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{Scenes in brackets are flashbacks}

Kay: Miguel, about Fox.

Miguel: You know, I was thinking, maybe you and I could go on a little trip after you tell Fox the news that you want to be with me from now on. Sort of like a pre-marriage honeymoon. I mean, Mama would love to have Maria to herself almost as much as I would love to have you to myself. All day, all night, just you and me with no interruptions. How does that sound?

Kay: Miguel, the thing is --

Miguel: Hey, it's ok. It's ok.

Fox: Kay, I'm ready for bed.

Kay: Could you go wait for me? I'll be right there.

Miguel: Kay?

Kay's voice: No, Miguel, I can't be with you. I made a deal with Julian, and you can never know.

Fox: Darling, I can't wait. Come to bed.

Kay: Yeah, of course.

Miguel: Wait, wait.

Fox: Look, Miguel, we're all real glad and happy that you got out of prison, right? But it's late now. My wife and I need some alone time together. Got it? So good night. I guess we'll see you in the morning.

Miguel: Kay, wait, wait. Listen, there's something Kay and I need to tell you, and you need to hear it now.

Paloma: Remind me to stay out of gay bars in the future. It doesn't do much for my ego when the only men who even notice me think I'm a great drag queen.

Chad: Where the hell is Vincent? I wish he'd hurry up so we can get this over with.

Noah: Whoa, stay cool, man. This is an important meeting, all right?

Chad: Look, I'm nervous. Vincent is vindictive.

Noah: Well, convince him it's over.

Chad: Yeah, I know. I've got to. Damn it, I just -- I just want him out of my life. You know, I don't ever want to see him again.

Paloma: Chad, you're doing the right thing.

Chad: Please do not remind me. I mean, I feel guilty enough as it is.

Paloma: Sorry. Cheer up. Once you convince Vincent that everything's over between you two, you can talk to Whitney with a clear conscience. Maybe if she realizes that your relationship with Vincent is totally in the past, she'll understand and forgive you.

Chad: "Forgive," are you nuts? I can never tell Whitney about Vincent.

Whitney: Ok, what does Vincent want with me?

Whitney: Theresa, honey, should you be out of bed? I mean, you almost died in that fire tonight.

Theresa: Actually, um, your mom said that I'm going to be just fine. You know, I just, uh, kind of have this headache, a little bit. I came out to get some fresh air, you know? And, um, your mom actually just took Ethan upstairs to rest.

Whitney: Oh, that's -- that's great. That's good.

Theresa: Yeah. Ok, I'm freezing. You want to go back inside?

Whitney: Oh, sure.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: You all right? Something wrong?

Whitney: No, it's just Vincent. You know, he keeps sending me these weird text messages.

Theresa: What kind of messages?

Whitney: Well, um, listen to this one, for instance. Um, "if you want the surprise of your life, come to the bar at the corner of Kent and River Street. You won't believe what's waiting for you there."

Theresa: "Kent and River Street"? Don't know about any of those bars there.

Whitney: Well, I don't care about the bar. I mean, I just want to know what he wants from me, you know? This guy really gives me the creeps.

Theresa: Yeah, he is a little strange, isn't he? You know?

Whitney: No, I mean, I don't know. I don't know. Something about this whole thing isn't right.

Fox: Well, what is it, Miguel, because I'd really like to get to bed.

{Julian: If you want me to have Miguel set free, I want you to stay married and faithful to my son -- specifically, never see Miguel again. }

Miguel: Listen, Fox, you know this isn't going to be easy for either one of us. But there's something you need to know. Ok, something both of us need to tell you.

Fox: Well, I'm sure it can wait until the morning.

Kay: No, he's right. What Miguel is -- is trying to say is from both of us, thank you. Thank you to you and your father. You know, you have to understand, it's very hard for Miguel to say thank you to the Cranes.

Fox: Well, I don't know why.

Miguel: Oh, I do. Maybe because it was --

Kay: If it weren't for you and your father, he would still be in prison.

Fox: Hmm.

Miguel: Fox put me in prison, Kay.

Kay: Yeah, but he made a mistake.

Fox: I did, and, um, Miguel, there's no real easy way to express this in words, but, um, I'm sorry, but I really did think that it was you who was driving the car that ran me down.

Miguel: Oh, I'll bet.

Fox: Well, it was your car. Who knew that your double was going to steal it and run me over with it?

Kay: Yeah, well, luckily Julian found Spike and made him testify to Judge Reilly and said that you weren't driving, so now you're free, and that's all that matters.

Miguel: Uh, no.

Kay: Maria has her father back, and that's all that's important.

Miguel: You don't mean that.

Kay: Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Maria's well-being is all I care about.

Fox: So, um, why don't we just forget this whole thing, huh? I mean, I'm just happy that this nightmare's over for all of us.

Miguel: Kay?

Kay: Good night, Miguel.

Fox: Well, why don't we go to bed, darling?

Kay: Yeah, of course.

Fox: Good night, Miguel.

Miguel: What the hell is going on?

Whitney: Shoot, Chad's cell phone must still be turned off.

Theresa: Hmm, that's odd.

Whitney: Well, I guess that settles it. I mean, I'm not going to go meet with Vincent without talking to Chad first. I mean, what could this guy possibly be thinking? He wants me to go meet him at a strange bar in the middle of the night?

Theresa: You know what I don't like? That whole thing about the surprise.

Whitney: Oh, I know. I don't like it either. I just keep getting this strange feeling.

Theresa: What kind of feeling?

Whitney: Well, you know that feeling you get when you think that people aren't telling you something?

Theresa: Yeah, I know about that feeling.

Whitney: Yeah, well, I'm not just getting it from Vincent. I'm getting it from Chad, too.

Theresa: Chad?

Whitney: Yeah, his behavior is just getting stranger and stranger. I mean, he'll blow up at me over nothing and then apologize two seconds later. And then all of a sudden -- Paloma and Noah? I feel like they know something and aren't telling me.

Theresa: Well, I hate secrets.

Whitney: Really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Whitney: Wow, that's kind of funny. I mean, you are the queen of secrets.

Theresa: You know, not by choice. Sometimes they're necessary.

Whitney: Honey, the truth is always better.

Theresa: Easy for you to say.

Whitney: You married the wrong man because of secrets.

Theresa: I know.

Theresa: Poor Jared. And that blackmailer. You know, if he tells Ethan the truth that Little Ethan is our son, I'm never going to get my brothers out of prison. Luis could die. I'm just scared, you know? If I tell Ethan the truth --

Whitney: No, honey, when you tell Ethan the truth.

Theresa: Yes, when I tell Ethan the truth -- I just, I think he's going to be furious, Whitney. He's not going to understand why I couldn't tell him.

Whitney: Theresa, honey, you have to tell him sometime. Because, you know what, if you don't, it's going to come out anyway, because secrets always come out. Now go ahead, figure out a way to help your brothers, but you have to tell Ethan the truth, because, you're right, if he finds out from somebody else, he's never going to forgive you.

Julian: Well, what kind of idiot would leave an urgent envelope outside the front door?

Paloma: Chad, you can't lie to Whitney forever.

Chad: The hell I can't. Look, Whitney can never find out about Vincent. Not ever.

Noah: Look, Chad, you need to do what you think is right, but I think you should give Whitney a little more credit. You know, secrets always come out, man, and it's better she hears it from you than from someone else.

Chad: No, no, don't you even think that. Ok, the only people that know about this are me, Vincent, you, and Paloma.

Noah: Well, we're your friends, man. We're here for you. You know, we won't say anything.

Chad: Yeah, well, after tonight neither will Vincent. After I deal with him, he wouldn't dare go to Whitney. He'll keep his mouth shut, or else.

Vincent: Hurry up, Whitney. If you want the shock of your life, come to the bar now. I'm waiting for you. Good, that had better do it. God, I love technology. My little urgent message is already on her phone. I can't wait to see the look on Whitney's face when she finds her husband in a gay bar with me. That bitch Chad will be sorry he ever tried to end things with me.

[Cell phone rings]

Kay: Now what?

[Sighs] Oh, God. Miguel, leave me alone.

Miguel: Kay, listen, I don't understand what is going on, ok? Why did you leave with Fox? Why -- why didn't you help me tell him about us?

Kay: Please, Miguel, I'm getting ready for bed.

Miguel: I know you are, with Fox, Kay.

Kay: Yes, my husband.

Miguel: Listen, you know what, I don't understand what is going on here, Kay, because not a second ago we were tucking Maria into bed, talking about how we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Kay: I need to go.

Miguel: No, no, you don't need to go. You need to explain yourself, Kay, because I'm free now. I'm free. We can finally be together like we wanted. Kay, answer me.

Kay: Miguel, get some rest. I have to go.

Miguel: Kay?

Fox: Did someone call?

Kay: No, I was just checking my messages. You're all healed up, huh?

Fox: Yeah, it barely even bothers me anymore. And if it keeps me alive, then thank God for it. Now I want to make love to my gorgeous wife.

Kay: What, you're feeling well enough?

Fox: Are you kidding me? Yes.

Kay: You know, it's funny to me how you managed to overcome all those treatments. I thought they were supposed to make you impotent. You're not taking those pills again, are you?

Fox: No, it's just you, Kay. I bet I'd be a total flop with another woman.

Kay: That's sweet. You know, I'm just going to take a hot shower first, though.

Fox: Kay, Kay.

Kay: Please just give me one minute.

Fox: Ok, one minute, but please hurry back, because I want to spend whatever moments I have left with you.

Kay: I'm sorry. Miguel, I'm so sorry.

Theresa: I have thought this through. Honestly, I have. And in theory Ethan should know that Little Ethan is our child.

Whitney: I'm sorry, "in theory"?

Theresa: Well, ok, you know what? You know, tonight, when we were in that mausoleum, you know, I told him. I said, Ethan, Little Ethan is your son.

Whitney: Yes, you did, but Ethan passed out before he heard that.

Theresa: And that was God. That was God coming in and saying, "shut up, Theresa. Stop blabbing off your mouth."

Whitney: No, no, no, that wasn't God. That was smoke inhalation.

Theresa: Look, I want to tell him, Whitney. I would love to tell him, but if the truth comes out, that will destroy lives.

Whitney: Ok, fine. Do you think that Ethan knew you were trying to tell him something?

Theresa: Yes. I'm just going to have to, you know, lie my way out of that.

Whitney: Oh, that's perfect. More lies. Yeah, that's what you need.

Julian: Oh, stepmommy dearest, were you expecting something?

Theresa: No, why?

Julian: This was sitting outside the front door.

Theresa: Oh.


Theresa: Well, you can hand it over now, Julian.

Julian: You're very welcome.


Theresa: Oh, sorry. Thank you.

Julian: Is that about another business deal that you failed to inform me of? You may have robbed me of my rightful position as head of Crane Industries, but I still have a large stake in my own family's empire, and I demand that you apprise me of all business dealings.

Theresa: Julian, if I feel that there's something that you need to know, I will send you an e-mail.

Julian: I really don't like your tone.

Theresa: Mm, well, I'm running Crane Industries just fine without your input. And besides, don't you have too much on your plate as it is?

Julian: What?

Theresa: Well, I understand that your personal life is taking up a lot of your time, hopping in and out of, uh, your ex-wife's bed, for example.

Julian: My personal life is none of your business.

Theresa: Well, I wonder if the, uh, board would feel the same way.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Julian: What is it?

Kay: God, my life is over. But I have to go on. Oh, God, did I do the right thing? If I hadn't given Miguel up, he would have never gotten out of prison. God, it just hurts so much.

Kay: Fox, is that you?

Miguel: We need to talk. Now.

Chad: [Sighs] Where the hell is Vincent? I wish he'd get here already.

Noah: Yeah, I feel like a chicken being stared at by a pack of hungry wolves.

Paloma: Mm, you're awfully full of yourself. Maybe my beauty is making them reevaluate their orientation.

Noah: Keep telling yourself that.

Chad: Look, I appreciate you guys coming here for me, but, you know, you don't have to stay.

Paloma: Mm.

Chad: I'm sure you have better things to do anyway.

Paloma: Than hang around in a gay bar? I don't know what?

Noah: Are you sure?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, look, it's probably best if you leave. The less people that are involved, the better.

Noah: All right, but if you need us, you know, just call me on my cell phone. We're only going to be two minutes away.

Chad: Thanks, man. And, look, um, I'm really sorry to get you two involved in all of this in the first place.

Paloma: You're our friend, Chad.

Noah: That's right, and we look out for our friends. But do the right thing, man. Get your life back on track.

Paloma: I'll second that.

Chad: Yeah. Thanks, guys.

Chad: There he is. Time to get this over with.

Noah: Good luck.

Vincent: I knew you'd come.

Chad: Vincent.

Vincent: Just like old times, huh? You know our first date was right over there.

Chad: It wasn't a date.

Vincent: Oh, now, you were so nervous, remember? I could tell it was your first time. But after you loosened up you were incredible. Mm, just thinking about it turns me on.

Chad: We need to talk right now.

Vincent: Little early for the rough stuff, don't you think? It's ok. I'm down with it.

Chad: It's over, Vincent. Get that straight.

Vincent: "Straight" is not a word I use too often. Neither do you.

Chad: Back off. We're finished, Vincent. When I walk out of this bar, you're not going to see me again. You're not going to call me. You're not going to text message me. Hell, you're not even going to send me a letter. It's over, you got it?

Vincent: Here we go again. Now you know you really don't mean that.

Chad: Yes, I do. I'm dead serious, Vincent. It is over.

Whitney: Theresa, honey, what's wrong?

Julian: What's in the envelope, Theresa?

Theresa: Nothing.

Julian: Liar. You're obviously upset. What's happened? I mean, is it business? If there's something going on in my company, I deserve to know. What, is the S.E.C. after us again?

Theresa: No.

Julian: Yeah, well, let me see.

Theresa: Keep your hands to yourself, Julian.

Julian: I'm warning you, I'm not only one of the largest shareholders of this company, I'm also in charge of the Crane Foundation, and if you have made another of your disastrous mistakes, I need to know about it immediately.

Theresa: This is a private matter.

Julian: You think I believe you? I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. I want to see what's in that envelope, and I mean now.

Theresa: No.

Julian: I am not asking you --

Theresa: No, no, no!

Julian: Give me that!

Miguel: Talk to me, Kay. Please.

Kay: Miguel, you shouldn't be in here. You need to leave.

Miguel: What's happening? I need to know. Don't you think you owe me that?

Kay: Please, Miguel, this isn't the time.

Miguel: Not the time? You know, we've been trying to tell Fox about us for weeks, Kay.

Kay: God, my hair is wet. Fox hates that.

Miguel: What just happened? We were just tucking our daughter into bed, and you were telling me how you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.

Miguel: Nothing's changed, right?

Kay: Shh, Fox will hear you.

Miguel: Well, let him hear me, Kay, because I love you.

Kay: Look, Fox is waiting for me, ok?

Miguel: Listen to me, you can't turn your life around on a dime like that, Kay. One second you're telling me how much you love me and how much you want to be with me, and the next you're crawling into bed with Fox? What is going on here? I need to know. Please tell me what's going on.

Paloma: Maybe I need to spend some time in a big city. I'm from a small town in Mexico and another small town here, and maybe that's why I don't understand how Chad can betray Whitney and then lie to himself like that.

Noah: I've spent plenty of time in big cities, and I don't understand it myself.

Paloma: It's not right, Noah. He says he loves Whitney, but he has sex with someone else? I don't care if it was with a man or a woman or a goat, it's still betrayal.

Noah: Look, he says there's no relationship with Vincent.

Paloma: Oh, does it matter? He's lying to his wife and sleeping with someone else.

Noah: Well, that will all end tonight, you know.

Paloma: Let's hope so.

Noah: Look, I understand you're upset, but it's really not our problem, so --

Paloma: It's not just Chad. This happens to so many other couples. My father left my mom to be with Katherine Crane. Do you know what that did to my mom? And look at your parents. Your mother left your dad to be with this David guy.

Noah: Yeah, but that's different, you know? She thought he was her husband.

Paloma: Even so, she turned her back on her marriage, and then your dad got back with Ivy.

Noah: And Ivy just ended up going back to Julian's bed.

Paloma: And Theresa, she's been in love with Ethan forever, but she married Julian Crane and had his baby and then married Alistair, and now she's married to Jared.

Noah: She does seem to get around, doesn't she?

Paloma: It's not funny. Think of your sister. She's in love with my brother, but she's married to Fox.

Noah: You know, on second thought, I don't think you need to go to a big city.

Paloma: Maybe not. I don't understand anyone anymore. I've started to think there's no such thing as true, lasting love.

Chad: I don't want to see your face or hear your voice ever again.

Vincent: Isn't this where I came in last time?

Chad: No, Vincent. Look, I made a big mistake, but it's over. Ok, you're out of my life, and you're out of Whitney's life.

Vincent: But she's such a sweet girl.

Chad: I mean it. I mean it, Vincent. You stay the hell away from her. Ok, don't send her anymore of your nasty DVDs. If you see her on the street, you run around the corner, or else. Now good-bye.

Vincent: Chad, Chad.

Chad: I don't know you.

Vincent: No, no, wait, wait. Please, please.

Chad: Hey, don't make a scene.

Vincent: Please, don't leave me like this, please.

Chad: Shh, get up.

Vincent: Don't hurt me like this, ok? Look --

Chad: Hey.

Vincent: Look, you're right, ok? I -- I went overboard, ok? At first I thought we were only together just for a little mutual fun.

Chad: Yeah, that's all it was.

Vincent: No. But it became more than that, you know. Once I realized how deep my feelings were for you, it was too late.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'm sorry.

Vincent: No, I am. You know, it's just -- it's hard to accept it, you know, that -- that I'm losing you.

Chad: Look, man, I got to go. I can't hurt my wife.

Vincent: No, look, I know, ok? And -- and I accept it, ok? And I won't approach Whitney again, all right? I wasn't fair to her, and, you know, I -- I can't help it if I'm jealous because she has you.

Vincent: I'll let you go. I'll let you go, ok? I -- I will.

Chad: Thank you. You're doing the right thing.

Vincent: Yeah, well, I try.

Chad: Well, then, um, good night and good luck.

Vincent: But wait, Chad, can -- can't we just sit together and have one final drink? You know, it's appropriate, don't you think? I mean, for us to end things right where they began. We could say our good-byes and end things nicely as friends. Then I promise I'll go away and I won't bother you again.

Chad: All right, one drink. I'll go find a place for us to sit.

Vincent: One drink is plenty, Chad. That should give us more than enough time for slowpoke Whitney to drag her carcass down here and find us together.

Julian: Give it.

Theresa: Stop it. This is not grade school, Julian!

Julian: Something is fishy about that envelope, and I want to know what it is.

Whitney: Ok, enough. Theresa's not lying. Whatever's in the envelope has nothing to do with you.

Julian: You're sure?

Theresa: Well, of course she's sure.

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: You know, trust you to stick your nose in where it is not wanted.

Julian: I don't know if I believe you.

Whitney: Ok, well, fine, go ahead, use force to get the envelope, Julian. That's very mature.

Julian: I've never understood this alliance that the two of you have. No matter what she does you always stand by her. Where on earth did you ever learn such loyalty?

Whitney: I don't know, maybe my mother. I mean, she is the most loyal woman I know. That is until she gets stabbed in the back once too often and realizes that her loyalty is misplaced.

Julian: Perhaps I deserved that.

Whitney: Perhaps.

Julian: Whitney, I love your mother very, very much.

Whitney: Oh, and to celebrate that love you go and sleep with Ivy? Julian, you don't know anything about true love, because when you love somebody you don't sleep with someone else.

Julian: Young lady --

Whitney: No, no, and you can't blame it on the booze or your mood or anything else. What you should do is look around you and learn how to behave from men who have evolved a little bit more than you have, like Chad, for instance.

Julian: I know you're up to something.

Theresa: Really, Julian, this doesn't concern you.

Julian: Well, if it's about Crane, it certainly does.

Whitney: And you're changing the subject, I see.

Julian: God, I should be the one running Crane Industries. What was my father thinking to give such a power to an ignorant, uneducated --

Theresa: I am not ignorant!

Julian: Oh, yes, you have a remarkable amount of low animal cunning, but you don't know how to run a large corporation, especially something like the Crane empire.

Theresa: You know what, Julian, stop whining. Ok, I'm in charge, and that's where I'm going to stay.

Julian: Yes, only until Little Ethan comes of age. You see, our son, the son that you will not let me near, is the only reason you have power.

Theresa: Mm, and that really gets you, doesn't it?

Julian: You bet it does. My father cut both me and Fox out of the succession and gave it to a child who can barely read. It's ridiculous that Little Ethan is the Crane heir. If you'll excuse me, I'm leaving.

Theresa: No one's stopping you.

Julian: To think that I once married you. Now I'm not even comfortable in my own mansion. You've taken over everything.

Theresa: Yeah. Oh, that reminds me. You know your putting green out back? I had it dug up. Yeah, it's the perfect spot for Jane's new jungle gym.

Julian: Oh, God, I pray for the day when I can throw you out of this house on your bird little ass.

Whitney: You know that was not smart at all.

Theresa: I know. You need to see this. Check this out. It's from the blackmailer. Oh, my God, I pushed him too far. I really have. I mean, he's going to do it. He's going to destroy me, Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, my God, the DNA test?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, proof -- proof right here that Little Ethan is really Ethan's child. Oh, my God, he's going to tell Ethan. He's going to go to him, and he's going to tell him the truth.

Whitney: Ok, well, you need to go to Ethan and tell him the truth first. That's all there is to it.

Theresa: No, no, no, I'm going to find the blackmailer, and I'm going to stop him.

Fox: Father, what are you doing here?

Julian: How's it going with your hot little bride?

Fox: She's in taking a shower. She's going to be back any moment. You need to go.

Julian: Is she living up to her side of the bargain? Is she staying away from that loser Miguel?

Fox: Uh, yes, she is. In fact, she said right to his face that she'd be coming to bed with me. Miguel looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

Julian: [Laughs] We should be so lucky.

Fox: Uh, listen, you don't need to worry. Kay's keeping her promise.

Julian: She has no choice. In time she will forget all about Miguel, and it's too bad we can't forget about the rest of his miserable family.

Fox: Um, did something happen?

Julian: No, no, never mind. You just keep up the facade. Soon you'll have Kay back just the way she was before Miguel returned to Harmony.

Fox: Yeah, I hope so.

Julian: Ah, yes. You won. Aren't you glad you listened to me? Cranes are winners. Kay is yours, and Miguel is out of her life for good.

Miguel: Talk to me, Kay. You're trying to avoid me, and I don't get it. I don't understand you. I mean, is this the way you really treat the man you love?

Kay: Miguel, this may not be easy for you to accept, but I'm staying with Fox.

Miguel: What? No, you don't mean that, Kay.

Kay: Yes, I do. I love Fox. I always have.

Miguel: Not the way you love me.

Kay: Look, I can't leave him, Miguel, ok? He's my husband, and he's dying.

Miguel: Listen, we've already discussed this, Kay. You can't keep lying to him. It's not fair to him. What about our love, our plans?

Kay: It's over. I'm staying with Fox.

Miguel: This isn't right, Kay. You're holding out on me. Why don't you tell me what's really happening?

Kay: Look, I told you it's over. I'm staying with my husband, and you need to move on with your life.

Whitney: Ok, now -- now just don't start talking crazy. How are you going to find the blackmailer?

Theresa: I don't know, but I'm going to find him. I have to stop him before he tells Ethan the truth that Little Ethan is our child.

Whitney: Well, you haven't been able to do that yet.

Theresa: I will. I'll find him. I will. And if I can't do that, you know what I'll do? I'll find out what else he wants. There's got to be something else. I'll give him that, and that will shut up his mouth.

Whitney: No, you know what he wants. He wants Ethan, but you haven't done anything about that. You haven't stayed away from Ethan for more than five minutes, and that's why you got the letter at your door.

Theresa: Maybe.

Whitney: Maybe. Ok, look, are you going to tell Ethan the truth or not?

[Cell phone rings]

Whitney: That might be Chad. Hold on a second. No, no, of course it's not Chad. It's Vincent again with another text message. "Come now, come now. Come get your surprise." This is ridiculous. I'm not just going to stand around here anymore. I think I'm going to go down to that bar and see what he wants.

Theresa: Yes, you should. But not alone. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to run upstairs real quick, make sure that Ethan is sleeping, and then we're going to go together.

Whitney: Ok, good. I don't know what he means by this whole surprise thing, but I don't want to find out by myself.

Noah: You sound so cynical.

Paloma: It's not cynical.  It's realistic.  I can't think of one example of true love that sticks.  Everyone I know seems to end up unhappy or divorced or deserted or all three.  Maybe I've seen too many movies, but I guess no one rides off into the sunset anymore.

Noah: Sure they do.

Paloma: Who?  Name one couple who has known each for forty years and still looks at each other the way they did when they met.  Grandparents who still hold hands?  I don't think that kind of love is real anymore.

Noah: You're starting to depress me.  Next thing you're going to say that you don't believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Paloma: That's for children.

Noah: Maybe we should act a little more like children, be honest, loving without reserve.  The world is a tough place, Paloma, but I believe in true love.  Because, without true love, what's the point?

Paloma: You really mean that?

Noah: Of course I do.  Love is fragile.  It's not surprising to me that sometimes it disappears or it gets trampled on by other people, but  I think we can have the kind of love like grandparents who hold hands.  We just have to nurture it.  We have to protect it, and if we do, I believe our love will last forever.

Paloma: I do love you, Noah.

Noah: I love you, too.  Let's always remember how we feel right now, ok?

Miguel: You're breaking my heart, Kay.

Kay: You'll get over it.

Miguel: No, I won't, and if it's really over for us, I'd rather spend the rest of my life behind bars.  I'd rather live locked up than live without you and Maria.

Kay: You can still see Maria.

Miguel: I'm gonna respect your wishes because I have no choice.  I will never understand, though.  Good night.

Kay: [Sobbing]

[Cell phone rings]

Julian: Excuse me.  Some sort of text message.  Well, this is insane. 

Fox: What?

Julian: This text message, it says I should have a DNA test conducted on my son.

Fox: On me?  Why?

Julian: I have no idea.  It doesn't say who sent it or why.

Fox: But, um, I'm your son.

Julian: Of course you are.  I have no idea what any of this means.

Theresa: I wish I had contact with the blackmailer.  You know, sending me the proof that Little Ethan is really Ethan's child, that was definitely a threat.  I hope he doesn't forward that to Ethan.

Whitney:  I'm sure he's going to contact you again.  Blackmailers usually do.  Anyway, it looks like we're here.  Let's go see what Vincent's big surprise is.

Vincent: Thank you for staying, Chad.  It's important to me that we remain friends.

Chad: Well, that's not gonna happen. I'm never gonna see you again.

Vincent: We are friends.  I mean after everything we've shared?  The way I've made you feel?

Chad: All right, enough.  All that's over now.

Vincent: Sorry, I forgot.

Vincent: You know, you've meant so much to me, Chad.  Can't hate me cause I'm getting attached.  I hate that I have to let you go.

Chad: Yeah, well you need to get used to that.

Vincent: Yeah, I know, and I will.  It's just hard thinking that we're over.  I'm sorry.

Whitney: Oh my God.

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