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Fox: How much longer is this saline drip going to take?

Nurse Stevens: Well, you're almost done with the placebo. Just a few more minutes.

Fox: [Sighs] Good, because I am sick and tired of playing sick and tired. I am no invalid.

Nurse Stevens: Well, in the meantime, how about a little blackjack?

Fox: Don't you have some kind of a gambling problem?

Nurse Stevens: Well, it's completely cured. But I am still fascinated with the mathematics of chance. Come on, cut the cards. We can play for love. You know, I just still want to keep my hand in.

Fox: I don't want to play cards for love. I want to make love to my wife.

Kay: You had no right to use magic to go spying inside my head to learn my most secret inner thoughts. You're not my mother.

Tabitha: No, I'm your friend. And as your friend, I'm doing my utmost to keep you from making an utter fool of yourself. And maybe blowing us all up. Honestly, Kay, how many times do I have to tell you? You can't muck about with magic.

Kay: Yeah, well, you said yourself that my powers are strong. I just want to learn how to control them. All I want to do is use my powers to make the people I love happy.

Tabitha: Yes, starting with yourself.

Kay: No, starting with Miguel and our daughter.

Tabitha: Kay, you can't do this. You're playing with fire here -- hellfire. If you're not careful, you -- you could destroy us all.

Jared: Tess, what are you doing out here this time of night with Ethan?

{Luis: Damn it. Damn it, I should have never let Fancy go off like that. She could get herself killed. Fancy is trying to track down the blackmailer on her own.

Sam: Damn it.

Luis: Listen, all right, she took the duct tape that Sheridan bound the blackmailer with, tried to get a match on the DNA in the federal and state data bases. She came up empty.

Sam: So the blackmailer's never been arrested before.

Luis: Exactly. So she's going to the hospital to see if she can turn up something there, but the way the blackmailer has always been one step ahead of us --

Sam: You're afraid if the blackmailer finds out that Fancy's closing in, the blackmailer could hurt her.

Luis: Exactly. Now, Sam, you've got to get to the hospital. You've got to find Fancy and help her before it's too late.}  I've got to put an end to this. Guard! Guard!

Fancy: Why is it taking so long?

Sheridan: Hey, it's getting clearer.

Fancy: Hurry, damn it! Show us who has been trying to destroy our lives.

Sheridan: Yes, show us so we can free Luis before he's executed.

Fancy: Ooh, I think it's coming.

Sheridan: Finally.

Sheridan: Whoa, what happened?

Fancy: No. No, no, no, no.

Sheridan: Oh, no.

Fancy: Oh, come on, come on. You can't go down on us now. We were this close to seeing the blackmailer's face. What?

Sam: Oh, what the hell? Here is its disguise. Where the hell did it go?

Officer: It didn't get past me.

Blackmailer: [Sinister laugh]

Sam: It's here. There's got to be an exit. How in the hell did it escape? It's here! It must have gone through the air vent. Call the maintenance right now, have them block off all air vents -- now! Do it!

Blackmailer: Funny, I wonder why the good doctor's computer went down. [Chuckles] I knew they'd never stop me. Now they're all going to pay. [Sinister laugh]

Theresa: Hello, darling.

Jared: Answer the question, darling. I don't mean to sound like a jealous husband here, but should I? What are you doing down here on the wharf with Ethan?

Ethan: Jared, you know what --

Theresa: Actually, it was Chad and Whitney. If you don't mind, I'll tell him. Something very upsetting happened, and, uh, Ethan was just talking to me about it.

Jared: Why, what happened?

Theresa: Uh, it's a long story, but, um, you know, Whitney was receiving these really bizarre text messages from Vincent and they told her to meet him at this bar. I went with her. It turned out to be a gay bar. And when we got there, uh, there was this other message for Whitney to go to the back room. So we went back there, and we walked in on Chad and Vincent having sex.

Jared: Oh, hell. I knew this was going to come out some day.

Theresa: You knew about this?

Jared: Yeah, I knew about it for some time now. I warned him. I told him he had to stop, and he said he had it under control. But I guess he couldn't stop himself.

Theresa: Whitney is destroyed.

Jared: I'll bet.

Theresa: I mean, she never wants to see him again.

Jared: Ah, that damn fool. Poor Whitney. I knew -- I feel awful for her.

Ethan: Yeah, but you don't feel awful enough to have told her before. I mean, Chad was having sex with Vincent and then going to Whitney. I mean, he was putting Whitney's life on the line every time he engaged in that kind of behavior, Jared.

Jared: Yeah, you're right. That's why I told him to stop, and he swore he would.

Ethan: Well, I think you should have gone further. I think you should have warned Whitney.

Jared: Well, I'm sorry, Ethan. I didn't think it was my place to interfere in their relationship. I'm their friend. I'm not some doctor from the CDC. Look, I wanted to tell Whitney, but I figured it wasn't my place to butt in. You know, I don't really think it's anyone's right to interfere with anyone else's relationship, especially marriage. Now, do you, Ethan? Come on, hon. It's, uh, it's getting late. Let's get home. We can get back to work.

Theresa: Work?

Jared: Yeah, you know, on that baby we want.

Ethan: You know what, Jared?

Theresa: I -- I'm exhausted and I'm very tired, so, yeah, let's go. Good night, Ethan.

Ethan: I should have just told the bastard off and taken the woman that I love, and I didn't do it.

Ethan: Hello? Is someone there? Hey, I know someone's there. Who is there?

Fancy: We can't lose it now. We were about to solve the mystery.

Sheridan: Try control-alt-delete.

Fancy: What -- oh, my God. That is your answer for everything, isn't it? We would lose the facial image for good that way. Just check the connections.

Sheridan: It's all still connected. What happened?

Fancy: I don't know. It's dead. What do we do now?

Sheridan: Uh, hold on.

Sheridan: Maintenance? Um, Eve Russell's computer just crashed. How do we get it working again? It's really important. Uh-huh. Are you sure? Ok, thank you.

Fancy: What?

Sheridan: The cable connection for this entire wing was cut. All the computers are down. Everything that everyone was working on is lost.

Fancy: Oh, why didn't I hit save?

Sheridan: Yeah, why didn't you?

Fancy: Well, it's not my fault.

Sheridan: Oh, isn't it? You know, the attacker must have seen what you were doing when he came in here. He must have cut the cables so that we couldn't use the facial identification program to identify him.

Fancy: Well, if instead of hoping the blackmailer tried to kill me --

Sheridan: Oh, I did not.

Fancy: Uh-huh, yeah. If you had told Sam where I was from the get-go, we wouldn't be in this mess. Sam would have caught the blackmailer.

Sheridan: As if Harmony's finest ever catches anyone.

[Cell phone rings]

Fancy: Hello?

Luis: Fancy. Thank God you're all right.

Fancy: Oh, Luis, I am so glad to hear your voice. But how? Who gave you access to a phone?

Luis: Yeah, one of the guards loaned me his cell phone. They're not all monsters in here.

Fancy: Well, that's good to hear.

Luis: Oh, my God, I've been so worried about you. Did Sam find you?

Fancy: Um, yes. Luis, the blackmailer is on the run. I was here in Eve's office trying to identify it, and it attacked me.

Luis: Oh, hell. You're sure you're all right?

Fancy: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. But it was so creepy, Luis. He had this disguise -- he was all dressed up like an old man. Um, Luis, it tried to strangle me.

Luis: Damn it. But you're sure you're all right?

Fancy: Yes. Yes, I'm fine. Sam got to me in time.

Luis: Well, thank God for Sam. Is he with you now?

Fancy: Uh, no, he's here somewhere in the hospital trying to capture the blackmailer.

Luis: All right, Fancy, you listen to me. You lock all your doors, ok? I don't want to take another chance that this creep could hurt you.

Fancy's voice: Which one?

Officer: What do you see, Chief?

Sam: Nothing, damn it. Get those to the lab now. Have them run a DNA check on them.

Officer: Got it.

Sam: Yardley, go that way. Keep your eyes open, all right? We have to find that creep before it hurts anyone else.

Blackmailer: Hmm, a good night's work, but I have to cover all my bases. There's one last detail I must take care of. And once that's done, they will never catch me. [Sinister laughter]

Fox: Bam! 21.

Nurse Stevens: No! Let's go again.

Fox: No, I'm done.

Nurse Stevens: But --

Fox: I can't wait for all this to be over once and for all.

Nurse Stevens: Well, me, too. I could lose my license for this.

Fox: Well, you've been well paid.

Nurse Stevens: I know. I know. Truth to be told, I'm -- I'm kind of jealous. I mean, you must really love your wife to go through all this.

Fox: Well, Kay's the most loving, beautiful woman I know. And she's worth all this pain and sickness that I've been through. I'll walk through fire for her. And soon, Kay will be in my arms forever.

Kay: You know, I think -- I think I could heal Fox. And then he would be able to handle it when I go back to Miguel.

Tabitha: No, you stop right there, Kay. You can't use your magical powers on something that big this soon. You'll fail miserably. Trust me, I know.

Kay: I don't know if I should trust you. I mean, you've known I've had these powers since the day I was born. Why didn't you start teaching me how to use them when I was a child, huh?

Tabitha: I'll tell you why. Because you have no sense of self-control. I can just see you in the first grade turning Jessica into an alligator for show and tell.

Kay: Thanks a lot.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, don't blame me for calling a spade a spade. Oh, it always frightens me when a mortal has any sort of power, because none of you ever know what to do with it. You don't know how far-reaching the consequences can be. It reminds me of that ditzy Helen of Troy. She fancied herself a witch. She concocted what she called a simple love potion, and what happened next? The Trojan War!

Kay: Oh, God, now you're just being melodramatic.

Tabitha: No, I'm not. I thought I would never tell you this, but since you're being so insistent on having your own way, I will. Your great-great-great-great- great -- well, I don't know how many greats -- grandmother Prudence... do it, Mistress Prudence, do it! This whole town could be yours. Use thy powers, the Standish powers, the powers God gave thee to get thee what thee want.

Prudence: Never. They are powers of Satan. Magic is evil.

Tabitha: [Chuckles] Only the fun kind.

Prudence: Oh, get a grip, witch woman. We are Puritans. We are not allowed to have any fun.

Tabitha: Oh, come now. I saw you having a gay old time last month. When the Salem witches were hung, you were having a picnic right under the gallows.

Prudence: Oh, that was just for the children. The children always love a good hanging. Be careful or they will hang us next. Stop tempting me! [Sighs] Magic leads to nothing but grief and heartache.

Tabitha: You're a fool, Mistress Prudence. Great powers are at your fingertips. But if they're not used, they build up and up.

Prudence: Let them.

Tabitha: Oh, that would be a grave mistake. In years to come, maybe hundreds of years from now, one of your descendents may not be as good as you. And she will use her magic to get what she wants, and she'll cause great havoc.

Prudence: Oh, I pray thee are wrong. I want my children and my children's children to only do good in the world. Oh, they'll never go to the dark side.

[Thunder rumbles]

Tabitha: [Laughing]

Kay: Ok, I get it. I'm supposed to be the descendent who uses her powers to cause havoc in the world.

Tabitha: Yes. 300 years ago, I would have welcomed death and disaster for the whole world, but I'm older and wiser now, Kay. And I'm your friend. And I just want to help you and stop you from hurting yourself and -- and anyone else you love.

Kay: Ok, I got it. I got the message. Look, I'm not going to go to the dark side, ok? I'm not going to use my powers to cause havoc in the world.

Tabitha: Good. I'm glad you've come to your senses. But just to be on the safe side, in case you change your mind, I'm taking my spell book with me.

Kay: Thanks for the vote of confidence. [Scoffs] I will be good. I'll be good. I mean, nothing can tempt me from using my powers.

Miguel: [Clears throat] Hi.

Maria: Mommy.

Ethan: Hello? Who's there? Might as well show yourself. I know someone's there.

Ethan: Mother, what -- why didn't you say something? I was calling out to you.

Ivy: Well, I don't know. I didn't hear you. I just got here.

Ethan: That's crazy. I swear to God I heard somebody -- oh, well, I don't know, maybe it's my imagination.

Ivy: Hmm. So where's Theresa? The way you ran out of the Blue Note after her, I thought for sure the little shrew would have you in her clutches by now.

Ethan: Mother, please stop, ok? She went home with Jared.

Ivy: Oh, her husband. Well, that must be a nice change for her.

Ethan: Mother, can you please just stop with the remarks? Please?

Ivy: Ethan, I feel for you. I really do. But haven't you learned anything from your mistakes -- or from hers? Theresa is no good for you. She's no good for anyone. Would you just forget her and move on with your life?

Ethan: No, I can't, Mom, because I love her so much that it hurts.

Theresa: Oh, gosh. Whew! It is great to be home. I'm just extremely tired.

Jared: Well, not too tired, I hope.

Jared: Mm, you are so beautiful. How could one man ever get so lucky? Come on.

Theresa: What is this?

Jared: Open it up.

Theresa: It's lovely.

Jared: Look on the back.

Theresa: It says "Jared."

Jared: And, uh, mine says "Theresa" on the back. I'm not complete without you. Only when we're together, do I really feel whole.

Luis: Fancy, are you listening to me? If that freak is still on the loose, I want you to take every precaution. I want to make sure that you're safe, ok?

Fancy: I'm fine, Luis. I'm with Aunt Sheridan, so I'm completely safe.

Luis: All right. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you.

Sheridan: That's it. Give me the phone.

Fancy: Oh, I --

Sheridan: Luis, it's me, Sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan, I'm so glad you're there.

Sheridan: Really?

Luis: Yes. I want you to watch over Fancy for me. You keep her safe.

Man: Thank you.

Sam: Hey! You in maintenance?

Man: Yes.

Sam: Well, did you block off all the air vents?

Man: No, we tried, but it's impossible. The heating and air conditioning system, it's enormous. Vents lead into every room --

Sam: Look, I don't care.

Man: Chief, I'm sorry. There's no telling where this guy will come out.

Sam: I've got to find him before he hurts someone else.

Miguel: It's still -- it's still hot.

Kay's voice: I'll say.

Miguel: Yeah, neither one of us could sleep, so we went and played on the swing, right?

Kay: Did you guys have fun?

Miguel: Did we have fun? Yeah? Yeah, she got a little thirsty, though, so we came inside.

Kay: Oh, I'll get you something to drink. Do you want something to drink?

Maria: Mommy.

Kay: I'll get you some juice. Look, fruit punch! You want some fruit punch? Here we go. We'll put it in the little thing. Here we go. You want some fruit punch? Mm, it's cold. Here, try it.

Miguel: Mm!

Kay: It's good, huh?

Kay: Look, um, I'm just -- actually, I was going to go upstairs. Fox is getting his treatments, so -- 'night, honey.

Miguel: Hey, Kay? Can I talk to you, please?

Kay: Miguel, no.

Miguel: Please? Ok, this whole thing is just crazy. It's ridiculous. Ok, we love each other. We both know that. Why did you go back to Fox?

Kay's voice: Because I made a deal with his father to get you out of prison.

Kay: Look, Miguel, I told you, ok? He's been there for me when you weren't, and I just can't turn my back on him right now when he's so sick.

Miguel: If he is sick.

Kay: Oh, stop. Why would he be taking these treatments if he wasn't?

Miguel: You know what, Kay? I hate this. I hate this because whether or not he's sick, it's ruining our lives. I just wish somebody could just wave a magic wand and just make him feel better.

Kay's voice: That's it. I've got to take matters into my own hands.

Kay: Stay right here. I'll be right back.

Miguel: Kay --

Kay: No, Miguel, actually, go outside and swing Maria some more, ok?

Miguel: What is your mommy up to now, huh?

Nurse Stevens: Don't worry, just one more treatment. Well, if you don't want to play another hand --

Fox: I don't.

Nurse Stevens: Ok, then I'm off. There's a floating craps game under the wharf, might still be going on. Oh, good luck with Kay.

Fox: See you around, Nurse Stevens.

Fox: Luck. I'm a Crane, I don't need luck. I make my own luck.

Fox: I'm getting real sick and tired of this. There is no way Miguel can live under the same roof as us any more. Either he goes, or we're going to go. Well, Kay should be back any moment now. I'm going to make her forget that Miguel's even alive.

Tabitha: Oh, this spell was difficult even for me. I remember all I wanted to do was put a curse on Marie Antoinette the day she was born and -- kaboom! I destroyed the city of Lisbon with an earthquake. [Chuckles] Ah, no, no, no -- no, there's no possible way that Kay can manage this kind of sorcery on her own. She can bring the whole blinking world down on our heads.

Tabitha: Ah. [Sighs] It must be getting late.

Tabitha: I think I'll just close my eyes for a minute. [Snores] [Snoring continues]

Kay's voice: I thought she'd be up here.

Kay's voice: Shoot! I have to get that spell book.

Kay: Tabitha. Tabitha?

Tabitha: Caligula, you naughty boy! Just wait until we get to the palace. [Giggles]

Kay's voice: I have to get that spell book. I have to heal Fox so I can be with Miguel, the man I really love.

Kay's voice: Almost. Almost.

Tabitha: [Snores loudly]

Ivy: Oh, Ethan. Ethan, no. After everything Theresa has done to you, and to everyone, you still -- honestly, you still love her?

Ethan: I absolutely do.

Ivy: I don't understand. Isn't there anything, anything at all, I can do to change your mind about Theresa?

Ethan: No.

Ivy: [Groans]

Ethan: No.

Ivy: Well, may I at least remind you that she is married to another man and, you of all people, you respect the vow of marriage.

Ethan: A lot of good that did me, Mother.

Ivy: Ethan, Theresa is probably at home right now in bed with Jared.

Ethan: Oh, Mom -- thank you for that. You know, I, uh, I pray you're wrong about that, ok?

Ivy: I want you to be happy, I do. I do. And if Theresa was the kind of girl we could trust or a girl that could make you happy, I would back off. And I would say good luck, good luck in your pursuit. But she isn't. The only thing Theresa will ever give you ever is a broken heart.

Theresa: It's lovely, really.

Jared: It's not as lovely as you are. Hey, why do you look so sad? Is it me?

{Blackmailer's voice: You will be destroyed. Your brother Luis will be executed and your brother Miguel will go to prison for life unless you do as I say.

Theresa: All right, you tell me what you want me to do.

Blackmailer's voice: Marry Jared tonight in the hospital, now. }

Theresa: No, it's definitely not you. It's just, you know, thinking --

Jared: I know, I know. Chad and Whitney, right? It's tragic. Do you think there's any way they'll salvage their marriage?

Theresa: She wants a divorce.

Jared: It's his own damn fault. Lies and secrets will destroy any relationship. I'm glad we don't have any secrets from each other. We're gonna be happy for the rest of our lives.

Theresa's voice: A lifetime without Ethan -- I can't bear it. I just can't.

Luis: You'll keep an eye on Fancy for me, won't you, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Of course.

Luis: Well, what exactly are you two doing?

Sheridan: We're using the hospital computer to run a DNA match recovered from the duct tape that was used to bind the blackmailer at the church. This new program can decode DNA to build a probable likeness of the person.

Luis: That's amazing.

Sheridan: We were so close to seeing what the blackmailer looked like, and then the computer crashed. I know it was the blackmailer that caused it.

Luis: Well, you've got to catch him.

Sheridan: But how? The computer crashed.

Luis: Well, did the computer find a match between the DNA on the duct tape and the hospital data base?

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: Ok, well then at one point in time, our blackmailer was a patient in the hospital.

Sheridan: That's true.

Luis: All right, find the doctor who did the blood tests. Maybe he or she will be able to tell us something about who the blackmailer is.

Sheridan: Fancy, we have to find the doctor that ran these blood tests. We can identify this creature.

Fancy: Oh, that thing must know that, too. We've got to find this doctor before he or she gets killed.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

[Loud thump]

Man: Ah, it's you. You scared the daylights out of me.

Blackmailer: Long time, no see, Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith: It has been a long time. Uh, that's quite the outfit you have on there. Do you dress like that in public?

Blackmailer: What of it? I am what I am.

Dr. Smith: Well -- never mind. So, uh, what happened? I mean, the last thing I remember, you made a commitment to work with me to address some issues and we did a whole bunch of tests and you just dropped off the face of the earth.

Blackmailer: I got busy. But I'm here now. What did you find out?

Dr. Smith: So you want me to drop everything I'm doing to work with you.

Blackmailer: Please, doctor, the only one I'm concentrating on right now is you.

Dr. Smith: Only because I love the mask, yes. But next time, you have to make an appointment. I'm going to pull your file.

Blackmailer: [Sinister laugh]

Tabitha: [Chuckles] Caligula, what have you done to that horse? [Chuckles]

Kay's voice: Whew, that was close.

Tabitha: [Snoring]

Kay's voice: Oh, perfect. This spell should cure Fox and fix all the problems I have with Miguel. Maybe Tabitha's right. I don't have much experience. But I have to start using my powers, or I'll never get back with Miguel. What do I need? What do I need? Bell, book, and candle -- oh, well, that's easy enough. Why does that sound familiar?

[Bell rings]

Tabitha: [Snorts]

[Rings bell]

Kay: [Whispering] A love that is true a house of love that cannot fall love that is safe love that harbors us may my house be built on timbers of love that hold up the walls. May the walls --

[Loud crashing]

Kay: [Shrieks] Oh, my God! Oh my God! What have I done?

Tabitha: [Chuckling] Oh, Caligula, you can make the very earth move. [Giggling]

Fox: Kay? What the hell?

Miguel: Oh, my God, what's happened?

Miguel: I think it's an earthquake. I want you to hold on to me, ok? Hold on to me, and I'm going to take care of you, ok? Ok?

Maria: Yeah.

Jared: I love you, Tess.

Theresa: I love you.

Jared: Tonight's the night we make our baby. I know it.

Ivy: She's not worth it, Ethan. But I am so sorry that you're in pain.

Ethan: It's all right. You get used to it.

Ivy: No, you don't. I know.

Ivy: Honey, I think you should go home and I think you should get some sleep, ok? Because sometimes lonely people come out to this pier and, uh, they get some bad ideas.

Ethan: Mother, I'm upset, but I'm not suicidal, ok?

Ivy: Yeah, I know you're not.

Ivy: Go to sleep, honey.

Ethan: Ok.

Ivy: I love you.

Ethan: I love you, too. [Sighs]

Ethan: Who is it? Who's there?

Ethan: Maybe it is my imagination.

Sheridan: Fancy's trying to figure out which doctor ran those blood tests.

Luis: Well, tell her to hurry. If this blackmailer's realized there's a loose end, the doctor could be in real danger.

Sheridan: How's it coming, Fance?

Fancy: Hold on. I've got it.

Sheridan: Are you sure?

Fancy: Uh, yeah. The number on this file corresponds with the file number I saw on the computer. The same person ordered a blood test. Um, the doctor's name is Harold Smith.

Sheridan: Great. We've figured it out.

Fancy: I figured it out.

Sheridan: We have to go, Luis. We have to warn this man.

Luis: All right, well, be careful. I don't want the two of you going alone. Take Sam with you.

Sheridan: Of course, of course.

Luis: Sheridan? Hello? Sheridan! Sher -- damn it. I hope those two don't do anything stupid.

Fancy: Let's go find this Dr. Smith.

Sheridan: Yeah, before the blackmailer does.

Dr. Smith: You know, it's in here somewhere.

Blackmailer: No rush. I've got plenty of time. But you don't.

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