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Tabitha: Oh, tonight's the night, Endora, on NBC's The Biggest Loser.  Tonight Caroline Rhea will announce who's lost the most weight and won $250,000.  They've all done so well, but only one will win.  Will it be Kai, or Eric, or Heather, or Wylie.  Oh, I can't wait to see the outcome.  I think you're rather missing the point, darling.  I know, it's all so worrisome.  Have you found out anything? No.  I don't understand it.  Every single spell book we have confirms that if Charity and Miguel make whoopee the dark side will come to an end! And I've rerun what Kay saw in the bowl over and over. She's right! Miguel and Charity did the deed. Repeatedly. Oh. So why hasn't goodness taken over? You are right! It makes no sense! Lovely evil should have been blasted to smithereens by now! But it hasn't. Something is very wrong. But what?

Fox: Father, it is working out perfectly! Kay still thinks she saw Charity and Miguel making love and she has absolutely no idea that they are actors I hired to impersonate them.  Kay will marry me and we will live happily ever after. Which why I am buying a new tuxedo right now. And get this, Noah and Miguel are on their way right now to rent some tuxedos to match. Oh, yes, and Miguel is still my best man. Isn't that ridiculous? Well it is like Grandfather used to say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!

Noah: Miguel, why are we even here? Why wasn't this wedding cancelled? I thought you and Kay were going to make up?

Miguel: No. I still don't know what we have to make up about. Okay. I think she went bonkers because one moment she says she is calling off the wedding and now she won't even talk to me.

Noah: Something happened.

Miguel: I know something happened, Noah, but what? Okay I can't figure it out. The only thing I know is that I have lost Kay.

Kay: Well the bridesmaids dresses and your maid of honor dress were delivered.

Simone: You wanna take a look at them?

Kay: No. I can't bring myself to do it.

Simone: Kay, honey --.

Kay: I know! I know! Brides are supposed to be happy.  I'm doing my best to try and get excited about marrying Fox, but I can't. I am in so much pain about what Miguel did!

Simone: Please. Cheating bastard. Get over him, Kay! He cheated on you with Charity and what's worse, the jerk is act like it never happened. He does not deserve you!

Kay: I know. And it's not like I don't love Fox, I do.  I mean is the best.

Simone: And he is dying.

I know. I know. And I just want to make sure that his last few months are perfect. But, Miguel is the man I who's in my heart. He is who I want to marry.

Fancy: Graduation. Oh I can't wait to be real police officer. The best Christmas present that I ever have had. I earned it myself.

Luis: I am so proud of you. And you know once you graduate there is no rules standing in our way of being together.

Fancy: Yes. I can't wait, sir.

Luis: I am counting the days.

Fancy: I am counting the minutes.

Luis: Seconds.

Jared: That was great. Whoever thought I would get up on skates? You are pretty good little teacher, mister.

Little Ethan: Thanks.

Theresa: You should see him on rollerblades.

Jared: Oh! We could be talking to the next Joey Cheek. He started on rollerblades.

Little Ethan: I am not that good.

You keep working on it, you will be. I had a good time today.

Little Ethan: So I did. I love you, Mom.

Theresa: I love you!

Little Ethan: Thanks, Jared.

Jared: I'm supposed to be the one thanking you. We will do this again sometime? I promise.

Little Ethan: Really?

Jared: Yes. You bet.

Ethan: Look, J.T., I have made some calls and I am sure I can work out some kind of deal between you and the IRS but you need to get cracking. I am holding up my end of bargain so now it is your turn. I want to know everything there is to know about Jared Casey, ok? Starting with the information as to  what his weight was when he was born, do you understand? I don't care about that. I want it fast and discrete. I don't want anybody to know I am investigating Jared. Do you understand? Yes I want every single detail. I think the guy is hiding something and I know there's something wrong with Jared Casey.

Chad: Don't you ever stop? Jared's already proved he's on the up and up. What are you doing? Who are you talking to about Jared?

Fancy: We can't do this.

Luis: I know.

Fancy: Especially not here. 

Luis: I know that they've seen us.

Fancy: Sorry it is my fault.

Luis: No, it is mine.

Fancy: It is mine. I can't keep my hands off of you.

Luis: Are you kidding me? These hands have a mind of their own.

Fancy: I am glad we won't have to wait much longer. I can't wait to make love to you.

Luis: Oh me, either. Guess what? I got a surprise for you because the minute you graduate I am whisking you away. I already took time off for both us.

Fancy: Oh you are a genius!

Luis: I know. Long walks on the beach. Dinner by candle light. Making love fire side all night long.

Fancy: I can't wait! It sounds like heaven. I wish we could do something about it now.

Luis: Yes. Yes. Look where you are standing?

Fancy: What? It's mistletoe! No it is not! It is plastic.

Luis: Use your imagination for just one second here.

Fancy: Well, it -- it would a good experiment to see if kisses under plastic tasted like plastic.

Luis: Yes. We could send the finding to analogy to National Geographic.

Fancy: What do we do about that silly rule that says we can't fraternize?

Luis: Oh I think a Christmas tradition overrides the Harmony police rulebook.

Whitney: Oh I am sorry I didn't mean to interrupt.

Theresa: That's fine. Come on in, please. We just back from the ice skating pond.

Whitney: Oh wow. You guys were there pretty late?

Theresa: Yes. Are you okay?

Whitney: Um, yes, yes, sure.

Jared: Hey, Little Ethan, I am getting kind of hungry what do you say we head over to the cafe and get some hot chocolate and scones.

Theresa: Thank you.

Jared: No problem.

Jared: Come on, little man.

Whitney: Man how sweet are they? Jared and Little Ethan have been getting along pretty well, huh?

Theresa: Yes. Jared is really good with him. And Little Ethan, he really likes him, Whitney. I mean, I can't get over how well this is working out. I don't see how anything could wrong for us now.

Chad: Ethan, who are you talking to about Jared?

Ethan: Gwen, hi. Yes. Listen I will see you at home. Right, and remember what I told you about tax man, okay? All right. Love you, too. Bye.

Chad: What was that about?

Ethan: I was talking to Gwen. She was telling me how she saw Jared and Theresa ice skating.

Chad: Ethan give it up. Okay Jared is a nice guy. I know you hate seeing Theresa with another man but he cares for her and Theresa cares for him.

Ethan: I know. I know. More power to them.

Chad: You know for a high powered lawyer you are a lousy liar. You know I know it is killing you but it is too bad. You can't expect Theresa to go on living like a nun. She's a young, beautiful woman and she deserves to find love.  You told her that yourself.

Ethan: I know. I know.

Chad: You got Gwen. Okay. If Theresa can't have love with you. By God let her have love with someone else.

Ethan: Chad, I do want her to be happy.

Chad: I hope you mean that. You want anything?

Ethan: No, thanks I am just finishing this.

Chad: I will be back in a second.

Ethan: I do want her to be happy, Chad. Just not with Jared. He is not the Mr. Nice Guy that everybody thinks he is. And I am going to prove it.

Kay: I still love Miguel. I mean after what he has done, how stupid is that? If I had any brains at all I would never want to see that man again.

Simone: Damn straight. Listen, Kay don't let Miguel ruin what you found with Fox. I mean, marry Fox and have most beautiful wedding this town has ever seen.

Kay: Miguel is the best man!

Simone: Well, good. Because when you are walking up that aisle with the ring on your finger he will have a close up view of what he missed out on! Listen to me. Marry Fox. And don't let Miguel hurt you ever again.

Fox: I'll go tell the owner that the tuxedos are great.

Noah: That guy has got an amazing attitude for someone who is about to die. He is so happy.

Miguel: Because he knows that a month with Kay is better ten years with any other girl.

Noah: Just try living with her.

Miguel: I have. Noah this is insane. I am about to be best man to a guy who is fiancée of the woman I want to marry. And I am racking my brain thinking of different ways to put a stop this wedding. And he is slapping me on the back thanking me for being part of it. I feel horrible. And I want to come clean and tell him that Kay and I want to be with each other. You know, maybe I should. As a matter of fact I think I should right here right now.

Tabitha: The prophecy clearly states that once the champion of good, the chosen one, i.e. Charity, loses her virginity to the man she loves, which is Miguel. The war between good and evil is over! Goodness will destroy us and the dark side will vanish! But we're still here? What? Wasn't Charity in the shed?  Of course it was. I saw her with my very own eyes and Kay saw her. Simone saw her.  Miguel did more than see her! Oh! That's not possible! Or is it? All right. I will rerun the footage in the bowl. One more time! Just to make you happy. There, you see!  There's Charity.  I would know her anywhere. That vacant expression on her face. X ray vision? Alright. X ray vision. No. Roll it back again, roll it back again. Endora, Endora, will you give me some more juice, please? More juice, please? Thank you. There they are. Taking off their clothes again! I must say, that Miguel is a very athletic type. Hey. Hey. Wait a minute. Roll it back again. And zoom in. And give me some more light, please. Endora, you are the Einstein of the dark side! You were absolutely right! We don't need all of this anymore. You were right, Endora! It was not Charity and Miguel making love! They were two imposters wearing latex masks to look like Charity and Miguel. That's why they are still here! Latex masks. An old Crane family trick. Your half-brother Fox must have come up with that. Do you know what this means, Endora? Miguel didn't betray Kay. Oh I can't wait to tell her. We have to tell her immediately!

Jared: You skunked me again.  This is the second time you've destroyed me. I don't think I can do this anymore.

Little Ethan: Let's do it again!

Jared: No can do. Here comes your nanny.

Little Ethan: You're fun.

Jared: I think you are fun, too.

Little Ethan: Do you really like my mom?

Jared: I'll let you in on a little secret. I love your mommy.

Little Ethan: Does at that mean you will be my dad?

Jared: Um, would you like me to be your dad?

Little Ethan: Yes.

Jared: Well, then I hope so. I really hope so.

Whitney: Well, I guess the fortune teller was right. Things are going really well for you and Jared and now you are happy. I am happy for you, you know.

Theresa: I want you to be happy. Did you see Chad?

Whitney: No.

Theresa: Whitney.

Whitney: What am I supposed to do? This is not easy for me.

Theresa: I know it is not. I know that. But why have -- you love and Chad and Chad you and you need to stop these suspicions so you guys can move on together.

Whitney: I know. I know.

Theresa: And you did just say marry him by Christmas or break it off. People don't give ultimatums unless they're very serious.

Whitney: That's all I keep thinking about.

Theresa: Think about taking action. That way you won't loss Chad.

Whitney: What about fact that I don't trust him? Hmm? Yes, maybe this whole ultimatum thing is just good, you know? Because I certainly can't going on living this way.

Theresa: So, you're going to break off your engagement to Chad?

Ethan: So, what is up with you? How is Whitney?

Chad: Don't ask. Not good?

Ethan: Really. How so?

Chad: Well she says she needs some time to think. And um, it is killing me. You know I can't go on like this so I gave her an ultimatum, either we get married by Christmas or we are through.

Ethan: Chad --

Chad: I know it is harsh but it is the right thing to do. I can't take this.

Ethan: Well, you know I seem to remember you saying something to me in my office awhile back about you knowing a lot about adultery. Does Whitney have reason to be suspicious here? This is your whole life we are talking about here. I mean is Whitney right? Are you having an affair with another woman?

Sam: Luis, I got another call about a peeping tom down on 31st street. I want to set up a trap to catch this guy. One of the residents down there was nice enough to let us use his house. I have Burt as back up and I need a female officer to be inside of the house acting as if she is living there. You know, the usual stuff, dress in skimpy clothes with the curtains open.  Let this guy get a good look at her so we can lure him in.

Fancy: I can do it. I'd be perfect.

Luis: No, you are not doing it and that's final.

Fancy: I am almost a full-fledged officer. Graduation is right around the corner. I can do this, Sam!

Luis: Forget it.

Fancy: Please!

Luis: Forget it.

Sam: Luis is in charge of cadets so if he says, no --

Luis: And I do.

Sam: You heard him. But, we need female officer in there so -- Kelly, unfortunately, you are not going to have the night off. You are going have that peeping tom assignment. What I need you to do is go change and get back to the assignment, ok?

Kelly: If you say so, chief.

Noah: Hey! Whoa, whoa! Don't go off half cocked. This is not checkers, it is chess you got to think ahead. Now Kay told you not to mention any of this to Fox. If you go in there and tell her fiancee that you're in love with her, Kay will be even more upset than she was to begin with.

Miguel: Look, I hate this. Fox isn't my favorite person in the world, but I hate lying to him. I just wish I understood your sister.

Noah: I've heard that before.

Miguel: Look, I don't even know what I did to upset her. Everything was going so well. We understood each other about everything. And then all of sudden she's furious with me.

Noah: Are you sure you didn't say something or do something?

Miguel: No. Nothing. The only thing that she was worried about was whether my feelings for Charity would ever come back. I swore over and over, no.  Charity is my past and Kay is the only woman in my heart now.  Maybe that's it. Maybe I need to find a way absolutely to prove to Kay that Charity means nothing to me.

Noah: Ok, how are you going to that? If only Kay could hear you tell Charity that Kay's the one you love.

Miguel: That's it.  That's exactly what I have to do.  Noah, you are a genius. I have to find Charity and have her call Kay.  She can tell Kay that she over me as I am over her! How am I going to find Charity?

Fox: You can't. That's the last thing that I can let Miguel do.

Tabitha: As soon as I tell Kay that the Charity and Miguel she saw making love were really imposters she will forgive Miguel! What! Endora, this door was not locked! You locked it. Unlock this door immediately. But, sweet pea, we have to tell Kay that Miguel didn't betray her. Fox must have set up those two imposters because he knew that Kay was going to break things off with him.  Miguel, is the one that that Kay wants to marry. You know that! You want her to be happy don't you? You are the one who likes to spread sweetness and light wherever you go! But that does not make sense, Endora! You know we are both very fond of Kay aren't we? She deserves to marry the man she loves the most. And doesn't poor misguided Fox deserve to have a woman who loves him and only him? Oh! You really are a stubborn little devil aren't you! But Mummy is going to win this time whether you like it or not! I am going to tell Kay the truth.

Kay: Tell me what?

Ethan: Is Whitney right? Is there another woman?

Chad: No. No way, man I would never do that to Whitney. She is the only woman for me.

Ethan: All right. Then what are you going to do? I mean what if she it doesn't want marry you by Christmas? You aren't dumb enough to lose her over something like that are you?

Chad: I don't want that, but it has gone on too long. I don't know how to convince her she's wrong.

Ethan: Chad, if you're going to listen to anyone, you need to listen to me. It is hell losing the woman that you love.

Chad: Well it is not up to me now.

Ethan: Man you got to get over yourself. Can you imagine your life without Whitney? Can you imagine her with another man, dating another man? How about married to another man. Let me tell you something it is miserable.

Chad: Who are we talking about here? Chad Harris. Now? Ah, okay. Okay. I will be there. See you soon. I got to go. I will talk to you later.

Ethan: Who was that?

Chad: Just a friend. See you.

Ethan: See you. I hope Whitney's wrong, Chad. For both of your sakes.

Theresa: Can you really give up the love of your life because of suspicion? Can you really give up that dream of having a happy marriage and a family? Wouldn't it just be better if you told Chad that you want to get married?  I can clear the deck and we can plan a wedding that would knock the socks off of Fox and Kay's! Wouldn't that be fun?

Whitney: Yes.

Theresa: Can we do it?

Whitney: I don't want to do just because it sounds fun. It is still not right!

Theresa: Do you remember when I confessed to you that I hired the private investigator and you told me to have him stop. I did. We didn't see the reports because, per my instructions, he burned it.

Whitney: Right. Right, and that must have been expensive.

Theresa: It doesn't matter. I want to know if you want me to rehire him. He can follow Chad and we can find out once and for all if he is really cheating on you or not.

Whitney: You know, it just seems so underhanded to me. I don't know.

Theresa: We will make this one phone call and I can call the private investigator and tell him to follow Chad, and we will know for sure if what you are feeling is real or totally wrong.

Luis: Look, I am sorry if you are disappointed that I am not letting you out on the peeping tom case. Sex crimes are nasty, ok, and they turn dangerous in a second.

Sam: Fancy, could you excuse, us please?

Fancy: Yes, sure.

Kelly: Button me up, would you?

Fancy: Yeah, sure. So, Burt, how does this set up work exactly?

Burt: Piece of cake. I wait outside in a good hiding spot somewhere where the peeping tom can't see me. But, I can still watch what's going on. And then, we just wait for someone to start peeking in the window.

Kelly: I am the bait.  I flounce around in the living room like Betty Boop with the curtains wide open. Why tonight of all nights?

Fancy: You had big plans?

Kelly: The best! It was supposed to be my night off. My new boyfriend was taking me to an amazing Christmas party. I even bought a new dress.  He was not very happy when I called him to cancel.

Fancy: Well then go!

Kelly: Huh?

Fancy: Yes. I will take assignment for you. I will go on the case.

Kelly: You can't do that.

Fancy: Why not? I will take your place on the peeping tom case and you can go to your party.

Kelly: Are you sure?

Fancy:  Yes. Absolutely. I would love to do it and I have no plans.

Kelly: I don't know.

Fancy: Well, trust me. It will be fine.

Kelly: Okay. Okay. I'm gonna go call my boyfriend right now!

Fancy: I knew this would work out.

Burt: Hey, you sure you will be okay on this? I heard Luis, he does not want you on this case.

Fancy: Oh, come on. Luis is just a nervous Nelly. I can handle this, and besides it is not like I am on my own. I have a big strong man to look out for me. You!

Burt: Don't blame me if you get in trouble.

Fancy: Trouble? This will be a walk in the park.

Kay: What do you have to tell me?

Tabitha: Good news, dear.

Kay: Oh, my God, look at your face. It has to be great.

Tabitha: Even better. It is sensational you won't believe it. I can hardly believe it myself. Listen, --

Kay: What?

Simone: Tabitha, do you need some water?

Kay: Are you okay? Did you lose your voice?

Simone: Laryngitis.

Kay: Oh, write it down.

Simone: Whatever it is, she sure can't wait to tell you.

Noah: Ok, Miguel, what's your plan for finding Charity? You spent a year looking for her with no luck.

Miguel: I don't know.  I don't know. I'll ask Luis. The police station's hooked up to computers all over the world.  He has to be able to help me find her.

Noah: Well that's a great idea, but are you sure he'll do it?

Miguel: He did preliminary searches several times and I ended up leaving. I will ask for a world wide search this time. Look, it has work. I love Kay to much to lose her to Fox. I can't let her marry him!

Fox: I don't care what I have to do. I will not let Miguel stop Kay from marrying me.

Kay: No.

Simone: What is it?

Kay: Tabitha, are you crazy?  A shopping list for one of your nutty spells.  My God, 4 pounds of blood droppings or pounds of cockroaches?

Simone: What is it?

Kay: Nothing.  Tabitha's just having a little joke.  I think you need to go to bed.  I think you've lost more than your voice. Okay, you want to go look at those dresses.

Simone: Now you are talking. You're finally going to put Miguel behind you!

Kay: Yes. I have a wedding to look forward to!

Endora: Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh dear! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!

Tabitha:  Mark my words, Endora. My voice has come back. Mark my words, Endora!  I'm telling you, there's going to be a big time out for this one.  Changing my note? What a cheat!  Endora, we have got to tell Kay that the Miguel and Charity she saw making love were imposters! Oh! I know you mean well, sweet pea, but you are just making matters worse. You know? You are going to create problems for all of the them. Kay, Fox and Miguel. For years and years to come!

Ethan: Hey, hey big guy how are you doing? Good to see you. Hi, Edie.  I didn't see you guys come in here.  Have you been here long or --?

Edie: I just got here.

Little Ethan: Jared and I were here before with Mommy ice skating.

Ethan: Yes, I heard about that.

Edie: Show him what you and Jared found.

Little Ethan: Look!  All of Joey Cheek's speed racing stats.  Jared helped me find his website. We're going to write him for his autograph.

Ethan: Wow! That's really cool, buddy. You know what? You and I should go ice skating sometime.

Little Ethan: Sure. Hey, you want know a secret?

Ethan: A secret? Yes, I want to know a secret. Hey, you're not going to spit in my ear again, are you?

Little Ethan: No!

Ethan: Tell me.

Little Ethan: I am going have a new daddy.

Theresa: Should I call right the private investigator to follow Chad?

Whitney: Thank you. Theresa, but no. I don't feel right spying on the man that I love. It just doesn't seem right.

Theresa: Okay. So what are you going to do? You have got to make a decision or you are going to lose him.

Whitney: I know this whole thing is so crazy. I love Chad so much, but, I can't shake this feeling that he is seeing another woman.

Theresa: Whitney, don't lose Chad because of some weird fantasy that you have got in your head. You love him. You've got to take a leap of faith, and trust him. The same way that I have with Jared.

Chad: Okay. What's going on? Why did you want me to meet you here.

Jared: All right. I need your help. I need to get an engagement ring for Tess.  I don't trust my own instincts to pick one out so I need you to help me pick one out and it has got to be perfect.

Burt: Don't worry. I will be right outside watching. Don't overdo it, but make sure you stand there and pass in front of the window pretty frequently.

Fancy: To show off the bait?

Burt: You got it. The peeping tom sees you, he's not going to be able to resist.

Fancy: I hope that's a compliment. I know what to do.

Burt: Okay. I will be right outside.

Fancy: Luis.

Luis: Gorgeous. Where did you run off to?

Fancy: Oh, I am just wrapping some Christmas presents.

Luis: Oh. Any for me?

Fancy: Well that would be telling.

Luis: Oh. Well I love unwrapping presents. In fact, there is a certain present that I can't wait to unwrap.

Fancy: For Christmas?

Luis: Graduation day!

Fancy: Hmm.

Luis: Look I hope you are not too upset that I wouldn't let you go out on that peeping tom case.

Fancy: No. Not at all.

Luis: Good, because I don't like sex crimes. Bunch of sickos out there and you never know what's going to happen. I am just glad Sam listened to me and sent another officer besides you.

Burt: Yeah, this is Burt. Stakeout is in place. Officer's in the house alone. Standing outside. Everything's Charlie RoBurt. You're lucky, Luis.  She's real eye candy.  If our peeping tom's on the prowl tonight, she's sure to lure him in. Over and out.

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