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Kay: Paloma, is that you?

Paloma: Si. Didn't you recognize me?

Kay: Yes, I recognize you, but you look so grown-up. You look fabulous.

Paloma: Thank you.

Kay: My gosh. So do you have a Valentine date?

Paloma: Uh, not yet. But the man I'd like to be with tonight works here, so I was just hoping.

Kay: Hmm. You mean my brother? I heard you guys were getting close.

Paloma: You did?

Kay: Mm-hmm. I think it's great.

Paloma: Thanks. I -- I just hope I can convince him that I'm not a little girl and he's not too old for me.

Kay: Yeah. Love is never easy, is it?

Paloma: I know. Why is that? I always believe the fairy tales, but all I've seen is one couple after another having a terrible time trying to be together.

Kay: Tell me about it. I mean, I'm here at this fundraiser for Fox and the Crane foundation, and he's in the hospital in a coma, and, Miguel, I don't even know what he's doing right now. He's probably just -- sorry. I don't mean to talk about your brother in front of you.

Paloma: Oh, no, no, it's ok. It's ok. I know things between you have been complicated.

Kay: That's putting it mildly. I mean, here I am married. I'm married to Fox. And I love him, I do, but --

Paloma: You love Miguel, too.

Kay: Yeah. I was going to call off my wedding to Fox to be with Miguel... until I saw him having sex with Charity at my bridal shower.

Paloma: Miguel swears he hasn't been with Charity.

Kay: I know, I know. He wants me to believe that they were impersonators, but, you know, he doesn't have any proof. And besides, I saw them together, and this time I have proof.

Paloma: What proof?

Kay: Well, they were caught kissing on videotape at the hospital, and he couldn't deny it. So, you know, he says he loves me and that he's over Charity, but the truth of the matter is that until he can give me some kind of proof that they've never been together, I just can't trust him.

Miguel: You know, I really wish there was a way to prove that you actually saw a man and a woman take off masks that look like Charity and me. But you were drunk that night, Jess, so no one believes you.

Jessica: Yeah, well, this is all the proof I need. Come to Mama, all 85 of you.

Miguel: Jess...

Jessica: Hey, hey. It's her.

Miguel: Who?

Jessica: That's the woman I saw take off the Charity mask that night on the wharf.

Miguel: Are you sure that's her?

Jessica: I -- I'm positive, Miguel. That's the fake Charity I saw that night.

Miguel: Ok, well, I have to talk to her. She's my only hope in proving to Kay I've been set up.

Ethan: Jared? Hey, what are you doing here?

Jared: What, are you the new bouncer?

Ethan: Thought you left town.

Jared: Well, I changed my mind. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and celebrate Valentine's Day with Tess.

Ethan: Whoa, Theresa, you mean? Why's that?

Jared: Because I love her.

Ethan: You love her? You walked out on her. She's done with you, man. She's moved on.

Jared: No. No, not yet she hasn't. The only person she's moving on with is me.

Ethan: Oh, the hell she is.

Pilar: How did Gwen get that information? Now she's threatening to tell the world that Little Ethan is Ethan's son, not Julian's? How did she know?

Theresa: Mama, I guess J.T. Cornell told her before he died. I want to know why she's waiting this long to use it. I mean, telling me not to go after Ethan or else she's going to tell everyone that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father and I lose all the Crane money and power?

Pilar: Yeah, she knows that you need the money to get Miguel and Luis out of prison.

Theresa: I do need the money, because Julian -- he's determined to put them away forever. And he will if I don't help them.

Pilar: Yes, I know.

Theresa: I mean, I could kill Julian. Look, we both know that Miguel's not the one who tried to run over Fox with his car.

Pilar: Of course he didn't. But someone broke the headlight in his car, and it doesn't look good for him.

Theresa: No, it doesn't, Mama. And it doesn't look good for Luis, either. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did not rape Fancy, but there's this evidence. You know, and it's just like Julian to set them up.

Pilar: That man is as evil as his father.

Theresa: That's right. I don't have a choice. I have to protect my brothers. And once their names are cleared, I'll tell Ethan the truth about our son.

Pilar: And in the meantime, you might lose Ethan because obviously Gwen has changed her mind now and she wants Ethan back.

Theresa: Yeah. You know what, according to the text message, it sounds like she does.

Pilar: Actually, you know, I know someone who might know what's on Gwen's mind.

Theresa: Rebecca.

Pilar: Mm-hmm. She always knows whatever Gwen is doing. I bet she knows why Gwen sent that text message.

Theresa: Let's go find out, Mama.

Simone: She's dead. Somebody killed her. Can you please help me, Daddy?

Fancy: Oh, my God.

Luis: Simone, did you see anyone?

Simone: No, she was alone. I -- I found her like this.

Luis: I'm going to call an ambulance.

Simone: Will you please come back to me? Please, Rae?

Luis: All right, I'm going to call Sam and Dr. Russell. You stay here with Simone, ok?

Fancy: Um, ok.

Simone: Fancy, who would do this? Who would want to hurt her?

Fancy: I -- I don't know, Simone. Did she say anything to you about having information on the rapist?

Simone: N-- no. She said she knew something, but she didn't want to put me in danger by telling me.

Fancy: I'm sorry, Simone.

Simone: Oh, Rae. Don't die. Rae, please.

Man: Now Rae can't tell anybody anything.

[Man chuckles]

Ethan: Look, you've done enough to hurt Theresa. Why don't you just leave her alone?

Jared: I hurt Theresa? Are you kidding me?

Ethan: This is nothing to kid about, Jared. You made Theresa think that you loved her. Then when you got her into bed, what did you do? You dumped her.

Jared: Well, that's a pretty twisted version of the facts, don't you think? Theresa and I fell in love. The only problem we ever had was you.

Ethan: You know, if Theresa really loved you, I never would have really been a problem.

Jared: Oh, yeah, you would have, Ethan. You wanted to hang on to your wife, but you weren't going to let Theresa go so she could be happy.

Ethan: She's never going to be happy with you.

Jared: That's not your call, Ethan. Theresa gets to decide whether or not I make her happy.

Ethan: Jared! Leave her alone.

Jared: No, you leave her alone. You stop leading her on, and stop giving her hope.

Ethan: Don't you tell me what to do with my life.

Jared: Then back off and stop jumping in her bed every time she shows interest in someone else.

Ethan: Hold on. I didn't jump into her bed, all right?

Jared: Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot -- you were in some sort of trance. You didn't even know how you got there, right?

Ethan: I don't know how I got there, Jared.

Jared: You don't care who you hurt, do you? Just as long as you keep Tess dangling on that string. You make me sick.

Theresa: Hey, Rebecca. I'd like to talk to you.

Rebecca: Oh, no. What do the two of you want?

Pilar: We want to know, what is Gwen up to?

Rebecca: "Up to"? Um, in regards to what?

Theresa: Just tell Gwen that I got the text message, and I don't respond well to threats.

Rebecca: Gwen sent you a text message?

Pilar: Oh, please, you know she sent it, and you know exactly why she sent it.

Rebecca: Uh, I have no idea.

Pilar: Stop lying, Rebecca.

Theresa: Gwen thinks that she can keep me from being with Ethan by telling the world what she knows. It's not going to work.

Rebecca's voice: What she knows? What could that be?

Theresa: So I assume that J.T. Cornell told you and Gwen? Why'd you wait so long to use it?

Rebecca: We were just waiting for the right time.

Pilar: So you chose to do it now, while you knew it would hurt Theresa the most?

Theresa: I won't be blackmailed, Rebecca. Once all this is settled, Gwen's threats -- they're going to lose their power.

Rebecca: Right, but if Gwen uses this information, then it would be horrible for you, right?

Theresa: Well, you know it would, Rebecca. Gwen knows I won't go after Ethan until all this is over.

Rebecca: Yeah, because this is, I mean, huge. It must be if it's going to keep you away from Ethan.

Theresa: Well, of course it is.

Pilar: No, no, no, no. Don't say another word. She doesn't know what we're talking about. She doesn't even know Gwen sent you a text message.

Rebecca: Oh, that's not true. I know exactly what you're talking about.

Pilar: No, you don't. No, you don't, but you are -- wow, you're really trying hard to find out. Obviously, Gwen did not trust her mother enough to tell her.

Whitney: Simone. Honey, what happened?

Simone: I -- I don't -- I don't know. I mean, we were dancing and we were having fun, and then Rae said that she saw somebody that she needed to talk to and -- and she left, and then I found her like this.

Eve: Oh, God. Honey -- let me examine her, sweetie.

Simone: Mom -- Mom, you have to help her, ok? She can't die. And I know you can do it. You have to.

T.C.: Sweetheart, sweetheart, let your mother look at her.

Luis: Sam's on his way. I checked out back, but I didn't see anyone.

Fancy: Poor Rae.

Luis: She say what she was doing in here?

Fancy: No, not yet.

Simone: Mom, is she alive? Please say she's going to live.

Kay: You know, I want to believe Miguel, I really do, but it's hard, you know, when I keep seeing them together.

Paloma: Well, Miguel thinks he's being set up, not just about Charity, but about the hit-and-run. I know he didn't run over Fox with his car and leave him for dead. He's not a killer.

Kay: I know, that's what's so crazy, because I've known him my whole life. I've never known him to lie or cheat or do anything that wasn't completely honest.

Paloma: So maybe he is being set up.

Kay: I just wish he could show me some proof.

Julian: You'll never get the proof, Kay. I'll make sure of that.

{Woman: It's so weird being back in Harmony after all this time.

Jessica: That sounds like Charity's voice. She must have come home for kay's wedding. What? She just got back and she's already with Miguel? }

Jessica: Hey, you! I know who you are!

Miguel: Jess, she's getting away! Hey, I need to talk to you! No, get out of my way! Ok, I got you, I got you.

Woman: What are you doing?

Miguel: Look, I'm taking you to Kay and you're going to tell the truth, all right?

Woman: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jessica: Hey -- no, Miguel! That's not her.

Miguel: It's not? Are you sure?

Jessica: Yes, I'm sure. The fake Charity got away.

Miguel: I'm sorry.

Woman: Are you nuts? I ought to call the police.

Miguel: Look, I said I was sorry, ok?

Carla: I'd better call Mr. Crane and let him know I've been spotted.

Miguel: Damn it, Jess, are you sure you saw the fake Charity?

Jessica: Yes, I'm positive. She was right there in the diner.

Miguel: Well, that's fantastic, because she got away, Jess. Damn it, I could've taken her to Kay and made her confess that Fox hired her and some random guy to impersonate me and Charity.

Jessica: I know that's what happened, Miguel. I mean, I told you, I even told Kay. I saw them on the wharf that night taking off their masks.

Miguel: Look, I need you to tell Kay again. I promise I'll make her believe you this time.

Jessica: Oh. Uh, ok.

Miguel: Ok, look, Tabitha told me she was going to be at the Blue Note tonight for some Crane Charity event, ok, so let's just go and we'll talk to Kay.

Jessica: Uh-uh, no, you go. I don't want to go there.

Miguel: Why not?

Jessica: It's Valentine's day, and I'm just really not up for seeing all my friends with their boyfriends all happy and in love. Besides, Spike goes to the Blue Note sometimes, and he'd get mad if he --

Miguel: Why do you even stay with him, Jess? He doesn't treat you right. He hurts you. What's the point?

Jessica: You wouldn't understand, Miguel. He really does love me.

Miguel: Ok, well, you know what? I honestly don't have time to argue about Spike. So, look, here's some money. I want you to go back inside. I want you to wait for me. I'm going to bring Kay. You can tell her exactly what you told me about the impostors on the wharf and about the Charity we saw here tonight.

Jessica: Ok.

Miguel: Listen to me -- please eat something. And don't drink. You don't need a drink.

Jessica: No, you're wrong about that, Miguel. I need to drink to live with myself.

Ethan: Look, the reason you're never going to be able to make Theresa happy is because she's still in love with me.

Jared: You arrogant ass. She waited for years for you to leave your wife. But I guess you just figured she'd continue playing the game.

Ethan: This is not a game.

Jared: Yes, it is, Ethan. It's a cruel and selfish game that you play. You never give Tess the chance to find out if she could love someone else because you keep her in a constant state of confusion.

Ethan: Confusion? That's funny -- Theresa doesn't seem to be confused to me at all. As a matter of fact, she's very clear as to what she wants, and it's not you. It's me. She wants nothing to do with you.

Jared: That's a lie.

Ethan: Is it a lie? Is it? Then let me ask you something. If she's so in love with you, then why did she take off the engagement ring that you gave her? If she wants you so bad, where's the ring?

Pilar: Don't say another word, mija. She obviously has no idea what we're talking about.

Rebecca: I do, too. I mean, Gwen and I don't keep any secrets.

Theresa: Well, then you won't mind telling me what the text message said.

Rebecca: Why should I waste our time with that? We all know what we're talking about here, don't we?

Pilar: No, uh-uh, not all of us.

Theresa: Look, Rebecca, just tell her that I'm not going to let her win, and I won't let you or Gwen keep me and Ethan apart.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Hi, Mother. What's up?

Rebecca: "What's up"? Why didn't you tell me that you had figured out Theresa's secret, huh, and why didn't you tell me that you were sending her a threatening text message?

Gwen: Ok, what in the world are you talking about?

Rebecca: Honey, I just spoke to her. She said you were threatening her. Now, what is going on?

Gwen: Uh, I have no idea. I did not send Theresa a text message. I told you, I don't want to have anything to do with her ever again.

Rebecca: Well, if you didn't send it, then who did?

Simone: Mom, can you save her? Please, she can't die. I love her. I love her.

Sam: What's going on? You think she's going to make it?

Luis: Yeah, I don't know. Listen, Simone's friend Rae called me. She said that she had something to tell me about Fancy's attacker.

Sam: You think the rapist did this?

Luis: Oh, yeah. Yeah, whoever it was wanted to stop her from telling me something.

Sam: Who found her?

Fancy: Simone. She said she didn't see anyone else in there.

Simone: Mom, is she going to be ok?

Eve: I'm so sorry, baby. She's gone.

Simone: No, she -- no, she -- I -- I can't lose her. She can't be gone. I love her! She's my -- my life. You can't die! You can't leave me! Please, do you hear me? You can't die. Please don't die. Please. Please, you can't.

Paloma: Kay, I know you love Miguel.

Kay: Of course I do. But, you know, I can't ignore what I saw with my own eyes.

Paloma: Well, maybe there's an explanation. Remember when Jessica told us that she saw a fake Charity and a fake Miguel?

Kay: Yeah, I remember. And I love my sister, but she was drunk. She doesn't know what she was talking about.

Paloma: Yeah, I know it sounds like a science fiction movie, but from what I know of my brother, he's not crazy and he's not a liar. I believe him when he says that he was he was never with Charity.

Kay: Yeah, well, I want to believe him, too, but until I see some proof, I can't.

Miguel: I have the proof that what you saw wasn't me or Charity.

Ethan: You know, if Theresa was still in love with you, don't you think she would still have your ring on her little finger?

Jared: I don't care if she's wearing my ring or not.  She loves me.

Ethan: She doesn't love you. So why don't you get the hell out of Harmony and leave her alone?

Jared: I'm not going anywhere, Ethan. I'm going to stay here and I'm going to fight for Tess, and I'm certainly not going to let a jerk like you screw up her life.

Rebecca: Honey, what kind of plot is Theresa hatching now?

Gwen: I told you, I have no idea.

Rebecca: So you didn't send the threatening text message?

Gwen: Uh, absolutely not.

Rebecca: Well, then who did?

Gwen: Mother, I don't know. Theresa is certifiable. We've always known that.

Rebecca: Yes, we have always known that. We also know that she has a secret and that it is huge. J.T. knew what it was, and he said it was big enough to keep her away from Ethan.

Gwen: Mother, I told you.  I am done.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, no, no, no, please, please don't say that. I mean, don't you see? I mean, this is our chance to have Ethan come back to you, because once we find out what she's keeping from him, Ethan is going to come running back to you.

Gwen: Mother, I don't want that, ok? I am done. I don't even want Ethan anymore, not like this, ok? I want a man who loves me; who loves me and only me. I already spoke to an attorney. Ethan is being served with divorce papers tomorrow.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, no. Please don't do that.

Gwen: Too late. It's already done.

Theresa: You really think Rebecca was bluffing?

Pilar: Oh, I'm sure of it. She had no idea that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.

Theresa: But how could she not know if Gwen's the one who sent me the text message? I mean, Rebecca's the one that causes the trouble and then ropes Gwen into going along with her.

Pilar: I don't know, I don't have all the answers, but what I do know is that she was fishing for information. She didn't know your secret.

Theresa: Rebecca's like her partner in crime.

Pilar: I don't know. Unless someone else sent that text, not Gwen.

Theresa: Well, who else besides you and me know that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father? I mean, I told Whitney, Whitney told Chad, but they swore that they would take my secret to their graves.

Pilar: I know. They would.

Theresa: And who else besides Gwen and Rebecca would try to keep me from being with Ethan?

Pilar: I can't imagine.

Theresa: I don't know how anyone could find out, unless...

Pilar: Unless what?

Theresa: Unless somebody read the letter that I wrote to Ethan. I told him everything, and I put the letter with my will in the safe.

Pilar: Right, but that safe is secure over at Crane Industries, right?

Theresa: No one has access to those letters without my permission. I don't know, Mama. Who could it be?

Man: I know who it is, Theresa.

Whitney: I got to go find Chad and tell him what's happening.

T.C.: Ok.

Sam: So you think the guy who raped Fancy did this to keep Rae from identifying him?

Luis: Oh, yeah. Him or her.

Sam: What?

Luis: Eve hypnotized us, both me and Fancy. Under hypnosis, we said "she" attacked us, so maybe it was a woman. I don't know. All I know is now I have more questions than I ever had, and Rae was supposed to tell me something that would've cleared me of suspicion.

Fancy: Only we never got a chance to hear it.

Sam: I hate to ask you this, but do you have an alibi for your whereabouts?

Luis: You can't be serious.

Sam: I'm deadly serious. Your DNA was linked with Fancy and you are our only suspect.

Luis: Yeah, I have an alibi. I was with Fancy.

Sam: Good.

Simone: That -- that's not true.

Sam: Simone, what's not true?

Simone: When -- when Rae left, I saw Fancy, but Luis wasn't with her. He wasn't with Fancy. He wasn't anywhere in the club that I could see.

Miguel: Look, listen, Kay, I can prove it. I can prove that the Miguel and Charity you saw weren't us at all.

Kay: What? How can you prove it?

Miguel: Look, your sister -- she saw the impostors on the wharf. She saw them take off their masks.

Paloma: Yeah, we were just talking about that.

Kay: Yeah, well, she was also drunk and she says she saw aliens.

Miguel: Look, I was just with your sister, and she's convinced that what she saw was real, Kay. She saw the woman tonight, the woman that is trying to impersonate Charity. She recognized her.

Kay: She did? Well, where did the woman go? Did you get her to tell you the truth?

Miguel: Look, I don't know where she went. I tried to talk to her and when she saw me coming, she ran.

Paloma: She ran? Sounds like the act of a guilty woman.

Miguel: You sure as hell didn't want to talk to me.  Look, I'm sure Fox hired her to pretend to be Charity, and it worked.  You believed that I was making love to her when it never happened.

Kay: Yeah, but why would this woman still be here? I mean, it's not like Fox can really tell her what to do right now. He's --

Miguel: Look, I know Fox can't, but Julian can, and Julian is doing it to help his son hold on to you, Kay.

Kay: That's crazy.

Miguel: Look, I know it sounds incredible, Kay, but please, just come with me. Jess knows what she looks like. She can help us find her.

Paloma: You should go, Kay. Try to find the truth.

Kay: All right.

Miguel: Look, thank you. And I promise, if we can just track this woman down, we can get all the answers we want.

Paloma: Good luck.

Miguel: Come on.

Julian: Hello, Jessica.

Jessica: Mr. Crane. What are you doing in a place like this? It's not exactly your style, is it?

Julian: Yeah?

Jessica: Uh-huh.

Julian: Thank you. Well, to the contrary, I come here often for the, uh -- the, uh -- hmm -- ah, the clams casino. Delicious, if you haven't tried it.

Jessica: Um, no, I haven't.

Julian: Also, when I saw you, I wanted to come over and I wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your mother. This may be quite difficult for you, yes?

Jessica: I miss her a lot.

Julian: I'm sure you do. And, you know, it's no secret that your life has taken such a tragic turn since your mother left, and I'm so sorry for what you've been through. You must -- oh, you must hate Kay so much.

Jessica: Me, hate Kay?

Julian: Well, yes, I mean, she was aware of the fact that your mother was being lied to about that David Hastings fellow being her husband and she didn't say a word. She could've stopped your mother from fleeing with him to Europe, but she didn't say -- say anything.

Jessica: Yeah, I know.

Julian: I can imagine your life would have been so different if your mother hadn't left. You'd be the one celebrating this big, beautiful wedding, not Kay. Instead, she's the one enjoying all the happiness, and you, well, you -- it has not been easy for you, has it, since your mother left you?

Jessica: No, not exactly.

Julian: Yes, so no one would really blame you for hating Kay.

Jessica: You know, she is my sister. I love her.

Julian: That's exactly what I would think a good sister like you would say -- that you would stick up for Kay, even though she's destroyed your entire family as well as your life. If it hadn't been for Kay, I mean, oh, your mother would never have gone to Europe, she would never have been killed in that fiery bus explosion. It's a pity. My, my, your life would have been so different.

Julian: Are you sure you won't join me in these clams casino?

Jessica: No.

Julian: They're delicious.

Jessica: Yeah, no, thank you. I just ate.

Julian: Ah, perhaps you'd care for a glass of wine? It's really very good.

Jessica: No. You know, I really shouldn't.

Julian: Oh, come on, now. You're a big girl. Try it. I think you'll like it.

Jessica: Mmm. You're not eating your clams.

Julian: Well, I -- I really wasn't as hungry as I thought I was. Ahem.

Jessica: My family thinks I drink too much.

Julian: Really? Do you think you drink too much?

Jessica: Hmm, I don't know. I guess sometimes.

Julian: Well, I understand why you drink even if your family doesn't. You drink to forget. To forget all the pain that Kay has caused you.

Jessica: I try not to blame her.

Julian: That's quite admirable. I don't know if I could be that magnanimous, given the circumstances.

Jessica: You know, I did hate Kay. When I first found out she knew Ivy lied about my mom having another husband before she met my dad, I hated her for letting Mom go away with David. My dad was heartbroken. He didn't deserve it.

Julian: Well, I don't think Kay cares about other people's feelings.

Jessica: No, I don't think she does.

Julian: Mm-hmm. That's rather unfair, isn't it?

Jessica: What?

Julian: Well, that Kay should get all the happiness and you get all the pain.

Miguel: Kay, look, thank you so much for giving me this chance, because I'm going to prove to you that I've been set up.

Kay: Yeah, well, I'm just in shock. I can believe Julian would do something so devious, but not Fox.

Miguel: Well, that guy has you fooled, Kay, and I'm going to prove it. So you ready?

Kay: Yeah, I'm ready.

Miguel: Ok, come on.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Whitney: Hey, hey! Ethan! No, no, stop it. You guys, this -- this is crazy. What are you doing?

Ethan: I don't want this jerk anywhere near Little Ethan or Jane.

Jared: Little Ethan is none of your business. You're not his father.

Ethan: Neither are you, and I don't want you anywhere near him, Jared.

Whitney: You guys, this is going nowhere, so just stop it. Theresa does not want you fighting over her.

Ethan: I know that.

Jared: You're worried, aren't you, Ethan? You're afraid she's going to choose me.

Rebecca: Honey, please, you can't do this. You've been in love with Ethan since boarding school.

Gwen: Yeah, we were in love, until Theresa reared her ugly head.

Rebecca: Well, that's right. Exactly. So don't you see? We should put our two heads together and figure out what her secret is. Then we can get rid of her once and for all.

Gwen: Mother, no, no more. No more plotting, no more scheming just to hold on to my husband. It shouldn't have to be this hard, you know? I want a man who loves me. I want a man who loves me and only me. How many years am I supposed to put up with being second best and wondering if my husband is in bed with another woman? No more, Mother. I am done, ok? I want to find a man who wants to be a family with me and Jane. And the sooner I can free myself of Ethan, I can take Jane, we can move somewhere far away from Harmony, start a new life far away from Ethan and Theresa, whether she likes it or not.

Rebecca: Honey, please, it doesn't have to be this way.

Gwen: Mother, it's done. It's over. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Goodbye.

Rebecca: Well. I can't keep Gwen from giving up, but I certainly will not. No, Theresa is afraid. I saw it in her eyes. And somebody out there knows her secret. I just have to figure out who it is, and then I'm going to blow her out of the water.

Theresa: Who sent me that text message? Who's trying to threaten me, Mama? And who, besides Gwen, is trying to keep me from being with Ethan?

Pilar: I don't know, but Rebecca has no idea that that Ethan is Little Ethan's father, which means Gwen did not send that text message.

Theresa: Oh, God, this is crazy. You know what? I'm going to find out who sent that message and I'm going to find out who's trying to keep me from being with Ethan, and I won't let them win, Mama. I won't.

Simone: Luis wasn't with Fancy all the time like he said. I saw Fancy alone.

Sam: Luis, did you leave Fancy at all?

Luis: Yeah. Now that I think about it, I was away from Fancy for a minute, no longer.

Eve: What's that in Rae's hand?

Simone: That's not Rae's.

Sam: Could belong to the killer.

Sam: Oh, no.

Eve: What, Sam?

Sam: Luis, this is -- it's got your name on it.

Luis: What? That's not mine. I -- it's gone. My medal's -- it's gone. Sam, I -- the first time that I saw Rae, I was with Fancy. We heard her scream and we came in here to see what was going on. I don't know how she got my medal in her hand.

Simone: I know. I know -- because you killed Rae! You bastard, you killed Rae!

On the Next Passions:

Theresa: Who's doing this, Whitney?

Whitney: I don't know, I don't know.  But whoever it is, I hope they find him and they make him pay.

Simone: Murderer.

Luis: It wasn't me, Simone.

Paloma: Freeze!

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