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Tabitha: So do I, Endora. Amy seems like a nice little girl, for a mortal. Which is quite a feat, considering her mother seems to have read "Mommy Dearest's Primer for Parenting."

Mrs. Bradley: Amy, if you stop to look at every animal, we will be here all day. And that is out of the question. I have a massage to get to.

Amy: Yes, Mommy.

Mrs. Bradley: I don't like that "woe is me" tone, young lady. Do you realize that I rescheduled my entire day to take you to this -- this wasteland of tax dollars? When I think of the bling that I could buy myself with the money that goes into housing and feeding these creatures, it just makes my blood boil. If people want to go see wild animals on display, they should just go fur shopping like I do. [Cackles]

Tabitha: And people say we witches are cold-hearted.

Amy: I'm sorry you're not having fun, Mommy.

Mrs. Bradley: Well, you should be. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. Why I ever let your father get close enough to -- never mind. Just keep moving it along, huh? My day's a near total loss because of you.

Amy: Yes, Mommy.

Mrs. Bradley: Well, don't just stand there. Go have fun. Come on.

Tabitha: Not even a good mean, either.

Mrs. Bradley: You see what I mean? Children are so selfish and unappreciative. All about them, 24/7. It's no wonder I go through nannies faster than vodka. Who can stand raising a child? Isabelle. Hi, I'm so sorry that I had to cancel lunch. I got stuck with Amy.

Tabitha: Some people shouldn't even be allowed to have children. Mrs. Bradley is right up there with Ms. Spears and Mr. Jackson, in my opinion.

Whitney: Well, I think I might be pregnant, too. I wanted to come over here and take the test with you to make absolutely sure. But I think Chad and I are going to have another baby.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Whitney, I am so happy for you. Let's go. Let's go take the test. We can find out together.

Whitney: Are you sure you're ok with that?

Theresa: Well, why wouldn't I be?

Whitney: You know, because of the blackmailer and him pressuring you to have a baby with Jared.

Theresa: You know what? Our situations are completely different. You and Chad, you're happily married, you have a child together, and giving Miles a brother or sister, that can't be anything but great news.

Whitney: Ok, ok. If I am pregnant, I want to tell him tonight at the surprise birthday party.

Theresa: I think that would be the best present Chad could ever get.

Whitney: I hope that focusing on being a father again, it'll get Chad out of this funk that he's been in lately.

Theresa: He's been depressed?

Whitney: Well, no. He just -- I don't know. He just hasn't been himself.

Theresa: How so?

Whitney: Well, he's on edge all the time and stressed out.

Theresa: No, everything is running smoothly, as far as I know. You know, Valerie, she would tell me if Chad were having any problems.

Whitney: Then I wonder what's bothering him. Well, whatever it is, I hope Chad gets a grip on it soon.

Chad: I hate you for making me do this.

Vincent: Yeah, you love me for giving you what no one else can.

Chad: Shut up.

Vincent: Make me, baby. Make it so I can't talk.

[Thumping noises]

Paloma: Ay yi yi, it's getting muy caliente next door.

Noah: Sounds a little rough, doesn't it?

[Groaning, thumping continues]

Paloma: I'd call it intensely passionate.

Noah: Oh, you would, would you?

Paloma: Si.

Noah: I see what you mean. Come here.

[Thumping continues]

Fancy: I told you, there's nothing going on between me and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Guard: Then why won't you file a report that he attacked you?

Fancy: I have my reasons.

Guard: Yeah? What are they? And don't even think about lying to me. I'm on to you, Canton. Something about you and Lopez-Fitzgerald stinks, and it's not just from him being in solitary.

Fancy: All right, all right. You're too smart for me to try to fool you. I have a reason I want to keep a lid on my dealings with Lopez-Fitzgerald. But if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell a soul.

Julian: Fox, you are a Crane, for pity's sake. Pull yourself together. This is no time for guilt. You must stay the course that we agreed on, or there is no question you will lose Kay and Maria to Miguel.

Fox: But murder?

Julian: It's murder by proxy. Spike's going to do the actual killing. That's why, if there's a problem later, it can't be connected to us, and Spike will take the fall. It's the way we Cranes have taken care of business for generations.

Fox: You know, engineering Miguel's life sentence, that was one thing. But having the man killed? He's Maria's biological father, for God's sakes. What about his mother? What about Pilar? Grandfather already had Antonio killed. I don't think I can live with myself knowing that I cost her her youngest son.

Julian: Fox, this is not your fault. Miguel brought this on himself. He is the one who went after Kay. He tried to stop you from marrying her. And he seduced her into committing adultery on her wedding night. And many times after that, I'm sure, that we're not even aware of. He is a predator, and he is a lust-driven beast out to claim your wife. You are merely protecting Kay from any threat to her future happiness and well-being. That's what being a good husband is all about.

Fox: My God. What kind of monster have I become? I'm having a man killed.


Spike: See, Fox Crane wants you dead, Miguel. And it's my job to make it happen.

Spike: So say adios, muchacho. It's check-out time.

Theresa: Well, maybe my situation with Ethan and Jared has gotten to Chad, you know? Ethan and Chad have been close for years. Then Jared moves to Harmony, and Chad and Jared hit it off. So maybe Chad's upset that Jared and Ethan are always at odds with each other.

Whitney: I suppose that could be part of it. But Chad's been really upset ever since this whole Valerie and Vincent situation.

Theresa: I remember you told me about it.

Whitney: Ok, I wasn't so sure, because so much has been going on.

Theresa: Yeah, join the club.

Whitney: Yeah. Well, when I first found out about it, I wanted to tell Valerie the truth, that Vincent had been cheating on her. But Chad was insistent that I not get involved. You know, we went back and forth about it. But finally, I mean, I had to tell Valerie the truth. And then Valerie and Vincent got into this huge fight. And I'm not really sure what happened after that.

Theresa: Ok, so how did you know that Vincent was really cheating on Valerie?

Whitney: Well, um, when Chad first started to act weird, I -- I got it in my head again that he was having an affair.

Theresa: Ok, and that was after Jared and Chad passed the lie detector tests?

Whitney: Yeah. Kind of paranoid, right?

Theresa: A little.

Whitney: I had convinced myself that Chad was cheating on me. So I went down to that sleazy motel to confront him. And of course, I didn't find Chad there. I found Vincent, and Vincent said that he was there with Valerie. But he wasn't there with Valerie. He was with somebody else. Anyway, not only do I feel guilty for introducing Valerie to Vincent, but I just feel horrible for thinking that Chad was cheating on me again, you know? He never has, and he never will. I mean, Chad's just not the kind of person to cheat on me with another woman.

Vincent: Wake up, lover. Join me in a drink between rounds?

Chad: Go to hell.

Vincent: You know, your anger is such a beautiful thing. I love how it makes you play rough. And I know you can't be that way with Whitney. She'd totally freak.

Chad: Shut up.

Vincent: Face it, lover. I'm the only person you've ever been with that lets you be you. And what a mess you are. Confusing love for hate, passion for anger. But you're my mess. And I wouldn't trade you and what you do to me for anything or anyone.

Chad: It's over, Vincent. This was the last time.

Vincent: Honey, please.

Chad: No, don't you call me "honey" or "baby" or "lover." Because I'm none of those things. I never was.

Vincent: Someone's getting angry, and we both know what that means.

Chad: You just stay the hell away from me.

Vincent: You can't leave yet. We're just getting started.

Chad: We're finished, Vincent.

Vincent: Not this again. You know you can't quit me.

Chad: No, see, that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't want you calling me, e-mailing me, or texting me. None of that stuff. You just leave me alone, all right? Me and Whitney.

Vincent: Save the rage for round two.

Chad: I'm serious, Vincent. This is the last time you force me to be with you.

Vincent: Chad, you're a Crane. No one forces you to do anything you don't want to.

Chad: I'm not arguing with you, Vincent. From this point on, I'm cutting you out of my life. For good.

Guard: There is more to your interest in Lopez-Fitzgerald than just being close to him to make him suffer?

Fancy: Hmm, much more.

Guard: Which is why you don't want to file a report against him for assaulting you in solitary.

Fancy: Mm-hmm. But if I tell you, you have to swear to keep what I say quiet.

Guard: Oh, I shouldn't. But, uh, ok.

Fancy: Well, I think the story of a sicko like Luis would make a great movie. You know, good cop goes bad, rapes the woman he claims to love, kills twice, and then commits arson to try to cover it up.

Guard: Yeah, but it sounds more like a soap than a movie.

Fancy: It's all in how you tell the story. Anyway, that's really why I got a job here -- to get to know Luis so I could write my screenplay from an insider's perspective.

Guard: That makes sense.

Fancy: Well, besides Luis, I have to develop characters who interact with him. Guards, like you.

Guard: Me?

Fancy: Well, yeah, you're fascinating. So multidimensional. I'd like to base the lead guard on you, if that's ok.

Guard: You want to make me a character in a Hollywood blockbuster?

Fancy: You are everything Luis could have been, had he been made of stronger stuff.

Guard: You think I'm sexier than Lopez-Fitzgerald?

Fancy: You don't have to kill anyone to get a date, do you?

Guard: No.

Fancy: Well then.

Guard: Sure, put me in your movie.

Fancy: Ok, great. But you have to promise not to tell anyone what I'm up to. Because if I get thrown out, I won't be able to finish the script, and then there's no movie and no character based on you.

Guard: Got it. And don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

Fancy: Perfect.

Guard: Oh, by the way, I think Johnny Depp should play me. I'm better looking, but Depp's really good at doing complex characters like me.

Fancy: I'll see what I can do. [Laughs]

Fancy: Whew, I dodged that bullet.

Fox: I just hope that I'm not too late.

Julian: Who are you calling?

Fox: I am calling Spike to have him stop from killing Miguel.

Julian: Have you lost your mind?

Fox: Yeah, obviously I have -- to think that killing Miguel is the best way for me to live happily ever after with Kay and Maria? Give me the phone.

Julian: Don't wimp out on me now. Let Spike do what must be done.

Fox: Yeah, ok. Well, I am not going to have Miguel's blood on my hands.

Spike: Have a nice dirt nap, Miguel.

Luis: [Whispering] Fancy? Where'd she go?

Luis: What the hell?

Spike: You know, I gotta be honest with you, Miguel. I'm making a killing killing you.

Luis: Miguel?

Luis: Oh, my God. [In a strained voice] Help. Help.

Luis: Somebody, help.

Mrs. Bradley: Remind me to hire a backup nanny so I don't get stuck doing this again. The two I have now are so lazy. They won't work more than 12 hours at a stretch.

Tabitha: I cannot believe the nerve of that mortal mother -- ignoring her beautiful little daughter while she's gabbing endlessly on that cell phone. Unfortunately for Amy, she is not alone. Countless children are neglected. What is it with people today having children without giving the slightest thought to the time and commitment it takes to being a parent? I'm afraid Mrs. Bradley is just plain selfish. Your little friend Amy deserves better. Much better. Doesn't she? Well, there's nothing we can do about it, sweet pea.

Tabitha: Now, Endora. No, you promised me no magic. Now, I expect you to keep that promise, right? Even though we both know that a little bit of woo-woo would teach that miserable excuse for a mother a lesson. Come on. We've got lots more animals to see. Did I ever tell you the story about the time that Kay turned into a panther, and Timmy and I nearly got eaten because we tried to catch the real panther, thinking it was Kay? [Chuckles]

Paloma: You are so good to me, Noah. You knew I was upset before, and you brought me here so we could be alone together and not think about anyone or anything else.


Noah: Whoa, hey. You're shivering.

Paloma: Yeah, I can't help it.

Noah: Oh, Paloma. You still upset about your friend?

Paloma: Si.

Noah: What if I hold you a little tighter? Will that make it better?

Paloma: Yeah, I'd like that.

Noah: Good.

Noah: Look, about your friend, um, I know you don't want to betray her trust, and I know you're just trying to keep your word. I respect that. However, if there's anything I can do, I'm here for you.

Paloma: Gracias. I wish I could tell you everything, but I can't.

Noah: It's ok. It just makes me love you more.

Paloma: I love you, too.

Noah: And whatever's going on with your friend, I'm sure it's going to turn out ok.

Paloma: I hope you're right. [Laughter]

Noah: Oh, God, I love to hear you laugh.

Paloma: Anvils falling out of the sky crack me up.

Noah: I'm partial to cannons backfiring, but, you know.

Paloma: And no one ever gets hurt.

Noah: That's why when life isn't going so well and life isn't that funny, it's good to watch something that is. It always cheers me up.

Paloma: Yeah, me too. The only thing missing is popcorn.

Noah: Well, I don't think this place has room service, or else I'd get you some.

Paloma: If they had, we wouldn't eat it anyway.

Noah: You know, how about I be your personal room service provider.

Paloma: Ok.

Noah: What would Madame like?

Paloma: Surprise me.

Noah: Surprise you? Uh, all right. Your wish is my command.

Paloma: Oh, I'll come with you.

Noah: No, no, no, no, hold on. Relax. I will be right back. Seriously.

Paloma: I know what I want for dessert.

Vincent: You know you don't mean it, Chad. You never do. Every time you say we're done, you come back for more.

Chad: Like you give me a choice, threatening to go to Whitney and tell her about us?

Vincent: You mean show and tell. Remember, I have the DVD's of us making love. Mm. I get hot just thinking about it.

Chad: You stay the hell away from Whitney. You almost killed her at the courthouse.

Vincent: A falling marble slab is such a tasteful way to make a point, don't you think? I told you not to let Whitney tell Valerie about me cheating on her. But Whitney blabbed anyway. Now Valerie doesn't want anything to do with me, and it's all Whitney's fault.

Chad: Yeah, well, try your fault for cheating on Valerie in the first place.

Vincent: With you, sweet cheeks. Yeah, I'd kill to see the look on Whitney's face once she found out that you were cheating on her after all. Only, not with a woman but with me, a man. A man her supposedly straight husband can't get enough of.

Chad: I will kill you before I let you tell Whitney anything.

Whitney: Ok, now, we still have to figure out a way to lure Chad here, to the party tonight.

Theresa: Leave that to me. I can call him, tell him I want him to come here to do Crane business, and then everyone can scatter around, and when he gets here, we can say "surprise!"

Whitney: Yeah, that's perfect, that's perfect. He won't suspect a thing. Oh, the other thing I wanted to ask you. Do you think Julian is going to be home tonight?

Theresa: Uh, I don't know. But he is Chad's half brother, so isn't he invited to the party?

Whitney: No, I don't think so.

Theresa: Why not?

Whitney: Because my mother walked in on him in bed with Ivy the other night.

Theresa: Oh.

Whitney: Mm-hmm. Needless to say, any hope of them getting back together is completely out of the question now.

Theresa: Right. So, your mother seeing Julian -- that would just pour more salt in her wounds.

Whitney: Exactly. And it's just such a shame, because I know that they had genuine feelings for each other.

Theresa: I'm sure they did, Whitney, but Julian, he is a Crane to his core. He has no conscience, no morals, no sense of right or wrong.

Fox: Come on. Answer the phone, answer the phone, Spike.

Julian: Spike is obviously otherwise engaged, killing Miguel as we instructed him to do.

Fox: What was I thinking? What was I thinking?

Julian: Fox, we Cranes don't second-guess ourselves. We make a decision, we act on it, and we move on. Trust me, looking back just gives rise to regret.

Fox: This is murder.

Julian: The first kill is always the hardest. At least that's what your grandfather always used to say. What's done is done. Miguel is dead by now.

Luis: [In a strained voice] Help.

Luis: Miguel.

Spike: Miguel, you are one strong son of a...

Luis: Help. Somebody.

Spike: Stop fighting already, man.

[Luis grunting]

Spike: Going, going -- [Chuckles]

Luis: [In a stronger voice] Help. Help. Help.

Fancy: Luis?

Luis: Help. We need help in here!

Fancy: Luis, what is it?

Luis: Hey, it's Miguel. Somebody's smothering him.

Fancy: Oh, my God.

Mrs. Bradley: Well, of course I'll be on time. Just make sure you are. My personal trainer, Mark Dixon, he's a miracle worker. Why, I bet he could even help you.

Tabitha: I'll have you know I ran in the Olympics in '56.

Tabitha's voice: 56 B.C.

Mrs. Bradley: I -- I didn't mean to imply that you were fat, just, uh --

Tabitha: Just what?

Mrs. Bradley: Um...I have to check in with my office.

Tabitha: Come on, girls. We'll go and get some cotton candy, shall we?

Mrs. Bradley: Oh, uh, no sugar for Amy. I don't want her to get fat.

Tabitha: Oh, cotton candy's not going to hurt --

Mrs. Bradley: You know, I will get us all some bottles of water.

Amy: Can I come with you, Mommy?

Mrs. Bradley: Whatever for?

Tabitha: Amy, dear, Endora and I are very fond of you. So one day when your mommy isn't around, we'll all go out together and have some ice cream and cotton candy. All right?

Mrs. Bradley: Where am I?

Chad: I mean it, Vincent. You stay away from Whitney, or else.

Vincent: My, what a big weapon you have. Fully loaded and ready to fire.

Chad: I'm serious. Don't threaten me with Whitney.

Vincent: And I'm serious, too, baby. You holding that piece of steel at me is such a turn-on.

Chad: This isn't fun and games, Vincent. I'm done with you.

Vincent: Now, you know the rules, baby. It isn't over until I say so. Now, let's kiss and make up.

Chad: No.

Vincent: I said, let's kiss and make up.

Chad: And I said no --


Paloma: That wasn't on TV. It came from the room next door.

Fox: I can't believe that Spike hasn't called back yet.

Julian: Well, he'll no doubt call from a pay phone after the deed is done so there are no cell phone records linking him to us.

Fox: How can you be -- how can you be so clinical about murder?

Julian: Just get a grip. This is no time to lose control. What's done is done. Just forget about it and move on.

Fox: With Miguel's blood on my hands?

Julian: Oh, please. You wanted a life with Kay and Maria, didn't you? You got it. You focus on that, and not what it took to accomplish it.

Fox: If she finds out what we've --

Julian: She will not find out. We own Spike completely. Once he has taken care of Miguel, we will never mention his demise again.

Fancy: Oh, my God.

Luis: What? What's going on?

Fancy: Nothing, Luis. He seems fine.

Luis: What about the person I saw standing over him?

Fancy: Miguel's asleep.

Luis: You're sure he's not dead?

Fancy: Yeah, I checked. His breathing seems perfectly normal.

Luis: What about the person that was in there?

Fancy: No one was there.

Luis: There was someone there. [Whispering] I saw a shadow. Someone had something over his face.

Fancy: Luis, Miguel's alone, and nothing was out of place.

Luis: I heard a voice.

Fancy: Well, you're on pain medication. You must have been having a bad dream.

Luis: No, I -- I was awake. And I saw someone in there. Someone was trying to kill Miguel.

Spike: Damn it. I was so close to killing Miguel. Oh, the Cranes are not gonna be happy that he's still alive. Oh, no.

Whitney: Well, I guess I can't not invite Julian to Chad's surprise party. I mean, they're half brothers. They've been close ever since we thought that Julian was Chad's real father.

Theresa: Ok. So it's going to be very awkward for your mom, but she'll have to manage.

Whitney: Yeah, and check this out. It seems that Valerie has finally found Julian and my mother's real son.

Theresa: Well, who is he?

Whitney: I don't know. And my mother and Julian don't know either, but it seems that Valerie has found out that this guy lives in Harmony, and the DNA is a perfect match.

Theresa: Ok, now, is Valerie sure? Because we've all been victims of misinformation before.

Whitney: I know. But this time, it's for real.

Theresa: Wow. After all this time, huh? And then, after that lie that Alistair spun, saying that you and Chad were half brother and half sister just to torture your mother and Julian, not to mention you and Chad.

Whitney: Oh, tell me about it. And it's such a shame. Being reunited with their son should be a wonderful moment for the two of them. But I don't think it will be. Sometimes having a child together doesn't necessarily bring a couple closer together.

Theresa: Yeah. I know. Having a child with Jared should be a wonderful thing, but my heart's not in it. It isn't.

Paloma: It's been so quiet since that one gunshot. Maybe too quiet.

Paloma: This is the police! Open up! Police! Open the door now! Here it goes. Freeze! No puedo creerlo.

Amy: I like monkeys.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. They are very noble creatures indeed.

Amy: Spider monkeys are trained to help sick people.

Tabitha: Yes, and they do an outstanding job. I knew an orangutan nurse once.

Amy: Really?

Tabitha: Yes, Nurse Precious. I've heard she's in the tropics now, taking care of a sick aunt. But her days in Harmony were unforgettable. {Hello. I'm Tabitha Lenox. And you are? Nice to meet you, Nurse Precious.} Yes, that simian was something else. Oh, I could do with some water. Your mommy's taking a long time to bring our drinks, isn't she, Amy? I wonder what could have happened to her.


Gorilla: Be quiet. You'll scare the zebras.

Mrs. Bradley: You can speak?

Gorilla: Only when I have something important to say. So listen up.

Mrs. Bradley: Thank God I have my therapist on speed dial.

Gorilla: You and that damn phone. You should talk on it less and talk to your daughter more.

Mrs. Bradley: What are you implying, that I'm a bad mother?

Gorilla: No, I'm telling you straight up. You stink worse than the skunk hut. Oy! Amy's a great kid, and she deserves a great mom who has her priorities straight. You need to put Amy first from now on.

Mrs. Bradley: Wait, you think I'm going to take orders from an overgrown monkey?

Gorilla: I'm not giving you orders. I'm giving you a choice. Be a good mother to Amy, or I'll go ape on you. [Makes monkey noises]

Julian: Have a drink, take a pill -- whatever you must to calm down.

Fox: Sorry, Father, I can't calm down. Not when we might be responsible for Miguel's death.

Julian: Spike's here.

Fox: Where?

Julian: He's outside. Put on your best poker face when he delivers the news. It's never good for an underling to see you sweat.

Julian: You idiot, get in here before Chief Sam sees you.

Spike: Uh-uh. No way am I going inside that freak house. Uh-uh.


Spike: Help! Help! Help! Let go of me, let go of me! Let go of me, you freaks! Let go! My legs! Mommy! Mommy! Help! Help! Let me out of here! What the -- who -- what the -- what are you doing? Let go! Lady, don't just stand there! Get these things off of me!

Tabitha: They've come just for you, spike.

Spike: No! [Screaming]

Spike: Help, what's happening? No! What's going on? Help me! No! [Screaming] I'm spinning! I'm dizzy! I'm gonna throw up! No! }

Julian: All right. Is Miguel dead or not?

Spike: I couldn't do it.

Julian: What do you mean, you couldn't do it?

Spike: I almost got caught, ok? So I had to bail before Miguel checked out. What could I do?

Julian: It's frustrating, but by no means final. I'm sure you'll succeed next time. Now, get the hell out of here before someone sees you.

Fox: Wait, wait. I've changed my mind. I don't want you to try and kill Miguel again.

Julian: What?

Fox: It's best this way.

Julian: Oh, is it really?

Fox: Yes, yes it is really, all right? I'll think of another way to keep Kay and Miguel apart.

Julian: Well I -- we couldn't think of another way. That's why we called Spike in.

Fox: Well, I don't care. Do not touch Miguel.

Julian: You're going to regret this decision. Letting your rival live guarantees that you are going to lose Kay and Maria to Miguel.

Luis: I was not having a bad dream. I saw someone in there. They were -- they were holding something over Miguel's head. That's the other thing. I didn't even know Miguel was in there until I heard them use his name.

Fancy: Ok, shh. Even so, there's no one here now, and Miguel is fine.

Luis: Now. What if they come back? What if they try and kill us both?

Fancy: Don't worry. I'll pull double shifts, do whatever it takes to be here as much as I can to make sure nothing happens to either one of you.

Luis: You promise?

Fancy: On my love for you.

Whitney: Maybe I should have Chad's surprise party someplace else.

Theresa: Why?

Whitney: Well, I don't know. I feel bad. You have so much going on. You have Ethan and Jared, Luis and Miguel, the blackmailer.

Theresa: You know what, if it's not one thing, Whitney, it's another. Right? So no, come on, seriously. This is Chad's birthday party. It has to happen tonight. And if we try to have it somewhere else, it would be a logistical nightmare. You know what, it's Chad's party. I want to have it here. You are my best friend, and Chad is your husband. I love you both.

Whitney: We love you, too.

Theresa: All right. Then it's settled. We're having the party here. Now come on, we've got to take that pregnancy test. We gotta find out if you and Chad have something else to celebrate than just his birthday.

Whitney: Oh, God, I hope so. Don't get me wrong, this surprise party is going to be absolutely wonderful. But to find out that we're going to have another baby? Honey, it's incredible. And hopefully, this will be just the thing to get Chad out of whatever funk he's been in.

Paloma: What's going on in here? The gunshot I heard came from in here. So, where's the person who fired the gun?

Vincent: Hey, don't shoot. What's going on?

Paloma: You're the reporter. Um, what's your name?

Vincent: Vincent.

Paloma: Um, I was in the room next door, and I heard a gun go off in here.

Vincent: Really. I didn't hear anything. Of course, I was in the bathroom.

Paloma: That would explain it.

Vincent: Explain what?

Paloma: Why you wouldn't know there's a bullet hole in your wall.

Chad: I've got to make tracks.

Noah: Hey, Chad! Whoa, stop. What the hell, man?

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Kay: If you can get Miguel out of prison, I'll do anything you want.

Julian: I want you to stay with my son.

Paloma: Who fired this bullet into the wall?

Whitney: I'm pregnant.

Tabitha: That big monkey's got mrs. Bradley!

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