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Kay: Miguel, ok, we can't do this -- not in front of Fox.

Miguel: Kay, he's in a coma.

Kay: Eve , he could still aware of what we're doing.

Miguel: Oh, come on, Kay, you don't know that.

Kay: I can't take any chances, ok? I'm his wife. I shouldn't be in his hospital room kissing another man.

Miguel: Another man, Kay? Did you forget? I'm the man that's in your heart, Kay.

Kay: Shh, just not so loud.

Miguel: Listen to me. I love you, and you belong with me. You love me.

Sam: Kids and I miss you very much. I can't stop thinking about what you said the last time we spoke, about someone was threatening us and the people we care about. What is that threat, Grace?  Who's behind it?

Sam: Luis. I thought you'd be with Ethan, going over your defense.

Luis: I'm not going to trial.

Sam: Hold on a second. Don't tell me you confessed to raping Fancy.

Luis: Hell, no. I'm not going to trial because I'm going to prove my innocence before I ever go to court.

Sam: Theresa hired a private investigator to help you?

Luis: No, I'm coming back to work to clear my name, Sam. I'm going to find the scum that attacked Fancy and I'm going to clear Miguel's name by finding the guy who ran down Fox.

Sam: No, you're not, ok? I won't allow it.

Fancy: Luis? Luis, are you still here?

Paloma: Fancy, why are you calling for my brother? Are you ok? You weren't attacked again, were you?

Fancy: No, no, no, thank God. I just wanted to talk to Luis. He came by awhile ago to see how I was doing.

Paloma: Because he loves you.

Fancy: Well, he also asked me to have faith in him, to believe that in spite of the evidence against him, he's not my attacker.

Paloma: But you know Luis. You have to know he's innocent.

Fancy: That's just it, Paloma. I don't know what to think anymore.

Whitney: Miles didn't give you any trouble, did he?

Chad: Not a lick.

Whitney: Well, I guess he's a typical male, you know, once his belly's full, he goes right to sleep.

Chad: You know, as a guy, I would take exception to that if it weren't true.

Whitney: Honey, I love you. And you're such a good daddy to Miles. He loves you very much.

Chad: And I love you guys, too.

Whitney: We finally have what we always wanted, perfect family.

Chad: That we do, baby, that we do.

Whitney: And you know what? Pretty soon, Theresa and Ethan might be saying the same thing.

Chad: Why? What happened?

Whitney: Well, I had a little talk with Ethan, and he's definitely into the possibility of being with Theresa.

Chad: You mean like being married to her.

Whitney: Yeah, married.

Chad: Oh.

Whitney: Ethan said that if he was with Theresa, his life would be perfect like ours is.

{Chad: Sorry I have to leave, but I promised Whitney I'd be home for dinner. }

Whitney: Oh, wonder who that could be. I'll get it.

Whitney: Jared, what are you doing here? I thought you left town.

Jared: I decided that I want Tess back. I need your advice on how to make that happen.

Whitney: Ok.

Julian: Yes, Judge Reilly, well you did get that e-mail, did you? You were shocked? You could imagine my surprise when I saw what you were doing. I thought that sort of thing was illegal even in a decadent city like Bangkok. No, blackmail for allowing Theresa to post bail for her two brothers, no, hardly. This is an incentive for you to do the other thing I asked of you. Excellent, I knew you would be agreeable. Oh, by the way, you can, uh, keep that photograph with my compliments. I have the original, yes. My dear Theresa will never know what hit her.

Theresa: Are you sure?

Ethan: Yeah, I've left Gwen messages, she hasn't returned them. She hasn't called me back and, well, after smashing her wedding ring with a hammer, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that she's decided our marriage is done.

Theresa: So, after all this time, after all that mess, you're free.

Ethan: Seems you're free, too.

Theresa: I am. I am completely free.

Ethan: So what do we do? What do we do now that we're both completely free?

Theresa: Here's a thought.

Kay: Oh, my God, Fox.

Julian: That alarm is from my son's room.

Kay: What is it? What's happening?

Julian: You!

Miguel: Mr. Crane, I didn't do anything.

Julian: Bastard, you tried to kill my son again, didn't you?

Paloma: Did I miss something? You defended Luis, even after his DNA matched your attacker's, and you refused to press charges against him. It was your mother who forced Chief Bennett into arresting him and now you think he's guilty?

Fancy: It's just that being attacked was so horrible, and I keep thinking about when we found Luis in that ski mask. He said he doesn't remember what happened that night. So what if he doesn't remember attacking me?

Paloma: My brother couldn't remember something he didn't do.

Fancy: Are you saying I attacked him?

Paloma: What? No, no.

Fancy: Well, that's what Aunt Sheridan thinks happened.

Paloma: Excuse me?

Fancy: She said she wouldn't be surprised if I forced Luis to have sex with me.

Paloma: You can't be serious.

Fancy: Aunt Sheridan thinks I'm bad for Luis, and maybe she's right. If I hadn't gone undercover at that strip club to help him, we wouldn't have been forced to make that porno tape. Luis almost lost his job over it and now he's being charged with rape because of me.

Paloma: You aren't bad for Luis; he loves you. Damn that bastard who did this. Making you doubt yourself and Luis.

Fancy: Being attacked the way I was is tearing my life apart, and I don't know how to put it back together.

Paloma: Well, the first thing you have to do is believe that my brother could never violate you.

Luis: Sam, you have got to let me come back to work so that I can clear my name. Miguel's, too.

Sam: Look, I'm glad Theresa was able to strong-arm Judge Reilly into letting her post bail for the two of you, but I can't let you run an investigation and clear your brother's name and yours while you're still suspended. Talk about conflict of interest.

Luis: Well, all right, fine.

Sam: The press would have a field day.

Luis: Fine -- fine, Sam, you run the investigation, ok? I'll just be part of it.

Sam: Are you kidding me? It's called preferential treatment.

Luis: Well, I just can't sit back and do nothing. You know, I'm about lose Fancy.

Sam: Since when?

Luis: Since when? Since my DNA matched the guy who supposedly raped her, that's since when. I'm telling you, this whole thing's a set-up.

Sam: Yeah, Miguel thinks the same thing. But by whom?

Luis: I don't know. Alistair's dead, can't be him.

Sam: You know, the two of you may be on to something.

Luis: Really?

Sam: You know, before Grace was killed, she told me that someone was out to hurt us and the people we care about, but she wouldn't mention who over the phone.

Luis: All right, so fine, let me come back to work so that I can clear my name and Miguel's. Now, if we are being set up, who knows who's next.

Whitney: You want my help getting Theresa back.

Jared: Yeah, both Chad and Valerie told me that I should stay and fight for Tess, and I mulled it over and I realize that they were right.

Whitney: Ok, go on.

Jared: So I went down and I talked to Tess. I -- I told her that I realize I was a stupid, jealous hothead for breaking off our engagement while I still loved her.

Chad: Way to go, man.

Whitney: Well, what did Theresa have to say to that?

Jared: Well, she really didn't say much of anything, one way or the other. So I told her that I realize I made a huge mistake and I want her back.

Whitney: Jared, I'm sorry, but you can't have Theresa back.

Theresa: So.

Ethan: So.

Theresa: Where were we?

Ethan: Uh, something about, um, us being free and what to do about it.

Theresa: Right. You know, my mother, she says that I should actually seize this moment and make sure you don't get away this time. You know, that -- that we should be a family with Jane and -- and Little Ethan.

Ethan: Pilar said that?

Theresa: Yeah.

Ethan: She really did?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: Did I ever tell you how smart and insightful I've always thought your mom was?

Theresa: So you -- you agree with her?

Ethan: Well, don't you?

Theresa: For once, I do.

Ethan: The four of us a family, wow. Wow.

Theresa: Wow is right.

Ethan: There's just one problem, though.

Theresa: Julian?

Ethan: Yeah, he wants sole custody of Little Ethan, and because he's his father, Theresa, he's --

Theresa: You know, Ethan, there's something that I really need to talk to you about, and it's about Julian and Little Ethan.

Miguel: I didn't try to kill Fox again. I never tried to kill him in the first place.

Julian: You liar.

Kay: Julian, please, stop, ok? The nurse cannot concentrate on helping Fox with you yelling.

Julian: Miguel tried to kill your husband again.

Kay: No, he didn-- What -- what happened? Is -- is he --

Nurse: No, no, your husband's heart rate dropped back within normal range. He's out of danger for now.

Kay: Oh, thank God.

Julian: What caused my son's heart rate to spike in the first place?

Nurse: I really can't say. No two-coma patients are alike. It's possible that your son was reliving the hit-and-run accident somewhere deep in his brain. The adrenaline his body produced could have caused his heart rate to spike.

Julian: So you're certain this episode is nothing out of the ordinary.

Nurse: 100% certain? No.

Julian: So Miguel could have tried to kill him again.

Miguel: I told you, I didn't try to kill him the first time.

Julian: Save your lame denials for a jury of your peers. They're not going to believe you either. You ran my son down in cold blood and you're going to pay for it.

Miguel: I'm innocent, Mr. Crane.

Julian: Oh, you people from the lower classes are always victims, aren't you? It's always someone else's fault. Well, enjoy your bail while you can because your freedom isn't going to last very long, I assure you.

Kay: Ok, Miguel, I think you should probably go. This tension between you and Julian can't be good for Fox.

Julian: No, it isn't.

Miguel: Listen, I'll be out in the waiting area.

Julian: Miguel, you stay away from my son and from his wife.

Nurse: Fox seems to be fine for now. We'll continue to monitor him from the nurses' station.

Julian: Very closely, I hope.

Nurse: Yes, Mr. Crane.

Julian: You know, Miguel will go to prison for running my son down in cold blood.

Kay: Please don't say that.

Julian: But make no mistake, you are to blame for Fox's being in a coma.

Fancy: I want to believe my first instincts were right, that Luis didn't violate me, but -- but my head says one thing and my heart says another. What am I going to do?

Paloma: First, stop thinking of yourself as a victim and take charge.

Fancy: Ok, how?

Paloma: Well, you need to get to the bottom of what actually happened, so use what you learned in cadet training to find the real monster who violated you.

Fancy: I bet it could help me confront my fears and hopefully get Luis out of trouble.

Paloma: So you'll do it?

Fancy: Yes, yeah, I need to stop worrying about what could be the truth and -- and focus on finding out what is the truth.

Paloma: Mm-hmm, perfecto.

Fancy: Ok, I'm going to get back to work as soon as I get dressed. I will prove that Luis didn't assault me.

Sam: Look, even if Grace's warning and Miguel's theory are connected, I can't let you be part of any investigation where you have a vested interest in the outcome.

Luis: Sam, all I want is the truth, that's it.

Sam: But to prove you and Miguel are innocent, think how self-serving that looks.

Luis: Yeah, well, if I get the proof, it doesn't matter.

Sam: Yeah, like your DNA being a perfect match with the sample taken from Fancy, or pieces of your brother's headlight being found on the street where Fox was run over?

Luis: Well, that's why they call it a set-up, Sam.

Sam: Look, let it go, ok? I -- I'm not going to let you investigate yourself.

Luis: We already know that Fancy was attacked by someone else the first time, with Burt on the stakeout.

Sam: True.

Luis: Please, Sam, let me come back to work so I can clear my name. If not, I'm going to jail, not to mention the fact that I'm going to lose Fancy forever.

Jared: Why are you saying I can't be with Tess?

Whitney: Jared, come on, you said it yourself. You walked out on her and it wasn't even the first time.

Chad: So what, Whitney? Theresa bailed on him more than once and then begged him to take her back.

Jared: Right on, man.

Whitney: Um, do you hear Miles?

Chad: No.

Whitney: Do you mind checking on him anyway?

Whitney: Look, Jared, I don't care how many times you and Theresa have broken up and gotten back together again. This time it's different. This time Theresa's trying to make a life with Ethan and you can't just waltz back in here and try to take that away from her, you just can't.

Ethan: So what about Julian and Little Ethan?

Theresa's voice: This is it. Once I tell Ethan that little Ethan is our son, nothing can keep us apart.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm waiting.

Theresa: Um, look, I had -- I planned to tell you, you know, earlier, at the mansion, but --

Ethan: But I -- but I interrupted you. Yeah, so now -- now I'm all ears.

Theresa: Ok, um, you know, I would have told you even sooner. I mean, I -- I wanted to, Ethan, but --

Ethan: Um, this could be Gwen. I've left her a lot of messages, Theresa, I --

Theresa: Please, answer it.

Theresa: I've got to be cursed. I mean, every time I get so close to having it all with Ethan, something gets in my way.

Kay: What do I have to do with Fox being in a coma?

Julian: Well, if you hadn't given Miguel hope that he could be with you when he came back to Harmony, Fox would be fine

Kay: No, he wouldn't.  He would still be dying from his malignancy.

Julian: Well, I mean that his last few days would have been spent in love, happily married to you, not lying here after Miguel hitting him with his car tried to kill him 'cause he wanted you all to himself.

Kay: Yeah, well, Miguel swears he didn't do that.

Julian: Well, Miguel also swears that he didn't make love to Charity, but you know what you saw with your own two eyes, your ex, Miguel, and his ex, Charity, having sex.

Miguel: Kay will defend me to Julian. At least I hope she will.

Miguel: Charity, what are you doing here?

Charity: Well, I -- I thought about it, and I have to tell you again. I love you, and I want to be with you.

Sam: All right, Luis, you can try to clear your name along with Miguel's name, all right? But with some conditions.

Luis: Ok.

Sam: One, we're probably breaking every rule in the book, so we have to keep this quiet as possible.

Luis: Understood.

Sam: Two, you have to work with a partner so you're covered against any charges of evidence tampering.

Luis: That's good thinking.

Sam: Now, let's see who we can team you up with.

Fancy: Oh, Luis.

Paloma: My brother didn't attack you, Fancy.

Fancy: I want to believe that, but --

Paloma: Then do. Trust your heart when it comes to Luis.

Sam: Your partner needs to be someone who has enough clout and also can handle a media frenzy in case word gets out about what you're doing of course.

Luis: Who?

Sam: Partnering you with this person could be a real disaster, or it could be hitting it head-on.

Luis: Who, who?

Sam: Fancy.

Luis: Fancy?

Fancy: What about me?

Jared: But I love Tess, and I know I can make her happy if you would just convince her to give me another chance.

Whitney: I can't, Jared, I just can't.

Chad: Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, come on, help the man out.

Whitney: I know you love Theresa. I'm not saying that, and yes, you guys could have been happy together. I fought for you, right? But now things have just changed, that's all. Now Theresa has a chance to have a life with Ethan and the kids like she's always wanted.

Jared: But I want to be with her. Tess and I could make a great family with Jane and Little Ethan, too.

Whitney: Yeah, but it won't be the same, at least not for Theresa. Theresa wants a family with Ethan, the father of her children.

Jared: Well, wait a minute. The father of her children? I thought Julian was Little Ethan's father. Isn't he?

Theresa: "Oh, Ethan, I thought things over and I want you back."

Ethan: Oh, bad news.

Theresa: No, let me guess, that was Gwen, she wants you back and honor your vows, you're going to take her back.

Ethan: Theresa, wasn't Gwen on the phone.

Theresa: No? Oh, what's the bad news?

Ethan: A source of mine at the courthouse told me that Julian is using some kind of leverage with Judge Reilly to get your brothers' trial dates moved up.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: Obviously Julian is out to get Luis and Miguel tried and convicted before they know what hit them.

Theresa: Well, we can't let that happen, Ethan, we can't.

Kay: Look, I'm not sure what Simone and I saw that night, ok? It looked like Charity and Miguel having sex.

Julian: Well, I -- because they were.

Kay: Well, Charity wasn't in Harmony at that time.

Kay's voice: And Tabitha said if it had been Charity and Miguel, the dark side would have been done away with.

Julian: Did it ever occur to you that Charity lied because she's trying to protect him because she loves him?

Kay: It makes more sense that Simone and I saw two people posing as Charity and Miguel having sex.

Julian: Oh, please.

Kay: Well, it's Harmony, Julian, anything's possible.

Julian: No, no, you're looking for excuses because you still love Miguel and you want to be with him, to hell with your dying husband.

Kay: No, I'm sorry, ok? I love them both, that's just the way it is.

Julian: How can you love a man who cheats on you with his ex and then lies about it? And he is lying, 'cause the bottom line is, you know that you saw, with your own eyes, the two of them making love.

Kay: I can't be sure of that.

Julian: Oh, I think that deep down, you are sure. But if you -- if you can't believe your own eyes, my dear, then you -- you are a fool.

Miguel: I'm sorry, Charity, but I'm in love with Kay now.

Charity: Well, what about last night when we kissed?

Miguel: When we kissed? No, you kissed me, and you shouldn't have.

Charity: But -- but I had to. I love you, Miguel, and I could tell that when we kissed, you felt the same.

Miguel: No, I don't. I love Kay now, only Kay.

Charity: Well, I don't blame you for saying that. I hurt you a lot when I left town the way that I did. But I was wrong, Miguel. I made a horrible mistake, and it's one that I've regretted ever since. If I could go back, I would -- I would change things. I would stay in Harmony and hopefully by now, we'd be happily married raising our children, helping to raise Maria.

Miguel: You can't go back, Charity. None of us can, and I'm in love with Kay now. I've moved on, and all I want is to be a family with Kay and Maria.

Charity: But Kay is married to Fox.

Miguel: He's dying.

Charity: Well, what if he lingers in a coma instead?

Miguel: Look, Charity, just stop. Stop, ok?

Charity: I can't, Miguel, not until I ask you to give me a -- another chance.

Miguel: Charity --

Charity: Please, Miguel, if you do, I'll make you the happiest man alive.

Fancy: Um, I heard you say my name.

Paloma: Yeah, I did, too.

Fancy: So what were you talking about just now?

Sam: Luis and I were discussing the investigations concerning your attacker and Fox's hit-and-run.

Fancy: I see.

Luis: Sam has an idea, and --

Sam: Uh-uh, we're going to do this my way.

Paloma: Do what?

Sam: Fancy, why are you here?

Fancy: I want to get back to work.

Sam: You sure you're ready?

Fancy: Yes, I want to find the monster who attacked me.

Sam: You say you want to find the person that violated you.

Fancy: That's right.

Sam: Do you mean the time at the mansion or the time when you were on the stakeout with Burt?

Fancy: Both.

Paloma: I'm confused.

Sam: Look, you're still a cadet, so you're going to need a partner.

Fancy: I understand, I'll -- I'll work with whomever you choose.

Sam: Are you sure about that?

Fancy: Yes.

Luis: It's me, Fancy. You're going to be my partner.

Jared: Is Julian Little Ethan's father or not?

Whitney: No, Jared, I -- I just meant that Ethan has been like a father to Little Ethan. That's all I meant. You know, if Theresa and Ethan got married, then Ethan would more than likely adopt him.

Jared: I really doubt Julian would stand for that.

Whitney: Oh, yeah you're right, you're right, he probably wouldn't. But, you know, seeing as they, you know, would probably end up getting married, Ethan would take on a larger role in Little Ethan's life no matter what.

Jared: Well, I get along great with Little Ethan, too.

Whitney: I know, Jared, I know. It's -- Theresa wants to be with Ethan.

Jared: Even when I'm the best man for her.

Whitney: Maybe if things were different, you would be. But, Jared, the situation is what it is. Theresa loves Ethan and she wants to be with him, and if I know her, she's doing everything she can to make sure that that happens.

Theresa: Can you believe that? Judge Reilly wouldn't take a bribe to push back my brothers' court dates?

Ethan: It can only mean one thing. Julian's blackmailing the guy, and given Judge Reilly's past, there's probably not enough money that you can offer him to make him change his mind.

Theresa: Ethan, I'm head of this empire, there has to be something that I can do.

Ethan: You know, you're right. I mean, you've got the whole Crane machine at your disposal. We can -- we can fight this. We can fight this. We're going to fight Julian together.

Theresa: Yes, together. Together we can do anything.

Kay: I'm not a fool, Julian, ok? With enough money and power, anything's possible.  I mean, look at Ivy.  Look at what she did to my parents. And look at Alistair, what he did to you and Dr. Russell and Chad and Whitney.

Julian: Well, dear, you're rationalizing, you're making excuses for Miguel because you still love him, but you know what you saw the night of your bridal shower -- the two of them making love.

Kay: How do you know it was them and not imposters? You -- you weren't there. You -- you don't know what Simone and I saw.

Julian: Well, I know enough to believe my own eyes.

Kay: What are you saying?

Julian: I'm saying that I saw Miguel and Charity kissing here at the hospital last night.

Miguel: Look, I'm sorry, Charity, but I meant what I said. I love Kay, only Kay. I cannot be with you.

Charity: Well, can't blame a girl for trying, especially when you're the guy.

Miguel: Then you're not angry?

Charity: No, I mean, it's my fault for waiting too long to speak up, and besides, I don't want to hurt Kay. So let's just pretend we never kissed.

Miguel: I can't. I have to be honest with Kay.

Charity: Well, if she's still worrying about whether you and I made love, telling her that we kissed, it could be too much for her. You could risk losing her.

Miguel: You think so?

Charity: Yeah, trust me, Miguel. You can't tell Kay we kissed.

Fancy: You want to be my partner?

Sam: Look, only if you're comfortable with it. You know, I'd be bending the rules here for reasons I'd rather not get into right now. Partnering you with Luis could give him cover in case word gets out that he's trying to prove his innocence.

Fancy: How so?

Sam: First of all, you're a Crane, so the media would really watch what they report. Secondly, Luis is charged with raping you, and as a victim you'd be the last person to let him off the hook unless Luis' evidence is genuine.

Luis: Oh, there's another reason, and it's a big one. It's a fact that I didn't attack you on that stakeout with Burt.

Sam: Luis is right. There's someone else out there who violated you at least once. If you want to find out who this is, I advise you to partner up with Luis.

Luis: Thanks, Sam.

Paloma: Plus, when Luis finds the first attacker, I bet he can prove whoever it is came back to the mansion to attack you.

Fancy: I guess.

Luis: Fancy, your instincts were right the first time. I didn't have anything to do with either attack. Now, please, help me clear my name, and Miguel's for hurting your brother.

Fancy: Fox.

Luis: Yeah. Come on, Fancy, let's be a team.

Sam: Well, Fancy, you think you could do this? You think you could be partners with Luis?

Ethan: You can get Luis and Miguel fair trials if you use every ounce of Crane power to keep Julian from interfering.

Theresa: With you at my side, I can do anything.

Ethan: I like that. All right, first thing we gotta do, we gotta get the Crane public relations machine going. We gotta get --

Theresa: Wait, no, no, no, hold on a second, I --

Ethan: No, what?

Theresa: I have to tell you something before we get sidetracked again.

Ethan: Right, about, um, Julian and Little Ethan, right?

Theresa: Right.

Ethan: Ok, what about them? What is it you have to tell me?

Kay: That's -- that's impossible, I mean, there's no way Miguel would be kissing Charity. He's over her.

Julian: Well, I know what I saw. Last night I saw Miguel and Charity kissing here in this hospital. So despite their latest denials, it's obvious that you also saw them, not some phantom look-alike, making love the night of your bridal shower.

Kay: I mean, why -- why -- why is obvious?  Why is it whatever you say happened here last night, why does that have anything to do with what Simone and I saw?

Julian: For Pete's sake, stop acting like a fool. I mean, use your brain. Open your eyes. Accept what you saw. Accept what I'm telling you. Miguel and Charity are still a couple who couple.

Kay: But they swear they aren't.

Julian: Oh, but then they're liars. I mean, surely you can relate to that given your role in the destruction of your parents' marriage. Miguel is using you. He -- he wants to make sure that you turn to him as Fox's widow, Fox's very rich widow.

Kay: No, Miguel's not like that.

Julian: What are you talking about? It runs in the family. Look at how Antonio and Luis mooched off Sheridan for all those years. Miguel wants to turn Fox's death into the beginning of a new life for him on easy street with you.

Kay: No, you know what? You're wrong, ok? I've known Miguel my entire life. He would never use me like that. He is a good and honest person. He's not some two-timing liar, he's not.

Julian: You'll see, Kay, you'll see. Oh, my son, I'm doing everything I can to help get you what you want, but you really must wake up. You must come back and claim what's rightfully yours. You cannot let Kay be with Miguel.

Miguel: All right, I guess I won't tell Kay we kissed.

Charity: Good, I really do think it's for the best.

Miguel: Well I hope you're right.

Charity: Yeah, I am, you'll see. What?

Miguel: What -- what are you doing?

Charity: I just hope we can still be friends.

Miguel: Uh, yeah, I don't see why not.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Fancy: I'm professional, Chief Bennett. I can work with Luis.

Sam: Good.

Luis: We're going to get to the bottom of what's going on, Chief, I promise.

Sam: Well, let's hope so, for both your sakes, and Miguel's. Now, just, uh, keep me up to date with what's going on.

Luis: Will do. I'm going to find out who hurt Fancy. I'm going to stake my badge on it.

Fancy: Oh, and Fox.

Luis: And Fox.

Man: I'm closer than you think, Luis. I'm front and center and you don't even know it.

Jared: Well, thanks for at least hearing me out. And, uh, sorry I interrupted your evening.

Chad: No sweat, man.

Whitney: Jared, I'm really sorry I can't help you try to get Theresa back, ok? But even if I tried, I'm telling you, it wouldn't do any good. Because Ethan's the love of Theresa's life and there's no way she's not going to jump at the chance to be with him right now.

Jared: Well, I'm still not giving up on her. I'm going to stay and I'm going to fight for Tess. She'll be mine, you'll see.

Chad: That was close.

Whitney: Um, yeah, I've got to be more careful, I --

Chad: I would say so, yeah. Jared almost realized that Ethan is Little Ethan's father, not Julian's.

Whitney: Yeah, I know, I know, and -- and even though Theresa is about to tell Ethan the truth, it would have been horrible for Jared to hear it from me first. I mean -

Chad: You really think Theresa's going to pick Ethan over Jared?

Whitney: Come on, Chad. Ethan is the love of Theresa's life, and for all we know, Theresa could be telling Ethan that he's Little Ethan's father right this minute.

Theresa: I, um, I'd like you to sit down, please.

Ethan: Um, Theresa, this is quite the buildup to whatever it is you want to tell me.

Theresa: It will be worth it.

Ethan: Ok, let me have it.

Theresa: Ok, um, what I'm about to tell you is -- it's going to huge.

Ethan: That's hard to believe. I mean, we have a pretty good list.

Theresa: Well, um, first, it's going to crush Julian.

Ethan: Why?

Theresa: Because he won't be able to sue me for custody of Little Ethan.

Ethan: Then what you're going to tell me has to be huge.

Theresa: It's huge. It's the biggest news ever. And, well, I should have told you a long time ago. I wanted to, but things got complicated.

Ethan: And now?

Theresa: Now I can tell you.

Theresa: The truth.

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