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Luis: It's ok. Everything's going to be all right. I'm going to find the bastard that did this to you. He's going to go away to prison and no one's ever going to hurt you again, ok? I'm never going to let you go, ok? Not ever. I love you. I will always be here for you.

Fancy: I just saw a shadow. Someone's outside the door, listening.

Luis: Hey. Oh, Sheridan.

Whitney: Ok, maybe we should just give up on -- you know.

Theresa: I'm just going to have to have a little talk with the caterer.

Sam: Should I go get my chain saw out of the truck?

Chad: Hey, hey, don't laugh. I know this sounds weird, but I think there's actually something in here.

Sam: In the cake?

Chad: Yeah, look.

Everyone: Ah!

Rebecca: This calls for another drink.

Woman: Who would do something like that? I've never seen anything like it.

Sam: Everybody, let's calm down, alright?

Vincent: Talk about a scoop.

Ethan: Oh, my God.

Gwen: Ethan, that's a -- that's a dead body.

Whitney: There's a dead body in my wedding cake. Chad?

Theresa: Oh, my God, Jared.

Jared: I know.

Kay: Fox, I'm scared.

Fox: Hey, it's all right. I'm here.

Kay's voice: Tabitha saw death coming to a wedding in her magic ball. Was it Whitney's wedding, not mine?

Noah: A dead body in a cake? Kind of puts a damper on the evening. Are you ok?

Paloma: Yeah, of course. I'm a cop -- almost. I need to see if Chief Bennett needs help.

Noah: That is one remarkable woman.

Simone: Daddy, are you ok? Do you need to sit down?

T.C.: No, sugar bear, I'm fine. You've been taking care of me the past couple of months, and I'm going to take care of you now.

Eve: Well, it was a waste of time taking her pulse. She's long dead.

Rebecca: Well, to die in a cake. I wonder what happened -- sugar shock?

Gwen: Mother, be quiet. Sam, do you know who that is?

Man: Who is it, Sam?

Second man: Who is it?

Sam: We don't know. Everyone, please, this is not helping.

Rebecca: What a way to go. The only thing better would be to drown in chocolate.

Luis: Sheridan, what are you doing here?

Sheridan: I came to see Fancy, but I saw you comforting her, and I didn't want to interrupt.

Luis: No, you're not interrupting anything. In fact, I'm glad you're here. She needs all the comforting she can get right now.

Luis: It's just your Aunt Sheridan.

Fancy: So I heard. I'm sorry I overreacted.

Sheridan: It's understandable after everything you've been through.

Luis: I could have saved you the trip. Fancy is being released. I was just about to get her things together and take her home.

Sheridan: That's great.  I can help you with that.

Luis: You ready to go?

Fancy: I just want to go home to my own bed.

Luis: Ok. I'll call the nurse and have her get your things together.

Luis: You don't have to be afraid now, ok? Everything's ok. I love you.

Whitney: This is completely ridiculous, is what this is.

Theresa: Excuse me! Excuse me, please! Please. You know, Sam is right. We just -- we need to stay calm so he can figure out what's going on here. Sam, who is this?

Sam: Can't tell yet.

Simone: Is anyone missing? Who isn't here?

Sam: Everyone, back up.

Paloma: Chief, is there anything I can do? In class, we covered a lot of different types of crime scenes.

Sam: I'm sorry, Paloma, but you're still a cadet. Now, I have to handle this very carefully.

Paloma: But, Chief, I --

Sam: This is a high-profile case, and I have to go by the book, but thanks for your enthusiasm, alright?

Noah: You know, I keep forgetting that you're like a full-fledged cop, almost.

Paloma: Hmm. I'm not there yet.

Noah: Doesn't this kind of get to you -- you know, the gore and everything?

Paloma: Sure, but you learn to control your feelings. I'm getting a lot better at it.

T.C.: Sam, do you know who it is yet?

Vincent: This is front page.

Sam: Hey, hey. No, you don't. Who is this guy?

Ethan: It's Vincent Clarkson. He's from "Daily Private Lives."

Sam: Oh, really? You're out of here, pal.

Vincent: You can't stop me, I have rights. Freedom of the press?

Sam: Oh, really? Security! Escort this man off the property.

Vincent: You can't do that.

Sam: Give me that.

Vincent: What about my camera?

Sam: It'll be right here. I will not have your sleazy tabloid exploit my investigation. Now, listen up. This is an official police matter.

Jared: A murder inquiry?

Sam: We don't know that yet. Chad, Whitney, I'm sorry about your wedding reception, but I have to start my investigation right now.

Chad: We figured the reception was over when the dead body rolled out the wedding cake.

Whitney: Our wedding cake, it was beautiful.

Sam: Look, would everyone start moving out to the foyer, please? This is an official crime scene, but no one leave until I say it's ok to go home, all right?

Fox: Uh, let's make sure we use another caterer.

Kay: Don't make jokes.

Theresa: I don't care what Sam says, it was definitely murder. Who was it?

Jared: That's a good question.

Ethan: You are not the right man for Theresa, Jared. I'm going to prove it.

Rebecca: Honey, you should thank your lucky stars that someone baked a cadaver cake.

Gwen: Mother, please.

Rebecca: Well, honey, it is a huge distraction. Look, you should also thank God that J.T.'s USB stick wasn't found at the tabloid. Otherwise our secret would be out and everybody's secrets would be all over the front page of the tabloid and on news stations worldwide.

Gwen: Yeah, and I'd lose Ethan forever.

Rebecca: Well, wherever J.T. is, he must still have that USB stick with him.

Gwen: Yeah, wherever he is. And we need to find it.

Kay: A dead body in a wedding cake? Fox, our wedding is going to be in that room.

Fox: Hey, just calm down. I -- I'm sure your father is going to sort everything out.

Kay: But who is it? Who is that woman?

Fox: I don't know. I'm sure we're all going to find out soon enough.

Sam: What do you think?

Eve: Well, with this mess all over her, it's hard to say what killed her. I think we'll just have to wait for the coroner.

Sam: Well, let's hope she wasn't baked to death.

Eve: Poor soul. I wonder who she is.

Sam: There's only one way to find out.

Sam: Oh, my God.

Theresa: I am really sorry about your reception.

Whitney: I -- I just can't believe it. How could something like this happen? And who was that poor woman?

Theresa: I guess we're just gonna find out eventually.

Whitney: The worse part about the whole thing is who could have even done something like that? And, you know, look, this might sound a little selfish and everything, especially because an innocent woman is dead, but this is my wedding day. You know? It was supposed to be perfect.

Theresa: Well, I know, honey, but maybe she wasn't that innocent.

Whitney: What do you mean?

Theresa: I -- I'm just -- I'm sorry. I'm just really sorry.

Whitney: Well, you know, it's not your fault.

Theresa: No, I just wish it didn't have to happen. You know?

Ethan: So you still haven't been able to track down J.T. Cornell? Let me ask you something -- what am I paying you for? What -- I don't care. Get back to work, you need to find him. Get on it, thanks. God, I gotta find that information that J.T. has on Jared or I'm never going to be able to keep him away from Theresa.

Chad: You all right?

Jared: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Chad: Oh, I don't know. It's not every day that a wedding cake has a dead body falling out of it at a reception. You look a little jittery.

Jared: No, I'm fine, man.

Chad: Or jumpy?

Jared: I guess you're right, I am a little bit spooked.

Chad: Yeah, me, too.

Chad's voice: More than you know.

Sam: I gotta tell you, I didn't expect this.

Eve: This is shocking. I mean, even for harmony.

Sam: Yeah, this really takes the cake.

Eve: I'm going to try and pretend that you didn't say that.

Sam: Look, anyway, I'm going to get the coroner over here with an extra police officer. Then we can bring them all in and tell them we ID'd the body. The media is going to have a field day with this. There's nothing they like better than a big surprise.

Eve: I don't think it's going to be as big a surprise as you think.

Luis: Sam, I'll be right down.

Fancy: What happened?

Luis: Nothing that you need to worry about, ok? Just something that Sam needs me for. I'll be back soon, ok?

Sheridan: Take your time. I can stay here and keep an eye on Fancy.

Luis: Thanks, Sheridan. Get some rest, ok? I'll try not to take too long.

Sheridan: Now, sweetie, let me help you get comfortable. Can I get you another blanket, maybe order you some tea? I'm here for you for whatever you need.

Fancy: What I need is for you to get away from me, you bitch.

Simone: I am so glad Rae isn't here. She'd be freaked.

Kay: Well, I'm freaked. A dead body covered in butter cream? I mean, it's -- it's sickening. It's like the worse thing that could happen at a wedding. I feel so bad for Chad and Whitney. What if something like this happens --

Simone: No, just because my sister's wedding was ruined doesn't mean yours has to be.

Kay: You don't know that.

Simone: You're still hung up on Miguel, aren't you? I thought you decided to give him up for good.

Kay: I have. I'm trying to.

Simone: He's a jerk, Kay. He betrayed you with Charity, and she was going to let you marry him while she became his mistress.

Kay: I know. I -- I don't understand him. He's always been so honest, and now he stabs me in the back, and he acts like he has no idea why I'm upset. It's just -- it's so weird -- I don't get it.

Noah: Look, I realize that Fox is a Crane, but he's always been a pretty decent guy. He'd have to be very deceitful to act like he's dying for all these weeks. I think you're grasping at straws, Miguel. Fox doesn't even know that you and Kay know he's dying, you know?

Miguel: What if he's faking that, too?

Noah: Ok, now you're going overboard.

Miguel: Am I? What's more, I'll bet Fox did something to make Kay angry at me. I just wish I knew what. Should I just ask Dr. Russell flat out if he has a terminal illness?

Noah: Look, she won't even tell you. Doctor-patient confidentiality. I got a great idea. Why don't you go, get all dressed up in black, and you can play cat burglar. You can break into Dr. Russell's office, go and find her files, go through the files, and go, "Is he dying, is he not dying, I don't know." I'm going to go cheer up your sister.

Miguel: Play cat burglar.

Rebecca: So, I looked through all J.T.'s things, and I couldn't find that USB stick anywhere.

Gwen: Maybe he's -- maybe it's on his body somewhere.

Rebecca: You're right, maybe it's in his bra.

Gwen: What?

Rebecca: Oh, long story.

Gwen: You know what, I don't even want to know. What I do want to know is what is on that USB stick? Who else is he blackmailing?

Rebecca: Well, as far as I can tell, pretty much everyone in town.

Gwen: Really?

Rebecca: Oh, honey, you have no idea how much money he was collecting. But I'll bet you a martini that our groom of the day is on the list.

Gwen: Chad? Why would he be blackmailing Chad?

Rebecca: Well, it seems Chad is spending a lot of time at the Safari Motel, and not with Whitney.

Gwen: Well then, why did he just marry Whitney?

Rebecca: Oh, honey. Come on -- there's a big difference between the girls you marry and the girls you sleep with.

Gwen: Yeah, but right before his wedding? That's horrible.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, you are such an innocent. I mean, even JFK cheated on Jackie on the honeymoon.

Gwen: Ok, that is just a rumor.

Rebecca: Ah -- fact.

Gwen: And how do you know?

Rebecca: Mother told me, and, believe me, she knows.

Gwen: Grandmother?

Rebecca: You want to know the details?

Gwen: No, no, no, I don't.

Rebecca: Ok, ok, fine. But I bet you anything J.T. was blackmailing Chad because of his little trysts at that motel.

Jared: I feel for you, man. What a lousy way to end your wedding.

Chad: You know, all day I'd been worrying that something would go wrong, and it would interfere with my wedding.

Jared: You mean the person who's been blackmailing you?

Chad: Hey, hey. I paid that blackmailer a lot of money to keep quiet what's going on at the hotel. I just wish I knew my secret was safe. I don't trust that blackmailer.

Jared: Well, what are you going to do about it?

Chad: Anything I have to.

Ethan: Hi.

Theresa: Hi.

Ethan: It's very nice to see you without Jared hanging all over you. He's a criminal. And, to let you know, I have a PI that I've hired, and he's searching for J.T. at this very minute.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: And once he finds him, I'll be able to prove it.

Theresa: Ethan, you're too late.

Ethan: What do you mean?

Sam: Everyone can come in. We've ID'd the body.

Sheridan: What on earth?

Fancy: Oh, cut the crap, Aunt Sheridan. I don't buy your little act for one minute.

Fancy: I'm on to you. I know the way you really feel about me.

Sheridan: What is wrong with you? This is not like you.

Fancy: Well, get used to it. You're a cold-heard snake. I heard everything you said to me at the hospital.

Sheridan: I -- I didn't mean to eavesdrop.

Fancy: No, I don't mean an hour ago; I mean when the two of us were alone in my room. Yeah, you thought I was unconscious and that I couldn't hear you, but I did. Every nasty, toxic little word. See, I was too weak to open my eyes, and then you started in on me, and I wanted to see where it would all lead. "Fancy, you and Luis will never work out, you know that." "Luis is not the right man for you." "It'll never happen."

Sheridan: You -- you misunderstood.

Fancy: The hell I did. Poor, sweet, compassionate Aunt Sheridan. What an act. My God, what is wrong with you? I was in the hospital. I had just been -- I had just been raped. And you decided that was the perfect time to pour poison in my ear to turn me away from the man I love? I mean, really, what kind of sick and twisted person does something like that? You're nothing but a cold, heartless bitch.

Sam: Well, I have one piece of news -- our victim isn't a woman.

All: What?

Sam: Luis?

All: Oh!

Sam: If anyone's been looking for J.T. Cornell, here he is.

Paloma: He's in drag?

Rebecca: Yes, yes he's in drag! Oh, what difference does it make? Oh! No one understand him in this town, no one except me. Oh, my angel, my princess. Oh, it's a crime -- a crime against humanity -- to die wearing off-the-rack.

Gwen: Mother, you're making a spectacle of yourself.

Rebecca: I don't care! I don't care! Oh, we had a love -- a love that was hidden. We had to hide behind the shadows, but it was a wonderful love -- a love that is now dead. Dead and gone.  It is so tragic. It is such a loss -- I was just teaching him how to accessorize.

Luis: All right, Rebecca, enough. Come on. Stop this -- you're contaminating the evidence here. Rebecca --

Ethan's voice: The fool is dead. Great. Now I'll never get the information on Jared.

Rebecca: Oh, my sweet angel, look at you. Oh, J.T.

Rebecca: Oh, my.

Miguel's voice: Step one, complete. I'll stop your wedding, Fox. I don't trust you, and I sure as hell don't trust you with Kay.

Theresa's voice: Rest in peace, jerk. Now Ethan will never find out that Little Ethan is his son.

Chad's voice: Now my secret's safe.

Jared's voice: Tough luck, Ethan. You don't have anything on me now. I'm safe.

Fox: I'm going to give Crane security an update.

Kay: What -- Fox?

Kay: What do you want? I don't want to talk to you.

Miguel: Then listen. I love you. I'm going to find the proof to convince you that Fox isn't the right man for you.

Kay: Just stop.

Miguel: I mean it, Kay. I had a brainstorm, and if everything works out the way I think it will, you'll dump Fox in a minute.

Kay: What?

Miguel: Kay, Fox is a Crane. He's lying to you, I know he is.

Kay: Just leave me alone, ok?

Rebecca: Oh! Oh, J.T., no. Oh, J.T., oh.

Sam: Rebecca, that is enough.

Gwen: Mother, please, you are embarrassing me.

Rebecca: Oh, no, I've lost my man. He's gone! I am trying to find the USB stick.

Gwen: Ok, well, hurry and find it.

Sam: Rebecca, that's enough.

Gwen: Sam, please, try and understand. My mother and J.T. were very close.

Sam: Yeah, well, I gather that. Did she loan him some clothes?

Rebecca: Oh, please, we were hardly the same size. Oh, my lost lamb!

Luis: Rebecca. Rebecca, please, would you stop? Ok, I'm really sorry for your loss, but you could be contaminating -- contaminating the evidence.

Luis: Are you going to be ok?

Rebecca: Yeah, I'll get over my first stage of grief. Good night, sweet princess. May flights of angels --

Gwen: Oh, Mother, stop it.

Rebecca: What? Mm -- lemony.

Sam: All right, I need to know everything anyone knows about J.T. Cornell.

T.C.: It's no secret everybody in this town hated him.

Rebecca: Except me.

Sam: All right, well, let me rephrase it. Does anyone know who might have killed him?

Ethan: Yeah, I know. I know exactly who killed him.

Simone: Oh, I can't take it in there anymore.  Are you ok?

Kay: Oh, yeah, I'm just great.

Simone: Come on, Kay, I saw Miguel talking to you.  What did he say?

Kay: He said he's trying to find proof that Fox has lied to me.

Simone: What?  Miguel is the one who lied to you.  Where is he?

Kay: I don't know.  I came out here, he was gone.  You think he went upstairs?

Simone: What's the difference? You can't trust a thing that guy says.

Kay: Yeah, but he seems so certain.  What if he's right?  What if Fox has lied to me about something?  He said he knows something that will definitely cause me to want to break up with Fox.  What if he's right?

Simone: This from a guy who slept with Charity at your bridal shower.  A guy who swore he loved you.  Give me a break.

Kay: I don't know what to think.  He said Fox is a real Crane, maybe the worst one.  You know what? My mom said something like that, too.

Simone: Listen, you're the one who has to say your "I do's" here.  Nobody's twisting your arm.  But it sounds to me like you want Miguel to find information against Fox.

Kay: That's not true.

Simone: You've got to clear this up quick.  You are about to walk down that aisle.

Kay: I know.  Somehow it feels like I'm about to walk the plank.

Miguel: Fox is faking it.  I know he is.  He's pretending he's dying as a way to hold on to Kay.  All I need are Fox's records and I can prove he's a liar.

Theresa: Tell us, Ethan.  Who killed J.T.?

Ethan: Isn't it obvious?  It's Jared Casey.

Jared: What?

Theresa: Ethan, you have to stop this.  You are obsessed.

Gwen: Ethan, please don't do this.  Just let it go.

Ethan: No, the hell I will.  Listen, J.T. has researched this guy's past.  J.T. was going to bring me proof tonight that the guy is up to no good, and, what do you know, he ends up dead.  You killed him to keep him quiet, didn't you?

Sam: Ethan, do you have proof?

Ethan: No, but he had motive.

Sam: So did a lot of other people in town, not to mention this room.  From what I understand, J.T. set up his own blackmailing racket here in Harmony. 

Rebecca: Must we speak ill of the dead?

Sam: I just call em like I see em, Rebecca.

Ethan: Sam, I'm telling you this Jared guy--

Sam: Everybody wanted J.T. dead.  Now why don't you remember your fancy law school education and wait for some evidence. In the meantime, I have the coroner and the forensics team on its way.  I think it's best everyone go home, but do not leave town.  You need to make yourselves available for questioning.

Noah: Hey, why don't I give you a ride home, huh?

Paloma: Yeah sure.

Noah: I'm going to go get your coat.

Ethan: Listen to me.

Theresa: No, no, no, not one word.

Ethan: Listen to me.  You need to stay clear of him.

Theresa: No, I am trying to move on with my life.  Now, let me.

Ethan: That is not what this about, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh the hell it isn't, Ethan.  You refuse to be with me but you won't allow me to be happy with anyone else.

Ethan: I don't like to see you with another man, that's true, but I can accept it.  But not with him, not with Jared.  I know that J.T. had the dirt on him, Theresa, that's why he's dead.

Theresa: You're not going to give up, are you?

Ethan: No, I'm not cause the guy's trouble.  He's possibly a murderer, Theresa.  He's not good for you and he's not good for Little Ethan.

Theresa: We cannot be with the man who is good for us because you made that clear.  So let me explore other avenues.

Ethan: I'm sorry, Theresa, I just can't let you go.

Jared: I swear this house is cursed.  I was gonna propose tonight, but the murder thing kinda puts a damper on the romance.

Whitney: You know what, Jared, don't let it.  Why don't you turn this nightmare into something positive?  Go find a private place and ask her.  Ask her right now. 

Jared: You're right.  There's no reason not to.

Jared's voice: Especially now.

Chad: I'm sorry it wasn't much of a reception.

Whitney: It was wonderful while it lasted, I guess.

Chad: Well at least we're leaving on our honeymoon tomorrow.  We should be in the clear by then.

Whitney: Yeah, I hope so.

Chad: Well no matter what happens, we still have our wedding night.  Theresa gave us the best guest room.

Whitney: I can't wait.

Chad: I love you, Whitney Russell Harris-Crane.

Whitney: I love you, too, Mr. Chad Harris-Crane.

Chad: I'm going to go get some champagne.  You meet me upstairs.

Whitney: It's a race, then.

Chad: Oh, no, no, not on your life. I want to take tonight nice and slow.

Gwen: You should have been on the stage.

Rebecca: And waste my time on the huddled masses? Please!

Gwen: Ok, did you find the USB stick?

Rebecca: No, and trust me, I looked everywhere. It's not on him.

Gwen: Well where is it?

Rebecca: I don't know.  Maybe the guy who killed him has it.

Gwen: You know you were one of the last people to be with him.

Rebecca: Yes, and he would have destroyed your oh so precious marriage.

Luis: Looks to me like anyone could have killed him.  He was blackmailing so many people.

Sam: Which one was so desperate that he or she would resort to murder to keep their secret safe?

Miguel: Fox's records have to be in here somewhere.  Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox.  Nicholas Foxworth Crane.  I got it.

Kay: Well, almost everyone's gone. 

Simone: You are worrying me.  Your wedding is almost here.  You better decide what you're going to do.

Kay: Everything's going to work out, it has to.

Simone: Kay, my sister's wedding was just interrupted by an uninvited dead body, and if you're not careful, you're going to have Fox and Miguel knifing each other at the altar.

Kay: Oh God.  Ugh!

Fox: Hey, did I hear you moaning? Love, you've got to stop worrying.  Everything's going to be alright.

Kay: I know.

Fox: We're getting married. I can't wait.

Simone: Let's just hope it's a more peaceful wedding than this one.

Rebecca: Oh! Oh!

Luis: Coroner's certainly taking their old sweet time, huh?

Sam: Yeah.

Luis: Did Rebecca happen to say why he was wearing a dress?

Sam: Well she says that he actually liked it?

Luis: Liked it?

Sam: Yeah, and she also said that he was afraid.  He was afraid someone was following him so he got into drag to disguise himself.  Look, I know what's going on with Fancy, but I really need your help on this, ok?

Luis: Well, if it will help me make detective again.

Sam: You solve this and you will.

Luis: Listen, I'll be honest with you, Chief, my mind's kind of preoccupied right now with finding the guy that attacked Fancy.

Sam: I totally understand.  I can work on this case all night.  You don't have to be here.  Look, I know Fancy's upstairs.  Under the circumstances, why don't you go be with her.

Luis: It's ok.  Sheridan's up there and I'm sure she's taking good care of her.

Fancy: You make me sick.  In front of Luis, you're as sweet as pie, "Oh, poor Fancy.  How is the darling girl?"  But the moment you get me alone, you try to plant sick subliminal messages in my mind while you know I'm in a coma?

Sheridan: I didn't.

Fancy: No, unh-unh, you are not going to lie your way out of this one.  You take advantage of me when I'm sick and weak.  You know what?  I don't want to ever hear you criticize my grandfather ever again.  You always babble on and on about how despicable and manipulative he was, but you know what, you're no better.  In fact, Sheridan, you're worse.  You're pure evil, an absolute monster.

Chad: You shouldn't be calling me.  I told you I'm getting married today. Yeah, last night was hot. I can't stop thinking about it.  I want to do it again, too.  No, not tonight.  Tonight's my wedding night.  Tonight's reserved for Whitney.  Look, I'll tell you what, we'll be together soon.  I'll figure out a way for us to be together for New Year's.

Whitney: So I was right, then.  You lying bastard!

Gwen: Honey, can you please just take me home?

Ethan: I don't know.  I think we should stay here in case Sam has anymore questions.

Gwen: He said we could go.  What's the real reason you want to stay?

Ethan: What's that supposed to mean?

Gwen: You'll do anything to prove that Jared is bad for Theresa.  You even accused him of murdering J.T.

Ethan: Well J.T.'s death is pretty convenient for Jared, don't ya think?  Now J.T. can't give me the dirt on Jared.  Jared seems to be in the clear.

Gwen: He's not the only one who wanted J.T. dead.  J.T. was blackmailing a lot of people.

Ethan: Well not me.  Look, I know J.T. had the goods on Jared and I'm gonna find out what it was.  I'm going to prove to Theresa that that guy's a fraud.  I don't want him anywhere near Theresa or Little Ethan.

Theresa: Jared, are you in here?

Jared: Alone at last.

Theresa: It has been quite a night.  Did you do all of this?

Jared: Yeah, I wanted this moment to be special.

Theresa: Special.

Jared: Tess, I keep on trying to ask you something, but each time I start, I get interrupted. I don't care if a truck comes barreling through that wall right now, I'm going to finish saying it. Theresa.... Hold on one second, I want to do this right.

Theresa: Oh, Jared.

Jared: Tess, I think you're the most incredible woman in the world.  I think you're funny and smart and sexy, and I have never loved another person the way I love you.  I want to spend every minute of every day of the rest of my life with you.  I want Little Ethan to have a real father and I want you to have a real family. Tess, if you do me the great honor of marrying me, I promise I will always love you. I'll spend every day doing whatever I can to make you happy.

Theresa: Jared--

Jared: Marry me, Tess.  Tell me you'll be my wife.

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