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Kay: You belong with me. And I'm never going to leave you, I promise. I love you, and I'll never stop loving you.

Miguel: We need to talk, Kay, about our future.

Kay: You're right. As long as you believe we have a future. Ok? One second. Hi. Um, look, you've been so kind to just let us meet face to face. Do you think that there's any way you could just hold -- hold our daughter while we talk for a second?

Guard: Oh, honey, I've already gone out on a limb letting you two have physical contact.

Kay: I know. Please, please we just -- we really need to talk.

Guard: Yeah, I can see that. Ok, give her here.

Kay: Ok. Thank you.

Guard: Yeah. Hi.

Kay: Ok, let's make plans.

Miguel: Only one. I need you to stop loving me. Right now. You have to wipe me out of your heart forever.

Fancy: No, please don't shut me out, Luis. I love you.

Sheridan: I love you, too. Don't turn your back on that.

Fancy: He already has. Luis? Luis.

Luis: I love you, too, Fancy.

Guard: Let's go.

Sheridan: Luis, wait.

Fancy: Luis.

Guard: Let's go.

Sheridan: Luis, please at least put me back on the visitors list.

Fancy: And please bring him back. Please!

Guard: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Luis: I love you. I love you.

Fancy: Wait, please put me back on your visitors list. This can't be the last time I ever see you. Please.

Luis: It's for your own good. I love you. Just forget about me.

Guard: Let's go right now. Right now.

Luis: Good-bye.

Ethan: Theresa? Damn it, Theresa, where did you go? Theresa? Damn it, why isn't she answering me? Theresa?

Ethan: Theresa? Theresa, answer me.

Theresa: Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, say something. It's Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, I hear you. I'm coming.

Theresa: Get away from me, please. Please get away from me. Get away from me.

Kay: You don't mean that.

Miguel: I do. Just forget about me.

Kay: Are you crazy? I can't just stop loving you, Miguel. I mean, after all these years, we're finally together.

Miguel: Listen to me --

Kay: No, I love you more than anything in the world, and, you know, I've had enough of this whole situation. I'm going to tell Fox the truth. And I'm going to make sure that he's conscious this time and understands what I'm saying. I'm going to tell him that you're the man that I love and that I made this huge mistake when I married him. And he can accept that, and if he doesn't want to, then that's fine. It doesn't matter. Because I'm going to be here for you. You're the love of my life.

Miguel: I don't want you to tell him the truth, Kay.

Kay: Well, it doesn't matter. I'm going to tell him the truth. Watch me.

Miguel: I don't want you to. I want you to go to Fox, and I want you to tell him that you love him. I want you to tell him that you want to be with him forever.

Luis: Just give me a second here!

Fancy: Luis, I love you. You have no idea how much.

Luis: And you have no idea.

Fancy: Then please change your mind. Put me back on the visitors list.

Guard: You'll pay for that.

Fancy: No, please don't take him away!

Luis: I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too, so let me come see you.

Luis: You can't do that. Just forget about me.

Fancy: I will never do that.

Guard: Move! Come on, back to the cells. You're lucky I don't put you in solitary.

Fancy: Luis, we'll get you out of here, I swear! I love you! I love you. Don't leave me.

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: Theresa! I can hear you. I'm coming. Can you hear me?

Theresa: Yes. Ethan, I can hear you! No! No, let me go, ok? Get off me, please. Please.

Person: You're stronger than you look, but it won't do you any good.

Theresa: Ethan! Help me, please! Help me!

Ethan: Theresa, keep calling to me!

Theresa: Let me go! You know that Ethan is coming. He's going to save me!

Person: You'll never see Ethan again.

Theresa: No!

Kay: I don't understand you.

Miguel: You have to do it, Kay. You have to tell Fox that you love him.

Kay: No. Well, what are you saying? I mean, for months and months you've been begging me to tell him the truth. Now what, you've changed your mind?

Miguel: For all the right reasons, Kay.

Kay: No lies. I've had enough of lies. I love you, and I know that you love me. Don't you?

Miguel: You know what, I wish I wasn't wearing these cuffs. Because all I want to do is just hold you and touch you, and prove to you how much I love you, Kay.

Kay: Well, then what are you -- why don't we tell Fox the truth about us?

Miguel: Look at this place. Don't you see where we are? This is prison. I'm going to be here for the rest of my life, Kay.

Kay: No, don't think like that, ok? This is temporary. And at this very moment, Theresa and Ethan, they're appealing it.

Miguel: And what if they fail, Kay?

Kay: You can't think negatively.

Miguel: I'm not. Kay, if I didn't have hope, I don't think I could go on. But we have to be practical. I'm doing what I think is best for you and Maria. I don't want you to have to live your life with the burden of raising her on your own, Kay. I mean it. Let Fox shoulder half of the burden. It's the best thing for you and Maria.

Fancy: I can't bear this. That can't be the last time I'll ever see Luis. Oh, God, why did he do it? Why would he take me off his visitors list?

Sheridan: You idiot, he took me off the list, too.

Fancy: Yeah, well, that was a smart move on his part.

Sheridan: You know, this is all your fault. He wouldn't be in prison if it weren't for you.

Fancy: Me? What the -- you know what? I refuse to be the target of another of your one-sided diatribes.

Sheridan: You will listen to me.

Fancy: No, I won't. I don't wish to talk to you, Aunt Sheridan. So if you know what's good for you, you'll leave me alone.

Sheridan: Little witch. Damn it. I've got to figure out a way to get close to you, Luis. But how?

Guard: Don't mess with me, punk.

Luis: Come on.

Guard: You're going to regret that little scene back in the visiting room. You'll learn. They all do. I got to say, it must have been tough to say good-bye to those two hot blondies back there. You take them both on at the same time? Maybe if they're lonely, I could fill in for you.

Guard: Aw, poor baby. Depressed already? I guess you've got a good reason. Way I hear it, you'll be dead meat in a body bag pretty damn soon. That's ok. Ignore me. Listen, cops that go wrong have a hard enough time in here as it is. And after seeing those two hot chicks, ah, hell, I'd be depressed, too. Don't say I never did nothing for you. I got you a roommate to cheer you up.

Luis: What? I thought prisoners on death row got their own cells.

Guard: They do, but you ain't on death row yet. Come on.

Luis: That's my new cellmate?

Guard: Yeah. This is Harry. Harry, meet Luis. We don't want him to get lonely. Harry don't talk much. Not since he strangled his whole family, but he's real good company, ain't you, Harry?

[Harry grunts]

Guard: [Laughs] Now, you boys play nice while you get acquainted in here.

[Harry grunts]

[Luis grunts]

[Harry grunts]

Ethan: Theresa, what happened?

Person: [Laughs] Did I frighten you? What a pity.

Theresa: No! No.

Ethan: Theresa, where are you?

Theresa: I'm here!

Person: Shut up!

Ethan: Theresa, I hear you. I'm coming. Theresa! Theresa, I heard you. Damn it, I thought I heard her right here. Theresa!

Person: Looking for a way out?

Theresa: Damn you. Damn you. Ethan! Ethan! Come on! Help me, please!

Person: Scream all you want. He can't hear you. Your recently deceased husband Alistair took paranoia to new heights. He had lots of secret hideaways built just like this.

Theresa: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Person: You already know that, Theresa. But you wouldn't listen. I want Ethan.

Theresa: No, no, you can't have him.

Person: I want him, I want him, I want him!

Theresa: No! He doesn't want you! What do you think, that you can hold a knife up to his throat and force him to love you?

Person: Maybe. Maybe not. But at least I can punish you for disobeying me. All you had to do was stay away from Ethan and be with Jared. But no.

Theresa: I married Jared.

Person: And you still slept with Ethan. Your choices have destroyed your brothers' lives. Miguel will be in prison for the rest of his life, and Luis will soon be dead.

Theresa: Why?

Person: You still don't know why? Because you're a nasty, scheming, selfish, self-righteous bitch.

Kay: No, no, it's not right. Ok, I can't lie to Fox anymore. It's not fair. It's not fair to him. It's not fair to Maria. And, you know, I'm not a Crane wife. I can't live this lie anymore.

Miguel: It won't be a lie, Kay. You told me that you loved him.

Kay: Not the way that I love you.

Miguel: Ok, maybe not. But before we were together, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him.

Kay: Now I don't.

Miguel: You know, one thing we know for sure is that Fox loves you with all his heart. He can give you and Maria the best that money can buy, Kay. You guys can be secure.

Kay: Fox is dying.

Miguel: Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. If he is dying, you're going to be very, very rich, Kay. You'll be a rich widow. And you can give Maria everything. She can go to the best schools. She can have every opportunity this world has to offer.

Kay: Ok, it's not like you to be mercenary.

Miguel: Well, what choice do I have, Kay? There's nothing I can do in here to keep the ones I love safe. Do this for me, please.

Kay: No.

Miguel: Please, Kay. I've thought about this long and hard, and being Fox's dutiful wife is the best thing for you and Maria.

Miguel: Kay, do this for me, please. If you love me, do this for me.

Guard: Darn, I forgot how crowded it is in these cells. Don't bump into the man, Harry.


Harry: Yeah, but that's my bunk.


Guard: You seeing the pretty stars? Just wait, Harry'll make you see heaven. You won't have to wait for an execution. Harry'll finish you right now. [Grunts]

Sam: Fancy, I'm sorry.

Fancy: Yeah, thanks.

Sam: Look, I didn't want to take it down, but Mayor Anawalt saw it and screamed bloody murder. He said we couldn't have a convicted murderer on a recruiting poster.

Fancy: I guess he has a point.

Sam: Well, how was the visit?

Fancy: Hmm, my one and only visit. Sam, Luis took me off his visitors list. He doesn't ever want me going out to see him.

Sam: Well, that's dumb.

Fancy: I know. He thinks he's being noble, but he's only breaking my heart. Sam, what if Ethan and Theresa can't fix this? I mean, what if Luis is executed?

Sam: Hey, let's calm down, all right? Let's not even go there.

Fancy: Well, I don't know what to do anymore. I don't think I can live my life without Luis.

Sam: Listen to me, all right? You're strong. You're going to get through this. We all have that ability when tragedy strikes. I mean, hey, I should know. I want you to do me a favor, ok? I want you to come back. Come back to work whenever you want, ok? I know you've been through hell, and we'll fill in the holes of scheduling. Don't -- no -- no problem.

Fancy: Thank you, Sam, but, um, that's what I came here to talk to you about. I don't think I can ever come back to work.

Ethan: Theresa! Theresa, where are you? Oh, God, what if that freak has her? Theresa!

Theresa: You are completely mad. Do you know that?

Person: Don't say that to me.

Theresa: I can't help it that I love Ethan. Love isn't something that you choose. It just happens. Who are you? And why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to hurt my family?

Person: I have my reasons.

Theresa: Why did you come up with this sick plan to hurt my brothers?

Person: Stay away from me. I didn't do anything, Theresa. You did. All you had to do was walk away from Ethan and be with Jared. But you disobeyed me. You couldn't do that. Not Theresa. Not the woman who's better than everyone else. You think the rules don't apply to you?

Theresa: What rules? Rules that you make up?

Person: Yes, you think you're special. You think you can lord it over everyone in this town.

Theresa: No, please, listen to me.

Person: Get away.

Theresa: Ok. Ok. Ok, look, whatever I have done, I am sorry. Please, I'm so sorry. But you have to help me. Look, not for myself. Just for my brothers. You know that they're innocent. You have to get their lives back, please. I will do anything that you want.

Person: Too late. You had your chance. I told you to stay away from Ethan and be with Jared, but you disobeyed me. You'll pay for that sin, and so will Ethan.

Theresa: No, no, please, not Ethan. Please, please, tell me what you want me to do. I will do it, I promise. I will obey you. Please. I love him. Don't you understand what love is?

Person: Love.

Person: They -- they didn't want me. Nobody wanted me. They treated me like garbage. I tried. I tried to make them love me. But they didn't want me. Nobody wanted me! No one wants me! Abandoned, discarded, treated like trash! They laughed at me.

Theresa: Who laughed at you?

Person: And now -- now I have nothing. Nothing, no one. And what to do? What can I do?

Theresa: Listen to me, please. Listen, I can help you. I can help you. I -- we can help each other.

Person: What can you do?

Theresa: I have money. I have lots of money. You can have it all. Please, just help me help my brothers. You can do that, right? You can help get them out of jail.

Person: I can do anything I want. Just watch.

Ethan: Theresa!

Theresa: Ethan!

Ethan: Theresa, can you hear me?

Person: [Laughs] He can't hear you.

Theresa: Wait, you know what? We can just -- just let me get out of here, please? Please? And I can -- I can go to Ethan, and we can -- we can go. We can leave you alone forever.

Person: You expect me to believe that? It's too late for mercy. You defied me. Ethan defied me. And for that, you must both be punished.

Theresa: What are you going to do?

Person: Ethan must die. [Laughs]

Ethan: Theresa!

Ethan: Theresa, answer me if you can hear me!

Theresa: Please, please don't hurt him, please.

Person: Not hurt, kill.

Theresa: No, no, wait -- wait, you told me before that you wanted him, so how can you bring yourself to do this to him?

Person: He doesn't want me. He doesn't love me. Just like everyone else, he doesn't see me.

Theresa: Who are you?

Person: I don't have anyone, so you can't have anyone else, either. Theresa, whoever you love will find death.

Theresa: No, just wait, wait, please. Just -- just listen to me. You help my brothers. Please, and I promise you -- I swear to you, I will give Ethan up forever. I swear to God. Wait!

Person: Do you expect me to believe that? How many times have you sworn to give him up? No, just watch.

Theresa: No, no, what are you doing?

Person: Watch. Your deceased husband Alistair built an underground gallery of horror. Now it's time to use it.

Ethan: What's this crack in the wall?

Ethan: What the hell is this? It's a separate chamber?

Ethan: Whoa.

Theresa: Get away. Get away, Ethan. It's a trap!

Person: [Laughs] Not just any trap. A death trap.

Theresa: Ethan!

Person: Please, my ears. Don't bother. He can't hear you. There's nothing you can do to help him.

Ethan: Damn, I'm trapped. Theresa! Theresa, I'm trapped and locked in this room!

[Scraping noise]

Ethan: What is that noise?

Ethan: Oh, my God.

Theresa: You're going to crush him alive?

Person: Worse. I'm making Ethan jelly. [Laughs]

Theresa: No.

Person: You can spread him on your toast for breakfast. [Laughs]

Kay: Please, don't ask me to do this.

Miguel: Do you think this is easy for me? Sending you back to the arms of the man who put me in prison?

Kay: Well, then stop.

Miguel: No, Kay. I saw my mother struggle financially my whole life, and it's horrible. I don't want you and Maria to live that way.

Kay: Money doesn't solve everything. Miguel, look at your sister, she's got all the money in the world, and she's not happy.

Miguel: You're not Theresa, Kay. You already love Fox. Build a family with him. He can take care of you while he can. And if he really is dying, he will make sure somebody takes care of you for the rest of your life, Kay. This man can give you and Maria anything.

Kay: No, he can't. He can't give me you, and that's all I want.

Sam: Fancy, you don't mean that.

Fancy: Yes, I do, Sam. I can't come back to work here. There are too many memories.

Sam: Fancy Crane, you worked your butt off to become a police officer. And you know what? You're good at it.

Fancy: Yeah, right. So good I can't find the bastard who raped me. So good, the man I love has been condemned to death on trumped up evidence I can't break.

Sam: You can't give up your badge.

Fancy: I have to, Sam. Yes, I love police work. But I have to admit, the only reason I applied for cadet training in the first place was to be close to Luis. Everywhere I look, there are memories of him. I can't take it.

{Fancy: Mm-mm, I'd join the Cub Scouts if Luis were on the recruiting poster. Thank you for an excellent idea, Paloma.

Luis: You're building up your endurance, you know?

Fancy: Yeah, if you say so.

Luis: Yeah.

Luis: Once you graduate, there's no rule standing in our way of, uh, being together.

Fancy: Yeah, I can't wait, sir.

Luis: I'm counting the days.

Fancy: I'm counting the minutes.

Luis: Seconds. }

Fancy: I -- I have to find some way to move on with my life.

Sam: You're not going to give up on him?

Fancy: No, no, of course not. But being here, I -- it's just too hard without Luis.

Sam: What is it?

Fancy: I don't know. I don't know. This horrible feeling. A feeling that Luis is in danger.

Guard: Give it to him, Harry. Get him good. Sweet.

Harry: Oh! Oh!

[Harry grunting] No more!

Guard: Are you going to let him get away with that, Harry? Give him the pain!

Luis: [Yells]

Guard: Where are you going? Get -- get back in there, you chicken.

Luis: That's right. And stay the hell out!

Fancy: It's so strange. I -- I have this vision of Luis being hurt.

Fancy: Ooh, it went away. He must be ok.

Sam: Hey, you sure you're all right?

Fancy: Yeah -- yes. Ooh, that was so weird. All of a sudden, I had chills running down my spine, and something in my head was screaming that Luis was in danger.

Sam: Maybe it was in your heart, not your head. You know, Sheridan used to have premonitions about Luis.

Fancy: Yeah, I heard. Anyway, I think he's ok for the moment, but he's still in some sort of jeopardy. Oh, right, death row. I'd call that jeopardy, wouldn't you?

Sam: Fancy, listen to me. Um, I don't want you making any big decisions right now, especially after everything you've gone through, ok? Um, look, we need you on the force. Would you go home and think about it?

Fancy: No, Sam, I have thought about it, and I can't be here without Luis.

Fancy: You better sign for these.

Sam: You sure? You earned that.

Fancy: Uh, yes, Sam, please, just take them, ok? I've made up my mind.

{Sheridan: Oh, Luis, it's so...

Luis: Romantic?

Sheridan: Yes, romantic.

Luis: Mm, and this is only the beginning.

Sheridan: Please don't ever leave me. I just -- I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too. And don't you worry, ok? I'll never leave you. }

Sheridan: How many tears have I shed for Luis? They've all been so useless. Tears won't help him now. But what will?

Sheridan: You know my voice, don't you? I have a job for you. Don't even think about hanging up on me. I know you for the scum that you are.

Person: [Laughs] Squish, squish, won't he make a mess?

Theresa: No, please, please don't do this. You love him, right? You can't bring yourself to hurt him.

Person: You convinced me I can never have him.

Theresa: No, I didn't say that.

Person: Of course you did. Your love for each other is what's killing him.

Theresa: No, just don't do this, please. Please don't kill him, please!

Person: I blame you for this, Theresa. It's all your fault. All of it.

[Metal scraping]

Ethan: Oh, there's got to be a way to stop this.

Ethan: All right, that's holding. Even if I stop the wall, how am I going to get out of here?

Theresa: He did it. He stopped the wall with a board.

Person: No! No! No! No! No, no, no, no!

Kay: How did this happen to us?

Miguel: Shh.

Kay: Why does love always have to be so hard?

Miguel: Shh, don't blame love, ok?

Kay: I won't do it, Miguel. I can't stay with Fox. I'm not going to do it.

Miguel: Please. Do it for me, Kay. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and I'm doing it because I know it's what's best for you and Maria.

Kay: Why? Why are you sending me back to the guy who put you in here? I can't do it.

Miguel: If you can't do it for me, can't you do it for her? She deserves the best, Kay. Don't you think? Fox can give her that.

Guard: Kay, you got to go now. Ok, sorry, I got to get you back to your cell.

Kay: No, just --

Guard: No, I'm sorry. I know it's rough, but I've already bent the rules for you two big time.

Miguel: It's ok.

Kay: No, just, please -- just, like, a couple more minutes. We just need to talk.

Guard: No, you and the little girl have to go.

Kay: Miguel, I love you.

Guard: Here.

Miguel: Please remember what I told you. Kay, go to fox. He'll be good to you. And it's what's best for you and Maria. Ok?

Miguel: Bye, sweetheart.

Kay: No, please, don't -- don't -- please don't take him away right now.

Miguel: I have to. I have to.

Guard: Come on, big guy.

Miguel: I love you, Kay. I always will. And do what I ask, please. Go to Fox. I love you.

Kay: I can't do that. I can't do this. God, help us, I love him so much.

Sam: Sign here.

Sam: I wish I could talk you out of leaving the force.

Fancy: I'm sorry, Sam. I can't be here anymore.

Sam: If you're sure? You know your job will always be here if you want it.

Fancy: Thank you.

Sam: I better get these bagged up. Why don't you go home and get some rest?

Fancy: Yeah, you bet.

Fancy: Sorry, Sam. After I do what I have to to get close to Luis again, I don't think you'll ever give me my job back.

Sheridan: Yes, the same terms my father gave you. Now did you write it all down? Good. I want you to do exactly what I told you to do. No excuses. I want results. We'll talk later. And let's get something straight. I want you to make me happy, or you will be in a world of pain.

Luis: You had enough? Now you stay the hell away from me.

Guard: Get him, Harry. Finish him off.

Harry: There. Got him right there.

Ethan: All right, it's holding. Now I got to get out of here.

Ethan: Great, now I really got to get out of here. Theresa!

Theresa: God, Ethan, no.

Person: [Laughs] What did I say? Ethan Winthrop will die.

Theresa: No, no, please, I am begging you. Please don't do this. Don't kill him. Please, don't do this.

Person: I would much rather see him dead than with anyone else.

Theresa: What the hell is wrong with you, you sick freak?

Person: Don't call me that.

Theresa: Well, if the shoe fits, you stupid, stupid freak.

Person: Don't call me that.

Theresa: No wonder they laughed at you. I mean, God, look at you. You're ridiculous. No wonder they abandoned you. Anyone with half a brain would abandon you on the side of the road. Sick freak!

Person: Shut up! Quiet!

Theresa: Does that hurt? Well, I'm just getting started, you stupid, disgusting, carnival sideshow monster!

Person: [Screams]

Theresa: Look at you. What the hell are you wearing? Are you a man or a woman?

Person: Quiet!

Theresa: Do you even know? You don't know.

Person: Quiet!

Theresa: Come on, answer me. Are you a man or a woman, or just something weird in between?

Person: [Screams]

Theresa: Answer me, are you a man or a woman?

Person: [Sobs]

Theresa: What is under all that? You know what, I bet it isn't pretty!

Ethan: What is that?

Person: [Sobbing]

Theresa: What happened to you?

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