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Jessica: [Screaming]

Paloma: I wonder what happened with Jessica, I've never seen her so upset.

Simone: I know. What is she talking about. She is saying she saw this half man, half woman in that motel room. What is that suppose to mean?

Noah:  It has to be some kind of hallucination. Damn Spike. He kidnapped her out of a hospital and took her right into a john's bed. God only knows what kind ever drugs he gave her.

Sam: I don't know how much more of this I can take. That scum has pumped her full of drugs, put her on the street and there's nothing that I can do about it because she'll never confirm that he's forcing her. This has got to stop one way or another.

Simone: I know, but how? Spike has such a strong hold on her. Sometimes I think that she hates him and then other times, I don't know, it is like she lives in a weird fantasy where she actually believes he loves her.

Sam: It's a sick relationship. We have got to try to find a way to break this hold that he has on her.

Paloma: I know we have tried before, but what if we do enter intervention? If we can use tough love to force Jessica to see what Spike is doing to her, maybe she'll see him for what he is.

Noah: Yeah, I'll go with that.

Simone; Yeah, me too but a have Rae's funeral tomorrow so I don't know how much help I'll be after that.

Paloma; Oh, honey, you do whatever you have to do, okay? But we don't need to wait until tomorrow. We can start tonight as soon as the hospital releases Jessica.

Noah: Yeah, we can take her home and get to work right away.

Paloma: The sooner, the better. We need to keep her away from Spike until we get through to her, otherwise she'll go right back to him.

Spike: My ears are burning. Someone mention the Spike man?

Sheridan: I am sorry, I shouldn't have even brought it up.

Luis: No, you wait a second. I want to get to the bottom of this. What happened between you and your sister, Pretty? This isn't the first time that this has come up.

Fancy: I really don't want to talk about it.

Luis: Not good enough. You and Sheridan are at such odds, I don't know how to deal with either one of you.

Fancy: It really isn't important, Luis.

Sheridan: You know what, just let her be. I can understand why you don't want to talk about it. You have done your best to try to forget about it. I got to tell you, part of growing up is facing up to reality and your responsibilities.

Fancy: I am not the one living in some fantasy world.

Sheridan: Oh, sweetheart, go on. Pretend it never happened. But, Pretty is gone and after --  well, let's just say she left Harmony and she hasn't been home since.

Fancy: That isn't why.

Sheridan: There you go again. You know why she left. You know what you did and the damage it caused.

Luis: What did you do?

Judge Reilly: Will you give the highest priority to the tenderness, the gentleness, and kindness that your marriage deserves?  When frustration and difficulty assail your marriage, as they do in every relationship at some time or another, focus on what seems right between you, and not only the part that seems wrong.

{Theresa: No, no, I can't do this. No, no, I love Jared and nothing you can say to stop me.

Ethan: Come on, you love me, you know it?

Theresa: No, I don't. I love Jared.

Ethan: You are lying through your teeth.

Theresa's voice: What am I supposed to do? If I postpone this wedding, they will think I am stalling and tell the world my son is not a Crane and then I won't be able to protect my brothers. }

Judge Reilly: Mrs. Crane?  Mrs. Crane, you seem so upset.

Jared: Honey, you are crying.

Judge Reilly: Are you sure that you wish me to marry you to Mr. Casey here?

Luis: Let's hear it, Fancy. What did you do to Pretty?

Fancy: I really didn't come here expecting to be grilled.

Luis: Hold on, that is not my intention. I am just trying to play peace maker here, ok?

Fancy: Well, just forget it about, Luis. Aunt Sheridan making a mountain out of a mole hill. No, really, it is something we never talk about. I don't know why Aunt Sheridan keeps bringing it up. Unless I am right and she's trying to use every opportunity she can to tear me down in front of you.

Sheridan: Oh, Fancy.

Fancy: Stop it.

Sheridan: Sweetheart.

Fancy: Stop it. By now Luis must be able to see you are putting on an act. Luis, please, believe me, every word out of her mouth is poison. She's trying to break us up.

Sheridan: You know I have heard enough of this. If that was my goal, don't you think I would have told Luis about you and Pretty by now?

Fancy: Yeah, right. That was so noble of you. Then, why do you keep bringing it up?

Sheridan: It slipped out.

Fancy: Over and over again.

Sheridan: Well, I'm sorry. Look, I love both of my nieces. And if it came out what happened to Pretty, it would only hurt her. She's already been hurt enough.

Fancy: Right. Like you are so concerned about Pretty.

Luis: All right, all right. God! Let's just forget I even asked. It is a private family matter that I don't need to know about. All families have their issues, trust me. My family has plenty of them.

Fancy: Thank you.

Luis: It is normal to fight with your siblings.

Sheridan: Perhaps but --

Luis: Think of you and Julian. You guys have been at  each other's throats, but, you still manage to get along. Me and Antonio?

Sheridan: Luis, please don't bring that up. I feel so bad for what happened to Antonio. He died because of me.

Luis: No, please, do not blame yourself.

Sheridan: Why not?

Luis: Because Antonio and I fought constantly. In fact, the only time we were not fighting is when he went away which, of course, I ended up resenting him for. When he finally came back, I found out you that two were about to get married. As you may recall, things went downhill rather quickly after that.

Sheridan: I remember. But this thing with Pretty --

Fancy: Did you hear her? All of a sudden we're back to Pretty.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: You know what? You are right. Maybe I shouldn't dwell on it. But I mean, really what happened between you two -- I'm sorry Luis, but anything you may have done to Antonio pales in comparison to what Fancy did to Pretty. Unless I am overstating the facts.

Chris: This is where Luis is.  If Luis is here, I bet you Sheridan is here.

Judge Reilly: Mrs. Crane, I have never officiated at a wedding where the bride was so distraught.

Jared: Are you all right? We can stop this if you want, this whole instant wedding idea was yours.

Theresa: No, no, I'm good. I'm really good, I am just, you know -- a little emotional. You know, a lot has happened lately. You were just shot, Jared, and, now we're getting married and it is just, you know. I don't know. No wonder my nerves are on edge, right?

Whitney: Maybe it would be better if we just did this tomorrow. It wouldn't make any difference either way.

Theresa: No, let's do this right now.

Eve: That is such a good idea, Whitney. Why don't you just postpone the wedding. I want Jared to get back in bed. He's so ill.

Jared: I'm great.

Eve: No, Jared, you are not. Your fiancÚ is distraught. Why don't we just postpone the wedding?

Theresa; You know what? I'm really okay. I would like to do this, you know. Please keep going, Judge, I definitely want to get married to Jared right now.

Ethan's voice: It makes no sense. She loves me. What is going on here?

Jared: Are you sure?

Theresa: Yes, I'm sure. Yes.

Judge Reilly: All right. All right. Here we go. Just as two threads woven in opposite directions will form a beautiful tapestry, so too can your two lives, merged together, make a beautiful marriage. Remember to love one another, to trust, to commit yourselves to each other, to hold true to the journey you both pledged today, to share together. Now repeat after me. I, Jared --

Jared: I, Jared.

Judge Reilly: Take you, Theresa --

Jared: Take you, Theresa.

Judge Reilly: To be my lawfully wedded wife.

Jared: You bet I do. To be my lawfully wedded wife.

Judge Reilly: Do you, Ethan Winthrop, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love her, to honor her, all the days of your life?

Ethan: I do. You bet I do.

Judge Reilly: Mrs. Crane, Is something wrong? Well, look, Mr. Casey said I do and you didn't seem to be listening. Now, are you sure you want me to continue with your vows? Do you want me to continue?

Theresa: Yes, please. Of course.

Jared: She was probably just thrown for a loop when she heard me say I do.  Do you want a minute?

Theresa: No, let's keep going.

Judge Reilly: All right. All right. Repeat after me. I, Theresa.

Theresa: I, Theresa.

Judge Reilly: Take you, Jared.

Theresa: Take you, Jared.

Judge Reilly: To be my lawfully wedded husband.

Spike: Speak of the devil, and here I am.

Noah: Whoa!  Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad. Hey. Get out of here, Spike!

Sam: You know what, I'll kill you myself.

Spike: You people aren't really big on polite hellos, are you?

Noah: Look, nobody wants you here, Spike.

Spike: That's not very nice isn't it. My wife is here and as a husband, I want to see her.

Sam: You can forget it. All right. You forced her from the hospital bed, you pumped her full of drugs.

Spike: The hell I did, man.

Sam: You will never talk to her again.

Spike: Hey, I'm real sorry, Dad. But when it comes to Jessica, I have more rights than you do. All right. So if y'all excuse me.

Noah: Hey, hey. There is no way that I'm letting you go in there.

Spike: What are you going to do about it? Huh?

Sam: Here you go. I'll do something about it. And if you have a problem with our actions, we can always take you down to the station and you should file a complaint. Although, I got this feeling we won't make it to the station.

Spike: Did y'all hear that? What the hell was that? Some sort of a threat?

Sam: Of course not. You are not going anywhere near my daughter. If you try to cause a scene, I'll have no choice but to arrest you for disturbing the peace.

Spike: Okay. You win, for the moment. Yeah, you keep my little lady away from me for tonight but you can't do it forever. No, no, no. Because soon enough, my little honey pie will be back in our little house, cooking and cleaning and,uh, so many of the hot things. Ooh, ooh. Dad, you need to stop spinning your wheels here. Every time Jessica has a choice between you and I, she always comes to me. Get it?

Paloma: Not this time. She will never go back to you.

Spike: You keep telling yourself that you little chiquita. All right. Nitey night. -- Nitey night. Oh, Dad, Dad. Give my regards to my little lady, okay?

Simone: Just go.

Spike: Oh, and Simone, I heard that your lover is officially going to be worm food tomorrow. They are burying her, right? You guys get it? Worm food. You would think they would have a special cemetery down in Provincetown, somewhere. Oh, man. Lesbo funeral! What a laugh riot that would be.

Paloma: Simone, don't listen to him.

Spike: Oh, hey, Paloma, I wouldn't go if I was you. You never know. It can be very catchy. Ooh!

Simone: I just want to see him dead.

Noah: Yeah, we all do. Are you all right?

Nurse: Sorry to keep you waiting. We have a toxicology report back on Jessica. We found no drugs or alcohol in her system.

Paloma: But, that's impossible.

Simone: Yeah, she was hallucinating. She was saying really crazy things.

Nurse: These tests are very accurate. She wasn't on anything.

Paloma: Then what on earth was Jessica so upset about. What could have happened in that room to upset her so much?

{Person: It's alright.  I have been waiting for you such a long time.

Jessica: Please, don't hurt me. Please.

Person: Yes, I've been patient waiting for you.}

Jessica: It was real. I knew it was real.

Fancy: I really think we should change the subject. Luis is right. Private family business is just that, private.

Sheridan: You can't hide from the truth forever.

Fancy: Oh, stop it. I know what you are doing, and I won't play your game. I refuse to talk about what happened with Pretty.

Sheridan: You will never grow up until you look yourself in the mirror and face reality.

Fancy: Would you listen to her?

Sheridan: I am trying to help you, Fancy. I am trying to help us. You make these horrible accusations against me. You tell Luis I am trying to come between you two, that I am the one who attacked you two.

Fancy: Oh, so this is your revenge.

Sheridan: No. I haven't told anyone what you did to Pretty, especially Luis.

Fancy: No, you just keep bringing it up so he asks all of the questions.

Sheridan: Now I am. Because I am trying to come to some sort of peaceful resolution so things don't come between us like they did between you and Pretty.

Fancy: Oh. My God, you are Machiavelli.  You're twisting everything around.

Luis: Fancy, Sheridan is just worried about you.

Fancy: She's even snowed you. You are making this distance between us seem like it is all my fault.

Sheridan: It is. Don't you know that I miss you? I miss the real you. Ever since you have been attacked, you have been treating me like I am some sort of horrible monster.

Fancy: She's doing it again.

Sheridan: You think it easy for me to hear the horrible things you say about me, the ugly things you say about me. Every word that comes out of your mouth is like the lash of a whip, and I am starting to see a pattern in you. I am afraid of what you are going to do next. I don't want things to turn out for us the way they did for you and Pretty.

Luis: Fancy. Hey, are you all right? Oh, great. She's hyperventilating. Come on. Sit down. It's all right. There. Just relax. Breathe. One, two, three. Sheridan, get a paper bag.

Fancy: I can't -- Oh, my God.

Chris: Sheridan's in there with Luis.  I should kick this door down.  Damn it!

Sam: It's going to be all right, okay? You must have been seeing things. Your brain was playing tricks on you.

Jessica: No. I know what you are trying to say. But, I wasn't high, Dad. I know what I saw in that motel room. It was so real. It was a thing -- half man, half woman. It had a razor. It was threatening me.

Sam: Sweetheart, I didn't say you were high. We got the tox report back and it proved that you weren't. But, sweetheart, how can you explain what you saw?

Jessica: Believe me. I know what I saw.

Sam: Well, look, the most important thing is we got you out of there in time and now you are safe. Okay. I want to take you home. I want to put you in your old bedroom.

Jessica: Spike won't like that.

Noah: Who the hell cares what Spike likes?

Jessica: I don't want to make him mad.

Simone: He will be okay, honey. Plus, you know what's going to happen if you go back to him.  He's going to put you back on the streets again.

Paloma: And that thing could be waiting for you out there.

Jessica: Oh, God. It was like out of a horror movie. Okay. I'll go with you.

Sam: Come on, let's get you home and keep an eye on you.

Spike; I'm sorry, baby. That's not a very good plan. I can't let you hang out with these goodie goodies, no more. You know too much about me.

Luis: Calm down. Just calm down. Just breathe, deeply. Okay. Sheridan, where the hell is that paper bag?

Sheridan: I'm sorry, I had to get it out of the garbage.

Luis: Just breathe into that. Just concentrate on that.

Sheridan: This is all my fault. I never should have mentioned Pretty. I am so sorry. I feel terrible. I swear, I would never mention what Fancy did to her. Poor baby. I know she never meant to hurt anyone. I feel terrible.

Fancy: Don't try to act like you are sorry now. You knew what you were doing when you "accidentally" brought up Pretty.

Sheridan: Oh, Fancy.

Fancy: You witch.

Luis: Take it easy.

Sheridan: Okay. We won't talk about Pretty anymore.

Fancy: Sheridan!

Sheridan: Sorry.

Luis: It's all right. It's okay. Just calm down, okay. Sheridan is just trying to help. It's okay. Just breathe. Just breathe.

Chris: I should stop this, but if I go in --  Yeah, Harmony PD, yeah, I would like to report the whereabouts of a missing suspect, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Theresa: My lawfully wedded husband.

Judge Reilly: To love him, to honor him and to obey him.

Jared: You can forget the obey part, it'll never happen.

Theresa: To love him and to honor him.

{Hear my vow, Ethan.  I promise to love you and love you and love you. All the days of my life.}

All the days of my life.

Judge Reilly: Before you exchange rings and I pronounce you husband and wife, I am required by law to ask if there is anyone present who knows if there is a reason why these two should not be united in marriage.

Jared: I better not hear a word out of anyone.

Ethan's voice: I got to stop this now.

Judge Reilly: Then without further adieu --

Theresa: (screaming) oh, goodness. Help me!

Eve: What did I tell you?

Jessica: Daddy's so full of it.

Noah: That's not fair, Jess.

Jessica: He said he wants to take care of me but rushes off the minute I get home.

Noah: He got an emergency call from the station, he had no choice.

Jessica: He talks great, but he doesn't give a damn about me.

Noah: That's not true. Dad loves you.

Simone: We all love you, your dad most of all.

Jessica: Yeah, right.

Paloma: Jessica, the only person that doesn't love you is Spike.

Jessica: No, Spike does love me. He does.

Noah: Would a man that loves a woman put that woman on the street to have sex with other men? Jessica, would he put her at risk? Put her life in danger?

Simone: Pump her full of booze and drugs.

Jessica: He can change.

Noah: No, he won't, Jessica. When a man truly loves a woman, he will cherish her. He would put himself at risk to protect her. He would give his own life to keep his soul mate safe. Now would Spike do that for you? No, he wouldn't. You know why? Because Spike does not love you, Jessica. If he did, he wouldn't treat you like dirt. He wouldn't keep you away from the people that really do love you.

Jessica: Just stop.

Noah: I know this is hard for you to hear, Jessica, but you have to hear it. Spike does not love you.

Jessica: Liar! Spike does love me. He does.

Spike: There's got to be a way to get you out of that house, Jess. Cause God knows baby, it is time to shut you up.

Luis: All right. That's good. That's better, isn't it?

Sheridan: Here's some tea, Fancy. It's very soothing.

Luis: See. Now that was thoughtful of Sheridan, wasn't it?

Fancy: Thoughtful.


Sheridan: The police!

Fancy: Oh, no!

Luis: All right. Just hold on a second. We don't know they are coming here. They could be out on another call.


Luis: Damn it. They are right outside. They know I'm here.

Sheridan: Were you careful when you came here? Did anyone follow you?

Fancy: No. Of course not. I am a trained cop. Did anyone follow you?

Sam: Luis, it's Sam! We know you are in there. Come out now before you get hurt.

Theresa: You have to help him, please!

Whitney: It's going to be ok, sweetie.

Eve: Get me a nurse, stat.

Judge Reilly: Yes, doctor.

Theresa: This is my fault.

Whitney: No, no, it's not.

Theresa: Doctor, please tell me what is wrong with him?

Eve: I'm not sure. I told you there was no way he was ready for this kind of excitement.

Theresa: He's going to be okay, right?

Eve: I don't know.

Nurse: I'm right here, doctor.

Eve: Help me get him on the bed.

Theresa: Tell me he's going to be okay.

Eve: Whitney, get her out of here.

Whitney: Okay.

Eve: Nurse, epi now. Mrs. Crane. Ms. Crane, I am so sorry. It appears I am no longer needed at the moment. Now if there's anything else that I can possibly --

Ethan: Judge, just go.

Theresa: You shouldn't be here, Ethan.  If something happens to him, I'm never going to forgive myself.  This is all my fault, all my fault.

Jessica: Stop dissing Spike. He loves me. He's my husband.

Noah: He's a festering cancer, Jessica.

Jessica: No, get out of here.

Noah: We have tried this intervention thing once before and it didn't take. But, that doesn't mean we are giving up. We are not giving up on you. You know why? Because we love you too much.

Jessica: Leave me alone!

Noah: Jessica, you have to listen to me. You have to listen to us. Spike does not love you.

Simone: He is using you. He always has.

Paloma: You mean nothing to him, but you are too blind it see it.

Noah: Spike is trying to control you, Jessica. He's trying to make you think that you don't have anyone to turn to, that he is all you have. He is wrong. You have us, Jessica. You have always had us. We love you.

Simone: So much, Jessica. So much love, if you would just let us in.

Paloma: There are so many people that want to help you.

Simone: Think about your mom and how much she loves you. Just being near her made you feel like you were sitting by a warm fire. And now think about the way that Spike treats you. Does that feel like love? No. That's sickness. It's hatred.

Noah: Don't let him destroy you, Jessica. Don't let him make you think that he is all you have. You have so much more.

Jessica: I'm so confused.

Noah: Don't be. It's very simple. We love you, Jessica. And if you can believe that, then we will help you.

Jessica: I want to believe that. I do.

Simone: It's true. You're still that same girl that we have always loved.

Jessica: I am so dirty.

Simone: That's not true. You have a warm heart and that's all that matters. That good girl inside of you is still there. The one we all love. Make her live again. God loves you, your father loves you so much. You are surrounded by friends and family. You don't need somebody who makes you sell your body to strangers. You don't need somebody that pumps you full of drugs and alcohol.

Noah: It's time to get rid of Spike, Jessica. It's time for you to let us help you. Get rid of him. Will you do that? Jess?

Paloma: She's tired. She knows we're right. Let's put her to bed so she can get some sleep.

Noah: I really feel like we should be driving this home.

Paloma: No, you know what? Noah, it is done. She believes us. I can feel it. Honey, we'll talk more about this in the morning, okay? We'll sort out this whole mess.  You won't have to lift a finger.

Simone: I love you, Jessica.

Noah: So do I.

Simone: Me, too.  Don't worry. We'll protect you from Spike.

Noah: You will never have to see that bastard again.

Theresa: Why is this happening? Maybe I'm cursed.

Whitney: Honey, that is not true.

Theresa: Come on. You saw Jared in there.  It looked like he was gonna die.

Whitney: No, no, Jared's gonna be fine, honey.

Theresa: We don't know that. Whitney, I was doing what the blackmailer wanted me to do, and I should have listened to your mom. She's the doctor.

Whitney: You can't do this. It's not your fault.

Theresa: Of course it is my fault. You know what I think, I think I am being punished.

Whitney: What are you being punished for?

Theresa: For not taking the chance to be with Ethan. For turning my back on God. I should have forced the blackmailer to go to hell. Instead, I forced Jared to marry me, and he collapsed at my feet. Instead of spending the rest of the my life with a man I love, I am being forced to marry Jared.

Whitney: Ok, but, let's focus on the fact that you care for Jared, right?

Theresa: I do. I do care about him deeply but he's not the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Whitney: I know.

Theresa: What if I turn out to be his widow before I'm his bride?

Whitney: It doesn't work like that, honey.

Theresa: I did this to him. Why do I always hurt the people I love?

Simone: I hope Jessica will sleep.

Noah: I know, I could. That was exhausting.

Simone: I think we made progress, though, don't you think? At least now she will admit she's married to scum.

Paloma: Let's hope for the best.

Noah: But prepare for the worst. We talked to Jessica once before, and she went right back to Spike.

Paloma: Don't say that. I am sure we did good work tonight.

Noah: Jessica is so lucky to have you as a friend. You too, Simone.

Simone: Her brother is not so bad either.

Noah: I only wish I had been here when she first got mixed up with Spike.

Simone: You are here now and that's all that matters. We'll get through to her.

Noah: I really love her, I just --

Paloma: We all do.

Simone: We will do anything to get her back, Noah. Anything.

Noah: Come here.

Simone :I got to get going. I got a really long day tomorrow and I need to get some rest.

Paloma: Simone, you know that Rae's in a better place now. So, maybe tomorrow at the funeral, we can help you celebrate her life.

Simone: I don't know. Thanks but -- I'm just really sad and angry at how your brother killed --

Noah: Oh, Simone, don't. Look. We're not sure if Luis murdered anyone.

Simone: Why did he run away?

Paloma: Simone, I am sure the real killer will be caught. Let's just get you through tomorrow, okay. We'll all be there for you at the funeral.

Simone: You guys barely even knew her.

Paloma: We'll be there for you because we love you.

Simone: I just -- I can't believe that Rae is gone. I miss her so much.

Paloma: I know. Just give it time.

Simone: I'll see you guys tomorrow, okay?

Noah: Okay. Don't worry about that, I'll take care of it tomorrow morning.

Paloma: Oh, I don't mind.

Noah: I really meant what I said earlier. Jessica is so lucky to have you as a friend.

Paloma: Don't be silly.

Noah: A lot of people would have left her, they would have left her alone a long time ago. You really stuck it out. It means so much to me.

Paloma: I'm just glad that she's upstairs safe and sound. At least we don't have to worry about Spike get anywhere near her tonight.

Sam: Luis, we know you are in there! Come out with your hands up! The place is surrounded.

Luis: There's no place to go.

Sam: Don't make things worse than they already are, Luis. Now get out here now!

Chris' voice: This will get you out of Sheridan's life, Luis, for good.

Sheridan: Look. Maybe you can go out the window.

Luis: Did you not hear, Sam, the place is surrounded.

Sheridan: Well maybe's there a dumb waiter or something.

Sam: Don't make me break this door.

Luis: I know. Arrest me. Put me under arrest.

Fancy: Me? No, I can't do that.

Luis: You don't have a choice. Now, do it. You have to arrest me, now. Come on, you are going to bring me in. You have to. Come on.

Whitney:  It's going to be okay. Okay? Cause you have gotten through worse than this.

Theresa: No.

Whitney Yes, yes. You know what? This isn't your fault. If you blame somebody, you need to blame the blackmailer.

Theresa: You just don't get it, Whitney. I don't know why he's doing this to me. I don't know why he hates me so much. I don't know why he wants me to hurt the people I love.

Whitney: Listen to me, don't start giving up, okay. This isn't your fault.

Theresa: Of course,  it is my fault. I pushed for the wedding. Your mom said that Jared was not strong enough but I had to have it my way.

Whitney: Because that's what the blackmailer wanted, Whitney. Jared wanted to marry you.

Theresa: He could have waited. He wanted to marry me because he thinks I feel the same way about him that he does about me, but I don't. This is crazy. I am trying to protect my brothers, I have hurt Ethan and Jared. What do you think the blackmailer's going to do when he finds out that I didn't marry Jared tonight. He'll tell the world my son is not a Crane, and I won't protect my brothers after all. How is he, Dr. Russell?

Eve: Not now, I have to get Jared up to surgery, or he's going to die.

Whitney: Jared could die. What?

Ethan: What? Nothing.

Whitney: It seemed like something was on your mind, what was it?

Ethan: God help me for thinking it, Whitney, but --

Whitney: But what?

Ethan: If Jared dies, I'll be free to be with Theresa. I know it sounds terrible but I love her and I don't want to lose her. If he dies, I won't have to.

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