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Passions Transcript Thursday 3/1/07--Canada; Friday 3/2/07--USA

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Kay: I can't tell you how happy I am, honey. I am so glad you are going to go through with the treatments. I know it's going to give you a chance at a long life. Thanks for convincing him to go through with this.

Julian: Well, he's my son. I love him as much as you do.

Kay: I know. I am just so grateful.

{Nurse: Mr. Crane, this is a huge amount of money.

Julian: I assume it is sufficient to do me this favor?

Nurse: You want me to make sure Fox gets a placebo, fake medication, instead of the actual treatment he needs.

Julian:  No, no, no.  What he needs is the placebo. You will make sure he gets it, won't you?

Nurse:  I could lose my license for this.  I could probably even go to jail.

Julian: No, but you could also pay off that huge gambling debt, now couldn't you? It's up to you.

Nurse:  All right. I'll do it.

Julian: Very good. }

Miguel: I don't understand why Fox agreed to the treatment if he's not sick. He's been lying about this illness from the start. What the hell is he up to?

Eve: Miguel, you shouldn't be here. Julian doesn't want you hanging around Fox's room and upsetting him.

Miguel: I don't care. I'm not going anywhere.  I didn't hit Fox with my car.  I have nothing to worry about.

Eve: I believe you, but I still think you should leave.

Miguel: I'm not anything anywhere. I'm not leaving until I can convince Kay that Fox is living about his terminal illness.

Eve: Miguel, if Fox is lying, why is he going to undergo the treatment with such horrible side effects?

Miguel: I know they're horrible.  He's going to get sick, he's going to go bald, and more importantly, he's going to wind up impotent.

Eve: Exactly. Why would any man undergo those kind of treatments unless they desperately needed it?

Miguel: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Person: (Screaming) Don't scream. I told you, I love you.

Jessica: No, stay away from me.

Person: Did I tell you how lovely you look tonight?

Jessical: Help! Help me! Please, please, just let me go.

Person: Jessica. It's all right. I have been waiting for you for such a long time.

Jessica: Oh, please. Don't hurt me.

Person: Oh, yes. Patiently waiting for you.

Sam: That's right. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Booked tonight on suspicions of murder, assault. He broke free and now is on the run.

Sheridan: Did you see what you have done? This is all your fault.

Fancy: Luis escaping is my fault?

Sheridan: Yes.  And if anything happens to him, that will be your fault, too.

Fancy: Aunt Sheridan, I never would have told him to run. It makes him look guilty and I know he isn't.

Sheridan: Do you?

Fancy: Do you think that I believe that Luis is the one that raped me and killed Rae Thomas? That he threw acid on me?

Sheridan: I haven't heard you defend him. I haven't heard you tell the police that he was not the man that attacked you.

Fancy: No, but I was just looking at the evidence. It seemed to incriminate him.

Sheridan: So much for your great love for Luis. You think he's guilty.

Fancy:  I didn't say that.

Sheridan: You didn't say otherwise.

Sam: Make sure that APB is sent out nationwide. I can't believe Luis did this. It makes him look guilty.

Fancy: Yeah, but you heard him, Chief. He said he had to find the person that hurt me. He said the only way to clear himself would be to find the real rapist.

Sam: How is he going to do that on the run? His face is going to be plastered all over this state.

First Officer: Chief Bennett, we heard about Luis.

Second Officer: We're ready to help with the search.

Sam: Good. We're going to need as many men as we can get. He just left so he couldn't have gotten too far. He's on foot, so I think we got a chance.

First Officer: Chief, he is one of us, are we suppose to follow procedure?

Second Officer: Treat him as the same as any other criminal accused of a capital crime?

Fancy: What are they talking about, Chief? What procedure?

Sam: Procedure I'm forced to follow is, when pursuing an escaped prisoner accused of a capital crime, we shoot to kill.


Luis: Sorry about this, Sam, but I gotta clear my name.

Theresa: We're finally gonna be together?

Ethan: We are.  We are finally going to be together.

Person: You will pay, Theresa. You will pay.

Eve: Fox, I understand you have agreed to take the treatments, I am so glad.

Fox: Yeah, I want to start the treatments as soon as possible.

Eve: Well, I've notified the pharmacy and as soon as the treatment drugs are ready, we'll begin. What made you change your mind?

Fox: My father made me see that I owed it to Kay to at least try and live.

Julian: That's my son, I couldn't let him just give up.

Eve: Yes. Your son.

Julian: I would like to have a private chef brought in to cook meals for Fox, if that's okay? Is there something wrong?

Eve: No, I'm fine.

Julian: I know that you when I have not been on the best terms lately, but if there's something bothering you, I am still here for you.

Eve: It's just when you said Fox is your son it made me remember our son.

Julian: We thought our son was Chad. Turns out Alistair is his father and I'm his brother. I still think about our son, too.

Eve: I just wonder where he is and if he's all right.

Jessica: Don't come any closer. Get away from me! (Screaming)

Person: Stop screaming.


Noah: Jess! Jessica are you in there?

Simone: Jessica, it's Simone and Noah and Paloma. We came to help you.  Open up!

Paloma: Jessica, open the door.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Noah: Are you okay?

Simone: We expected you at the hospital. We came looking for you.

Noah: Where is that bastard?

Jessica:  No, it's not Spike. It's that -- that creature.

Paloma: What creature?

Jessica: Where did it go? It has to be here.

Fancy: Chief, no. You can't give that shoot to kill order, not with Luis.

Sam: Fancy, I know how it sounds.

Fancy: It sounds like you would let him be killed just because he escaped trying to clear his name. He's not a convicted murderer, Sam. He's only been accused.

Second Officer: He's a trained professional and could have a gun and we could be threatened.

Fancy: He was suspended from duty, he doesn't have his weapon.

First Officer: It'd be easy enough for him to get one.

Sam: Look, I haven't given the order yet. I was hoping Luis would turn himself in.

Fancy: Thank you.

First Officer: We have to protect ourselves, Chief.

Sam: I know. Just find him. And if you do, you don't do anything until I talk to him first. Understood?

First Officer: Yes, sir.

Second Officer: Copy that.

Sam: He calls either one of you, you let me know. Okay. Do me a favor, try to convince him to turn himself in.

Sheridan: Of course.

Sam: Let's go.

Fancy: Luis, have what have you done?

Sheridan: Oh, it's not what he's done, it's what you have done. This is all your fault, Fancy. All your fault.

Ethan: Theresa, Theresa, Theresa.

Theresa: That was amazing.

Ethan: It was nice.  I just don't believe we're finally I am glad we are finally -- we're able to do this.  After all we've been through, we're finally here.

Theresa: I know. First time we don't actually have to run away from each other.

Ethan: I'm not going anywhere.

Luis: Theresa, I need your --

Jessica: I don't understand, it was right here. It has got to be here!

Noah: When you say it? What do you mean, like a cockroach or a rat.

Simone: Is that why you were screaming, because you saw a bug?

Jessica: No! This thing, it's human, but it was half man, half woman.  I don't know. It was horrible, creepy.

Simone: Oh, Jessica, what kind of drugs does Spike have you on?

Jessica: I am not on anything. I mean, I was, but it wore off, and I'm telling you -- it was here and it was the same thing I saw on the wharf earlier.

Noah: You kept saying it was a man, it was a woman.

Jessica: Yes, it was half man, half woman.

Paloma: Honey, maybe those drugs didn't wear off so soon.

Jessica: It was real, I swear.

Noah: Okay. We need to get you back to the hospital, Jess, for detox and then we're going to get you away from Spike for good.

Jessica: See, just listen to me. You have to believe me.

Noah: We believe you, Jess. We believe that you think you saw something that looked like half of a man and half of a woman.

Simone: But it isn't here now, Jess. No one was here but you.

Paloma: Where did it go?

Jessica: It's in the bathroom. Look in there, Noah. It's in there.

Simone: Jessica, let's just get you back to the hospital.

Jessica: No, you have to look in the bathroom. It's got to be in there.

Noah: Okay. Hey, I'll look.

Jessica: Hey, be careful. It's got a razor.

Fancy: How is it my fault, Aunt Sheridan? What did I do?

Sheridan: You know what you have done. All the drama about being raped and attacked over and over, playing the helpless victim, just to get Luis' attention?

Fancy: I never played the victim. I was a victim. And I still think you are the woman who attacked me in my princess room and in the hospital parking lot.

Sheridan: Oh, please.

Fancy: I know it was a woman and I think you would do anything to keep me and Luis apart.

Sheridan: My God. Fancy, you sound insane. I told you, I was out getting James' cough syrup the last time you were attacked and now, what about tonight? You are accusing Luis of being the one who attacked you.

Fancy: I didn't accuse him. I only told the truth of what I remembered. When I woke up screaming from the pain in my leg, the only person I saw was Luis standing over me with that jar of acid in his hand. I wish I had seen somebody else in the room but I didn't. It was Luis. Only Luis.

Theresa: Luis? Hi.

Ethan: What's going on, man?

Luis: What's going on? Why don't you tell me. Last thing I heard you and  Jared were engaged. What are you doing?

Theresa: It's complicated.

Ethan: Gwen's filed for divorce. Theresa and I were actually finally able to be together.

Luis: That's great. That's fantastic news.

Theresa: Amazing. I can hardly believe it. Are you okay? What's going on?

Ethan: Yeah, you said you needed help.

Luis: I was arrested tonight. Arrested and booked.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: On what charge? They don't still suspect you to be involved in Rae's murder, do they?

Luis: Yeah, they do. But that's not why I was arrested. Tonight, I was arrested because Fancy was attacked again.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Ethan: What happened? Is she all right?

Luis: Yes, she's all right, just some acid burns on her leg.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Ethan: Acid burns?

Theresa: Oh, God. What happened? Luis?

Luis:  Obviously, Fancy has been under a lot of stress. I took her out of town just outside of Harmony to this little inn. I wanted her to be where she could feel safe. Then I was watching to make sure that this monster didn't attack her again. But, he did.  Whoever it was put something in my coffee to knock me out. I smelt something and didn't drink it. I realized Fancy was in danger so I rushed up to the room. When I ran in, I saw this guy in a ski mask holding a jar with acid in it. He was about to pour it on Fancy. I grabbed the guy, I got the jar away from him. But a few drops fell on Fancy's leg and she screamed. When I turned to see why she was screaming. The perp ran and Fancy only saw me.

Theresa: But Fancy can't believe you were the one that poured acid on her.

Luis: I am sure she doesn't want to but when I she woke up, I was the only person she saw.

Ethan: Where did the guy go?

Luis: That's a good question.  I thought he went out the bathroom window, but when we checked the bathroom window, it was locked from the inside. Sam had the place surrounded by cops and didn't see anyone suspicious leave the premise.

Ethan: Alright, it's pretty obvious you are being set up.

Luis: That's why I had to escape.

Ethan: What?

Theresa; Oh, God, no. Luis.

Luis: I had to. It's the only way. I am on the run. Fugitive.

Eve: Okay. I need to examine Fox. You don't mind waiting outside, do you?

Kay: No, of course.

Julian: Good. He's gone. Miguel was lurking around here earlier. Going to get coffee, would you like some?

Kay: Yeah, actually. Thank you Mr. Crane.

Miguel: Kay?

Kay: Miguel, you shouldn't be here.

Miguel: I am not going any where until I talk to you.

Kay: There is nothing to talk about. You said Fox wouldn't take the treatment because he's faking. He's taking the treatments, so you are wrong.

Miguel: No, I'm not wrong. I don't know what Fox is up to with agreeing to the treatment but something is not right, Kay. I can feel it. This is another Crane plot.

Kay: You know what? I am sick of your conspiracy theories. Fox is dying and he's taking the treatment to prolong his life.

Miguel: I don't buy it, Kay. Something isn't right here.

Nurse: I'm sorry.

Miguel: I'm so sorry. Let me get that for you.


Noah: There's no one in here, Jess.

Jessica: What? It has to be in here. No! It must have gone out the window.

Noah: Don't you think we would have heard that?

Jessica: It has to be outside. We have to find it. We have to call the police.

Simone: Jess, just let us take you to the hospital.

Paloma: You will be safe there.

Noah: They're right. Let's go.

Jessica: No, no, you don't believe me. but I'm not making it up. I am telling you, I saw something here. Half man, half woman.

Noah: I know, Jess. It's okay. We'll tell the doctors all about it.

Person: We'll meet again, Jessica. And soon. Very soon.

Fancy: You know, ever since you found out that Luis and I were falling in love, you have done everything you could to keep us apart. And I think that you are crazy enough to be the one who attacked me.

Sheridan: Me? Crazy. You know, Fancy, I would not be throwing that word around if I were you. The only thing I have ever done is look out for Luis.

Fancy: He doesn't need you to look out for him, Sheridan. You have your own husband, look out for him.

Sheridan: You know what? You are ruining Luis' life. Ever since you came into Luis' life, bad things have happened. He has now been accused of murder. He could be executed. How can you live with yourself?

Fancy: I did not accuse him of anything.

Sheridan: You haven't defended him either. He loves his job. He believes in justice and now he's a fugitive. He's on the run because he wants to prove to you that he didn't attack you so you need to fix this. You need to do something before he winds up dead.

Sam: I want the harbor patrol down here to search all of these boats. There aren't too many places Luis could hide that I wouldn't know about.

Second Officer: I'll call it in.

First Officer: Still want us to wait on the shoot to kill order?

Second Officer: Even in self-defense?

Sam: Let's just find him, okay.

First Officer: Look, I know the chief and Luis are friends, but if he did attack those girls he's a dangerous guy.

Second Officer: Won't be the first time a cop went bad. If I see him, I'm going to take him down.

Luis: Look, you said it yourself, Ethan. Someone is setting me up. If I looked at the evidence, I would think I was guilty.

Ethan: This escape makes you look more guilty.

Luis: If I'm locked up, the cops upon stole loob being for the, real attacky.

Ethan: I know, but is this the right way, Luis?

Luis: I don't know. The only way I know.

Ethan: Look, I am sure Fancy doesn't believe that you did it. How could she? She loves you.

Luis: Yeah, she does love me. But she's been attacked. She's been through hell and back and the only thing she can see is all of the evidence that points to me.

Ethan: That is crazy. You are being on the run, you can't do this. You got to turn yourself in.

Luis: No way.

Ethan: If you do, I promise I will use all of the Crane money and power I have to clear your name. I will hire private investigators to find Fancy's attackers and find out whoever tried to set you up.

Luis: I am not going to sit in jail and trust someone will do this for me. I am the only person I can trust.

Ethan: Look. If I can't change your mind, there's only one thing I can do.

Luis: What's that? What are you doing?

Ethan: I'm going to call my father and turn you in.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I bumped into you.

Kay: Is that to start Fox's treatment?

Nurse: Yes, and I got to get in there, so if you will excuse me.

Kay: See. They are going to start his treatment, you are wrong.

Miguel: No, I'm positive I am right.

Julian: What in the hell are you still doing here? I told you to get out. Keep your voice down. I am going to is a guard posted outside of Fox's room. If you go anywhere near, I will have you arrested.

Miguel: Do as you wish, I am not going any where.

Julian: You are going on oi stretcher if you don't get out of here right now.

Eve: You can't do that in here. Now Julian, I have the information for Fox's treatment that you wanted to read.

Julian: Yes, fine.

Eve: So I have to go to the emergency room, why don't you come with me and we'll look at it.

Julian: Yes.

Miguel: Kay, can we talk now, please.

Kay: There's nothing to say. Julian is right, you need to go. I will be here with Fox when he starts his treatment. I can't believe it. Fox is actually going to take the treatment.

Luis: Yes, sorry, Ethan. I can't let you call the cops.

Ethan: Luis, I am your attorney, alright. I am telling you you have to turn yourself in.

Luis: I am going to find out whoever did this, I am not going back to jail.

Ethan: They are going to catch you. When they catch you and they take this thing to trial, the DA will use this little escape of yours against me.

Luis: It's not going to trial because I'm going to find out whoever it was that killed Rae and attacked Fancy.

Ethan: I hope you can do that. Tell me what I can do to help you.

Luis: Okay. I need a safe place to go. Somewhere where there's internet, and I need some cash.

Ethan: I have got the perfect place. Look. The key here to the apartment we use for the visiting VIPs. The dreks are in here. And the people at Crane know about it. For now. Right.

Luis: Yeah. Thanks, sis. Thanks for everything.

Theresa: I will do anything to clear your name, Luis.

Luis: Thanks.

Ethan: Luis, please, please, think about this. Just turn yourself in.

Luis: No, it's not going to happen.

Ethan: Being an officer of the law, this goes against everything you have learned, trained for. All of your experience.

Luis: Listen, if I thought that the Harmony PD was going to help me, I would be there in a second.

Ethan: You don't think that they would?

Luis: Well, see, they suspended me from the force, they arrested me and booked me, so, no, I don't really have that much confidence. Listen, this is the only way I will clear my name and the only way I am ever going to get Fancy back.

Ethan: I understand. I guess I do understand because I would do anything to be with Theresa, too.

Luis: Wish me luck.

Theresa: Good luck.

Ethan: Yeah. I'll see ya. Oh, God. Well, I guess even though my client is a fugitive now, I guess the prudent thing to do is startup on his defense right away and right away.

Theresa: That would be a great idea.

Ethan: Theresa, we're going to need the best list of private investigators you can come up with, okay.

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, I can call Crane security and they can tell me who I should use.

Ethan: At least a good thing that you have all of this Crane money and power at your disposal. Without it, I don't think we would be able to help Luis or Miguel, and Miguel has been charged with trying to kill Fox for God's sake.

{Person: Your secret will be revealed that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. Little Ethan will no longer be a Crane and you will lose all of your power.}

Ethan: Without your help, your brother Luis and Miguel will both go to jail, probably for the rest of their lives.

Theresa's voice: Ethan, we can never be together.

Ethan: All right. I am going to go. Going to go to the skpofs get cracking on this case.

Theresa: Look, I need to tell you something.

Ethan: Theresa, what is it?

Julian: Half man, half woman. That's ridiculous. She must be stoned.

Eve: Julian, would you mind waiting while I examine Jessica. Now, I am going to have to do a blood test to find out what kind of drugs Spike's giving you.

Jessica: I am not on any drugs. No one believes me.

Eve: This is just a sedative. It's going to calm you down.

Jessica: Doctor Russell, I swear, I'm not imagining it. I saw a thing, half man, half woman, and it came at me with a razor.

Eve: I'm going to get a nurse to do that blood work.

Julian: You want to talk about Fox's treatment now?

Eve: Julian, in a minute. Let me just find a nurse, please. Oh, shoot, that's my code, I better get that. Dr. Russell. What did you say? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Miguel: This guy's actually taking the medication.  I don't get it, I know he's not sick.  Nurse, can I ask you a question?

Nurse:  I'm sorry, I just got paged. Maybe later.

Miguel: Can we talk now, please?

Kay: No. I just came out to get something to read and them I'm going back inside. 

Miguel: Will you tell me if Fox is actually getting the treatment?

Kay: No. He's getting a round of antibiotics. They're trying to boost his immune system before he starts the treatment tomorrow.

Miguel: That explains it.  You'll see.  When he's actually faced with taking the treatment, he'll refuse it. He'll refuse it because he's not really sick.

Ethan: Theresa, Is it Luis? You're worried about him, is that it?

Theresa: Yeah. I am. Of course I am worried about Luis. But there's something else that I need to tell you.

Ethan: Okay. Tell me. What is it?

Theresa: Well -

(phone ringing)

Ethan: Sorry. It's the police, they're calling about Luis. Look, I got to go to my office and do some damage control. But, I will call you later. I love you.

Theresa: I love you. My God, is this happening? I finally have the chance to be with the man I love and he'll be torn away from me.

Sheridan: You know I'm right. You have caused Luis nothing but pain and unhappiness. Now he's running for his life and it is all your fault.

Fancy: It is not my fault. And what about the pain and unhappiness you brought into Luis's life?

Sheridan: We've already talked about this. I know the pain I bring to Luis. So I'm out of his life.

Fancy: Then stay away from him.

Sheridan: Fancy, I am worried about Luis. I am worried about you. I just want to protect you both.

Fancy: Protect us! Yeah, right.

Sheridan: I'm serious. What about your sister. What about Pretty?

Fancy: Oh, don't even go there, Sheridan. Don't dredge that up.

Sheridan: Would you listen to me?

Fancy: No! I am done listening to you.

Police radio: Yeah, we're tracking Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. He couldn't have gone far.  He should be considered arm and dangerous. You know what to do if you find him.

Sheridan: You see what you have done. Luis is being chased like a mad dog and it is all your fault. You need to do something to fix this. Before it's too late. Before Luis winds up dead.

Sam: Luis, hold it right there!  Luis!  Luis!

Officer: Stop, or I'll shoot.

Fox: Can't wait to see what Miguel says about this.

Miguel: Kay, there's no way Fox is going to have a treatment that's going to leave him impotent.

Kay: You know what, Miguel, you should be ashamed of yourself.  My husband is going to go through a terrible time for me.

Miguel: Well, I'm so sorry, but you've been lied to.

Kay: Just go home.  I'm going to be here with my husband.

Miguel: I wonder how you'll get out of the treatment tomorrow, Fox.

Noah: I'm gonna stay here with Jessica.  Make sure Spike doesn't try anything. 

Simone: I'll stay, too.

Paloma: If Spike comes back, I'm going to arrest him for -- something.

Noah: Don't worry about Spike.  I'll make sure he never victimizes Jessica again. 

Simone:  What do you think about this half-man, half-woman she's been talking about?

Noah: I don't know.  I mean, she also said she saw Charity and Miguel peel their faces off.  I'm afraid all the drugs she's done have taken a toll on her brain.

Simone: What if Jessica is right?  What if there is some nutcase running around Harmony in some strange disguise?

Paloma: A lot of strange things are happening here right now.  Maybe Jessica isn't crazy.  Maybe she's the only one who knows exactly what's going on.

Julian: What is it, Eve?  You alright?

Eve: No, Julian, I'm not alright. 

Julian: Was it the phone call?  Who was it?

Eve: A man.  He said he was our son.  The man who was on the phone, Julian, he was our son.

Sheridan: If Luis gets killed, how are you going to live with that on your conscience?

Fancy: Oh God, don't say that.  He can't be killed.

Sheridan: It very well could happen because you think Luis is guilty.

Fancy: What am I supposed to think?  Luis was standing there holding the acid, he had a key to the room, the police couldn't find any other suspects, no one was in the room but Luis.

Sheridan:  I don't think Luis attacked you.  Do you?

Fancy: I can't believe he would, but the evidence --

Sheridan: Fancy, forget the evidence!  You are the only one that can help Luis!  You have to change your story.  You have to tell them that someone else was in the room.  Tell them you are just starting to remember it.

Fancy: But that would be lying.  I can't do that.

Sheridan: But if lying is the only way to help Luis, then lie!  Alright?  Because if something happens to Luis, or God forbid, he is killed, I will never forgive you.  You will never forgive yourself. 

Sam: Hold your fire.

Second Officer: But, sir, he's getting away.

Sam: We'll catch him.  Come on!  Luis!  Luis, don't do this.

Second Officer:  We lost him.

First Officer: Sir, you have to give the shoot-to-kill order.  I  got a call from the Desk Sergeant, the mayor's called and the state police.

Sam: This is Chief Bennett with the Harmony Police Department.  We're in pursuit of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald who escaped custody tonight.  He's wanted in a capital case.  If you find him, and he resists arrest, you have a shoot-to-kill order.  I repeat, you have a shoot-to-kill order. 

Person: Theresa.  Theresa. 

Theresa: Not again.  What do you want?

Person: You made love to Ethan, but he's mine! 

Theresa: You said that to me before.  Why are you doing this to me?

Person: You will be destroyed.  Your brother Luis will be executed, and your brother, Miguel will go to prison for life, unless you do as I say. 

Theresa: You tell me what you want me to do.

Person: Marry Jared.  Tonight in the hospital.

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Julian: Is it possible we could end up together after all?  Maybe we could find our son?

Whitney: Don't tell me that you've married Jared, Theresa.

Vincent: I love you. 

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