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Kay: Pillow. There. How are you feeling?

Fox: Better, thanks to my beautiful wife.

Kay: Good. Well, the nurse should be here any second with your treatment.

Fox: Ah, don't remind me.

Kay: Hey, well, you get to do it at home now instead of at the hospital.

Fox: Meaning that I should be looking forward to them?

Kay: No, but it's less horrible this way, isn't it?

Fox: Much. [Pats bed] The best part is I get to have my beautiful wife by my side while I -- while I go through with them.

Kay: Well, that's what I'm here for.

Fox: You -- have been such an angel about all of this. I mean, not every woman could put up with all the catheters and the IVs, not to mention the way I look these days.

Kay: Well, you're going to be back to your old self soon.

Fox: From your lips to --

Kay: No, I mean it. You know, you have to take all these awful treatments, but they're going to pay off. They're paying off right now, buying you this extra time.

Fox: You know, sometimes I wonder if I -- if I made the wrong decision. If I would have just said no to the treatments and made you let me go, then you wouldn't be stuck here with an invalid for a husband.

Kay: Oh, don't say that, ok? You're going to get better. I promise.

Fox: With an attitude like that, I just might. And if I do, I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to make you happy that I lived.

Tabitha: Oh! If that isn't the look of a heartsick mortal, I don't know what is. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, true love causes more heartache than all the powers of the dark side put together. [Sighs]

Ivy: [Pants] Does it sting, Julian? Does it? I hope it does, because it stung like hell a minute ago when Ethan told me what you had neglected to, you lying bastard.

Ethan: You think they would have learned by now, huh?

Theresa: What?

Ethan: Not to keep secrets. I mean, how many times does it have to blow up in their face before they realize the best thing to do is just spit it out?

Julian: I really don't know what it is you think you heard.

Ivy: Oh, the hell you don't. Not 20 minutes ago, you're whispering sweet nothings into my ear trying to convince me you weren't the same lying, filthy rat I married the first time around.

Julian: Well, I'm -- I'm not. I've changed.

Ivy: Oh, Julian, rats don't change. They just get better at hiding their filthy habits. You told me you loved me. You agreed that we should go to Paris and try to have the kind of life we never had.

Julian: Well, I -- I meant that.

Ivy: Did you, Julian, really? When were we going to go to Paris, before or after you led your first board meeting as Crane's number two?

Julian: Damn it. Ethan had no right to tell you that. I was going to tell you, I just hadn't gotten --

Ivy: Yes, well, you know what? If you think I'm gonna believe that, you're pathetic. You haven't changed. You know, you will do anything, say whatever it takes to get what you want. You are the same self-serving pig you always were, and you have no feelings for anyone else. Ha, which brings us to you, Theresa. Yes, you have been in charge of Crane Industries since Alistair died, and you have loved every minute of it. So, why, oh, why, would you give up so much power to Julian now?

Ethan: Mother -- Mother, take it easy. Your problem is with Julian. It's not with her.

Ivy: Mm-hmm. Well, I might agree with you, Ethan, except little miss Theresa here -- oh, she's very much involved. No, she's had all the control, all the power of Crane Industries, and she has loved it -- she has loved it, so why would she willingly give it up right now, without a fight or something major in return? So, what is it, Theresa? What is it that Julian is giving to you, huh? We're dying to know.

Sam: Why, he almost killed you.

Fancy: I tried to scream.

Sam: Uh, listen, don't talk. I should go get a doctor.

Fancy: No, no, no, I'll be fine. [Pants]

Sam: All right, pulse is getting stronger.

Sheridan: My God.

Fancy: He was dressed like a janitor.

Sam: Yeah, just not any janitor. It's the same creep who's behind all the attacks and murders.

Fancy: That they want to put Luis to death for.

Sheridan: That's right.

Fancy: We can't let him get away again.

Sam: He won't. I got the entire hospital on lockdown, all right? Nobody's getting out.

Blackmailer: They couldn't catch me before, and they won't catch me now. I'm more clever than all of them put together.

[Knock on door]

Kay: Oh, I'd better get that.

Nurse Stevens: Oh, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Fox: Actually --

Kay: No, not at all, we were expecting you.

Nurse Stevens: Ah, well, this shouldn't take too long.

Fox: Ah, good, I hope not. The sooner you get it over with, the better.

Nurse Stevens: Well, of course. I'll just set up your IV.

{Kay: If Miguel doesn't get out of here, he's going to get killed. If you can use the evidence that you have to get him out of jail, then I swear I will stay with Fox.

Julian: And?

Kay: And I swear I will never be intimate with Miguel again. }

Fox: Hey. What's going on over there?

Kay: Uh, nothing. It's a beautiful night out. Uh, you don't mind if I run downstairs a sec, do you?

Fox: Well, you know, actually, it's much easier to handle the treatments with you by my side.

Kay: I'll just be like two minutes.

Fox: Well, it's just -- it's just that these damn things take so much out of me. I mean, by the end of it, I feel so sick, I'd really actually prefer if you just stayed with me.

Kay: [Sighs]

Ivy: We're waiting, Theresa. I'm sure Ethan wants to know as much as I do what it is that Julian has on you.

Theresa: Well, I mean, I'm sure you're wrong --

Ethan: Mother, leave her alone, ok?

Ivy: Oh, please, Ethan, really. You must be as curious as I am, knowing how tenaciously Theresa has held on to all that power at Crane. And she has loved it, oh, she's loved it. So, why -- why would she give up all that power to Julian, a man she professes to despise? What's Julian got on you, Theresa?

Theresa: Nothing, Ivy. I'm still CEO. I just wanted to step down from the day-to-day business. I'd like to spend more time with my children.

Ivy: [Laughs] Liar.

Ethan: Mother, she answered you. Leave her alone.

Julian: Indeed, we're here to enjoy ourselves. Come, let's go back to the table.

Ivy: I am not going anywhere with you or with anyone else until I know the truth.

Ivy: Julian's blackmailing you, isn't he, Theresa? Of course he is. The question is, what does he know that you would be willing to give up Crane to keep people from finding out? You don't believe me, Ethan?

Ethan: Mm-mm.

Ivy: Just look at her. Look at her. Look at her scared as a rabbit-eyes.

Ethan: Is it true? Is Julian blackmailing you?

Sam: Well, thank God Sheridan found you when she did. Luis told me how worried he was about you, and I got here as soon as could. I mean, I searched practically the entire hospital. But you know what, we could have been too late.

Fancy: Why were you looking all over the building?

Sam: Well, Luis had no idea where you could be.

Fancy: But Sheridan did. We were working together in Eve's office, before she left me alone. She knew where I was.

Sam: She couldn't have.

Fancy: Yes, she did. We were running a DNA search on Eve's computer, trying to get a photo I.D. of the blackmailer.

Sam: First of all, what were you doing in Eve -- more importantly, you told me you had no idea where Fancy could be.

Fancy: Huh! Is that true, Sheridan? Is that what you told Sam?

Sheridan: Well, um -- let me explain.

Fancy: You are unbelievable! You were going to let that freak monster kill me.

Sheridan: Ah!

Nurse Stevens: How does that feel?

Fox: Horrible, same as usual.

Kay: I'm sorry, Fox, I am. I have to have a quick word with Tabitha about Maria's bedtime snack. So, I'm --

Fox: You really have to do that right now?

Kay: Well, yeah. I should have done it before, but since I didn't, I got to --

Fox: Sure, honey. Just try and hurry back, huh?

Kay: I will.

Miguel: You know, my life would almost be perfect, now that I'm out of prison and have you. If only your mommy hadn't changed her mind, we'd be a happy little family.

Miguel: I wish I knew why she changed her mind and went back to Fox... because I love your mommy so much, baby. And I know that deep down she really loves me. I just don't understand, baby.

Miguel: Can you give me a hug?

Tabitha: Where do you think you're going, missy?

Ethan: All right, there does seem to be something going on between you and Julian. Now, is my mother right? Is he blackmailing you?

Theresa: No, no! No, I mean, isn't it enough that I am being blackmailed by that monster we can't even catch? I -- I think that that would be enough.

Ivy: It would be. It would be, if it wasn't your life we were talking about here. But you -- you are the queen of all victims. God knows how many people have dirt on you.

Ethan: Mother, damn it, stop.

Ivy: No, Ethan, it's time you wised up. I have warned you for years and years that this girl was going to bring you nothing but heartache and pain. And the more involved you are with her, the more you are going to pay. She's lying. She's hiding something from you and from me and from God knows who else. And every time she claims she's not, she is lying through her sharp little weasel teeth.

Ethan: Mother, enough!

Ivy: No, Ethan, don't defend her. You can't defend her. Please. She has destroyed or tried to destroy everyone and everything in her life. Are you really going to defend the girl who ran your wife out of town? And then as soon as you were free, she married the competition. Not that I wasn't thrilled when she married Jared Casey, that poor jerk. But honestly, Ethan, doesn't that give you just a little hint that she might not make you happy? Please, isn't it obvious that she married Jared because someone is forcing her hand?

Julian: Don't look at me.

Ivy: The only question is, what about? What is your deep dark secret, Theresa?

Theresa: I don't have a secret, Ivy.

Ivy: You have been bad news for everyone, since the day you were born. People like you, they don't change. And you want proof? You want proof, just look at Julian. He's the same lying, cheating bastard he was the first time I met him. You know, it really is too bad that you two weren't legally married. Because the two of you, you are cut from the same rotted piece of cloth.

Fancy: You are worse than I thought. You were willing to let me die so you could have a chance with Luis?

Sheridan: Oh, how dare you.

Sam: Hey, hey, stop it. Come on, we're in a hospital.

Fancy: Yeah, but she knew where I was, Sam, and you just said she claimed not to. That can only mean one thing -- she didn't care if I was gonna be killed by that blackmailer. You would have been happy to find me dead! Just admit it, Sheridan. For once in your life, tell the truth.

Sam: Is that true, Sheridan? Did you know Fancy was in Eve's office the entire time we were searching the hospital? Were you willing to let your own niece be murdered?

Nurse Stevens: Ok, all set.

Fox: Hey, easy for you to say. You've no idea how much I hate this.

Nurse Stevens: It's a placebo, for heaven's sake. If you think this is bad, you ought to go through what my real patients have to endure.

Fox: I guess you forgot. Thanks to your carelessness, I did go through it.

Nurse Stevens: I told you and I told your father, I'm sorry.

Fox: If you messed up again, and this is the real medicine going through my veins, I swear --

Nurse Stevens: It's not, Mr. Crane, it's merely a mild saline drip and it won't cause you any discomfort whatsoever.

Fox: It better not. [Sighs] I just want to get back to my normal life with Kay.

Kay: I was just going to --

Tabitha: Sneak out into the yard to be with Miguel and Maria, right?

Kay: No.

Tabitha: You don't lie to a witch, Kay.

Kay: [Sighs] All right, yes, I was going out there to say hi, and see what Maria was doing up so late. So what, ok? They just look so sweet together out there. My daughter with her father.

Tabitha: Yeah. The man you love instead of the man you're married to.

Kay: I just know Miguel doesn't understand why I've decided to stay with Fox, instead of leaving him, like I promised.

Tabitha: So, you were going to sashay out there and tell him, right? Well, you can't do that, Kay. You've made a pact with Julian, and you have to keep it. You stay with Fox in exchange for the charges against Miguel being dropped and his being released from jail. That's the deal. No more Miguel.

Kay: I just can't do it.

Tabitha: I know, I know, you can't bear being without him. Well, that's just tough... noogies. It's a warm summer's eve. There's all sorts of feelings and longings swirling around in the atmosphere. And Miguel is a handsome young man with rippling muscles and no shirt, clearly dying of love and lust for you.

Kay: No, it's love. We love each other.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, that's all the more reason why you shouldn't go out there. You -- you'd be in his arms in no time doing... who knows what. And then sure as Satan, Julian would find out, and Miguel would be back behind bars. Just because of your roiling hormones and your weak will. Is that what you want for your daughter's father, prison?

Kay: Of course not. I just wish I hadn't made that deal with Julian.

Tabitha: Oh, well, it's a bit late for that, dear.

Kay: But I was desperate. Now that I know, though, that I have these supernatural powers of my own, I realize I didn't need to rely on Julian. I could have freed Miguel from prison myself.

Tabitha: You don't know that for sure.

Kay: Oh, I bet I could have. I just need to practice working some spells some more.

Tabitha: You certainly do not. You are a novice, Kay. You have about as much sense as a goose when it comes to practicing the dark arts. I'm beginning to think it would be better for you if you forgot all about having these powers, before you hurt someone you really care about or yourself.

Julian: All right, all right. That's enough. Theresa said there's nothing suspicious about her turning power at Crane over to me. I don't know why it is so hard for you to accept. I should have been in control of the company all along.

Ivy: But you weren't, Julian. It was Theresa's, because Little Ethan couldn't run it, until he reached the age of maturity. Ethan, I know you think I'm just trying to make Theresa look bad in your eyes.

Ethan: Mother, that is what you always do.

Ivy: Not without cause. I love you, Ethan. You are my firstborn son, the son of a real man, a man I loved with all my heart. And this girl, this Theresa -- don't let her take any more from you than she already has.

Ethan: All right. Tell me your secret. Tell me your secret right now.

Theresa: I -- I --

Ethan: Theresa, tell me. No more stalling. Just tell me, please.

Ethan: Look, it's ok. I love you. Nothing's going to change that. Just tell me, please. What are you doing? Where, Theresa -- Theresa? Theresa?

Blackmailer: Damn it. They're getting closer.

Sam: Sheridan, is that true? You knew Fancy was in Eve's office all along?

Sheridan: Actually, um... yes.

Sam: Oh, my God. I don't believe this. You know what, but I'm beginning to. Why would you lie about where she was?

Sheridan: I did it for Luis.

Fancy: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Sheridan: I was afraid to tell you what Fancy and I were up to in Dr. Eve Russell's office. I thought if I told you that we had breached hospital security, to run a DNA match, you would stop us and Luis would never be proven innocent.

Sam: But Fancy was being strangled.

Sheridan: I didn't know that. I thought she was fine. She was fine when I left her. How was I supposed to know that the blackmailer was dressed as the janitor, ready to strike? I'm not clairvoyant, Sam. And you -- did you really want me to blow our cover to Sam? I don't think so. Not if you want to help Luis as much as you claim to.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Chief Bennett.

Officer: We've got the attacker cornered, chief, 7th floor, east wing.

Sam: Be right there. Listen, you two stay right here, ok? This isn't over by a long shot, you got that?

Fancy: Ahem. You're not going to get away with this. I'm telling Luis you tried to kill me.

Sheridan: How dare you accuse me of trying to kill you, when I was the one that chased off your attacker and saved your life?

Fancy: Sam would have found me before he almost killed me, if you hadn't lied to him about knowing where I was. You're even worse than I suspected. You're more like my grandfather than I realized.

Sheridan: Oh, please, stop comparing me to my father, ok?

Fancy: If the shoe fits --

Sheridan: The shoe does not fit. I did not leave you to die. I left you to go get coffee. How the hell was I supposed to know that the blackmailer would sneak into Eve's office and try to strangle you to death? And did you really want me to blow the whistle to Sam for no reason at all? I was trying to buy us more time so the picture of the blackmailer would become more clear on the computer.

Fancy: Oh, my -- the picture! It should have come up by now. I'll deal with you later.

Sam: Hey, what's up?

Officer: We saw an old man heading that way.

Second officer: He was a little too spry for the senior citizen set.

Sam: Well, that's our man or whatever it is. Let's go.

Blackmailer: Hell, they've locked all the exit doors. I've got to get out of here.

Kay: You know, maybe Tabitha is right. Maybe it's just too big of a risk to renege on the deal and be with Julian.

Miguel: Aw, my beautiful, beautiful baby. You and Mommy are the lights in my life.

Kay: Or maybe Tabitha is just an old worrywart. I mean, come on, she was even surprised at the strength of my supernatural powers. I mean, really, what -- what is the harm in using my powers to make things right with Miguel? If it backfires, I'll just figure a way out of it, I guess. Either I can make things happen, or I can't, right? [Sighs] How do I desert my husband in his hour of need? [Sighs] If he could just recover from his illness, it wouldn't be so cruel of me to tell him the truth. [Sighs] If only he were strong enough to survive my leaving him. [Sighs]

Miguel: I love you and you love me. We belong together.

Fox: Forget it, Miguel. She's my wife, not yours. She belongs to me.

Kay: I'm sorry, Fox. I know I married you, but it was wrong. I loved Miguel then and I love him now. I want to be with him.

Julian: Not so fast, missy. Aren't you forgetting something? You stay with my son, or I will have Miguel sent back to prison for the rest of his sorry... life.

Theresa: [Sighs] How much longer can I go on like this? I love Ethan, but I can't be with him.

Ethan: Tell me what's wrong. What are you so afraid to tell me?

Theresa: Don't ask me that, ok? Please.

Ethan: I hate to see you this miserable. Will you just tell me what's going on, so I can make it go away?

Ethan: Look at you -- look at you, you are so upset. You don't have to be upset. I mean, we can handle anything together.

Theresa: Ethan, I don't want you to be nice to me. Please, don't.

Ethan: You don't want me to be nice to you? That's awful, because I had plans to be nice to you for the rest of your life. I had plans to make sure that you never feel the way you're feeling right now ever again. Theresa, come on, we have been through so much together. So many obstacles. Don't you believe what I believe, that we can -- we can get through anything together? I believe that. And I believe that we can handle anything.

{Theresa: So what's it going to be, Julian? You can have it all. I will relinquish control of the company to you, in your lifetime, as soon as I know my family is safe. And I get to keep Ethan.

Julian: "Keep" means you're not going to tell him the truth about your son?

Theresa: Exactly. }

Ethan: Tell me what's wrong. Tell me what's wrong, so I can tell you that whatever it is, it is not that terrible.

Theresa: I can't tell you. I'd give anything to be able to tell you, but I can't.

Ivy: You never learn.

Julian: Oh, can the righteous indignation! I meant everything I said before.

Ivy: Except the most important thing. You had no intention of going away with me and starting over, not when you've taken back so much power at Crane Industries. Remember, I've been there. I know how all-consuming this company is for you, especially when you are making up for lost time.

Julian: All right. The rest of it, I mean, us starting over, both learning from tough experiences.

Ivy: No, Julian. I learned, you haven't. Not if you could lie to me about something this important.

Julian: But it wasn't a lie. I just hadn't gotten around to telling you.

Ivy: It's the same thing. You weren't honest with me.

Julian: Oh, is my not telling you about taking over power at Crane worse than your not telling me that Sam Bennett was Ethan's father?

Ivy: It's ancient history, Julian --

Julian: Ancient history that still hurts.

Ivy: Good. Good, I am glad you are hurting. You know why? Because I am hurting, too. I actually let myself believe that you and I could go away and start over, and we could have something that we never had before.

Julian: But perhaps we can. Just give it a chance.

Fox: You know, I really do love my wife very much. I would do anything -- anything at all to keep her with me.

Nurse Stevens: Mm, I know what that's like. I wouldn't be doing this if your father hadn't threatened to tell my husband about my gambling problem. I just couldn't bear the thought of him leaving me over it.

Fox: Ah, then you do understand where I'm coming from, that sometimes drastic, even questionable methods are necessary in order to stay happy in love. In my case, I have some guy that's trying to convince my wife to leave me for him.

Nurse Stevens: And yet you feel confident that she'll stay with you?

Fox: Oh, more than confident. You see, Nurse Stevens, after these magical treatments cure me, Kay and I can begin our life together. And then in no time, she won't even remember Miguel's name.

Julian: Oh, we have a deal, Kay. You stay with my son or lose Miguel... forever. How you can walk out on a young man who loves you with all his heart? A young man dying of a terminal disease.

Kay: But he doesn't have to die. I can heal him. I have powers.

Julian: Don't talk nonsense, Kay. No one can cure my son's disease. He is a very sick young man who loves you deeply. He deserves your fidelity.

Kay: But if I can make him well again, he can find someone who loves him the way he deserves to be loved.

Julian: Now you are being delusional.

Kay: If you don't believe me, just watch.

Kay: You see? I cured him. He's all better, thanks to my magical powers!

Tabitha: You still in here moaning about Miguel?

Tabitha: I hope you are not thinking about trying to use some magic on him, or Fox, for that matter.

Tabitha: I don't like that look on your face, young lady. You are up to something, aren't you? What is it?

Tabitha: What do you think you're doing, young lady?

Kay: What are you doing here?

Tabitha: Keeping an eye on you, dear. I told you not to muck about with things you don't understand.

Julian: This is crazy.

Kay: Now you, Julian.

Kay: Oh, there's nothing standing in our way anymore.

Miguel: I knew we'd be together. I knew it all along.

Sheridan: Is it there? Is the photo of the blackmailer on the screen?

Fancy: It's not finished yet.

Sam: We got him.

Blackmailer: Damn it to hell! I'm trapped.

Fox: [Sighs] How much longer is this going to take?

Nurse Stevens: Well, you want to make it seem realistic, don't you?

Fox: Of course I do, but --

Nurse Stevens: Well, just a few more minutes, then, that's all.

Fox: Oh, thank God. You know, Kay should be back by now.

Nurse Stevens: You really do care for her, don't you?

Fox: You seem surprised.

Nurse Stevens: Well, not really, but I --

Fox: It's just, you've admitted yourself that you've done some things to hold your marriage together. That's all I'm doing. It doesn't make us any less human. You know, in fact, maybe just the opposite. In a way, we're investing more in our marriages than most.

Nurse Stevens: Maybe so. I hope things work out for the two of you.

Fox: They will. They already have.

Nurse Stevens: But this other man -- what makes you so sure he won't always come between you?

Fox: Because I'm a Crane. Because my father is a Crane. Because we Cranes always get what we want.

Fox: You, get your dirty paws off my wife.

Kay: What? What'd you do that for?

Tabitha: Because I saw into your fantasy.

Kay: Yeah, well, it was my fantasy, not yours. You had no right sneaking inside my brain.

Tabitha: Just because you've inherited a few powers doesn't give you the right to be fresh, madam. Didn't you hear what I said about novices in the dark arts doing their causes more harm than good? You are a greenhorn, Kay. And you know absolutely nothing about magic.

Kay: Oh, I do, too. You're just jealous.

Tabitha: Oh, that's rich. Here am I trying to help you and trying to keep you from hurting yourself, and what do you do, you ignore my advice. Well, all right, go ahead, but you're a fool. Because mark my words, if you continue with this nonsense, it will only end badly.

Julian: All right, come on, what's your answer? You going to give us a chance to have something real, something we missed the first time around?

Ivy: You're out of your mind.

Julian: What, but I thought --

Ivy: You thought that I was the fool I once was. I'm not. I've had enough deceit and manipulation to last a lifetime.

Julian: But I care about you. I... love you.

Ivy: Ha, as if you knew the meaning of the word, Julian. Go find someone who doesn't know you, and then maybe you can lie and connive your way into her heart, because you have played with mine for the last time. Or better yet, go find Theresa. The two of you, you're rats from the same sewer.

Ethan: All I'm asking for is your trust. That's all I want. I just want you to tell me what's going on here. Because it's ripping you apart and we can deal with it together.

Theresa: Don't you understand? If I could have told you, Ethan, I would have told you --

Ethan: You -- you -- whoa, whoa, you always said that our connection was stronger than anything outside of it, right? That there was nothing in this world that could keep us apart, right?

Theresa: Well, I was young. And I was naive and I didn't --

Ethan: What -- what are you talking about? I don't think you get it. I don't think you understand how much I love you. You -- you own me. I am yours and I am always going to be yours.

Fancy: Why is it taking so long?

Sheridan: Hey, it's getting clearer.

Fancy: Hurry, damn it! Show us whose been trying to destroy our lives.

Sheridan: Yes, show us so we can free Luis before he's executed.

Fancy: Oh, I think it's coming.

Sheridan: Finally. What happened?

Fancy: Oh, no. No, no, no, no!

Sam: We have the place surrounded. Come out with your hands up. I'll give you a count of three or we're coming in. One. Two. Three.

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