Perfect. Oh, I can cure Fox's disease and bring Miguel back to me all at the same time.

Tabitha: Oh, well, this I have to see.

Kay: Oh, this is easy. All I need is a big scarf.

Kay: Oh, scarves. Scarf! Ok.

Kay: Erase the barriers and take them away!

Tabitha: Well, you're no Isadora Duncan, dear.

Kay: Erase the barriers and take them away! Remove what stands between Miguel and I.

Tabitha: Miguel and me.

Kay: Whatever! Erase the barriers and strip them away! Away! Away! Away!

Tabitha: [Laughing] Is that it?

Kay: Did it work? Oh! Nothing's happening.

Tabitha: Don't you feel anything?

Kay: No. What a bunch of hooey. It didn't work.

Tabitha: Well -- wait a minute, don't sell yourself short. You never know -- I don't know why I'm helping you. Anyway, here, hold this.

Tabitha: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I'm sorry to disturb you, but would you show this little ninny if her last attempt to cast a spell was successful?

Miguel: Ah! Where are my pajamas, huh?

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Was -- was that -- was that line in your spell "strip away the barriers"? Oh, good job!

Kay: Poor Miguel.

Tabitha: At least your spell isn't a total loss. You did "strip away the barriers" of what stands between you and Miguel. His clothes! [Laughs]

Miguel: Where are my pajamas?

Simone: So, what do we do?

Noah: We find her, of course. There's no telling what Spike's gonna do to Jessica now that he knows we're on to him.

Paloma: Calm down. He won't hurt Jessica, she's carrying his baby.

Noah: Spike is a crazy drug addict, ok? He's capable of anything. You think he's gonna stop at killing a baby?

Simone: Don't say that!

Noah: Well, I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you guys, but Spike has killed before. How many times?

Paloma: Lots.

Simone: He can't hurt Jessica, he just can't.

Noah: We have to find her right now.

Simone: Ok, let's go, but where do we look?

Paloma: Ok, it's just a hunch, but I might know where he took her.


Spike: Whew. There you go, baby. Nice and deep. Oh, boy. You know, it's lucky for you I had all that practice digging those graves. Yeah, well, yours is all ready and waiting for you, honey. Oh, baby. Now all I have to do is kill you, sweetie.


Dr. Smith: You don't want my blood on your hands!

Blackmailer: That's why I wear gloves.

Dr. Smith: Look, you know I'm not gonna say anything to anyone; I can't. Everything you ever said to me is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. So, by law I can't tell anyone anything about you.

Blackmailer: Oh, and you expect me to trust the law? After what's happened to me?

Dr. Smith: Then trust me as your doctor. Trust me. Trust is the first step to having a meaningful relationship between a patient and a doctor. Trust me to keep my mouth shut.

Blackmailer: Oh, you will keep your mouth shut. I'll make sure of it. [Growls]

Sheridan: What room number is it?

Fancy: 820, we have got to find Dr. Smith before the blackmailer does. I'll take him in to custody for his own safety.

Sheridan:  You quit the job at the police department.

Fancy: Well, yeah, so I could take the guard job at the prison, but don't tell him that. I am still a trained cop and right now I need all the pull that gives me.

Sheridan: Here it is.

Fancy: Dr. Smith? Harmony P.D., we need to talk to you. Dr. Smith?

Fancy: [Gasps] Oh, no.

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Tabitha: Oh, look what you've gone and done.

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