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T.C.: I'm sorry. I heard what happened and I'm sorry. 

Sam: Thanks, T.C.  Grace always loved you very much.

T.C.: Sam, I loved her, too.  Eve and I both did.  Sam, Eve hates how Ivy used her. 

Sam: I don't wanna talk about Ivy, Eve, or Kay for that matter.  I miss her, T.C.  Man, I was so close to getting my wife and my family back together again.  Now it's all blown to hell.  Jessica's taking it especially hard.

T.C.: Man, I was afraid of that.

Sam: You know, I don't know how much lower she can go.  I mean, losing Grace could drive Jess to hit rock bottom.

Spike: That's my wife, man.

Man: Sorry.

Spike: No, no, that's not a problem, man.  You just gotta pay up front, though.

Man: Pass. 

Spike: Well, then get outta here, man.  You're wasting my time.  Hit it.  Go!  Baby, do me a favor, next time you throw your butt at some trashy loser, make sure he knows he's gotta pay to play.  Dig? 

Jessica: Leave me alone.

Spike: Baby, is that any way to talk to your loving husband?

Jessica: You're disgusting, Spike.  You raped Fancy. 

Spike:  I told you I didn't do that.

Jessica: I saw the ski mask in your back pocket, the same kind of mask the rapist wore. 

Spike: Oh, some clothes don't go out of style, baby, but I did not rape your brother's ex.  Ok?  But even if I had, compared to Kay and Dr. Eve and their part in Ivy's plan to blow apart your parents' marriage, whoa, I'm a saint, baby.

Jessica: If it wasn't for Kay, Ivy and Dr. Russell, my mom would still be alive. I miss her so much.

Spike: Baby, come on cheer up, you got me. You got me. Until death do us part, sweety.

Noah: Me again.

Bartender: Don't you think you've had enough?

Noah: I'm not finished toasting my mother. The woman who always did what she thought was right and ended up dead because of it. Hurry up with my refill or I will come and get it myself. Hi. What are you doing here?

Paloma: I'm good. I thought you could use a ride home.

Noah: What? Ah a little bird called and told you I was intoxicated.

Paloma: Come on. Let's go.

Noah: No. Sit down, have a drink.

Paloma: I think you've had enough for both of us.

Noah: My mom died.

Paloma: I know, I'm so sorry.

Noah: Yeah, so am I. Well here's to you, Mama. You know it is a good thing she died when she did, in that explosion. She would have come home and seen Jessica with that creep and she would've died on the spot.

Fox: She's my wife. She loves me.

Miguel: Not anymore, Fox.  Not now that she knows that you tricked her into marrying you.

Fox: I will prove -- I will prove it

Miguel: Just like she thought she saw making love to a woman who looks like Charity. It is over. Kay loves me. She's going to be with me from now on.

Kay: Charity?

Charity: Kay, I'm so sorry about your mom. I loved Aunt Grace like a mother.

Simone: And you have got some nerve coming here.

Charity: What -- you mean without calling first.  I'm sorry, I just --

Simone: Have you no shame. Kay's mom, your aunt just died and all you can talk about is Miguel?

Charity: Am I missing something?

Kay: Besides Miguel?

Charity: I don't understand.

Simone: Just let me cut to the chase. Have you slept with Miguel or not?

Gwen: You bastard!

Theresa: Where did that come from?

Gwen: Me, you skank.

Ethan: Gwen -- Teresa?

Theresa: Um, -- I thought I was making love to Jared.

Jared: Yeah that's me here.

Ethan: Well, what am I doing here?

Jared: If you don't know?

Ethan: I was at the b and B. That's the last thing I remember.

Gwen: Oh, okay. Bravo to both of you. What a wonderful performance. Almost as good as the one we just walked in on. Theresa thinks she was having sex with you. And Ethan, he thought he was having sex in his sleep. Let me tell you something. I don't buy it, not one bit.

Fancy: Help!

Fox: You will never convince Kay that I faked you having sex with Charity, or that I'm not dying.

Miguel: Oh, God. She would have made love to me if she thought I was lying.

Fox: You bastard.

Miguel: That's you pulling out every dirty trick you could think of, because you knew Kay is in love with me.

Fox: I won't let you win.

Miguel: I have already won.  Kay's in love with me.

Fox: She's my wife.

Miguel: No, not for long. It's lights out for you, remember?  I'm dragging you to Tabitha's right now. I'm going to make you tell the truth. I'll beat it out of you if I have to. Kay and I are together and we'll be together from now on, all right?

Charity: Did I sleep with Miguel? I don't think that's any of your business.

Simone: Dodging the question means yes.

Charity: Don't put words in my mouth.

Simone: Then answer me, did you sleep with Miguel?

Charity: Kay, I don't understand.  Why does Simone care if I slept with Miguel or not.

Kay: Let's just say we're curious.

Charity: Now, after all of this time with the Aunt Grace thing.

Simone: Just answer the question.

Charity: Fine. No. Miguel and I never made love.

Simone: Not even when you were in Harmony at Thanksgiving?

Charity: What?

Simone: When you were here at Thanksgiving, did you sleep with Miguel?

Charity: No.

Simone: That's your story.

Charity: It's the truth. How could I have had sex with Miguel at Thanksgiving, when I wasn't even here.

Kay: Excuse me?

Charity: I just got in town tonight. It is my first time back since I left a few years ago.

Kay: So, you didn't have sex with him in the shed?

Charity: Of course not. I wasn't here, Kay, how could I have made love to Miguel?

Chad: What's going on?

Whitney: Oh, my God, Theresa?

Theresa: It is not what it looks like.

Gwen: Yeah, the hell it isn't. We just walked in on them going at it. You are a filthy pig.

Ethan: Hold on, I don't know how the hell I got here. I don't know how the hell I ended up in bed with Theresa, I swear.

Jared: Save it man, if there is anything left to save.

Chad: This is getting ugly.

Whitney: Yeah, real ugly.

Jared: Get your clothes on and get the hell out of the bed.

Ethan: Where are my clothes?

Theresa: Jared, you have every right to be upset. I swear to you Ethan is just as confused as what happened as I am.

Jared: He's not confused he's a bed hopping dog that's about to have the hell beaten out of him. The hallway now!

Chad: Chill, no one is beating anyone up, all right?

Ethan: Where are my clothes?

Theresa: Don't look at me. I was already in here when -- Jared, I honestly thought I was making love to you.

Ethan: I honestly thought I was at the B and B with Gwen.

Gwen: You are such a liar. 

Jared: We'll talk, after I have beaten Ethan to a bloody pulp.

Fancy's voice: No one can hear me calling for help.  I have to get this monster off of me and make a run for it.

Fancy: Someone please help me! Help! Please, someone help me!

Sam: Come in, sit down.

T.C.:  Grace being killed on her way home to see you and the kids. Sam, how senseless can that be? Whoever did this, what were they trying to gain? Sam -- what's up, Sam. What is this?

Sam: Um, no. Couldn't be.

T.C.: What, come on man talk to me.

Sam: Something Grace said to me over the phone, when she was at the airport in London.

{Sam: Grace, I can't wait to see you.

Grace: Yeah, I can't wait to be home with you either, Sam.

Sam: Grace, you -- you sound upset. I promise you, you'll never have to see Eve or Ivy again, if you don't want to?

Grace: No, it is not that -- it is just I have to tell you something.

Sam: Okay.

Grace: But not on the phone.

Sam: Oh, come on Grace, how bad can it be?

Grace: It is awful, Sam. It is worst than you can imagine.

Sam: What? Well, tell me.

Grace: I found out that someone is out to destroy everyone that we love in Harmony. }

Sam: Grace was afraid to say who it is over the phone.

T.C.: Then the bus blew up?

Sam: I'm afraid that explosion wasn't an accident or a random act of terror. I believe Grace was killed because of something she knew.

Spike: Oh, yeah. Baby, you take a load off and rest up for later.

Jessica: What? You expect me to have sex with you tonight? I just found out my mom is dead.

Spike: Baby, baby. Life goes on, blah, blah, blah.

Noah: Jess, we're just here to see how you're holding up.

Spike: She's fine. Right, baby?

Paloma: Let Jessica speak for herself.

Spike: Don't you have some beans to refry or something?

Noah: Shut up! We're just trying to talk to Jess.

Jessica: I'm fine.

Spike: I told you. She has me to lean on in her time of grief.

Noah: It is too bad you didn't die instead of my mom.

Jessica: Stop it, Noah! Spike has been here for me.

Noah: It's an act.

Paloma: Yeah. He just uses you.

Jessica: No, Spike understands me, like Mom did. She left me. Now she's dead. Spike's all I have left.

Noah: That's not true. You have -- you have me. You have -- you have Paloma.  You have Dad and Ethan and Kay.

Jessica: Kay? Our sister who went along with Ivy and Dr. Russell with the lie. It is their fault Mom is dead.

Spike: Those bitches.

Paloma: How is getting Jessica worked up helping her?

Spike: Would you just stick a taco in it -- 

Noah: Shut up!  Look. Jess, what Kay and the others did was bad, okay. It was very, very bad. But that doesn't mean that they didn't still love you. Come on she loves you. The way that Dad and Ethan and I love you.

Jessica: Spike loves me, too.

Spike: That's right baby. Despite being weepy and whiney.

Noah: Look, Jessica whatever that is, that's not love.

Spike: Says you, man.

Noah: Look, you need to leave this creep for someone who knows how to love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Spike: Well, F.Y.I., we do it however she wants. And variety is the spice of life. You guys should try it sometime.

Paloma: I think I'm going to be sick.

Noah: Jessica, what do you think Mom would have thought if she came home and met Spike? Do you think that would have made her happy?

Spike: You know what why don't you and coppy chaquita get lost.  You guys are a buzz kill.

Noah: Jessica, come on. Come home with me. Leave this creep and come home with me. It is what Mom would have wanted.

Chad: Here you go.

Ethan: I swear to God -- I don't know how I got here. I don't know how I got in bed with her.

Gwen: Please, please just stop. I am so sick and tired of your excuses.

Ethan: I'm telling the truth. I don't know what the hell I'm doing here.

Jared: Ethan, shut up and get dressed. Because we're going to settle this.

Theresa: Let this go. I really thought I was making love to you, not Ethan.

Jared: Really?

Theresa: I don't know how this happened. But I would never cheat on you. I love you.

Whitney: Yes, she does, Jared. She really does love you.

Jared: We'll talk about this later.

Theresa: Jared, please -- stop, Jared.

Jared: You accused me of being a murderer. I'm going to prove you right. Because I'm going to kill you.

Fancy's voice: Help! My God he's bound and gagged me. What am I going to do? He's going to kill me. Luis! Luis!

Kay: You weren't here at Thanksgiving?

Charity: No.

Simone: She could be lying.

Charity: Why would I be? What is going on?

Kay: When is the last time you saw Miguel?

Charity: In Harmony a few years back. I talked to him on the phone, but that's it.

Simone: Did Miguel tell you on the phone he wanted to make love to you?

Charity: Not that it is any of your business, Simone, but he actually called to tell me he didn't love me any more, that he loves you. That he wants to marry you.

Kay: That's what he said he told her.

Charity: Why would I lie?

Kay: Yeah, why would you?

Simone: Could Miguel have been right? Could Fox have just made us think we saw Miguel and Charity having sex in the shed?

Charity: Hey. This says that you are getting married to Fox. Does this mean -- 

Kay: Yeah, he is my husband.

Charity: Fox? What about Miguel?

Miguel: You're going to own up to every lying thing you've done, Fox. Then Kay and I will be together. We're going to be a real family with Maria.

Fox: She's my wife. I'll be dammed if I lose her to the likes of you.

Miguel: Own up to all of your lies, Fox. You've already lost her. You've already lost Kay.

Jared: Get up! Get up so I can hit you again.

Gwen: You heard the man.

Theresa: Shut up, Jared just stop! Ethan is confused about what happened as I am.

Gwen: Oh, okay. Defend your lover to your fiancÚ.

Whitney: Gwen, you're not helping.

Chad: Chill out. Do what Theresa says.

Jared: Is that what you would do if you caught Whitney getting it on with someone else.

Chad: I know Whitney wouldn't cheat on me.

Theresa: I didn't cheat on Jared. Not deliberately. Okay.

Whitney: Everyone just -- let's just calm down.

Jared: Would everyone just leave so I can finish this with Ethan.

Theresa: Gwen, can you do something, please?

Gwen: Besides cheer Jared on?

Ethan: Gwen, hold on a minute!

Gwen: Ethan, Jared can beat you senseless if he wants.  At least  if you're laid up in the hospital you won't run to Theresa's side the second my back is turned.

Ethan: Listen, I don't know how the hell I got here.

Gwen: Please, save it.  Just admit your uncontrolled jealousy. She's engaged.

Ethan: I'm not kidding you. I don't know how the hell I got here.

Jared: That's bull.

Ethan: This is between my wife and me, ok?

Gwen: Of course your mistress as well.

Theresa: I thought I was making love to Jared.

Gwen: How could you not know the difference?

Ethan and Jared: What's that supposed to mean?

Fancy: Ah!  Someone help me! Please, someone help me!

T.C.: When Grace was talking to you before the bus blew up, did she says anything else?

Sam: Grace started to name names of the people she thought were in danger.

Grace: We're all at risk, us, our children. Pilar and her family. The Russells. Anyone who is involved.

Sam: Anyone involved in what?

Grace: I've told you too much already. I don't know who could be listening in on the phone. I'll tell you more when I see you.

Sam: Sweetheart, you sound like you're in danger. 

Grace: I'll be ok once I'm in your arms again, Sam.

Sam: I hate hearing you this upset, Grace.

Grace: I never knew how much evil there really is in the world. It makes you wonder why things aren't that way at all. It is horrible, Sam. It is so horrible.

Sam: Grace is right. Things are just horrible.

Spike: Why don't you two stop hassling my wife. Can't you see she is upset about her mom resting in pieces?

Noah: What?

Paloma: No, don't. He's not worth it. Jessica, listen to your brother. Go home and be with your family.

Spike: I'm Jessica's family now.

Noah: Jessica, look -- I know that you are all torn up in about Mom leaving with David and his son. She was just doing what she thought was right.

Jessica: How?

Noah: Look, Mom thought that she was married to David, that John was their son. She was just trying to to do the honorable thing by --

Jessica: Stop, okay. Just stop. I've heard all of this before.

Noah: Jessica, it doesn't mean it is not true it. It doesn't mean Mom wasn't trying to do what was right.

Jessica: For David and John, maybe. But what about me? Whether or not Mom thought she was married to David, it doesn't change the fact that I'm her daughter. I mean, I was her daughter. But she didn't care. She just up and left.

Noah: Come on Jess, that's not how it happened.

Jessica: I was there, Noah. You weren't.

Spike: Hey, you know you're so hot to trot trying to get Jess to come home with you. Then what? You threaten to bail out of this burg at least once a week. Big Sam, he's running the cop shop. This rock with scandal. His love life is zilch. His kid, a bum, a gold digger and a whore. Hell, he may put a bullet in his own head just to get away from it all. And Kay, don't get me started there. She doesn't give a damn about anyone. As for my wife here, she depends on me to be there for her, like I have been from the get-go.

Noah: Jessica would be better off alone, than with you Spike. Come on, Jess.

Jessica: No. Spike is my husband. I'm going home with him. So stop trying to tear us a part.

Paloma: You shouldn't be together in the first place.

Jessica: Yeah, well Mom and David shouldn't have been together either, but she put him first, ahead of her own family. That's exactly what I'm going to do with Spike.

Ethan: Sounds like Fancy screaming.

Jared: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, we're not finished yet.

Ethan: Fancy may need help.

Chad: I'll go check on Fancy.

Whitney: You both need to stay here and work this out.

Whitney: Theresa, did you really think you were sleeping with Jared?

Theresa: I think so.

Whitney: You think so.

Theresa: I mean, I never thought it wasn't Jared.

Whitney: Good luck convincing him of that. I think you're going to need it.

Ethan: Look, man. I'm not going to fight you for taking advantage of Theresa, because I didn't do it. I don't know how the hell I wound up in this room. I'm telling you.

Jared: Really?

Gwen: Ethan, you didn't sleepwalk here naked. You couldn't have here driven while you are asleep. You're lying.

Theresa: Look, I don't know how Ethan got here, but I do know that I didn't know it was Ethan I was making love to.

Jared: Can you say that again?

Theresa: I thought that I was making love it you.

Jared: Than it is worse than I thought.

Ethan: What the hell are you talking about?

Jared: I'm talking about the fact that you're a sexual predator.

Fancy: I can't let you do this again.

Chad: Oh, my God.

Whitney: I can't believe it.

Chad: What the hell?

Whitney: Fancy?

Chad: Look how crumpled the sheets are. She must have been having a nightmare.

Whitney: I think she was reliving her rape.

Chad: Good thing it was just a bad dream.

Whitney: Yeah, let's go. Let her get some rest.

Fancy: Help, someone help me?

Whitney: It is all right. Fancy. You're just having a bad dream.

Fancy: No, no, he was here attacking me. We have to find him before he gets away again.

Ethan: For crying out loud. I'm not a sexual predator, Jared.

Jared: Tess said she didn't know she was making love to you. Which means you took advantage of her, which is sexual assault, a criminal offence.

Ethan: I didn't know I was making love to her.

Gwen: Ethan, don't even try and go there, ok? Any man knows the difference between two women in bed. The fact that you didn't deny the last time you slept with Theresa.

Ethan: The last time?

Gwen: Yeah, when she disguised herself as me and got pregnant with Jane.

Theresa: Look, I don't know who Ethan thought that he was making love to. But I honestly thought I was making love to you Jared.

Jared: Did you ask Ethan to make love to you?

Theresa: I thought it was you.

Jared: Did you say my name? 

Theresa: What difference does it make?

Jared: The difference is, if you said make love to me, he's not guilty. If you said make love to me, Jared, then he's guilty as sin and deserves to be locked up with the other predators in prison.

Ethan: Jared give me a frick'in break.

Theresa: Which one is it, Tess? Did Ethan knowingly assault you or not?

Charity: You married Fox?

Kay: Yes.

Charity: But you've loved Miguel your whole life, you share a daughter with him.

Kay: Why I married him is a really long story.

Simone: With maybe more plot twists than we thought.

Charity: I wish someone would tell me what's going on.

Kay: The truth is --

Simone: You know -- before you get into a big long explanation, maybe Charity would like a cup of hot cocoa.

Charity: What I would like to know is why we're talking about Miguel and not Aunt Grace.

Kay: You know what? I'll tell you, but she's right. Can you give me a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts?

Charity: Yeah, sure.

Simone: The kitchen is that way.

Charity: I remember.

Simone: So do you believe her?

Kay: No. This Charity seems more like the Charity we remember than the slut that couldn't keep her hands off Miguel.

Simone: True.

Kay: Plus, If this is the real Charity, it would explain why nothing happened to the dark side when the other Charity and Miguel made love.

Simone: What are you thinking?

Kay: What Charity is saying goes with everything Miguel has been saying all along. That he hasn't seen her. That they just talked recently.

Simone: So you believe her?

Kay: I guess I want to, but I can't seem to get the image of them having sex out of my head. But was it really Charity and Miguel?

Simone: That is the million-dollar question.

Kay: That means if I was set up, like Miguel seems to think I was, which Charity seems to be backing up, that means that Fox put together a very complicated and expensive ruse.

Simone: Which being a Crane, he can afford to.

Kay: True. But could Fox really be that evil?

Fox: How am I going to get out of this mess with Kay? What would Grandfather do if one of his plots was about to unravel? How do I convince Kay not to believe Miguel? I could have the fake Charity call and tell her that Miguel is a pig and swine and wants his cake and eat it, too.

T.C.: So you think Grace was right? That she learned about some huge secret that's hanging over Harmony?

Sam: Seems odd, doesn't it.

T.C.: Well, we all know that harmony has its history of secrets.

Sam: We all know firsthand about that, don't we? Does she actually think there is someone out to destroy us?  She was adamant.

T.C.: Who, Sam? I mean, hell, is it one of those demons or minions we battled years ago or is it someone else we don't know?

Sam: That's the big unanswered question T.C. One thing's for sure, Grace believed we have to look at life like we have gone through the looking glass.

T.C.: Sam, what are you talking about?

Sam: Like Alice in Wonderland. What we think is real, isn't.

T.C.:  Sam, come on.

Sam: We have to start to imagine the unimaginable T.C., that the impossible is possible. If we do that, we can learn what the threat is, T.C.

Paloma: We should make Jessica go with you, not Spike.

Noah: Yeah, I tried. 

Paloma: It is a shame anyone can let themselves get so mixed up. I mean, I felt abandoned by my family growing up, but I never lost control like Jessica.

Noah: Maybe you're made of stronger stuff than she is or maybe our faith runs deeper. Jessica, when Mom left town she didn't have anyone to fall back on. You, you rolled with the punches.

Paloma: I guess nothing will change as long as Spike is in the picture.

Noah: Yeah. It looks like that way. You know, the amazing thing is that seeing Jessica in this holding pattern, it reminded me what's important in life. It reminded me of what I want.

Paloma: What do you want?

Noah: Right now?

Paloma: M-hm?

Noah: You.

Singer: I'm currently in love with you

Simone: She's going to be coming back soon. What are you going to tell her?

Kay: I'm tempted to say we saw her having sex with Miguel that night and see what she says.

Simone: Well, why wouldn't you?

Kay: Even if she denies, it it is not like we can prove she's lying. Hey. Why are you out of breath?

Miguel: I just took care of Fox, Kay. He's never going to come between us again.

Kay: What are you talking about?

Simone: She's coming.

Miguel: Who is coming?

Simone: See for yourself.

Charity: Hi, Miguel.

Whitney: Fancy, honey. It is okay. You're safe now.

Fancy: No. No. Not until we catch the attacker. We can't let him get away this time.

Chad: Fancy, what happened exactly?

Fancy: The rapist came back and attacked me, here. Just now.

Whitney: When you say he attacked you? Do you mean that he -- like now?

Fancy: He violated me, yeah. All over again.

Whitney: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Chad: Fancy, why didn't you call for help sooner?

Fancy: He had duct tape over my mouth and my hands were bound and I managed to get the tape off of my mouth to call for help. He must have panicked when he heard your coming.

Chad: Where did he go? We didn't see anyone leave and the windows are locked.

Fancy: He must still be here.

Whitney: Where, honey?

Jared: We're waiting, out with it.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Ethan. I can't lie to the man that I'm about to marry. So, Jared, how could I ask Ethan to make love to me if I thought I was making love to you?

Jared: So he did assault you. You're a sexual predator.

Ethan: Get off of your high horse for a second, all right? I did not take advantage of Theresa. I sure as hell haven't insinuated myself into her life, her company or her bed the way you have, my friend.

Jared: I'm not the criminal here, Ethan, you are. And I will teach you a lesson for taking advantage of Tess.

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Miguel: I took care of Fox, he'll never come between us again.

Jared: I will teach you a lesson for taking advantage of Tess.

Gwen: You are free to be with Theresa. God help you.

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