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Tabitha: There's no chance those committee women will let you attend their precious Paul Revere preschool now, in spite of Julian's insistence to the contrary. No, Endora, you won't have to go to that mortal school with those snotty kids. Isn't that grand, huh?

Tabitha: Is it possible that Endora would like to go to school, to be with other kids?

Man: Ugh!

Paloma: Gotcha.

Whitney: Valerie, I'm so sorry, but, I mean, you deserve to know the truth. Vincent is cheating on you.

Chad's voice: My life is over. Vincent will ruin me, if he doesn't kill Whitney and me both.

Valerie: There has to be some kind of mistake. Vincent would never cheat on me. He loves me. What man cheats on a woman if he really loves her?

Whitney: A two-faced, two-timing pig, that's who. Valerie, listen to me, you're worth more than that, ok? Any man who cheats on a woman who he says he loves isn't worth a damn.

Sheridan: Chris, what's going on?

James: Daddy and I are leaving together.

Chris: James, why don't you go and check your room, make sure you've got everything you want, ok?

James: Ok.

Sheridan: What did he mean by you're going away together?

Chris: James and I are leaving you, Sheridan, permanently. This marriage is over.

Ethan: Yes, I understand.

Theresa: Who was that?

Ethan: That was Judge Reilly. He wants us all back in the courtroom, right now.

Pilar: Why?

Ethan: Because his honor wants to sentence Luis and Miguel now, tonight.

Valerie: How do you know Vincent's cheating on me?

Whitney: Valerie, I caught him. I caught him at the Safari Motel with somebody else. At first he tried to deny it and say you were the one who was there with him, but then when I wanted to speak to you face to face, he had to admit he was there with someone else.

Valerie: Oh, my God. Vincent was there with another woman.

Chad's voice: Not quite.

Whitney: Look, I hate this, I really do. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, I mean, I just feel so responsible since I'm the one who introduced you two. And you just need to know the truth, you know? You need to know he's been seeing somebody else so that you can protect yourself, you know, from diseases or, you know, whatever might happen, you know what I'm saying?

Valerie: Diseases? Oh, my God. Vincent said he loved me. I even thought he could be the one.

Whitney: At least you know now, you know, before it's gotten --

Valerie: Whitney, you are so lucky you're married to a man like Chad.

Whitney: I am. I mean, Chad is the kind of man who would never cheat on me or hurt me in any way.

Sheridan: You can't be serious. Our marriage can't be over.

Chris: It was doomed right from the start, Sheridan.

Sheridan: No, it wasn't.

Chris: Luis? I can't pretend to be in a marriage when my wife is in love with another man.

Sheridan: I love Luis as a friend.

Chris: Just -- just stop the lying, please. I heard you on the witness stand. You admitted under oath that you're still in love with Luis. I guess I knew it all along, but when you announced it to the world like that, I couldn't pretend any longer.

Sheridan: You don't understand. I love Luis because of the history we shared together, because of the child we had together.

Chris: We had a baby together, Sheridan... a baby who died. It didn't bond us, not the way it bonded you to Luis.

Sheridan: That's not fair.

Chris: Fair? Don't talk to me about fair. This deck was stacked against me right from the start. You love Luis. You've never gotten over him. I don't think you ever will.

Sheridan: But I love you. You're my husband.

Chris: Yeah, maybe, in name only. But when it comes to your heart, Sheridan, when it comes to the man who lives in your very soul, it isn't me. It's Luis, and it always will be.

Fancy: What about reconvening the jury? And Nancier -- doesn't the D.A.'s office have to be part of the sentencing process?

Ethan: Evidently, Fancy, Judge Reilly is just going right ahead without the D.A. or without the jury.

Kay: Well, can he do that?

Ethan: The point is he's doing it.

Pilar: But why?

Ethan: I think the blackmailer got to Reilly again.

Theresa: Oh, God.

Ethan: Here I was, I was all ready to file an appeal and, damn it, I'm cut off at the knees again.

Luis: He's right. We're still being set up.

Miguel: And so far nothing we do has been able to stop it, huh?

Theresa: There has to be something that you can do.

Ethan: I'll get one of my paralegals to research some case law and some precedents and hopefully I can block Reilly from doing what he's doing. Then hopefully we'll have enough time to file an appeal.

Julian: This is rather amazing. We couldn't have planned this better ourselves. Whoever this blackmailer is, he or she is brilliant.

Fox: Yeah, so far, so far, but --

Julian: What?

Fox: Well, we did everything to set Miguel up, but the blackmailer really did the rest. He or she is on the verge of completely destroying Luis and Miguel's lives.

Julian: And your point?

Fox: Then what? Fancy's life was shot to hell just to bring Luis down, not to mention Rae and that bartender were murdered. So is this it? Or is this blackmailer just getting started?

Julian: That's a good question. I mean, if Luis and Miguel were just the beginning, who's next, huh?

Fancy: I feel like I'm to blame for this, Luis. The way Nancier twisted my testimony around, it was just like Sam said it would be.

Luis: Well, it's not your fault. Miguel and I are being railroaded. It's just plain and simple. Hey, stop blaming yourself, ok?

Theresa: Blame me. The blackmailer told me to stay away from Ethan, but I didn't.

Ivy: What else is new?

Kay: Miguel, I can't lose you. Maria and I can't lose you.

Miguel: Hey, it's going to be ok. We're going to be fine.

Pilar: Ethan, please, isn't there some way that we can postpone my sons' sentencing?

Ethan: I honestly don't know.

[Man groans]

Paloma: Noah? What are you doing here?

Noah: Surprise.

Tabitha: No little witch can resist playing with Freddy and Jason action figures. Nor the home autopsy kit, for that matter. Oh, Endora doesn't need to go to school to have fun with other children. We have fun here at home, lots of fun. Endora, would you like to play "rip the wings off the angel," huh? And then we could make some devil's food brownies.

Tabitha: Well, how about "arson at the orphanage," huh?

Tabitha: I know I shouldn't read my wee one's mind, but I need to know what's bothering my little witchling.

Tabitha: Oh, dear. My little one's growing up. She doesn't want to play with just Mummy anymore.

Chad's voice: Whitney's gone and done it now. Vincent could kill us both for Whitney telling Valerie he's cheating on her.

Valerie: You know what, you're right, Vincent is no better than a rutting pig. How dare he cheat on me. I'm calling him right now and letting him have it.

Chad: No.

Whitney: Chad, what are you doing?

Chad: No, I just -- I meant, Valerie, I think you should wait.

Valerie: Why?

Whitney: Yeah, why? I mean, that's a really good question. Why should she wait? I mean, what are you going to do, warn Vincent?

Chad: No, no, it's just, um --

{Vincent: Let's get one thing straight -- you've got to control your wife. Don't let her interfere in my life or it'll cost you. }

Whitney: Well, Chad, answer the question. Why shouldn't Valerie confront Vincent? 

Noah: Ow, ow.

Paloma: Noah, why are you still here?

Noah: Look, I can explain, all right?

Paloma: No, don't bother, I know why. You stayed to check up on me again.

Noah: No, no, no --

Paloma: You lied when you said you trusted me to take care of myself.

Noah: My car wouldn't start. I think it's the battery. I came up here to get some jumper cables. This is the part where you apologize.

Paloma: Me? You're the one who was trying to sneak up on me.

Noah: I wasn't sneaking up on you. I walked right up to you.

Paloma: Then why didn't you say something?

Noah: Because I didn't want to scare you.

Paloma: I'm not scared.

Noah: I can tell. Before I even got "I'm back" out, you threw me down on the ground.

Paloma: I told you I can take care of myself.

Noah: You certainly can. Nobody's arguing with that.

Paloma: So, what now?

Noah: I think you should jump me.

Paloma: Ok.

Noah: Ugh!

Tabitha: Oh, my. This is like that time that Timmy heard those children singing Christmas carols. Oh, he so wanted to be like them.

{Timmy: If Timmy were a real boy, he could be out there caroling with those kids. }

Tabitha: Hmm. I so feared where Timmy's wish would lead him. I wanted to protect him, to keep him with me, to keep him in our world, where, despite all the chaos and catastrophe, he -- he'd always be safe.

{Tabitha: Watch out, Timmy! The giant wave's about to hit!

Timmy: Tell it that Timmy and his princess can't swim!

Tabitha: Ah!

Timmy: Whoa!

Tabitha: Don't worry, lad. I'll catch you this time.

Timmy: Ow!

Tabitha: Whoa! Help me, Timmy!

Timmy: Oh, no. Tabby's heading straight for disaster.

Timmy: And disaster's heading straight for Timmy!

Tabitha: Help me, Timmy, or I'll wind up like one of Grace Bennett's flapjacks!

Timmy: What's going to happen to Timmy and Tabby?

Tabitha: Oh, I haven't got a clue. But this is all your fault, Timmy! You cast all those spells with that bloody scepter. Now you brought all this rain. Now we're just going to have to go with the flow!

Timmy: Whoa!

Tabitha: We're going to die! }

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, Timmy. Only Timmy didn't want to live apart from life with me anymore. No, he wanted to live in the mortal world, to have mortal friends. And now Endora does, too. Oh, Timmy, Timmy, what am I going to do? Endora wants to go out into the world, have a life of her own, have friends just like you did. Am I going to lose her like I lost you?

{Timmy: Charity.

Tabitha: Timmy, what is it?

Timmy: Charity. Timmy's so tired, princess. Timmy needs to sleep.

Tabitha: Timmy. Timmy? Timmy? Timmy, please. No. Timmy, squeeze my hand if you can hear me. Timmy? Squeeze my hand. Squeeze --

Tabitha: Oh, no. No! No. }

Tabitha: What if I -- what if I lost Endora like I lost you? Oh, I -- I couldn't go through that again. No, no, not witch nor mortal should have to go through that twice in a lifetime. Oh, Timmy, what am I going to do? What -- what am I going to do that will be the best for Endora?

Valerie: Why shouldn't I confront Vincent?

Whitney: Yeah, that's kind of what I want to know.

Chad: I just don't want things to get worse, ok?

Whitney: Worse how?

Chad: She's upset.

Whitney: With good reason, Chad.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, but if you go and confront Vincent right now, things are going to get ugly.

Valerie: I don't care. I'm not going to let Vincent get away with this.

Whitney: Good for you, honey.

Chad: All I'm saying is I think you might want to think things through.

Valerie: You know what, good point.

Chad's voice: Thank God. This buys me time.

Valerie: I am going to confront Vincent and make him tell me who that tramp is he's sleeping with and let her have it, too.

Chad: No, no, no.

Whitney: No, just ignore him, ok, because he's a man. And listen, when you find that skank, you call me, because I'll go over there with you, ok?

Valerie: Thank you. I'm going to go home, I'm going to call Vincent, have him come over, and when he gets there I'm going to lower the boom.

Chad: Valerie, just wait a second.

Valerie: You know what, Whitney, thank you so much for clueing me in. I owe you.

Whitney: Oh, that takes a load off of my mind. What's wrong?

Chad: Nothing.

Whitney: Well, you're still upset that I told Valerie, aren't you?

Chad: No, no, baby, I just was thinking about something I had to do at the office.

Whitney: But what about dinner, honey?

Chad: Look, you go ahead and feed Miles. We'll eat when I get back. I won't be that long, ok?

Chad: I've got to stop Valerie from confronting Vincent or Whitney's and my life is over.

Chris: I can't lie to myself anymore, Sheridan, and neither should you. In your heart, you're married to Luis. I love you with all that is good in my heart, but it's still not good enough. I'll always be your second choice.

Sheridan: No. You are not my second choice. Please don't go. Don't leave me. Look, Luis is my past. You and James are my present, my future, my everything.

Chris: If only that were true.

Sheridan: It is true. You have to believe me.

Chris: Look, I believe that you love James, and you've been an incredible mother to him, but that's not the problem. The problem is us.

Sheridan: I love you. My love for you is as strong as my love for James. You have to believe me. Yes, it's been hard for me to deal with Luis moving on, especially with Fancy, but I will do whatever it takes, whatever you want me to do just to not lose you and James. No, I saved James' life and he helped me to get my life back. And then you came along and you taught me to love again. And I love you so much. Please, if you love me, you will give me a chance to prove that I can be the wife that you want, the wife that you deserve.

Chris: I don't want to leave you, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Then please don't go. Please, Chris, don't leave me. Please don't go.

Fancy: This is awful, Mother. Luis is being railroaded straight to death row and he didn't do anything wrong.

Ivy: No, well, it is unsettling.

Fancy: "Unsettling"? I could lose the man I love.

Ivy: Oh, honey. Just try to think positive thoughts.

Fancy: Ok, what if Ethan's father were in Luis' shoes? Would you be content to think positive thoughts?

Ivy: No. No, I wouldn't. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound dismissive. It's just Theresa. She's managed to make a mess of everything again. If she just would've stayed away from Ethan like the blackmailer said, none of this would be happening.

Fancy: Ok, I'm too worried about Luis to think about blame right now.

Ivy: You're right, there will be plenty of time for that later.

Fancy: Mother.

Ivy: Well -- oh. I'm sorry, honey, I'm sorry. I love you, I do, and I want you to be happy, and I really, really hope that Luis at least gets a reprieve. But in the meantime, would you be really hurt and hate me if I just stepped out for a while?

Fancy: No, Pilar and Kay are here.

Julian: Well, your Miguel problem is about to be over. Once he's sent away to prison, Dr. Gasparro will cure you and you can get on with your life with Kay.

Fox: Kay? Why don't you come sit next to me, sweetheart?

Kay: Actually, I'm going to sit with Pilar. She's Maria's grandmother and she could lose the two sons she has left.

Pilar: No thanks to Alistair for having my Antonio killed.

Julian: Kay, why don't you go sit with Pilar? I think it would be fine with you, wouldn't it, son?

Fox: Sure.

Julian: Oh, St. Pilar. I wonder when the Pope finally makes it official what she'll be saint of, housekeeping or bad mothers.

Fox: Pilar's a great mother. She didn't fail her family. It's we Cranes that did them in.

Julian: Oh, please, not you, too.

Fox: Hey, it's true.

Julian: Whatever, as you kids say, but I must say in my defense I've made up for my shortcomings by helping you to hold onto Kay forever, am I not?

Fox: Maybe. But, you know, I think the blackmailer's got you beat. He or she is the one that really put the nails in Luis and Miguel's coffin.

Theresa: I know. Are you sure that's charged?

Ethan: It's charged.

Theresa: Ok. So what happens if your paralegal doesn't call you with the information you need before Judge Reilly reconvenes court?

Ethan: Don't worry about it. I'm going to take care of this, ok, I promise.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Oh, my God, the hearing is about to start.

Ethan: It's all right. Kevin has always come through for me.

Theresa: Always?

Ethan: He has so far.

Bailiff: All rise. Court is now in session, the honorable James E. Reilly presiding.

[Phone beeps]

Theresa: I hope that's Kevin with good news.

Judge Reilly: You may be seated.

Theresa: What's it say?

Ethan: It says just what I thought. Kevin found a couple cases where a judge tried to forgo the juries rendering sentence after a defendant was found guilty, and in each case, the judge was stopped by the defense appealing to the governor.

Theresa: So that's good, right?

Ethan: That's very good, Theresa. That means that I can get Reilly to stop what he's doing right now and we'll have enough time for an appeal.

Theresa: There's hope.

Ethan: Yeah.

Paloma: It's raining.

Noah: Hmm, so it is.

Paloma: Noah, I can't do this. I'm on duty.

Noah: Well, you're just waiting for a delivery and I'm helping you stay alert.

Paloma: Nice try, but I have to be professional.

Noah: Oh, you're a professional at kissing. Come here.

Paloma: Another nice try, but you have to go.

Noah: I can't, remember? My car won't start, so --

Paloma: Ok, I'll help you find some jumper cables and then I'll give you a good charge.

Noah: You already have. Excuse me, come here. Whoa.

Sheridan: Please, let me prove to you how much I love you, how committed I am to you.

Chris: I didn't plan on falling in love with you, Sheridan, but I did. And leaving isn't what I want, but --

Sheridan: Then don't. Give me another chance. I promise you won't be sorry.

[Phone rings]

Sheridan: Let me get that. It could be Ethan calling about Luis. Hello? Oh, my God. Thank you for calling.

Chris: What is it?

Sheridan: Judge Reilly reconvened court to sentence Luis and Miguel. The nerve of that man, denying Luis and Miguel due process.

Reporter: This is Paul Marte with WDRT news, reporting live from Harmony's courthouse, where the fate of Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald is about to be decided in what can only be called a shocking use of judicial power.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, Luis.

Ethan: I can do it, I can stopJudge Reilly from sentencing your brothers without due process.

Theresa: Thank you, God.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge Reilly: Order. Order in the court. I hereby sentence convicted felons Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald --

Ethan: Hold on, judge. Excuse me.

Judge Reilly: Oh, do sit down and shut up.

Ethan: No, you can't do this.

Judge Reilly: Watch me.

Ethan: Judge, as we speak, my staff is filing an ex parte motion to make sure that you are stopped from sentencing my clients without jury deliberation.

Judge Reilly: Details, details.

Ethan: Case law takes a harsher view, Your Honor. You see, other judges have attempted to do what you're trying to do right now, and they've all been stopped by governors who have sided with the defense.


Judge Reilly: All right, be quiet! It's not a movie of the week.

Fancy's voice: Ethan came through.

Kay: The tide's turning in our favor.

Judge Reilly: I am well aware of the case law that you are citing, counselor, and you are correct, in each case, the governor has blocked the judge from proceeding.

Theresa's voice: We've won. We beat the blackmailer.

Judge Reilly: Which is why I have obtained approval from our governor before reconvening this court.

Ethan: What are you talking about?

Judge Reilly: See for yourself. The governor has sided with me. I have written authorization to proceed with the sentencing.

Ethan: Oh, my God, are you kidding me?

Judge Reilly: Gotcha.

Ethan: This -- even so --

Judge Reilly: Now just sit down and be quiet. One more word out of you and I will find you in contempt. Is that clear?

Theresa: Is he for real?

Ethan: Yeah.

Judge Reilly: All right. Now, as to the sentencing of convicted felons Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, I am ready to declare their fates.

Julian: This is it. Adios, Miguel and Luis.

Tabitha: Help me, help me, help me, Timmy. Help your princess do what's right for Endora.

{Tabitha: I love you, Timmy. I love you with all my heart.

Timmy: Really, Tabby?

Tabitha: Yes, lad. A million times, yes.

Timmy: Timmy didn't know his princess could feel that way about anybody.

Tabitha: Neither did I. You've changed my life, lad, for the better. I love you.

Timmy: Timmy loves his princess, too. }

Tabitha: Thank you, Timmy. Thank you. You taught me how to love. You taught me how to love freely. So I know what I have to do. I do love Endora. I truly -- I truly do love Endora. And I have to love her enough to let her go.

Tabitha: It's hard. It's hard, Timmy. It's as hard as it was to let you go.

Noah: Whoa, man, that rain came out of nowhere.

Paloma: I know, I'm soaked.

Noah: Me, too.

Paloma: Well, the Cranes always keep a fire in the living room.

Noah: Ok.

Paloma: So call the garage, tell them about your car while I get some towels for us to dry off with.

Noah: Ok.

Paloma: The sooner we get out of these wet clothes, the better.

Noah: I love the way that woman thinks. Oh, my God.

Chad: Oh, man. I hope I'm not too late to stop Valerie from telling Vincent she knows about the affair. If she does, all hell's going to break loose.

Valerie: Vincent, you bastard!

Vincent: Shut up, Valerie.

Valerie: The hell I will! I know you're cheating on me.

Vincent: Says who?

Valerie: Whitney, that's who.

Chad: Damn it.

Valerie: Now get out of my sight. It's over between us.

Vincent: I'll tell you when it's over, bitch, and we are far from finished.

Valerie: You're crazy.

Vincent: Crazy? I'll show you crazy.

[Valerie screams]

Vincent: Had enough?

Chad: Oh, my God.

Valerie: Stop, let me go! You're hurting me!

Vincent: I'm just getting started.

Valerie: No, no!

Chad: Vincent's going to kill Valerie.

Reporter: I'm now being told that the governor has given Judge Reilly permission to sentence Miguel and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald tonight, without the jury or district attorney being present.

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

James: Mommy.

Sheridan: James.

James: Daddy and I are leaving now.

Sheridan: But I thought --

Chris: From the moment you got that call, it was as if I never existed.

Sheridan: No, I was just --

Chris: James, we need to get going. Say goodbye to your mother.

Sheridan: James.

James: It's ok, Mommy. Don't cry. Daddy and I will be back soon.

Sheridan: I wish you and your daddy weren't leaving.

James: Daddy said we're helping you by leaving.

Sheridan: I just want you to know from the moment I saw you in that park, I fell in love with you, and I will always love you.

James: I love you, too, Mommy.

Sheridan: I want you to listen to me. I want you to be a good boy and listen to your daddy, and know that I will always be thinking of you, ok?

James: I will.

Sheridan: Ok.

Chris: Hey, James? Why don't you take your bag out to the car. I'll be right there, ok?

Sheridan: Please don't do this. Don't leave me.

Chris: Be fair, Sheridan. You left me the moment you knew Luis wasn't dead after all.

Sheridan: I'm so sorry.

Chris: I am, too.

Chris: Goodbye, Sheridan. Be happy and be well.

Sheridan: You, too.

Chris: Goodbye, my love.

Tabitha: Yes, Timmy, yes. You have made it very clear. Endora? Mummy's been thinking. Maybe I'm wrong to try and keep you here at home with me. Maybe you should go to preschool.

Tabitha: Yes, sweet pea. Maybe it'd be nice for you to play with some little mortal children.

Tabitha: Well, then, preschool it is. What's the matter?

Tabitha: Oh, don't worry about that. Mummy will fix it. We'll get those blue bloods back from the school board and convince them that you would be perfect for their precious Paul Revere preschool.

Tabitha: I love you, too, sweet pea. We both do.

Valerie: Vincent, stop it!

Vincent: You'll pay for this, Valerie. Nobody breaks up with me.

Valerie: Stop, I can't take anymore!

Chad: God, I got to do something before Vincent kills Valerie. Vincent! Open this door or I'm breaking it down!

Noah: Thank you.

Paloma: Come, get out of those wet clothes.

Noah: Hmm. Well, far be it for me to argue with an officer of the law. You are so beautiful.

Paloma: And you are soaking wet.

Noah: Oh. Hmm.

Sheridan: I've lost everything -- Luis, Marty, my baby with Chris, Chris himself, James. All I ever wanted was love. I had that with Chris and Luis. And now I've lost Chris. And Luis could be set to lose his life.

Judge Reilly: In the matter of the state versus Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, you have been found guilty of attempted murder. And you are hereby sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Kay: No.

Judge Reilly: Order.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge Reilly: Order. In the matter of the state versus Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, you have been found guilty of two counts of rape, two murders, arson. And for these heinous crimes, you will be sentenced to death by lethal injection, and the execution will happen as quickly as possible.

Pilar: This can't be happening. This can't be happening, mijo.

Theresa: My brothers are innocent.

Pilar: Please, I beg of you, you can't do this!

Judge Reilly: Bailiff!

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