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Spike: Hey, baby. Baby, I gotta get going. I'll see you at home later, but, honey, listen, I don't want you to waste too much time here. It's not gonna bring your mom back.

Jessica: I know.

Spike: Ok? I want you to cheer up, all right? That's an order, because nobody likes a whiner. Especially me. See you.

Paloma: Ugh, I hate that man.

Jessica: Please, Paloma, not today. He is my husband.

Paloma: Some husband.

Jessica: Paloma, I just lost my mom, all right? Spike is all I have.

Paloma: Jessica, you know that's not true. You have all your family and friends and we all love you and want to help you.

Jessica: I know it doesn't seem like it, but Spike loves me, too.

Paloma: Jessica --

Jessica: No, really. I mean, yes, he scares me sometimes, but then he turns around and does the sweetest things -- gives me things.

Paloma: Things he probably stole.

Jessica: Stop! Spike has been so good to me since my mom died.

Paloma: Jessica, you don't fool me.

Jessica: No, really. So, um, how did you know I was here anyway?

Paloma: I didn't. I just came to return something to Noah. He left this in my bedroom last night.

Jessica: My brother spent the night in your bedroom?

Paloma: Yes, but --

Jessica: What? You and my brother are sleeping together?

Ivy: You couldn't wait until Fancy graduated, could you? His animal urges got the best of him. And he went on a lust-fueled rampage and you raped Fancy.

Luis: No, I didn't.

Ivy: You are a horrible, sick monster.

Fancy: Mother, no! Stop it.

Sheridan: Ivy!

Ivy: Please, he deserves much more than a slap.

Fancy: Stop.

Ivy: You attacked my daughter, you predator. What did you do? Did you drug her?

Sam: Hey, that is enough.

Ivy: Don't you dare protect him!

Sam: I'm not.

Ivy: He raped my daughter, Chief Bennett.

Fancy: No.

Ivy: What are you gonna do about it?

Fancy: Mother, please, just be quiet. Luis did not attack me.

Ivy: He violated you, Fancy. His semen was in your body. He is a monster.

Pilar: What's going on here?

Ivy: What's going on here, Pilar? Your lowlife son brutally attacked and raped my daughter.

Ethan: Oh, what's that for?

Little Ethan: I'm just glad you and Jane are staying here.

Theresa: They're not just staying here, they've moved in.

Little Ethan: No way, Jose.

Ethan: That's right.

Theresa: It's the truth.

Little Ethan: We'll be like a real family, a mommy, a daddy, and a little boy and girl.

Theresa: That's right.

Ethan: Yeah, well, I'm stand-in daddy, ok?

Little Ethan: That's what I've always wanted. My wish came true.

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: Mine, too.

Jessica: So you're telling me Noah slept in your bed all night and didn't make a move?

Paloma: Well, yes, after he went to sleep.  This morning, he was a perfect gentleman, you know?  He was a little embarrassed, but very respectful. 

Jessica: Wow, respectful.  I can't imagine what that's even like.  No man's ever treated me like that, just the opposite, in fact. 

Paloma: There are a lot of good guys out there.  You just have to dump Spike and go out and find one.

Jessica: Paloma --

Paloma: I mean it.  You deserve someone who treats you with respect.

Jessica: Yeah, right.  Jessica Bennett, hooker.

Paloma: Ex-hooker.  And why not?  You're pretty and lovely and sweet. 

Jessica: Please.  So, are you in love with my brother? 

Paloma: Love?  Let's just say that I like him, and I think he likes me too.  I don't know.  Your brother is hard to read sometimes, but it's like in stories, you know?  He makes my heart beat faster.

Jessica: Like in a fairy tale. 

Paloma: Much better.  This is real.  Maybe this is the start of falling in love, because I've never felt like this before. 

Jessica: You are in love.

Paloma: Who knows?  It's an amazing feeling.  The excitement, the anticipation, the wonder, Dios, es maravilloso. I feel like I'm dancing on a cloud.

Jessica: You must be in love. I've never felt like that before. And I know Spike's never felt that way about me.

Pilar: This is impossible. Luis would never do such --

Ivy: We have proof. Your son attacked my daughter.

Pilar: Please, Luis would never do such a thing.

Ivy: They did a rape kit on Fancy. They found semen. The DNA analysis proved that it was from Luis.

Pilar: What?

Sam: She's right. The hospital data banks matched it.

Pilar: Luis, tell them. Mijo, tell them that you're innocent of this horrible crime.

Luis: I don't know. Honestly, I don't know.

Pilar: What? I don't understand.

Ivy: You know, you'd think you'd be able to come up with a better excuse than "I don't know." How could you not know?

Luis: Please. I don't remember, ok?

Sheridan: No, Luis, not another word. Not until I get you a good lawyer.

Fancy: You don't need to get Luis a lawyer, Aunt Sheridan. I know he didn't touch me.

Ivy: Could you swear to that in court?

Fancy: What?

Ivy: You said you were attacked. You were violated. That is why you're in the hospital. And all the evidence proves that it was Luis. He was alone with you in your room, and his fingerprints are on the knife.

Fancy: Yeah, which doesn't make any sense, because he picked up the knife with a tissue. His fingerprints shouldn't be on the knife at all. 

Ivy: Unless he is the attacker.

Fancy: Mother --

Ivy: He was found in the pantry with your attacker's ski mask on, wearing dark clothes.

Fancy: I know that all sounds bad, but it --

Ivy: Sounds bad? Fancy, think about it. Honey, let me ask you another question then, ok? If Luis isn't your attacker, then why didn't he stop the real criminal? Why didn't he protect you?

Fancy: I don't know.

Ivy: I do! I do, because there is no other rapist. It's Luis. Forget how you feel about him, Fancy, and just think of the facts. Look at the evidence. Luis attacked you. He is guilty. He is guilty as sin. Sam, you arrest him and you take him down to the jailhouse, and you throw away the key.

Theresa: I, um, I gotta call the office and let them know I'm coming in late today so I can spend the whole morning with my new family.

Ethan: Ok. Ok. Come here, little girl. Oh, you cute little thing. She's getting heavy.

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: Hi.

Theresa: Just remember to clean up after yourself. I don't want to find out that you left your dirty dishes for the staff, you know what I'm saying?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: All right, sweetie.

Ethan: Hi.

Whitney: Hey.

Theresa: Morning.

Whitney: Hi. You look happy this morning. What's going on?

Theresa: Um, my dream came true. Ethan and Jane are in there.

Whitney: Oh, they're here this early? That's great.

Theresa: Yeah, they moved in.

Whitney: They moved into the mansion?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah. We just had the best family breakfast. Fate finally brought Ethan home to me, Whitney. It was perfect.

Whitney: Oh, um, well, if everything is perfect, why are you still wearing Jared's engagement ring?

Paloma: Please, Jessica, don't say I'm in love. I don't want to jinx this. You know what? I never felt like this about Roberto.

Jessica: I am really happy for you.

Paloma: Is Noah here?

Jessica: I don't know. I haven't seen him. I just came by to get some photos of my mom. I don't have any.

Paloma: I'm so sorry, Jessica. I wish I'd known her.

Jessica: Yeah, I wish you had, too. You would've liked her, you know? Everyone did. She was sort of like your mom, good and filled with love.

Paloma: Oh, Jessica.

Jessica: I wish I'd been nicer to her. The last time I saw her, I was so cruel.

Paloma: Oh, honey, no matter what happened, I'm sure she knew you still loved her.

Jessica: I hope so. You know, I just still can't believe she's really gone. I wanted her home so much. I had real hope for the first time in months. I was trying not to drink, I was trying to be the same girl I was before she left. I kept daydreaming that once she came home again, things would go back to the way they were. Stupid, huh?

Paloma: No, no, not at all. You can still be that girl your mom remembered. You still are that girl.

Jessica: Yeah, right. Mom's dead and, you know, I should just stop daydreaming and listen to Spike. He's a realist. He says I'm damaged goods.

Paloma: Ugh, imbecile.

Jessica: No. He's right. I mean, look what I've done to myself, Paloma. I'll never be that fresh, innocent little girl again. I just have to make the best out of what I am.

Paloma: Jessica, it's never too late to turn your life around.

Jessica: Yeah, well, it's too late for me.

Paloma: No, it's not too late. You don't need this. You don't need Spike. All you need is to be surrounded by people who love you. We can all help you become that girl who would make her mother proud.

Noah: Paloma's right, Jessica. We will all help you.

Whitney: Theresa, if fate really has brought Ethan back to you, then why are you still wearing Jared's engagement ring?

Theresa: I don't know. I mean, yeah, Jared is gone. He gave me an ultimatum. He said press charges against Ethan or he's gonna leave. So I didn't, so he did.

Whitney: Yeah, but you know it doesn't have to be over. I told you, you could --

Theresa: I know, I could go to Ethan and tell him he could take Jane, he can find Gwen, and he can move somewhere far away so he can be out of my life forever, but I couldn't do that.

Whitney: Ok, well what about Jared then?

Theresa: I mean, I feel bad, Whitney, but he said there is no hope for us. And if Jared left me, and Gwen left Ethan, doesn't that tell you something?

Whitney: Theresa, Gwen has left Ethan before, you know, but she's always come back. What if she comes back? What if she's on her way back to Harmony this very second?

Theresa: No, no, don't say that. No, she's not, not this time. This time is different. She smashed her wedding ring with a hammer, Whitney. No woman who had any intention of coming back would do that. No, Ethan, he's free. I need you to understand. I mean, come on, you're my best friend, you know everything about me. You know all my secrets. Look, I honestly thought that my dream of a life with Ethan was dead, but I was wrong. I have the chance to make all of those dreams come true.

Whitney: I don't know. It's just that every time you start talking like this, something bad happens. You know, you could work things out with Jared. You know you could.

Theresa: No, not this time. No, I lost him and I'm not going to lose my chance to be with Ethan. Take a look in the kitchen, please.

Theresa: That's what every woman wants. A man who loves her, children, and it's right there. Please, don't be angry with me. Tell me you support me.

Sam: Fancy, are you going to press charges against Luis?

Fancy: No, no. I can't believe Luis was the one who hurt me.

Ivy: Even Luis says he doesn't know if he's the one who attacked you.

Luis: All right, don't put words into my mouth, Ivy.

Ivy: He can't give a straight answer.

Fancy: I never saw the man's face.

Ivy: DNA doesn't lie, Fancy. We all know that. Just look at the evidence.

Fancy: Oh, Mother, would you just please be quiet? You're confusing me even more. I can't even think straight.

Sam: Luis isn't going anywhere. Look, let's just give this more time.

Ivy: More time? What, more time so he can go out and attack another young girl, Sam? No, you have enough evidence, you arrest him.

Pilar: Shut up, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, yeah. A fine pair of sons you raised, Pilar.

Sam: Let's all calm down here. Listen to me. You're upset, Fancy's upset. Don't you think she's been through enough for one night? If you continue to push this, you might make things worse for her.

Ivy: Worse? Worse, Sam? How could they be worse? She has been violated.  She has been forced. Luis cannot go free.

Sam: He's not going to go free.

Ivy: Damn straight. The one place he belongs is in jail, and if you won't do anything about it, then I will.

Noah: Look, Paloma is right, Jessica. We all love you. You have to know that -- that you have friends and family who are all rooting for you to come back to us.

Jessica: No, it's too late for that.

Noah: Look, the hell it is, Jessica. Come on, we are here for you. We're here to help you break free of Spike and get your life back on track. It's what Mom would have wanted.

Jessica: Noah.

Noah: Listen, Mom, you know, she's up there right now and she's looking down on us. And if she could speak to you, you know what she would say? She would tell you that she still loved you and that you were still her baby.

Jessica: No, but I'm not anymore, Noah. And Mom's not here. She never will be again.

Noah: Yeah, I know. Hard for me to believe, but...

Jessica: Well, those are beautiful.

Noah: Uh...

Jessica: Yeah, I need to be alone right now.

Noah: Oh, Jessica, come on. Don't leave.

Jessica: Don't worry, I'm not off to get drunk or turn tricks in the street.

Noah: I didn't think you were. I just want to say one thing to you. I love you, Jessica. Come on, you're my baby sister. And when you believe that you are truly loved, you will have the power to do anything.

Jessica: Yeah.

Noah: Oh, God. Is this all she drank?

Paloma: Yes, unless she has more in her room.

Noah: I don't think so. Dad and I got rid of most of it.

Paloma: I hope she'll be ok.

Noah: Yeah, she will be. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure.

Paloma: Me, too.

Noah: You're a good person, Paloma. You're a great friend to Jessica and to me. Actually, that's why I got these flowers for you. I took them over to your house, but you must have already left to come back here. I just -- I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out last night.

Paloma: Thank you. They're lovely.

Noah: So are you.

Jessica: I'll never have that.

Theresa: See? Dreams do come true. Can you blame me for wanting to have a life with Ethan, the father of my children?

Whitney: Well, you know, I do have to say you are right about one thing. Smashing your wedding ring, that's pretty final. Maybe Gwen really is gone for good this time.

Theresa: Ok, then you agree with me?

Whitney: Well, Jared didn't necessarily leave the door open for you two to work things out either. I mean, he's definitely gone.

Theresa: No, he was emphatic.

Whitney: And if Gwen does divorce Ethan, then Ethan doesn't have to keep his marriage vows.

Theresa: No. He'd be free, Whitney. Tell me I'm doing the right thing.

Whitney: I can't believe I'm about to say this. Maybe, just maybe, you do have a chance.

Theresa: Maybe? No, no, better than maybe. Honey, this time I have a real good chance to be with the man that I love.

Whitney: Yeah, you're right. You know what? Go for it. Do what you have to do to make it happen. I mean, you'll never be happy until you really do that, and I'll certainly never hear the end of it.

Luis: So confusing. I went to sleep on Fancy's couch. And then, next thing I know, I wake up downstairs, in the pantry.

Pilar: Wearing that horrible mask.

Luis: Yeah. Mama, the weird thing is that I keep having these bits and pieces of memories that I can't explain of making love to Fancy.

Pilar: But you don't remember coming downstairs to the kitchen or wearing those clothes or the mask? Nothing?

Luis: No.

Pilar: There's evil in that house. Do you think you were drugged?

Luis: I don't know. Maybe. I do remember feeling strange for a long time after I woke up.

Ivy: You are going to get yours, Luis.

Fancy: Mother, where have you been?

Ivy: No one else would take care of the situation. I did what had to be done.

Fancy: What?

Sam: Sam Bennett. Yes, sir. No, that won't be necessary. I understand. Yes, I'll take care of it right away. Dammit. Luis, that was the mayor on the phone. He's demanding I make an arrest.

Fancy: Arrest?

Ivy: Oh, yes.

Sheridan: You bitch!

Fancy: Wait a minute. No, no, Sam, you cannot arrest Luis.

Sam: Buddy, I'm sorry. You know, you heard the mayor. My hands are tied.

Pilar: Mijo?

Luis: No, don't worry, Mama.

Fancy: What did you do?

Ivy: I may not be Mrs. Julian Crane anymore, but I can still call in a few favors, especially when it seems that Luis is getting special treatment from the chief of police.

Sam: That is not true, and you know it. I told you to wait until we had a solid case and wait until everybody had calmed down.

Ivy: Your case is rock solid, Sam, and you know it. You have more than enough evidence to arrest Luis. DNA, there is nothing better. If it were anyone else, you would have made an arrest by now.

Fancy: I can't bear any more of this.

Sheridan: I've got to call Ethan.

Chris: Can't Luis and -- or his mother get their own lawyer?

Sheridan: No, Chris, they don't have any money, and they won't accept any from Theresa. A good defense will cost thousands. Luis needs my help.

Ivy: I don't see you taking any action, Sam. Do I need to make another phone call?

Pilar: Sam, no, you can't be serious. Please, this is Luis.

Sam: Pilar, I know, and I'm sorry. Look, the mayor is watching like a hawk. I have to be careful. If I don't obey exact protocol and if the press gets wind of this --

Ivy: And they would. I'd make sure of it.

Pilar: Witch.

Luis: Go ahead, Sam. Just do what you gotta do, you know. I don't want to cause the department any more trouble than this is going to cause already.

Sam: Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, you are charged with the attack on Fancy Crane.

Fancy: No, Sam, please, you can't.

Sam: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right for an attorney to be present and have him present during questioning. If you can't afford an attorney, then one will be provided to you free of charge at government expense.

Theresa: Whitney, I am so glad you are on my side.

Whitney: Oh, I'm always on your side.

Theresa: No, you're gonna see. Ethan and I are gonna rise above everything that's happened in the past, and we're gonna make a real go of it this time.

Whitney: Ok, I -- I just have to say it's all kind of crazy, you know? I mean, because for years, I always thought your obsession with Ethan --

Theresa: My love for Ethan.

Whitney: Oh, yes, you're right, your love for Ethan. I always thought it was going to end in disaster because I knew he was never gonna leave Gwen. But now that Gwen has left Ethan, I mean, you two actually have a chance to be together now.

Theresa: I know. It's kind of like somebody threw a bucket of water on the wicked witch and she melted. I mean, Gwen is gone for good.

Whitney: I just really don't want to see you get hurt again though.

Theresa: No, I won't. No, Gwen is gone, ok? And now Ethan and I can pick up right where we left off right before he called off the wedding.

Whitney: With the two children you've had since then.

Theresa: Some things do need to stay secret.

Ethan: Uh, sorry, um, I gotta go. Apparently there's something urgent I have to take care of.

Theresa: Oh.

Ethan: The nanny is with the kids though.

Theresa: Ok, oh, yeah, it's ok.

Ethan: Ok, so I'll -- I'll see you later, all right?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, like, dinner maybe, if you want, the four of us. Nothing fancy.  I was thinking like, you know, sloppy joes or -- that's Little Ethan's favorite.

Ethan: Sloppy joes is my favorite, and that sounds great. I would love that. You know, times are changing around here if sloppy joes are being served in this house.

Theresa: Lots of things have changed, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, they have. Dinner would be great.

Theresa: Ok, I just wanted to say that I loved watching you and Little Ethan and Jane this morning. I mean, they had a really good time together, and it meant a lot to them.

Ethan: It meant a lot to me. See you.

Theresa: God, I really want this to work.

Whitney: If you really sincerely do want this to work --

Theresa: I do.

Whitney: Then I have to say there are two very important things that you have to do.

Jessica: A man who brings you flowers, treats you like someone special -- I'd give anything to know a man like that, a man who could love me. Mom, Dad, I'll get it. Maybe Spike's home from his business trip. Oh, Spike, you're back. Oh, are those for me?

Spike: Of course, honey. You're the only girl for me, Jessica.

Jessica: Wow, they're lovely.

Spike: And so are you.

Spike: I love you, Jessica Bennett. Do you know I never knew what that word meant until you walked into my life? And I have a surprise for you.

Jessica: Spike, don't spend your money on me. You do too much for me already.

Spike: No, no, this is something I've wanted to give you for a long time, a real wedding.

Jessica: Oh, Spike.

Spike: Just like Kay's -- beautiful dress, reception, flowers, music, all of it. Honey, I know that every woman dreams of the perfect wedding, and I just want to give you what you deserve, honey, the wedding you should have had.

Jessica: I love you.

Spike: I love you, Jessica. You're my angel.

Jessica: I'll never have a love like that. It's all I want, someone to love me.

Paloma: [sigh]

Noah: Huh.

Paloma: That was the best kiss yet.

Noah: Are you keeping score?

Paloma: No, but every single one is right here.

Noah: I shouldn't be doing this.

Paloma: Why not?

Noah: I'm sorry, Paloma, I'm giving you mixed signals. It's just not fair.

Paloma: A kiss is a pretty clear signal to me.

Noah: Yeah, well, it's pretty clear that I'm attracted to you.

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Noah: And you're amazing.

Paloma: So what's wrong?

Noah: We're wrong. I have to --

Paloma: Why? You think I'm too young for you?

Noah: Well, you got it in one, tiger.

Paloma: Well, I'm not.

Noah: Ok, I mean, then I'm too old for you.

Paloma: I like old men.

Noah: Uh-huh, well, you're also Luis' little sister.

Paloma: And?

Noah: Hold on. Look, Paloma, Luis is like a big brother to me, a very big brother, and I just don't think he'd be too happy with me dating his baby sister.

Paloma: I'm not a baby.

Noah: You're very sweet, Paloma, and nice.

Paloma: Nice?

Noah: Yes -- look, I carry around a lot of baggage, all right? I've had kind of a wild past, and my future -- I actually don't have much of a future right now. I'm a part-time bartender who lives with his dad. Yeah, and I just think Luis would not be happy with you hooking up with a loser like me.

Paloma: Oh, you're not a loser.

Noah: I think he'd be a lot happier if you found someone your own age, someone with their life together, you know, like that Roberto guy.

Paloma: Noah, Roberto is gone, and I'm an adult woman who's about to graduate from the police academy. I don't need my brother's approval for anything.

Noah: Well, that's easy to say, but --

Paloma: And you're not that much older than I am.

Noah: Even still, you're Luis' baby sister.

Paloma: Ay, si, can babies do this?

Paloma: There -- now was that a kiss of a baby sister or a passionate woman who knows exactly what she wants?

Noah: Uh...

Paloma: Well?

Noah: Oh, I need to get to work.

Paloma: Noah.

Noah: Uh, I'll see you later.

Paloma: No -- Noah!

Noah: Aah.

Paloma: Noah, no -- that was the kiss of a hot-blooded woman, Noah. Maybe you won't admit it, but in your heart, you know it.

Noah: Wow, ay Dios mio.

Sam: Come on, Luis.  I've got to take you down to the station.

Pilar: Sam --

Luis: It'll be the first time I've ridden in the back.

Fancy: It's not funny. Well, I'm coming, too.

Ivy: No, you are not. You're not going to have anything to do with that monster as long as I have anything to say about it.

Fancy: Who do you think you are?

Ivy: Your mother.

Fancy: Luis, I'm so sorry.

Luis: No, I'm the one who's sorry.

Chris: This is tragic.

Sheridan: Awful.

Sheridan's voice: And it's going to cost Fancy any chance of a relationship with Luis forever.

Sam: Come on, Luis.

Pilar: My prayers go with you, mijo.

Sheridan: I'm gonna go down to the station to meet with Luis and Ethan. Bye.

Ivy: It's gonna be all right, honey. It really will be all right.

Fancy: No, it won't, Mother. I love Luis. Do you think I'd fall in love with a man who could hurt me?

Ivy: He did, Fancy. He did hurt you.

Theresa: So what two things do I need to do?

Whitney: Well, I -I mean, if you're absolutely certain that Ethan and Gwen's marriage is over and Jared's gone for good.

Theresa: Yes, to both.

Whitney: And you probably want to start building this life with you and Ethan, right?

Theresa: Oh, absolutely, of course. I mean, Whitney, happiness has always been just out of my reach, and now that I have this chance, I feel like I gotta grab onto it and never let it go.

Whitney: Ok, well, then, you know, I just think you need to commit, you know, whole heart and soul here.

Theresa: Honey, I have committed myself to Ethan.

Whitney: Are you sure about that? Then why are you still wearing Jared's engagement ring?

Theresa: I mean, it's just a ring, Whitney.

Whitney: Well, yeah, a ring, and as long as you're wearing it, a part of you is still holding onto Jared. I mean, you have to make a clean break here.

Theresa: I -- I did.

Whitney: Please don't start being evasive, ok? If you're going to go through with this, you need to go the whole way. Look, I know -- I know you love Jared.

Theresa: Yeah, but he is the one who ended things with me.

Whitney: Right, and that's sad, you know? And I hate that that happened, but you know what? It did happen. So you have to end things on your end as well, right? And you know what you have to do to make that happen. You have to take off that ring. Theresa, come on, honey, you know I'm right about this.

Theresa: I know. Why do you always have to be right about everything?

Whitney: I just want you to be happy, you know? I want you to have true happiness like Chad and I have, a relationship rooted in truth and honesty, you know?

Theresa: I know. You're always trying to make me a better person, and I appreciate that. It's just -- I loved Jared. You know, I kind of mapped out a whole future for us.

Whitney: Do you love Jared or you loved him? I mean, because that's the question. You know, you can't have a future with Jared and Ethan.

Theresa: I hate endings. But Jared's finished with me, so you're right. It's time that I just let him go.

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