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Jessica: Ok. What happened? We were just in Tabitha's attic, and now we're here. And you still haven't told me who you are.

Endora: I'm your friend, Jessica. That's all you need to know.

Jessica: Where's Endora?

Endora: Endora's where she should be. You aren't. Your life's a mess. But it doesn't have to be. You can be happy again.

Jessica: I don't see how.

Endora: I'll show you.

Spike's voice: [Screams] Jess! Jess, please help me! I'm trapped in Tabitha's basement! Jess!

Tabitha: Indeed you are, Mr. Spike man. I'll teach you to take advantage of a vulnerable young woman like Jessica. Or I should say the boys in the basement will teach you. [Chuckles]

Spike's voice: [Screams] No! Who's down here? Who's down -- I can hear you down here! Leave me alone! Leave me -- no, no!

[Spike screams]

Spike: Get away from me! No! Please let me out!

[Boys grumbling]

[Spike screams]

Spike: I ain't done nothing wrong! Please stop! No, no!

Luis: Ethan, hey, it's Luis. Uh, yeah, long story short, I'm over at the bartender's apartment trying to follow up on that lead, see if I could find that envelope that Rae left for Simone. And, uh, I'll call you. Let you know if I hear anything. And, uh, good luck over at the blackmailer's apartment. Talk to you later.

Luis: Hello? Anybody home?

Luis: Something's burning.

Luis: Hopefully not the envelope I'm looking for.

Luis: What the hell does a bartender need with a gun and all this ammunition? Who's there?

Luis: Somebody's in there.

[Fire hissing]

Ivy: A bridal shower and a wedding all in one night. And look at Theresa. She's too overwhelmed to speak.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, you've been telling us that Jared is too weak to get married, so what's made you change your mind?

{Eve: Text message? }

Eve: I, uh, examined Jared's latest test results again, and -- and I realized that he's a lot stronger than I originally thought he was. So you two can get married just as soon as the justice of the peace gets here.

Theresa: Ok, what am I supposed to do? Ethan said that he was going to find proof that Luis is innocent, and he was going to come here and stop the wedding, so where is he?

[Door unlocks]

Ethan: What the -- hello -- hello? Who is that?

[Door closes]

Ethan: Who is that? I was chloroformed. I was -- you chloroformed me, didn't you? Didn't you?

Person: Yes, I did. And I'm going to do so much more.

Ethan: Who are you? What do you want?

Person: I'm your number one fan. And what I want is you.

Theresa: I'm out of excuses. I mean, once the justice of the peace gets here, I'm going to have to marry Jared.

Whitney: No, no, don't give up hope. Ethan could show up any second.

[Knock on door]

Man: Excuse me. Judge Reilly sent me here to marry Jared Casey and Theresa Crane?

Theresa: Oh, God.

Jared: Yeah, I'm Jared Casey. This is Theresa, and we are definitely ready to roll here.

Justice of Peace: Oh.

Ivy: Oh, Ethan's going to be so sorry that he missed this.

Chad: Should we take our places?

Justice of Peace: Please.

Eve: Oh, wait. Wait.

Julian: What is it now, Eve?

Eve's voice: Jared's health is too precarious to be doing this.

Eve: I think, to be on the safe side, we should have the ceremony performed in Jared's room so he'll be closer to medical help if something should happen.

Jared: Well, I just want to do the "I dos." So off to the room we go.

Ivy: I wonder if I have time to buy a disposable camera at the hospital gift store. The look on Theresa's face will make a wonderful Christmas card.

Julian: Are you all right, Eve? You seem upset.

Eve: No, Julian, everything is -- is fine. I'm just trying to make sure it stays that way.

Fancy: Hey. Uh, I got your message to meet you here. What do you want me to do?

Sam: What are you talking about? I didn't send for you.

Fancy: Well, if you didn't, who did?

Sam: Well, that's a good question. Seems like we were all brought here under false pretenses.

Fancy: To what? Some kind of party?

Ivy: Oh, Theresa's bridal shower. She and Jared are about to become man and wife.

Fancy: Um, what about Ethan? He wants Theresa to be with him, not Jared.

Ivy: Well, que sera sera.

Sam: Why don't you go check with hospital security? See if anything else unusual has happened, and, uh, I'll check with headquarters.

Fancy: Ok.

Ivy: Sam? Wait, please. We haven't really talked since we kissed at the mansion.

Sam: Yeah. About that. Um, look, I -- I don't know what happened, ok? But it was a big mistake.

Ivy: No, Sam, it wasn't. The mistake was us breaking up in the first place.

Sam: Look, Ivy, so -- so many things have happened. So many horrible things.

Ivy: Not all of them were horrible, Sam. We were in love. We were. And our -- our kiss proved that we could still be. Don't you think that maybe a love like that -- you know, that first love -- isn't that worth trying to save?

Sam: I don't know. Look at Ethan. Ethan was Theresa's first love. And -- and he is free now, and yet Theresa is still going to marry Jared.

Ivy: Well, Theresa's a bad example.

Sam: Look, I have to call headquarters.

Ivy: Sam, please answer me one question first. Would you at least try -- just try to give me a second chance? Because I would be willing to spend eternity in hell just to spend the rest of my life with you.

Jared: Tess, you shouldn't have.

Theresa: I didn't do this.

Whitney: Then who did?

Theresa: The blackmailer, Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, God, this is getting creepier by the second.

Theresa: Time is running out. Where could Ethan be?

Ethan: Who are you?

Person: I told you. I'm your number one fan.

Ethan: All right, then what are you?

Person: How rude. You don't hear me criticizing the way you look. Of course, you do look like a Greek God. Every last inch of you.

Ethan: Oh, God, I'm naked.

Person: Yes, you are, my dear. And what a sight you are to behold. Even better than in my dreams.

Ethan: So you're the blackmailer, huh? I recognize your voice from that message you left Theresa.

Person: That was Luis' voice. Your computer program revealed he disguised it.

Ethan: How did you know that?

Person: You'd be surprised at what I know. So many things about so many people.

Ethan: Then you would know that it wasn't Luis' voice. You rigged it to make it sound like his voice. The machine that you used -- I heard the clicking on the tape.

Person: Mm. Your senses are finely attuned. I'm sure you feel pleasure more intensely than most men.

Ethan: Get the hell off me, man!

Person: As you wish. You'll be begging for it soon enough.

Ethan: I got news for you, pal. I'm going to make sure that Luis and Miguel are proven innocent of all charges. And I know you've got it in for Theresa, too.

Person: Mm, keep talking. You're making me hot.

Ethan: I saw your little -- your little collection of pictures on the wall.

Person: The term is collage, dear.

Ethan: All the proof I need to clear Luis' and Miguel's names is right here, my friend.

Person: Right you are. Your only problem is you're here, too.

Ethan: Not for long. I'm going to get loose, and I'm going to get to the hospital, and I'm going to make sure that Theresa doesn't marry Jared, and then I'm going to make sure that your freak-show butt ends up in jail.

Person: That's all fine and good except for one thing.

Person: My butt is fabulous, and there's nothing you can do that's going to stop what's going to happen to Theresa or to Miguel and Luis.

Luis: It's no wonder I smelled smoke. That envelope must have been pretty incriminating.

Luis: Oh, my God.

Simone: Oh, my God, Dylan's apartment's on fire. Whoever killed Rae must have killed Dylan and set his apartment on fire to cover his tracks. Hello, I would like to report an arson fire. Um, the arsonist is still inside, and I think he killed the guy who lived here.

Luis: I better get the hell out of here. Oh, my God. I'm trapped.

Jessica: Ok, you know, you're really sweet to care, but I don't see how I could ever be happy again. My family is so disappointed in me for leaving them to become a pill-popping whore.

Endora: And you're disappointed in yourself as well.

Jessica: True. But Spike calls the shots.

Endora: But what if Spike weren't around anymore? What would you do then?

Jessica: I would hope that Daddy meant what he said, that I could come home again.

Endora: Ask him.

Jessica: Daddy?

Sam: Jess, talk to me. Ask me anything you want.

Endora: I'll give you two some time alone.

Spike's voice: [Screams] No!

Tabitha: Ok, boys, be gentle. It's Spike's first time. Nothing angers the boys more than a mortal who thinks he can scare the hell out of people.

Spike's voice: [Screams] For the love of God! Please! Please, help me!

Tabitha: Oh, he's used the "g" word. Oh, now he's really in for it.

Spike: [Screams] No! No, my arm! That's my arm! Let it go!

Tabitha: Endora, is that you?

Endora: Mm-hmm.

Tabitha: Why did you super size yourself? Oh, where's Jessica?

Endora: Out back. You wanted me to help her -- help her find the strength to go home, so --

Tabitha: Yes, well, never mind about all that. Please go back to being my little witchlet.

Endora: Oh.

Tabitha: You're growing up fast enough as it is, and I want as much as time as possible with my mini you.

Spike's voice: [Screams] No, that's my arm! Let it go!

Endora: Yes, Mother.

Tabitha: Oh, thank you, sweet pea.

Spike's voice: [Screams] No, please! No -- no more! Is that scorpions? No, no, no! Brimstone! Not brimstone!

Tabitha: Spare the pumice and spoil the punk, as my mother used to say.

Spike: [Screams] Don't, don't! No! Let go of me! Let go -- let go off me, you freaks! Let go! [Screams] My legs, my legs! I can't feel my legs! Let go! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!

Sam: I would be lying to you if I said I didn't enjoy our last kiss.

Ivy: I did, too.

Sam: You -- you drive me crazy. Do you know that?

Ivy: I know, Sam. I'm sorry. I'm really -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's just -- you know, the first time I kissed you -- the first time I knew that you were the only man for me. The only man I -- I wanted to love always. Always and forever. And if my father and Alistair hadn't interfered, we would have been married. And there never would have been this mess with Julian and with -- anyway, the point is, Sam, that as long as there's a little love there, there's some hope, you know? Please tell me you agree with me, Sam. Please just tell me that there's a little bit of hope for us.

Sam: Ivy, the truth is --

Sam: I can't get into this right now because, uh, I've got a lot on my plate.

Ivy: Right. Right. Fancy's rape and -- and Rae's murder.

Sam: Phyllis' murder, Jared being shot, Jessica. We'll talk later.

Ivy: Later it is.

Fancy: There's a 911 call. An armed arsonist set fire to an apartment building.

Sam: Let's go.

Ivy: You will be mine again, Sam. I know you will.

Theresa: I think this is really it. I mean, I don't think Ethan's going to make it on time.

Whitney: Well, why don't you call him and get an update?

Theresa: Yeah, that's a good idea. Why don't you, uh, you know, do something?

Whitney: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Theresa: Ok. He -- he's not answering.

Sam: Simone, did you report the fire?

Simone: Yeah, I was here to meet someone. You know, the bartender from the Blue Note? The one who said he had the envelope that Rae gave him to give to me if anything happened to her. Well, I came to see him, and -- and he wasn't here, so I went to go get some coffee, and then when I came back the door was open and the apartment was on fire. And then I looked inside, and I saw a guy with a -- a gun and a torch.

Sam: He must be the arsonist.

Luis: Help! I'm trapped in here by flames! If anyone can hear me, I'm trapped! And it's hot in here.

Luis: Ah!

Ivy: Oh.

Theresa: Thank you.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Theresa's voice: Ethan, where are you?

Ethan: You know, if you're interested in me, there's better ways of showing it than drugging me, stripping me down, and slapping me around, although you might want to try Rebecca Hotchkiss, because she might love it.

Person: Shut up. This is no joke. I've had my eye on you for some time.

Ethan: Oh, yeah, which one? Your guy eye or your girl eye?

Person: We love with our hearts and minds, Ethan. Our bodies merely follow.

Ethan: Yeah, well, that's -- that's really nice, but I love Theresa and she loves me, all right?

Person: Hmm, does she really? I wonder.

Ethan: Why would you say that?

Person: If Theresa really loved you, she'd share her secret with you, only she hasn't. Theresa's chosen to sacrifice her happiness to protect her brothers by marrying Jared instead of leveling with you.

Ethan: It's more than that. You have her convinced that you'd somehow find out if she told me her secret.

Person: True.

Ethan: And that you'd reveal it and that she would somehow lose her position at the head of Crane Industries.

Person: True.

Ethan: Really, it's that big, huh?

Person: Huge. Oh, you mean Theresa's secret. It's a whopper, too.

Ethan: How did you find out about that?

Person: It doesn't matter. What matters is that my plan is working. Theresa will be married to Jared any minute now, leaving you free to be with me.

Ethan: No offense, but I don't want you.

Person: Oh, you say that now. But you'll change your mind. I guarantee.

[Ethan grunts]

Luis: That was close. I got to get the hell out of here. What the hell's keeping the fire department?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not going in there. I have an eyewitness right here that says there's an armed man in there.

Firefighter: The fire will spread through the entire building if you don't act soon.

Sam: Get the other tenants out, all right? Lives are more important than property.

Firefighter: You have to get out of here, too. That's an order!

Sam: Let's go.

Luis: Hey! I am trapped in here! [Coughing] I'm trapped! I got to find a way to get out this window.

Firefighter: We need to get in there.

Sam: Not until I say it's safe, all right?

Simone: Look, the arsonist is at the window.

Luis: Hey!

Luis: God. I'm going to have to shoot off the lock to get this damn window open.

[Gun shots]

Sam: Take cover! Simone, stay right there!

[Gun shots]

Luis: What the hell is going on?

Sam: You all right? I want you to be careful. And remember what Luis taught you.

Fancy: Take aim, breathe deep, then fire.

Fancy: This is for you, Luis.

Jessica: Is it really you, Daddy?

Sam: Give me a hug.

Sam: Your friend wants you to know that you can be happy again. You have to have faith in the people who really love you, Jessica.

Jessica: People like you?

Sam: You have to believe that I love you, that Noah loves you, that Kay and Ethan love you. Sweetheart, you have to know that we'll always be here for you, loving you no matter what. Forgiving you, no matter what. Jessica, please. Come home to us. Please?

Jessica: Oh, Daddy.

Spike's voice: [Screaming] No!

Tabitha: This should be good.

Tabitha: Oh, hello, Spike. Endora and I are just having a snack. Can I get you anything? A band-aid, burn ointment, brush and comb?

Spike: Your basement -- your basement -- it's full -- there's -- there's fangs. There's claws! And they grabbed me. And the heat --

Tabitha: That's your fate if you don't mend your ways.

Spike: Oh, no. No, no, no. No. No. Because I don't believe in heaven and hell.

Tabitha: If a trip to my basement didn't teach you a lesson, then perhaps what happens next will.

Spike: Oh, no. No. You know why? Nothing's going to happen! Nothing's going to happen! Because I'm out of here! I'm out! All right?

Tabitha: You wish.

Spike: Get help! Help! Let me out of here! What the -- what's those? What's those? What the --

Tabitha: They are your fate, Spike, and a good one it is.

Spike: Help me! Let me out! Please, help! Help me, God! Please, somebody!

Whitney's voice: Oh, my God, Theresa's really going to marry Jared.

Theresa: This isn't right. This isn't right at all.

Ivy: Oh, no.

Jared: What's wrong? Don't you still want to get married?

Theresa's voice: Yes. But not to you. To Ethan.

Person: Mm, mm.

Ethan: My God.

Person: I'm tingly all over.

Ethan: You're a sick freak, man!

Person: People are afraid of what they don't understand. But you'll get used to me. Then you'll never get enough of me.

Ethan: That is not going to happen.

Person: Oh, never say never, my dear. You're going to love loving me. But not now. Later. I have things to do, people to see, lives to ruin.

Ethan: Wait a second. Theresa's rich. She could make you a millionaire. All you've got to do is leave her and her brothers alone.

Person: [Laughs] I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this to be with you. And for revenge.

Ethan: Re -- revenge for what?

Person: So many things. Too many to list. Just think, when I get back and we get cozy, Jared and Theresa will be married.

Ethan: No, no, Theresa is not going to marry Jared, and you can't make her do it.

Person: [Laughs] Where have you been? I'm the one making everything happen. Fancy being attacked, Luis facing the death penalty --

Ethan: Wait a sec -- wait a minute. You're responsible for -- for all those things?

Person: Hmm, who else?

Ethan: You are absolutely crazy.

Person: Don't say that. The last person who said that regretted it. But we'll have no regrets, my love. We'll be happy together in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Ethan: Pass.

Person: Aw, don't be jaded. Be open to a new kind of love. But right now I have a wedding to attend. Theresa's wedding to Jared.

Ethan: No. No. No!

[Door closes]


Luis: What the hell are they doing? God! I'm just trying to shoot the lock off the window so I can get the hell out of here! Hold your fire! [Coughing]

Sam: Damn it. I don't have a clear shot.

Fancy: I have a clear shot. I can take him down.

Sam: Take it!

Fancy: I've got him. Oh, Luis won't believe it was me.

Sam: Good job.

Fancy: Thanks. But to actually shoot somebody --

Sam: Look, you did what you were trained to do, all right? It's safe to put out the fire. We need to get in there as soon as we can so we can nail {inaudible}.

Firefighter: We can try, but it might be too late.

Jessica: I do love you, Daddy. And Noah, and Ethan, and even Kay. Can you all forgive me?

Sam: There's nothing to forgive. You're my daughter, and I love you. And your family loves you. If you decide to come home, nothing would make us happier. But I think that you're the one that would be happy. Happier than you've been in a long, long time. Jessica, come home to us, please.

Jessica: No, Daddy, wait.

Sam's voice: Come home, and this will be real.

Jessica: I want to come home, but Spike won't let me.

Spike's voice: [Screaming] What are you doing? Let go! Lady, don't just stand there! Get these things off of me!

Tabitha: They've come just for you, Spike.

Spike: Why? Why?

Tabitha: Think of it as your initiation into a fraternity. The brotherhood of the damned!

Spike: No!

Spike: Help! What's happening?

Spike: What's going on? Help me! No! Wait -- wait -- wait! I'm spinning! Don't -- I'm dizzy! Stop! I'm going to throw up!

Theresa: Of course I want to get married. Just not like this.

Jared: Tess, what do you mean you don't want to get married like this?

Theresa: What I'm trying to say is --

[Cell phone beeps]

Theresa: Excuse me.

Theresa: I am so sorry. That was just, you know, work stuff. Um, what I was saying is that, uh, I just wish I had, you know, a proper bouquet of flowers, that's all.

Jared: You scared me there. I thought maybe you had decided not to marry me after all.

Theresa: No, don't be silly, Jared.

Ivy: Well, if it's more flowers you want, maybe I could find a dying patient and then -- oh, wait, what's this? Oh, wow, a bridal bouquet.

Julian: Where did that come from?

Ivy: Who cares? It's perfect. And, Chad, I think you ought to walk her down the aisle, don't you?

Jared: Perfect.

Ivy: Ooh, I just love a happy ending.

Justice of Peace: Ready now?

[Wedding music plays]

Whitney: Poor Theresa. This is the same way she looked on her way to being executed for killing Julian.

Sam: Chief, how much longer? Material evidence in a murder case could be in that apartment.

Simone: Maybe Rae's envelope is in a drawer somewhere, and it survived the flames.

Fancy: We'll know once we get inside, if we get inside.

Firefighter: We pushed the fire back far enough for you to get in. But not for long.

Sam: Good. Let's go. Let's check it out, come on.

Spike: For the love of God! Please make it stop! Please!

Tabitha: "Love"? You don't love the big boss. You think of yourself as a lean, mean bad boy. But you're no match for real evil, are you, Spike?

Spike: Why -- why is this happening to me? Why? I didn't do nothing wrong. Did that kid just have a cartoon thought bubble? Oh, no!

[Spike screaming]

Spike: I must be having a bad drug -- drug trip. That's it.

Tabitha: Why, thank you, Endora.

Firefighter: The fire could flare up any minute. Get in, get what you can, and get out before you end up trapped.

Sam: Fancy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where the hell do you think you're going? You stay right here. You in there, we're coming in! Get your hands up where I can see them! Let's go.

Sam: I don't see him.

Fancy: Neither do I.

Fancy: Over here. He's on the floor.

Fancy: Oh, my God. It's Luis. I shot Luis. I shot the man I love.

Ethan: God. Damn, I've got to get to Theresa in time to stop the damn wedding.

[Wedding music playing]

Jared: Thanks, man.

Justice of Peace: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to unite in marriage Jared Tolland Casey and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane.

Whitney's voice: Ethan, where are you?

Ivy's voice: Ok, Jared, hurry up and marry the little bitch.

Theresa's voice: Ethan, where are you? The blackmailer won't let me stall any longer. I'm seconds away from being Jared's wife.

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Justice of Peace: What has now been joined together, let no man tear apart.

Simone: He killed the woman I love, and now he has killed this man! He should die!

Whitney: Don't let me find Chad in one of these rooms with another woman.

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