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Noah: Paloma?

Paloma: I said -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to snap at you.

Noah: Paloma, if you know something about Jessica, about my sister, you need to tell me. Maybe what you know can help save her from this horrible life she has with Spike.

Paloma: But what if it makes things worse?

Noah: Well, the truth is always best, don't you think?

Paloma: That's what everyone says when they're not talking about themselves. All right. I'll tell you. Jessica is in a lot more trouble than anyone knows. It's a lot worse than drugs or prostitution, or even Spike. She needs our help before it's too late to save her.

Spike: You see this guy? He should have spent his money at the dentist and not on the hookers.

Blackmailer: Cut the comedy and keep digging.

Spike: Hey, I'm doing everything you're telling me to do here.

Blackmailer: For a price. And what a fine job you're doing, Spike. Most druggies wouldn't even remember where the bodies were buried.

Spike: Yeah, well, how could I forget? I still don't understand why I was supposed to kill all these johns and make Jess think she did it, anyway.

Blackmailer: You don't need to understand anything. You may have begun this project under Alistair, but you're under new management -- me. Now, keep digging. We have to find all of Jessica's little friends before we sleep.

Cop: This was just delivered at the front desk. It's from Scotland Yard.

Sam: Scotland Yard?

Cop: Sorry, Chief. It must have something to do with your wife's death.

Sam: Well, they said they recovered some of her effects. They said they were burned, but not completely destroyed in that bus explosion.

Rebecca: Whew. Damn, I'm good. Who knew all that playing cat burglar with Julian would pay off? There's gotta be a clue here somewhere as to where my Gwennie went. And if not, I'm going to have to break into Ethan's room at the mansion. But either way, it's time to find out where Gwen went, and why.

Theresa: I get that you want to hurt me. But don't hurt Ethan to do it. Let me tell him the truth. You can look like a victim in all of this.

Julian: Damn it, I am a victim in this! You let me go on thinking Little Ethan was my own flesh and blood long after you knew he wasn't. I will never, ever forgive you for that, and neither will Ethan.

Theresa: Oh, and that's what you're hoping, isn't it?

Julian: Yes, that is exactly what I'm hoping, Theresa. You see, because you have been like a cancer on the Cranes. But I've found a cure, a cure to eradicate you once and for all. That is the truth. The truth, Theresa. I will use it to destroy you and leave you with nothing. I will strip you of everything that you hold dear. Miguel lost Kay to Fox, Luis may very well lose his life, and you, my sweet, sweet darling, are going to lose Ethan, along with your one chance at happiness.

Theresa: Julian, please, you can't do this to me.

Julian: Don't be absurd. Of course I can. And I'll relish the moment. And I'll dine out on it for years.

Theresa: Julian, please, I am begging you. I will do anything.

Julian: What, you mean the great Theresa Crane is changing her tune? As much as it amuses me to see you beg, I really must tell you you're wasting your breath.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Ethan: Begging? What the hell are they talking about?

Noah: Paloma, you're scaring me here. Why does Jessica need our help so desperately? I mean, what has she gotten herself into now?

Paloma: Just remember, I still think it's possible someone else is responsible for it.

Noah: Ok, great, responsible for what?

Paloma: Murder.

Noah: [Shouts] Murder?

Paloma: Shh! Yes. Jessica has killed people.

Noah: I'm sorry, say that again?

Paloma: You heard me. Some of the johns she slept with have ended up dead, and she thinks she killed them.

Spike: [Coughing] This one still stinks.

Blackmailer: I didn't realize you'd killed so many men, Spike. How many, exactly?

Spike: It's a little fuzzy. I mean, Alistair told me to make it convincing, you know, to really get the dirt on Jessica, so that's what I did. But after I started, it -- I don't know. It's sort of like potato chips, you know? You can't stop with just one.

Blackmailer: Alistair didn't mess around when it came to getting things done. I respect that.

Spike: Hey, but you said you weren't Alistair, right?

Blackmailer: Of course not. Alistair's dead.

Spike: Yeah, so they say. But you seem to know an awful lot. You must have known him.

Blackmailer: I know everyone in this town.

Spike: But tell me something. What is your connection to everyone?

Blackmailer: What difference does it make?

Spike: We're allies.

Blackmailer: We're no such thing. You're just muscle for hire.

Spike: Hey, listen. You need to trust somebody, don't you?

Blackmailer: And you think that person should be you?

Spike: Look, why don't you just tell me? What is your connection to everyone in Harmony?

Rebecca: Nothing. Ethan has to be lying. He has to know where Gwen is.

Rebecca: Oh, my. Ethan Winthrop. Who knew? Gwen, where are you? And why are you being so secretive about it?

{Gwen's voice: I'm begging you, please stop it! Please stop!

Rebecca: Gwen, Gwen, who's with you? Who's hurting you? }There's something strange going on here. But what? There's only one way to find out.

Cop: Mrs. Bennett sure was a great lady.

Sam: Yes, she was.

Cop: Here you go, Chief. Don't open it now, you know, if you don't feel like it. I'll leave you alone now.

Sam: Thanks.

Sam: My God. Grace's diary.

Ethan: I can't really understand a damn word, but Theresa sounds upset.

Theresa: Julian, please.

Julian: Oh, come now. Don't start with the waterworks. Your tears don't work with me. They'd be more effective, perhaps, if you weren't so generous with them.

Theresa: How can you be so cruel?

Julian: Oh, dearest stepmama! Your selfishness is beyond belief. You were with my father for such a short period of time, and yet you picked up his methods brilliantly. You are the cruelest Crane of all.

Theresa: Now, how can you say that? After everything that Alistair did to you? After everything that he did to all of us?

Ethan: Alistair? Ok, this is enough.

Julian: Just the man!

Theresa: No, you know what, Ethan? You really shouldn't be here right now.

Ethan: What the hell is going on? Why are you so upset? And what have you done to her?

Noah: You're making this up.

Paloma: I wish I was.

Noah: I -- I just don't -- I don't believe it, all right? My little sister Jessica -- she is the sweetest, most gentle human being I have ever met in my life. She cried for a solid month when we had to put our dog to sleep.

Paloma: Noah, it's true.

Noah: No, she -- I don't believe you, all right? She's -- she's not a killer!

Paloma: Shh. I know it's hard to believe. I can barely believe it myself, but we have to face the facts. Some of her johns are dead, and she's afraid she killed them. She's not sure. She doesn't remember.

Noah: I'm sorry, she doesn't remember? How do you forget something like that?

Paloma: I don't know. Maybe it's the drugs Spike gave her. You know how they make her act irrationally. But she's certain that no one else was in the room when her customers ended up dead. So if she's the killer, maybe the drugs made her do it.

Noah: Hold on, you gotta back up here. You gotta tell me exactly what happened.

Paloma: Ok. Spike would -- Spike would set her up with a john in a motel room. She was always high. They would...

Noah: Yeah, it's ok, Paloma. I know what hookers do.

Paloma: Right. So after that, she would go to sleep or pass out. Sometimes when she woke up, she'd be lying in bed with a john who had been stabbed to death. There was always a lot of blood.

Noah: My own little sister stabbed men to death?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Noah: That is... how many?

Paloma: Well, we don't know. At least five that she knows about.

Noah: Five? Are you --

Paloma: Well, maybe more.

Noah: I don't believe this. I don't. Jessica would never hurt a fly, let alone kill somebody. I mean, even if these johns were abusing her, she'd...

Noah: It must have been those drugs she was on.

Paloma: Yeah. They've destroyed her life.

Noah: No, Spike has destroyed her life. Damn him.

Spike: You know, I gotta say, I've had it in for this town for a long time. And it's a revelation to see someone who's better at revenge than I am. But why are you doing all this? I mean, really, what's your connection to everyone here?

Blackmailer: It doesn't matter.

Spike: Come on, man, who am I going to tell?

Blackmailer: You're nothing. You don't need to know.

Spike: Nothing? Hey, I'm your biggest fan. Yeah, and you know what? I know you're not from around here, because I know all the kinky people here in town. You didn't grow up here, cause I would know.

Blackmailer: Who says I'm kinky?

Spike: Oh, sorry. I meant "different." Your family -- where are they from?

Blackmailer: [Chuckles]

Spike: Where'd you grow up? A big city, I bet, huh? That's why you're so sophisticated.

Blackmailer: They all laughed at me.

Spike: Who laughed at you, your family?

Blackmailer: [Screams]

Spike: Whoa-ho-ho. Hey, sorry --

Blackmailer: No, my family didn't laugh at me! But what you see -- they're to blame. They didn't protect me. They left me to be hurt, humiliated... ridiculed... despised. It's all their fault.

Rebecca: Oh, come on, Gwen, pick up the phone.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Mother, why are you calling me?

Rebecca: Oh, thank God you picked up, Gwen. Gwen, how are you?

Gwen: I'm fine.

Rebecca: Well, where are you?

Gwen: I -- I can't tell you that.

Rebecca: Honey, this has got to stop. Look, at least this time you are not screaming, but last time on the phone, you were so upset. You've gotta come home.

Gwen: Absolutely not.

Rebecca: Well, why not?

Gwen: I have my pride.

Rebecca: Oh, is that his name?

Gwen: What?

Rebecca: Honey, Ethan told me that when he was on the phone with you, he heard you shout to somebody, "yes, he's coming." So it is no way to win your husband back by flaunting your lovers in his face.

Gwen: You're really funny.

Rebecca: Honey, who is he?

Gwen: Look, Mother, it really doesn't matter.

Rebecca: Oh, I get it. You don't remember his name. Honey, don't worry about that, all right? I mean, look, what I do is I call all my boys darling. It makes it that much easier. Honey, I sure hope he's worth it.

Gwen: Oh, definitely. Definitely, so I'm not coming home.

Rebecca: Honey, I think you're making a huge mistake. I mean, Theresa and Jared are married now. They're trying to have a baby. It's the perfect time for you to come home and just forget this silly divorce and try to get Ethan back.

Gwen: Look, it doesn't matter who Theresa is married to, ok? She still has Ethan right where she wants him, plus she has all that money and power. So it is completely pointless to fight back. There's no way I'm ever going to lift a finger to fight Theresa or Ethan ever again.

Ethan: Come on, out with it, Julian. What is going on here?

Ethan: Theresa, tell me. What is going on?

Theresa: There's really nothing to tell.

Ethan: Don't give me that. I heard everything. I heard him screaming at you, and I heard how upset you were.

Theresa: Well, I mean, it's -- obvious, right? We were, you know, just discussing... business. And, you know, it's a difference of opinion on a big deal.

Julian: Yeah, very big deal.

Ethan: Didn't sound like a big business deal. You told her not to beg. What were you talking about?

Ethan: Theresa, please, answer me! What were you talking about?

Sam's voice: "I can't wait to get home to Sam and the children. I long to hold them, kiss them, finally be reunited with my husband. I want to feel Sam's arms around me, make love to him again."

Sam: "It's been so, so long."

Rebecca: Come on, Gwen, please. Come home to what's important. To me, your home, your family.

Gwen: You have the nerve to say that to me? No, Mother, I'm not coming home, ok? I have a life here now.

Rebecca: Where?

Gwen: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter where. I'm just not coming home, so please stop begging me to.

Rebecca: Honey, look, do you remember that memory stick? The one that J.T. Cornell had, the one with all our secrets on it?

Gwen: Of course I do.

Rebecca: Well, I have to find it.

Gwen: Why?

Rebecca: Look, something weird is going on here in Harmony.

Gwen: So what else is new?

Rebecca: No, weirder than usual. Look, whatever's on that memory stick, it got J.T. killed, and other people could be killed, too, myself included. Look, I haven't suffered yet, but I want to make sure it stays that way.

Gwen: What do you want me to do, Mother? I have no idea where that stick is.

Rebecca: Well, come home and help me find it.

Gwen: No.

Rebecca: Ok, look. Gwen, come home to those who love you -- me, Ethan, and -- you know, that little girl, the really cute one.

Gwen: Yeah, Jane. Jane, your granddaughter.

Rebecca: Yes, yes, her. Honey, you really shouldn't be alone right now.

Gwen: Mother, I'm not alone, ok? I have someone in my life, and I love him, and he loves me, so I'm not coming home. I can't leave. Mother, look, he's coming, ok? He wants me, so I have to go.

Rebecca: Gwen, wait --

[Phone clicks]

Rebecca: She hung up on me again. Well, I still don't know where Gwen is, and I am no closer to finding that memory stick. Oh. What's a girl to do?

Theresa: Ethan, please don't overreact. I mean, you know how I feel about Julian. He needles me and I, you know, blow up. So this was just one of our ridiculous arguments.

Ethan: No, no, you didn't sound angry. You sounded desperate. And I didn't hear everything. You were being pretty tough on her, Julian.

Julian: Well, not tough enough.

Ethan: What the hell's that supposed to mean? And why are you protecting him all of a sudden?

Theresa: Ethan, just, you know, stop. Please.

Ethan: No, I'm not going to stop. Look, I love you very, very much, but I gotta be honest with you. I'm tired of all these damn secrets. And I'm not going to leave this room until one of you tells me the truth.

Julian: Well, Ethan, of course you're right.

Theresa: No, Julian.

Julian: Well, we were arguing about something very personal. It involves you, my boy. In fact, it's all about you.

Theresa: No, Julian, you can't do this. You'll ruin everything.

Julian: I'm not the one who's living a lie.

Ethan: Will one of you please tell me the truth?

Julian: I will. It's long overdue. You deserve to hear it.

Theresa: Julian, you can't do this.

Julian: Ethan, the love of your life has been lying to both of us for years. I'm not Little Ethan's father. You are.

Julian: There's a little, uh, chill in the air all of a sudden, isn't there?

Ethan: I don't believe it. You're lying, you -- you're lying. Theresa, you tell me right now that Julian is lying.

Julian: No, I'm not. And you know it. Just look at her. You know I'm telling the truth.

Ethan: Theresa, tell me he's lying. Tell me that he is lying. You would not keep a secret like that from me. Not my son, you wouldn't do that. You know how I felt when I found out that my mother lied to me about who my father is. You would not lie to me about this. You would not lie to Little Ethan about this.

Ethan: Theresa, answer me! Tell me he's lying!

Theresa: It's true.

Noah: I could kill Spike for what he's done to Jessica. He -- he -- he prostituted her. He pumped her up on drugs, got her addicted to God knows what. But this -- I don't know, I -- murder? You know, she couldn't have.

Paloma: It looks like she did, Noah.

Noah: It must have been those drugs, you know. They allowed her to do things she never would have in her right mind.

Paloma: I know that. And you're right. Whatever happened, it's Spike's fault.

Noah: Wait a minute, how do you know all this? Did Jessica tell you? Or you said you saw something?

Paloma: Well, yeah. Um, Jessica told me -- oh, God, this is so hard to say.

Noah: Paloma?

Paloma: Well, um --

Noah: Paloma, come on. Out with it.

Paloma: All right. I'm not proud of what I did, but Jessica's my friend. So one night, she called us.

Noah: Ok, who is "us"?

Paloma: Me and Simone. And we helped her dispose of evidence. And, then recently... a body.

Paloma: Noah, don't look at me like that. I know it was wrong. We shouldn't have done it, but [Sighs] we did it to help Jessica. She was so terrified. And we hoped and prayed that she wasn't guilty, but Noah, it doesn't look good. All that blood and Jessica's screaming.

Noah: So you helped to cover up the crimes, then?

Paloma: Some of them. What else could we do? We were afraid Spike might kill her. And if the police found out. Your father. Jessica might end up in prison for life. Or worse, on death row, just like my brother, Luis.

Noah: Paloma, you are the police.

Paloma: I know that. I know that. We shouldn't have covered up for her. But we did. I love Jessica like a sister and so does Simone. So that's why we helped her.

Noah: Oh, God. What has Spike done to us all?

Sam's voice: "All these strange things have been going on. I feel someone is watching me all the time. I've been scared for my life."

Sam: Oh, God, Grace.

Sam's voice: "But now I found out who's responsible, who's behind everything. It's horrible. It's so dangerous to the people I love. I must get back to Harmony as soon as possible and warn everyone."

Sam: Grace, who are you talking about?

Rebecca: Dead man number one. Dead man number two. Dead man number three. Dead -- oh, my God, we're living in murder city here. Ah! Here it is! Oh. J.T. Cornell. Ew -- I sure hope they got the frosting off. Oh, someone's coming!

Sam: Who left the lights on? Is someone in here?

Rebecca: Ow! Ow! Sam, that's my cell phone finger!

Sam: Rebecca, what the hell are you doing in here?

Sam: I asked you a question. What the hell are you doing in here? As if I didn't know. Why do you want to steal police evidence?

Rebecca: Look, Sam, just calm down, ok?

Sam: Spit it out! Or I'll arrest you.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, you're going to put your cuffs on me yourself.

Sam: I'm not kidding. Do you want to spend the night with all the other hookers?

Rebecca: Oh! Well -- no, no. All right, all right. You caught me red-handed, ok? But I wasn't trying to steal anything.

Sam: Hello? What do you call this?

Rebecca: Don't you remember J.T. Cornell?

Sam: Of course I do. The tabloid editor. Your drag queen boyfriend in a wedding cake. I'm sure his earrings are around here somewhere.

Rebecca: He was more than just my boyfriend. Sam, it was love. True love. I mean, we shared everything together. Our hearts, our minds, our souls.

Sam: Your eyeliner, your clothes.

Rebecca: Oh, we did not! He was more than twice my size. Look, J.T. said that if anything ever happened to him, he wanted me to have everything he had.

Sam: What does that have to do with you sneaking into my evidence room?

Rebecca: Well, you, the police, took everything he had when he was killed. So I'm just trying to get what's rightfully mine. Oh, Sam, it would mean so much to me --

Sam: Look, did he leave a will naming you as his beneficiary?

Rebecca: Oh, that's just a little piece of paper. No, we had an ironclad verbal agreement. Yeah, with God -- God -- as our witness. So, I'm just taking what's mine and I'll be on my way.

Sam: [Laughs] You -- you're good for a laugh, you know that? This is evidence of a crime.

Sam: It is not leaving this room until I solve J.T.'s murder.

Rebecca: Oh, Sam, please! Be honest with yourself, ok? Look. You and I are going to be 90 years old by the time I get my hands on -- by the time you get around to J.T.'s case.

Sam: Now, I am quite aware that there are a few... ok, more than a few unsolved murders here. But we have to be patient. You know, I would have thought that you would be the first one that would want us to solve J.T.'s murder. I mean, you being so close and all.

Rebecca: Well, of course I want you to solve it. I want the killer to get what's coming to them. But I also want one little thing. I just want J.T.'s USB stick.

Sam: I know what was recovered with J.T.'s personal effects. There was no USB stick. And even if there was, you wouldn't get it. Got it?

Noah: Oh, poor Jessica.

Paloma: Simone and I love Jessica so much. And we didn't want to see her get hurt. So whatever happened, it wasn't her fault. Even if she did kill those johns, she wasn't responsible for her actions. It was the drugs that made her do it.

Noah: You are damn straight. And Spike, and he's going to have to pay for what he has done. I am so glad that you finally told me this. But we have to help Jessica before it's too late. We have to go down, we have to tell my dad --

Paloma: No, no, no! You cannot tell the police. You can't!

Ethan: You know, for years -- for years, people have warned me about you. They said "don't trust her." And like a fool I believed them. I stuck up for you. And after all that time, they were right. You know why? Because you're a despicable, amoral, lying gold digger. That's what you are. And you're not fit to raise my daughter, you're not fit to raise our son! And I want you to get the hell out of here.

Theresa: I don't want to leave you like this, Ethan.

Ethan: You don't have much of a choice because I'm taking Little Ethan. I'm taking Jane. And we are leaving. And I don't want to see your evil face ever again.

Theresa: No, just please let me explain to you --

Ethan: You want to explain? You want to fill me up with some more lies, Theresa? I don't think so, ok? You disgust me. I want you the hell out!

Ethan: Theresa, what is it? Why are you so upset? Theresa, talk to me. What did he do to you? And why are you crying?

Sam: Enough of this nonsense, Rebecca. Now, leave or you'll spend the night in jail.

Rebecca: Come on, Sam. We've known each other all these years. Can't you cut me a little slack here?

Sam: Why should I?

Rebecca: Because, honey, I am trying to help you.

Sam: How?

Rebecca: Because I have information that might actually help you solve some of these murders.

Sam: If you've been withholding evidence --

Rebecca: No, no, no, nothing like that. Look... Sam, look, J.T.'s USB stick had all this kind of incriminating evidence about practically everybody in town. I mean, he said it was worth a lot -- I mean, a lot of money. And there would be big trouble for a whole lot of people.

Sam: Do you know what was on it?

Rebecca: No! Unfortunately. Look, you and I both know that our little town here has been turned upside down lately.

Sam: Yeah, rapes, murder, arson. You name it.

Rebecca: Well, maybe the answer to some of these crimes could be found on J.T.'s USB stick. Look, Sam, that is what I am trying to do here. I am just trying to bring the town I love back to normal.

Sam: Ah. Rebecca, you know what? You interest me, you know? Not because I believe anything you're saying, because I don't. It's just that I received Grace's diary. And in it she wrote that she needed to get back to Harmony to warn us all about something. I wonder if all of this is connected in some way. Grace being killed, J.T.'s murder, Rae, the bartender, and those dead men at the motels.

Rebecca: Luis being railroaded into prison.

Sam: And seven more men missing in the last year. All pretty much fitting the same profile. Could they be linked somehow?

Rebecca: But how?

Sam: I don't know. But I need to find out.

Rebecca: Well, I am your gal, Chief.

Sam: I don't need your help, Rebecca. I just need to connect the dots.

Paloma: You can not tell your father Jessica's a murderer.

Noah: I -- Paloma, we have to.

Paloma: No! Once Chief Bennett knows, Jessica's in horrible trouble.

Noah: Worse than killing people?

Paloma: Noah, she would have to pay for her crime somehow. And I would lose my badge. And Simone would be in trouble, too. Besides, think what it would do to your family, to your father. You just lost your mom and now this? He would never recover.

Noah: The truth always comes out, Paloma. We have to help Jessica help herself. Don't you see? I mean, if she comes forward and confesses, it will be so much better than if she just waits to get caught. Then she'll just be treated like any other murderer.

Paloma: I don't know.

Noah: Look... we can prove that Spike pushed drugs on her. That she didn't know what she was doing when she killed those johns. Trust me, Paloma, it will be so much easier on her.

Paloma: Maybe you're right. Mama always says, "secrets never stay buried forever."

Blackmailer: [Laughs] Jessica's quite the black widow, isn't she? Taste her charms and know no more.

Spike: You're some kind of cruel, aren't you?

Blackmailer: [Laughs] Me? You're the one who killed them all.

Spike: Yeah, I know, but... hey, listen. Jessica -- she's not such a bad kid. You know, why don't you just ease up on her? You know her mom just kicked the bucket recently? I mean, why don't you give her a break, ok?

Blackmailer: Oh, not this again. I hope you're not trying to prove to me you have a heart in there somewhere, are you?

Spike: No, I -- I -- it just seems so pointless.

Blackmailer: No, not pointless at all. It's just the beginning. Do you think Grace Bennett's death was just another terrorist attack?

Spike: You killed Grace, too?

Blackmailer: Mm, yes, Grace's death was all part of the master plan.

Spike: Why are you doing this? And who the hell are you?

Blackmailer: [Laughs]

Ethan: Theresa, we shouldn't have any secrets between us, ok? So what has happened here?

Julian: Yes, why are you crying? Something must be troubling you terribly. What is it?

Theresa: Please --

Julian: No, I mean, if -- a simple business disagreement shouldn't cause you so much pain. What hurts so much? If you tell us, perhaps we can help you with it. What's bothering you?

Ethan: All right, enough. Enough. What is going on between you two? I want to know the truth.

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Theresa: No.

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