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Tabitha: They think the situation in the middle east is chaotic. Harmony makes it look almost peaceful.

Tabitha: "Poor Jessica," my foot. She should never have got herself mixed up with that louse, Spike. Look at her, sitting there, staring over at her family's house, wishing she'd never got caught up with that sleazeball. Not that I ever wish anyone well, but in Jessica's case, what, with the men and the drugs and -- sorry, Endora, you didn't hear that. But in her case, I might just make an exception. All she needs is a good dose of courage.

Tabitha: Yes, sweet pea. Like the cowardly lion. Oh, wouldn't you know it? That monster of a husband has tracked her down. Poor girl can't even get a moment to think without him bullying her. Oh. Endora, you don't need to see this. No, no, no, no.

Spike: Ahem.

Jessica: Spike.

Spike: What the hell do you think you're doing? What the hell you think you're doing?

Jessica: I just came to get some fresh air.

Spike: In the yard of the crazy lady who lives next door to your father? Oh, boy, you -- you were hiding from me, weren't you?

Jessica: No.

Spike: I can't stand it when you lie to me like that. Now you need to get yourself back to work. Go ahead.

Jessica: But I don't want to.

Spike: Ok, well, we'll take care of that. Here. This will get you in the mood, ok, sweetheart?

Jessica: No, Spike, I don't want any drugs and I don't want any more men.

Spike: Like I give a damn what you want? Now take the pill. Take it.

Tabitha: He thinks he's so evil. Maybe it's time he met the real deal, eh, Endora? Huh?

Jared: Tess, why do you seem so sad? We're getting married tonight.

Theresa: I'm not sad.

Jared: Then what is it? Is it the pictures Vincent took? Are you afraid you don't look as beautiful in them as you do in real life?

Theresa: Jared, no, it's not that.

Jared: Would you talk to your friend here and tell her to cheer up? It's not every day a girl gets married, you know.

Theresa: I just thought the justice of the peace would've been here by now.

Jared: Well, he should be on his way. Wow, what are you all doing here?

Theresa: Oh, my God, Whitney, where is Ethan? I mean, I really need him to find the proof that my brothers are innocent so I can call off this wedding to Jared.

Whitney: I'm sure he's trying his best.

Eve: Somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Whitney: Yeah, Mom, I'm so sorry about this. Originally, Theresa just needed a quiet place to change.

Julian: What I would like to know is why we're all bearing gifts for Theresa that we didn't buy.

Theresa: Excuse me?

Sam: That's right, Theresa, we were all messengered wrapped presents to be given to you tonight at your wedding shower.

Theresa: But --

Jared: Tess, when did you find time to tell everyone we were getting married?

Theresa: I didn't. Did you do this, Jared?

Jared: No, I wish I had.

[Phone rings]

Theresa: Oh, excuse me.

Whitney: Who is it?

Theresa: It's the blackmailer, Whitney. If Ethan doesn't find out who he is, and soon, I'm going to have to marry Jared.

Person's voice: [As Luis] You've been a naughty girl. Don't even think of trying to deceive me or else you'll pay big time.

Luis: That is not me. I never said those things. Oh, my God, you think I'm blackmailing my own sister?

Ethan: Luis, this program is designed to filter out voice disguises so you can hear the real voice on this thing.

Fancy: It sounds just like you, Luis.

Luis: Well, obviously, there is something wrong with your program.

Person's voice: [As Luis] You've been a naughty girl. Don't even think of trying to deceive me.

Luis: Turn it off! Turn that stupid thing off!

Julian: I thought that perhaps you bought that present for me to give to Theresa.

Valerie: No, it wasn't me.

Julian: No?

Eve: So did you find out anything else about our son?

Valerie: I'm sorry. All I know is he's somewhere here in Harmony.

Julian: Ah. That's it?

Eve: I thought you were going to do some more research.

Valerie: I was, until I got sidetracked with this gift for Theresa and Jared's supposed wedding shower.

Eve: I'm not sure there's even going to be a wedding in the shape that Jared's in. I mean, he's weak. He needs to be in a bed, not in the middle of a party.

Valerie: Then why don't I just leave this present and get back to my desk? I can pick up on the search for your son.

Julian: All right, that's a good idea. Thank you. Who knows, perhaps we'll really find our son this time.

Eve: Julian, I have to speak to Theresa and to Jared. Can we talk later?

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Eve: All right. Either of the two of you want to tell me what's going on? I mean after all, I am your doctor, Jared.

Jared: Which is why you should be congratulating us on our plans for tonight.

Eve: You didn't even ask me if this was going to be all right.

Theresa: We didn't mean to take over your office, Dr. Russell.

Eve: I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about Jared being out of bed when he needs all the rest that he can get to recuperate. This is far too much excitement. It could easily bring on a relapse.

Jared: Come on, doc, I feel a lot better than you think I do. I mean, so I'm a little tired. I think marrying Theresa will cure me of all my ills. Seriously, doesn't a patient's emotional state contribute to their recovery?

Eve: All right, I'm going to make a deal with you. We're going to go and do some tests now. I'm going to do some blood work. If I don't like the numbers, there is not going to be a wedding tonight, but if I do like them, then I'll be the first to congratulate you. Does that sound fair?

Jared: Well --

Theresa: Absolutely. We don't want to do anything to put, you know, Jared's health at risk, so yes.

Eve: All right, you, you come with me.

Sam: You know, it's strange that someone would supply us all with gifts for Theresa.

Julian: Stranger still that my gift was delivered to me at the hospital. How would someone know to do that?

Ivy: As if I would buy Theresa a present for any reason.

Sam: Well, something's up. Just wish I could figure it out.

Ivy: Well, if anyone can solve this puzzle, you can, Sam.

Sam: I have some phone calls to make.

Julian: You're so pathetic, Ivy. You make me want to retch. Can't you take a hint? The chiefy is not interested.

Ivy: Speak for yourself, Julian. The good doctor seemed very over you.

Julian: This just gets weirder and weirder. What is Simone doing here at Theresa's little shindig? She was furious at Theresa at Rae's funeral.

Ivy: That's a good question.

Whitney: Simone, honey, is everything ok? I mean, what are you doing here?

Simone: Don't ask me. I mean, I was on my way to see Dylan -- you know, the bartender from the Blue Note and the one with the envelope from Rae to me -- and I got a text message saying that he'd be here, but he's not.

Whitney: Ok, I still don't understand how you got a present for Theresa.

Simone: Oh, right, that was another weird thing -- I was passing the nurse's station and one of them told me that it was for me to give to Theresa. I don't know what's going on here.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Hello?

Dylan: Hey, it's me, Dylan. I thought you'd be here by now.

Simone: But you texted me not to go to your apartment. I'm at the hospital.

Dylan: I never sent you any message. And by the way, I keep getting messages from Ethan Winthrop?

Simone: Don't talk to him. That is Luis' attorney, and I know Luis killed Rae.

Dylan: I don't like this whole mess.

Simone: Don't worry, you're not involved. Look, just stay where you are and I'll be at your apartment in 15 minutes. Ok. I got to go. I'm dying to find out what Rae wrote to me before she was killed. Maybe there will be an explanation of why she died.

Whitney: Well, do you want me to at least give Theresa the present or --

Simone: No, I have a better place for this.

Simone: Oh, but you can give Theresa a message for me. Tell her I hope her brother rots in jail for the rest of his life for killing Rae. Or, no, better yet, gets the death penalty, because that is what he deserves.

Ethan: Look, look, I don't think you're blackmailing your own sister. Neither does Fancy. Do you?

Fancy: No, no, of course not. I think you're right, this is all the doing of the same sick person.

Ethan: Whoever it is seems to be a step ahead of us every single time. I mean, they obviously knew that we were going to check the Crane phone database and they rigged it to make it look like you were the guilty party here.

Fancy: Ok, so what's next?

Ethan: I'll tell you what's next -- unfortunately, I have to take this to the D.A. It's rules of disclosure. I have to show the D.A. your voice on this phone call.

Tabitha: I'm going to teach Jessica's miserable excuse for a husband a lesson he'll never forget. He thinks he's so bad. We'll teach him bad, won't we, Endora, huh?

Tabitha: Jessica, dear? Oh, Spike. I didn't know you were here. Oh, how fortuitous. I wonder if the two of you would be kind enough to come inside and give an old lady a hand. It'll only take a minute.

Spike: Tell the old bag to take a hike, right now.

Jessica: Shh, she'll hear you.

Spike: Like I care? Uh, ma'am, we're busy. Thank you.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, I dare say you are, but it will just take a few minutes and it will save the old bag a world of trouble.

Jessica: Ok, come on, Spike, let's just do it. It won't take long.

Spike: Whoa, wait, wait, wait. See, I know what you're doing, I know what you're doing. You're trying to stall from your night of tricking, aren't you? Ok, here's the deal -- I'm going to give you and the old bag over there five minutes. That's it, all right? Five minutes, got it?

Jessica: Ok.

Spike: Let's go.

Tabitha: Oh, goody, goody. Come in, come in, both of you. Come in, both of you. I shall make you a nice cup of tea.

Spike: I hate tea, and we don't have time, so what did you want?

Tabitha: Yes, well, actually, there's two things. First, I need some clothes out of storage, and Endora will show Jessica where the attic is and then she can help you bring my wardrobe box down.

Jessica: Ok, no problem.

Tabitha: Now's your chance, my little witchlet. You've been wanting to do some magic, haven't you? Well, now you can give Jessica the courage to leave the scoundrel who's ruining her life.

Tabitha: Exactly, sweet pea. Exactly. There. Off you go with Jessica.

Jessica: Ok, come on, honey, let's go.

Spike: Look, you know what, I'm going to go with them so it'll make it go a little quicker.

Tabitha: No, not you, Spike. I have another chore for you... downstairs, in the basement.

Fancy: You're not legally bound to turn over everything, are you?

Ethan: Technically, no, because it's just a theory right now that everything's connected.

Fancy: Then you can keep it to yourself. Please, Ethan, if you give this to the D.A., it'll increase chances for the prosecution to find Luis guilty. Please.

Ethan: Ok. All right, there's no compelling legal reason why I have to come forward with it now. But God help us if there's a connection between your attacks and Rae Thomas' murder and the blackmailer --

Luis: Can we just worry about that then?

Person's voice: [As Luis] You've been a naughty girl.

Luis: Come on, man.

Ethan: I'll turn it off.

Luis: Hold on a second.

Person's voice: [As Luis] Or else you'll pay big time.

Luis: Did you hear what I just heard?

Person's voice: [As Luis] You've been a naughty girl.

Ethan: Yeah, I think I did.

Fancy: What is it?

Luis: This could be the thing that sets me free.

Caterer: Sorry, I must have the wrong place.

Theresa: Who are you looking for?

Caterer: I was told to deliver this food for a bridal shower, but I obviously have the wrong address.

Whitney: Well, not necessarily. Who sent you?

Caterer: It was paid for in cash. Don't know.

Theresa: Well, you can just put it in here.

Chad: You know, you can set it up in the hallway, come on.

Theresa: Are you ok?

Jared: Not according to the doctor. You tell her.

Eve: Well, it's just as I thought -- the blood work is not good, so I'm going to have to put a stop to this wedding you were planning tonight.

Jared: Sorry, Tess. It's really not my choice.

Theresa's voice: This will buy Ethan a little more time to come up with something.

Ivy's voice: Jared may not see how relieved you are at the postponement, but I do. Why, Theresa? What are you waiting for? 

Person's voice: [As Luis] You've been a naughty girl.

Fancy: I don't hear anything different.

Luis: Will this software let you lose the voice entirely to isolate the background sounds?

Ethan: We can try.


Luis: There.

Fancy: Is that what the two of you heard? What is it?

Luis: Well, if I'm right, it's the sound of the device the blackmailer used to mimic my voice.

Ethan: That could be hard to prove, Luis.

Luis: But still, it makes sense. Then he disguised it further with the raspy voice.

Fancy: Wow, talk about a lot of work.

Luis: Wait, there are other sounds there. Can you turn this thing up?

Ethan: No, it's already up the highest it'll go.

Fancy: It sounds like children.

Ethan: Yeah, it does, like at a fair or carnival or something. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Isn't there a traveling fair in town right now?

Luis: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's over in Wickam Field. It's been there for a couple weeks.

Fancy: I hear beeps, too.

Ethan: They sound familiar. I don't know what it is.

Fancy: Oh, I know! They sound just like the coffeemaker here in the station house. It beeps just like that when the coffee's done brewing.

Luis: Nice work, Cadet Crane.

Fancy: Thanks.

Luis: This is fantastic.

Ethan: Ok, this is just the beginning, though.

Luis: Yeah, well, at least we have something. Obviously, the blackmailer called from somewhere near where this carnival is, and the odds are it's where he's living if he's got this coffeemaker going.

Ethan: I don't even know if there are any buildings over there, apartment buildings.

Luis: Yeah, there is one, actually. It's this week-to-week rental. It's on the corner of Wickam and Shore.

Ethan: All right, all right. You know what, I'm going to check it out. I'm going.

Luis: Ethan, thanks.

Ethan: Actually, wait a minute, wait a minute. I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this. Whitney was telling me about an envelope that Rae Thomas left for Simone the night she was killed. She gave it to the bartender at the Blue Note that night.

Luis: What? My God. Maybe she'd figured it out. Maybe she fingered her own killer.

Ethan: Well, I got all the surveillance tapes from that night at the club being sent here, all right?

Fancy: Good, I'll go over them when they arrive.

Ethan: Ok. I was just hoping that I would hear from Simone or that bartender about the envelope, you know?

Luis: Yeah.

Fancy: Well, can't you go by the guy's house?

Ethan: Nope, he's not listed. Anyway, listen, we're going to clear your name. Someday, we're going to look back on this as the day that our lives turned around.

Luis: Let's hope so.

Ethan: It's kind of ironic, isn't it, that all you want to do is make things right with my sister and all I want to do is be with yours. Be good.

Simone: This is it. This is where Dylan lives. Finally going to find out what Rae wrote to me.

[Knock on door]

Simone: Dylan? It's me, Simone. I came to get the envelope Rae left for me.

Jared: I want to get married tonight. I mean, we've already put off this wedding long enough because of my so-called health problems.

Eve: Jared, they're not "so-called." I can't allow anything that's going to adversely affect you.

Ivy: Oh, come on, Eve. Since when is having one's heart's desires fulfilled considered an adverse situation?

Jared: Exactly.

Eve: I'm not going to argue the point. I think that you should say good night to your friends and then go back to your room.

Jared: Come on, doc, at least cut me some slack with the party here. I want to stay and watch her unwrap some presents. Look, I'll sit the whole time if it'll make you feel better.

Eve: Jared, it's not about me feeling better, it's about you. Oh, all right. Just don't overdo it.

Jared: Don't worry, I have an idea.

Theresa: What are you doing?

Jared: Lining up my best man and your matron of honor.

Theresa: Ok, but Dr. Russell said --

Jared: Who cares what Dr. Russell said. She doesn't have to know about it.

Whitney: But, Jared, what about your health?

Jared: Look, I feel fine. Here's what we're going to do -- you guys lay back until everyone leaves; then I'll sneak out and I'll get the justice of the peace in here and we'll do the deed. Eve won't know that we got married till after the fact. How does that sound, beautiful?

Theresa: I don't know what to say.

[PDA beeps]

Eve: A text message?

Eve: How did that get on there?

Jessica: You guys have a really good view of my family's house from up here. You probably don't know this, but my family's always lived next door to your mom. I remember her from when I was a kid. She hasn't changed at all. I'm the one who's not the same. Ok, listen to me, sweetheart -- when you get older, don't you ever let some man turn you into something you're not, no matter what he tells you or offers you. It's not worth it to lose your very soul. Once it's gone, you can't get it back.

Endora: Hey, Jessica.

Jessica: Who are you? Ok, where's Endora?

Endora: She's fine. Don't ask any questions. Just pay attention. I want to give you a glimpse into the future.

Jessica: Oh, what was in that pill?

Endora: Just listen. You can have a different life.

Jessica: Ok, I mean, it's nice of you to care, but I don't believe that anymore.

Endora: Aw, then I'll show you.

Spike: Look, lady, this better not take too long. Like I told you, I got --

Tabitha: Oh, yes, I know, you're a busy man, but it won't take long, I assure you.

Spike: All right, where's this thing that you want moved?

Tabitha: Well, it's downstairs, at the bottom of the stairs. I would show you myself, but that's the problem -- the stairs are just too steep for me.

Spike: Uh-huh. Ok, you going to tell me what I'm looking for?

Tabitha: Well, it's a box -- a box with one word on it.

Spike: What's the word?

Tabitha: "Humility."

Spike: Whew. What the hell -- what are you doing?!

[Pounding on door]

Spike: Let me out of here! Lady, let me out of here!

Tabitha: You've made Jessica's life a living hell, Spike.

Spike: Lady --

Tabitha: Meet the real thing.

Spike: My father-in-law's a cop! Let me out, ok, not funny.

[Baby crying]

Julian: What is that sound?

Whitney: Sounds like a baby crying.

Eve: Uh, one of my patients is a new mother and she just sent me video of her baby. She's worried about colic.

Julian: Eve? Are you all right?

Eve: I'm fine. I'm fine, Julian. Everything's fine.

Sam: I've been checking around. No one has any idea about this shower. The caterers have no idea who sent them and no one has any idea about these wedding gifts.

Julian: Is that how you've been wasting your time, trying to find the source of some idiotic wedding gifts? You'd do much better to put Miguel in jail for trying --

Sam: I know how to do my job, Julian. This wedding shower came out of nowhere, just like some other recent events that's happened in this town. My gut tells me they're connected somehow.

Theresa: What do you want, Ivy?

Ivy: Oh, I just thought you should know that I think you are a lousy actress. I mean, if I can read the relief on your face when Eve called off the wedding, surely Jared can, too.

Theresa: You don't know what you're talking about.

Ivy: Oh, no, don't I? Well, let me say this -- if you think that you have any chance with my son Ethan, you might as well forget about it. I am not about to let you ruin his life.

Theresa: Now, Ivy, don't you think that Ethan is old enough to make his own choices?

Ivy: Not if they have anything to do with you.

Theresa: I don't know what to do. I mean, I don't know why Ethan hasn't contacted me yet. I mean, what if he can't find proof that Luis is actually innocent, Whitney?

Luis: This is no good. There's nothing in this video that's helping me figure out who killed Rae.

Fancy: The worst part is you're not in any of these. No one can tell where you were that night.

Luis: Yeah. Which means I've got no alibi. It's like someone purposely cut me out of the video to make it look like I killed her.

Fancy: Hey, don't worry. We will find something to prove you didn't do it.

Luis: Here's Rae giving the bartender that envelope. God, I wish I knew what was in it.

Fancy: Well, maybe Ethan will find out tonight, or we can ask Simone. She must know what was in it by now.

Luis: I'd sure rather ask that bartender myself.

Fancy: Well, my offer still stands, Luis. I can help you escape.

Luis: No, Fancy. Not again. I'm not letting you destroy your life for me.

[Alarm] Fancy and Luis: Lights out.

Luis: Means you got to go.

Fancy: I hate leaving you here like this.

Luis: Yeah. You don't have any choice. Come on. We'll pick up where we left off today, tomorrow. That's if you want to.

Fancy: Maybe we won't have to. Maybe Ethan will find the guy tonight.

Luis: Let's hope so, or else it's going to be lights out for me for good.

Ethan: So what I need is a list of all the people who have rented apartments since that carnival moved in across town.

Man: No, I don't do lists. I keep it all in my head. But there's only one guy who moved in since the carny got here. Lives in there.

Ethan: What do you know about him?

Man: Not much, except that he wanted this apartment. Nobody else ever wants it. He had to have a front-window view of the carnival. Everyone else wants to be around back, away from the noise.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Can I see the apartment?

Man: No way. No, not without a warrant. Got a warrant?

Ethan: No, I don't have a warrant, but I could get one by tomorrow. So I'll see you then.

Man: How much do those warrants cost you?

Ethan: What do you mean?

Man: Well, I mean, instead of you going to all that extra trouble and expense, maybe I could bend the rules a little for the same money.

Ethan: A bribe. That's what we're talking about, right?

Man: I call it key money. 200 bucks.

Ethan: Yeah. One, two.

Man: All right. That's the pass key. Shouldn't have any trouble getting in. Uh, knock first. You never know if someone's home.

Ethan: Right. [Whistles]

Ethan: It's not even locked. Hello? Is anyone there?

Ethan: Oh, my God.

Simone: Where are you, Dylan? You said you'd be here.

Simone: Dylan, open the door. Dylan!

Luis: What the hell was that?

Luis: Smells like gasoline.

Luis: What the hell -- someone put gasoline on my clothes.

Luis: Whoever it was left the door open.

Jared: Why don't we at least open some of the presents that our friends went through the trouble of bringing, even if they didn't go out and buy them themselves.

Theresa: Ok. Yeah, it's just, you know, a little weird that all this was done without us all knowing.

Jared: Yes. All right, why don't we start with this one here?

Sam: Yeah, I hope it's something that you can use, since it supposedly came from me. Maybe we can find out who's behind all this.

Theresa: Wow. It's a frog.

Jared: Wow, it's just what we needed. Is there some missing significance here?

Chad: Hold up, there's a little label on the bottom there. It says, "this is a special frog from Africa, with the unique ability to change its gender from male to female and back again when it wants to."

Jared: Ok, that's --

Whitney: Yeah.

Jared: Why don't we try another one here?

Julian: That is the gift that was messengered to me.

Theresa: Oh. Well, I can't wait to see this one.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Julian: That's odd. Why would I mark out my face in a picture of you, me, and Little Ethan?

Whitney: Honey, that picture --

Theresa: I know, it's -- it's from the blackmailer, Whitney. He's threatening to expose my son's true paternity, that he's really Ethan's son and not Julian's. I think he knows what Ethan's doing. I really do, Whitney.

Ethan: Wow.

Ethan: Who in the hell would do all this?

Ethan: Got him. This has to be the home of the blackmailer. God.

Jessica: Ok, who are you?

Endora: Never mind. This is about you, Jessica. Tonight we're going to change your life forever, for the better.

Jessica: Ok, either I'm more stoned than I thought from that pill Spike forced on me or I'm dreaming.

Endora: Uh-uh, this is business as usual -- not just in this house, but in this town. You ought to know that. You've lived here your whole life.

Jessica: Ok, so sometimes weird stuff happens.

Endora: Sometimes? All the time.

Jessica: Yeah, ok. So what happens now?

Endora: Now we're going to revisit your past. Don't move.

Spike: I ain't playing around.

[Pounding on door]

Spike: Let me out of here, you old hag!

Tabitha: Not until you've learned your lesson, Spike!

Spike: Let me out of here! I ain't horsing around! All right, who's down there? Who is down there? Ok. I'm going to come down there! You'd better watch out. Horsing around -- funny, huh? Yeah, you're laughing at the Spike-man, huh? Ok, well, I'm -- I'm going to come down there. You'd better watch out. You -- you'd better watch out, because I'm not -- [Screams] No! Get away from me! Get away, get away! Help! Oh, my God! Somebody!

Luis: Whoever put gasoline on my clothes left the door open. If I leave, I could make things worse. If I don't, I can get the death penalty for a crime I didn't commit. It's my only choice.

[Pounding on door]

Simone: Dylan, it's me, Simone. Open the door. Why would he stand me up when he said he'd be here to give me Rae's envelope?

Ethan: Well, this has got to be the guy that is blackmailing Theresa. But why would this guy care whether Theresa married Jared or me? And why the heck would he want to frame Luis and Miguel for things they didn't do? Who cares. What's the difference? At least all of this stuff is going to show a jury that this guy is out to get everybody. Sam's got to see this.

Theresa: You know, you look exhausted. Why don't we just go back to your room?

Jared: No, not until we get married.

Theresa: But, Jared, it's late, you know? We can just wait till the morning.

Eve: I have something I need to say to all of you. It's very embarrassing, but I made a mistake.

Jared: How's that?

Eve: The blood work we just did, I -- I read it incorrectly. You're having a remarkable recovery, and I don't see any reason why you and Theresa can't be married tonight.

Jared: This is the best gift that we could've ever gotten tonight. Isn't this great, Tess?

Theresa: Yeah.

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