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Kay: Miguel, what are you doing here? What -- whoa. Ok. Uh -- uh -- ok, stop. No, no, no, no, no, no. I can't do this, no.

Miguel: Kay, we belong together, you and me, and not you and Fox.

Kay: You say that now. How gullible do you think I am?

Miguel: Gullible?

Kay: Get out of here! God, I hate you for what you've done.

Gwen: Hi -- hi, yes, uh, this is Gwen Winthrop. calling again. Has my husband -- uh, is he in his office? No, ok, um -- no, no, I'm on my way.  Your daddy better have a very good excuse for leaving us so early this morning and not telling us where he's going.

Gwen: Hi, um, where have you been, and why did you just storm in here like that?

Gwen: Ethan, what's wrong?

Theresa: It's a beautiful day to play hooky from work, huh?

Jared: Well, who am I to refuse the boss?

Little Ethan: Mommy's the boss.

Jared: Yeah, she is. What Mommy says, goes.

Little Ethan: Does she make you eat your vegetables, too?

Jared: Every last bite. That's just because she wants us to grow up big and strong.

Theresa: Wow, you're two for two, Jared.

Jared: Thank you kindly, ma'am.

Little Ethan: Can we build a snowman?

Theresa: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Why don't you run and get some sticks, ok? I love this time of year. You know, the fresh snow and the sky that amazing shade of blue, and, you know, that smell of freshly cut Christmas trees.

Jared: Is this when you break into song?

Theresa: I just might, yeah.

Jared: Well, let's make it a duet instead.

Theresa: Ok.

J.T.: Ok, time to see if I got any more presents delivered. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas to me. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Rebecca: Oh, I was right. J.T. is holding out on me. I thought we were partners. Oh, how dare he hide how much money he's taking in, and then not tell me who he is blackmailing or why!

Fancy: Luis, we can't.

Luis: Can't we?

Fancy: I thought we were going to wait to make love until after I graduate.

Luis: I want you too much to wait any longer.

Fancy: I want you, too, but Pilar could come back.

Luis: No, Pilar's not going to be back for hours. We've got this whole place to ourselves.

Sheridan : 911? This is an emergency call for Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Yes, I'll hold while you locate him.

Sheridan: That should do the trick.

Sheridan: Look at them go at it. I swear, if that dispatcher doesn't call Luis soon --

Dispatcher: Headquarters to Lopez-Fitzgerald, over.

Sheridan: Finally.

Luis: I really should answer that.

Fancy: Yeah, it could be an emergency.

Luis: Lopez-Fitzgerald here, over.

Dispatcher: This is Sergeant Deely. 911 just received an emergency call for you.

Luis: Yeah, patch it through.

Dispatcher: They tried, but the caller hung up. ES Is trying to trace the call, but the operator doubts the caller was on the line long enough.

Luis: Do they know if it was a man or a woman?

Dispatcher: Don't know, but I can find out.

Luis: All right, thanks. Listen, I'll be in the office soon to check it out.

Dispatcher: Roger that, out.

Luis: Listen, uh, about us --

Fancy: Yeah, duty calls, so we'll just have to wait.

Luis: Again.

Fancy: Again.

Luis: Uh, yeah, all right, so I'm going to take you downtown.

Fancy: Oh, I can't go with you, Luis.

Luis: No, no, no, no -- Sam doesn't want us to avoid each other. He just didn't want us to, uh, fraternize.

Fancy: No, I wasn't being clear. Dispatch radioed me on my way here to pick you up. I've been assigned to walk a beat today.

Luis: Really? Damn. Damn, I thought we were at least going to be together at the station house.

Fancy: Yeah, me, too. But there's always later.

Luis: Later then, yeah.

Fancy: Yeah.

Fancy: You should probably get a move on.

Luis: Right, yeah, because it's good that we didn't --

Fancy: Yeah, we really should wait until I graduate.

Luis: Yeah, we should because it's really not going to be that much longer anyway and uh, -- and I -- I can be strong till then.

Fancy: Oh. Oh, ok, ok, ok -- now that was a moment of weakness.

Luis: For both of us.

Fancy: So stop stalling and go already.

Luis: Ok.

Fancy: Ok.

Luis: I really have to go.

Fancy: Yeah, me, too.

Luis: Ok.

Luis: You -- you make me crazy, Cadet Crane, you know that? I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald.

J.T. : Oh, yes, it pays to know who is naughty and nice. I am making a killing off all the bad boys and girls of Harmony.

Rebecca: Well, would you look who's here? It's the Grinch who's trying to steal my Christmas.

J.T.: Becky, babes, uh, what are you doing here?

Rebecca: Catching you in the act. You're cheating on me.

J.T.: I have not been with another woman since I came back to Harmony.

Rebecca: Oh, please, not that kind of cheating -- this!

J.T.: Merry Christmas?

Rebecca: I thought we were partners, remember?

J.T.: Yes.

Rebecca: And I thought we were going to run away together, right?

J.T.: Absolutely

Rebecca: Well, then why are you sneaking around, taking who knows how much money from who knows how many people, and keeping me in the dark about it?

J.T.: Well, I'd think that you would thank me for keeping you out of this tawdry business. Blackmail is a serious crime.

Rebecca: Oh, please, I have done worse -- much worse.

J.T.: Really? I've never wanted you more.

Rebecca: Mm --

J.T.: Oh, babe, look, I didn't tell you about my business because I wanted to protect you. I don't want to see you go to jail or end up as road kill if something gets out of hand.

Rebecca: How sweet of you to want to protect little old me. Just tell me who you are blackmailing.

J.T.: It would be easier to tell you who is not on my hit list.

Rebecca: Ok, who, who?

J.T.: Well, let's not be seen talking out here. Let's go back to my place and I will name names.

Rebecca: And then you'll give me exactly what I want?

J.T.: Oh, yes, yes, naming names, plenty of names.

Rebecca: Oh.

J.T.: Names like gullible, naive, foolish.

Ethan: I'm sorry.

Gwen: For what? For sneaking out this morning while I was still asleep, or for storming in here just now?

Ethan: Both, I'm sorry. I woke up very, very early. I was trying to get into the office to get a jump on things, and I didn't want to wake you. I didn't want to disturb you and --

Gwen: It's ok, just leave a note next time. I was worried.

Ethan: I will, I promise.

Gwen: Ok, now what has you so upset?

Ethan: I feel like a -- I feel stupid for waking you up so early for no reason, that's all.

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Sheridan?

Gwen: Oh, honey.

Sheridan: Gwen, thank God you're here.

Gwen: Sweetheart, what's wrong?

Sheridan: I just feel awful.

Gwen: Ok, well, what happened?

Sheridan: I, uh --

Ethan: Oh, hey, why don't you girls talk, and I will -- I'm going to take Jane to daycare, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: Thank you. Let the office know I'll be a little late, ok?

Ethan: I will, I will.

Gwen: Ok, all right.

Ethan: Bye.

Ethan: It's okay, I'll take care of her don't worry.

Gwen: All right, I love you. Thank you.

Sheridan: Gwen, you're lucky. You're so lucky.

Gwen: What happened?

Sheridan: Oh, God, it's me -- there's something wrong with me.

Gwen: Why would you say something like that?

Sheridan: Because I've done things. I've done terrible things, and I hate to think of what I'll do next.

Sheridan: How could I be so petty, so mean and vindictive?

Gwen: I just want you to calm down and tell me what you did.

Sheridan: I do these things -- I do these horrible things that I know are wrong, and then I hate myself afterwards.

Gwen: What things? Tell me.

Sheridan: I love Chris. I -- I love my husband, and I love James. Life is good. I have no reason to be unhappy.

Gwen: But something's just not feeling right.

Sheridan: It's me. I have a problem, I have a serious problem. I -- I have a problem with Luis and Fancy being together.

Gwen: Ok, I see.

Sheridan: No, you don't, but you will. I thought I could deal with it. I even thought that I could be gracious. But I can't stand seeing Luis and Fancy together -- it's like a knife in my heart.

Gwen: Honey, this is totally normal for you to feel conflicted. You're only human, right? This is an emotional issue. It's not black and white. It's obvious that your head's in the right place. It's just, you're heart's taking a little while to catch up.

Sheridan: I thought the same thing at first. I mean, Fancy even called me on sending mixed signals, more than once.

Gwen: Are you mad at her?

Sheridan: No, it's -- I'm mad at myself. I'm just taking it out on Luis and Fancy.

Gwen: How?

Sheridan: Oh, God, I'm so ashamed. Remember when I was here last time and you joked about me spending so much time in the bathroom freshening up?

Gwen: Yeah?

Sheridan: Well, I was in there calling in a phony fire alarm at the B&B that Luis and Fancy were at, to stop them from making love.

Gwen: Ok.

Sheridan: And then when I left here, I went there to see if it worked.

Gwen: Did it?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis and Fancy were outside the B&B snuggling in a blanket in their underwear. So I snapped a picture of them with my camera phone. And I, uh -- sent it to a tabloid.

Gwen: Oh, God. Oh, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Well, I'm pretty sure that Sam stopped it before it went to print.

Gwen: Oh, thank God.

Sheridan: Well, wait, there's more. Luis sent Fancy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I dumped a whole thing of salt in the vase to kill the flowers. And then I was outside Pilar's house watching Luis and Fancy kiss, so I called 911 and requested Luis to respond to the emergency. So headquarters radioed Luis, and Luis and Fancy had to leave, which stopped them from -- you know, getting together.

Gwen: I mean, did that make you happy?

Sheridan: Oh, I was thrilled that I'd stopped them from making love. But then I thought about what I did, and I realized I was being mean and vindictive and petty. And I realized that I didn't solve the problem, I was just delaying the inevitable.

Gwen: You know, I'm really glad that you're opening up to me about this.

Sheridan: What are you doing? Calling the men in white to come and get me?

Gwen: No, I am calling the office to let them know I will be in this afternoon. You and I are going for a walk to get your mind off of this.

Sheridan: Gwen, I didn't come here to burden you with my problems.

Gwen: Honey, it is absolutely no burden. I'm happy to be here for you, especially after my unloading on you about Theresa.

Jared: I want to kiss you, but, uh --

Theresa: We have to be careful not to confuse Little Ethan until we are sure we're a go.

Jared: Sometimes being a responsible adult really bites.

Theresa: Yeah, like now.

Jared: Kids his age are impressionable, so I guess locking lips will just have to wait.

Theresa: Darn.

Jared: In the meantime, I want to show Little Ethan how much I care about his mommy.

Theresa: Well, his mommy would love that.

Jared: Yeah?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Jared: How about maybe one little kiss for motivation?

Theresa: For motivation.

Jared: Ok.

Theresa: Oh!

Little Ethan: Gotcha!

Jared: That's good aim.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, I'm going to show you good aim, ok? You ready?

Jared: I'll cover you. Oh, she got me!

Theresa: All right, got you again. Now it's your turn.

Little Ethan: Help, help!

Theresa: Go, go, go, go, go!

Jared: Go, Little Ethan!

Theresa: Oh.

Jared: I got her!

Theresa: I missed.

Jared: Run for cover, reload!

Little Ethan: This is fun!

Theresa: My, you are a hit already.

Jared: Well, I aim to please.

Theresa: Yes, you do.

Jared: You're not just, uh, talking about playing in the snow, now are you, Tess?

Theresa: No. Mm-mm.

Jared: Why, Mrs. Crane.

Theresa: Why, Mr. Casey.

Ethan: Damn it, Theresa, why can't you see that Jared has you completely snowed?

Noah: You still want her, don't you, Ethan?

Miguel: What is going on with you, Kay?

Kay: You act like you don't know.

Miguel: I know you're acting crazy.

Kay: With good reason.

Miguel: What reason, Kay? I didn't tell Fox we love each other and wanted to get married. I left that for you to deal with like you wanted to, only you didn't say anything. Now I'm the one that's done something terribly wrong.

Kay: Oh, my God, I can't believe you're going to sit there and play dumb.

Miguel: Who's playing, Kay? I don't know what your problem is.

Kay: You are my problem, you -- you're my problem.

Miguel: What's wrong with you, Kay? Stop talking in riddles and tell me what I've done to make you so angry.

Kay: Oh, my God, you are such a liar!

Rebecca: What -- oh!

J.T.: Look, a man in my position can't be too careful, you know?

Rebecca: J.T., just how many people are you blackmailing?

J.T.: This town is a gold mine if you know where to dig the dirt, and being a veteran raker of muck, I do.

Rebecca: Well, so name names. I want to know who did what, who did who, everything.

J.T.: Becks, I've changed my mind. I'm not going to tell you after all. Blackmail is a dangerous game.

Rebecca: But -- but I love games, and the more dangerous the better, like the time we played Russian roulette with those real Russians.

J.T.: Ha ha. You know, I don't care what their embassy said, the way those people drank, they would have died of liver problems anyway. But the difference is, our lives matter.

Rebecca: That's true.

J.T.: And if something happens to me, I'll rest easier knowing you're safe.

Rebecca: Oh, J.T., nice try. Now, why don't you tell me the real reason you're not telling me who you're blackmailing?

J.T.: I don't trust you for a lick.

Rebecca: Is that any way to talk to the woman who loves you?

J.T.: Oh, Beck, you love a fat checkbook more than you'll ever love me.

Rebecca: That's true.  Problem is my checkbook is not so fat these days since you decided to keep my divorce settlement money, the money that Gwen gave you so you wouldn't tell Theresa that we outed Ethan as a Bennett.

J.T.: Look, I promised I'd share my haul with you. Isn't that enough?

Rebecca: That depends on how big your haul is.

J.T.: It's huge.

Rebecca: Oh, well, keep talking.

J.T.: You know, there's a lot of people in Harmony who want to keep their secrets secret, and they're willing to pay me a lot to be quiet.

{Rebecca: What if something were to happen to you? I mean, wouldn't you want your work to go on?

J.T.: My unrelenting pursuit of the truth and the high price of keeping it quiet?

Rebecca: Exactly. Now, if you were to tell who it is you're blackmailing, and if you suddenly turned up dead, I could make sure that the blackmail-ee still paid up.

J.T.: Wow, no stiff could have a better friend than you.

Rebecca: Aw, J.T.

J.T.: But don't worry. My life is not in danger because I've got all the life insurance I need right here.

Rebecca: But it's so small.

J.T.: I told you, the colt -- oh, you mean this gizmo -- yes.

Rebecca: So whatever's in there is really that valuable?

J.T.: Mm-hmm. You have no idea.

Rebecca: Really? It's worth that much?

J.T.: And then some.

Rebecca: Huh -- imagine that.} Oh, J.T., you hard-nosed, hard-body blackmailer, you. Ah, I just want to grope you all over.

Rebecca's voice: That flash drive has to be here somewhere.

Little Ethan: Were you kissing my mommy?

Jared: Um, yes, I was.

Theresa: You know, my lips were cold, and he was just keeping them warm for me.

Little Ethan: Thanks for taking care of my mommy.

Jared: It's my pleasure.

Theresa: How about we get back to building that snowman?

Noah: You want to trade places with him, don't you?

Ethan: I'm just worried about her. That's all.

Noah: I saw you looking at Theresa while she was kissing Jared. You know, if you would have taken Jane and left Gwen, then maybe Theresa would be kissing you right now.

Ethan: I love my wife, Noah.

Noah: Yeah, but you still want Theresa.

Ethan: I want her to be safe and happy. And I think she's gonna sacrifice her happiness and her safety by hanging out with that guy. Every bone in my body, Noah, tells me that that guy is no good. Theresa won't believe me. Talk about love blinding people to the truth.

Noah: Yeah, love really does a number on some people.

Gwen: A nice walk is gonna help clear your head in no time.

Sheridan: Oh, Gwen, you and I both know that's not going to help. I just feel so anxious, like I could lose control at any minute.

Gwen: You are going to be just fine. Luis and Fancy are nowhere around.

Fancy: Do you have a permit for building a snowman?

Theresa: Well, hello, Fancy. I thought you were driving my brother downtown?

Fancy: Yeah, change of plans. But excellent snowman you're building, Little Ethan. Keep up the good work.

Theresa: That's right.

Fancy: Have fun, buddy. Talk to you later.

Theresa: I'll talk to you later.

Fancy: Oh, sorry --

Luis: Sorry, I --

Fancy: Luis.

Luis: Fancy meeting you here.

Sheridan: I'm definitely feeling less anxious.

Sheridan: Damn it. What is it going to take to keep those two apart?

Miguel: Why did you just slap me?

Kay: Like you don't know.

Miguel: I don't know, Kay. Look, you have to stop running away from me and tell me what I did to make you so angry.

Kay: You know why I'm upset.

Miguel: I don't know, Kay.

Kay: Oh, my God. Quit lying to my face.

Miguel: I left you downstairs with Fox before the shower even got started. You said you were going to tell Fox about us before anything went any further. I left to buy you flowers. I didn't find any, I come back and you say you're back on with Fox and you're marrying the guy. I want to know what happened while I was away, so I can make things right again.

Kay: Nothing will be right, Miguel, as long as Charity is in the picture.

Luis: What are you doing --

Fancy: What are you doing here?

Luis: Oh, I just --

Fancy: I was just --

Luis: Ladies first.

Fancy: I was assigned --

Luis: I'm just kidding.

Fancy: I was assigned park patrol duty. Didn't you know?

Luis: Are you kidding? I'm trying to stay away from you, so that we don't -- you know, until you graduate.

Fancy: Yeah, it's all I think about.

Luis: Stop it, stop. God, it's everything I can do not to pull you behind a tree right now. I would -- no, I would not have come here if I would have known you'd be here.

Fancy: So why are you here?

Luis: Honestly? Because I was at the office, I couldn't get any work done at the station house, so I said, all right, why don't you take a walk? So I take a walk to get some fresh air and I was feeling good, and then you got me all fired up again.

Fancy: There's a word for that.

Luis: Horny?

Fancy: Fate.

Luis: Oh, my God. Theresa is contagious.

Fancy: No matter how hard we try to avoid each other, our paths keep crossing, so obviously fate wants us together.

Luis: Well, then if fate wants us together then why have we not been together? Think about it. The 911 call -- dispatch wasn't able to trace it, the fire alarm, the old lady getting mugged, the person taking our picture.  If fate wants us together, then someone out there certainly wants us apart.

Sheridan: I think I'm losing my mind. Everywhere I turn I see Fancy and Luis. It's like they're out to drive me crazy.

Gwen: Don't be ridiculous.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. That's just how I feel. I just want to go over there and rip those two apart.

Gwen: Ok, listen. You are someone's wife. You're married. You also have a child to think about. You cannot make a spectacle of yourself.

Ethan: You know, I have half a mind to go over there and finish what I started in Theresa's office and just bash his head against his little snowman.

Noah: Hey, hey, relax -- all right? First of all, you can't do that. You have a wife and a kid to think about.

Ethan: I know, I know.  But, damn it, can't she see?  Can't she see he's playing her?

Little Ethan: I haven't had this much fun ever.

Theresa: I haven't either.

Noah: You're going to have a hard time convincing Theresa that Jared's out to take advantage of her.

Ethan: Yeah, well it's not for lack of trying. Believe me. I mean, Jared has Theresa completely snowed. No pun intended. It's just that as long as I don't have proof that he's a bad guy, I have to sit here and watch Theresa buy his little act. God, you know who I sound like? I sound like Theresa when she talks about J.T. Cornell and how he had proof that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones that revealed that you and I had the same father and Theresa was framed for it.

Noah: Whatever happened with that?

Ethan: Well, J.T. denied that he had any proof, and he went on to say that it was Phyllis, the maid that was murdered up at the Crane mansion -- that she was the one that tipped off the tabloid.

Noah: Did you believe him?

Ethan: J.T.'s story has changed since Rome, and Theresa's story has stayed the same. But without any proof, I have to side with my wife.

Noah: Yeah, but if he changed his story, what makes you believe that he's not lying now?

Ethan: That's exactly what Theresa says. But, come on, what does J.T. have to gain here?

Noah: I don't know -- money, power, sex. You know, the little things in life. Come on, the guy is scum. Who knows what he's after?

Ethan: No arguments there.

Noah: Look, if finding J.T. Cornell allows you -- well, allows you to discover that Theresa was actually right about Gwen, and that allows you to finally leave Gwen for Theresa, and that stops Theresa from being hurt by Jared -- look, don't you think you should go find the guy?

Ethan: Since you put it that way -- actually, maybe you're right. Maybe I need to go one more final round with J.T.

J.T.: 49 -- and $50,000.

Rebecca: Oh, J.T., you big buck big buck. What do you say we show these presidents a thing or too?

J.T.: Can we give it a break? I'm still sore from last night.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I keep forgetting you're not double-jointed.

J.T.: As soon as the rest of my blackmail-ees pay up, it's bye-bye America and hello any country without an extradition treaty. Between your divorce settlement money, the money from Gwen selling grandma's jewelry, and this blackmail money, I am set for life.

Rebecca: Don't you mean we're set for life?

J.T.: That's what I meant.

Rebecca's voice: Liar.

Rebecca: Oh, I knew that, honey.

J.T.: Oh, look, life wouldn't be worth living with you, my little kitty cat.

Rebecca: Meow.

Rebecca's voice: I don't trust J.T. any more than he trusts me. I have to get my hands on that flash drive to find out who he's blackmailing.  But how?

Rebecca's voice: Ah, my old friend Mr. Daniel's to the rescue.

Rebecca: Here you go, lover. Let's have a drink. A drink to our huge assets, both financial and otherwise.

J.T.: Oh, baby.

Rebecca: Oh. Ha ha.

Rebecca's voice: Got it.

J.T.: Naughty, naughty.

Rebecca: Ow!

J.T.: Rebecca, I'm shocked. To think that my trusted partner would try to steal from me.

Rebecca: Well I thought it was a condom wrapper. I didn't know that it was a memory stick with a list of everybody you're blackmailing and why on it.

J.T.: Nice try, but you can't kid a kidder.

Rebecca: You know, you hurt me just now, and it was not in a good way.

J.T.: Oh, now, is that better?

Rebecca: No. I want to know who you're blackmailing and why.

J.T.: Rebecca, I'm not gonna tell you what I'm up to. If you want to find out, you're gonna have to stick around to watch the master in action.

Rebecca: But you know I don't like to watch. I like to be in on the action.

J.T.: Well, there's action and then there's action. Limber up, baby. Soon I will be ready to ride.

Rebecca: Drat! I've got to find out who J.T.'s blackmailing. Then I can get in on the action.

Theresa: There we go.

Jared: Way to go, bud.

Theresa: Beautiful. The snowman is complete.

Little Ethan: Isn't this snowman great?

Theresa: Yes, he is.

Ethan: What a pig. I don't know why he doesn't just throw Theresa down into the snow and have his way with her in front of everyone.

Noah: Hey, relax, Ethan. They just kissed.

Ethan: I don't know how any guy can just kiss Theresa and not want to go all the way.

Noah: Look, Ethan, I get where you're coming from, all right? But why don't you -- hey, why don't you just focus on finding J.T.?

Ethan: J.T. -- Come on. You know what? I wouldn't even know where to start looking for him.

Noah: Well, my brother, that is why you have me around.

Ethan: How so? What do you mean?

Noah: I am a bartender, and as such I hear a lot of things. One of the things I heard is that J.T. is out digging up dirt on anybody who has anything to hide.

Ethan: Really?

Noah: Really. Look, if you find J.T., not only will you get the dirt on Jared over there, but you'll be able to figure out whether he was lying about Phyllis being the one revealing your paternity to the tabloids.

Ethan: No, no, I can't. I can't just ditch my family and go on some hunt for J.T.

Noah: No, you don't need to. I have heard enough to figure out where J.T. is hiding.

Luis: You know, even if fate does want us together, we gotta wait until you graduate.

Fancy: Yeah, you're right. It's just -- I, um --

Luis: Roger that. Come on, I'll buy you a hot chocolate.

Fancy: No, Luis, let me treat you.

Luis: What -- I can't buy you a cup of hot chocolate?

Fancy: No, you just sent me those beautiful flowers, so I want to do something nice for you.

Luis: Trust me, you're doing plenty.

Fancy: Ok, fine. You can treat me.

Luis: Ok. Excuse me.

Woman: Yes?

Luis: Hi, can I have two hot chocolates, please?

Woman: Sure, coming right up.

Luis: Stop.

Fancy: What?

Woman: There you are.

Fancy: Thank you.

Luis: Thanks.

Woman: Thank you.

Luis: Here's to, uh -- staying warm.

Fancy: Now and later.

Gwen: Sheridan, I think we should keep walking. Seeing Luis and Fancy together is upsetting you.

Sheridan: I just can't help it. Seeing Fancy and Luis together just makes me want to --

Gwen: No, no, no -- Sheridan, don't!

Sheridan: You tramp. How dare you flaunt your relationship with Luis right in front of me.

Fancy: Aunt Sheridan, I didn't even know you were here.

Sheridan: Luis will never love you the way he loves me.

Fancy: Please get away from us.

Sheridan: You know what? I've got a better idea. Burn in hell, bitch.

Fancy: Ah!

Miguel: Charity. Charity -- what does Charity have to do with any of this.

Kay: Oh, my God. You're unbelievable.

Miguel: Did you get electrocuted again? Because you have to be living in some alternate reality, Kay. Charity is not in the picture.

Kay: How stupid do you think I am?

Miguel: I don't think you're stupid, Kay. I think you're totally confused and maybe a little bit crazy.

Kay: Ok, you know what, that's it. I am not gonna stand here and be lied to any longer.

Miguel: I am not lying to you, Kay.

Kay: I'm not going to do this anymore.  We're finished, we're done. I'm marrying Fox. End of story.

Rebecca: J.T., your box is bursting at the seams.

J.T.: Yes, well, it helps to have a good tailor. Oh, you mean the money. Yeah, well, you know what? Harmony is proving to be very profitable for me.

Rebecca: For us, you mean.

J.T.: Well, that's what I meant.

Rebecca: J.T., just how many people are you blackmailing?

J.T.: Well, there's, uh -- oh. And then there's -- oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I love that one.

Ethan: J.T., open up, I know you're in there.

Rebecca: Ethan? He can't find me in here.

J.T.: How did he find me? Did you open your big mouth?

Rebecca: Well, not about you. No, I didn't.

J.T.: Maybe if we're quiet, he'll leave.

Ethan: J.T., open the door. I'm gonna break it down. I swear to God.

Rebecca: So much for him leaving.

J.T.: Go hide in the bathroom. I'll find out what he wants and get rid of him.

Rebecca: Oh, ok -- wait.

J.T.: Hey, Ethan, my man.

Ethan: How you doing -- hey, listen, I want the truth, alright?

Theresa: Nice.

Jared: There, how does that look?

Theresa: It's perfect. We make a pretty good team, don't we?

Little Ethan: This is the best snowman ever.

Theresa: Love you.

Fancy: Ah!

Sheridan: What are you whining about? Beauty's only skin deep. Go ahead and kiss her, Luis. Kiss your new ladylove, "Scarface" Crane.

Luis: Oh, God, Sheridan, have you lost your mind?

Sheridan: Oh, my God, what's wrong with me? I just had a fantasy about hurting Fancy.

Gwen: Ok, Sheridan, I think that maybe you need some professional help with this.

Sheridan: No, no, no. What I need is for Fancy to leave Luis alone because that's the only way that I'm gonna stop dying inside.

Gwen: But, honey, I don't think that's going to happen. I mean, I think they're falling in love with each other.

Sheridan: But it's killing me, because I love Luis and I've lost him. Gwen, I've lost him. I've lost Luis. I've lost him.

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Eve: Who could have found out about this? Who would do this to me?

Ethan: Is that your bathroom? You don't mind, do you?

Rebecca: Ethan can't find me in here.

Chad: Marry me by Christmas or we're finished.

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